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Scarecrow Golem

Bilbo Bang-Bang's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 2,038 posts (5,084 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 28 aliases.


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Dotting. Sounds like a great time.

Dotting. Will have a warrior of some sort up later today.

Damned Space Wolves. :p

The Thousand Sons really got reamed.

I would suggest at least two of you carrying more ammo for your Devastators also. I would not rely on the Guard to have anything you might need.

BayouSnowman wrote:

How do you plan to run cyberntics or implants in game? We are allowed to purchase them with requisition points, but sometimes between missions it might not make the most sense time wise. In my game we just say its done in downtime and before a mission somehow. Is that something you're up for doing or did you have another way in mind?

For example, if I wanted to take any implant with my requisition this misssion, would we say it just happened or was done beforehand/on time? Or will you want rolls for time and apply penalties until that timeframe has passed in game? Some might take "weeks" to install and not sure if everyone else can wait for that, or the mission for that matter. Just wondering how we'll sort it out for IC purposes.

I like the narrative time option. In PbP we do not have the time to actually roleplay out those penalties. I want to keep a brisk pace so we can focus on not allowing the game to stagnate and people don't get bored or never enjoy their efforts.

Freki Bloodfang wrote:
I can see it now, take some Tau, some Orc, and whatever else we can capture alive strip em down and put some explosive collars on them...get them drunk and make em compete in games. Last place dies after every competition. The winner...well at least he'll die drunk as hell.

Orks would probably have good time of it. Suckers are more trolls in 40k.

In game updates in a couple hours.

My guess would be a pervy sort who watched too many Overfiend inspired anime. If it is the person I am thinking of, that is.

As far as arming goes, you will have the opportunity to adjust if necessary after the briefing.

I will get the first post up and get this thing soon, fellas. Volkner can get his guy together even after first portion comes on line.

Einar Stormson wrote:

Take your pick, i have taken a deed that gives me the medicae skill, but i'm never likely to be much good at it (without the gear and advancements). I have an apothecary statted up, which i can play if people want(really don't mind myself), so really is up to you.

If you do pick apothecary, i will probably switch out the deed if that is ok.

That would be fine.

Not to let too many squigs out of the bag, but expect orks, Tau, and some Chaos action along this run. If things get real sideways, we can adapt. The loss of a gene seed is a terrible thing, but it happens. So long as you die well and can be recovered....there is always the "honor" of being placed in a Dreadnought.

I need to look the mission info over one last time and will get you guys set with a brief and let you guys set you squad leader/oaths in the next day or two. Going to get all my materials in line the rest of the week with a goal of starting by Friday.

We will be making contact planet side on a Forest World.

Seems like we are missing a couple of folks so, Volkner, go ahead finish your guy out.

The greater majority of your brothers are Space Wolves and a Storm Warden. Is there a Chapter you prefer?

No problem and thank you.

Volkner wrote:

It looks as though I might be more than a little late to the party, so if there's no room I completely understand!

I have a little experience with DW, I played a Techmarine; I know the basics of how the game works and such.

That being said. I like the idea of being part of a 10th company and working my way up to being a full-fledged space marine and not just a scout - so if that's still a part of this game that would be really cool to do. If not a regular marine is fine as well.

Volkner, we are getting things rolling toward the start of the first mission, but come over to the discussion if you want. I will try to work something out.

Ulf Second Sight wrote:

GM, flavor-wise, which should I get: Avenger or Smite?

Re-reading Prospero Burns.

Smite seems like the better choice flavor wise for a Space Wolf.

Poor Thousand Sons got a raw deal.

Can everyone post their specialty. We need to get an idea of what we are looking at strength/weakness wise.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would go Smite. Lightning feels more appropriate for the Wolves.

That seems like a waste of exp right now. No need to allocate points to drive anything as of yet.

The changes are good with me as long as it does not put too much burden on the speed of play. I plan to hand wave some of the more ponderous stuff to keep the story flow moving. Fast paced games with lots of automatic weapons need to not get bogged down by some things that work in person, but not at one post per day.

There is a talent I saw for the Scouts of the Deathwatch....think it was in Rites of Battle. Will double check.

50 requisition points per person.

As far as going down a route and not liking the direction it is going we can address that as see how well we can keep the flow of game up. I am not opposed to re-writes or Deathwatch stints ending a new brother arriving in his stead. Space Wolves prefer to be with their Chapter anyhow. ;)

Requisition points for the first mission is 50. And you will have access to a Land Speeder Storm. Happy shopping.

Sounds good, Bayou. Take your time and play what you want. No need to rush.

So are we down to only one non-wolf?

I am fine with the alternative histories. Will need to look at the info just to make sure don't I don't dink something up.

Writing a term paper today so it might be tomorrow before I can check back in.

I am partial to Apothecaries myself.

Bayou, you are good for the Watch Captain if you want it.

Can the folks who have decided on their specialty post it so can see what roles need filling?

I know we have 2 Devastators, A Rune priest, an Assault, and maybe libraian.

Okay, since it looks like a couple of Salamanders are present we will go Deathwatch. I think orks will still be a good beginning nemesis. We have a large enough team that ranks will be assigned.

Requisition is a great method for a military game. In really like the options it opens up. Supply sergeants can be a pain, so reknown mimics that really well! Lol

Yeah, we are going to start at level 1 and it is fine to spend your exp as you see fit.

So is everyone good with a single Chapter then? I have no problem with this being a standard Deathwatch game or even doing something like a level 2 start post-Deathwatch run after you guys have returned to your Chapters, but end up in a joint mission should you want a Salamander(or whoever) and Space Wolves run.

@Bayou and Grovo

Could you guys help me review sheets to ensure everyone has their skills in and aren't getting short changed. Easy to do with this game it seems.

You guys are looking good. Will double check sheets over the next couple of days.

Just doing a quick muster.

We have

Darkest heart
And Wilhelm reporting in so far.

I need PM Bayou and two others.

Yeah, the re-roll is good to go.

Now the question lies in whether you guys want a single Chapter or a Deathwatch game. There will need to be a couple of adjustments made if we are not doing Deathwatch.

Head on over to the thread, Wilhelm. We all know how Games Workshop has its pet army with each addition and while I like most of the Chapters pretty well, Ultramarines are pretty plain Jane. Now the White Scars, there is a Chapter, lol!

Just in case anyone else drops in tonight and want to get their stats rolled up we will be rolling 2d10+30 and assign as desired.

Indeed and glad to see several other Warhammer fans are about.

DarkestHeart wrote:

Thanks Bilbo. I look forward to playing.

I have a question, I am going to just roll up a quick character, just to get my head around the intricacies of the builds, and I was wondering, in terms of the Stats, do you want them rolled down the line or rolled and assigned as we see fit in terms of building towards the character we want?

Rolled and assigned is good with me.

You are good, Vince. I just created the campaign thread everyone can head on over there.

Discussion Thread

I am about to log for tonight, but will be getting all the character build questions answered in the morning. The joys of being retired military and a fulltime grad student/stay at home dad is an abundance of free time filled with constant demands. lol.

All right Battle-Brothers this will be the where we can take care of everything. Just wanted to get a quick post in here so I could keep the best track of all your questions. I will have the specifics for character creation up tomorrow as I am a little short on time tonight.

@ Grovo

I will kick on over to that thread as an open ended recruitment. Thanks for the heads up on that bit.

@ All

It looks like we have enough interest to get Alpha team rolling. I will get a campaign thread up tomorrow so we can begin the task of hammering out what we want from the game, get acquainted, and get character creation moving.

I have nearly all the materials for Deathwatch and large number of 40k source books for fluff. So we should have a pretty good time once we have everything in order. I am trying to make access to this game as close to going over to a buddy's place as possible so if anyone needs help or has request I am sure we can find a way to accommodate.


Having any experience with the Warhammer world is good. The Emperor is more less the same as Sigmar and the Ruinous Powers of Chaos are exactly the same. Some races have replaced others, but fill the same slots, but there is little love for non-human races and man is on a genocidal rampage across the galaxy.

@ Bayou

I will check out those games and I am likely to need your assistance in keeping all the rules straight if we can get this one going. Wolves vs. Orks will be a good run I think. I really like WH Orks minus them being fungus people. That just seems like an odd choice of origins. I will keep your Salamander vote in mind with the Wolves as your second.


This is just an interest check for now. I would hate anyone to get to deep into creation to have it never get off the ground. But, that said, the standard build rules seem to work well.

Haha, noted, Brother Hrothgar.

Yeah, non-PF games can take some time to get going, but I hope to attract a larger group of people with 10th Company since all new Battle-Brothers start as scouts that it would be a fun way get folks introduced to the system without being overly brutalized by the Ruinous Powers, lol. An Orks/Wolves game could get pretty brutal. Same for the Great Devourer. Such a rich setting.

I like most of the Chapters so whatever is preferred. I also have nearly all the Deathwatch materials and a large number of 40k source books. So nearly all notable Chapters are an option. I really like the Salamanders.

Will place one check by the Wolves. Preferred enemy?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I know that Deathwatch and its variations do not have the best track record on these boards, but I am gauging interest in a Deathwatch/Single Chapter campaign.

This going to heavily player driven as the Warhammer world is incredibly rich…almost to the point of being overwhelmingly so! But, I feel a majority of games collapse in PbP due to lessened connection created by the digital environment so it is important to keep everyone as involved in as many aspects as possible.

What this means is Marine origin and primary enemy will be a matter of consensus. I want everyone who plays to get the most out of the game. I plan to run things at a decent clip as speed of play can become burdensome in any game, but especially one with modern combat. There will be times where certain aspects are hand-waived for integrity of the story, but never if it will risk the PC’s not getting a chance to live or die a glorious death for God-Emperor.

I do plan to run a somewhat unique recruitment where those with the most experience with the 40k world will be the in the Alpha team with a Bravo team that will and complete newbies will be in a training section to learn the rules and setting. The Bravo team will be in place to fill folks who have to drop out and to play the role of Chapter drill instructors and new folks will be assigned to the 10th Company as scouts. Missions for the 10th Company will move more at the speed of PFS games with a focus on learning the rules and working as squad in combat.

If veteran players chose to go to the Bravo team they will rewarded with rank and a bonus in their character creation, as it will assist in new folks and myself with keeping on the right side of the rules and also to help enrich the feel of the setting.
As fallouts or deaths happen the 10th Company will be called on for replacements. Something to be aware of in any Warhammer setting is that death of characters is going to happen. Period. It is something which sets the setting apart from many others. I would suggest anyone unfamiliar with the setting stop the library or look at to learn the perils of the 41st Millennia.

This should be enough to get us established to open a Campaign page if there is enough interest and we can hammer out everything else from there.

Will be submitting a dwarf rogue of some flavor.

Gnome caster focused on firearms spells is sounding like an interesting route. Will we have access to cannon at some point?

Looking at a gnome caster of some sort. Oracle or spellslinger maybe.

I'll toss my hat in on this. Will work up a fella today. So advanced firearms are fairly common then and heavy armor is not?

Might want someone who can take a hit on the front line to take hit so those support hitters can do their job.

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