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Brap8's page

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That's my point, if you want to sell more. Why not make 8 huge minis in the set, still make a brick contain 6 . That way we have to buy more and if we need doubles( doubt we would) then we can have em, it very very expensive for a brick of huge It just not logical to me

Ok I am looking at buying the rise of the ruin lords brick of huge boaster pack! But I checked the checklist and there are only 4 huge figures in the set! Why would anyone buy the brick that has 6 figures in it. I know there is no guarantee that you will get a complete set, but if you are just buying to collect or even to use in your adventure path, you will not need two of any f the huge figures,.. It was waaaaay cheaper to buy them as singles from various websites..yes no ?

Sorry I stand corrected they are gargantuan, I too have them in front of me. I guess I just wished the dragon was bigger

The only colossal was the red dragon the blue black and white are huge

4 squares. Aaron. I am not talking about the set of hero and monsters. I really like the set the paint jobs the sculpts and the size of the mini,s in it. It just that when you read the press release or the FAQ they make it sound like this massive black dragon like the one WotC did. Then when you get it in the mail your kinda like what ....WTF. Is this right...know what I mean ?

How is that huge? It should be a large. Don't. Get me wrong the detail and paint n pose is very good but it's not huge it should be a promo large it's very hard to judge the size if they don't put it next to other mini,s for comparison. I mean the wotc lords of madness have large blue dragon and it's bigger then this so called huge ?

Yes I bought two bricks and only need 9 more to complete the 40 piece set.. So very good. Bad medusa paint is bad. Also I bought the promo black dragon. How on earth is this huge I was expecting alot bigger very disapponting

Kor you rock. Awesome thanks a bunch FTP for the post

Why can't they just put a little * next to the mini,s that are large. Then we know if we should buy a few large boosters or the small/medium booster to complete the set.

Put a ice cube into some liquid nitro and see what happens !,, the wall takes damage

Not sure if this goes here but ? ,,......I have just purchased two bricks of the new minis, I would like to state that they ate amazing . Great colors and sculpts are cool too! Out of the two bricks I managed to get 31 of the 40 mini,s in the set, very few doubles. My question is looking at the check list and having only 9 more to complete the set. How do I know if I should buy the small/medium booster or the large? The check lot does not state what mini is what? Where can I get this info

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