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Blackbot's page

FullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 356 posts. No reviews. 6 lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Silver Crusade *

Magabeus wrote:
Kevin Willis wrote:
The GM boxes aren't really intended to "advance your character." They are an alternative added to make GMing more attractive. The final boon for each faction is unlocked when you check off all the "play" goals for that faction. The GM boxes were included to prevent GMing from being perceived as a penalty - "I could have finished the goals on this card but I GMed instead. Guess I won't GM any more."

emphasis mine.

Huh? If I GM 5 sessions and apply those chronicles to the same PC he completes the GM goal and I only need to achieve 5 other goals to get the final boon (for most factions), since the GM goal counts as 2 goals. There is no distinction between 'play' and 'gm' goals as far as the boons are concerned.

Or do you mean that you can get the final boon without GM'ing, but you'd have to check off all 'play' goals for that?

He means that to unlock the final boon you have to check of all play goals for a faction, so if the GM boxes weren't there a few players might've said "Yeah, well, I won't GM then until I checked off all these boxes".

But the GM boxes are there, so everything is cool.

Silver Crusade *

Don't forget the most obvious thing:
Dice. A friend of mine managed to forget his dice. As a penalty a dice seller there "forced" him to buy the most unreadable dice he had to offer. Yeah.

Also: Manners. I'm baffled how some people behave at a convention - I have seen people get irritated if you just grab their rule books while playing with them, how on earth do people think it's okay to take a book to have a look at it while the owner is playing?

Keep in mind that you will be thrown together with people from different regions with vastly different playstiles. You might need to adapt to different playstiles and there will probably one table where you have to chant "I only have to endure this guy for 3 hours, I can mange that" internally. There always is. Be flexible, endure him and be all the more grateful for the players in your home town.

I second the suggestion of planning your level-up - depending on the number of slots you're playing your character might reach quite a few levels.
Since you said "characters" (plural) I suppose you're prepared for the rare situation that a character you want to play in slot 4 happens to eat an axe-crit in slot 2 and dies a horrible, messy death by switching to another character.

(Sorry, but all the nice stuff was taken by the rest - SOMEONE has to be the pessimist here! But really, the few conventions I've been to have always been great fun.)

Silver Crusade *

So...what do I have to do to update my PFS ID card?

(Also: Can I change the icon displayed next to my name to another faction or is it "stuck" to my first characters faction?)

Silver Crusade


I tried looking at all paizo blog posts with the Pathfinder Society tag.

While this displays some of the posts, it's missing quite a few too.
The first four are:
The England GM Team Marches on its Stomach
Gen Con 2015 News and Official Call for Volunteers!
Learning Exotic Spells
No Hablo Shoanti

The first four SHOULD be:
Faction Journal Cards
Represent Your Cause!
Shax's House of Pain!
The Plot Thickens

I don't think it's a problem of "New stuff doesn't show up" because some older stuff is missing too - Faction Evolution I and IV is missing from the "Show only PFS tags"-page but displays fine when showing the whole blog.
I'm unsure whether this extends to tags that are not PFS, didn't test this.

Silver Crusade *

Walter Sheppard wrote:
Quadstriker wrote:

Overall it looks like great work was done with these cards.

My only fear with these are that the "convert an npc" goals will incite the single track minded players to ignore context and situational awareness of the story and generally muck up the flow of the game.

Here's what I'm envisioning:

Important NPC: "I'm just so distraught! I haven't a clue who could have kidnapped my daughter, but I'm afraid she's in grave danger!"


The other PFS players and GM: *eye roll*

Hope I'm wrong and this never becomes an issue!

Definitely a problem with the player and not with the product in that hypothetical.

"That's awful! You know what would cheer you up? Helping the cause of the Silver Crusade! For just $9.99 YOU can help save orphans all around the world!

Silver Crusade. For a better world to live in."

Silver Crusade *

You obviously never had a witch in your party, Wraith.

"The man turns around. 'Who are you?'"
"I slumber him."
"We take away his weapons and tie him up."

Fight over.

Silver Crusade

Okay, this is neither a oneliner nor was it at the table, but I had to laugh today.

A friend of mine recently founded a new Pathfinder group. The first GM was booted after one session, the second one (they decided to rotate) judged a written module and after the group finishes the module designed by the third GM...
Him: "We're gonna start Skulls&Shackles!"
Me: "That's pretty cool. I didn't want to GM it back when we decided what to play, so my group had to decide between Carrion Crown, Kingmaker and Serpent's Skull." [These were the only APs available in German at the time, Rise of the Runelords was coming up though]
Him: "Oh yeah, I bought the first Kingmaker module already. I will GM this after we finished the AP."
Me: " play weekly, right? And about 4-5 hours each week?"
Him: "Yeah, so? Should take us a few months to finish the AP, right?"

I then told him that we started Carrion Crown about two years ago and finished the third module recently. My group plays 1-2 times a month for 5-7 hours (though we had some slips of schedule because of real life and inner-group-dating gone bad). He was...surprised, to say the least.

Silver Crusade *

Nah. That's a very spiky ankh. To bash in the heads of those who don't want to do good.

Silver Crusade *

Oh, one minor complaint: These new icons look less clean and more like something engraved in stone or something. Which is pretty cool.
But it makes them look extremly muddy when displayed next to a forum name. I think a more clean version for the forum would be nice.

Silver Crusade *

Tsriel, our cultures might have clashed there. At my university (I'm from Germany) the student-organized clubs won't receive money from the university, though they can apply for money at the Fachschaftsrat, a board elected by students among themselves. These could of course say "We meet at X in room Y, but you have to be a member to play" and refuse someone just showing up with no connections to the club (or the university itself) just as you can refuse someone in front of your house who wants to enter your living room to participate.
So yes, of course it'd be unusual. Just not impossible.

I'm kinda worried however that we speculated and asked for clarification and Wei just commented with "This is what I needed to know" - maybe we told him total bogus because it doesn't apply to his situation...

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Indeed I haven't. As my lodge consists mostly of new players I slap everybody asking for a non-core-pregen with the CRB. You don't get to play a bloodrager if you still have no clue what an AoO is and why your damage while raging increases by 3 and not 2!

Silver Crusade *

I love em. Because I'm never satiesfied I whished there was a simple version of the new Exchange and Liberty's Edge logo too, but I love em nevertheless.

Silver Crusade

Wake of the Watcher. The aforementioned 4th installment of the AP.

Silver Crusade *

Even if you're the only level 1 character one of three things happens:
1. The scenario is tier 1-5 and the subtier is 1-2. This subtier assumes every character is level 1 or 2, though this is not always correct - for example, a group consisting of the levels 1,1,1,1,1,4 also plays in subtier 1-2 because the average is 1.5. Everything will be allright.
2. The scenario is tier 1-5 and the subtier is 4-5. This can occur if the levels are 1,4,5,5 for example because the average is 3.75, rounded to 4. You will be in a bit of trouble because the enemies are pretty tough, but hopefully the rest of the group can compensate a bit.
3. The scenario isn't tier 1-5. You won't be able to play your character, but you can play a pregen and apply the chronicle sheet to your level 1 character (though with less gold than written on the sheet). While the pregens aren't THAT powerful, they're alright and can handle themselves. Except Harsk. Screw him.

Silver Crusade *

Tried that, but whenever I click onto a registered name I only see this:
"You do not have access to view this page."
No matter which profile I click on, my own excluded. So I guess most people tend to leave the setting as-is.
Do you think it's reasonable to contact the admins in the more extreme cases (for example a NPCs has twice the hp it should have) if the poster does not react?

Silver Crusade *

You can't force anybody to let you play. If, for example, the RPG club at your university or whatever wants to host PFS you can't force them to let you play without becoming a member, if that's what you mean.
But I have never seen anything like this in a convention. Do you mean something like "We have tables only for 'New York Dice Rollers United' members and one of it happens to be a PFS table"?

Silver Crusade *

What is the preferred method regarding errors?
I cannot contact the user directly (no PMs or Email) and I think the report feature is meant for other stuff.
I replied in the thread but haven't received an answer yet.
The error is one that is minor - an attack bonus was not given in the scenario (an error) and the statblock calculated it too high (BAB + Weapon Focus + STR 19 does not equal 8). Bit let's assume it's something more severe (the creator thinks a barbarian is not raging and his statblock adds raging bonuses on top of the printed bonuses for example), what's the way to go there?

Silver Crusade *

Precise Shot maybe. Otherwise you suffer a -4 penalty for shooting (well, throwing) into melee combat. Which is usually the case.

Silver Crusade

Use the guide as a guide, not as gospel though. Especially the skills section doesn't work as well for PFS I think - my rogue used diplomacy and bluff far more often than stealth, to the point where I stopped putting a skill rank into stealth at EVERY level. The min/max-nature of his ability scores is also something I heavily discourage if you're a new player.
Basically the thing about the rogue boils down to this:
Archery is very difficult to pull of because getting sneak attack damage is difficult.
As a melee rogue TWF is valuable because it grants you more attacks and every attack you do should ideally trigger sneak attack. Here you absolutly need weapon finesse. Hitting at all is far more important than to deal a bit of extra damage because if you miss you don't sneak, simple as that.
I wouldn't bother with Weapon Finesse if you plan on wielding a two-handed weapon, especially if you need a feat to pick up the weapon in question anyhow. Your dex will be high with a TWF build because you need it to take the feats. You don't need the feats with a two-handed weapon, so your dex grants you AC, Ref and a little bit of a bonus in some skills only. You will want to pick a high strength to really profit from the weapon (remember, STR bonus x 1.5 to weapon damage!), so weapon finesse won't grant you a big increase in attack bonus if any.

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.
jtaylor73003 wrote:

I wanted to only reply to small portion of Outshyn post. I don't know how to make that happen yet so I did what I could.

You click "reply" on the post you want to quote and delete everything you do not want to quote. It's like carving a duck out of a piece of wood: Take the wood and remove everything not looking like a duck. ;)

And I seem to be mixing up threads (4 a.m. in my time zone) - didn't you say something about talking to him beforehand and he told you to just register or something like that? I can't seem to find it again, so it might've been another thread...

Quadstriker wrote:

Sorry man, but El Oh El at these points of view.

"I died so the entire time was a waste!"

"omg playing a game instead of earning income!"

Yeah if that's really how you feel, this probably isn't for you at all. Good luck in your future gaming endevors.

While I understand where you're coming from, try to remember how cheated you can feel when a film has a really disappointing ending. While you might've enjoyed the movie up to this point, the ending just makes it feel like a waste. Same here.

I can absolutly understand his feelings (to a certain degree). I'd be pissed too if I spent a day figuring out a new gaming system, play it, lose without the ability to do anything about it and getting told "Sorry, that's the game!"
Or another example: You joined a "Magic The Gathering for Beginners" event to try out the game, can't play the cards you wanted to play because your grasp of the rules isn't firm and get wrecked by a You-die-in-round-3-300$-deck multiple times in a row. Would this be typical for Magic? Maybe, I haven't played Magic in a long while. Is it Beginner friendly? No. Would you feel like it has been a waste of time even though you "played" 3 hours? Probably.

Silver Crusade *

Outshyn did not say you did anything wrong. No need to resort to capslock. (EDIT: Oh, you referred to another post than I thought. Sorry. That's why quoting is such a great tool ;) )
But talking to your GM should really seem like a no-brainer. This will tell you pretty quickly whether he's someone you might want to play with again or not. If it turns out he's not willing to help you as much as you'd like to, or is more deadly than you'd like or something along those lines - great, now you now and you can do something better with your time. Play a video game, perhaps. Or go rock climbing. Or find another role playing game to play. Or a non-PFS-Pathfinder group willing to help you more. Or D&D Encounters.
Seems like a better use of your time (10 minutes to write a mail) than the alternative (another 5-hour-experience you possibly do not enjoy).

Silver Crusade *

Kalindlara wrote:

5c) If they do so, they then need the CRB. Can someone play pregens consistently without a purchase? (Should I dissuade them from doing so?)

Mike said that you're expected to buy the CRB (PDF or dead tree) after 2 or 3 sessions.

Which is completly reasonable. I feel like forcing players to buy the Core Rules right away is always a huge turn-off. Yes, they are expected to have it handy, but it often takes people a few slots to really find out if PFS is something for them. Once they hit level 2 or so I'd increase the nagging, but as long as there are enough rule books at the table I'd not get too worried about forcing everybody to buy the CRB right away. That's what the PRD is there for, isn't it?
And really, 10$ for a PDF isn't too much to ask for.
(Yeah, plus printing costs - but really the only chapters you regularly need at the game table are your class + the combat chapter. Magic + your spells if you're a caster.)

Also he said this wise thing here:

Mike Brock wrote:

I'm not interested in or going to list out the various possibilities, exceptions, etc... that this would entail. As Walter said, we can direct those very literal people to the first line under Core Assumption: "The leadership of this campaign assumes you will use common sense in your interpretation of the rules.

Common sense does not mean making an 11 year old buy a book when they don't even have a job. Common sense is if someone is out of work, and start playing PFS, we aren't going to require them to buy a book until they have the financial means to do so. There are many, many numerous examples such as these that could be listed, and doing so would probably create a list 200+ entries long, that were made "official" exceptions, would have to be referenced every time someone didnt bring a book to the table.

Use common sense please.

Silver Crusade *

2 people marked this as a favorite.

This was the most pointless thread necromancy I've seen in a long time.
And I'm contributing to it.
CN for life!

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as a favorite.

First: You bought not one, but two hardcover books for a system you weren't even sure you'd enjoy? And here I had to fight with myself for half a year to even purchase the CRB...

jtaylor73003 wrote:
I left hurt and confused, because I could compare the session to another system's session. I understand everyone opinion, especially those use to the system. I am simply am not, which would mean increase chances of die next session. This seems like the only Game Master in the area, and he said next week would be part 2.

I feel like this is being overlooked far too generously. The big problem to me doesn't seem to be a character dying in his first scenario (though this might have something to do with it), but how it happened.

Besides all the "S#** happens, build a tougher character next time, I died in my first PFS scenario as well, sometimes the dice are against you" that's going on here (and that is not wrong, even though I myself have yet to see a character die - we're playing pretty soft in my area) we simply should not overlook this fact:
The game was advertised as "Pathfinder for Beginners".
No help was given for beginners.
The GM did not help in any way.
Now, we don't know anything about the GM in question - maybe he himself was a newbie, maybe he was quite busy at the moment, maybe jtaylor73003 didn't make it clear enough how much of a newbie he was - but really, the one problem going on here was a big difference in expectation from both sides.
You, jtaylor expected someone to hold your hand and guide you towards this system you were interested in. This is not unreasonable and in fact how most of my players were as well.
The GM seemed to expect something different - maybe because communication failed, maybe because he simply didn't have the time, maybe because he's lazy. We don't know and assuming anything does not help here.
This leaves open a big problem though - with all the help and all the tips, if you're going back in without talking to the GM beforehand you won't have much fun I'm afraid. Did you talk to him after the scenario? Writing him a (friendly and non-confrontational) email explaining what you expected could help far more than the whole discussion here. If he wasn't aware of how much of a newbie (and I mean this in the friendly way, not in the "Damn those Noobs!"-way) you were this should help. If he's a "Imma kill you all if you didn't memorize the CRB before your first game!" type of GM, cool, at least you know.

Silver Crusade *

I have only played library of the Lion, but from what I saw I'd hesitate to call it "easy to prep". There are two subsystems you have to understand and keep track of which can make GMing quite difficult with not enough preparation beforehand.

Silver Crusade *

Flutter postet an excellent thread with everything you want to know about an animal companion.

Google Doc!

Most interesting thing for you: Your first animal companion starts with as many tricks as it can learn, no training required.

Silver Crusade *

I recently bought the Combat Pad and I love it. I kept getting confused with initiative cards, lost track with them, forgot how many turns something lasted, somehow always lost at least one of them and so on.
Excessive delaying gets confusing too.
Before I always had one player write the order down onto the map (home game though, not PFS), but that gets really confusing once people ready actions or delay their turns.
Depending on the group however I like to hand Combat Pad-duty off to a player less busy then the rest, usually a fighter, ranger, barbarian or monk (theoretically. Never seen a monk in my area...) - of course, I'll still track hp and buffs and all that by myself.

Silver Crusade *

The Archives of Nethys have a list with all available deities, sorted by alignment.

It also notes where you can find the deities if they're not in the core rules.

Silver Crusade *

The whole POINT of an oracle is that it does not have to have a deity. It may have one, but this deity is in no way connected to the powers the oracle receives.

(Also: Serves you right for not reading the Guide to Organized Play! You should be able to recite it if I wake you up at 3 am! ;) )

Silver Crusade

I like both Option #2 and #3. #1 has a very strong "You did everything right, but screw you anyway"-vibe. This might be appropriate in a Call of Cthulhu game, but at least I like my Pathfinder to be more upbeat. Yes, it's a horror adventure, but killing children just to show the PCs that there is horror around is textbook fridge-stuffing.

They reacted like true heroes should, they tried to get the situation under control without killing anybody innocent. I know plenty of people who would've smashed the woman's head in with no second thought.

A few other thoughts:

1. The trust mechanic is broken, simple as that. Easiest fix is to double all the rewards while not touching the penalties or just throwing it overboard alltogether.
2. Some people may have problems with violence against children. Make sure your group is okay with stuff like that being in the game. Same goes for sexual themes (violent or not), violence against animals, graphically described torture and so on. If everybody is okay with that no problem, but it should be adressed.
3. "It was one of the "gotchas" I was hoping to catch them with, but c'est la vie" - I had to really force myself to let go of my "Me vs. them" mentality. I'm not sure if you have this mentality or just wanted to put in a quick "Dang those intelligent NPCs!"-comment, but look out for falling into the "I have to really punish them for being clever"-mentality I had not so long ago. You presented them with a difficult problem, they managed to solve it in a great way - that's great for them, it's great for the story, no need to get them back for that.

Silver Crusade *

Not having a deity with a divine class is not PFS legal.

Guide do Pathfinder Society Organized Play, p. 10 wrote:

Clerics, inquisitors, paladins, cavaliers of the order of the star, and samurai of the order of the star must choose a deity as all classes in Golarion that receive spells and abilities from a specific divine source receive their powers from a deity. Druids, oracles, and rangers are the exception to this rule.

This is a case of "Yeah, the rulebook states that it can be this way, but in our 'default' setting it does not work like that."

Silver Crusade *

ZomB wrote:

I think the only thing the randomization adds to it is that a player cannot carry knowledge over from a previous run through.

On the random ambush party stats:
2) The brute's to hit is not listed, it should be +6.

3) I note that the brute does +12 damage when raging and power attacking - rolling high damage or a critical is one hit one kill against first level PCs - so possibly not to be used on an all new player table and also used with care against an all level one party.

I just stumbled over this bit while prepping and this is false.

The statblock is missing the attack, that much is true. But the statblock does describe the already raging brute. Why I think this? Simple:
1. His AC includes "-2 rage".
2. His Willsave should be +2, his wisdom modifier. It's +4 though, suggesting that he is raging.
3. If his statistics described a non-raging barbarian, his point buy would've been done with 36 points. If they describe a raging barbarian it's been done with 14 points - far closer to what NPCs in PFS scenarios usually have to show.

So yeah. It should be
Melee greatclub +6 (1d10+6)
Obviously greatclub +5 (1d10+9) when power attacking. This is still enough to bring most characters into serious trouble, but not as ridiculous as 1d10+12 is.

Silver Crusade *

I recently GMed the Confirmation and Janira let out a confused "I know what you want to say: 'The Society was founded in the Wisp, not here!'...I don't know where he got that idea, but that's our master of scrolls." after Kreighton Shaine was gone.

Silver Crusade *

Isn't that completly irrelevant if campaign mode is available?
"Sorry guys, we started two weeks too soon with the AP, so no credit for the first few months of play!"

Silver Crusade *

Sebastian Hirsch wrote:
Preparing to run a certain superdungeon has tough me, that light sources are very important, and it is worth remembering people that most races can't sneak attack in areas of dim light.

...I felt better when I was blissfully unaware of this fact. Damn you, Sebastian!

Silver Crusade

Also: You missed the correct forum by a mile. This is neither a PFS- nor a GM-discussion.

But if they start a new campaign, isn't that the perfect moment to say "Sorry guys, I need a little bit of down-time, I don't really feel to play anymore?"
Because I think it's much worse to have a player who doesn't really want to play than a player who bows out.

Silver Crusade

-4 with your main hand and -8 with your other hand.

Silver Crusade *

As I said - nothing hinders the party of declaring they want to free him under more controlled circumstances later. He will probably not trust them and boast that he can escape anytime he wants to, but as there is no check box to see whether he stayed/returned to the scroll living/returned to the scroll dead I doubt he'll show up again, so there is no reason the party should not keep their promise.
You also could argue that he deserves being caught again as he is meddling with powerful magic just to get his revenge.

And if it does come back again - the only timeline as messed up as the PFS one is Doctor Who. And maybe Terminator. A kitsune who a party freed being caught in a scenario one or two seasons later shouldn't mess up too much.

As I see it, there are a few possible outcomes:

1. You display Caught as extremly reckless and really make a point out of how carelessly he endangers others. While he might not have anticipated Virml drowning in his bird cage, he imprisoned him and left him to the tooth fairies. That's pretty evil and if my players pulled such a stunt I'd consider it torture by proxy.

2. The party can let him loose after the scenario outside Absalom, though they will have to slay Mistress Koi to make sure she does not try to recapture him.

3. The party goes out of her way to convince the Master of Scrolls to look into freeing the bard again.

Silver Crusade *

Did any party try to unclog the drain in the main room? If so: Did you rule that the Pathfinder in the bird cage below drowns instantly or did they have a chance to save him?
(Given the amount of water that would flush down there I imagine the room would be filled pretty much instantly...)
Also: Did any group decide not to return Caught to his prison? I feel that him accepting this fate makes it better ("Bwah, I'll be out there again in notime!") but especially Liberty's Edge and Chaotic Good characters might feel that this is a pretty harsh punishment.
I mean, they can still go outside, read the poem, slay the Koi and be done with it, but still.

Silver Crusade *

GM Lamplighter wrote:
I think when something is an error, we can fix it if it's just math.

I was under the assumption that we have to run everything as written because otherwise this might lead to "I died because you changed this encounter, I wouldn't have died if you had used the stats given" etc.

Silver Crusade *

That's not too bizarre, really. It keeps the game at least somewhat grounded because it prevents people going from full-on "Yeah, he's an Elf, but he LOOKS like a Halforc" or "Yeah, his skin is yellow, his eyes look like these of a snake and instead of hair he has scales...what? No, he's a normal human!"

Silver Crusade *

So. The Overflow Archives.

Who GMed it? What problems did arise? What solutions did you find?

I read the scenario and two problems became obvious to me:

1. Caught's statblock is erroneous, and at one of the worst places possible: His saves do not differ between his bard 3- and his bard 7-statblock. This leads to a Will save of +3 (instead of +5) in Subtier 4-5, or in other words: he'll be slumbered before he can say "Stop what are you doing" as soon as a witch is on board. We may not fix it (I think) and I've never seen a scenario fixed after release, so that's a bummer.

2. The author HATES foreign GMs who have to translate the poems and plays on words into other languages. ;)

But nevertheless, I look forward to judging it. I plan to swap Albatross' and Owl's names - after all, the text never explicitly states who is who, and I think it might drive a group appropriatly crazy that the owlheaded one is Albatross and the albatrossheaded one is Owl.

Silver Crusade *

And he said on the next page that charge needs a FAQ or an errata. Which never came. So charge still works as everybody thinks it does, sadly.

(For those who don't want to read it: Someone pointed out that the wording was the same in 3.5 and 3.5 had some graphics making it very clear his ruling was wrong. Since you cannot keep the wording the same but change its interpretation [cause that would be dumb] an errata/FAQ is needed. Which never came.)

Silver Crusade *

The FAQ ruling is pretty vague though. Most people reading the forums know how it's MEANT, but the whole "In the rare instance of a wizard charging a fee" comes across more as a "You might meet someone in a scenario" or, even worse, "If a player wants to charge you..."

Silver Crusade *

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

And now I learned something new about charge, too. I love this thread.

(Also: Why the $%!7 is the charge thing by Reynolds not in the FAQ?)

Silver Crusade *

Daniel Wheeler wrote:
The Fox wrote:


As is Pathfinder mathematics. :)

In particular, Pathfinder sqrt(2) is a variable between 1 and 1.5. Don't even get me started on Pathfinder π. :)

Yes! Pathfinder math, where the shortest path can actually end up in 3 different squares thanks to the first 5' diagonal only being 5'

E.G. you have a huge monster 4 squares from a PC as seen below with X and numbers being empty squares, O being the monster, and P being the PC:

X o O o X
X o O o X
X o O o X
X 1 2 3 X

Technically any one of 1, 2, or 3 are mathematically the closest distance to change and are all straight lines, thus any of them are legal to charge to. I've seen plenty of people that disagree with me, but haven't found anything in the rules that would deny it.

I'd argue that as soon as you have to take a diagonal step you are covering a greater distance than by running a straight line because while it only counts as one square, this is not because the distance is the same but because it's the only way how diagonal movements works in a square-based environment. By running the same path twice positions 1 and 3 were suddenly 7 squares while position 2 was 6 squares. And we all now:

x*2 = 7, y*2 = 6, thus
x*2 > y*2 --> x > y.
So the way to positions 1 and 3 should be longer.

Just because the first diagonal only counts as 5' that does not mean it actually IS 5'.

Silver Crusade *

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Sorry, The Fox, I should have said "Well I'll be damned" or something along those lines. I looked it up after you posted it and was surprised, that's all. Thanks for posting the rule nontheless!

And the you-check-one-square-every-time-thing was a real pain in the butt in the Library of the Lion...

(Also, I heard that in Golarion a² + b² = c² + x, where x is determined by whatever Desna wants it to be at the time.)

Silver Crusade *

The Fox wrote:

Here are some:

  • That a creature with Combat Reflexes can still only take one attack of opportunity against me for moving through its threatened area, regardless of how many threatened squares I move through.
  • wait what

    Silver Crusade *

    And if we start listing rules everybody disagrees on in dire need of a FAQ we'd be here all day.
    Jump DCs, are they for jumping over a x-foot-gap or do you have to jump from square to square like a broken knight? That is, do you need to hit a 5 or a 10 to jump over one square?
    Using Acrobatics to avoid attacks of Opportunity, do you have to declare your whole move a tumbling action or can you choose to only tumble on certain squares (so these are the only ones where your speed is halved) and if it's the former, how does this interact with double moves?
    A paladin's detect evil, is it always the move-action-version described or can he choose between the standard action and the move action version or does he have to activate the normal version before using the move action version? (Though this is slightly easier to solve than the others - the move action version would be completly idiotic if he really had to spend a standard action to keep it up every round as the spell does, so it's probably not the third version.)

    And so on, and so on...

    EDIT: Okay, maybe not everybody disagrees on, some of them seem to have a consensus. But there are always enough people arguing for the other side because it's vague enough.

    Silver Crusade *

    Concentration checks. Lots of new players want to play a spellcaster but are too intimidated by the Magic-chapter to read it completly before level 3 or 4.

    Oh, and cover. Even people who have GMed multiple times keep forgetting how it works.

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