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Malyas' Shield

Bog97th's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 13 posts. 37 reviews. No lists. 4 wishlists. 1 alias.

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be careful!!

***( )( )

When the idea is cool and the wall sections look good. They break very easy! Make sure before snapping the sections together you use a sharp model knife to trim the plastic and open all the holes on the wall sections. Falure to do this will cause the tiny hinges to break. Mine ha one broken tight out of the box and I broke two more putting them together the first time.....

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These are my favorite sets

****( )

I like the assortment of items. Good art, still could be more detailed. Over all good set.

Unfortunately I am stopping my subscription to the card sets so this may be the last review I do on them. I have all the prior sets with the exception of the booster pack sets. (which are way to expensive at this point to buy). Game On!

Add Cards: $10.99

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***( )( )

Good art work. Ok assortment of animals if you really need animals. I'm not sure how useful this set will be.

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Nice veriety


I'm happy with this set of face cards. The art work is very good and there is a good selection of different races and genders to add to your game. I hope the next item deck has the art detail that this one does.

Our Price: $19.99

Will be available

One of the best


I now have all the card decks from the Game Mastery series aside from the booster pack deck. This one is a collection from three different decks. The best cards from each set is the pitch and they are very good ones. Most are very useful and the art is an 8/10. I think now that I have all the sets that the art work needs to be improved over all for all the sets but they are a good addition to the game in general.

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