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Brad McDowell's page

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Hippocratic Oath on the healy side.

Ninja 11/Horizon Walker 3 using the Dimensional Agility line of feats. The worst is there's 2 really good uses of the swift to add an attack using a ki point, and the other is to actually use dimension door and still full attack.

However, the ability to dimension door 8ish times per day and still full attack on those turns is pretty cool. And RAW...houserule to flavor...

Paladin of Saranrae? 1 level of Flame Oracle with Cinder Dance?

Removing the "and" turns this into 2 sentences...

"The paladin adds her Cha bonus (if any) to her attack rolls made against the target of her smite."

"The paladin adds her paladin level to all damage rolls made against the target of her smite."

How does a Paladin's friend get a smite evil attack? They don't have the class ability to announce such a tactic. No bypassing DR for them.

I think needing 5 levels before a PrC is about right on. Not too early, not too late. Maybe make the KnowReligion prereq at 5 ranks, but leave the BAB at 3.

EDIT: oh forgot. I don't see anything wrong with Paladin advancing another divine spellcasting class. Maybe 2 levels advance, then skip a level.

I'm sorry, I have to add...
Also, add a +2 when using Perform: Dance for the Truffle Shuffle.

Ok then, let's not use charge rules.

As a full round action, a monk may move up to her full speed plus make a Flurry of Blows attack, in either order. For the next round, the monk takes an AC penalty equal to the number of attacks she took.

New thoughts?

I'm on board. Of course, the other big loss is the 1.5 xSTR and power attack goodness. It's not the damage dice to worry about, it's the addons.

But thematically? Absolutely.

If you gave the Monk the ability to Flurry of Blows in conjunction with a charge, what would you take away?

My first thought would be to add it as a 4th or 6th level Qinggong power.


My original answer, Esper, was...let's not assume a 15 minute adventuring day.

Just kidding, but remember I said he was a BBEG's lackey. I want him to dart in and out of combats (run away if need be), and have around 6 uses of the ability. That's a +3 in Wisdom. A headband would certainly solve this problem however.

How about half orc ranger? Tweak the story a little bit, he's still military but has shown his worth in the woods/jungles. Still get bite/claw/claw as Rufus suggests and more skills.

Beginner Box?

Esper, your stats would limit him to 3 dim doors per day. Need the Wisdom for the one trick pony.


2Weapon Fighting, dual wielding waki's
Weapon Focus, waki
Power Attack
Desperate Battler
Endurance (required for Horizon Walker)

Shadow Clone
Vanishing Trick
Bleeding Attack
Combat Trick Improved Critical

Actually got around to a Ninja/Horizon Walker build...
As a human, he'll get 5 more feats and 5 ninja tricks. The master trick at ninja level 10, remember, is Dimensional Savant. Here's my first draft...

2Weapon Fighting, dual wielding waki's
Weapon Focus, waki
Power Attack
Desperate Battler
Critical Focus

Bleeding Attack
Feather Fall
Shadow Clone
Vanishing Trick

This build is crazy MAD. Even using a 25 point buy, I'm still dumping INT. And he's probably making an appearance as a BBEG's trusted evil-doer.

Any tweaks in tricks would be appreciated. I think I'm pretty set on the feats though.

Is Ambush in Absalom still allowed for PFS play? I can not find it listed in the Create Events listing.

6th level Qinggong monk (other archtypes of your choosing) with Gaseous Form.

Ranger, Horse Lord archtype.

Well...Suthainn, I must say...prove it.

Natural Attacks

Might as well throw this out there....

Natural attacks do not add STR to hit.

Primary attacks are made using the creature's full base attack bonus and add the creature's full Strength bonus on damage rolls. Secondary attacks are made using the creature's base attack bonus –5 and add only 1/2 the creature's Strength bonus on damage rolls.

Pretty sure your limit on half orcs is going to be the bite claw claw.

What's wrong with 2 levels of Ranger? Bite, claw, claw...all primary attacks.

And yes...claws can not be on feet. Talons can.

Yeah...Dervish Dance or Crane Style, not both.
Crane Style and Crane Riposte with a Sansetsukon is a great combo.
Or the full chain with a 9 section whip.

Depends which route you wanna go.

Of course Crane Style comes to mind. Remember that style feats are combat don't technically have to take monk levels to use the feat chain.

With 6 levels of monk, you're only allowed 2 styles active at once. You have 3 listed already. You'll max out at 15th level of monk with 4 styles. Do you plan on switching while in combat?

Sound advice all. I'm enjoying a TWF Ranger (in PFS play). Not needing an obscene DEX score really helps.

Here's a REALLY GOOD example...


You are faster than most.

Benefit: While you are wearing light or no armor, your base speed increases by 5 feet. You lose the benefits of this feat if you carry a medium or heavy load.

Special: You can take this feat multiple times. The effects stack.

Notice that Special? Does your feat in question have that wording?

Morphling, I just wanted you to know, that in spite of all the nay-sayers on the boards here, that I'll be looking into this over the weekend. I, too, am intrigued by negative channeling.

It's really disheartening to see an advice thread like this turn into a "this idea suxxors" thread. As such, if there does come to be some good negative channeling advice in here, I'll be watching, and hopefully helping.


A monk can flurry with any weapon with the 'monk' property. So yes, temple sword.

Monk of Many Styles with 4 Winds. Pick any 2 'elemental' styles plus a third...such as Marid, Efreeti, Dragon. When building with MoMS, always use the bonus feats to get the last feat in the style chain, like Marid Coldsnap or Crane Riposte.

FCT can only be taken once. It doesn't have the nice little wording about taking it twice. Unless there's an errata.

Sometimes, just having a single BBEG is the limiting factor. A council of the evil syndicate would draw out the story as the PC's clip them off one by one, or two by two.

Introduce a reoccuring 6/horizon walker 3/ninja 4+...
At 13th level, he'll have Dimensional Savant and can flank with himself.

Although you're not locking down the wizard per se, it would make for some interesting encounters.

I dug. I didn't like anything. But vanilla paladin didn't scream awesome either. I don't know. Here's what I got...

Human, using a Sansetsukon
1 Paladin, Fey Foundling, Dodge
2 Pal
3 Monk, Crane Style, Crane Riposte(bonus)
4 Pal
5 Monk, Exotic Proficiency 9section whip, Crane Wing(bonus)
(start using whip)
6 Pal
7 HV, Alignment Channel
8 HV rest of the way...

Sacred bonuses won't stack.

Sacred Shield won't work because it loses channel energy, a requirement for HV.

PS: Really really close to an excellent idea.

But shining knight is mounted. Mechanically. I'm looking for front line melee, hard to hit, looking for inner peace through service to his deity. And if his enemies can't hit him, then he will whip himself during his prayers.

Think more mortification of the flesh.

i don't want oradin for this one.

the feat burn for the whip is built into the 2 level of monk build.

Still kinda working on this...I'm stuck between 2 ideals...

2 levels of monk (MoMS and MotSM)...Crane Riposte is 6 levels earlier( so gained at level 3), plus a +1 natural armor. Negative is that I lose 1 BAB and slows entry to Holy Vin by 1 level.


1 level of fighter (Unarmed)...Crane Riposte at level 9. Fastest entry into Holy Vind. No BAB loss, but lose the +1 Nat Armor.

So holy vind swinging a 9section whip. Any advise? Without changing the concept of the build...

Where does it say that you can take it more than once? Because fests you can take more once explicitly say so in their special sectio, such as Weapon Focus.

Mors, you can only take FCT once. And thank you, Satch, I assumed both bite and claws would both be primary too. That's how it reads anyway.

Holy Vind's don't need to wield the shield for the bonus. Just wear it. Pray over your shield in the morning, sling it on your back, and wield something 2 handed.

I'll clarify my stance...Paladin should beg his deity for a raise dead. Pay for it, pray for it, whatever...

The Confusion is not his fault. Understandable. When he comes to his senses, he better well come to his senses. Correct the wrong-doing.

Not for natural attacks, but for melee in general...
Desperate Battler (Inner Sea Guide)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"If you do not ask for assistance from <deity> in a situation like this, <deity> will know, and will be less likely to aid you in the future. Such as tomorrow morning when you pray. You do want your Paladin powers tomorrow, don't you?"

Power Attack
Multi Attack
Weapon Focus
Eldritch Claws
Rending Claws
Rending Fury

With Imp Unarmed Strike...
Feral Combat Training
The Style chain feats

How'd I do?

Oradin is a pretty cool concept. Combination of Life Oracle and Paladin. There's threads about it or Google search it.

Have a blacksmith employed by the guild. He makes masterwork shuriken and what not. Create a mark (his logo that he brands into all of his creations) for him that is memorable.

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