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Brahms's page

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I'd recommend Stars Without Number from Sine Nomine Publishing. There's a free version, it's based on Old School rules, and is flexible enough to encapsulate any sci fi setting/campaign you have in mind.

Lord Fyre wrote:
Pity that it isn't PathfinderRPG compatable.

While it isn't Pathfinder compatible, it's certainly unique enough to be pilfered for Pathfinder campaign material. It probably wouldn't take too much finagling to justify the investment.

Maybe a "basic" player's guide, that's 64 pages (or less) could be a new Pathfinder product? Something that's cheaper than the core rulebook or the beginner box set, but gives a player what they need to make a character and play?

I realize this is a bit late, but have you read the Locke & Key comic series? The premise centers around an old New England mansion (in the fictional town of Lovecraft, if that helps you imagine it) which contains a series of magical keys, each one granting a different effect when you step through a door after using said key. One key lets the you step through the door to any location you know. Other keys turn you into different things (ghost, giant, animal, etc.). There's many more with different effects. There's a great deal more to the story, and it's a fantastic comic book series, but it may be that some of the ideas contained theirin might help you out.

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If I wanted to get multiple copies of the Hero's Handbook so each of my players could have one, is there a way to do that without having to print the pdf's myself or buy multiple beginner boxes?

I have an idea for a new "Ultimate" book for Pathfinder, specifically Pathfinder Society. Did you ever play the Marvel Superhero Roleplaying game from the 80's? One of the available products was the "Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe" which were large softcover books that were basically encyclopedias of all the characters of the Marvel Universe. Each page featured a picture of the character, their name, stats, abilities, and a blurb about their background. The pages were perforated so characters could be distributed to players or kept in the book. Collector's not wishing to tear out pages could photocopy what they wanted to distribute (or print from .pdf version).

The idea is to take every Pathfinder Society Eligible combination of race and class (with a good alternating mix of gender) from the Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Advanced Race Guide, and Ultimate Books, etc. and create an Ultimate Roster of Pathfinder Society Pregens. They could all be level one (with a table included for scaling to higher levels as needed). There's already a two huge lists of PFS pregens at, which don't have to be used, but are a good start. The background blurb could include a couple of minor character details (background, history) that help with roleplay and faction choice (or you could pre-assign the factions as needed). You could even cross reference the Ultimate Equipment book for their gear.

Such a book could not only be a useful resource for players and GM's but also said characters could be used in Pathfinder Fiction, Adventure Paths and Modules (and could even be taken from existing examples of such). Still yet further said book could be the inspiration for a line of miniatures and tokens. I think it would work, and I thank you for your time.

I was reading the old B2/Keep on the Borderlands and it says:
"Using the KEEP as “home base”, your players should be
able to have quite a number of adventures (playing
sessions) before they have exhausted all the possibilities of
the Caves of Chaos map. Assuming that they have played
well, their player characters will certainly have advanced
a level or two in experience when the last minion of darkness
falls before their might. While your players will have
advanced in their understanding and ability, you will likewise
have increased your skills as DM. In fact, before they
have finished all the adventure areas of this module, it is
likely that you will have begun to add your own separate
maps to the setting. The KEEP is only a small section of the
world. You must build the towns and terrain which surround
it. You must shape the societies, create the kingdoms, and
populate the countryside with men and monsters."

Which Pathfinder module best captures the spirit of that quote, and would best serve as a "seed setting" for multiple adventures and homemade expansion?

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