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Brad McDowell's page

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I know I'm off a couple points, but its close so I'll throw it out there...
6 levels of ninja
3 levels of Horizon Walker, going astral
rest in ninja
grab the Dimensional Agility line of feats. Dual wield wakizashi's.

The Sensei and Ki Mystic combo is an absolute blast. I played my "Sensei of Ice and Fire" (I tacked on 4 winds archtype using Marid Style) in a home game, and loved it.

Did you end up tacking Scorching Ray?

No reason not to question his damage, Tark. He's a buffer, not a DPR guy. Although, as a Ki Mystic and Qinggong (forgot to mention earlier), add Scorching Ray for some extra offense and Barkskin for extra defense. But all in all, he's a team player.

Also, I haven't done a statted out build, just his feat selections.

find a 3/4 BAB class with shoddy weapon proficiencies that you want to play, that adds a bunch of self buffing and/or sneak attack (if you like SA).


A BBEG in a scenario I'm writing...
Half Elf, Ancestral Arms for 9 section whip
8th level Monk (Sensei, Ki Mystic)
Full Crane Style, Deflect Arrows
Fights defensively, and inspires his minions to do the dirty work.
As a ki mystic, allows his allies a reroll on attack rolls and saving throws.

I would recommend 2 things...first, power up the PC's. Second, don't play a permanent NPC. You have enough to do as a GM. Taking the risk of outshining your 2 players isn't worth it. If you want to help the PC's, create 3 or 4 "sometimes" NPC's that show up just when they need them.

If you don't already know how to keep them alive, then my suggestion is to teach them a lesson. Play it out. They're level 1. There is no better time to learn the rules, and to learn how to have fun (or not have fun, as it were...).

Instead of raising AC, lower their attack. Consider Demoralizing during combat. This shaken condition gives a -2 (penalty) to attack rolls.

Dodge Feat.
3 ranks of Acrobatics.
Fight defensively.
Wield a 9 section whip (from ultimate combat).

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barry lyndon wrote:

Ok so that's a start. So Baron Boilface is monologuing and the barbarian says "*&^! this noise!" and charges at him.

So then you roll for initiative? And if the barbarian wins he gets another attack? Or what's happened?

I guess i'm unsure how to handle the switchover from RP to combat.

The in-character barbarian says, "I charge at him."

The out-of-character barbarian says, "Let's roll initiative."

This would happen at exactly the same time. And said barbarian will have to wait his turn.

I think monks make a great challenge because of their defensive nature. Hide a piece of your McGuffin in the armory of the monk dojo/temple/etc. Have a lone monk walking that the party can follow. If the monk notices , maybe he leads them to a trap.

Cool, thanks. I will have to look that up.

"+1 guided amulet of mighty fists (doubles as amulet of natural armor +2"

How's this doubling thing work?

The Search-Fu is strong with that one.

My point, ohako, is that if people think a CdG at level 11 is overpowered, do those same people think a Barbarian's DPR is also overpowered at level 11?

If the build fits, wear it.

Just as a matter of conversation...
What does an "average" Barbarian do in damage at 11th level? How does this compare to your build at 11th level (when you get the feat in question)?

Anduril was reforged for Aragorn. Ice was melted down into 2 smaller swords in Game of Thrones. Luke was given his father's lightsaber. Arthur and Excalibur, etc...

Honorale Mention...Sandal from Dragon Age (Enchantment!!??)

It is for PFS. I am a sloth sin wizard with the academy graduate feat and will likely be summoning a lot.

If by "sloth sin wizard", you mean "Thassilonian Wizard" from Inner Sea Magic, that is not legal for PFS. At least as far as I can tell.

And if it is now legal, I know what my next character is.

Sheesh...duh...'d think the 2 guides would say the same thing.

Nagaji, Kitsune, and Wayangs will become legal without a boon on the same day...

I didn't see this in the Additional Resources. I checked out the Advanced Race Guide and the Dragon Empires Gazeteer.

How about a melee Bard then? Dawnflower a little with arcane spells, skills, melee, buffing (yourself...haha)?

Battle Oracle or Ranger could work as well. Or maybe a build that works toward Holy Vindicator, or something from the Inner Sea Gods. If you're worried about "keeping up" with system mastery, stay away from an animal companion (for now), but otherwise I'd say you're spot on with what your party needs. Just a matter of your personal preference.

Tiefling with Maw ability, 2 levels of Ranger for Aspect of the Beast Claws, then 4 levels of cleric. Delay spells and channeling (do you really want to negative channel?) for a "Bite Claw Claw" full attack, with that nice profane bonus to all 3 attacks.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away...

There was this group of do-gooders that traveled across many planets. These 2 do-gooders (let's call them Jedi) had some constructs with them (let's call them droids) and they would travel wherever their masters would send them, solving problems.

Until one day, 1 do-gooder did something evil. And he turned into something monstrous (let's now call him a Sith).

Many years later, Player versus Player combat happened. And it was awesome.

Although the archer won't like it, build a fighter or monk with the Combat Patrol feat and trip anything that triggers an AoO.

Or a Reach Cleric with similar concept, adding in the channels and summons.

How about some sort of Ki Mystic/Sensei Monk build?

I never did make the PC. Although I think a deity change to Zon Kuthon and some Weapon Finesse-ness could make this build happen.

What you're looking for is action economy. Find a BBEG that can take full advantage of free, swift, and immediate actions. Then, for a full round attack action, find something with multiple attacks.

Simple example...Crane Style Monk. Can deflect a melee attack. Give him Deflect Arrows, and now he can deflect one ranged attack. Make sure he keeps Flurry of Blows...he has multiple attacks.

Another example would be something with natural attacks. Claw Claw Bite is a great multiple attack build, on a variety of different races/classes.

archonrussell wrote:

They story is that one of rovagug off springs is trying to free him and the party chose to kill the holy men they were tasked to guard instead of protecting one of the keys to his cell and now I'm at a lost of where to go

So, are you implying that Rovagug is the only Evil deity in your world? Are you implying that all evil characters in your world have the same objectives?

The nice thing about having Evil PC's is that you can thrown ANY alignment at them as enemies.

Good NPC's? Duh...good vs evil.
Neutral...See above...
Evil vs Evil? "Don't try to stand in my way to greatness."

Well, usually a monk dipping into cleric is for the feat Crusader's Flurry. If you worship Irori, that becomes pointless. However, if you reconsider your deity choice, this comes back around. The other, really great, thing that a cleric gets you is the ability to use wands from the cleric list.

At third level, you can bounce around the battlefield wielding and flurrying a one handed weapon with your wand of cure light wounds in the other hand. The standard is to dip Crusader cleric for the free Weapon Focus. This gives you 1 domain to choose. Choose wisely, grasshopper.

I am absolutely in favor of "fighting is not the answer" type encounters.

Retrieve a certain flower from the mountain top that requires acrobatics and perception checks, etc.

But also, create a fighting encounter that allows the monk class to shine. Since monks can be so defensive, I see this as a..."can the monk make the Evil NPC fight for at least 10 rounds?" ...type of objective. Maybe the monk has to hold the line so villagers retreat, or something like that.

Is there a temple that will taker her in? Is there a temple that sees her as a threat to their way of life? What do you think about monk/druid multiclass NPCs based off of Kung Fu Panda?

6 levels of dual wielding wakizashi ninja, 3 levels of Horizon Walker, go back into ninja. At level 10 ninja (character level 13), use Master Trick to take Dimensional Savant.

Without retraining or any other shenanigans, the best builds will get Dimensional Savant at level 13.

I'm also a pretty big fan of Rudy's Druid Wolf Shaman build.

Ki Mystic stacks with Sensei.

Can a 1st level Ranger with 10 DEX take the Two Weapon Fighting feat at 1st level?

Can a 2nd level Ranger with 10 DEX, choosing two weapon combat style, take the Two Weapon Fighting feat at 2nd level or beyond?

A build using Combat Patrol?

lemeres, I absolutely agree, in general. Specifically, this guys wants a katana which doesn't mechanically mesh well with sohei.

What I'm getting at...Which is more important to the build...flurry with a katana or using sohei?

Shooting Star wrote:
Sohei grant the ability to flurry in light armor. I figured with a 14 dex and a 12 wis my ac would be too low otherwise.

Barkskin from quinggong will help with this.

for optimizing...the general answer is no. thematically...i like prestige classes too. i just started a wizard for loremaster in PFS.

That's a great race/class combo!! What's your Ranger combat style? What's your favored community at level 3? Are you gonna put ranks into Disable Device? If so, are you going to be able to Detect Magic? And please please please, pick a dire rat for your companion. Be unique!!

Sohei can flurry with the following groups...
bows, crossbows, monk weapons, polearms, spears, or thrown.

this build is getting Flurry with a katana with Crusader's Flurry. What's the need for Sohei?

Based on your current build, Sohei grants you a +1 AC as compared to a "vanilla" monk, then at level 4, it becomes even.

Edit: Blah, that's not right. It's +3, but the concept is there...don't pick sohei just for the armor.

And...sohei's weapon training won't apply to katanas, unless a katana is something other than a heavy blade.

You hit it on the head. Dimension Door as a huge wolf.

As I theory craft, this is really feat intensive. To keep Dim Savant at 13, it restricts those 7, 9, and 11 feat slots, which is right where the monk feats should go. Ggrr.

That was cheesy. Hopefully though prototype00 will weigh in...
Druid 7 (Wolf Shaman) Travel
Monk 3
Horizon Walker 3, Astral

HW requires the Endurance feat. Druid 7 has to come first to qualify for 4th level spells. Then the rest of the levels can be intermixed for optimizing. Feats at levels 7, 9, 11, and 13 are the 4 in the Dimensional Agility line, so that level 13 is Dimensional Savant. Please help with levels 8-13 and onward!!

Yes please.

Ok, new route here, more melee based...
Druid 7 (Wolf Shaman) (Travel)
HW 3, for more Dim Door uses
Monk rest, for Prototype00's shenanigans

At level 6, Wild Shape gets us a Huge canine. This is as big as it's gonna get. At level 7, 4th level spells are available.

Larry: Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em.

-Bull Durham

I do agree. But if this were played starting at level 1, I could also see the merits of leveling druid to 10 right away. This way, you play it out as a "regular" wolf shaman, and then BAM, 3 levels of HW and you're a Dimensional Savant. Could go either way, I guess.

And also, how is our Nightwolfer here going to cast spells wildshaped? He needs Wild Speech. Do all 10 levels of Druid first, then the 3 levels of HW and lose Shaping Focus? All I could think of...

The "easy (meaning Core)" race to choose is Half Orc. There's a race trait in Advanced Players Guide called Toothy for a bite attack. At 2nd level Ranger, you can now Bite, Claw, Claw as a full attack.

Also, remember to take Dragon Style with your 3rd level feat. Then Dragon Ferocity and Dragon Roar become your Monk's Bonus feats.

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