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Silver Crusade

Well...wait for them to loot it. If they loot it: Great, they got money and the Count cannot do anything against it because he does not want to go to the authorities ("Officers! These guys stole all my stuff while rescuing me from my own creations which I created from the dead!").
If they decide not to loot it: The Order of the Palatine Eye and the Count itself could just give them more money. Or, as I said, you could throw more magic items into the Schloss which the count lets them keep out of gratefulness.
My group hat to return the rod of Flame extinguishing because the count wanted to keep it as a safety precaution in his lab. He let them keep some things he used in old experiments and didn't need anymore, though.
So this might balance it out a bit.

Silver Crusade

The dagger overcomes DR/Silver because its enhancement bonus against shapechangers is +3.

Also: I just upped the rewards for the players. Introduced a few more magic items in the Schloss which the count allowed them to keep, since he can't make use of them anymore (a headband of alluring charisma +2 he used in an experiment to give another golem a personality, an old handy haversack he used for hiking...) and all that.

Of course it would be rude of the party to loot the place, but that's not the point. There ARE parties which are evil or at least not really good. They could be like "We want to save the beaste because it seems nice, but f*ck this guy and his home full of abominations against Pharasma!"
Our bard will steal anything if the thinks he can get away with it - if he finds something small and valuable it WILL vanish in his pockets.

Silver Crusade

Rule of Thumb: Read the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized play. As a player of PFS I suppose you are familiar with it.
If something is spelled out explicitly in the guide, chances are it's a PFS specific rule.

Another thing: depending on your GM he might be willing to let you take options prohibited in PFS like item creation feats or playing a goblin. Though most sane GMs still wouldn't allow the latter. ;)

Silver Crusade

Could be worse. Image only two people showing up. If you're all alone there you can just go home and say "Eh, maybe next time."
If two people show up you have to send them away, which is always a sad thing to do.

Silver Crusade

Also, obviously:

Read the Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play. It tells you (almost) everything you need to know about GMing in PFS.
Gamemastering 101 and 201 may be useful to you, too.
Don't hesitate to ask questions around here.

Silver Crusade

I'll go for neither. While I did not play THAT many missions as a player, I really liked the old way of doing things. BUT. Some of the missions felt really, really forced.
So while I like that not everyone has to do something utterly ridiculous just because there has to be something to be done ("Hey, it's totally important that you take this mission without any warning. By the way, here are 10 side-quests...") I always thought all it took to make the concept viable again were alliances. For example in some missions Osirion and Taldor might want to work together, in another mission Osirion will have a similar goal to the Silver Crusade...and so on.
So that there aren't 10 missions around but only 4 or 5 tops.

Silver Crusade

All in all there are 20^2 ways of 2d20 to fall.
1 and 1, 1 and 2, 1 and 3 ..., 20 and 19, 20 and 20. Every number of both dice can be paired with every number of the other die.

So we have got 400 possible results.
We decided to only use the best result.
1 can only appear when both show 1.
2 can appear in 3 cases (1-2, 2-1 and 2-2).
3 can appear in 5 cases (1-3, 2-3, 3-3, 3-2, 3-1).
4 can apper in 7 cases (1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-4, 4-3, 4-2, 4-1).

Now, what is the system behind this?
If the cases increase by 2 everytime, 20 should be (20*2)-1 cases. 39. Is this correct?
Well, if the first die shows a 20, the second die can show everything from 1 to 20: 20-1, 20-2, 20-3, ..., 20-20.
The same is valid if the second die shows 20: 1-20, 2-20, 3-20, ..., 20-20.
So in both cases the other die may show everything, resulting in 20*2 ways of getting a 20 - but we have to substract one because otherwise we would count 20-20 twice.

Now we just have to add:
(1*1) + (3*2) + (5*3) + ... + (39*20). Because I'm too lazy to find an elegant way to solve this I just use LibreOffice to calculate that: 5530. (I also checked wheter 1+3+5+...+39 results in 400 - it does) This number alone is useless, of course - we have to divide by the total number of possible outcomes, which was, as I already said, 400:
5530/400 = 13.825

So your average result is 13.825.

(If you only pick the lower number you can just turn around one of the tables - the result is then 7.175)

EDIT: MagusJanus, you sneaky editing son of an orc! ;)

Silver Crusade

First Bestiary because while the others are nice, the first one just has all the classics. I rarely see a monster in the B2-B4 and think to myself "Well, I would've been really sad to not have stats for this little fellow!"
Then again, I have never experienced high-level play (highest is 7 at the moment), so this might change.

Favorite monster: I like undead. Like, a lot. Just straight up "These guys are bad, smash 'em!" - so I think I will go with the Skeletal Champion. Lots of ways to use them.

Also: Wrong forum, Gamer Talk or Pathfinder General might be more appropriate. ;)

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Patrick F wrote:

I interpret the meaning of the word 'invalidate' the provided tactics akin to someone who invalidates an argument. Basically rendering it weak or ineffective. Either you have sound tactics and arguments or you don't. That simple.

So if the written tactics are weak or the starting locations are ineffective, the GM has a right to consider changing them or not to provide a more enjoyable play experience.

That's not at all what is meant. It's not a "The tactic says the NPC is sitting at his desk, but because this is ineffective, he will be standing in the middle of the room."

The important thing is "IF THE ACTIONS OF THE PCS" invalidate the encounter. So if they for example threw a bomb into his office beforehand he would know they are coming and not sit at his desk.

You should not rewrite the tactic as you see fit just because it's ineffective.
You may rewrite the tactic if the PCs did something to justify it.

Silver Crusade

If they are still level 1 they will get their asses kicked and might see pretty soon that it would be a really bad idea to enter the Castle again without preparation.

I had a paladin in my group and thus had the opportunity to use the law against them: Because of the history and the dangers coming from the castle it's strictly forbidden to enter the premises. The people fear that might stir up trouble. They ran with it (partly because they did not know where the professor died exactly) and were only interested to enter the castle when more serious things started to happen.

And by that time they had pretty much taken over the town and organized a militia to defend it, so everybody listened to them anyway and nobody argued when they went to the Castle to stop the madness.

Silver Crusade

It should be noted that you posted the Pathfinder Society subforum. If this was a deliberate choice and you are indeed interested in playing PFS: Welcome! Grab a seat, whip out your dice and let's roll!

If, however, you just want to play Pathfinder with a bunch of friends, maybe a module or an AP, free of the limitations of PFS, you might get confused by the rules especially in place for PFS which differ from "normal" play.

Silver Crusade

Hm. So it does. I was under the impression that the AoMF had the same price as magic weapon enhancements - I was wrong.
Thanks, Belafon.

Silver Crusade

Why exactly would a monk want to use Brass Knuckles anyway? To add material effects like silver or cold iron to his attacks? He can use his unarmed attacks while wearing them if he chooses to attack with his feet, knees, ellbows and alike.

Also I do not understand how a player is supposed to react to something like this. He must bring the source of his equipment. He has to use the rulings made in this source because otherwise the whole idea behind providing proof would be moot.
"Yeah, I have the APG here. You see this piece of equipment? But ALSO, please not that I printed a line from the PRD which totally says that it now does 2d6 more damage per hit. Just believe me."
A player is expected to bring the books he uses, not to buy every new book just to make sure nothing changes. If something changes he can expect an errata. If no errata comes out - so be it.
Errata should be something a publisher puts out as soon as errors arise. If they don't they should not expect their players to cross reference every item with every book.

Also: How did the AA change brass knuckles? My (German) version of the book still has the line about unarmed damage.

Silver Crusade

Pathfinders are expected to fulfill the mission with their own gold if necessary. They don't get weapons for free and are still expected to fight, they don't get potions for free and are still expected to heal themselves, they don't get money for bribing and are still expected to finish the mission even if they have to resort to pay bribes.

I'm with Andrew on this one - if a party refuses to acknowledge failure and take the bitter pill of paying the bribes, they will just fail the scenario.
Though I might tell them that before handing out the sheets so that they can rethink their approach. Maybe they are under the illusion that they are not as independant from the Society as they think and expect the Society to take care of everything except beating monsters.

Silver Crusade

Is that so? I always assumed you had to purchase those vanities only if you actually wanted something out of it. For example it's perfectly reasonable to have rich parents - but you may not select the trait. It's only fluff.

Also: I think you can handwave it by saying that every Pathfinder can stay at the Grand Lodge in Absalom if they want.

Silver Crusade

You are right, I forgot about one group of werewolves. So there are seven wolves plus their pack leaders.
Seven werewolves (from two tribes) when it is said that both the Mordrinacht and the Broken do pretty much nothing but guard the temple at the moment. Also it is said that chaos breaks out as soon as their leaders die and everybody fights everybody, so there HAVE to be more than just those seven.
What I mean is this: Either the temple has almost nobody guarding it or there should be enough werewolves that the PCs are hesitating to go there because it would mean all-out war against two whole tribes. Three if the Demon Wolves join the fun. I want to find a way where they don't get the feeling that the packs are smaller then the group, but I also don't want to frighten them away from the temple...

Silver Crusade

Okay, another one!

1) We have established that prophecies are dead, dead, dead. "A band of four will gather and slay the red dragon of Black Mountain when the red moon's light falls on the oldest tree's last leaf" might result in a glorious victory or in a feast for the dragon, right?

2) You also said that some forms of divination are unaffected by this. Augury and Divination obviously work. So do Harrow Cards, so instead of the prophecy up there a fortune teller might read the cards and say something along the lines of "I see fire in your future, lots of fire, on big brings death, but to whom I cannot tell" - is this also correct?

3) What about god-given prohpecies? One Module features a vision about what will happen to the characters in the course of their adventures, and it's pretty clear about it. Doesn't that break the whole "There is no prophecy anywhere because PCs break them anyway"-rule? It seems odd to me that (relatively vague) prophecies are blocked, but very clear visions are still good to go. Or is this a case of "Mortals cannot see the future, gods can to an extend?"


The module in question is Broken Moon.

Silver Crusade


I'm sorry for the vague thread title, but I figured that what I am about to discuss might be too big of a spoiler to be named in plain sight.

The battle I want to spice up is the one at the Stairs of the Moon. Let's have a look at the situation.

The primals don't want to let anybody get in or out of the clearing. Okay, fair enough - I can see them just go "Eh" as soon as the PCs who broke through their defenses are getting shot at - let their enemies kill each other, who cares.

The weirdness starts when the PCs enter the temple. The Mordrinacht have orders to prevent someone from entering the temple and...when somebody does they just figure the monster inside will kill them. Hu? Okay, maybe these wolves are extremly lazy.

And then the PCs emerge, slaughter the three guards on top of the temple and march upwards to kill the pack leaders. And nobody seems to care.

Okay. WHAT?
It just seems weird to me that the adventure seems to assume nobody would bother to stop the party of maniacs murdering their guards and attacking the pack leaders on top of the tower. Where IS everyone? Are they constantly patrolling the entrances of the clearing to hold off the Primals? Are they all struck with plot convenience? Did they dump their perception skills?

As soon as their leaders are dead it is mentioned that they start fighting each other for the position, so obviously some of them are still around. And did what, just watching their chiefs getting killed? Nothing about werewolves indicated that they would do such a thing - if you want to be leader you fight the leader or wait for his death, but up until this point you are under his command and will help him. Even if you take into account that there are likely fights elsewhere in the forest - Broken Moon mentions multiple times that the Mordrinacht defend the temple and the Primals laid siege to the temple, basically.

So what is it? Arrogance? "Well, our boss will kill these guys swiftly and without a problem" stops working once the party (of 6 people) dispatches of the guards without any problems.
Desperation? "We have to hold our positions so the Primals don't attack and get the temple!"?

No way how I twist and turn it, it just seems weird.

Suggestions are appreciated!


Silver Crusade

Mister Game Person Fellow wrote:

Yes, I agree, thanks for posting them--but I have one (fairly basic) question: how does Adivian get these letters to the players without them being able to trace the letters back to the big evil villain?

I assume I can just kind of hand wave the details of the letter origin--after all, it's not like there's an official, standardized Ustalav postal service which requires a return address. (At least, I would assume so. I am unfortunately not that well versed in the pathfinder universe)

But, hand-waving aside, I'd like to know what you guys did to get the letters to the PCs consistently and mysteriously. Is there... is there a spell, like sending, that will do the trick? This will be my first time running a game in several years, and I am ashamed to admit I need to review the core rulebook first.

I thought about the very same problem and came to a very simple conclusion:

Feather Token - Bird. The price is a joke for a man in his position (300 gp) and it creates this nice little "Suddenly a bird lands in front of you, a letter attached to its claw. Before you can react the it turns into a feather, leaving only the letter behind."-effect.

Silver Crusade

James Jacobs wrote:
Blackbot wrote:

1. About a year ago someone asked about the Linnorm Kings. The question was whether you have to kill a Linnorm on your own to qualify or if you're allowed to gather a hunting party or something alike. Understandably, you referred to the Campaign Setting book about the Lands in question; however, I didn't find anything concerning this special issue. From what I read between the lines I concluded that it doesn't "count" if a band of heroes sets out to slay a Linnorm. Does this indeed mean that the king has to live through the battle all by himself with nobody to interfere before the battle is over?

1) The king to be must survive the battle, and must be the primary combatant. The more aid he receives in prep and during the battle, the more chances there are that his claim will be disputed. Of course, if all those who helped end up not surviving... then the surviving king gets to write history how he wants, doesn't he?

Which of course means that there very well might be a king who murdered his party members to claim the title for himself, telling stories about his lonely fight against the linnorm...that's an awesome plot hook.


Silver Crusade

Alright, time to dig up an old question and ask a new one!

1. About a year ago someone asked about the Linnorm Kings. The question was whether you have to kill a Linnorm on your own to qualify or if you're allowed to gather a hunting party or something alike. Understandably, you referred to the Campaign Setting book about the Lands in question; however, I didn't find anything concerning this special issue. From what I read between the lines I concluded that it doesn't "count" if a band of heroes sets out to slay a Linnorm. Does this indeed mean that the king has to live through the battle all by himself with nobody to interfere before the battle is over?

2. How do you describe a rogue disabling a magic trap in your games? While I can think of lots of ways to describe the disabling of mechanical traps (blocking mechanisms, snapping wires...) I cannot think of good ways to disable a trap with a trigger like alarm.

Also, take this Godzilla-sized muffin, baked in the forges of Five Kings Mountains, as an offering, o mighty one!

Silver Crusade

You might want to create a new Thread for that so that this one can be de-stickied and the new one stickied.

Stickied? Is that even a word?

Silver Crusade

Resurrecting this thread because I myself was wondering this for a long time and finally found an answer - so maybe someone who wonders the same might have the satisfaction of knowing.

The answer is buried in the Broken Moon-AP. Not in the adventure itself, mind you, but in the text about lycanthropes. I cannot quote it since I only own the German version, but the core of it is this:

The curse is only really active while the lycanthrope is in a changed form, the rest of the time it lies dormant. So you cannot go to a cleric and let him cast "Remove Curse" in human form - you have to actually change into hybrid form for that to work.
But of course your hybrid form is a chaotic evil lunatic who only wishes to slaughter everything, so this raises a whole new level of "dangerous cure" - ony this time the healer is in danger, not the patient.

Silver Crusade

Greetings fellow Pathfinders,

first off, I am aware that there already is a discussion thread for The Frostfur Captives. It was created back when the scenario came out and you can find it here:
The Frostfur Captives
However: as we all know, resurrection such an old thread leads to newcomers only reading the first posts only and not bothering with the reason why it came back up in the first place, so I created this new thread. Also: Very minor spoilers ahead. Nothing you don't know after the first 5 minutes of playing the scenario.

Now, first off: I know that I am not allowed to change any mechanics in a scenario. I may not change a troll to a troglodyte because I see it as a better fit or move a scenario from Mwangi to Ustalav just because I like.
So all the tweaks I want to make are ones which happen in the "Intro" to the scenario.

Now! While the scenario still reads like a fun ride two things are just off.

First problem: The scenario basically starts by saying "Please get to the place where the mission takes place as soon as possible. You will have a few days when you get there. Take the next available ship, you will be there in a few months."
Maybe you already see the slight problem here...;)

Second problem: The mission is "The Shadow Lodge rejoined the society. We have to deal with the renegade cells. Torch told us how to gain information about this one cell, please do it." As we all know, the Shadow Lodge left the society again, so...little problem here?

The solutions I can see for the first problem are these:
  • The PCs already are up there. They were part of the team which was sent up there and haven't done much in the past few weeks except waiting for the "Go!" - the scenario starts when the signal came and the briefing doesn't happen in Absalom, but right where the action is.
  • Teleportation Cirble. Because the Society always has a wizard 17 around for fun like this.


Second problem: It wasn't Torch who provided the info but a captured member of the Shadow Lodge.
Or maybe a traitor.
Or it all happened before the Shadow Lodge left - the group I inted to play it hasn't played any scenario where the leaving of the Shadow Lodge played any role at all, so acting as if it was still part of the society might work, but confuse the players.

Any input would be appreciated!


Silver Crusade

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SweetAnubis wrote:
Told me that me doing my character sheets by hand was unfair because it gave me more knowledge on how to build a character because i had to read the books instead of point and click a character like everyone else.

So basically he says it's unfair if you bother to learn the rules because it gives you an advantage?


Silver Crusade

So...he says everybody has to be from Absalom, even Samurais, Druids, Ninjas and Witches?

Silver Crusade

Thread 1 and Thread 2

Silver Crusade

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Ranger (because it's always her): I want to roll Perception!
Me: Okay, but...what for?
Ranger: I don't know. I just want to roll!
Me: Go ahead.
Ranger: 27! What do I see?
Me: Well, the room is well lit, but you see nothing special I did not already describe.
Ranger: But...I got a 27!
Me: *sigh*

This occurs about once or twice every session.

Silver Crusade


my group is heading straight for the Schloss and I found a couple of things that bugged me greatly. I hope you might help me out here.

1. How did the Promethean get from L2 up to L3? This thing is huge (literally, that's his size), so how can he possibly fit through a 5 feet wide staircase?

2. L2 is described as a prison. Fine. But how exactly did he hold him captive there? There are no prison bars mentioned anywhere. While the way down is blocked by the adamantine trap door, the way up seems open (well, it's too small, but if that was the only measure point 1 is an even bigger problem). I assume adding bars isn't too much of a problem, but still - it's irritating.

3. The tower is too small for the fight. If I put the Promethean on top of the tower the group will have trouble standing up there. The beast won't be able to fit at all. I mean sure, it should be cramped, but that's just ridiculous.

My solutions are as follows:
1. He just squeezed through and the staircase is pretty much busted. Including a Promethan-sized hole in the ceiling.
2. I thought about just ruling that the trap doors in both directions were adamantine before the one going upstairs was damaged/stolen, but this raises the question how the count manages to get upstairs without running into the promethean. As an alchemist he doesn't seem to have any ways of just flying up there, so I guess I will just add some bars there. They are extremly expensive, but hey - what isn't in this dungeon?
3. Doubling the size seems a little too much. I think making the diameter 50 feet instead of 30 should to the trick - the platform itself will be 40 feet in diameter.

What did you do? Any suggestions or critique on mine?

Silver Crusade

Typical. As soon as someone posts a conclusion to a thread there are popping up answers to the initial question which has long been answered...*grins*

Taku Ooka: I have to disagree with you. While a paladin may choose to focus on melee I do think he should have options for enemies he can't reach. Either he works out how to reach them (which may be impossible without the aid of a fly-spell or alike) or he will just be a second class supporter for that combat. Also no, the flying enemy uses a bow as his primary weapon.
Your other suggestions are cool (aging four years and all that), but it would not work because the adventure is a little time critical. Not overly so, but a bit. And if the ranger ran out of arrows (which she doesn't need to as I wrote in the post just before yours) it would be a pretty annoying thing to spend 2 days to get new ones.

Victor: If I told her "just assume infinite arrows" she would be pretty sad. For some reason that's one of the things she loves to do, crossing off arrows, trails, rolling for missed arrows etc. Who am I to rob her of her hobby to do this? ;)
And as the example states - it appears to be not so negligable after all since running out of arrows still is an option. Though again: Now that I know she has not 20, but 100 arrows (in varying forms) left that problem is pretty much gone.

Cyrad: You are the third or fourth person to point out how identifying works ;) And I will just say two little things I did not say already:
1. I assume this is not as much of an issue as I thought it would be. Just because it would bug ME as a PC not to know what kind of magic item I have in front of me doesn't have to mean it bugs THEM.
Still, I think they will buy some scrolls next time in town.
2. "at least a +13 spellcraft". How on earth do you want to reach +13 without taking a feat for that? 6 ranks + class skill = 9, so you assume every caster has an Int-Bonus of +4? Sorry, but no. A +9, maybe a +10 is more likely. Less for our cleric since he has only two ranks per level and spreads them a bit.

Silver Crusade

Greetings again!

In case you are still interested in this old thread I think it's only fair I tell you how it all played out.
First of all: nate lange, you are half right. While the average wealth of the group as awhole is indeed 16,000 GP per character (well, more or less), it's not really equally distributed. This might play into the problem.
So let's see what I did and how it played out!

  • Lack of arrows: It turned out I underestimated the ditziness (is that even a word?) of our ranger. While it is true she has only 20 arrows left she did neither count the 40 blunt arrows nor the 40 silver arrows. Her argument? "They are too precious." Of course they are! 20 blunt arrows cost twice as much as a normal one - 2 GP for 20 arrows instead of 1GP! So yeah. Problem banned cause it wasn't really a problem.
  • Lack of equipment: Fixed this slightly. I added an efficient quiver, a handy haversack and a headband of alluring charisma to the loot. This will be balanced out by some other loot that's removed from the adventure (or that they won't get to keep, at least - it's borrowed stuff the module assumes they keep, but giving it back to balance out the added stuff seems like an okay change).
  • Lack of planning: I talked to my group and they decided they wanted to go ahead as we did up until this point - no "coaching" before fights, but a little explanation after fights what would've been a good idea to avoid problems that ocurred like "Maybe you should carry a bow to fight a flying monster next time!". I also noted the next adventure has a hunter who admires adventurers, so he might tell them some stories or ask questions to give them some ideas ("Tell me! How would you solve problem X?" or "You only got one weapon? I heard of adventurers carrying four of them, to have the right one in every combat!"). I also commented of them not needing the bladeguard the ranger (of all people!) carried when fighting rust monsters since got slaughtered before they were really able to affect their gear which resulted in a "Wait. The ranger carries WHAT? Why didn't we know?!" - so yay on communication.
  • Learned lessons: They learned "Sometimes you gotta flee" pretty much on their own when a huge flying monster attacked them on a bridge over a huge chasm. So there's that. Also the frustration of not being able to identify items (2/4 items they found that day are still unidentified) might lead them to buying Scrolls:Identify pretty soon. So yay again.

Again, thank you all very much for your help.

(Note on the side: We decided to just ignore different sizes on arrows to spare us the headache. It just seems like it's not worth it, honestly - based on logic her quiver had to be small as well then, and found magic items should be small as well etc. pp. No, not getting into THAT discussion! ;) )

Silver Crusade

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Level 1 Commoner wrote:
It still played out rather well for your group, but doesn't Embermaw have a reset timer of 24 hours? Otherwise my group would have lost at least 2 people in Harrowstone.

I think the reset timer only comes into play if they destroyed the haunt. It's more or less a "respawn timer". They did not destroy him, the only fled --> haunt is still active --> FIERY DEATH!

Silver Crusade

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...the VC from another town is here to judge his Fifth-Star-game. You already think you're in for a treat* when you overhear him apologizing repeatedly to another player because he already judged a game the day before and produced the first TPK ever in this city.

*It WAS a great deal of fun and not nearly as deadly as I anticipated.

Silver Crusade

I will now proceed to shamelessly push this thread back to the top.

I used the IdiotDogBrains suggestion for the hook-clawed robot and it turned out great.
The group heard a faint scratching all the time while walking through the Schloss. When they reached the dining room they saw the robotic servant (who had not scythes as hands but rather fairly normal hands, though they ended in pretty shard knives as fingers) pinned against a wall. The Whispering Way had pinned him between the wall and the table and put his chalk board just out of reach so he kept clawing the table mechanically to reach it - of course, the only effect was that the table in his reach had been scrateched pretty badly.
After they had freed him and given him chalk it was great fun to roleplay him with his mechanical movements and everytime they asked him something the room grew dead silent while everybody was looking at me while I wrote something down on a block of paper. I also restricted me to no more than four words before I had to "erase" the chalk board (I gave him a sponge embedded into his right hand for such an occasion) and a very polite way of speech so they often had to wait for three or four boards.
I made sure however that while he would help them (I added some loot he would hand out freely to support them on their quest to save the Count) he had some barriers he was unable to break. He could not reveal secret doors, he could not tell them anything about the Count's wife and so on.
Not because he didn't know, but because he was not allowed to. He had no problems on them USING the secret doors, he just couldn't point them out.

All in all I'm really, really happy I stumbled upon this thread and wanted to raise it back up to show it to some newcomers! ;)

Silver Crusade


can a normal human/goblin/orc/whatever notice magic?
I assume they do have some ability do do so since everybody can notice a magic trap (even one which has alarm as a trigger), but it's not noted how this happens. Abjuration says that:

If one abjuration spell is active within 10 feet of another for 24 hours or more, the magical fields interfere with each other and create barely visible energy fluctuations. The DC to find such spells with the Perception skill drops by 4.

This suggests that visible fluctuations are not the "normal" state. I assume that the "DC to find such spells" focuses on stuff like glyphs and magic traps since I cannot find "normal" way of percepting magic.

But this raises the question: If a normal person cannot "see" magic, how can they detect a magic trap? What is the difference between "I guarded this area with an alarm spell" and "I guarded this area with an alarm spell and if it goes off, a fireball explodes"? What makes the latter of the two detectable without detect magic and how do I detect it? Is it a hunch? A flirring in the air? A little shining line on the ground which mysteriously goes dark when I can't see (since darkness still imposes huge penalties to perception)? Is it a faint buzzing? Or just whatever the heck I want it to be?

Also: I suppose that when a character manages to roll a high enough perception check to notice a trap he notices that, well, it's a trap and not just some undefined magic effect, right? How does he know? How can I describe that feeling instead of saying "Yup, you're seeing a magic trap alright. Though of course you don't see the magic itself. Just that it's a magic trap. Because reasons."?

Silver Crusade

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Gendo wrote:

...when you sit down at the table and the GM tells you he doesn't use maps and minis, going with theater of the mind games.

...everyone plays the same class.

...GM provides pre-gen characters that are solid, but are far from optimized.

If I sat down at a table I really wouldn't know that I'm in for a treat, but rather I'd be very concerned. Playing without a map can go horribly wrong in combats when people assume different things. A Tier 1-5 scenario with nothing but wizards can be deadly as hell (not to talk about a Tier 3-7 with nothing but fighters) and the pre-gen thing sounds like a GM who creates his own pre-gens. Which is illegal if they're not level 1.

Maybe you just left out some details, but I really wouldn't know I'm in for a treat. I'd be very, very worried.

Silver Crusade

I think I will give them the Spellcraft roll, this seems like a good idea. Knowledge Checks are pretty much the first reflex of the group, though I don't think anybody but the bard (who will not be present) has Knowledge: Planes.

I'm not TOO concerned about them dying since all of them still have 2 hero points - if they 'die' they can just pay 2 hero points, get knocked into the water and get washed ashore a few hundred feet down the river.

So yeah, maybe "slaugter" was too strong of a word. I will play nice and everything will work out, especially since the sorcerer just gave his character sheet to the cleric (a rule in my group: If you're not present and name a substitute, he may control your character as if it was his own). So they won't be TOO much at a disadvantage.

Silver Crusade

Thanks again for all your input, I really appreciate it.
What I'm going to do is this:
The character is a druid travelling through Ustalav. On her travels she reached a small village. While there the village was attacked from unholy creatures out of the forest, some of them animated plants. A few days prior to this a boy who had killed his lover was hung after a short trial and when investigating the old tree she found the body eviscerated and signs of a ritual. The ravens on the tree couldn't help her very much, but described the friendly men who helped them to their meal as always very quiet talking. She concluded that these men (obviously the Whispering Way) were up to no good and followed their trail.

My plan on bringing her in contact with the group will be a guard that managed to flee the massacre at Schloss Caromarc by falling into the river. He survived, but was wounded and lost when the druid found him. She will find him, hear his story and then now where she has to go next when she wants to find the cultists who almost doomed a whole village "by accident".

I am also considering adding a little side quest before they enter the Schloss itself, maybe escorting the wounded guard to the city or something alike. Maybe a random encounter or two. Not for a reason within the story but more because I'm a little bit scared that the next few encounters are going to outright SLAUGHTER them - instead of the usual 5 players there are only 4 present, one of which is the druid who has only two PFS scenarios with a level 1 character under her belt. Throwing the air elemental at 3 players + a newbie might be asking for trouble.

Silver Crusade

Thornborn: While I really like the idea (and I do! I think its a great and funny idea) it still feels like "Here is a new PC, deal with it and find a reason she wants to be with you."

wxcougar: I think her living nearby (or just passing by close and being curious enough to stick around for a while) could work. I don't want her to be tied up somewhere in the Schloss because it raises the question where her wolf (or whatever animal companion she chooses) was during this time (though it might have wandered off or was thrown into the river and survived) and of course why she of all people was spared by the cultists.

Silver Crusade


I have found a few threads discussing the addition of new characters or the replacement of dead ones, but I didn't really want to hijack another thread, especially not one several years old - people tend to only read the first few posts and missing the timestamp.

Again: TotB spoilers are ahead!

The situation is as follows: My group just reached Schloss Caromarc and killed all the trolls but did not yet manage to enter the building itself. Since it has gotten late they decided to rest and continue their efforts next time.
This was two months ago (RL got in the way) and now we have a new player joining. I have no idea how to bring her in, even shoehorning seems difficult. Now, a fighter, rogue, wizard, sorcerer or anything along those lines could be brought in by "Ah, the Order of the Platinum Eye could send her!", but now - she's a druid. Not really something you see in Ustalav all that often and not something the Platypus Eye would have too many connections with in my opinion.
It also seems unlikely that she's trapped inside the Schloss since everybody else has been killed and/or turned undead.

The only halfway decent idea I have is to retcon her in somehwere, but I'm not sure where. I could just say that she travelled with the Crooked Kin and followed them out of curiousity, but this pretty much forces the character into this role - though it might not be too far off if she decides to be a gnome.

So, can you help me with some suggestions? Order of the Peebrain Eye? Crooked Kin? Maybe something to do with Vorkstag who escaped them and followed them to take revenge? I'd appreciate it!


Silver Crusade

BigNorseWolf wrote:
and the map looks like this

URL broken (Hotlinking images is bad!). I assume you mean this article's second image.

Silver Crusade

I'm not sure if we are talking about different things when talking about formatting.

There is a format, of course, and it's quite easy to read it, too. What is different from the "normal" format is that there's a blank line after every line (which is something easily fixable) and the loss of the lines around Defense, Offense, Statistics etc.

These are the ones I'd really like to preserver.

Also apologies when I don't answer to this thread in the next few days as I will be without a computer.
Thanks for all the tips so far, but none of them really achieved what I wanted to have :(
The Monster Advancer comes close, though. And maybe I'm just doing something wrong with Google Docs ;)

Silver Crusade


She goes into the tub completly naked...and there are all kinds of dice...

So...she is in permanent danger of a d4 entering one of her orifices.
That's kinda scary.

Yes, I KNOW the actress wasn't naked. But still, it's portrayed that way.

Silver Crusade


while preparing a game recently I ran into a little problem.
I did not have access to my Bestiary and did not want to use my laptop at the table (taking up space and all that) so I decided "You know what? I ran The Confirmation and the statblocks in the Shared GM Prep-Drive were really awesome, so I think I will just copy the stuff from the PRD."

Well, to make it short: The layout did not survive copying it. It doesn't look HORRIBLE, no, but it basically loses every resemblance to the "iconic" statblocks.

Now, as linked above there seems to be a way to create statblocks looking like statblocks.
Can someone who did something like this give me some tips how to achieve it, maybe even give a template or something?
I assume it's not as easy as copying from the PRD because HTML, CSS and Libre Office don't really work together.
I did it quick&dirty by just screenshotting the PRD and mashing it together, but really - not a great way of doing things, especially if I want to upload it to the GM drive.

Help would be appreciated!

Silver Crusade

You have to burn them along with your character sheet to please the dice gods, of course!

Seriously: The character is dead. The chronicle sheets were attributed to him and cannot be transfered to another character. You cannot replay a scenario (Tier 1-2 excluded), so the only way to regain those exact chronicle sheets is GMing the scenario yourself (once).

Silver Crusade


First off: You can still get credit for the first module of First Steps. Only First Steps II and First Steps III are retired.
So that's something.
Also: Did you just sign up to run the events in the future or did you already run them? If you didn't: Just don't run them. It's a home game, you don't run one of the marked scenarios, no harm done.
If you already ran them you have to tell them to ignore the chronicle sheets for First Steps II and III and everything is back to normal. Apologize for the mistake and move on.

Silver Crusade

I did not know you were talking about a spell-like ability, sorry.
In that case I agree with Pirate Rob.


PRD wrote:
Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) Spell-like abilities are magical and work just like spells (though they are not spells and so have no verbal, somatic, focus, or material components).

Link here

You are talking about called or summoned creatures. I'm pretty sure a PC qualifies as neither.
Okay, TECHNICALLY we are summoned by the VCs all the time before they send us off to our horrible, horrible deaths, but still.

Silver Crusade

Continual Flame needs ruby dust worth 50 gp as a material component.
So someone has to buy the dust (be it you or your customer - chances are you don't want to pay 50 bucks for his sword to shine) before casting the spell.

Also I would probably note it under "Conditions Gained" and maybe "Ruby Dust" on the Inventory Tracking sheet.

Silver Crusade

A player can always buy +1 weapons so they do not need to be on the chronicle sheet.

Silver Crusade

Aspasia de Malagant wrote:
Just out of curiosity, where are the pregens for the APG iconics and the magus?

They do not exist in a PFS-legal form. Masters of the Fallen Fortress has some of the APG classes at level 1, but again - not legal for PFS.

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