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Brad McDowell's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 535 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters.


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PeteZero wrote:
For progression I was thinking to go for Pal4/Sor1. And go Pal2,sor1,Pal2

What's your thoughts on Paladin as your martial?
2 Paladin, 3 Sorc
4 Paladin, 1 Sorc

Edit: Yeah!! What Is said...(ninja'd)

I love the "hidden base" aspect. For your group, every time they go out on a contract, their base of operations moves, and they have to find their way back home.

The Brotherhood without Banners

If you're gonna go big, draw inspiration from the Song of Ice and Fire series. The BwB is a neat group with both combat and non combat possibilities.

Selfish wrote:
> He is selfish: He lacks the sense of aiding in any cause that doesn't benefit himself, whether through payment, alliance, or mutual understanding (obviously if he has a target that's in danger of being killed by somebody else, he will protect that target until he's ready to kill them)

PvP is also disallowed. Be careful with being selfish with your partymates.

Greedy wrote:
He is greedy: No, he is not a hoarder nor is he materialistic, but what's his is his and only his and he is also a strong believer of the "Finders Keepers" clause.

This is easily taken care of by chronicle sheets. You can "keep" an item until the end of the scenario, then you gotta buy your own.

a 10th level monk with Medusa's Wrath would have 4 attacks plus the 2 from MW. At 12th level they would have 5+2 and a much easier time of getting MW to work.

Maybe something built around the Combat Patrol feat?

What happens when your spirit animal dies?

We're about a month away...

There's a lot of things "not very fun" from the player POV.

I hate to be the "fun hater" here, but please, I asked for build advice. I understand what Stunning Fist is and isn't to the population at large.

When I start a thread that asks..."Should I use Stunning Fist in a BBEG buid?" I'd be more than happy to hear your opinion. This is not that thread.

I'm sorry, PA, that this build fails your idea of fun. Hopefully you can find happiness elsewhere.

The lack of viability is exactly what I like about NPC/BBEG builds, which means Stunning Fist fits in there just nicely. If I wanted a TPK death machine/rocks fall everybody dies...I'd make one...

That being said, if he had more levels, I agree that more Barb is the way to go. 12th level MA Monk gets a bonus feat, combine that with +40 move and the extra attack, it seemed like a sweet spot to build off of.

I like Belier's Bite a lot. Good find, Imb, thank you very much. If he's surrounded, he can get a taste of everyone, and they'll have some bleed to take care of. Give the "healer" of a group something to do.

So this is a BBEG I've been working on. FCT allows him to use his primary bite attack in a Flurry. 1 level of a full BAB is necessary for Weapon Focus as level 1. Barbarian fits nicely with Martial Artist Monk. At level 13, he has 5 attacks, plus 2 more if he can land a Stunning Fist, which Mantis Style helps with. Although he doesn't fly on his own, he does have 80 feet of movement with Dodge, Mobility, Improved Trip and Combat Reflexes.

CN Half Orc Medium, with the Toothy Trait
Barbarian 1, Martial Artist Monk rest (built out to level 13).


1 Weapon Focus Bite
2 Bonus Dodge
3 Feral Combat Training Bite, Bonus Mobility
5 Power Attack
7 Mantis Style, Bonus Combat Reflexes
9 Eldritch Claws
11 Mantis Wisdom, Bonus Improved Trip
13 Mantis Torment, Bonus Medusa's Wrath

1 Fast Movement, Rage
2 Flurry of Blows, Stunning Fist, Improved Unarmed Strike
3 Evasion
4 Pain Points, Maneuver Training
5 Exploit Weakness, Martial Arts Master
6 Extreme Endurance, High Jump
8 Physical Resistance
10 Improved Evasion

As a CR 12, is he a formidable foe? Can we tweak anything anywhere? Are there any feats based on IUS that he should add to make his bite better?

Are you calling him a sensei, or do you plan on using the Sensei Archtype?

Does he have to be a monk, or would an armed or unarmed ninja work also (ninja has some good synergy with oracle)?

Magda Luckbender wrote:
Watch the Akira Kurasawa movie Yojimbo. It tells of the exact situation you describe. Also a cracking good movie, and funny. It's on Netflix.

This is top notch advice. In a far-off distant second place is my the Bruce Willis move Last Man Standing.

Expand the one side of gestalt to Paladin, Cleric or Inquisitor. Still deity based, but a few more options.

Another option is the race with a natural attack, like Half Orc and the Toothy trait. This also brings back Intimidate as a viable in combat option, and gives you some more weapon choices so you can skip Skill at Arms. Nothing reach though.

Not to derail the thread, SW, but the FAQs and other rules posts seem to allow it. YMMV.

Josh, i'd been thinking the same thing. I'm wondering about a Half Orc Brawler "Flurry of Bites" build. Grab the toothy trait and then load up on feats to make his natural attack better. Combine with Feral Combat Training and Flurry and NOM NOM NOM!!!

Good points, both of you. Thank you.

CR 15 would be perfect...6 levels of Ranger, 10 of Divine Scion.

So he's out for PFS play. Oh well. NE then, and yes herald status. He could still have the "balance" thing as backstory.

Build advice please? I enjoy a balance of thematically appropriate and optimized characters. I build with PFS rules in mind, but sometimes my characters become NPC's. I understand stat arrays, that's not something I need help with.

That being is a Divine Scion of Fumeiyoshi. I'm going with a True Neutral approach. I know that Fumeiyoshi allows for the reverence of undead, but this particular Scion values balance. His favored enemies will be humans and undead. Infiltrator allows an extra +2 Armor.

TN Half Orc Ranger (Infiltrator) 6, Divine Scion x
Toothy trait for a bite attack
Favored Weapon Naginata, Wolf Animal Companion

1 Weapon Focus Naginata
2B Power Attack
3 Dazzling Display
5 Boon Companion
6B Furious Focus
7 Gr Weapon Focus
9 Weapon Spec Naginata
11 Gr Weapon Spec

Is this guy an "iconic" DS of Fumeiyoshi? Could he be used as an NPC herald?

Dervish Dancer is from Ultimate Combat, and can be STR based or DEX based.
Dawnflower Dervish is from Inner Sea Magic? and is DEX based with a scimitar.

If your group is willing to get Ultimate Combat, I'd suggest the Dervish Dancer archtype for Bard.

Thematically awesome, and mechanically easy (IMHO) to get into the Dragon Disciple PrC.

"Skin" to win.

STR 17, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 8
be something you're OK with?

Basis for a code could be like this:
A Paladin's actions within himself
A Paladin's actions within society
How society acts towards the Paladin

Then fit in your tenets/ideals/morals into those points of view.

Is this the Improved Critical you're talking about...??

Razor's Kiss (Su): At 8th level, a dervish dancer can use his battle dance to improve his weapons' critical range. All attacks he makes with manufactured weapons are treated as though he had the Improved Critical feat. Natural weapons and spells are not affected. This ability replaces dirge of doom.

In your build, you'll get it at level 10.

Action economy. Make baddies that can do many things on their turn. Remember, baddies don't have to be optimized to be memorable. So things like 2 weapon fighting, monk's Flurry of Blows, and natural attackers make for some great martial fighters. Maybe a cleric that has quick channel. Maybe a bard that can inspire and call up a spell. Spell casters that can summon.

Also look for team synergy and variance. Use teamwork feat against the party. Use buffs, debuffs, and heals. Use the terrain to your advantage. Make the party walk into a trap. Or make the trap so obvious that they party chooses plan B, and that's where your ambush is.

Also remember that not every encounter has to be won in combat. Give them an escape route. Give them a chance to non-combat resolve it. If the encounter is not supposed to fought (say against an above level baddie), give them obvious clues that they should leave.

Sohei would work with the wearing armor thing. Instead of Cedric flurrying with one weapon, or with all unarmed strikes, he could alternate attacks. He could, for instance, use his first attack with say a temple sword, then his second attack could be a kick. Thematically fun, yet not overpowered.

The biggest problem with Sohei is that he'll never flurry with a greatsword. If you really wanted to go this route, at 3rd level (or 5th) take a level of cleric of Gorum, and the feat Crusader's Flurry, then he can flurry with a greatsword.

Why did Luke associate with Vader?

I am playing a Half Orc DD Bard for 6 levels, then heading to Dragon Disciple.

He's a blast.

I like having intimidate as a back up plan in combat so I have a lot of half orcs, and the falcion proficiency is nothing to scoff at, but look at half elf with ancestral arms for the Nodachi, or greatsword, or whatever.

oh...if you have Inner Sea Gods book, the +4 to knowledge checks from Irori's Deific Obedience is top notch. Also Desna for some improved initiative.

Watch The Incredibles (if you haven't already). If you find your BBEG is a tad can swing action economy back into the favor of the party by...monologuing!!

Every BBEG does it.

A traveling bard would make for an interesting NPC. Can buff the party, can help with knowledge checks, can make up songs about the exploits of the party, and can magically disappear if you feel he/she is outshining the party!!

4 people marked this as a favorite.

I have to ask. Is it absolutely necessary to have her play 2 characters? If she's so new to the game, why double her burden? Can't you as the GM lower the risk to the party, or start them with more goodies, higher point buy, etc?

I see nothing wrong with having a party of 3. IMHO, the game will flow so much more smoothly. If the party is lacking something (disabling traps, healing, a knowledge check, etc)...introduce a friendly (or evil with a plan) NPC that can assist. Nothing permanent, mind you, just helpful for the time.

That being what direction does she want to go? Martial smash face, sneaky, holy smash face, holy buffer, master of whispers?

As the others were saying...get her logged in!! We don't bite.

So...5 levels of Martial Artist Monk, rest in Barbarian, and how about Mantis Style to make Stunning Fists a little better?

Also, consider Half Elf for Arcane Training, allowing your purely martial character here to use 1st level (wizard) wands.

So...5 levels of Martial Artist Monk, rest in Barbarian, and how about Mantis Style to make Stunning Fists a little better?

Also, consider Half Elf for Arcane Training, allowing your purely martial character here to use 1st level (wizard) wands.

OP, are you talking about out of combat intimidate or in combat intimidate (demoralize)...or both?

How about an inquisitor? I'm not a master with them, but healing is available and so are teamwork feats. With so many animals, teach them tactics with teamwork feats.

Oradin and wand usage.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Why can't the DMPC turn into a BBEG?

How is Qinggong not compatible? Underfoot adept still has a ki pool, correct? It still has slow fall to replace for Scorching Ray?

Maybe not compatible at level 4, but should be compatible at level 5.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Qinggong for Scorching Ray?

Also remember that the Society has a neutral alignment, so they could be used as potential allies, or enemies.

Laurel and Hardy
Abbott and Costello
Richard Pryor and Gene Widler
The 3 Stooges
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Garfield and Odie
Garfield and Jon
Tom and Jerry
Wile E Coyote and Road Runner
Ralph and Sam
Han and Chewie
Luke and Leia
Frodo and Samwise
Jon and Samwell
The Addams Family
The Munsters
The Beverly Hillbillies
Gilligan's Island

Why is it being discussed?

Inner Sea Gods, page 150, Torag's Paladin Code
tells you to lie to protect your people, and to not accept surrender, except when strategy warrants.

Thank the Maker that they weren't optimized for DPR...I played a home game with a ranger and a rogue that both had Target of Opportunity. It doesn't come around til level 7 but wow...what a pair.

My Butterfly Sting guy is a Sensei Ki Mystic monk swinging a Tetsubo.

6 levels of ninja, 3 levels of Horizon Walker (astral), then back into ninja.

this will allow you to Dimension Door 3+Wis times per day, and at 13th level, you'll have the feat Dimensional Savant.

How about Lore Warden Fighter?

2 Half Elves, both with Arcane Training. One could take the wizard list, one could take the Bard list.

One is a samurai, one is a ninja.

Have your GM go easy on the traps. Optimized? Probably not. Fun? I'm guessing it would be.

Can you have a second trait? Fate's Favored, perhaps?

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