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Blackbot's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 402 posts. No reviews. 6 lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade

Do you remember Command&Conquer: Generals?

Well, that game had a special unit called Black Lotus (Schwarzer Lotus in German). It was a Chinese hacker. Because I was always interested in computers and tended to play hackers in every game I could (Shadowrun, Deus Ex...) I really liked her.
Then the Iraq war happened and one faction of C&C: Generals were the stereotypical Middle Eastern terrorists, the Global Liberation Army. With suicide bombers and all that. German media watchdogs did not like that and Generals got forbidden (as in you had to be 18 to purchase it and shops were prohibited from displaying it - meaning you had to know it existed and that you wanted it).
So C&C: Generals was rereleased as Command & Conquer: Generäle (Generäle is German for...generals. Yeah.) and they took out most stuff that could be seen as "evil" - sucide bombers became barrels with dynamite strapped to it (that could still drive a motorcycle of course!), the Global Liberation Army became the International Liberation Group, Mao's Fist became the battle master (or something like that) and every solider became a bot. Black Lotus was changed to Blackbot. And that's how I got my name.

Silver Crusade

Unless they're a monk and kick your teeth in, of course.

Silver Crusade

One could argue that the Vigilante just has to *believe* his target is appropriate, whereas the paladin merely "asks" his deity to help him in combat. Seems appropriate for the vigilante.

Silver Crusade

It should be noted that there is an official Pathfinder translation in Germany and while most people understand English, some don't, some have trouble keeping up with the German words (as I said, newer players) and some just feel like it kills the atmosphere even more if the discussed rules are a wild mixture of German and English if a few seconds ago everybody tried speaking Movie-Middle-Agish.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

15. Completly losing it.

If you get loud during a game out of anger that's bad enough, but as soon as you throw a dice in a corner you can go. I tolerate it in my home group to a degree (my brother threw his dice away in fake anger - since it was his room it was not my problem where the dice landed, so okay), but if you do such a thing in a public space where you can throw a bad light on all of us - ciao!

16. Being discriminatory.

Now I'm not talking ingame - if your character just happens to think that all dwarves/elves/black people are stupid/evil/greedy that makes him an a+*@%%%, not you - but rather at the table. If you just happen to think that the scenario writer should be fired for writing a gay shop owner into the module I don't want you at my table. To a lesser degree: If your racist character makes someone else uncomfortable, please make clear that you are aware that your character is an a!+!@!~, you do not share his point of view and maybe drop that aspect of his character for the session.
Fortunately this has never been a problem with any of my groups - public groups have been tame, private groups have been exactly that - private, and the only racists were the NPCs. I couldn't even blame them - if you live in a land historically threatened by orcs I don't blame you for not trusting the half-orc.

Silver Crusade

Completly ignoring the Wealth-dependant-classes-stuff:

I always assume the characters exchange money to carry it more easily. This includes buying gems for easier carrying. The loss they make with this is included in the whole "selling only brings half the value" - the magic item isn't always really as expensive as noted, so instead of paying 21,000 gp they pay 19,000 gp - the last 2,000 gp represent the money they lost by turning their gold into gems before.

Silver Crusade

Quite simple. Please speak a languge everybody understands. That includes gentle nudging towards German terms if newer players are at the table - while every veteran knows that "AC" is "armor class", a new player might only be familiar with "RK" - "Rüstungsklasse", the German translation. It gets only more confusing if a wild mixture of German and English gets thrown around.
Other simple rule: If the GM cannot understand it, it does not happen, simple as that. "But I said 'Ph'nglui mglw'nafh', which means 'I ready an attack' in Gibberlandish..." - doesn't matter, speak a language the GM understands and all is well.

Silver Crusade

Paranoia. We were 3 groups and 3 GMs - one group was security level green (my group), one group was red and one was blue.
(For those who don't know: The security clearance in Paranoia goes Infrared-Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet-Ultraviolet, or something like this).
After some shenenigans I ended up with an exo-skelton from Research&Development and 3 missiles and the usual order: Test them and bring them back intact (because, y'know, Paranoia). The missiles were red (= below my clearance), green (= my clearance) and ultraviolet (= above my clearance, using it was treasonous, but not testing it was treasonous as well because, y'know, Paranoia).
We ended up in a part of the sector where we got surrounded by guards who were mad at us because...I forgot, but I'm sure it wasn't our fault because we were always good citizens. I was pretty high at that point because our Happinesss Officer made it damn sure to keep us happy at all times, screw the consequences. Hammered me loaded the red missile and fired at the guards cornering us (because they were obviously treasonous!). I didn't know that one of the other teams had done SOMETHING to the floor, so the detonation blew away the floor and we plunged in the area directly beneath us were we got attacked immediatly by an army of blue mutant kitties - one of the other teams had screwed up and released them, or created some, or something along those lines. Because, y'know, Paranoia.
I did the only reasonable thing:
"I fire the green missile!"
The GM stares at me, but nods. The green rocket flies towards the cats and...goes straight to them, doing nothing. A bunker buster is not exactly designed to destroy kittens, more cement and alike.
Now you should know that if you die in Paranoia a clone replaces you and you've got 7 clones or so, and depending on the mood the mortality rate can be pretty high. So I didn't really consider it too dangerous to load the white, erm, ultraviolet missile. And firing them. While drugged out of my mind.

The GM stares at me.

"You sure?"

The GM pauses the game and goes to collect the other 2 GMs and the rest of the groups. Everybody gathers round.

"So, what happens is this...THIS group *points at another group* managed to release mutant kittens, who THIS group *points as us* now fights in the main reactor room of the whole sector. And THIS gentleman *points at me* just fired a nuclear missile inside the main reactor room. Directly towards the reactor. Usually I'd say that you're all dead...but you're not only dead, because Blackbot just destroyed the whole MAP, including the clone facilities. We have to stop here because EVERYTHING IS GONE."

Because, y'know, Paranoia. And much laughter was head.

(The game was nearing its end anyways, so it's not like I killed hours and hours of fun to be had...but it was glorious nontheless!)

Silver Crusade

Why not use the cards and a sharpie to make "decks"?
20 cards with numbers from 1-20 -> d20
12 cards with numbers from 1-12 -> d12
And so on...

Silver Crusade *

Journal Cards wrote:
Once all of a goal’s boxes are checked, you have completed that goal.

Whoops. Thanks, BNW.

Silver Crusade *

Wait a second...that was something that seemed quite clear to my, but on second thought...

Do three checkboxes mean "This goal can be achieved three times" or do they mean "You have to fulfill this condition three times to achieve the goal"? To me it was obviously the first one, but I'm not so sure now...

Silver Crusade

Oh, yeah, webcomics. Commissioned, Flipside and Goblins.
Or, as I like to call them:
Aborted storylines, yay sexuality and lousy fight scenes, and Dramaqueen without a schedule.
Let's call them guilty pleasures, yes? ;)

Silver Crusade

My group's face was an advocate before taking up paladinhood. This was pretty much what he did, though he called the other PCs into witness stand to present evidence, arguing he couldn't do it himself without seeming personally affected. So the sorcerer presented their magic findings, the cleric of Pharasma presented what they found out about flesh golems and why it doesn't fit and so on, guided by the paladin's questions about the topics.
Make sure this is okay with your bard, though - it can be quite boring to leave one character at the court house with the rest doing all the fighting. Depending on how much there is left to do it can be quite some time before the bard can rejoin the action.

Silver Crusade

Books (mostly Discworld and A Song of Ice and Fire at the moment - I read every bad piece of fast-food-fantasy when I was younger, this has ended) and video games.
There are few good fantasy series if you don't count the science fiction/superhero stuff and even fewer good movies. Most are either horrible adaptations of good books (Inkheart, Hobbit 2+3) or horrible adaptions of horrible books (Eragon) or just plain horrible (Maleficent). Though I don't watch that many movies in general.

Silver Crusade *

We were fighting with a bunch of chairs and I carelessly engaged in melee with my wizard. The chair grappled me and I tried escaping its grapple over multiple rounds - no use. I fell unconscious. I sigh and look down on my character sheet.
"MOTHERF***** - I forgot I can dimension door as a swift action!"

Afterwards we had to blow a lot of resources to sneak through a very busy area - although I even wrote down that I wanted to grab some uniforms from the wardrobe so we could disguise ourselves. Which I only remembered after we blew our scrolls and potions.

Silver Crusade

2 people marked this as a favorite.

93. Wears only the finest clothes, drinks the finest wine and is all in all a noble douche, but really loves his 5 cp stew.
93a. Especially if the source of meat in that stew is questionable at best.

Silver Crusade *

Also be aware that "A character dropped into negatives" is already fairly risky with only 4 players. A character death early on is far more of a problem in PFS than in a home game because the player cannot just come back at the same level. If everybody only has one character and at level 4 a character dies and has to start a new level 1 character that can raise some problems.

Silver Crusade

1 person marked this as a favorite.

87. Always jumps to the most outlandish or fantastic explanation - if the choices are "That guy's insane/lying" or "That guy stems from another dimension even though we have no proof such a thing even exists and every other explanation would be more logical" you be pretty sure he won't pick the former.
87a. The character in question is very intelligent.
87b. Or the character in question is very dumb. But that wouldn't be as fun.
87c. The character in question is very intelligent and not prone to delusional theories except if the theory involves one particular thing. He will of course try to invent theories that involve that thing for everything.

88. Cannot keep names straight. Alternatively, has a very limited space for names and applies the same name to every person matching the original owner - be it occupation (every butler is James), age (every child is called Timmy) or race/ethnicity (every dwarf is Harsk).
88a. Bonus points if this leads to the other players getting confused about the plot because they all think you're the only one keeping the names straight.

Silver Crusade *

Though sometimes it's weird: They put in every single monster in the back of the scenario, including kobolds and zombies, even the optional encounter (all from the bestiary 1)...and forget a monster from the bestiary 2. ^_^

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I suppose that would ease the problem of the Completly Random Venture Captains. "Okay, so I need to infiltrate an embassy...I think I'll send the heavily armored dwarf, two druids (one with a tiger), the conjurer and the witch..."
Would've been even worse if the witch chose to play barbarian instead.

Silver Crusade

Aranna wrote:
Can he refuse to allow the player? This is for a PFS game right? There may be rules against excluding players. If he can exclude him then perfect, otherwise just use the whole zero XP suggestion. And let him pointlessly sit there being ignored.

Actually that guy is violating the "Don't be a jerk"-rule of PFS.

PFS doesn't have a "You may not send somebody away" rule, especially not if you're playing at home (Mike Brock can hardly force you to invite people in you don't want in there. That's the way the vampires operate, people!). Some store owners have a rule of "If you want to play PFS at my store you have to take everyone who wants to play", though.
Plus, as already mentioned: You want to run a PFS campaign, meaning every player is expected to bring a character who is a Pathfinder. If he doesn't do that his character is unfit for the campaign.

Silver Crusade

Rynjin wrote:

I think we can all agree the guy's a jerk but:

Hama wrote:

So, we spend about three hours generating characters, mostly because one of the players is insanely thorough and insists on reading through spell descriptions before picking spells for his spellbook.

...Who DOESN'T read spell descriptions before they pick them? How else do you know what they do, and are worth choosing?

Especially since some have some very sneaky fine-print that makes the short description sound really good, and the finished product be worthless (see: Air Step as an example).

Since these are first-time players I'm sure Hama wouldn't have been opposed to the idea of him switching out the spells later. Whenever a new player plays a class who has access to a limited number of spells I tend to say "Look, pick this spell and if you find it doesn't work the way you thought/hoped we can switch it out."

If the whole group is waiting and it's a low-level game the wizard could've just asked what the "usual" spells were and later (at home) looked up others in the PRD and added them to his spell book. Assuming we're talking 1st level the costs are really not that high.

But @topic: That guy's a douche. But how did he even survive? I mean..."old clock tower" pretty much translates to "Something will go very wrong if you go up there", and at low-level a single character tends to be killed easily in a fight designed for the whole group.

Silver Crusade

Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Blackbot wrote:
for rogues it were constructs and undead -
Not since 3.5. And for rogues - moreso than regen/fast healing, it's still oozes/elementals. And to a lesser degree - anyone with fortification.

I know. That's why I wrote their new enemy are GMs still stuck in 3.5 ;)

Silver Crusade

TBH, it didn't even occur to me that a rogue could not dual-wield. My own rogue uses two shortswords, to I kinda forgot that there are other rogues around...

And of course fast healing and regen aren't that common and there will always be that one monster that blocks one of your favorite abilities. For archers it's DR (well, before UC came out), for wizards magic immunity, for rogues it were constructs and undead - that changed to fast healing, regen and GMs still stuck in 3.5.

Regarding canceling fast healing and regen: There has to be a way to disable regen because otherwise the creature cannot be killed. That way depends on the monster, though...spoilers: It's acid and fire for trolls.

Silver Crusade

After reading this thread I feel like two things have been overlooked:

1. Yes, the AC-penalty helps with the rogue's 3/4 BAB. But you should note that to apply the penalty you have to hit your enemy first and even then it's only for 1 round - meaning that if you don't have that many attacks and only hit with one sneak attack, by the time your next turn rolls around the penalty is gone. Once you hit with two sneak attacks this changes because every sneak attack (and from how I read it not only the rogue's) prolongs the duration by one round, so from then on it gets useful.

2. Rogues will hate regeneration and fast healing now. ;)

Silver Crusade *

Guys, I'm not saying it's impossible - just that it's not as far-spread and most people are hesitant to get a credit card just because they want to buy PDFs at

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hi there, me again!

Grandmaster Torch has done some things that has put him on the "Kill on sight"-list of quite a few PCs and has been declared an enemy of the Society. But in scenarios prior to his departure he could be quite important, be it as the faction leader of the Shadow Lodge or as an information broker back when he first showed up.
So...what do you do when it comes to these things?
Granted, in some scenarios he provides merely the background - "Grandmaster Torch gave us informations when the Shadow Lodge reunited with the Society, we have to kill the remaining rogue elements" can be easily changed to "Some of Torch's associates were careless when leaving the Society and we found informations about rogue elements". But in other scenarios Torch is someone the PCs have to bargain with, sometimes he is even the one sending them out to do something for him.

What do you do in situations like these?
Do you simply run as written and say "Yeah, it doesn't make sense, please don't question it!"?
Do you come up with an explanation about how this is all in the past and time is flexible and all that?
Do you substitute him with a no-name information broker?
Do you substitute him with always the same information broker your local PFS group might know for quite some time now?
Do you hope for your players not knowing who Torch is and change nothing?
Or is there even an unofficial consensus on the forums I'm not aware of (like substituting him with a guy named "Burned Spider" or something)?

Let me hear your ideas!

Silver Crusade *


quick question: A player of mine chose to play a pregen last Saturday and wants to hold the chronicle sheet for his paladin. Does he immediatly write in the chronicle number (so later his character will have sheets 1-2-3-5-6-7-8-9-10-4) or does he wait with that until the character reaches level 4 (so his character will have sheets 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10)?

I couldn't find that information anywhere. I think it should be the former, but I'm unsure.

Silver Crusade *

Depending on where one lives in Europe that might not be an easy option because credit cards are not as common as they are in the USA. I usually have to take the "Hey, [father/girlfriend/friend], could you please buy some store credit on for me?"-route.
If the situation the Netherlands is similar to Germany's situation that's not unlikely.

Silver Crusade *

Soluzar, you should try changing the resolution. Make sure to set your scale tool to "Inches" instead of "Pixels" and try to guess by how much your resolution needs to be reduced - I usually end up with 75 dpi or something along those lines IIRC.

Silver Crusade *

5 people marked this as a favorite.

Throwing this in now: I suggest the ability to retrain your rogue to unchained rogue once for every player in the future.
Reason: Same as already stated, to help new players ease into the game and not frustrate them by saying "You played your first character, a rogue, to level 2 and thus cannot change it to the 'better' version of the rogue."

Silver Crusade *

Maybe she has an Amulet of Proof aganst Detection and Location

When crafting the mirror you need to cast bestow curse as part of the crafting process. So it's not a cursed item, but a cursing item, I guess. After all, most cursed items do the exact opposite of what they should do - this mirror does what you expect it to, but has a (preventable) side effect. Seems to work as intended to me.

Silver Crusade *

The problem is this:
If the combat assumes the PCs charge right back out during daytime there should be more gnolls.
If the combat assumes the PCs wait till nightfall there should be something in the adventure explaining what happens to the PCs posing as slavers.
Both ways the scenario needs a bit more infos.

Silver Crusade *

Whenever I played at my FLGS, more often than not something was bought or ordered by myself or one of the players. An APG here, some board games there...also some players made it a point for them to only order through the FLGS and not Amazon or alike. It takes longer but costs exactly the same because by law books have to cost the same everywhere in Germany. Imports (like English Pathfinder) excluded of course.

It helps that the store is run by enthusiasts and the owner plays and GMs herself.

Silver Crusade *

Carlos Robledo wrote:
Blackbot wrote:
So, I haven't read the Unchained book yet. But this means that the Unchained rogue is just plain better than the old rogue and a new player who uses the core rules effectively plays a worse version?

That is a subjective statement but at first glance, it's kind of true for the rogue. (John even forgot that the Unchained Rogue's sneak attack works against anything short of total concealment, so you can sneak attack targets with blur or in fog now) I see little reason to play a core rogue if you have access to unchained.

EXCEPT if you want some obscure Rogue Talent that was not reprinted in the Unchained book (such as Sacred Sneak for example, which I do like on my rogue). You'd have to assess if those talents are worth the rebuild or not.

Obscure Rogue Talents from anything besides the Core Rules and maybe the APG aren't really that relevant to new players. Shame.

Again, not b*@*!ing. I like that Paizo tries to make the classes more valuable and adresses balancing issues, I really do. But the first time a rogue and an unchained rogue sit at the same table and notice one of them is just plain better...:/

Silver Crusade *

Damanta: I saw it in store on Saturday in Germany, so I think it should be in the Netherlands already.

Silver Crusade *

John Compton wrote:
brock, no the other one... wrote:
I'm happy about this news, but I now need to find the time to assess the impact of switching to an Unchained rogue for the two level 7 characters that I'm playing at a convention on Saturday. A longer grace period that included a weekend would have been appreciated.


In summary, an unchained rogue has the following major updates:

  • A new ability that adds extra conditions to your sneak attack (replaces nothing)
  • Trap sense is now danger sense which helps during surprise rounds.
  • A bonus feat at 5th level that augments one of your skills (replaces nothing)
  • Some rogue talents are stronger now.
  • Free Weapon Finesse, plus the ability to add Dexterity to damage for one weapon type

    Unless your rogue relies on rogue talents that do not appear in hardcover books—which an unchained rogue is unable to select in the organized play campaign—the switch to an unchained rogue should do nothing but help the character.

  • So, I haven't read the Unchained book yet. But this means that the Unchained rogue is just plain better than the old rogue and a new player who uses the core rules effectively plays a worse version?

    Sorry if I'm sounding cynical, but it just feels weird telling the players I am trying to get hooked with PFS "You don't want to play a rogue before picking up Unchained."
    Keeping new players away from awesome classes for the sake of their own sanity (because they tend to be a bit more complicated than core classes) is one thing, but this sounds more like "This class can do what yours can, but better."

    Silver Crusade

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Even if it's an evil act, so what? Many great books and series had one of the characters do something evil because they deemed it necessary without turning the character itself evil. Some are displayed as quite cold (but not evil) or struggling with their decision afterwards (still not evil) while others are driven over the edge by this. Examples:

    • Batman stated time and time again that he won't kill someone because if he crosses the line once he'd do it again and again and again.
    • Giles (from Buffy) killed a helpless man in cold blood because if he recovered he could become a threat again (as in world-destruction). But he is never portrayed as evil because he doesn't take decisions like this lightly or often, only if he sees it as the only way.
    • Faith (Buffy again) kills an...well, not innocent, but human. While it's in accident, this sets her on a path to evil.
    • In the new Netflix series, Daredevil is pretty ruthless from the start and does quite a few things where every GM would send the Paladin right to falltown for. But his struggling with the line between good and evil is an important aspect of the character in that series.
    • Gunn (from Angel) kills a human who sends lots of innocents to a hell dimension for...reasons, breaking the usual "Killing hundreds of demons is okay, but we draw the lines at humans!" rule. This sets of a long plot about how he deals with this. Again, not evil.
    • Anakin (Star Wars) does a few evil things in Episode II (letting his anger take over, small-scale genocide) but is still not really EVIL. He is portrayed as one of the good guys, but struggling. He's getting to the evil side later, of course. Spoiler: He becomes Darth Vader.
    • Mal (Firefly) kicks a prisoner straight into Serenity's turbine, killing him immediatly. Reason? He wanted to hunt them down after being let go. Though that universe usually runs on grey-and-black-morality at best, it's more a case of "You just threatened to kill us, so..." - pretty much the same as what happened to you, just not with the awesomeness of the turbine.

    So yeah, maybe it's an evil act. But it shouldn't shift the alignment immediatly.

    Silver Crusade *

    1 person marked this as a favorite.
    John Compton wrote:
    Michael Brock wrote:
    DubiousYak wrote:
    For Dark Archive, is it safe to assume that an artifact is any magic item we are assigned to procure but don't actually get to keep? This happens a lot in PFS Scenarios and I'm not sure which ones are actually artifacts.
    To clarify this point further, it requires the recovery of an object that is actually an artifact-level magic item (i.e. A minor artifact or major artifact); just recovering a flashy magic item MacGuffin is not sufficient.

    John, what you're saying is that Mike's "Yes" means "No"?

    Question: Is an Artifact any magic item we retrieve? I'm not sure which ones are artifacts.
    Mike: Yes.
    John: To clarify, no, it has to be an artifact.

    I'm confused. That's not a clarification, that's either a correction or a contradiction.
    Vaguely important because there is (at least) one 3-7 scenario where the group has to retrieve a magic item (CL 10) which can curse the user - but it's technically neither an artifact nor is it no luck for DA there?
    (I think that's vague enough so I don't need to use spoiler tags?)

    If this is the case I strongly suggest adding a "retrieve an important named McGuffin" as a goal next season because it's much more likely to happen - I really feel like the DA goals are not necessarily more difficult than others, but they have less opportunities to fulfill them.

    Silver Crusade *

    I GMed it this weekend and I'm not quite sure what to make of it, to be honest.
    I was really looking forward to GMing it, but looking back I kinda have to agree with FLite. It might have something to do that I was not really on top of my game (Constantly forgetting where something was noted, at one or two occasions forgetting to adjust for 4 players - though that did not matter, the additional gnoll was critcleaved out of existance before dealing any damage), but I was thrown off a bit on multiple occasions.

    The group was (understandably) quite careful and hesitant regarding posing as slaves, but they did quite well. The witch used her Evil Eye multiple times on the slavers to annoy them until they got fed up ("SOMEBODY is doing foul magick here! Who was it?"), the rogue took full responsibility (he already got a lashing before because he spat into the slaver's face to distract him from the horrible disguise roll of the barbarian) and got beaten by the guard and "beaten" by the Silver Crusade PC posing as a slaver - it was quite fun and the witch felt bad afterwads.
    But once they entered the stronghold I was thrown off. How many gnolls are really there? The scenario mentions multiple times that the gnolls like to hunt at night (in fact so often that I as a player would immediatly take that as "Break out during the night, there won't be as many gnolls then).
    "The typical daytime posts for members of the pack include one gnoll in the watchtower with a longbow, and two hyenas in the courtyard. The remaining gnolls are typically found in their hammocks or playing dice in the barracks." vs. "While the PCs visit the fort, many of the pack’s lower-ranking gnolls and hyenas are out hunting or serving a rotation on one of the slave ships Muhlia employs."
    There are no hyenas described in the encounter in B1, only the hyenadon(s) in B2.
    I was tempted to fill the place up with more gnolls and just letting them hunt during the night (making this the best time for a breakout), but if they attempted to break out while the place as still full...well, TPK imminent, didn't run as written, changed encounter, bad GM, thank you for playing.
    I was also not quite sure how to handle the hazards in the last room. Do they count as traps and if so what is the Perception DC?

    Minor thing: I foolishly promised them to remove the curse the previously freed Pathfinder was under if they'd catch it themselves. The rogue promptly looked into the mirror, was cursed and demanded that the curse was it was.

    Also: The mirror is neither an artifact nor cursed, right? So no luck for Dark Archive here?

    Silver Crusade *

    To be fair - if a player states clearly that his character takes extensive notes about the room they're in or draws a map I don't know many GMs who'd say "Yup, but you have to do it OUTSIDE THE GAME as well!"
    Hell, most would probably let it slide if a character says in the debriefing "Hey, we found lots of interesting stuff, there were runes and a trap and one room where you could-" and let the VC say "Hold on, just write it down and turn it in, k?"

    Silver Crusade *

    Quadstriker wrote:
    I'm pretty much the only person I ever see taking notes, but it's part of the fun for me. I'll even write down a funny joke that someone makes during a session. Now I've got a whole notebook that's a collection of stories and good times - almost like... a chronicle of pathfinders. <.<

    I have the feeling my players are getting used to the idea that taking notes might be a good idea. They screwed up their Secondary Success Conditions two times now because they weren't exactly attentive during the mission briefing, took "We absolutly need X, best way to do it is Y, so please do that" as "Do Y, that's your mission", forgot about X the second it was mentioned (every time it was mentioned) and really didn't achieve the greater goal of the Society in that mission.

    On the other hand, they have been saved one or two times by the one player who TOOK notes and said "Hey guys, remember we've got two more days, how about we do this thing that was mentioned?" - carrot and stick and all that ;)

    Silver Crusade *

    Anthat wrote:
    I am going to comment on this as a game store business owner first and as a player second. I can NOT turn the MtG players away on Pathfinder night. (Yes I know no one actually suggested it but we have all thought it, myself included.) MTG is 45.24% of my gross sales and Pathfinder products are 5.10%.

    That is a lot. I did not expect Pathfinder to have much more, but I really did underestimate MTG. If you don't mind the question: Are the other 50% mostly other role playing games, table tops or more "traditional" board games (I'm not talking Risk or Monopoly, but more Settlers of Catan, Twilight Imperium, Game of Thrones, Pandemic...)?

    Silver Crusade *

    There are four situation I've faced regarding turning people away.

    1. Not enough space
    That's the easiest one. If you've signed up in Warhorn (or in the case of our more private games via email) you get a seat. If you show up unannounced and there is still space, cool, grab a seat and please sign up next time because if there are too few people signed up we won't play. If you show up unannounced and there are already 6 players at the table - sorry, please sign up next time and we might be able to run a second table.

    2. Disruptive behaviour
    It happened to me exactly once that after I GMed a game a player came up privatly to me and said "Look, I enjoy you GMing, but I probably won't be back when [other player] is playing." That is a problem, especially if other players say the same thing. There will be a private talk with [other player], but if the behaviour does not change, a turning-away might be in order in the future. This can be difficult if the player in question is a friend.

    3. People I can't stand
    Let's face it, there will be always this one person you don't like, or nobody from your "normal" pool of players likes, for whatever good (or bad) reason. Sometimes a person hears you talking about PFS and asks about the dates and you only think "Oh crap, not HIM..."
    It happens.
    In this case I probably won't turn them away, but I won't go out of my way to recruit them, either - if they sign up and arrive, fine, but I probably won't spend hours of my time helping them create a character and I won't run after them (and, thruth be told, probably hope they forget I ever mentioned PFS). It's still a hobby, after all, and people I can't stand in normal life can stay away from following me into my hobby please, thank you very much. If they follow me, fine, I won't send all the axe-wielding barbarians onto their character specifically, I won't rule against them specifically and I will still try and help them with the rules, but my tolerance level for b$%$&*~~ will probably be much lower.
    (So far the "Please make him forget about this" has always worked, so I didn't get to see whether I can stay neutral)

    4. People who can't stand each other
    A self-regulating problem, really. It CAN happen that player A says "If player B comes along, could you please turn him away? I really don't like him." but in my experience that problem is self-regulating via Warhorn. "Oh, my ex is already registered? I won't register then."

    Silver Crusade *

    1 person marked this as a favorite.

    Without Don'ts this is gonna be difficult because there are things some people do which they don't even realize as bad which makes wording them in a positive manner difficult... But I'll try.
    Also, I'm talking about a perfect world here. I'm aware that there are horrible, horrible GMs and players out there.

    DO accept the GMs rulings if they aren't really, really important. It's not important whether a DR 2/bludgeoning soaks up a magic missile or not if the combat is going well otherwise. Adress it, but if it's minor and you don't have a rule very clearly saying otherwise at hand it can wait until after the game. Or maybe send an email after the game.

    DO try to get a hint. The time slots are sometimes quite small and having an extended conversation with shop keep #342 might be very atmospheric, but it's really not important for the scenario whether the last week was particularly rainy and Shawn's youngest is getting his teeth and oh, the count is such a nice young men, bless his heart if your goal is a temple 40 miles north of the town.

    DO help out other players. If there is a new guy who considers grappling the enemy and you know it beforehand find the page before his turn if he hasn't done it himself yet. Most GMs I know are juggling multiple books behind the screen, the less the better.

    And one DON'T, sorry, have to do it:

    DON'T throw a hissy-fit if your dice are just against you. The GM is just doing his "job", he sucked it up last time when you one-shotted the final boss and the time before when the combat he was really hyped up about was over in the surprise round because the witch's slumber put the villain asleep. Now it's not going your way, deal with it.

    Silver Crusade *

    The reasoning is pretty simple:
    If you play in a higher subtier than appropriate you risk more, thus your reward is higher.
    If you play in a lower subtier than appropriate you risk less, thus your reward is lower.

    Silver Crusade *

    Magabeus wrote:
    Kevin Willis wrote:
    The GM boxes aren't really intended to "advance your character." They are an alternative added to make GMing more attractive. The final boon for each faction is unlocked when you check off all the "play" goals for that faction. The GM boxes were included to prevent GMing from being perceived as a penalty - "I could have finished the goals on this card but I GMed instead. Guess I won't GM any more."

    emphasis mine.

    Huh? If I GM 5 sessions and apply those chronicles to the same PC he completes the GM goal and I only need to achieve 5 other goals to get the final boon (for most factions), since the GM goal counts as 2 goals. There is no distinction between 'play' and 'gm' goals as far as the boons are concerned.

    Or do you mean that you can get the final boon without GM'ing, but you'd have to check off all 'play' goals for that?

    He means that to unlock the final boon you have to check of all play goals for a faction, so if the GM boxes weren't there a few players might've said "Yeah, well, I won't GM then until I checked off all these boxes".

    But the GM boxes are there, so everything is cool.

    Silver Crusade *

    Don't forget the most obvious thing:
    Dice. A friend of mine managed to forget his dice. As a penalty a dice seller there "forced" him to buy the most unreadable dice he had to offer. Yeah.

    Also: Manners. I'm baffled how some people behave at a convention - I have seen people get irritated if you just grab their rule books while playing with them, how on earth do people think it's okay to take a book to have a look at it while the owner is playing?

    Keep in mind that you will be thrown together with people from different regions with vastly different playstiles. You might need to adapt to different playstiles and there will probably one table where you have to chant "I only have to endure this guy for 3 hours, I can mange that" internally. There always is. Be flexible, endure him and be all the more grateful for the players in your home town.

    I second the suggestion of planning your level-up - depending on the number of slots you're playing your character might reach quite a few levels.
    Since you said "characters" (plural) I suppose you're prepared for the rare situation that a character you want to play in slot 4 happens to eat an axe-crit in slot 2 and dies a horrible, messy death by switching to another character.

    (Sorry, but all the nice stuff was taken by the rest - SOMEONE has to be the pessimist here! But really, the few conventions I've been to have always been great fun.)

    Silver Crusade *

    So...what do I have to do to update my PFS ID card?

    (Also: Can I change the icon displayed next to my name to another faction or is it "stuck" to my first characters faction?)

    Silver Crusade


    I tried looking at all paizo blog posts with the Pathfinder Society tag.

    While this displays some of the posts, it's missing quite a few too.
    The first four are:
    The England GM Team Marches on its Stomach
    Gen Con 2015 News and Official Call for Volunteers!
    Learning Exotic Spells
    No Hablo Shoanti

    The first four SHOULD be:
    Faction Journal Cards
    Represent Your Cause!
    Shax's House of Pain!
    The Plot Thickens

    I don't think it's a problem of "New stuff doesn't show up" because some older stuff is missing too - Faction Evolution I and IV is missing from the "Show only PFS tags"-page but displays fine when showing the whole blog.
    I'm unsure whether this extends to tags that are not PFS, didn't test this.

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