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Bongo BigBounce's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 106 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 23 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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I have noticed that the last four sessions I have GM'ed have been credited to the characters and listed on my GM Sessions tab, but not on the GM/Coordinator tab that tracks GM stars. I am only a few tables away from my 4th star, so my interest in this is keen. Thank you for any help.


Devil's advocate what if they stashed the stuff between the meeting with the VC who tells them they can't bring their stuff and the opening ceremonies when they are stripped. There are at least 1d3 hours available between the two as a Diplomacy to gather info is called for in between.


I ran at the 1-2 this today and both I and my party enjoyed it immensely. It certainly helped that my party embraced the challenges involved. I plan to write a review after I play it tomorrow at another venue.

I do have a few questions. I was unable to determine if a single PC can attempt more than one Advantage attempt per phase, not including Gather Resources with the -5 penalty.

The other table at our venue today finished very quickly as one of our out the box thinkers used Invisibility and a Handy Haversack to sneak out the night before and bury the party's best equipment along their next day's route. My question is how could/should future GMs handle this tactic as I have no doubt it shall happen again at some table, some time. My hat is off to the player in question for his inventive playing, but it seems like it would render the scenario a walkthrough.

Thanks for any input!

As I understand it snake companions can't wear armor and don't get any magic item slots, but can they wear saddles, saddlebags, or anything else? This is for a PFS character if it makes a difference. Thank you for any input, discussion, or explanation.


... that are not We Be Goblins, The Frostfur Captives, Rise of the Goblin Guild, or Burnt Offerings. One of the GMs in our lodge loves to run goblins and I'm trying to find more scenarios for him. Thanks for the help.


3 people marked this as a favorite. just that. So many of the names in scenarios are odd and/or complicated. If GMs had phonetic spellings we could come much closer to proper pronunciation without looking the fool trying to figure them out and repeat them properly. I am aware this would add slightly to the word count, but I feel it would be worth it.


Where do I find this boon?


Looking for some clarification on snake companions. Can they wear anything at all without Extra Item Slot? It seems the FAQ calls out no barding, no neck, no nothin'. If so it seems quite unfair to those who wish to have a serpentine companion. Am I missing something?


Thanks folks! Looks like those boxes are going to be filling up quickly as I am both playing and running Forged in Flame and Tyranny of Winds over the next few months.


I have a Sylph Investigator that has credit for scenario 7-99, and thus has the Elemental Awakening Boon. If I play and run a scenario that offers Elemental Affinity Boons, say 8-08, do I attach copies of both chronicle sheets to the chronicle from 7-99 and check off a box or boxes on Elemental Awakening for both sheets attached? I am aware you cannot have credit for the same scenario on the same characters, but in this case it is just for the boon, not credit. Thank you for any insight.


This is great!! It should appear on the PFS front page so everyone knows about it.


KingOfAnything wrote:
The boon from 6-21 specifically allows a LN master.

But is the boon from 6-21 needed to take him as a familiar?


Played this today and enjoyed it. I do have a question about the Kami Reunited boon and taking Tanabaru as a familiar. Can you do so if the PC in question does not have the Tanabaru's respect boon from 6-21? If so does Tanabaru remain a Spirit Oni or does he become a Kami? If he does remain a Spirit Oni how does one take him as a familiar since a Spirit Oni normally requires a Lawful Evil master? Is there a work around for this? Thank you for any clarification.


We B4 Goblins is still not available to be created as an event. How do I get an Event Code and report my Free RPG Day event?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I do not see We B4 Goblins as a selection for creating an event. How do I create the event, acquire an event code, and report my Free RPG Day event?


I call dibs on The Needle of the Eye as the name of my vanity ship during season 8, captained by Galleon GaleGrin the SaltBeard Dwarf, Storm Druid starting out with Storm Lashed (feat)and Hurricane Savvy (trait). You folks can master the storms, The Needle will get us into the storm!


Thank you for the timely explanation.

"Seeing as how most 1-5 parties won't have access to teleportation magic, all of this background is irrelevant for most GMs." Our party spent the gold given us on a scroll of Dimension Door.

"the wards essentially trigger a teleportation mishap" is a new, here to for unseen mechanic as far as I am aware. Regarding the wards, does that mean that teleportation magic can be used inside the transport safely? Say by a Teleportation school wizard? Or a DD scroll?

As for the desert heat trap, perhaps language should be added regarding Resist Energy, as both GMs I saw running it ruled that it would not help as they had no info otherwise. My confusion did lay in that it was overcoming Endure Elements without doing lethal damage. Another non-RAW mechanic.


Regarding the Desert Heat trap, why doesn't Endure Elements work? Isn't resisting heatstroke exactly what Endure Elements is for? I hope the answer is better than "because". Would Resist Fire work to protect a PC from the trap? I do not like it when writers and devs make up their own mechanics that don't exist any where else in the game, and then don't explain them.

For example "Magical wards inside the transport
disrupt extradimensional travel; any creature casting a
spell of the teleportation subschool takes 1d10 points of
damage as the spell violently fails". What are these wards, and how were they made? Can anyone make them anywhere? Can they be disrupted? No further explanation is offered. Things like these strike me as "gotcha" tactics, as there is no way for players to prepare or deal with them because they exist outside the rules. We have dozens and dozens of books filled with rules, shouldn't we be using them?


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Played this today at a table of 7 and had fun again.
Since I had run it yesterday and was late due to tire trouble I mostly sat back with my wizard and only rolled checks after others had failed. Once again the Oil of Taggit took out most of the guards. I used Color Spray on one and the guards in the barracks got Arcane Locked in. Uniforms were stolen, and the office and storage were searched fully.

The puzzle lock was cracked after a Linguistics check and an intelligent young lady who dedicated herself to solving it. The interrogation chamber took WAY longer than it should have due to bad dice by the party, but proper use of expendables got us and the prisoners through.

As for the escape, it got crushed again. Our group of 7 scored 30 successes. Seems like the mechanic favors a larger group. Group of 7 is 56 potential successes (7x8 rolls) with up to 7 per instance, while a group of 4 is 32 potential successes (4x8 rolls) with up to 4 per instance. Since the Interrogator's forces move at a flat 3 per they are much more likely to catch a smaller group. As there is no 4 player adjustment to the chase unless combat happens, I would suggest that the speed of the forces be adjusted as well. My experiences suggest that the speed should be 4 per at regular, and 3 per with the four player adjustment. If we made it 3/2 instead I would not argue. Of course this is only my humble opinion.

Still a fun scenario with a great world building reveal (Kudos!), but loses a star for wonky mechanics. 3 stars.


And a hearty Thank You! to Lau for his post on They were very helpful.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ran this today at Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL and we had a great time. It was a 6 player party low tier with 2 PCs at 3rd, 3 at 2nd, and 1 at 1st. They owned it, literally, inside and out.

They took the tour with Galvar, switched chaperones with Krima, went back and drugged the stew, took the uniforms, used the replica key despite no one having Disable Device (great use of Luck by the cleric), and found the papers in the office.

They're one mistake involved a linguistics check that was made and found the "six". They that was assumed that was it. Psychic PC dials six and tries the door. Hit from the trap for max damage, staggered Psychic. The party examines the prayer further and find two more of the hidden numbers. They try those three numbers. Trap hits the Barbarian for 7HP. Both saves vs. poison were made. Then they finally find all the numbers and open the Vault. Highly amusing for me!

When reading about Zarta Draleen two players exclaim Holy S#@t!. Well done, that's some damn fine world building.

The central chain trap was set off quickly by the Liberty's Edge Barbarian smashing chains. However one of the wizards casting Grease on the central pillar made it much easier to release the prisoners. Some spiked chain hits were taken, but well placed channels healed the party and the prisoners before they left.

They crushed the chase. Absolutely crushed it! They had the 3 round head start with no killing guards, uniforms, and all prisinors at full HP. Then they scored 25 successes! The interrogator never got close before they reached the boat.

Done in 3.5 hours. Fun, but that chase may be too easy. 4 stars.


Fromper I think your DA Inquisitor will work just fine. I'll see you tomorrow, maybe you'll be one of my players.


Now that Qadira and Sczarni have merged to form The Exchange, does GMT still offer the extra adjustments to the missions to Exchange players in general, or should I drop them all together?

Go ninja and get that Ki going on!

I was recently surprised to learn that Alchemists cannot activate scrolls without UMD, even if it is on their extract list.

One problem with the standard Skald's song and Barbarians is that while Barbarians can use the Skald's song rounds instead of their own, they cannot use their rage powers while doing so.

My Muse-Touched Aasimar Bard, Don Suavios, uses the Flagbearer feat in conjunction with his dancing Bardic Performance to become the buffing color guard for whatever group he is in. Keep in mind that when you are dancing for buffs, people have to be able to SEE you. Be ready with Light and Daylight.

Whatever you choose, I would recommend playing the module Murder's Mark as early as possible

for a chance to acquire a certain belt.]


Can you coup de grace with a crossbow? I thought it required a melee attack.

I would advise you tell your party members and GM about your PC's quirks before the session so that are not surprised by such an act, and can register their opinion on it before the it's too late.

If so what would the DC of said Appraise check be?

Can make an Appraise check to tell my Rogue what quality a lock is and thus know it's Disable DC? After knowing that could the Rogue take 10 if the situation allowed? It would be a great use for the Appraise skill!

I have an Inquisitor of Erastil who uses this combo. To be sure it worked I ran it past my Venture-Captain and he said it worked.

"Death Curse can stack with other fey animals' Death Curses but the familiar can't stack its own infinitely." Thanks for the clarification Kestral, I missed that.

I think the Silvanshee would work well reskinned as a Cheshire Cat.

Silvanshee and Dweomercat Cub are legal magical cat options for Improved Familiar at 7th level.

I would not allow it. Multiple big stat boosts, DR, SR, +10 to all movement forms, the stackable Death Curse supernatural ability and many powerful SLAs make this a very powerful template. Also you must figure the CR of the creature to calculate it's SR and the CL of it's SLAs. What is the CR of a templeted familiar?

Throw in some animated Manacles and StraightJackets that grapple the party while a Haunt or spooky illusion spells their names out in blood on the wall.

My techie Colt Steel is a Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger1/Churgeon Alchemist4 with the Technologist Feat, max ranks in Disable Device and Know:Engineering,Extracts of Resist Shock,a blunderbuss loaded with adamanitine blanched pellets, and precise, strafing, shock bombs. He witnessed the slaughter of his Kellid tribe by tech monsters and suffered a psychological breakdown. He now thinks he is a chemically enhanced super soldier sent back in time to stop the rise of the machines.

I have a picture of Michael Biehn from FarCry:Blood Dragon as his portrait.


Roland, silver crusader Cleric of Iomedae12.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

+1 to BNW's advice.

The best thing a player can do to speed up play is PAY ATTENTION! Know what you want to do next, observe what everyone else is doing, and act accordingly. I have very little patience for players who are not looking at the table or are otherwise distracted. As a GM I will put them on delay after 3 minutes or so, unless they are new.

Note on Multi-Classing : The Urban Barbarian Archetype(which rules!)
loses the +10 bump to speed.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


I'm picturing a fast-talking Investigator that looks like young Chevy Chase.

13 people marked this as a favorite.

Solomon the Garundi, Human Undead Blooded Bloodrager is ready for action.

Solomon the Garundi,
Born on a Moonday,
Blessed on Toilday,
Married on Wealday,
Took ill on Oathday,
Grew worse on Fireday,
Died on Starday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the start,
Of Solomon the Garundi


Boom, necro again!

What Rachel said above plus:

Concerning the Aura of Misfortune, it says all creatures in the aura take a -4 to checks and saving throws. Does this include attack rolls and damage rolls? That would be harsh, particularly the damage.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

If a PC or companion is Dominated is another PC allowed to attack, hex, grapple, trip, sleep, etc. him or her (non-lethal?), or is that PvP? How would you play it as a GM? Is there an existing thread on this topic?

@Dieben Blot is the only rager in the party currently.

@Dieben Forgot about Raging Vitality. Taking that at 9th. Extra Hex until then.

@aboniks So what TYPE of bonus am I missing that I could get at Tattoo for?

I have a Half-Orc Sacred Tattoo, but I'm not sure if Magic Tattoos are available. What type of bonus do they offer?

Planning on going all Witch Doctor from here. While I have read the guides, does anyone have any other advice?

Thanks everyone. Thought about a Tome down the line. @BloodyManticore So a +4 Courageous weapon would net me a +2 to Con while raging, along with other bonuses? @Glutton Don't have the charisma

I am running a Urban Barbarian1/Scarred WitchDoctor3/Vivisectionist Alchemist1 in a homegame of Second Darkness. His name is Blot. Blot just spent most of his gold on a Belt of Con +2. With his base Con of 19, the belt, controlled rage, and a mutagen he can get his Con up to 29. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on how to find further bumps to my Con. I know some polymorph school spells grant a size bonus to Con. Does anyone know of other ways to bump up your Con?

Advanced Yellow Musk Creeper?

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