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Umbral Dragon

BlackWyvern1's page

3 posts. Alias of BlackWyvern.


Grand Lodge ****

Delbert Collins II wrote:

April 14th Firefly Games in Lexington, SC - We will be offering all of Season 3 to anyone who can make it out this should be a great event.

I'll keep a watch for your next event. I would have loved to come down but already had that weekend planned out. I've got some buds down in Colmbia that I played 3.5 with that might like to get in on the action as well.

Grand Lodge ****

Tigersage wrote:
@BlackWyvern: Glad you could come out and had fun! I had to knock some rust off, but it was nice to run a game again. Hopefully we can get past the current lull we're in, and if there's enough interest we'll go back to more frequent game sessions. Keep an eye out on the Facebook page for when we set up our next PFS Saturday in April (more than likely it'll be towards the end of the month).

You and Cat both did a great job! I hope to get ramped up and be able to switch out with you guys DMing so everybody gets into the rotation with a PC that wants a chance.

Looking forward to the April Event Day, so you can go ahead an put me down for a spot.

Grand Lodge ****

Great gaming session at Above Board Games this weekend! I'm really looking forward to the next session.

I hope we see more gamers from the area come out and try Pathfinder Society play.

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