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Bitterleaf's page

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Confused about what just happens, Zack grabs a Hiero's potion and runs over to his sleeping Slakoth, and starts to spray it on the injuries left by vine whip.

"Maybe we aren't cut out for this battling stuff. What did Hiero mean by move? Why's everyone asleep? Does that mean we w-"

Zack promptly loses consciousness. Falling over Slakoth, Zack begins to snore loudly.


Worried that Slakoth may not make it through another attack, Zack takes one of Hiero's potions and runs up to Slakoth, lying on the ground. "Thanks! Allright Slakoth, you got this." Zack fumbles with the potion, but quickly figures out how to administer it.


Slakoth took the hit while sitting on the grown and tumbled backward across the pavement.

"Ouch," Zack grimaced. on the bright side, Slakoth finally looks fully awake, for the first time since he came out of his egg. Zack started to feel like this was a bad idea. He really didn't want to get his best friend hurt.

"OK, Slakoth, we can't just sit here, or he'll keep whipping us all day with those viney things. Try and run at him and hit him as hard as you can! I know you can do it!"

Slakoth's usual serene look shifts to one of determination, and he charges toward Bellsprout before he can retract his vines and throws himself with all of his might into a tremendous bodyslam!

Slakoth uses Bodyslam with an accuracy check of 1d20 ⇒ 1, which does 1d20 + 14 + 1 + 6 ⇒ (5) + 14 + 1 + 6 = 26 damage and paralyzes on a 15-20 accuracy check


Zack has never been in a battle before, he's not sure how Slakoth would do... Zack looks over to Slakoth, asleep while clinging onto his shoulder. He hesitates for a moment, unsure. Then remembers that he is pretty awesome, and Slakoth could probably beat up anything stupid Bo has.

"Alright! leeeeeet's do it! Me and Hiero will teach you what Bullies get, right?"

Zack pulls Slakoth off his shoulder and throws him on the ground in front of him. Slakoth lands with a "fwap" and lazily sits up.

"OK!!!!... so... what do i do now?"


"I'm fourteen and a half, for your information! And you're going to eat your words when you see me on TV! I'm going to be even bigger that Cody! isn't that right Slakoth?" Slakoth yawns.

"You're just a bully! So move it before I move you!"


Zack puts his arm around his new friend, and begins steering him. "I'm going there myself! it's this way. My name's Zack, I have to get supplies to start my journey. You see, I'm going to be the worlds greatest athlete soon. You'll probably be seeing me on TV any day now. Are you new to the area? I've lived here my whole life. What's your goal? Are those pokemon on your belt? which are they? I have Slakoth here, he's going to be the worlds fastest pokemon one day."

Zack chats up this newcomer all the way to the pokemart, until he stops right outside and looks expectantly for answers to his barrage of questions.


"Juice and a Pokenav, awesome!" Zack knew in his head that he probably didn't really need a Pokenav, though, after all... Cody didn't need one, right?

After finishing his farewell breakfast, and doing a few pushups with his dad, to make up for missing his morning run, Zack heads out to start his journey. He walks backwards for about 5 minutes so he can continue to wave to his parents until they are out of sight. Even Slakoth wakes up a little to give a lazy farewell. Zack decides it's best to head into town first and stop by the Pokecenter and Pokemart. He may need some supplies before he leaves. The $200 his parents gave him to start his journey feels heavy in his pocket.

As zack walks into town he has his head down, eyes glued to his new Pokenav, checking out all of the cool features. He also looks at how long his journey to Marcell City should take. He sees tons of smaller towns along the way, places sure to have competitions and such. If Zack does well in the little local contests, he's sure to be able to win all of the bigger ones in Marcell!

Zack begins to daydream as he walks, he imagines winning a bunch of medals and holding them up in front of a cheering crowd, while Slakoth sprints circles around him, showing off his amazing speed. Zack is standing on a raised podium, and on the next lower, second place platform is his brother Cody. He's staring up with a congratulatory smile, applauding him, saying "Gee Zack! It looks like I'm the little brother now!". A newsman takes his photo and someone asks him, "how does it feel not only to be the quickest and strongest person in the world, but also be the trainer of the world's fastest Pokemon?"


"I slept in!" Zack jumps out of bed. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

Without waiting for a reply from his parents, he grabs Slakoth and wears him like a backup as he bursts between them through his doorway and bounds downstairs. Zack wore his clothes to bed so he wouldn't have to take extra time to dress this morning. He sees his bag is still packed by the door where he left it, and grabs a cold poptart out of the cupboard, and sits at the kitchen table to wolf down his cold breakfast. He pulls out his map from his back pocket to look one last time at where he is heading to start off his adventure.

"We won't have time to train this morning," he mumbles in between bites to an already sleeping Slakoth, still clinging around his neck. Zack follows the route he's taking on the map with his finger all the way to his first destination, the city of...

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