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Grau Soldado

BoggBear's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 311 posts (5,374 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 9 aliases.


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I should be done with it all tomorrow, still got some work left to do today.

Here is an idea I'd like to run by you and see what you think.
Since Heavy weapons guy has been missing for a bit, it wouldn't be too hard to claim that he has been a bit negligent in his duties, but since the regiment needs every man, instead of outright exceution he might be sentanced to say 6 weeks of R.I.P (Retraining, indoctrination and punishment detail).
If the mission is succesful, he might be moved from P to R as a reward.
And during the training he might be proven to have a natural affinity to be a scout from his hunter days.
(Noticed there already WAS a sharpshooter and didn't want to step on any toes).
That way he can switch to scout and have an ingame reason for it.

Just to make sure here, I've only glanced at Hammer of the emperor so far, but what you said about the speciality...
It would in other words be ok to change him into a sharpshooter for example? It might work since his best ability is already Balistic, but if you prefer I can keep him a heavy until next time.

I guess this one is already filled, but if another opening pops up in the future, I would be happy to step in.
I've been hoping to get a chance to play Only war for a time.

Merry yuletides to one and all.

I think I'm going to back out of this, I just can't seem to come up with a concept that someone else haven't already done better.
Well done you guys, you sure did a great job.

I'm dotting for interest, been wanting to play in a city like campaign, and from what I understand, this AP is very much that.

I'm going to have to pass on joining, I don't think I'll have the time after all. But I'll be keeping an eye on the game, it looks like fun.

I'll have character up and done by tomorrow, The idea is done, just a little stressed today.

Still room for one more hat in the ring?

You know, as long as we are using Swedish for Skald, I will always get a good laugh since I AM Swedish, and the translation is so atrocious.

Good for you Feral, you were very enjoyable to play with.

I'll think a little and submit an aplication as well if I can come up with something good.

Before I am done with my concept, I have one question, what about the Tengu race? It's not very vital, but I have always wanted to try playing one once.

Plenty of interest already, but I'll report mine as well just in case.
I'll have something up tomorrow.

Oh, I'm interested alright.
I have a character that was made for a Jade regent campaign that folded not too long ago; we had reached the point of departure from Sandpoint.
We had reached lv 2, so I'll just scale back the character and post it a bit later.
As for the scenario.
"Hold on there big fellow, now why go ruining a perfectly good evening by throwing accusations around like that? Tell you what, why don't we make it interesting?
I challenge you to a knife tossing contest. You win and I'll cover your losses, I win and we call it even and say no more about it. Win or lose, I'll buy you both a drink and we can all be friends, what do you say?"

Ah, I don't want to bow out of this, but I just can't seem to finish my character, and I don't want to hold anything up.
I'm sorry for being an inconvinience, have fun you guys.

Right, I'll put together my character tomorrow, today is my own Dark Heresy group, so I'll have to make sure my players are properly tormented.

Oh, by the way, the optional backgrounds and such from the Inquisitors handbook, as well as the alternate character ranks, are tjose in or out?
Better make sure of these things.

I'm going to spend today hamering out if I want to play and Adept or Scum, after that I'll be done with the character fast enough.

Assuming it's not too late to throw my hat into the ring then I'm most assuredly interested.
What would be most useful? I can play pretty much anything.

Hmmm, just tinkering around with some ideas, looking forward to this.

Dat is sure t' come in 'andy, oy'll be keepin' moi eye on it Begorrah.

Haha, bit over the top, but it'll do the trick I guess.

Right, I guess Irish American for me then, and I'll 'ave the biggest fockin' gun ye got ay?

I've been in one of these before, I wouldn't mind trying it again.

I'll be going to Greece this Friday and be gone for a week, not sure if I'll be able to post at all during that time.
So don't wait on me chums.

I'll be going to Greece this Friday and be gone for a week, not sure if I'll be able to post at all during that time.

Yeah, the human spirit is strong. You can rebuild and recapture what was lost. Still, it is a terrible thing that happened.

Haha, one is a start, and sometimes enough.

Almost done with the crunch, thinking about the questions too. Apologises for being slow, I'm a bit sick at the moment, but should be done soon.

Haha, no offence intended, I was sort of groping for words really.

Besides, between the art of war and the book of five rings being studied by businessmen all over the world, we can safely say, accounting is hell, and business is war.

Right, but I should point out that my character is human, he went to Tir Tanglier because it was an Irish name, not because he was an elf.

Good, the connection to Alessaunder is there, now I just need to come to some agreement with Vorgen about the press ganged bit.
Most of my background is already done, just that detail left.

Well, true enough, but isn't there already a pretty high amount of awakened characters put forward?

I do have a concept.
A good catholic Irish boy, the kind with a father who is even more stern and pious than the official line of the church.
Poor sap finds himself in possession of "supernatural powers" and decried as a devil spawn by his father.

Forced to leave house and home, he does what so many of his forefathers did, by travelling to the new world.
Having lived in isolation he knows little about the world and tries to gain entry into Tir Tangier, thinking it sounds like a land from Irish myth.

Brutally rejected due to him being less than elfin he finds himself with no contacts or prospects.
But the shadows always needs awakened meat and so he runs in the shadows to survive, bitter and rejected.

Haha, well, I did ask if it was ok...
By the way Dm, do you want me to limit them to only one of the two advanced traits?

Ah, someone else submitted a Mystic adept? Well, I guess I might as well bow out then.
Less competition that way, have fun you guys.

That's novel, I've been a Gm for Shadowrun many times, but never had a chance to play it. I'll see if I can think of a good concept to post.

I think I read that if it is above Very rare you no longer get that +30 even if you just want the one?

And I feel I should check that my free aquisition is ok as well, Good quality cyber eyes. Henche his nickname of Glint Eye.

Or perhaps the Navigator and a small command crew, the fact that the navigator survived and was a bit more mutated than the norm might be attributed to the fact that he was the ONLY one who was recovered.
A man needs to eat...

Dm Hector:

I don't think we have an Arch-Militant yet yes? If nobody mind I would like to trade Astropath for that.
I feel like playing something a little more simple, hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes.

Hmmm, seems like taking the Battlefleet might be a good way to get some common ground with some people, maybe all grew up/served on the same ship?

With that in mind, I think I'll wait a little to see what the others have in mind, then I can fit in with someone else.
But I'll get cracking with the rest right away.

Hmmm, of the roles left open, I think I would be most comfortable with the Astropath.
Is that ok with everyone?

If it is closed then I understand, but I will mention I am very interested if there is a spot open.
I've got the same lousy track record as AK with RT.

Don't worry about it, considering the high quality of your posts I think a little lapse in posting now and again is more than forgivable.

Well, thank you all.
I guess I will just have to make a houserule on this one.

In the Serpent's Skull players guide there is a line that has caused a friend of mine some confusion, it goes like this.

"Also, a paladin’s mount can
often prove troublesome in the claustrophobic jungle
tangles and shadowy ruins common to the upcoming
adventures—making the ability to summon and dismiss
such a companion at will most beneficial."

Basically, as he is currently playing a Paladin in my game he wants to know if there is a way to do what it says, dismiss his mount at will.
Does anybody know what that line references?

I'll try and have a finished character up after work tomorrow and let you have a look see.

Sounds interesting, I'm throwing my hat into the ring.
I think I'd like to try an play an Eldrich knight.
Starting out as a fighter (Because it makes sense that he would have spent time learning that) for one lv, then taking sorceror lv's (discovering an inborn talent over suddenly learning wizardry) and then Eldrich knight lv's.

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