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Brad McDowell's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 475 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Is the feat Combat Patrol something you've considered?

Gestalt build...
Wizard full/ Ninja 6, then HW 3, then Ninja rest
Dimensional Savant at 13, and a bunch of daily uses of Dim Door.

6 levels of ninja, then 3 levels of horizon walker, then back into ninja. Dimensional Savant at level 13. Ninja rocks because why flank with yourself if you're not sneak attacking??

Dipping for casters is generally a bad idea. Slows down your spell progression.

Do you want some higher level spells, or a lot of lower level spells?

no WF at level 1 since there's no BAB.

Not Evangelist...but Exalted.

If you want wand use, go Half Elf with Arcane Training. This, combined with Qinggong, will make you very diverse.

You will lose the Human bonus feat (or extra +2 stat), a skill point per level, and your favored class bonus per level.

Half elf will gain you back low light vision and the ability to choose proficiency in one weapon. Sansetsukon perhaps?

I played this style monk up to 12th level, and had a blast. I went the Marid Style 4 Winds route, and don't regret it. My party was also lacking melee damage, so that may be part of it. This was also before Inner Sea Gods came out, so I did not have Deific Obedience. This build does have room for it, so I would suggest it. It syncs well with Sensei.

For Qinggong, I grabbed Barkskin, Scorching Ray, and Gaseous Form. GF was not worth it. I also threw in TWF because Sensei loses FoB. Not optimized, but definately fun. There's a glove slot item that lets you use 2 elemental fists per turn.

I called him "the Sensei of Ice and Fire"

Create difficult terrain, but ensure that you and your allies can overcome it, like by using feather step.

Sensei, Ki Mystic, 4 Winds, Qinggong Monk...using Marid Style?

Sensei loses Flurry, so pick up TWF (yes I know TWF stinks on a 3/4 BAB class, but at least you're self buffing). Worship Irori and take Deific Obedience, now you're awesome at knowledge checks.

I just saw a hand slot item that will let you use 2 Elemental Fists in one round. That's helpful.

Ki Mystic ups your ki points. Of course after I post this, 19 people will tell you to go Drunken Master.

Use Qinggong to pick up at least Barkskin. The 5th level swap can be of your choosing.

Why not make him a 'buffer' NPC? Imagine the scene when he betrays the PCs, and suddenly he's buffing the bad guys. That would be an epic "oh crap" moment!!

How about Target of Opportunity, and his "new" buddies are all archers?

PS Whatever build you go with, try to keep as much secret as possible!! Have fun!!

I've just started on a Half Orc Dervish Dance Bard in PFS. I went falchion just because, but I might have to grab a greataxe for the giggles.

Dervish Dance Bard. From Ultimate Combat. You don't need a high CHA to cast buffing spells.

Half Orc gets the +2 to intimidate, of course.
2 levels of Order of the Cockatrice Cavalier gets you a standard action Dazzling Display (Dazzling Display is usually a full round action).

All I got off the top of my head. Will be checking in, as I'm interested in the final build.

I'll second Bard. Satisfies a lot of needs for the party.

Dervish Dance Bard? Not the Dawnflower kind.

Ki mat, necklace of ki serenity, bodywraps of something or other. Monk robes, probably too expensive. weapon with ki focus, but he probably likes unarmed strikes instead.

well poo buckets. i missed the whole 'redemption' angle. Rufus' question holds weight with me.

How could any paladin ever help an evil character redeem themselves if they weren't allowed to associate with them?

Return of the Jedi wouldn't be the same if Anakin didn't die in Luke's arms, right? (think of Luke as the paladin in this case)

What was talked about Out of Character during Character Creation? Did you, as the GM, openly state that you were OK with a Good (a Paladin of all classes) and an Evil character adventuring with one another?

I would suggest NOT having her control more than one PC, with the exception of a class ability, like an animal companion, familiar, etc.

If she's new to the game, why would throw more work, more to track, and more system mastery on her all at once?

Also, let the spotlight shine. Harry Potter, Frodo, and Luke Skywalker were alone for some of their journey, why not here too?

I would also suggest you keep your friendly NPC's as "part time" members of her party. Again, let the spotlight shine.

Crane Riposte (actually no, this just reduces the penalty to attack)
use a weapon with the blocking property, like a Sansetsukon or 9 Section Whip.

If she's a paladin, cleric, oracle or even ranger or druid, you could send her on missions to expose a plot against her deity.

A good challenge against armor-wearers is to get them out of their armor, so to speak. Interrupt her sleep schedule, make her swim, make her go to a building that restricts arms/armor, etc. Also, build into the story that sometimes she can investigate out in public, but every once in a while find a reason that she has to go about her business more discreetly.

I always go back to it, but I think monks make excellent bad guys. Having them fight defensively makes for a good challenge.

Why have 2 styles when you can only use 1 at a time?

Can this be expanded to include character creation based on party synergy?

I will Third Reactionary and Indomitable Faith. Let me ask about race Human necessary?

If you were Half Orc, you'd trade that human feat for permanent Darkvision, and be able to grab Sacred extra +1 to all saves.
If you were Half Elf, you'd at least have Low Light Vision, and grab Arcane Training (the ability to use wands), and either free Skill Focus OR Dual Minded (+2 to will Saves).

15. A "Red" or "Purple" Wedding.

This isn't a conversion per se, but I am drawing inspiration from the Furious Five of Kung Fu Panda fame. I have a good outline, but I would like some advice on making thematically appropriate, mildy optimized builds for the Five as a council of evil monks.

For advice, I mean race, class levels and archtypes, and feats. No need for ability scores. Please use Pathfinder only material...the "normal" stuff nothing "crazy." All builds should be at 8th level.

Half Elf, Sensei Monk
Full Crane Style using 9 section whip. He's pretty much done. No worries here.

Halfling, Monk (archtype?)
Full Mantis Style, other supporting ideas welcome.

Tiger, would fight wild-shaped
Druid, Monk
2 build choices here...4 druid, 4 monk with Shaping Focus feat or 6 druid, 2 monk and no feat
MoMS maybe with Tiger and Dragon Styles?

Monkey, would fight wild-shaped
Druid, Monk
2 build choices here...4 druid, 4 monk with Shaping Focus feat or 6 druid, 2 monk and no feat
MoMS maybe with Monkey and Dragon Styles?

Sorcerer, Monk
Serpent bloodline and Snake Style, all i got. Go crazy.

Thanks in advance!!

Lawrence DuBois wrote:
Yeah, that's a great idea! He's a natural genius at illusions, but is so hung up on the fact that he can't summon so much as a rabbit or evoke massive balls of fire that he doesn't even realize how incredible he is at making illusions so convincing that they might as well be real.

Lawrence, did you ever play this guy? He sounds just like one of Luke's Jedi Apprentices named Corran Horn from the book I, Jedi.

Corran can't use teleknisis, so he Jedi Mind Tricks the others into believing he can move rocks.

They all stack.

half elf with Arcane training gets you wand use, and then you don't have to dip. i understand that dwarf is good stats, but half elf isn't horrible.

Worship Irori and take Deific Obedience for the +4 to all knowledge checks.

oh poo. thought we were starting from scratch. Then I'll vote for 3 levels of Inquisitor for reasons already stated.

Is Human a necessity? If you need wands and such, go Half Elf with Arcane Training.

My build was Half Orc. To do it over, I'd pick: Half elf, Ancestral Arms for 9 Section whip, and Arcane Training to have Wizard as a spell list.

Feats were TWF, Dodge, Extra Ki, full Marid Style, and Deific Obedience as a worshiper of Irori.

Qinggong were Barkskin, Scorching Ray and Gaseous Form. GF wasn't really worth it. YMMV.

Ki Mystic does not interfere with Qinggong. High Jump and Slow Fall are the abilities to replace.

Of course if you can pass your Slow Time off to the party (Honestly not sure how) they get 3 total not in addition too...

Mystic Wisdom (Su): At 6th level, a sensei may use his advice ability when spending points from his ki pool to activate a class ability (using the normal actions required for each) in order to have that ability affect one ally within 30 feet rather than the sensei himself. At 12th level, a sensei may affect all allies within 30 feet rather than himself (spending points from his ki pool only once, not once for each target).

one feat at every odd level. one bonus feat at level 1 if you're human.

I group PFS into 5 needs...damage, arcane magic, divine magic, social, and knowledges. A character should do 2 of these really well.

Trapspotting is great, but not a necessity. Later level ninja may not be enough oommpf damage-wise...

How about Paladin/Oracle instead of ninja/oracle? A bookish Paladin could be an interesting RP experience.
How about Bard if the divine magic is already covered? Bards, are well...bards. No party turns one away.

There are spell creation rules in Ultimate Magic (I think). Instead of "targeting" the player's spell, I would suggest a read through of the those rules by both of you, and retcon a solution.

it does more damage than any other cantrip, and apparently creates magical snow that can be eaten to regain 2 HP, but only once per day per character.

This appears to be a cantrip that is equal to a combination of about a 1st and 2nd level spell. If he can't understand the need to tone it down, then have some secret arcane government ministry come find him to "interrogate" him for his secrets.

Off the top of my head, I'd say too wide of a range. Keep it with 10 points.



There are 2 types of "perspectives" you need to know...1st person and 3rd person.

1st person is what we as humans do every day. It's writing/storytelling from our own point of view.
Ex..."Hi, Ralph", I said to my shady co-worker. He doesn't seem happy today, I thought to myself.

3rd person moves the point of view outside of our own body to something wider. It allows for broader but less personal approach.
Ex...Sam just said hello to his shady co-worker named Ralph. Sam could tell that Ralph didn't seem happy today.

If 1st person doesn't feel comfortable to you, there's no shame in using (and hopefully mastering) 3rd person.

2 levels of Ranger with Aspect of the Beast could as well.

Pendagast wrote:
Brad McDowell wrote:

If you want the "Nightcrawler" build, make levels 7, 8 and 9 as Horizon Walker favored terrain Astral. At level 9, you will qualify for the Dimensional Agility line of feats. Back into ninja at level 10. You'll have Dimensional Savant at level 13.

Dual wielding waki's is definitely the way to go.

Ive tried this before and the consensus on the boards here, was that to qualify for the dimensional feat chain one needed to be able to CAST dimension door OR have specifically the abundant step monk ability.

lots of annoying RAWyers with that "cast" wording... specifically with magus abilities and the dimensional feat chain...

Link to FAQ

Looks like the FAQ would allow this type of build.

If you want the "Nightcrawler" build, make levels 7, 8 and 9 as Horizon Walker favored terrain Astral. At level 9, you will qualify for the Dimensional Agility line of feats. Back into ninja at level 10. You'll have Dimensional Savant at level 13.

Dual wielding waki's is definitely the way to go.

One Dragon to Rule Them All

Our GM was speechless.

That pumpkin damage is spicy!!
(sorry...i just had to...)

Remember you're getting Elemental Fist and not Stunning Fist. Marid Style gives you some versatility...exta 5' reach, potential to freeze enemies, and extra damage =your WIS modifier.

The nice thing about the build is that its not dependent on feats. Extra Ki I suppose, but after that...I say flavor to taste.

Mad, do you have access to the Advanced Players Guide? If so, I like to put the alternate race trait Toothy on my Half Orcs. It gives you a Bite attack. Comes in every once in a while.

Also, check out Pathfinder Society Play in your area. I don't Play by Post much so can't help you with online games, but PFS would be another avenue to get your game on.

I played this build to 12th level. Feats were TWF (sensei loses FoB), full Marid Style, and Extra Ki. My Qinggong powers were Barksksin, Scorching Ray, and Gaseous Form. I called him the "Sensei of Ice and Fire" (haha...get it?).

And yes party buffing Slow Time is awesome.

And therefore is why I do not publish.
Elemental...check out the RPG Superstar that Paizo runs.

"Currently i have a mayor in graphic design and some work experience altought 0 insight on how game industry work. Also i dont live in the US so that could or could be not an issue too."

Let he who is perfect cast the first stone...and I am not perfect...however...

Editing, in my ignorant opinion, is kind of a big deal. Posting spelling errors now won't win you any favors in the long run. Attention to deal, my ignorant opinion, is pretty important.

I know when I buy something published, I like it to be without typos.

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