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Biter's page

808 posts. Alias of Eben al'Jol.

About Biter

HP 26/26 - or - Raging ?/30
AC 19 FF 15 Touch 15
CMD 16 FF 12
Fort +4 Reflex +6 Will +1
Conditions / Effects

Rage 6/6 per day
Arrows 20
Blunt Arrows 20
Potions/Magic Items

    Biter is an exiled warrior-hunter. His large size, powerful stature, and incredible speed mark him as a superior warrior among goblinfolk.
    Now, of course one has to balance this incredible size against that of his society... to a human, he is still child-sized. His skin is a dark grey-green, with the iconic goblin red pupil-less eyes and face-dominating mouth full of massive teeth. Biter is shy of 3 feet tall, and has surprisingly powerful-looking build for his diminutive stature. His face and exposed skin is scarred and torn, and his attire is not much better. His clothes are sewn-together leathers, the links of a chain shirt peeking out from underneath. Lashed on bones and animals claws create a spiked appearance, and tied to one of his earrings is one small black feather and one larger white feather of some sort.

Biter - CN Humanoid (Goblin)
Invulnerable Rager Barbarian 1 / Scout Rogue 1
Favored Class: Barbarian (+1/3 Superstition Bonus)

Size Small (tho oddly big for a gobbo)
Age ???
Height Just under 4 feet Weight quite a bit for a goblin
Deity His own bad self

Languages Goblin, Broken Common

Occupation Warrior, Hunter, Mercenary, Thief, Thug, Sandpoint rabble & friend of Ameiko


HP 26 = 12 barb + 14 con score
str 14 dex 18 con 14 int 10 wis 12 cha 6

Senses: Darkvision 60
Initiative +4
Speed 50ft (60 on charge, run, or withdraw), Climb 20


AC 19 • FF 15 • Touch 15 (4 armor + 4 dex + 1 size)
CMD 16 (10 + 1 bab + 2 str + 4 dex - 1 size)

Fort +4 Reflex +6 Will +1


BAB +1 CMB +1

Melee +4
. . Sm Mwk Greatsword +5 (1d10 + 3; 19/x2)
. . Sm Cold Iron Morningstar +4 (1d6 + 2; x3)
. . Sm Cold Iron Morningstar (2-handed) +4 (1d6 + 3; x3)
. . Dagger +4 (1d3 + 2; 19/x2)
. . Unarmed +4 (1d2 + 2)

Ranged +6
. . Shortbow +6 (1d4; x3) 100ft range
. . Dagger (thrown) +6 (1d3 + 2) 10ft range

The Rest

Racial & Class Abilities:
Speedy Bastard! - (Fast & Sprinter racials) - +10 speed; Additional +10 on charge, run, and withdraw
Climb 20
Darkvision 60
Toothy Bastard! - Bite attack (1d2)
Skilled: +4 Ride/Stealth checks
Invulnerable Rager Barbarian
Rage: 6 rds/day
Fast Movement
Scout Rogue
Sneak Attack 1d6

Feats Power Attack (1)

Traits Goblin Foolhardiness, Favored Son: Ameiko, Armor Expert

Skills (ACP -1)
Acro +8* (1 rks)
---> Jump +16
Climb +14* (1 rks + 8 racial) -- Can always take 10
Disable Device +9* (1 rks + 1 Trapfinding)
Escape Artist +8* (1 rks)
Linguistics +4 (1 rks)
Perception +5 (1 rks)
---> Trapfinding +6
Ride +8* (+4 racial)
Stealth +16* (1 rks + 4 racial + 4 size)
Survival +5 (1 rks)
(8 total ranks)

WornExplorer's Outfit, Chain Shirt, Regripped Human Bastard Sword (small greatsword - back sheathe), dagger (calf), dagger (waist), Cold Iron Morningstar (hip), Shortbow (quiver harness, back), Backpack (2.75lbs), Belt Pouches x2 (albs total), Money (scattered all over body), black & white feathers (ear)

Backpack Contents (4.75 lbs) Winter blanket, Bell (wrapped in blanket), Magnet, Flask x2, Marbles, Waterskin, String (100'), Fishhooks x5, Whetstone

Beltpouch Contents (both pouches) Flint & Steel, Small steel mirror, powder, Thieves Tools, rock that looks like an eyeball (to Biter), blue bird egg shell fragment, giant toe-nail

Quiver Contents Arrows, Blunt Arrows



1 ----- Power Attack
2 ----- Superstitious, RT: Trapspotter
3 ----- Raging Vitality
4 ----- Witch Hunter, RT: Offensive Defense
5 ----- Extra Rage Power: Guarded Life
6 ----- Spell Sunder, Rogue Talent?
7 ----- Extra Rage Power: Lesser Beast Totem
8 ----- Beast Totem, Rogue Talent?
9 ----- Extra Rage Power: Reckless Abandon
10 --- Greater Beast Totem, Rogue Talent?
11 --- Combat Reflexes
12 --- Come and Get Me!, Rogue Talent?

Racial Trait Purchases & Ability Point Buy:
Goblin (15 rp model)
. . Humanoid (Goblin) -- 0 rp
. . Small -- 0 rp
. . Normal -- 0 rp
. . Greater Paragon (-2 Str, +4 Dex, -2 Cha) -- 2 rp
. . Standard (0 rp)
Feat and Skill
. . Sneaky rider -- 6 rp
. . Climb -- 2 rp
. . Fast -- 1 rp
. . Sprinter -- 1 rp
. . Bite -- 1 rp
. . Darkvision 60ft -- 2

Point Buy (20pts)
str 14 --- 10 (- 2 racial)
dex 18 -- 5 (+4 racial)
con 14 -- 5
int 10 ---- 0
wis 12 --- 2
cha 6 --- -2 (-2 racial)

Tekhegaan had always been an unusual Goblin. Tekhegaan = Spitfire :)

The Beginnings of Biter 
As the offspring of a leader of a goblin tribe that roosted days north of the small town of Sandpoint, Tekhegaan should have been on the road to greatness with the goblin community… especially given his natural strength, speed, and cunning. Circumstances would hold a different fate for him, though.

Biter was on the verge of being included among the warriors of his tribe as they were preparing to make a large-scale assault on a neighboring goblin settlement. The assault, however, would never happen. A group of tall-folk invaded the village, killing all the warriors, and most importantly, Tekhegaan's father.

The ensuing weeks would be defining for the young goblin. Everyone lay the failures of the assault at Tekhegaan's father's feet, and a bloody few weeks followed the death of the leadership. The first priority of the surviving goblins was to eliminate the remaining offspring of the leader, with the most powerful becoming the new leadership. Tekhegaan and his clutch-mates were forced to kill their way out of their own home. Once his clutch-mates feared their escape would fail, they decided to turn him over as their supposed leader in the hopes that the new leadership would let them live.

Surrounded by craven, simple, and weak contemporaries, Tekhegaan killed those who tried to turn on him and fled his home.

The Creation of a Legend 
The next few years were difficult but pivotal for the goblin youth. He grew to powerful proportion (considering his race) and learned that instruction can come from nature as well as all the peoples he encountered. His early experiences taught him that any one individual can be capable of good or evil, though he retained his intense hatred for goblins.

He came to embrace the Laws of Nature, which are simple but cruel. Eat or be eaten. Trust to instincts. This day is what you get, so take advantage.

Also, he realized how large the world was, and an insatiable appetite for discovery and thrills set into his bones.

At this point, he learned Common (kind of), and changed his name, Tekhegaan was the weak name of a Goblin. He needed a new name. A hunter's name… a warrior's name… so he decided upon the name Fighter. Unfortunately, his mastery of common was weak, and he inadvertently named himself Biter, and it stuck.

A new friend: Ameiko
It was during this time in his life that Biter -- the consummate adventurer -- ran into a particularly interesting set of dire straits surrounding some varisian highwaymen, two hill giants, one case of mistaken identity, an innkeeper of questionable sexual-preference, a bag of loot of questionable ownership, and a then-adventurer Ameiko. Needless to say, the tale is long, convoluted, and best told over a couple of pitchers of ale. In the end, Ameiko claims that she saved Biter's tail from a giant's cook pot, while Biter claims he saved her (far more attractive) hide from being skewered not once, not twice, but thrice from the end of some highwaymen's blades.

Since then, Ameiko is one of Biter's few actual friends. And any level of grudging acceptance the goblin 'enjoys' in Sandpoint lies squarely at the gracious words and social pull of the Sandpoint tavern-keeper. (Favored Son: Ameiko) Given that, Sandpoint is a frequent haunt of the pint-sized warrior, and one of the few places that he'd consider anything like a 'home'. Its inhabitants scowlingly put up with his stunted swagger and boisterous shenanigans, but only so long as he respects their rules and generally stays out of people's business and way.

Being one of Biter's only actual friends, he would give anything to protect her.

Straehan = Stray
Cilyanka = Dhegaan'Duuc ("Fire Top")
Brindolfin = Hec'aGhac ("Giant Man")
Kaddoc = HaanTec ("Gray Skin")

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