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The best


I say that this is the best DVD that has ever been done by this troup. Their DVD debut is one that is not amateur by any means.
First of all, the Gamers is an awesome movie even for non gamers such as myself. I know plenty of them but I don't participate.
That being said, the movie is really well done despite shoestring budget, time constraints, and missing actors in certain scenes (watch the DVD commentary and you'll see). THe movie doesn't just survive on wit alone... it thrives on it.
The special features are nothing to scoff at. With several commentary tracks (the one with the actors is hilarious), behind the scenes, bloopers, previews, easter eggs, and a music simulator it is what all DVDs should be. A movie that is enhanced by its features so much, that the overall movie feels like several movies because of it.
Highest marks!

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Three for a reason

***( )( )

I'll be the first to admit that I love Dead Gentlement Productions. Ever since a friend of mine showed us the rough VHS copy of Demon Hunters and the bootleg cut of Dead Camper Lake back in 2002, I have been addicted. There's just one problem... in terms of dead camper lake this DVD rocks. It has the bloopers reel that was taken out of the credits, behind the scenes features, and the version of the movie on the bootleg VHS which I feel was better despite the length (which also wasn't an issue).
The big markdown comes from a BIG cardinal sin on the production end. YOU GUYS FORGOT TO PUT THE ORIGINAL BLOOPER REEL IN! The original Demon Hunters blooper reel was THE BEST!

Other than that, the dvd is quite goood and provides hours of solid entertainment. 3.5 stars.

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