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Brad McDowell's page

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Ki Mystic stacks with Sensei.

Can a 1st level Ranger with 10 DEX take the Two Weapon Fighting feat at 1st level?

Can a 2nd level Ranger with 10 DEX, choosing two weapon combat style, take the Two Weapon Fighting feat at 2nd level or beyond?

A build using Combat Patrol?

lemeres, I absolutely agree, in general. Specifically, this guys wants a katana which doesn't mechanically mesh well with sohei.

What I'm getting at...Which is more important to the build...flurry with a katana or using sohei?

Shooting Star wrote:
Sohei grant the ability to flurry in light armor. I figured with a 14 dex and a 12 wis my ac would be too low otherwise.

Barkskin from quinggong will help with this.

for optimizing...the general answer is no. thematically...i like prestige classes too. i just started a wizard for loremaster in PFS.

That's a great race/class combo!! What's your Ranger combat style? What's your favored community at level 3? Are you gonna put ranks into Disable Device? If so, are you going to be able to Detect Magic? And please please please, pick a dire rat for your companion. Be unique!!

Sohei can flurry with the following groups...
bows, crossbows, monk weapons, polearms, spears, or thrown.

this build is getting Flurry with a katana with Crusader's Flurry. What's the need for Sohei?

Based on your current build, Sohei grants you a +1 AC as compared to a "vanilla" monk, then at level 4, it becomes even.

Edit: Blah, that's not right. It's +3, but the concept is there...don't pick sohei just for the armor.

And...sohei's weapon training won't apply to katanas, unless a katana is something other than a heavy blade.

You hit it on the head. Dimension Door as a huge wolf.

As I theory craft, this is really feat intensive. To keep Dim Savant at 13, it restricts those 7, 9, and 11 feat slots, which is right where the monk feats should go. Ggrr.

That was cheesy. Hopefully though prototype00 will weigh in...
Druid 7 (Wolf Shaman) Travel
Monk 3
Horizon Walker 3, Astral

HW requires the Endurance feat. Druid 7 has to come first to qualify for 4th level spells. Then the rest of the levels can be intermixed for optimizing. Feats at levels 7, 9, 11, and 13 are the 4 in the Dimensional Agility line, so that level 13 is Dimensional Savant. Please help with levels 8-13 and onward!!

Yes please.

Ok, new route here, more melee based...
Druid 7 (Wolf Shaman) (Travel)
HW 3, for more Dim Door uses
Monk rest, for Prototype00's shenanigans

At level 6, Wild Shape gets us a Huge canine. This is as big as it's gonna get. At level 7, 4th level spells are available.

Larry: Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em.

-Bull Durham

I do agree. But if this were played starting at level 1, I could also see the merits of leveling druid to 10 right away. This way, you play it out as a "regular" wolf shaman, and then BAM, 3 levels of HW and you're a Dimensional Savant. Could go either way, I guess.

And also, how is our Nightwolfer here going to cast spells wildshaped? He needs Wild Speech. Do all 10 levels of Druid first, then the 3 levels of HW and lose Shaping Focus? All I could think of...

The "easy (meaning Core)" race to choose is Half Orc. There's a race trait in Advanced Players Guide called Toothy for a bite attack. At 2nd level Ranger, you can now Bite, Claw, Claw as a full attack.

Also, remember to take Dragon Style with your 3rd level feat. Then Dragon Ferocity and Dragon Roar become your Monk's Bonus feats.

Wolf Shaman gets a bonus feat at level 9; its a short list to choose from.

Rudy, that build is all kinds of fantastic. Good find.

There's one real caster in my group. Then 2 melee and 2 ranged. And mythic...The group giving at level 12 helps a little, like with Barkskin, but it is a rather lengthy list of ways I can spend ki points. I would love to scorching ray all day, but I know that I can't. So also with 4 Winds, I choose the Marid Style line. Use ki to buff, then Elemental Fists in combat. Has worked pretty well so far.

I'm ignorant on Contemplative, however...instead of that I used 4 Winds instead...this allows me to dish out Slow Time to the party at level 12.

3 Qinggong Powers...
Barkskin, Ki Stand and Spring Attack.


Take Unarmed Fighter at level 3.

M1-Vicious Stomp, Combat Reflexes(monk bonus), Stand Still (human bonus)
M2-Dodge (monk bonus)
F3-Weapon Focus-Kama, Double Chained, Panther Style (fighter bonus)
M7-Combat Patrol,Improved Trip (monk bonus)
M9-Panther Claw
M11-Panther Parry, Deflect Arrows (monk bonus)

Although I am now considering the dip into Unarmed Fighter. That doesn't delay things that much.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
OP said wrote:

I've got a PC at my table who counts the stats of everything he fights, and does his best to work our their stats, focusing on AC of course. Then he basis combat choices on his results.

Talk to him again. Ask him what a Pit Boss in a Vegas casino would do in your (the GM's) shoes.

Sacred Mountain gives up High Jump and Slow Fall, which are the abilities needed to switch out for Qinggong. I'd rather cast Barkskin on myself than Bastion Stance.

With MoMS, the bonus feats have to be style feats. So Dodge, Combat Reflexes, and Improved Trip can't be chosen. Too feat intensive.

I agree. And Combat Patrol takes advantage of extra move speed.

Looking to control the battlefield with a monk using Double Chained Kama. This build got feat intensive pretty quickly, but Flowing Monk loses its second level bonus feat (and it also loses Fast Movement).

So there's 3 options I can see, and of course Qinggong is tacked on to each...
A. Vanilla monk
B. Ki Mystic
C. Flowing Monk, lose one feat

1-Vicious Stomp, Combat Reflexes(monk bonus), Stand Still (human bonus)
2-Dodge (monk bonus)
3-Exotic WP-Kama, Double Chained
6-Improved Trip (monk bonus)
7-Combat Patrol

Which option is most viable?

A cleric 4/fighter 2/HV 7 (I'm assuming levels) would have a reflex base of +3. And probably not a great DEX modifier. Where's the rest (OP said "high teens") coming from?

Straight MoMS could try to squeeze in Mantis Style for extra Stunning Fist oomph.

Storm Druid Archtype, from Ultimate Magic?

ohako, if you use 4 levels of martial artist monk, the build qualifies for fighter feats. Then dip 1 level of Divine Scion for access to Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, and Greater Weapon Specialization. It's wonky and feat intensive, but possibly "worth it".

Sensei loses Flurry. I was thinking about 1 cleric/ 4 martial artist, 1 divine scion. Then I can pick up weapon spec and the greaters.

The "Flurry with a Reach Weapon" idea has been kicking around in my head for some time now.
Some guidelines...
PFS ruleset...20 point buy and Paizo only, etc...
Shelyn for the deity. I know there's others out there.
Optimize the use of Flurry of Blows and also Combat Reflexes with a glaive.

I can see this going 3 ways...
Sohei Monk. No magic and waiting til level 6 kinda stinks.

Crusader Cleric 1/ Monk for the rest.

Multiclass Frenzy. A mix of Cleric and Monk, maybe Fighter, Divine Scion, or something from the Inner Sea Gods book. Go crazy!!

Discuss. Theorycraft. Post builds. Enjoy. And thanks!!

Torbyne wrote:
Not PFS but i have been watching a Ranger 7/ ZAM 2 in my current game and he went from a compotent character in and out of battle to a frightening one in a fight once his wolf went large. He moves in, the wolf bites and tries a trip and he unloads a full attack at point blank. As i understand it, he is going to go full ZAM now but the dip (if you can call the majority of his levels a dip) has really paid off for him.

Prone gives +4 AC against ranged attacks. How does the wolf trip help a ranged attacker?

Kysune wrote:
EsperMagic wrote:
Ranger gives you the twf feats for free with no pre-requisites so you dont have to worry about dex and can focus on strength instead.

2 levels of Ranger would only get me TWF.

I saw that, but I didn't want to only go 4 levels of Ranger and going 6 levels cuts down my effectiveness of Inspire Courage, Divine Favor, lose out on lvl 4 divine spells, and few other spells I'll miss out on the bonus increase. :S

What's so wrong with 2 levels of Ranger? TWF is what you need, and you're getting it without the DEX requirement. Less MAD is good. This also frees up 2 more levels of cleric (your original build had 4 levels of fighter).

It was a suggestion. Take it or leave it.

Full BAB.
6th level spellcasting.
Ranger class style choice and bonus feats.

Not sure much else could be added.

Half Orc Ranger with the TWF style and the Orc Double Axe. Grab a wand of Lead Blades.

TempusAvatar wrote:

Why do the creatures literally all go at the same time? Is it because they are nameless NPCs which are effectively clones of each other? That doesn't mean they are the same individual. The initiative list should look like this:

Mersiel 15
Harsk 12
Goblin 9
Goblin 9
Goblin 9
Kyra 5

not like this:
Mersiel 15
Harsk 12
Goblin(3) 9
Kyra 5

Do PCs with the same initiative score all go at the same time? Would it be possible for the GM to delay the initiative of a monster in between two such PCs? If so, then your PC should be able to do the same.

To expand one point...

Mersiel 15
Harsk 12
Goblin 9
Goblin 9
Goblin 9
Kyra 5

I like...
Mersiel 15
Harsk 12
Goblin #3 9.3
Goblin #2 9.2
Goblin #1 9.1
Kyra 5

We as GM's never remember who is goblin #1 and who is goblin #2. It usually doesn't matter. The GM will DELAY any NPC so that his troops go in an (optimized or thematically) advantageous order. This happens EVERY ROUND.

In any particular round, if the GM is using delaying actions with his NPC's, you should be able to delay and jump back into initiative whenever you see fit. Just remember, if you do, be very mindful of the extra bookwork involved for all involved.

One thing I do right up front is an alignment check. This isn't "Paladin Lawful Stupid" stuff, but just a quick..."hey, are you guys all on the same side?" question. It's generally a good idea that Evil characters don't go adventuring around with Good characters. Unless you are specifically railroading to an end-game PvP type finale, I'd avoid mixing Good and Evil alignments.

If your carrying capacity is already an issue, Muleback Cords are in your future.

If that boon were available, why roll in the first place?

I don't want to take a familiar, but its seeming like I have to in order to have an optimized build.

Make my knowledge check, and then some appropriate battlefield control spell. **sighs** Must I do everything for this group??

First Wizard ever...really. Usually my spell-casters are Jedi. I have a level 8 druid in PFS, but no meta's with him.

Fruian, I actually think dispelling would be up this PC's alley. I will enter "book snob" mode and learn all that I can!! Thanks for the hint.

Quick question...
Can I leave my spell slot open in my arcane bond, then spend the 15 minutes to prepare that during a scenario? Or is the 15 minute rule only for "my" spells?

Duh, Cosmopolitan for 3rd level feat.

Spell Focus?

Starting a new character...
Human (from Nex) Wizard 7, then Loremaster
Divination School, opposed Evocation and Necromancy
Traits: Clever Wordplay, Observant

1.Toughness, Skill Focus (Arcana), Spell Focus (??)
3. ??
5. Meta feat and Bonus Meta feat
7. Meta feat

Backstory: He's a book-snob, speaks tons of languages, got forced into joining Society (don't worry, I will actually be helpful in scenarios). I would prefer not to summon things. I've been a druid, and I've seen game time bogged down by summoning. Not my style.

2 Questions:
What should my Spell Focus be?
What should my 3rd level feat be?

I own Core, APG, UC, UM, ISWG, Inner Sea Gods, Inner Sea Magic.

Magda said...
* Inspire Courage is not attribute dependent. You need only one rank in Perform.

And I concur. Also, a 14 DEX would be better. Switch it with STR.

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