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Alastor Land

BlueAria's page

133 posts. Alias of Jon Heineman.

Are there any ways to gain domain abilities on a monk?

If not any advice on gaining healing from negative energy without changing races?

Looking for a way to gain the death domain ability to be healed by neg channel.

So I will soon be getting create undead at caster level 8 granting me ghouls is there a template I missed somewhere all I can find are humans wolves and dire wolves.

What other undead on the list are useful I try to keep around as few minions as I can so I don't take an hour every round with all the actions so I prefer to have bigger heavy hitters rather then swarms of smaller mooks with little to no chance of hitting but a weakling with a cool trick might be useful.

I also have animate dead Most of my minions are relentless cursed zombies, burning skeletons or bloody skeletons, did I miss any good combos of lessor undead I could try out.

I don't have anything to up the number of HD I can control yet so 8HD is the max but I have the control undead feat twice, once from Undead lord once from necromancy spec wiz so I can keep 2 8's or up to 16HD across multiple.

And I know having 2 control undead is odd but my GM is cool with it as long as I don't take every mook I have controlled with me all the time.

Thanks in advance

I'll be playing in a carrion crown AP and was thinking of running a cleric 7/vindicator X using the spell casting mainly for buffs and heals when needed. We will be rolling stats so I have no clue what my scores will be but I was planing to go for the highest str I could and keeping my wis at like 14 or so using items to boost it up when I need to cast higher level spells it would mostly be a combat type character. So any advice tips or tricks I don't want to be the most powerful cleric ever just able to pull my weight in the party.

I'll be taking alignment channel and selective channel. I was thinking of taking shield bash feats and two weapon fighting what do you all think?

could a character pick MT for the caster level advancment in EK gaining 9 levels of cleric and 9 levels wiz/sorc with 10 levels of EK it seems to too be ok rulse wise and would be very versitle but not really great at anything and be really reall MAD

I'm playing a druid caster/melee hybrid (decent rolls) and have been working on my battlefield control as I fail hard at this aspect of playing a caster. Lately we have come up against many flying critters and other than earthbind (prevents flight) any advice to help keep them away from my damage dealing teammates or splitting them up in a divide and conquer fashion?

Any paizo spells are good and most spell compendium spells are ok other are subject are up to the DM.

Edit level 11 pure druid. That's important isn't it.

The amulet of mighty fists is expensive because it effects all of a creatures natural weapons. Is there a fair way of adding an augmentation crystal to said amulet?

My DM trusts my judgment in most cases so I don't want to take advantage of that. I just can't think of a fair way to handle it short of buying 3 and duck taping them together. I play a druid with an amulet of speedy fists :) so my shiny necklace is a bit cheesy as is. Any thoughts on getting me some extra little effects with out getting a 66% discount?

A friend who plays a warblade in our game is asking for advice for feats.

He has toughness, weapon focus/spec, iron will, power attack, and dodge.

He is looking in to getting some crit. feats, like staggering and blinding, any advice for something he may have missed that he needs or better feats to take.

35 point buy two hand fighting heavy armor mostly looking to hit a lot hit hard crit often and have a reasonable ac and saves.

Thanks in advance

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