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The Enraged Warrior

Brethan Snowspitter's page

62 posts. Alias of Creedor.

Full Name

Brethan Snowspitter




Barbarian lvl 1







Special Abilities

Fast Movement, Rage








Common, Khellidish pidgin



Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 14
Charisma 15

About Brethan Snowspitter

Constitution is base roll 15 (is where I have then added +2 racial modifier = Con +3)

Combat Stats:

HP: 16 (HD D12 + 3(con) +1(fav class))

Speed 40

CMB = +5 (BAB+Str+Size mods)
CMD = +19 (10+BAB+Str+Dex+Size mods))

Attack bonus = +5

Ranged Attack = +5

AC= 18 (10+3 armour +1 shield +4 dex)

BAB= +1 (lvl 1, table 3-2 pg 32 PCR)

Initiative = 6 (+4 +2(Trait))


Hit = d20 + 5
Dmg= 2d6+6 (2H-1.5x str mod, crit 19-20/2)

Short bow (40 arrows):
Hit= d20 + 5
dmg= 1d6 (crit x3)

Saving Throws:

Fortitude =7 (+3+2+2(Feat))
Reflex=4 (+4)
Will=4 (+2+2 (Feat))


Chance Saviour (campaign +2 Init),
Courageous (+2 Fear)


Great Fortitude (+2 Fort)
Iron Will (+2 will)
Martial weapon proficiency
Simple weapon proficiency
Shield proficiency

Special Abilities:

Fast Movement (+10 speed)

Starting No. = 4+Int(+2)+1/lvl (racial) = 7
Acrobatics +8 (+4+1(+3))
Climb +8 (+4+1(+3))
Intimidate +6 (+2+1(+3))
Knowledge (nature) +6 (+2+1(+3))
Perception +6 (+2+1(+3))
Survival +6 (2+1(+3))
Swim +8(+4+1(+3))

Common; Khellidian pidgin ;)


Armour: studded leather (AC +3, Dex +5, Chk Pen -1)
Shield: Buckler (AC +1, Chk Pen -1)
Protective items:

Other Possessions:
Explorers outfit (worn, pp 161-162 PCR); torch/s (x4); Rope (Hemp) 50ft; Flint n steel; Waterskin; Flask oil (x3); Backpack


Background & Personality:
Is a Khellid by descent having eked out a living with his father. Engaged in battle with orcs at age ten and was first hit with the battle rage that runs in the tribes blood lines. Excited, keen and ready to adventure into the world to be a warrior, fierce and proud.
Courageous Trait: Your childhood was brutal, yet you persevered primarily through force of will and the hope
that no matter how hard things might get, as long as you kept a level head you’d make it through. You gain a +2 trait bonus on saving throws against fear effects

Brethan Snowspitter, son of Brenan Orksplitter, was born to the second class humans known as Khellids in the borderlands between the barren wastelands of the northern barbarians and the emotional wasteland that was the commoners small minded treatment of Khellids. Brethans father was a relentlessly self improving hunter come woodsman with the drive to see his son better himself. Brenan Orksplitter retold all the oral legends of their people. Training, hunting and trying to scrape enough coin together to live is what Brethan and his father did.
His mother is dead. Killed in an orc raid when Brethan was 10 years of age. During the raid Brethan remembers hearing his mother scream and then the red mist descended and he was lost to the fervor of battle. Brethan recalls his father slapping his cheeks, becoming aware that he was covered in blood some his, some orc, and his mother dead nearby. There are gouge and bite marks on the neck of an orc. Brethan started to tremble and almost fell, but was braced by his father, physically, and emotionally with the words “I am proud of you son, today you are a man”. Brenan hugs Brethan and said “From this day on you will take the name Snowspitter, be proud and be fierce”
Not being a book learner or of a poetic persuasion it is hard for Brethan to describe. If pressed he would describe the feeling on the day like having the souls of his Khellid ancestors, the fearsome tattooed tribal warriors that own the frozen tundra of the north, rush into his body filling him with a power that he can barely contain. The power he feels focuses as rage against his enemies that would slay or harm his tribe, and when they leave he feels gutted, like a knock kneed colt, barely able to stand.
His days go on with his father preparing him for the reality of life. “You must go and make our own way in the world son. Remember the common man is weak we are warriors and we are strong. They won’t understand you, they may fear you, and you shouldn’t care if they do.”
Out hunting one day Brethan stalks a deer thinking dinner will be a feast, when the animal startles fleeing fleetly in a flurry of fur. A man comes running into the clearing chased by an orc. The man looks like a teacher, soft but smart, thinks Brethan. The orc looks like the same stinking maggoty race of vermin that killed his Mother. The bow trained on the deer turns on the orc and three arrows later the orc is dead. The man stumbles to Brethan, and is thankful as he introduces himself as Petros Lorrimor.
“How fortuitous that a noble warrior of the race of Khellid should be here at this time, in this place, without whom I would surely be dead. Young man you have my thanks. Whilst I know you are of a proud people it would humble me if you would help a scholar into town, for which I shall hand you a gift, upon which you may start a life off your own. Understand that no gift I can give will adequately repay you for my life, as my life is worth as much to me as me if not more, and I shall hold dear the acts you bravely did today”
Brethan helps the scholar, is given a token sum of gold that he shares with his father, who advises that Brethan keep it all hidden against the day he may need it to make his own way in the world.
That day has come.

total spend 127gc 3sp 4cp; Total burden 64lbs approx.
Carrying capacity ,100lbs = light load
Breakdown in cost/lbs:
Sword 50 8
short bow 30 2
arrows 2 6
Studded leather 25 20
buckler 15 5
torch (x4) .04 4
Rope (Hemp) 50ft 1 10
Flint n steel 1 -
Waterskin 1 4
Flask oil (x3) .3 3
Backpack 2 2
Current total 127.34 64

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