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BornofHate's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 362 posts. 9 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 alias.

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A Solid Penultimate Arc

****( )

I highly suggest reading all the adventures and finding ways to weave the plot and unify any AP. This AP in particular really needs some extra GM work along the way. If you want a very player driven sandbox campaign this AP is great. The nature of it also requires a lot of work from the GM but can be incredibly rewarding. So far it's been a great ride and the only reason that I am giving this a four star review is because the mass combat rules are terribly abstract and usually result in multiple opposed rolls of attrition.

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Great book...


This book, cover to cover, is incredibly useful. Changing the description, alignment, race, gender, spells or weaponry is a fast and easy way to have this book enhance any gaming table for years.
It is exactly what it claims to be.

This book is as useful as the NPCs in the GMG (x20)

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Great stand alone for 9th level characters...

***( )( )

This adventure was tragically under CRed. Even adding additional monsters to random encounters didn't make it much more challenging. The three times my group had a real challenge were once when I rolled a 100 on the random encounter in the Slough (and a 4 for the quantity), once when the group was so overconfident with their abilities they stormed the keep (I had incorporated a mercenary NPC archer to discourage such brazen actions. Without doing this I am sure that the mage-less group could have easily strong-armed the entire keep.) and finally when the barbarian tribes were united under Armag and marched on the PCs kingdom. I don't like to encourage the 'kick in the door' tactic for every encounter. It's fun to really mop up some baddies sometimes, but 2 or 3 levels of it just gets boring.

Overall I highly recommend this adventure as a stand alone for 9th level characters OR enhancing some of the encounters as part of the Kingmaker AP. Although thematically this adventure was SUPERB and worthy of 5 stars, it just needed a bit of work to make it truly fun for the group. The amount of work needed to make this adventure cohesive, plot advancing, and challenging (not to mention the useless sword) knocks the book down a couple notches.

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Content VS. Structure

***( )( )

What can i say?

The content, artwork and layout of this book are amazing.

The fact that the binding is weak and the book is twice as large as it should be in order to be structurally sound is a huge flaw.

I would pay an extra $10 just to be sure that my book wouldn't fall apart. If there is one thing WoTC has on Paizo it is the durability of their books. I remember dropping some of those things and not thinking twice about them breaking. Now I have to be careful turning pages.

I understand the marketing strategy used when determining the price point of this book. To be fair any 'player recommended' books are going to be where the money is. I just wish that the binding, cover, and pages matched the quality of the content

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So good at providing another dimension of gameplay and helps to string visual descriptions together much easier.

Anyone who thinks this product isn't worth a 4 star review fumbles too much.

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