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Brad Hardman's page

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One of the best


The Order of the Stick always made me happy when I read it online, but I never stopped to sit and sort through all the entries to follow the storyline all the way through.

I was very happy to get this first collection. It's a treat to read, cover to cover. Wound up buying the rest of the books the day after I finished this one. Heck, I even picked up the board game too. ;)

If you are a fan of "gamer comics" give this a try, you won't be disappointed.

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Great Collection


Yeah, it's on the light side of pages...but you get enough to make any gamer happy.

I've really enjoyed Zogonia, I only hope Moseley keeps it going online so we can get more collections someday. Fun stuff.

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Great art book!


This is a wonderful art book. A great collection of older and newer Dragon art. I'm a big fan of fantasy art collections like the annual Spectrum books, so I was pleased to find out that this was in the same league as those. Any fan of new and classic D&D, WotC, TSR, Paizo, and just plain fantasy games should find something to like here. I hope they'll do another one soon (maybe the Art of Dungeon Magazine?), because there is surely a lot more great art left over that didn't make it into this book. Fingers crossed that this one does well enough to warrant more volumes!

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