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Mynafee Gorse

Bill Dunn's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber. Pathfinder Society Member. 5,432 posts (6,329 including aliases). 4 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 1 Pathfinder Society character. 20 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Ed Reppert wrote:

I suppose whether it's a "home rule" depends on how you define that term. I would say that something that is "up to the GM to decide" is a home rule. Or rather, the GM's decision is a home rule.

I ask myself "what is the process of creating a magic item?" I answer "it's the process of creating the base non-magical item, and then casting the appropriate spells to imbue the item with the desired magical properties". I'm not really a fan of rules that say "you can bypass any of the requirements of the process; it just makes the process a little more difficult", though I must acknowledge they do exist.

This is what also starts to open the path to cursed items as a result of botched magic item creation. If you have all the components, the DCs are generally pretty easy. If you start lacking components and have to raise the DC, particularly if you lack multiple components, you might end up creating a cursed item.

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I'll leave any refreshing baths to yourselves and we can pick up with further investigations - or any other plans you want to pursue...

A bit on the alleged murder site:
Eodred's Walk is a row of shops along one of the streets that helps define the Gold Market, the largest open market in Korvosa. Along its run are:

Aram's Crown - a small tavern that sells weak beer and wine for the market crowd but breaks out stronger spirits after sunset
Basha's - a small book and map store
Doom and Gloom - an old Varisian woman who gives Harrow readings
Galloping Ghost - tack and harness store
Gemshare Jewelers - gem/jewel sellers (and resellers)
Hedge Wizardry - magical supply shop
High Bridge Haberdashery - more than just hats, also clothing shop
Kep's - fishmonger
Fair-Fished Baitshop - fishing supplies
Pinking Shears - barbershop
Slicing Dicers - bladed weapons
Smoked Foods - smoked meats and cheeses
Time Stop - clocks and watches
Trapper's Hole - hunting, particularly archery, equipment

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
KenderKin wrote:

So what happens if the invisible enemy simply breaks the arrows off?

Covers the holes with clothing....


Sure. I'd probably adjudicate it takes a move action to remove/break off/cover one - standard action for taking care of multiples. And then we're in business. Either way, the invisible creature is inconvenienced by the arrows in a reasonable way for some reasonable time.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

We pretty much know for a fact that some people do because that's been a concept with us since gaming's been around, particularly with monsters being fought since they typically don't have the level structure boosting their hit points. So it's not like it's a completely unheard of or outrageous concept.

The interior of the mausoleum is fairly spartan. There is one sarcophagus laying on a pedestal and one urn laying on a second pedestal.

The lid of the sarcophagus is pushed partly aside so that it is open. The urn, which may once have stood on the pedestal, has spilled a small pile of dark ash as it lays on its side.

Perception 12:
A crumpled black cloth, possibly a garment of some sort, lies in the corner, not far from the sarcophagus.

Alesta does no more damage than Darnak as the skeleton moves too quickly for her morningstar.

Father Zantus is close at hand, however, and he responds to the skeleton with a swing of his mace. The good priest's blow puts an end to the skeleton's unholy existence. His eyes are wide and his hands shake a bit - clearly he does not often engage in fights.
Mace: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20 Damage: 1d8 + 1 ⇒ (7) + 1 = 8

"Nicely done, Father," Sheriff Hemlock compliments him. Then he steps to open the stone portal all the way to let in the most light. "Now let's see what further horrors await within."

Father Zantus kneels down to start consecrating in the remains. He looks to Ahdak, "Normally, Sandpoint is a reasonably safe town. There are very occasional incidents, but they are rare. I hate to think what today's terrors portend to Sandpoint's future. The festival started with such vibrant beauty..."

Both skeletons destroyed
Combat resolved

Darnak is apparently caught a bit by surprise by the skeletons as his attempt to strike is ill-timed and fails to bother his skeleton foe. But Ahdak was apparently born ready as he quickly and efficiently smashes one of the two skeleton into a disassembled pile of non-animate bones.

Waiting on Alesta - In these situations, unless I have a strong reason, I prefer to have NPCs go last... 'cause they aren't PCs.

Skeleton 1: untouched
Skeleton 2: smashed to bits (-7 hp)

I'd be pretty happy with additional colors. The occ tag gives us one other option, as do bold and italic, but more colors would be pretty sweet and a lot easier to manage than restricted text.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
bbangerter wrote:

Usually when the rules don't mention something, it is because it is not allowed (though I'm not of the opinion that this is an absolute as some things would fail common sense - dead characters taking actions).

That is utter and complete BS in role playing games. If something isn't mentioned, it's because RPG rules cannot, literally cannot, cover everything that can possibly happen in a game. This is why we have referees who can adjudicate cases that come up that aren't in the rules but fit the genre or make sense to the situation at hand.

Yeah, RPoL has some nice features to it as a gaming site. More colored text, text that can be hidden to all but the specified readers, the ability to make more side threads...

That said, I kind of like the way the die roller integrates into the messages here and the overall layout is easy to read.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You, the parents, and everyone who knew the li'l fella have my sympathies. I'm a parent of 2 kids and I can imagine the pain you're all feeling.

My suggestion: Scrapbook that character portfolio along with some photos to make a nice book of memories for the parents. Do it soon so it doesn't hang out there as an unfinished project and so the parents can have it as they work through their grief.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
MeanMutton wrote:
Bill Dunn wrote:
bbangerter wrote:

This still lacks RAW support for any rules that say arrows remain sticking in the target after they hit.
It doesn't need RAW support. The GM can make that adjudication on his or her own.
The purpose of the "Rules Questions" forum is to clarify the rules.

And since there is no rule on this either way (whether arrows stick or not, whether they should reveal an invisible character or not), it's perfectly reasonable to point out that the GM is capable of issuing a ruling that makes sense to them. So no need for forum policing.

The forum tools are more primitive than RPoL, but there's a certain convenience to PF adventuring here since I participate in some of the discussions anyway.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
bbangerter wrote:

This still lacks RAW support for any rules that say arrows remain sticking in the target after they hit.

It doesn't need RAW support. The GM can make that adjudication on his or her own.

Cassandra Wagner wrote:
I should rephrase. I'm wary of multiplayer games with voice, especially competitive multiplayer games with voice. Honestly, I don't feel like hearing misogynistic or racist or homophobic crap while I play video games.

That's why my wife makes me wear the headphones while playing World of Tanks. It's not particularly bad, but it's almost impossible to completely escape that kind of behavior.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Set wrote:

Still wouldn't seeing some Monica Rambeau, She-Hulk, Tigra and / or Moondragon!

I can certainly hope for no Moondragon. Never liked that character and her superiority complex.

And, based on email I got, it looks like the other player I invited is coming over. Working a rogue, eventual arcane trickster.

Javell DeLeon wrote:

Now, is it a "either/or" type thing or is it if the "2d6 rolls stink you can take the 20 point buy" type thing? If it's the former, I'll just stick with the 20. I'm not much of a gambler.

Yeah, I think I would have to kind of ask for a commitment to one or the other. Usually, I make my tabletop players roll 4d6-low and make 2 sets of 6, choosing the set of 6 they prefer. What can I say - I like discovering characters via rolling them up.

I do find it interesting that the majority of applicants to the original game went with the 2d6+6 method. I only spotted a couple who openly declared a preference for the 20 point buy.

The 2d6+6 vs 20 point build was part of the original game's character gen guideline before DM Dr. Evil took over. I didn't realize he didn't pass that option on to you. Hell, I didn't realize that was the parameter until today.

If you're interested, go ahead. It should help Darnak's charisma a bit. ;)

Darnak, taking 10 is OK, I just need you to go one way or the other - gamble on the die roll or gamble on the middling result of taking 10 being better for you.

As Hemlock pulls the door aside, a rattling of dry bones can be heard from within. A pair of skeletons, devoid of all flesh, clatter forward, their bony hands grasping like claws and their jaws clacking together.

Initiative Rolls
Ahdak: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16
Alesta: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (16) + 2 = 18
Darnak: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (13) + 2 = 15

Sheriff Hemlock: 1d20 + 1 ⇒ (15) + 1 = 16
Father Zantus: 1d20 + 0 ⇒ (17) + 0 = 17

Skeletons: 1d20 + 6 ⇒ (4) + 6 = 10

Holy crap! Everyone goes before the skeletons, despite their higher initiative modifiers! When it comes to initiatives, to facilitate online play, I'm going to roll them in a big group like this. And I'll treat the enemy's initiative as a task to beat - beat it and you go before they do. All PCs who go before the monsters can just post away and I'm not going to worry about order too much. If you have a tactic that involves careful ordering between you and another PC, please have some coordinated plans and/or post conditionally and I'll try to make things happen. For those who don't beat the monsters' initiatives, you'll go after the monsters - again, order won't matter within that group. So, with that in mind - everyone can go ahead and do their thing.

Also, given the small nature of this encounter, I'm not posting a map. Everyone is within about 20 feet of everyone else - any more subtle placement we'll handle by description.

My friend John is interested. He's currently working up a catfolk ranger.

I've also extended an invitation to another friend who I play with on the tabletop. He doesn't hang around the forums here very much, but he's worth asking since his characters are usually very interesting. But in the meantime, I'm putting up the next gameplay post momentarily.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Rysky wrote:
Sundakan wrote:
Neither does the new Jingasa. Because you probably used it on the greataxe wielding cyclops a few levels back.


Sell the old one, buy the new one. Do the same thing with scrolls and potions and other 1 use Wondrous Items.

A helmet is a bit of the wrong vehicle for a one-use magic item - a small charm of some sort would be much more fitting. I think a +1 luck bonus to AC would have still made for a much more flavorful item than the jingasa is now. While several of the fixes were, I think, good in coming, the jingasa is really a useless wreck of wrong design now.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

My Dinner with Andre?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Das Bier wrote:
hasteroth wrote:

As a GM I was always open to handwaving the roll in certain situations (mostly social) where the PC has decent stats in the relevant skill and they did an excellent job with their lie, convincing, etc.

While this is your right, it does devalue the worth of those skills if RP'ing turns something into an 'auto-success.' Just something to watch out for.

I think the phrase "decent stats in the relevan skill" has that concern largely covered.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

I wouldn't assume you can't do non-lethal sneak attack damage with a lethal weapon. You can't intend or choose to do non-lethal damage when sneak attacking with a lethal weapon. But if the dice come up with less than 1 point of damage, then I'd still say the attack does 1 point of non-lethal damage - even though a sneak attack was involved.

Costa Serimus, the old proprietor of Bookmaker, is happy to know that his business is not haunted after all (though he finds the atmosphere a bit thicker after your sojourn in the sewer). He offers up a pouch of coins to reward your trouble, enough for 200 gp for each of you.

Out on the streets, the sun has crossed into the early afternoon. And it is clear that the walk through parts of the sewers has left its mark on the adventurers. Or perhaps the proper phrase is "left a stench". The smell is quite unpleasant.

Redback was slain behind the shops along Eodred's Walk, a shopping district within the Midlands and not terribly far away - though Zellara's flat is barely out of the way from the Bookmaker to Eodred's walk.

Alesta finds no trace of magic in the cemetery, but her keen eye spots an inscription on the stone building. On it are a pair of names and a year. The names are:
Father Ezakien Tobyn
Nualia Tobyn

The year: 4702

Father Zantus gasps, "Oh, heavens no! Is an attack not enough? Someone needs to desecrate this grave?

Masamune and Alara concentrate their attacks on the troglodyte menacing Ash, but the troglodyte's luck holds and he is able to fend both of their attacks off.
Will save: 1d20 ⇒ 2
He is not so lucky in dealing with Piper's magic and he reels a bit in a daze.

Trog1: -8 hp
Trog2: dazed

Still have actions coming from Ash and Rawnie

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Veilgn wrote:

Why flaming +1 equal to +2 weapon :(

Is that means +3 flaming equals to +4 weapon.

But I could cheapen the price ? Like aligment use only and other skill. ?

And I can have spell to cast inside weapon too ?

Eg : I have flaming sword that have 50 charges of burning touch.

If I could thats mean total flaming sword + spell effect ? Or additional rules to this ?

A flaming +1 weapon is equivalent to a +2 weapon on the price table - yep. That addition 1d6 per hit (averaging out to 3.5/hit in the long run) isn't too far off the net effect of an additional +1 to hit and +1 damage. The extra damage is offset a little by contexutality (some things being resistant to fire). And so, yes, that +3 flaming weapon is equivalent to a +4 weapon.

Hey, you don't expect additional effects to be free do you?

As far as cheapening the price goes, I recommend they be used only for stuff PCs find, not stuff they make. They're supposed to be discounted because they're restrictive. If you make it and tailor it to your own PC, how restrictive is it? None at all. You're getting full function at a discount and it shouldn't be discounted if you're getting full function.

As far as trying to get the same effect of the flaming property via a wand-like power, I'd also recommend against it. The guidelines say that if there's a property or power you want, use the cost of that power, not try to undercut it with some cut rate version by gaming the system.

The bottom line in determining the market value of a magic item is the GM selecting a value that best matches the item's utility relative to other magic items. If there's a published and long established +1 flaming weapon for a bit over 8000gp, then any version the players come up with that do about the same things should also cost about 8000 gp.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
voska66 wrote:
The only downside is the prices for Staves is ridiculously high. Like so high you'd never buy one and if you find one you'll want to sell it. Only time I've seen staves in use is when the party can't find a settlement that pay the full price.

Fortunately, the solution to that one is pretty easy - if your players are on-board. And that's tone down or get rid of the easy magic item economy.

But, yeah, the way magic items are so readily bought and sold by default will tend toward players selling them for the ready cash in order to get Big 6 items with more frequent utility.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Blue Moose wrote:
Well, I have 100 of these in a variety of colors from the Kickstarter. Completely removed all the cubes from my dicebag.

I did something similar to replace my d4s.

12-sided d4

Reading them is a bit more intuitable than a tetrahedral d4. And they don't turn into caltrops if the cat knocks them to the floor in the middle of the night.

Sorry, I've been a little ground under work this week and trying to catch up. I'll have a post up a little later today.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

You might consider foreshadowing the rakshasa's arrow deflection with another opponent the PCs might face. It's a fairly well known effect for people to plan ahead for their previous battles - get inconvenienced one time by some factor, you add a counter for that factor even if you have no guarantee of ever encountering it again. If you frustrate the archer now with an opponent with arrow deflection, then it's on him to make sure that he minimizes that problem in the future.

Wolfgang Rolf wrote:

This message is posted on all the discussions threads of the games I am apart of.

I will be quitting PBP and Pathfinder. I do not know if I will come back and if I do it will probably be after much time has passed. I apologize for the suddenness of this announcement and the trouble I am causing you by leaving so abruptly.

Good luck to you all, and happy gaming.

Quitting PBP and Pathfinder? I hope things aren't in a bad personal space for you. Feeling a bit of burnout?

Six players down to three - that is a bit of a surprise. If you remaining three want to continue, I could open a recruiting thread to try to pick up maybe 2 more players for a 5 PC party.
I know one PF player in realspace who might be interested in playing (depending on how much he knows of the story).

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Scythia wrote:

The problem with that is taking the Metamagic feat represents learning a new performance technique (to continue your analogy), yet despite having learned the technique and having more natural talent, they are still worse at it.

What you wrote is an okay explanation for why they are a level behind on getting new spells, but doesn't have much to do with Metamagic application.

It's really an issue of how you approach the topic of metamagic. If you see it as a complicated or labor intensive process to apply a metamagic feat, then it's easy to see why applying one on the fly rather than via a prepped spell would take longer at the moment the spell is activated. For the prepped spell caster, that time was spent earlier in the day when he prepped spells so it doesn't need to be spent again. The spontaneous caster doesn't have the option of spending that time beforehand and therefore has to spend it when he casts the spell.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Sundakan wrote:

...What? If I buy a game, particularly a hard-copy disk, I get the original, un-patched version. If I download any of said patches, I can also delete them to return to a ground state.

Games that you CAN'T do this with are vanishingly rare, and largely limited to MMOs and other online/multiplayer only games.

Likewise, if my new drivers don't work, I can roll back to the old one. If the new Windows update borks something major, I can roll back to the old one.

Programs you can't do this with are nigh unheard of.

You don't if the copy you bought is not the first manufacture run and they've applied fixes in the meantime. And that's basically what Paizo is doing with the PDFs they sell - they update them with fixes. If you bought after the fixes were applied, you're not going to have access to the unfixed version (or first printing if stocks were out and you bought the second printing, etc, etc).

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
NobodysHome wrote:

On the one hand, I think every responder is in 100% agreement that yes, a ghoul can CdG with its claws.

On the other hand, being a pedant, I'd like to keep hammering away at the point: The rules make a very clear distinction between "natural weapons" and other types of weapons, not only in my quote cited above, but in spells like Magic Weapon (does not work on natural weapons) and Magic Fang (only works on natural weapons).

So the notion that natural weapon = melee weapon is not supported anywhere in the PRD. Note that Protoman's post only proves that a natural weapon is a melee attack, not necessarily a melee weapon.

Yes, I agree the statement should be true, but I haven't been able to find any concrete statement that it is.

Is it referred to as a weapon (as in "natural weapon")? Is it used in melee? Then as far as I'm concerned weapon + melee = melee weapon. That's so obvious to me that the explicit "natural weapon = melee weapon" is unnecessary. Weapon + melee = melee weapon.

It's only the persistence of the term "natural attack" without using the term weapon that, I think, should give any pause here. But since natural weapon is explicitly used in some places like Magic Fang, I think it's pretty clear that natural attack = natural weapon.

The tracks seem to have been left behind by several small humanoids, probably about half a dozen goblins, but there is one set of boot tracks that are human-sized. They are mostly focused around and between two spots. One is an area of the wall that separates the town boneyard from the forest. The other is a fairly large but otherwise simple stone building with its stone door ajar.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
swoosh wrote:
Harleequin wrote:
I have only been playing PF for a short period of time but one of the things that I find most astounding is the staggering ingratitude shown towards GMs
You're playing a game. For fun. Why the hell do you need gratitude? That's pretty damn pretentious.

Oh, you know, to honor regular old human decency when someone puts in extra effort for the enjoyment of all...

Fortunately, my players are pretty good about it. They're all long-term players and/or GMs and know and honor the work that goes into the process.

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Communication may be a free action, but free actions are generally considered to be available to a character as it takes its turn. I'd treat them differently for perception rolls to avoid surprises. For other cases, like actively searching an area, I'd have one rolling to aid the other.
I don't think treating the summoner as if his perception checks are "take two and keep higher" would be appropriate.

Eries chimes in, "Girrigz likes a fight, but I don't think he would accept a challenge from an outsider. Nor would anyone follow them. You need to have standing in the community to challenge for leadership. And that means you need to be a wererat - natural or infected."

"If you do find Redback's murderers, maybe then Girrigz will listen to reason. At least it will reduce the grievance of his followers. Maybe that will be enough. But I am weary and my heart is heavy. I will make my prayers to Calistria tonight that Redback's shade will soon rest easy."

At this point, while in the sewers, it is hard to shake the feeling of being watched. Rats seem to take extra notice of the band of heroes.

Masamune's injuries heal with Ash's touch and the troglodytes press their attacks. The first one tries to bash the samurai but comes up wanting.
Troglodyte 1's club: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 2 = 13

The second shifts forward to engage Ash. He has no better luck.
Troglodyte 2's club: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (2) + 2 = 4

Pretty much everyone is up now.

Trog1: -8 hp
Trog2: OK

Perception 15:
There seems to be some sound coming from the door in the eastern wall (right near Alara). Something is coming...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

For the most part, the craft (and profession) skills aren't meant to carefully model real world crafting with much detail or a crafting economy. As GM, I personally wouldn't sweat the differences between mundane woods, nor would I be too specific about the cost of wood supplies. I'd just be eyeballing a price based on what we estimate the final price to be.

I would definitely discuss things with your GM. If you want to be a craft-heavy character, ask him or her how they'll be able to make those skills relevant and useful for the campaign. If your GM can't give you an answer (or even a hint), consider pulling back on investing in tons of craft options. As GM, I try to make every skill a character invests in relevant and a significant focus at some point in the campaign. Not everyone does this, though, so find out what your GM is willing to do before you commit too much.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Zahir ibn Mahmoud ibn Jothan wrote:
Anguish wrote:
I don't disagree in spirit, only in wording. To me it's not a question of CR. It's one of intelligence. Any creature smart enough to think of finishing someone, might.
A ghoul has a 13 intelligence. Clearly smart enough to think of doing it.

Sure, but also smart enough to realize they may not need to and diverting attention to do so may be bad, particularly when faced with other opponents who are still fighting back.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber

Get a hand-holdable whiteboard where you can write group modifiers like bless spell bonuses and things like this nausea effect. Then it's visible for everyone to remember and use.

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"NO! NO! You're looking for a reason to fight them! And I don't want any fighting over me!" she sobs.

None of the wererats make a move to respond to Wednesday's bait other than to hiss and snarl.

Back out in the main sewer channel, Eries sits crestfallen, tears streaming down her face. "That's it then. It will be war. Oh, why did you make it about me and the children? This isn't about us, it's about our people."

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Aelryinth wrote:

As for opponents not knowing if they hurt you:

I can drive my sword through a tree, it just bounced off this guy's armor!
His shield is freaking everywhere!
That was my BEST move, and I didn't even scratch his cheek!
Gorum, he's parried everything I sent at him!
What's his skin made of, iron?!?
I've ripped an ogre off his feet with that hit, and this guy looks like I was giving him a friendly tap!
It's like trying to hit the wind!
I got my claws on him, I'm gnawing on his throat, and I still haven't drawn blood?
There's four of us wolf packing him, and nobody has blood on their spears yet?

Only an idiot doesn't change tactics at that point.

The question is: when does "at that point" occur? Some of the statements above suggest multiple attempts.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Charter Subscriber
Snowblind wrote:

That argument only flies if characters have no perception of how well they roll. Given that many characters have abilities that allow them to force rerolls, this is almost certainly not the case.

I take most of those to be fairly metagamey abilities - they represent the PCs better "luck" but they are invoked by the player to fit their narrative preferences rather than explicitly evoked by the PC.

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