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Cayden Cailean

Blackmoor's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 3 posts (4 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 2 aliases.


Grand Lodge

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Rise of the Goblin Guild:
My players disarmed and fascinated Inkolar and left her alive. After the fascination wore off, they convinced her that if a small group of Pathfinders could cripple her guild, the whole society would obliterate her. They then let her continue running the guild if they focused most of their attention on the Aspis Consortium and alerted the Society to anything interesting the Consortium had going on.

I thought that was a really unique way to end an introductory dungeon crawl and commended them for their ingenuity.

Grand Lodge

Let me be the first to welcome Martin to Nashville as our new Venture Captain! I look forward to talking and possibly working with you in the future. I'll be handing the new boon out tonight in celebration!

Grand Lodge

Wow, brand new to the boards and I already find a thread I can post on. I converted RtToH for 3.5 last year and ran my group through it. We had a blast even though it took a long time and several people died. It's definitely worth going through if you've already done ToH. The way I tied them together was to have a beloved NPC get disintegrated by the demi-lich construct at the end of ToH. When they tried to resurrect her, there was no soul to put back in the body. They had to go after the phylactery to get her soul back. Acererak became an arch-villain without hardly making an appearance!

Some notes off the top of my head:
- The Vestige is a crazy thing to wrap your head around. It's basically the smoke monster from Lost (minus any of the newly revealed stuff about it from this season). You really want to set the mood for this thing anytime it comes by. I found an audio clip of the whisper noise the Lost smoke monster makes and would play it off my laptop anytime it was in the area. The players loved it. Also, this thing should be a beast to fight head on. If you read the flavor text, even Acererak left it going because he didn't want to mess with it. I'll try to scrounge up the stats I had for it and post them.

- There are a LOT of empty rooms in the towers of Moil. That can get really monotonous. Make sure you come up with some random encounters to fill in the gaps. Moil sits on the edge of the Negative Energy Plane, make sure you use that to your advantage. Pockets of negative energy, negative energy creatures,and such will break the monotony of empty room, zombie, empty room, two zombies.

- Read up on the NPCs and use them to their full extent. Isafel the medusa and Lerxst the halfling have both become reoccurring characters in my campaign because they were fun to play.

Ask me any questions you have about the crunchy conversion bits as well and I'll pull out my notes and see if I can help!

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