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I wasn't talking about being able to dominate in a role for starship combat. I was talking about making a character that can do a reasonable job.

I agree that Mystic and Solarian have the worst time of it. You have a choice, be useless in starship combat or pick a position and invest in it.

I’ve created a spreadsheet for Red Arm of Absalom that mostly focuses on the skills. I’ve included the three characters I have in that level range which I could bring along.

  • Stali brings another melee combatant along with excellent Disable Device and Perception. He also has better Survival and Stealth skills than others in the party. He isn’t as strong in melee as the people you have, but has ways of setting up for flanking.
  • Ryuko brings a powerful melee combatant with some spells.
  • Basil brings a sorcerer with very strong bluff and disguise skills. He also has the ability to train the group in a skill off of his Faction Journal Card.

  • *** Venture-Agent, Minnesota—St. Louis Park aka BretI

    Congratulations to Nate and Tineke! I’m looking forward to when Nate runs this quest series locally!

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    Some character classes have an easier time in starship combat than others.

    Mystics get bluff, diplomacy and intimidate as class skills. They can be reasonable Captains and face characters if they focus on Diplomacy and either of Bluff or Intimidate.

    Star Shaman Mystics get Piloting as a class skill. Ace Pilot theme would also give it as a class skill. That plus a Dex allows them to be reasonable gunners or pilots.

    Since the class skill bonus doesn’t apply to Gunnery checks, just investing in Piloting skill and Dex is enough for that.

    Roboticist and Cyberborn themes from Pact Worlds would give Computers as a class skill, allowing them to be Science Officer.

    Xenoarcheologist theme from Pact Worlds would give Engineering as a class skill, allowing them to work in Engineering.

    As others noted, you could also spend a feat to allow you to get two skills as class skills.

    You have to build for it, but there are ways to make a Mystic that is reasonable at one position in Starship combat. It would be more difficult to have them be able to fill multiple roles.

    Since others mentioned the Solarian, they have the ability to make any two skills into class skills. Use one of those to pick up something to do in spaceship combat.

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    I am interested in playing in this.

    I am in the session tracker as BretI.

    Stali is not a bard, nor does he pretend to be one.

    If you want someone who can sing, perhaps Ryuko would be a better choice.

    Rather than focusing on what you lost because Cup isn’t there, maybe it would be more useful to talk about what you gain if Stali joins the group? I will admit that I’m not certain exactly what the group has or is missing.

    I expect that Mr. Tall Dark and Knowledgeable should be able to cover the academic skills that Cup normally brings.

    If Stali is the wrong choice, perhaps you would prefer one of my other character’s join you?

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    Helaman wrote:

    In my build I’ve noticed I get a swashbuckler combat feat at 4. This is a nice welcome.

    You are not getting a swashbuckler feat from Eldridge Scion, are you taking a different class or did you mean that you took Flamboyant Arcana at 3rd level as a Magus Arcana?

    At 3rd level you get a Magus Arcana. One of your options would be Flamboyant Arcana which gives you two specific Swashbuckler deeds.

    At 5th level you get a bonus feat. It can be any combat, meta magic or item creation feat that you meet the prequisites for.

    Please look again at the build and let us know what you are doing.

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    Seems like swarms and trampling creatures would both come in handy against him. You can summon creatures via Summon Swarm or various Summon Monster spells to summon creatures like multiple auroches.

    Neither swarms nor trample attacks need to roll to hit a creature. Swarms of Fine or Diminutive creatures are immune to all weapon damage.

    Climbing and flying creatures may also be a problem since he wears full plate so likely has a big armor check penalty. Just having to climb over a barricade may be a challenge for him. If he has flight, the Fly skill still has ACP.

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    nogoodscallywag wrote:
    Really? Legendary Cat Fall means you can fall from a height of 1,000 feet and take literally no damage whatsoever? I don't know how I feel about that. While it would certainly take a lot of feats to accomplish this, it seems a bit cartoonish to me. I realize characters are superheroes, but zero damage from this sort of thing is bit much for me. At least this ability is behind a ton of feats costs. Will take some getting used to, if possible. Seems like "mythic" all over again.

    In PF1, a 4th level rogue who took Minor Magic and Major Magic talent with the Feather Fall spell could allow a group of people do it. That or any Wizard or Sorcerer with that spell.

    Getting a permanent ability at legendary skill that a 4th level core rogue could do multiple times in a single day for a group of people doesn’t sound that horrendous to me.

    *** Venture-Agent, Minnesota—St. Louis Park aka BretI

    Any updates on when the rest of the reporting will be complete?

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    I would have liked to have seen some more of the “help the group” skill feats that I thought existed.

    I would like to see how a Master of Disguise can help a bunch of untrained Barbarians accompany him without blowing the cover. A feat allowing a master of Stealth to guide a squad of people past the guard posts surrounding a camp.

    I’ve seen a lot of cases in PF1 where a specialist really can’t take full advantage of their abilities because the rest of the group was untrained. I thought I had read in one of the posts about feats that would allow the character to help the others because they were just that awesome.

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    I’m not a fan of item levels, at least not as they were done in Starfinder. Things like antitoxin can easily become ineffective much too soon. If you are the type that likes to be prepared, you can quickly end up with several consumables that are no longer worth using.

    It will be interesting to do some ROI style checks to find out if the cost savings by taking longer are worth it. Might be better off to produce more items assuming there is a market for them.

    I look forward to seeing the complete rules.

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    Rules that are easier to parse and understand.

    The rules for Stealth and Sneak Attack are a mess in PF1. They need to be easier to deal with and make more sense. Even Starfinder rules on this need improvement.

    The rules for Mounted Combat have all sorts of weird interactions to the point that I have to ask some questions at each table before playing my cavalier. The way that some GMs interprete them, you can’t have both the horse and a rider with a lance attack on a charge.

    The rules for brace weapons not requiring you know ahead of time that you are going to be hit by a charge.

    Better definition of what hurts a swarm and real options for a martial character to hurt a swarm of diminutive creatures. There are lots of discussions of how much damage a flask of alchemist’s fire does to a swarm, 1 point because only splash damage can affect them or 150% of 1d6.

    I am really hoping they went through the FAQ documents and tried to find what sort of things have caused a lot of questions, and then worked on how to explain those things better.

    *** Venture-Agent, Minnesota—St. Louis Park aka BretI

    So does it take a boon to be considered a member of these groups?

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    It is a supernatural ability that is used as part of movement. There is nothing in the description that indicates it negates stealth.

    I would say it doesn’t break stealth, but also doesn’t do anything to allow you to go into stealth. If you’ve been seen, you still need cover or a distraction to get into stealth.

    *** Venture-Agent, Minnesota—St. Louis Park aka BretI

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    No, you do not total the rewards.

    Each line is the reward for completing that many quests.

    If they only complete 1 quest and are 4th level they get 350 gp, 1 xp, and 1 pp.

    In order to get 2 pp they must complete at least 4 of the quest sections.

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    The feat is Connection Inkling.


    Connection Inkling

    You gain a hint of mystic power.
    Prerequisites: Wis 15, character level 5th, no levels in mystic.
    Benefit: Choose two 0-level mystic spells and one 1st-level mystic spell. You can cast the 0-level spells at will and the 1st-level spell once per day for every 3 character levels you have. Your caster level is equal to your character level, and the key ability score for these spells is Wisdom. If you later gain levels in mystic, you lose the benefits of this feat and can replace it with either Spell Focus or Spell Penetration.

    This requires a good Wisdom. In order to get it at 5th, you would either need to start with a 13 Wisdom or an 11 Wisdom and allocate your first Personal Upgrade to Wisdom. Right now, that doesn't seem to be the way the rest of your build is going.

    If you think you might want this feat, I would definitely shift your odd point into Wisdom. That at least makes it slightly easier to gain later.

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    There are options.

    @Heather 540,
    Is retraining something you are allowed in the campaign your building this for?

    In the early levels, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot and Rapid Reload are valuable. As the levels climb, the spells become much more valuable.

    If retraining is allowed, perhaps you plan to retrain some or all of these to gain the magical feats that would improve your ability at higher levels? I would imagine the turning point would be around 7th level.

    At that point, you could retrain for Elemental Spell, Rime Spell (I keep including these two because they seem obvious choices for Captain Cold), Empowered Spell, and all the other feats that would help make the spells more effective.

    The way you would run the character would also shift at that point. You would start off using your spell levels to put Frost on the guns using the Mage Bullets class feature. You would probably also use some of your spells for defense.

    At the point where you have retrained, you switch from using the Mage Bullets to using the Arcane Gun to lay down the hurt more directly using your spells and the gun provides the increased DC.

    As I recall what little I know of his origins, Snark was a small time crook before he got the gun.

    This also has the advantage of helping you through those early levels where the character has so painfully few spells. You rely on the gun during those levels.

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    Mark Seifter wrote:
    Our last goal is a tricky one. The tournament is on Sunday, so if we can raise $4,600, enough to take 3rd place in the current ranking as well as be Paizo’s new record for donations in the Gauntlet tournament, we will add a special blog topic entirely centered around familiars. These fuzzy friends already feature slightly in the upcoming wizard blog, but they weren’t scheduled to have their own blog, so this is a special chance to find out all sorts of details about them.

    Achievement unlocked!

    With 25 hours remaining, the total is $4600.

    Class totals have changed quite a bit as well.
    Paladin $1729
    Fighter $843
    Cleric $828
    Rogue $580
    Direct to team $620

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    Dasrak wrote:
    Bretl wrote:
    8th level (Spellslinger) Elemental Spell: Cold
    Not really all that useful, since you won't be using direct-damage spells very much, and not for their damage. I suppose it does open up some options for Rime Spell a little earlier, but honestly I think you're better off just waiting for Dragon's Breath, Cone of Cold, and Freezing Sphere.

    Not every choice is about maximum power.

    The original poster wanted to build Captain Cold. I was suggesting Elemental Spell (Cold) and Rime Spell because they would fit the theme they were trying to build.

    *** Venture-Agent, Minnesota—St. Louis Park aka BretI

    If we take an archetype associated with a group, can we claim we are a member of the group? Pact worlds provided a number of archetypes with mechanics that fit with the associated group(s) but are not necessarily the strongest option.


    • Arcanamirium Sage as a member of the Arcanamirium
    • Skyfire Centurion as a member of the Skyfire Legion
    • Star Knight as a member of the Knights of Golarian or the Hellknights
    • Steward Officer as a member of the Stewards

    The reason I’m asking:

    I have a character that I would like to be a member of the Stewards as well as a Starfinder. They have no infamy and have participated in adventures that should be in line with such a position.

    In PFS, there usually was a prestige cost associated with officially joining such a group. I do not know of any such mechanism in SFS.

    A related question that others would probably like answered is if taking the archetypes are required for membership.

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    Dale is a Hunter. I think Oinkyugh is Dale’s animal buddy.

    Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    If we are allowed to call dibs, I would like Chickenslayer!

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    These sound great, Erik!

    Definitely hero material here.

    Alternate explanation:
    The other possibility is that I have watched too much of Chuck, Warehouse 13, The Middleman, American Ultra and other such odd-ball shows.

    No, that can't be it. There is no such thing as too much of those type of shows!

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    Chronicle sheets are provided.

    That said, if you are doing either From the Tome of Righteous Repose or Half-Light Path you may want to create your own with the packages you aren't using crossed off. It saves a huge amount of time writing chronicles.

    They do not provide any of the handouts, if your scenario has handouts make sure to print them. I usually print at least one extra if I'm GMing the game more than once because things at my tables tend to wander off.

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    Brother Fen wrote:
    Listening to the designers, it seems that the classes are being rounded out a bit where Multi-classing will be a much less viable option.

    I was hoping for a different answer. That multiclassing could take the place of some PrC and Hybrid classes.

    There have been problems with certain combinations being too powerful, but there are many more examples of multiclassing making a character too weak. I was hoping they would make the gains from multiclassing more smooth and balanced.

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    Yay! Rogue crossed the line!

    Cleric: $638
    Fighter: $553
    Rogue: $525
    Paladin: $433

    Total: $2279

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    I was disappointed at the background preview. I was hoping some of the class power would be given out as a background. Doing so would have allowed for more power at first level in a class while not overpowering it for multiclassing since they wouldn’t have the same resources for the second class.

    As others have said, we don’t have enough information yet to tell how multiclassing will work.

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    The Dandy Lion wrote:
    Sorry Mark, as soon as you mentioned that Tigers could wrestle foes all I could picture was tiger-themed Luchador wrestlers.

    Just don't give them any cat-nip!

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    Solar Armor Solarian / Operative looks like it can work.

    Solarian doesn’t have a really good class feature giving an Insight bonus. The Operative’s Edge will give that to all skills. The problem is the more levels of Solarian you take, the further behind your Operative’s Edge is.

    You also have the problem that the increased full attacks are based on your level in a single class. Multiclassing these two will delay the triple attack.

    I suspect that a lot of the Starfinder multiclassing will,be dipping because your advancement is so tightly tied to your highest class level.

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    Current funding:

    Cleric: $113
    Rogue: $343
    Fighter: $388
    Paladin: $288

    I’m surprised, the Fighter is in the lead.

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    Here is a link to the other thread.

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    Would a CG Paladin think it better to die than to lose one's freedom?

    I like the idea of the violating another's free will, but question if it might come before protecting life.

    Lying is best handled in the anathema. Cayden Cailean is likely to look at it differently than Picoperi.

    So you believe there is a hard limit of 1 special and 3 normal successes per table in the first section?

    I guess we will need GM Granta to weigh in on this. Until then, I will avoid repeating a section again.

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    Melkiador wrote:
    BretI wrote:
    A chaotic evil individual who was infected would not only break quarantine, but go to other cities and visit their medical professionals in hopes of finding someone that would cure them. Their own cure is all that matters, they could care less what happens to the rest of society.
    I feel a lawful evil individual would probably do the same thing though, just with different flavor text. "My life is important to my society, so I should leave town and not infect any of them, and I can go to other places to try to find a cure for myself."

    My life is important, so I will order those most likely to be able to effect the cure to come here (into the quarantined area) and cure me.

    Still, my legacy is also important. I want what I have built to survive after me. If I maintain the quarantine in spite of being in the area, others will see that none is above the rules. If I die, those who follow will understand and continue my work. What I have built will last long after I have gone.

    I believe that breaking quarantine is a chaotic act. How chaotic it is would depend on precautions taken.

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    I would argue that Lawful is about the Greater Good, while Chaotic is about the Individual.

    Say a plague is sweeping an area. It is spreading faster than the temples are able to cure it.

    Quarantine is an effective measure of preventing the spread of the disease.

    Lawful societies would most likely respond by imposing a full quarantine. No one gets out once they have entered the quarantined area. Within the area, they may isolate it further. Quarantine lasts until it is proven that the disease is no longer active in the area.

    Chaotic societies would most likely look at each individual and try to determine if they were infected. Those that are free from any contamination would be allowed to leave. Those who took proper precautions before going in to prevent infection would be allowed to come and go. The evaluation is done on each individual, not a group.

    Lawful is about the group, chaotic is about the individual.

    A lawful citizen should generally obey the quarantine.

    A chaotic citizen may decide they can best judge the situation for themselves. They may well ignore the quarantine.

    Someone who is more neutral would try to keep the quarantine intact, but be willing to make exceptions where warranted.

    A lawful evil society may well just destroy the quarantined area and everything in it. Best way to make sure it doesn't spread!

    A chaotic evil individual who was infected would not only break quarantine, but go to other cities and visit their medical professionals in hopes of finding someone that would cure them. Their own cure is all that matters, they could care less what happens to the rest of society.

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    Alright, this is an interesting preview. There is a lot to digest here and it requires reading everything fairly carefully.

    Some things I like:
    * The Paladin Code is prioritized.
    * Poison use is no longer verboten. Technically, some medicines are poison.
    * Like all the classes, you will be able to choose the focus of your character. Prevents all Paladins from being the same.

    Some things I don't like:
    * The immediate action on a saving throw does not work well with Play By Post. Anything that requires back and forth communication can delay the game for days. This is the same problem that Swashbucklers and Dual-Cursed Oracles have in the current system.
    * Making the prime defensive class be alignment locked. The Juggernaut from Marvel comics is a pretty good example of a highly defensive build that is not lawful, good, or divinely inspired.
    * They still use the word Paladin. I've read English translations of The Song of Roland and did not care for the genocidal paladin there.

    Things I think they still need to adjust:
    * Clearly defining murder without requiring a law degree. Does it include justifiable homicide or only only pre-meditated and crimes of passion?
    * The second code concerns itself with individuals. Lawful implies that the group is more important than an individual. This portion should be adjusted so as to preserve the greatest number of innocents rather than 'an innocent'.
    * Clearly defining how anathema relate with the code. Can a Paladin of Shelyn lie about the location of a masterwork painting knowing that if those of Iomedia find it they will destroy it for the heresy? Can a Paladin of Erastil force a marriage when it is for the good of the community?

    Lastly, I think we still have one big issue with alignments. How are they going to test that the alignment descriptions work?

    Each version of D&D has made some changes to the descriptions of the alignments. In general, the changes have been improvements. Still we have people arguing about if something is an alignment restriction and what really defines each alignment.

    How is playtest going to judge if they have correctly defined the alignments?

    Anyone who is a part of a Solstice Scar 8-99B table, you will want to check your campaigns.

    I've received reports that not everyone is seeing updates on their campaign page and the special has started.

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    Nomadical wrote:

    But what exactly is "Minnesota nice?" Smiling and complimenting their shirt while bashing their teeth in with a hockey stick?

    And I can't wait to meet you, too, Eadie! Along with everyone else, of course.

    More smiling, less Hockey unless you are on the ice. If you are on the ice, you really should be wearing appropriate gear!

    Samy wrote:
    I feel like there's gotta be a way in a world of 6 billion people for someone to figure out a solution that's a little more immediate than forum posting, without needing to go all the way to "everybody online at the same time live chatting". Somebody needs to solve this and get rich off it.

    Without a web interface, you have the problem that it isn't available everywhere and may require separate support for each new device or operating system.

    With a web interface, you are limited by what can be done within that interface.

    There is also the problem that some people (such as myself) don't like having too many different communications channels. Each channel is another place to look, which takes time and is generally a distraction. I don't know of any good aggregating tools that would allow you to automatically collect, sort, and prioritize the messages. If there is one, it will still have the problem of different interfaces.

    If it would help, I believe it is possible to set up an RSS feed for Paizo boards. Sorry to say that I tried RSS a while ago and didn't like it, so I don't have the information handy. I expect that a search of the boards would turn something up though.

    The person who will get rich is the one that can create a real digital assistant that can do the aggregation, sorting, prioritization, and proper notification of the various communication channels.

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    Zach Davis wrote:
    I have it narrowed down to 3 options: Temple of Empyreal Enlightenment, Night March, or Green Market. What does Minnesota style entail? I'm guessing alcohol and the aforementioned Hawaiian shirt.

    Minnesota style doesn't require a certain dress code or blood alcohol level in order for crazy things to happen!

    Minnesota nice is all I ask for, but puns are always appreciated at my tables. Unfortunately, not all Minnesotans agree about the puns. :(

    I had a lot of fun both playing and running this scenario in the past. Regardless of which table you play at, I hope you have a lot of fun!

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    Since Trench Fighter is from Reign of Winter, I think a lot of GMs would hesitate to allow it but you could still do that build with plain fighter.

    Personally, I would rate having the deeds from Gunslinger higher than the feats from Fighter — especially if you are using one just to get Quick Clear. Pistolero would work just as well, especially since you get the other Firearm proficiencies from Spellslinger.

    Dasrak wrote:
    Rime Spell could work, although you wouldn't be able to use it yet at that level since you wouldn't yet know any area of effect cold spells (it's not worth using with single-target spells). The earliest you could make use of Rime Spell is 12th level, with a Rime Dragon's Breath. It would come into its own at 14th when you could cast Rime Cone of Cold. So this is probably a feat that's better off delayed.

    If you take Elemental Spell as well, you could be doing Rime Elemental Burning Hands although Rime Flurry of Snowballs might be better.

    1st level (Gunslinger/Pistolero) Point Blank Shot, (Human) Precise Shot
    2nd level (Spellslinger)
    3rd level (Gunslinger/Pistolero), Rapid Reload
    4th level (Gunslinger/Pistolero)
    5th level (Spellslinger) Rime (not really useful until next level)
    6th level (Spellslinger)
    7th level (Spellslinger) Favored Prestige Class (Eldritch Knight)
    8th level (Spellslinger) Elemental Spell: Cold
    9th level (Eldritch Knight) Prestigious Spellcaster (Eldritch Knight), Rapid Shot

    Since many of the Necromancy spells talk of cold, you might want to take a different school as your opposition or take Opposition Research: Necromancy as an Arcane Discovery. Ray of Enfeeblement, Ray of Sickening, Ray of Exhaustion and Enervation are all effects I could see Captain Cold using.

    Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    What if you did more Gunslinger than Wizard?

    That is one of the builds that Gilarius's Spellslinger guide suggests, Spellslinger 5, Gunslinger 5, EK 10.

    The cold gun would start out with just the Snowball spell unless you use Elemental Spell to modify the spells.

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    Core Rogue.

    I’m not sure if I’ve seen a Medium in play or not. The need for alters makes that one tough in PFS where I play most of my games.

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    The one that I thought was strange was the evening PSA.


    Pathfinder Society Academy

    Friday evening, 7:00–11:59 pm • Grand Ballroom
    Learn to play Pathfinder using the Beginner Box and three sets of adventures interspersed with rules lessons. This is well suited for younger players.

    The content is fine for younger players. I have run PSA and created scenario prep documents for it.

    However, I really question if starting a session at 7PM is kid friendly.

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    Correct, Neoliin. That is why they get to Take 10 on any skill they have skill focus in once the Operative’s Edge bonus is as high as the bonus from Skill Focus.

    Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    Expect table variation.

    I expect almost all drones are larger than one bulk, yet the spell description specifically mentions working on constructs.

    At least it is clear that Make Whole works since it says:

    Make Whole wrote:
    Targets one object of up to 1 bulk/level or one construct of any size

    Until it is clarified, I plan to allow it at my tables as a GM. As has been noted, it is once a day.

    Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game Subscriber

    I've been thinking about this a bit more and trying to come up with times where I think denying Take 10 because of "some sort of crucial effect as a key part of the adventure's story" could make sense.

      Here are some examples that seem appropriate:
    • The party is doing something where success is assumed but how quickly they succeed is at issue. I've seen multiple plots in various scenarios where it isn't only success that is important, but how quickly you manage to succeed.
    • The party is doing something where the roll decides which path is taken and failure at the skill check doesn't deny them the opportunity to succeed.
    • There are multiple rolls involved with the same skill such that a short string of bad rolls doesn't doom the characters to failure. Hopefully the adventure also rewards a higher than required success, such as success by +5 or +10.

    The big thing is it should probably be limited to those cases where it is decided by multiple rolls. When there are multiple rolls, a single lucky roll probably isn't going to put the person getting by on raw talent ahead of the person that is highly skilled in it. If one person has a +5 while the other has a +15, the person with the +15 is extremely likely to succeed more often. If it is all decided by a single roll, there is a reasonable chance of the lucky talented person doing better than the skilled person.

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