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Blix's page

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This is something I could really use. My group is preparing to set sail...

planetherman at sbcglobal dot net


PC Dwarven wizard : " Just a wee bit farther and they will have fallen into our trap!"

Grimlock: " We're blind, not deaf, you idiot..."

Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew. Of course you could always just sit on them and squash them into jelly.

I have to agree. It's great when the PCs kick some butt and look like the heroes they are supposed to be. When that false sense of security comes back to bite them, it makes for some good times.(Insert evil laugh).

Thanks Bran, that helps quite a bit.

Well, the Stormblades have already succeeded in sealing off the tunnel to the underdark. Of course, the PCs don't know this yet. Also, they are becoming quite prominent in town and have quite a bit of resources. I'm basically trying to figure out the cost of aquiring such a building. Any ideas?

A couple of my PCs are interested in aquiring a place of their own. Specifically, Ghelves Locks. Poor Ghelve has mysteriously vanished.Anyways, they've ben informed that this will require scheduling a meeting with the minister of deeds, none other than Lord Vhalantru. The question is how much of their hard earned gold will this cost them?

Yes... loot the fallen Paladin and their soul's corruption will be complete.

After his initial trip to the cathedral and speaking to some initiates, he now seems more interested in Nerull than Wee Jas. Although things change every session.

Thanks Chef, you're right. I will have him accepted by the church. The betrayal he feels later on will be sweet as pie.

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of perhaps having him meet Ike Iverson or Embril Aloustani to make the confrontation in Soul Pillars more personal. I don't think I want him joining their church at this point in the campaign.

The regulators have recently returned to Cauldron after the "rescue" of Zenith Splintershield. The party's rogue Akondo is planning to approach the Cathedral of Wee Jas, as he is curious about their religion. This seems to be an excellent oppurtunity for some foreshadowing. What do you guys think the church's response would be at this point?

The hydra wasn't a big problem. The battle in the main temple sure was. Aushanna killed 1 character and an animal companion. When the high priest arrived everyone was so beat down that I had him capture them all and leave them in the prison cells. They eventually escaped, but some players were more upset that most of their gear was missing than if it had been a TPK.

The Regulaters are currently storming the Kuo Toan shrine of Bhal Hamatugn.

AKONDO NG Human Rogue8, he is beginning to discover there are Gods.
DEXTER KNAPP CG Human Ranger6/Order of the Bow 1, his animal companion Cyric was eaten by the Kuo Toans.
SIR WILLIAM of St. Cuthbert LN Human Fighter7/Pious Templar1
CORAN MANDRAKE LN Human Cleric7 of Farlaghn, may be recruited by the Striders
DRAAK VON HEL CN Human Warmage6,"You look trustworthy, would you care to join us on our noble quest?"

Also, Onyx Firestone Dwarven cleric killed by Tarkilar
Morik Human rogue killed by Tarkilar
Skyler Human fighter killed by Aushaana the Eryines

Overall, they are doing quite well.

Another serious problem... In the artwork of "Faces of Cauldron" Lord Vhalentru's shadow is in the shape of a behoder. The party's cleric noticed that as soon as I placed the handout on my DM screen.

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