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Ydersius (Symbol)

Blackerose's page

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1 person marked this as a favorite.

I wouldn't mind doing more work using Dreamscarred Press's psionic rules, I did a lot of the monsters for Alluria's crossover with them. IF both Owen and the good Mr. Smith were on board, I would love to do a psi aboleth or two.
I played the adventure where aboleth were first introduced, Dweller's of the Forbidden City, and as a Mythos lover, I adored them at first sight. I still have the Dragon Magazine article where they expanded the species, and discussed their cities..and I wanted to tip my hat to that.

I am always tinkering with Ranger/Rogue Mouser it is for me

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I have seen a few chapter previews, dealing with the races and monsters. It looks REALLY good!

You should check out Alluria. There is a nifty new book in the works, and would fit in well with what you are doing

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Budget is ALWAYS a huge issue. People love the art..and yet the art is what keeps things breaking even, at best. Feel free to show off the setting to anybody that plays..the more sales ensure the quality that everyone is used to.

Feel free to drop me a line when you need more freelancer input.

To get things started, I'm going to say Flame. Why Flame? Because:

- Revelations are centered on blasting, but it has no mage armor-like revelation to enable a more magey build (unlike, say, Bones or Wind), nor does it have a way of substituting Charisma for Dex in your combat stats to encourage melee builds(unlike, say, Lore or Nature)

Maybe it is not more "magey"..because its an oracle. Its not intended to DO the same things a wizard or any other class does.

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ShadowcatX wrote:

And as a final side note, if I was working long hours, for very little pay and I was all that burned out, I'd find another job.

And yet this is what EVERY SINGLE 3RD PARTY PUBLISHER DOES. Even the very best works multiple jobs in the RPG field..and even then they squeak by. Most work a "normal" job..and try to squeeze out the best work they can in between..hoping to make enough money on it to put out their NEXT release. They do it because of passion for the game, and for people that enjoy their work..despite the fact that it does often cost more more than it gains, despite the fact that if you are EVER off game you can get crucified for it, and despite some people that seem to think you are a machine that can vomit up what they want on command. That same passion (insanity?) is the only reason you have content to sit here and discuss and critique. If they all felt the way you do in that one quote..then it would be over. And yes..if I had something tragic, and got messages like some of what I saw on here..not just inquiring ones, but the "well too bad where is my stuff" concern for quality would go down, and it would likely be the last thing I produced. That's not being defensive, that's wanting to be treated like a human being.

If someone defrauds people like Quantum..that's one thing. If people are not giving quick enough updates..its not a bad thing to say "hey whats going on"..but to treat ANY author as if their entire existence is only for the fiction they release is just awful.

5 people marked this as a favorite.
ShadowcatX wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
Blackerose wrote:
All I can say is that it must be nice to be able to know in advance when you will be ill, so you can work it into your schedule.
You don't. You just add a number of sickdays on to the estimated delivery time, and if you don't get sick you deliver early.
Thank you. This is basic project management. So maybe I should add that to my list of suggestions for all kickstarters; study up on project management.

...So a Kickstarter I backed had an issue. The head writer got sever pneumonia, ended up in a drug induced coma in the hospital for the better part of a month, and then had to go to rehab to get his strength back. When he was able he did send a message explaining the delay.

By your logic, he should have somehow added a few months to his delivery time "just in case"? And I should, by rights be screaming for his head, because its "his issue" that he could have died? Instead I just shrug my shoulders, wish him a good recovery..and wait like a grown up.
If a writer has a child..or a spouse fall ill..maybe in addition to that, they have to work extra at their "real life" job to cover medical bills..the answer should be "well you should have thought about that before you started on a project"?
Having to deal with illness, or a death,or just the fact that day to day living sometimes requires extra hours is NOT the same as taking the money and running. That's not even counting shipping delays, art delays, etc. If you are mad at someone for lack of communication that's one thing, and is at least somewhat justified. But hammering a person when something has gone wrong..and expecting them to put a project that will likely at best break even over actually making a living is not only short sighted, but utterly lacks empathy. If I was working on a project, and a family member died..finishing the project would take the back burner for as long as I needed to deal with what needed to get done. If people decided that was not good enough..than I really don't need that money anyway, vs someone that gives a damn about the person WRITING the material. Every author/artist is more important to me than a fictional book. You can't forget behind the "business" is a human writing because they enjoy the material, and enjoy making people happy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

All I can say is that it must be nice to be able to know in advance when you will be ill, so you can work it into your schedule. As far as the Kickstarter..yes you have a "legal obligation:..but there is NO contract stating work will be done by X fact most of them specifically state that they can't give more than an estimated time frame. I can count on one hand the number of them I have backed..not just books..that have delivered on time. And that's ok by me. I would rather have a product that was worthwhile then a rush job.

4 people marked this as a favorite.
ShadowcatX wrote:
Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:
When you are a for profit publisher gaming is your "real life".
While I don't know the specifics about Gary's or FMG's situation, I can say that real life still does get in the way of for profit publishing. Most of us do this after coming home from the day job, spending time with the spouse/kids, helping out around the house, doing this after everyone else goes to bed. For this group, schedules are almost as real as some of the monsters in the Book of Beasts. The few publishers that do it as a full time job have a much better chance of actually making a consistent schedule, but there are only a few of us that fall into that category.

I'm simply pointing out that if someone does a kickstarter (or preorders) they have a legal (and a moral) obligation to uphold their end of the bargain. I'm not saying FMG hasn't done so, quite honestly, I don't know if they have or not, I don't pick up many adventures so I didn't back their kickstarter. But I am going to point out that it is an obligation and it is real life, and that excuses like publishing isn't "real life" are entirely bogus and shouldn't be accepted.

If "real life" has a significant chance of getting in the way, don't accept money before the product is complete. And this isn't just about FMG, this is any publisher.

Unless you have been on the publishing side of things you have NO idea. Very few of the 3rd PP make 100% of their living..paying for their homes, food, cars, medical..on gaming. So you have to juggle a well as whatever part you may have in the project..writing, editing, art, layout..whatever. Despite what it may seem sometimes, its not at all easy..all the more so on a multi-book project. Do things get behind..of get sick. Work takes up more time than expected. Parts of the project need to be tweeked to meet expectation of the people that pay for it..because if its not good than you lose money. And sometimes you have to take a breather just not to burn out. So whaile publishing is "REAL LIFE" as you put it..if my choice is being homeless and not feeding my family to get the project out on time..or letting people wait so I can have a "real life" as well as produce a good product, then so be it. More off..if YOU can find a way to juggle a job, and find the extra money to produce a project of this size, with the expected quality without outside funding..please share. Every company would love to know that magic.

I ran a game at a con with nothing but Rogue Genius games classes, and it went great. The death knight played well, as did the hellion. The shadow assassin also did well, minus a bad roll or three. The only issue is the time thief seemed much weaker in comparison.
I have had a few dragon riders in my home games, and yes you have to take the mobility into account..but they also have to be played smart. I have had a player use his dragon as a combat machine, and it failed badly. They are a little better than your typical animal companion, but not enough for them to solo combat,and well played enemies still see it as a DRAGON and target it with their best stuff.
Right now personally I am playing a talented fighter, and put together a talented monk. They are both cool, but the monk is the clear winner..its a build that can do all these wonderful things..

I have no problems with larger sized weapons..If I had to choose between being hit with a great sword sized for a halfling..and one for a stone giant..I will take the halfling every time. Rather like choosing to be hit with a limb..or the whole tree..size DOES matter.
The issue with getting rid of Small size is what do you do with the grey area between a human and a cat? The reason there IS a small size is not about reach,or space as much as to fill that gap. If the listed halflings as Medium..people would complain because despite their size they had no bonuses. It represents the small and agile yet not so small you can pick it up in one hand. Compare the real world "reach" of say..a spider monkey, and a human with dwarfism, and a typical human..add real world movement to that, in place of a static gamebord.
I do wonder if smaller sizes should get a "sneak attack" bonus to trip in specific a cat on a set of stairs. Thats always fun...

A holy avenger does NOT cast dispel magic on casts it in an area that the user directs. That is 100% different from the way an anti-magic field works..which nullifies ALL magic within its area..including itself if it is part of an item or weapon. As stated, as soon as the sword gets depowered it loses the ability to generate the field..and it drops. It would be cancel magic for less then a single round.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

3 spells out of 1001 and "its broken"? Seems a bit..melodramatic.
Also here is an easy fix. Change them. If spell # 2 don't do it for you..make is dispellable with break enchantment, or even dispel magic. In fact unless it spacificly states that break enchantment DOES NOT dispel it, then it should work just fine. Or give it a duration. Or make sure its used only by a big bad NPC and the players have to kill him to break the enchantment. Take out the one line in the spell that requires the 3rd spell to have the caster present..or not, if the caster does not have to be willing. Nothing says he has to be alive. As far as the 1st one..its a 9TH LEVEL SPELL. Just how often is this going to be a problem to you?
All you have to do is do a little editing to fit your playstyle, or use the other 998 spells.

I was an early supporter of the project, and some of the content is truly sick. I am quite happy with the way it has worked out...

Heartfelt respect and condolences to LPJ. Wish it could be more

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Amen to all of the above.

1 person marked this as a favorite. crystal ball frequently breaks, you see...

The Far East idea has been kicked around for a will come.
As far as the ship:
Officially I would say it starts at the 1d6 and works up, with medium being the baseline. For a ship smaller than Medium I would scale back the damage as any other attack form. (trying to picture a pixie-sized ship of the damned, staffed by itty-bitty zombies...may have to use that..)
Crabtrap and the like should be a single trap/line per selection.
Poltergeist attack: Hm..that IS a good one. You win a cookie. It never came up in play testing but I would rule that as long as it was within the ship's "reach", then it can attack. Fun things like knives and such being thrown at fleeing party members. It gets to use them in addition to its slam attacks.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I got to run an adventure at Dragoncon, that used a ton of the beasts from this book, and it went very very well. It kept the players pulling their hair out

As a printed book lover that is addicted to Kickstarter, I would jump on BOTH suggestions. Or a RGG monster compilation ;-)
Past that I am just happy to see the ranger next. Once that is out I can make the ranger/rogue I am always tinkering with but never quite happy with

...Hire Owen K Stephens to use the Talented Class rules for the classes...

except the person that "hates" magic even though they are somehow a caster stocks up on prayer beads and gets a magic tattoo...

Lo&beholder wrote:
ShadowcatX wrote:

Since you've already been taken to task for your spelling and grammar:

Does disqualifying the person who should win the gold metal in a race make the other contestants better?

The problem you're probably trying to address isn't wizards specifically, it is spell casting classes in general, divine and arcane alike. And even that is only actually a problem if it is a problem for the people at your table. If your fighter / rogue / whatever type players are having fun, and the spell casters are having fun, well that's what it is all about, not the imaginary concept of balance.

The spelling and grammar makes people look that's why i never take anyone to task for it cause i get the strategy and i hope no one forgot the spell checker but either way.

I wasn't necessarily concerned for fun at the table, and yes, more concerned for the imaginary concept of balance. pretty straight forward.

Just a good old pondering of what if you took away fighter, which if you're not finding what you want, is malleable enough to mold into something that is comparable to another class.
Would (arbitrarily speaking) say the samurai and cavalier be used far more often?
Would a fighter archetype exist for each class?

Same with the wizard.
There is no 0-20 level necromancer by name because your supposed to be able to build one out a wizard.

It's not that they are not fun, should be banned, or are broken.
It's that they are so generalized.
The ONLY thing that separates them from other classes are class abilities.
So... would other classes shine more without the fighter or wizard classes?
Would it allow for a wider array of more unique and specialized 0-20 level classes?

...uh..why do you NEED a separate necromancer class? If you have a brilliant idea for a 1-20 level necromancer class that is perfectly balanced then play it at your table..or submit it to a 3PP and see if its REALLY balanced. But why bother..when you can use a wizard to BE a necromancer that is already in line with the game, and gets a set of necromancer only powers? Why do you HAVE to have a totally different 1-20 conjurer, diviner, etc etc with an entirely new set of rules /spell lists/powers? That would not bring any balance; if anything it would unbalance things more than anything: diviners would be generally unplayed because a lack of damage, evokers would be op because of TOTAL damage, people would whine about necros being the new summoner..etc etc. Cavaliers are not used as often as fighters because they occupy a special niche: a noble that is mainly mounted combat. The samurai even more so because the Eastern flavor. Ban the fighter..and people that don't want to play a mounted warrior STILL wont play a cavalier..or they will play them badly by trying to make them into...a fighter.

Why would artwork keep you from using a monster? They ARE vague monsters..they players don't need to know whats under the robes, and if they actually DO need to..make it up. Most of Lovecrafts monsters and gods were actually described vaguely..the idea is that the mind makes up more horror than the author can. Let the players sweat what is under the hood..why its so horrifying it cant/wont revel its face. They will do your job for you then..

I have used quite a few of these outside the setting as well, when my luckless fools..ah..I mean players..ventured out to sea, into swamps, or to the polar regions. Unless your game is 100% utterly landlocked its fun stuff

I get what CHweezy meant by saying a vermins lack of intelligence is "smarter" than a construct or zombie, in a sense. A vermin can't reason, but it has to have enough "computing" power to function as a predator. More over the "mindless" jellyfish have been observed to chase prey and swim in a very specific pattern. On a similar note, animals and animal companions may not make super detailed plans, but to say they are incapable of using tactics is strange, especially for predators..wolves, big cats, etc use plenty of tactual moves, some requiring a bit of foresight.
To me, zombies and constructs don't have "intelligence". When left alone they don't think, process, or otherwise interact with anything. When disturbed, they act as they are "programed": a golem smashes its foes as long as it detects them. Zombies seek to destroy their prey in the most direct way possible. To use the examples above..most zombies i run would not be able to open a door, as they don't process it AS a door as much as a barrier. Of course sneaking a zombie in now and then that CAN is just fun. As far as standing up..i would go with whatever freaked out the players most.

I rather enjoy the moments that my players forget stealth, and wake the whole place it. It reminds them to think

Thanks for the review Caedwyr! I am pretty proud of the way a lot of the critters came out. Anyone have any favorites?

It was a beast..but it was worth it

As several people pointed out..if you use your free feats on your style, you can devote your normally gained feats to get bonuses with the weapon of your choice.

Question about the Brothar'Hammer though:
Painful Touch (Su): The wielder may command the hammer’s vibrations to reach a pitch so great that simply touching the head deals damage. The wielder may make a touch attack, and if successful deals the hammer’s vibration damage.
How much is the "vibration damage", exactly?

It deals the d6 sonic damage from the vibrating weapon property: Vibrating Weapon Property: A vibrating weapon deals
an additional 1d6 points of sonic damage on a successful
strike. This damage ignores the hardness of objects if
used in a sunder attempt or to attack an object.

I, for one, am thrilled with the Bestiary, in an exhausted, monster od'ed kind of way...

DM_Blake wrote:

Rite Publishing has a .pdf called In the Company of Gargoyles available in the Paizo store for just a few bucks. It has a complete and balanced race and a 20-level paragon class for the race. And tons of flavor. A good read and it seems fairly balanced.

I recommend this .pdf for anyone who wants to play a gargoyle.'

The base race is pretty weak (for a gargoyle) but well-balanced by comparison to core races. The racial paragon class is where the gargoyle develops claws, wings, horns, flight, resitances, and other stuff as they level up.

Side note: Anyone can use the .pdf to be a really weak gargoyle and then play other classes (like Oracle, althought with a -2 CHA penalty, Oracle might not be the strongest choice). Or they could just level up in the Paragon class and/or multi-class however they like.

I was going to say the same..they are still a cool character, yet balanced well. I allow a lot of exotic races in my games, but only if there is a book like this.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This book does have all kinds of coolness in it. The races are real gems.

As far as a few specifics:
The sleep thing has, as been said, been beat to death. My only comments: With a party of all wizards, I would go VERY lite on random encounters. I would not count guard duty against rest..if I wanted to be really mean, perhaps a -2 or something to Perception checks as the wizard reads a spell book, or such. I don't expect them to pace around the camp like a fighter. Also, throwing out a "so do you take extra rest..?" does not damage the game.
The kobolds..You up powered them expecting a specific set of characters..then left them as such when the players didn't make them. You should have at least turned them back to normal stats, if not made them a tad weaker in hp because of the all wizard party. If its fair to adjust them up because of the characters people play..its equally fair to adjust them down.
The flip side of the coin..they called them all out at once..that is a stupid player trick. Their job to deal with.
The guy that wanted the elf wizard with 18 str and the free longsword..fine, let him have it. Despite the fact he can fight better than a typical wizard..he still lacks the armor and hp and feats of a fighter. It gives them a slight edge..and shows the player was thinking out of the box.
Sometimes it sucks to adjust the whole storyline because the players made choices you didn't expect..but a party of wizards gives you a chance to look at and explore other parts of the world you created.
While its true wizards can become intensely powerful..they are nowhere near that level yet, and both you and the players must keep that in mind.

So just scale the challenges so they are just hard *enough* for their abilities, yet not overwhelming, and let them grow into tougher things. The players DO have a say in things..the difference between a good GM and a great GM is taking what you have already envisioned, and changing it if they don't do what you planned, be that going off the map, or creating characters that you didn't expect.
There is a lot you could explore that had minimal combat that matched their abilities. Even if you nerf the kobolds what? If people are having fun, and advancing the storyline..thats OK.
Also keep in mind that unless you played every class perfectly the first time you created one, them making MISTAKES is ok as well. Spell casters have a learning curve, as does running a game. And if a player is just a bad tactician..they would still suck, no matter WHAT they played. In that case, they learn as they die..or they don't and eventually quit.

Its a lot like writing..don't be so in love with your own writing and world not to be able to change it as is needed. It would beat fighting your players for control.

A CL equal to its Hit Dice would be my default setting

Its an honor to be a part of it,on more than one level

Steven "Troll" O'Neal wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
As to aquatic lycanthropes, perhaps Bite Me! The Gaming Guide to Lycanthropes kickstarter will be of interest! I forwarded Alluria's contact info to Bite Me's co lead-designer Christina Stiles some days ago in the hopes of seeing some Cerulean goodness in that book - it already has some Midgard and Neo-Exodus campaign setting content earmarked for writeups by the respective 3PPs.
I had seen that. It's on my wishlist. I do hope they include Cerulean Seas in their efforts,

If it gets funded..I have pitched at least one that would fit nicely into the the setting ;-)

That is worth running with LMP. It would be new, diffrent..and make players make choices on what items go.

The Ironborn has worked out well for us so far. Its been balanced, and decidedly not overpowered.

Where is #3? We just started the 1st one tonight, and it went wonderfully

I don't think it works the way you think. If you vote long enough you will see ALL the entrys, good, bad or otherwise. It states something along the lines "if you like or dislike both equally, hit vote for neither".
There is no "line" that they are getting put in..all you are doing is ranking and adding a voice.

This Is one of the best things I have seen in a long time..the new class and races make it worth while alone

And it us up.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I had a lot of fun, designing arctic monsters. Pretty cool, so to speak...

<--- overbrimming with passion

Little Red Goblin Games wrote:

Indeed. That would be a giant can of worms. I think the smartest thing to do would probably to be the following:

-Open call for 3pp to submit their existing campaign settings.

-Have players vote on what goes in the book. Anything without X number of votes doesn't get in (or if we were to get a lot, the top X number)

-Limit entries to a few pages (3-5?) to keep the logistic side of things down to a minimum. Do it like a "conversion guide" for each campaign setting rather then a massive investment of 20-30 pages.

-Have one (or two) companies take responsibility for the development of the surrounding materials with input from additional sources (Heck, if Paizo could do that...#WishfulThinking) This is to make them "neutral ground".
Possibly a 3pp with a good track record that didn't get their campaign in the running or doesn't have a horse in the race (so to speak).

-Have each company be required to invest X amount of money into art and provide it to the neutral 3rd 3pp (say that 3 times fast :D). If the campaign setting has already been done, use existing artwork would not only be smart- but very fitting.

-I'd love to say whoever does the graphic design on it/provides additional artwork would do it for free but that's not the kind of world we live in. All contributing companies agree to pay X amount of money? (Keep it small)

-Ratification by all parties prior to publishing. A percent royalty split? A free product as a gift to the community? A patron funded project? Sold as a "new" company?

Money invested would have to be small. The more 3pp who took part the smaller it would be. To allow for oversight, invested funds could be held by a 3rd party (not the neutral party) until it was time for use. Finances could be documented in a public place (a google doc?).

Just a thought.

Or have each company take a slice of it to setting, one mapping, one npcs, one creatures..depending if you were making a setting, or a large module. a setting with each company building an area of the world. Shrugs

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