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Bill Lumberg's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,646 posts (4,796 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 20 aliases.

About Bill Lumberg


Warrick is an anti-paladin who started out as a paladin of Iomedae in a company of aspiring Eagle Knights outside of Carpenden. His spent his formative years hunting bandits and other evil men. His mentor was a stern taskmaster named Hamurk who upheld the tenets of the paladin's code to an extend that few would think possible. Warrick frequently fell short of Hamurk's impossible standards and, as a result, was given the least desirable assignments in the company, such as standing guard over prisoners.

Warrick spoke to many captives while escorting them to prison in Carpenden and when he worked there as a jailor. Over the years he began to weaken in his resolve to uphold the principles of his faith and began a slide into corruption. He would often speak with the family of imprisoned men when they came to visit them or when he was obligated to witness the confessions of condemned men before they were executed. In time he began to seek out the company of these family members and others who lived on the fringes of the law. Ultimately he kept company with those whom he should have been combating because he felt more in keeping with them than with the righteous.

Warrick is very intelligent and views himself as superior to most others. In his view, the laws that constrain others do not apply to him.

Sorcerer (Infernal, Tattooed [aberrant? arcane?], Star-Soul)

Gnome or tiefling primalist wizard to possibly replace Delweir

Change fighters to Lore Warden, 2-Weapon Fighter, Yakuza Bushi, Free-hand Fighter, 2-hand Fighter, Mobile Fighter

Confessor/"Conscience" type cleric of Saranae with Glory and Sun domains who seeks to redeem the soul of a dead man who died after confessing sins to him. For Shattered Star consider that the dying man had been involved in the sihedron in some manner and felt remorse over it. Now the cleric wants to prevent the sihedron from being used. In this case, Pharasma, Iomedae, Nethys or Abadar might be possible deities.

Evangelist cleric in the vein of a Senegalese marabout -

Academic-scholar character, wizard or thief (burglar or trapsmith) with ranger and/or fighter levels

Inquisitor or Paladin in vein of Tom Barnaby or a crude, ill-mannered Paladin

(Iconoclast) Inquisitor of Nethys who hunts out abuse or misuse of magic, especially divination. His order seeks out magic items and creatures to destroy or capture for study.

For Mummy's Mask: Sin-eater of Pharasma who investigates the lottery used for the necropolis. He suspects the church there is heretical in that they allow grave-robbing for the purpose of elevating their nation

Priest of Set who wishes to sabotage the Pharasman lottery

Oracle (ancestors) who thinks he is a priest of Aroden. He believes that the lottery is a chance to delve into the mystery of Pharasma's silence in regard to prophecy and her complicity in the conspiracy to make Aroden seem dead.

Witch-hunter inquisitors

Necromancer or Transmuter (to Bloatmage?), fascinated by experimenting on living creatures but has little interest in undead

Gnome Primalist wizard: if he fails his Concentration check his wild surges leave him drained of color for for one round. If he succeeds then his skin shimmers like an Aurora Borealis.

Geraxides: defiler of Balic, consider the Mark of Slavery drawback for him

Oracle Curses
Clouded Vision: Oracle was born blind and gained sight along with powers, is overjoyed with his sight and cannot fathom seeing father that that and views his powers as a gift

Lame: Club foot or bandy-legged, slow of foot but nothing else, good for outer-rifts

Mob-doctor: Expert with max ranks in Heal as well as ranks in Bluff, Diplomacy, Disguise, Knowledge (local), Perception, Profession, Sense Motive, Sleight of Hand and Stealth. He also has ranks in Appraise and Linguistics.

Gangs bring members or victims to him for treatment (or torture) or bring him to the scene to treat subjects. He is not completely willing to practice his trade with them but fears reprisal for refusing. For the last few years formulating a plan to extricate himself from the gang's clutches. In order to facilitate his plan he will set the PCs against the gang's interests in the hope that this will bring them into conflict with the gang.

For Iron Gods: Dwarven oracle of metal with law curse, originally worked in Gasforges of Riddleport but left due to conflict with owners, he traveled to Torch to see the flame there

Wishing Day campaign: Game starts a week or so before Wishing Day. The local lord wants to prevent subject from attending out of fear of Shadbriri. Subjects attempt to evade the lord's guards and go anyway. Some are imprisoned or beaten as examples.

Someone among the attendees tries to prevent the demon from working his magic. Perhaps he is a cleric of a good deity. Can the players have a wish or does this make the game too much of a sandbox game?

The office of the justiciar/executioner have to flee when the lord is to be replaced. Prior headsman was murdered, targeted ethnic or religious group assassinated some staff and targets the rest, some innocents were executed, informant (rogue) flees city to escape retribution


Claustrophobia spell

Item that allows a cleric to substitute one domain for another one as if he had the separatist archetype. The replacement domain functions as if the cleric were two levels lower. As a sign of his deity's ire over this the cleric's other domain suffers the same penalty.

At the Marshes of Madness: Cthulhu in Florida

Hansel and Grendel

Someone has falsified the results of duels given on the Mivon Suitors' List.

Multiple Climb checks to reach the top of waterfalls ala The Mission.

Ethnic cleansing/foreigners expelled from area - way to start Pharaoh module.

Royal page/hostage as background for an educated character - See "Court Positions" thread for other jobs. Such a character would be highly skilled, such as a rogue, slayer, lore-master fighter etc.

High-ranked official who balked at changes made to the regime and abandoned his position. Skilled and knowledgeable, he felt it better to leave before he became the target of rivals within his organization or a scapegoat by virtue of his associations. Perhaps he engendered jealousy because of his success.


In time, Alessio found work and board in Korvosa as an aide to an Acadmae scholar named Stolmer. This fell short of true acceptance as a student at the magical school but it put Alessio on the threshold of acceptance into the Acadamae's halls. In addition to his studies and work, Alessio used his healing skills for students who were injured in the course of their educations or amusements. In time he made some valuable contacts among the students and staff of the Acadamae.

But at the same time that Alessio aided the good people of the school he also attended to miscreants who had heard of his reputation. The young witch would treat them in rented rooms in the poorer parts of the city and would do it without asking questions. He immediately noticed that the wizardly students were often in the company of disreputable individuals.

Unfortunately for Alessio, some of those miscreants learned of his more comfortable dwelling place on Cliffcrest street near the Acadamae and sought him out there. When injured thieves came to his door Alessio was afraid that Stolmer or an Acadamae staff member would discover his side-profession so he turned the street waifs away with an admonition never to return. He thought that this took care of the problem. But Gaedren Lamm learned of Alessio's refusal to help his minions and considered it an insult. So Lamm decided to repay this insult with one of his own.

Two years ago? Soon afterward Stolmer was murdered and his home was ransacked. In addition to coin, many valuable items belonging to the Acadamae were stolen. The other professors assumed that Alessio desired Stolmer's collection of magic goods and blamed him for the murder. He fled before he was arrested and hid himself among the undesirables in the Shingles District.

In the end it was Lamm who exonerated Alessio. He had Alessio abducted, beaten, dressed in the clothes and face-paints of a dead harlot and left on the steps of the Acadamae. An amulet that had belonged to Stolmer was stuffed into Alessio's mouth and a sealed envelope was pinned to the bodice that he had been dressed in. The envelope was addressed to Toff Ornelos, the provost of the school. Whatever the note in the envelope said it was enough for Ornelos to use his influence to see that this affair was forgotten and the suspicion against Alessio dismissed. Naturally, no one spared a thought for the dead prostitute.

Now without a home, a job or any reasonable thoughts of a future Alessio sits brooding in a rented flophouse room in the Shingles. He shuffles a deck of harrow cards in the hope that they will show him how to pay his respects to Gaedren Lamm in a manner that all of Korvosa will remember.


Dr. Lemuel Bender is a portly, balding, Taldane man of early middle years with a double chin and a pleasant smile. He affects the title of "Doctor" although it is unearned. Despite this trivial fact he conducts himself as a legitimate practitioner of the healing arts to the point that he has treated patients in their homes for several years without incident. This nearly-honorable career has provided him with the opportunity to ingratiate himself with a few influential families in the city and he has gradually worked his way into the periphery of their social circles. Ultimately Graves hoped to become an accepted member of the elite of New Stetven.

But the finery, gourmet meals and beautiful companions failed to attract a patron or even modest financial backing. Bender has borrowed a great deal of money from a lender of somewhat doubtful reputation to fund his research and his attempts at social ascendancy. But his debts are about to be called in and he cannot pay them off. The lender has recently made a subtle overture to remind Bender of his impending reckoning. The familiar haughty courtesan who delivered the message advised Bender that his good name would be the first thing he lost if he did not pay on time. She waved her fingers to indicate the next things Bender would lose.

Bender is fascinated by the concept of transforming living things (including himself) to improve them, as he sees. His ingenuous medical practice has afforded him living material for experiments in addition to gold to further his ambitions. Unfortunately, Bender is captive to his desires for gratification, admiration, creature comforts, women, food and drink. Much of the coin that he earned in his guise of being a doctor has been spent in carnal pursuits or toward maintaining an impressive bearing and lifestyle. He rationalized these expenditures as necessary expenses for attracting investors for his experiments.

Since Bender has no desire to lose face socially or literally he decided that an excursion to the south would be in order. Certainly some of the settling bands would find his skills useful. And there is great potential for enrichment in reclaiming the Stolen Lands. Bender envisions himself as a member of the landed gentry in this recaptured territory. And he will do it by his own hand, no less. Then he will have enough gold to fund a grand laboratory where he will make a name for himself as befits one of is talents.


Combat feats never require a mental score as a prerequisite.
Combat Expertise is an option not a feat. It is never required for other feats.
Power Attack can be used in its 3E version.(Maybe)
Standing from a prone position provokes an AoO. An AoO can be delayed until the provoker is in the midst of the action that provokes it. Therefore, a character can be trip-locked by repeated trip attempts.
No counter-spelling?

Feat to sacrifice initiative in order to gain BAB. It can be maintained or abandoned at the start of a character's initial initiative order. Think of counterpunching.

Lamm sent a dozen older children to a second location to await slave-buyers.
The king dies on the morning of the next day and the riots start that night or when PCs are bringing the children to safety.
The king's assistant is executed. Blackjack is killed trying to intervene.

Holy Symbol item: It allows a cleric to store a use of channeled energy. The energy dissipates at the rate of one die of potential every two rounds (one round?). The cleric can use the stored energy as a move/standard/swift/immediate action. This allows a cleric to "double up" on channeled energy by focusing a second channel through the symbol.

The symbol can be used this way X times per day. When energy is channeled through it to harm or control creatures it increases the Will save DC to resist it by 1.


Tiefling kensai magus 11 17 14 17 10 8 (20 pt) Weapon finesse, Scaled Skin alternate race feature with fire resistance, reactionary + traits,


Rogues can choose any alchemist discovery that deals with poison (except Poison Touch and Poison Bomb) in place of a talent. He must meet the prerequisites for it.


Heretics' Necropolis: Clerics of Norgorber invaded and tunneled under several crypts and mausoleums of prominent families in Kintargo in order to uncover evidence of heretical worship. The Norgorberites would then use this information to blackmail these families. Naturally, many of the family crypts had fake shrines to Asmodeus for the sake of appearances. The true shrines were small and concealed. Several had traps and even lead to secret shrines beneath the crypts.

Some families even interred the bodies of servants or strangers rather than actual family members so that the bodies of loved ones would not come under necromantic interrogation. A few families pay retainers or mercenaries to keep watch over their crypts.

The clergy of Norgorber use a central mausoleum as their base of operation. Whenever possible, they conduct their affairs under the ground so as to avoid scrutiny.

-consider using Crypt of Istaris map, or at least the Room of Directions from it.

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