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Brad McDowell's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 566 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Paladin 4, Life Oracle 2 (some people will say 3), then Holy Vindicator.
That's the chassis, there's a lot of ways to fancy it up.

6 levels of Half Orc Bard Dervish Dancer.

Dwarf Zen Archer
Dwarf Casty Druid
Dwarf Sensei Ki Mystic Monk

Have these players ever said out loud...."Dang, how did they (other PC, NPC, BBEG, etc) do that? That was pretty cool."

That's your cue.

you don't do that, john, the GM/event coordinator does it (on the website). you just follow your chronicle sheets.

I assume you have a PFS number and all that?

If Quinggong isn't enough spellcasting...consider Half Elf with the Arcane Training trait.

My Sensei (played to 12th level) was

Sensei, Ki Mystic, 4 Winds, Quinggong.

I did TWF and the Marid Style Feats. Combine this with Scorching Ray from Quinggong (and Barkskin and another of your choosing).

I was only able to give Slow Time to the group twice before the adventure finished.

I will Second Combat Patrol. It's a completely different way to build/play.

That's another topic, TL. I'm talking about time spent together. Sure, multiple alignments can co-exist...but for how long?

IMHO: Star Wars is never a bad example. Just by you saying its a bad example proves to me that you've seen the movies and we have a common knowledge. I could have used Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday as examples. Have you seen Tombstone?

Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia are all GOOD aligned characters. They spent A LOT of time together adventuring. They are all fighting for the same, common goal.

Lando is a NEUTRAL character. He joins the party when its convenient...he leaves whenever he wants.

Darth Vader is an EVIL aligned character. How often does he go adventuring with the aforementioned party?

If i said Geisha Bard, would you do it?

Fits your description, and also ties into the campaign.

NPC's can have an evil, neutral, or good alignment. It's up to the PC's to figure out which.

"Your weary party stumbles into a graveyard. It's after dusk, but you can make out 2 shadows about 80 feet away. One appears to have a shovel. What do you do?"

"Roll initiative. And I'll make a stealth check."


Dice roll, dice roll, dice roll.

"Good work, sneaky dude. You just killed a cleric of Iomedae and a gravedigger. You didn't need any healing, did you?"

Human CG Ranger 6/Divine Scion x

1 Endurance HB Weapon Focus Starknife
3 Power Attack
5 Boon Companion (Wolf)
6 RB Imp TWF
7 Weapon Spec or Greater Weapon Focus

and so on...

TWF Ranger into Divine Scion?

Ki Power: A qinggong monk can select a ki power (see below) for which she qualifies in place of the following monk class abilities: slow fall (4th), high jump (5th), wholeness of body (7th), diamond body (11th), abundant step (12th), diamond soul (13th), quivering palm (15th), timeless body (17th), tongue of the sun and moon (17th), empty body (19th), and perfect self (20th). This replaces the monk class ability the qinggong monk gives up for this ki power.

4th is slow fall, 5th is high jump, and 7th is wholeness of body

ZA gets high jump and slow fall. He can replace those with Quinggong stuff

how often are you going to be in melee range with your archer? If the answer is...not very much...then drop Crane Style.

If you keep Crane Style, you'll need Dodge as a prereq feat.

maybe a samurai-inspired paladin?

Try challenging a "combat" min/maxer with a "non-combat" scenario.

What Duiker said...and do it before you start a campaign.

Blackened (is this overkill)?
Tongues (thematically awesome)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

My first thought is to split the city into 2. "City Proper" anyone can get in, even commoners. The "Inner Keep" however, only allows those of noble birth, or militia, or city guard, etc...those that would have papers.

Then, I thought that the city could be split into many districts. Also...don't forget about "Order of the Day." Maybe nobles are allowed into a certain district as a standing order, but because of a conspiracy, now all of a sudden nobles need to be "more thoroughly" searched.

Thanks, Drogos. That's the route I'm going (straight caster).

Awesome. I don't own the book (yet) anyway.

Rough Draft...
1 Cosmopolitan (Linguistics and Perception)
3 Eldritch Heritage (Arcane)
5 Divine Protection
7 ___
9 ___
11 Imp Eldritch Heritage
13 __

1 Burning Magic
3 ___
7 Wings of Fire
11 Firestorm

For PFS...
Is this one trick pony good enough to contribute in PFS play, or should I tack something else on?

2 levels of Urban Barb and then Rage Prophet.

The build begins with Gnome Flame Oracle, after that...any advice is welcome.

Crusader cleric?

Divine Scion from Inner Sea Magic?

Ranger an option to build off of?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

What about Butterfly Sting? Technically not a Teamwork feat but maybe something you'd be interested in.

Aasimar, the one with +2 STR and CHA
One trait is Adopted (by Orcs), allows you to choose Tusked. (Bite attack)
2 levels of Ranger (Claw Claw attack)
1 level of Sorcerer, Draconic (cuz you have to)
2 levels of EK
x levels of DD
x more levels of EK

At level 11 (I think), you could have (Aasimar) Metallic Wings. So you could as a full attack, do Claw Claw (primary), Bite Wing Wing (secondary).

Just a thought.

Rich Parents is a trap trait. I'd go Armor Expert and Elven Reflexes. Rich Parents only helps you at level 1. The other 2 keep on giving and giving.

PeteZero wrote:
For progression I was thinking to go for Pal4/Sor1. And go Pal2,sor1,Pal2

What's your thoughts on Paladin as your martial?
2 Paladin, 3 Sorc
4 Paladin, 1 Sorc

Edit: Yeah!! What Is said...(ninja'd)

I love the "hidden base" aspect. For your group, every time they go out on a contract, their base of operations moves, and they have to find their way back home.

The Brotherhood without Banners

If you're gonna go big, draw inspiration from the Song of Ice and Fire series. The BwB is a neat group with both combat and non combat possibilities.

Selfish wrote:
> He is selfish: He lacks the sense of aiding in any cause that doesn't benefit himself, whether through payment, alliance, or mutual understanding (obviously if he has a target that's in danger of being killed by somebody else, he will protect that target until he's ready to kill them)

PvP is also disallowed. Be careful with being selfish with your partymates.

Greedy wrote:
He is greedy: No, he is not a hoarder nor is he materialistic, but what's his is his and only his and he is also a strong believer of the "Finders Keepers" clause.

This is easily taken care of by chronicle sheets. You can "keep" an item until the end of the scenario, then you gotta buy your own.

a 10th level monk with Medusa's Wrath would have 4 attacks plus the 2 from MW. At 12th level they would have 5+2 and a much easier time of getting MW to work.

Maybe something built around the Combat Patrol feat?

What happens when your spirit animal dies?

We're about a month away...

There's a lot of things "not very fun" from the player POV.

I hate to be the "fun hater" here, but please, I asked for build advice. I understand what Stunning Fist is and isn't to the population at large.

When I start a thread that asks..."Should I use Stunning Fist in a BBEG buid?" I'd be more than happy to hear your opinion. This is not that thread.

I'm sorry, PA, that this build fails your idea of fun. Hopefully you can find happiness elsewhere.

The lack of viability is exactly what I like about NPC/BBEG builds, which means Stunning Fist fits in there just nicely. If I wanted a TPK death machine/rocks fall everybody dies...I'd make one...

That being said, if he had more levels, I agree that more Barb is the way to go. 12th level MA Monk gets a bonus feat, combine that with +40 move and the extra attack, it seemed like a sweet spot to build off of.

I like Belier's Bite a lot. Good find, Imb, thank you very much. If he's surrounded, he can get a taste of everyone, and they'll have some bleed to take care of. Give the "healer" of a group something to do.

So this is a BBEG I've been working on. FCT allows him to use his primary bite attack in a Flurry. 1 level of a full BAB is necessary for Weapon Focus as level 1. Barbarian fits nicely with Martial Artist Monk. At level 13, he has 5 attacks, plus 2 more if he can land a Stunning Fist, which Mantis Style helps with. Although he doesn't fly on his own, he does have 80 feet of movement with Dodge, Mobility, Improved Trip and Combat Reflexes.

CN Half Orc Medium, with the Toothy Trait
Barbarian 1, Martial Artist Monk rest (built out to level 13).


1 Weapon Focus Bite
2 Bonus Dodge
3 Feral Combat Training Bite, Bonus Mobility
5 Power Attack
7 Mantis Style, Bonus Combat Reflexes
9 Eldritch Claws
11 Mantis Wisdom, Bonus Improved Trip
13 Mantis Torment, Bonus Medusa's Wrath

1 Fast Movement, Rage
2 Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike
3 Evasion
4 Pain Points, Maneuver Training
5 Exploit Weakness, Martial Arts Master
6 Extreme Endurance, High Jump
8 Physical Resistance
10 Improved Evasion

As a CR 12, is he a formidable foe? Can we tweak anything anywhere? Are there any feats based on IUS that he should add to make his bite better?

Are you calling him a sensei, or do you plan on using the Sensei Archtype?

Does he have to be a monk, or would an armed or unarmed ninja work also (ninja has some good synergy with oracle)?

Magda Luckbender wrote:
Watch the Akira Kurasawa movie Yojimbo. It tells of the exact situation you describe. Also a cracking good movie, and funny. It's on Netflix.

This is top notch advice. In a far-off distant second place is my the Bruce Willis move Last Man Standing.

Expand the one side of gestalt to Paladin, Cleric or Inquisitor. Still deity based, but a few more options.

Another option is the race with a natural attack, like Half Orc and the Toothy trait. This also brings back Intimidate as a viable in combat option, and gives you some more weapon choices so you can skip Skill at Arms. Nothing reach though.

Not to derail the thread, SW, but the FAQs and other rules posts seem to allow it. YMMV.

Josh, i'd been thinking the same thing. I'm wondering about a Half Orc Brawler "Flurry of Bites" build. Grab the toothy trait and then load up on feats to make his natural attack better. Combine with Feral Combat Training and Flurry and NOM NOM NOM!!!

Good points, both of you. Thank you.

CR 15 would be perfect...6 levels of Ranger, 10 of Divine Scion.

So he's out for PFS play. Oh well. NE then, and yes herald status. He could still have the "balance" thing as backstory.

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