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Scarecrow Golem

Bilbo Bang-Bang's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,983 posts (4,989 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 5 Pathfinder Society characters. 27 aliases.


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Dotting. Will get something up today.

Anyone looked at the Unchained book? I like options, but it starting to feel like too many. Almost like a medicine to counteract side effects of another medicine. Thoughts?

I meant to switch up my sub for a rogue. Will have character ready by tomorrow.

Dotting with a classic cleric. Will have a full concept soon. Central time GMT -6...I think.

Hahaha, divination must be your specialist school, Harp! Thanks for help.

Sounds like a good time, Harp. Looks like I moved away from Louisville a little too soon! Indy is only 1 1/2 hours from my house there.

Same to you, Harp. I haven't ever been to any cons. Where are you going?

I'm up for Fallen Fortress, Shifty.

I moved back to Missouri in February. I live about dead center about 15 miles north of Columbia where the University of Missouri and True/False Film Festival are located, Harp.

Moved over a couple of states and had horrible internet for a bit. Glad to see a majority of you fine folks are still about!

Helllllooooo, lol.

Classic, lol. Just like the Squat 40k! Too bad.

I am enjoying the game, and the system as a whole, a great deal.

I did not purchase anything. I didn't need anything other than living expenses.

I will work up a concept today.


Hey Mark,

Feel free to have Sapele use Fiddler as a projectile. Once this has been done once it will be part of our lore, lol. I get the chance to recover from a wound every hour so wounds don't bother me much.

Wow. A lot happened today, lol

Gotta remember those Wild die, lol.

Dotting. Will work something up today.

His claw emits very loud "snap" like that of a pistol shrimp, but on a much larger scale. LBT makes me laugh, too. Makes thunk of him altering peoples sexual orientation, lol. But, it is Large Blast Template. Falling is risky, so setting off a blast before smacking into the ground reduces the chance of getting knocked senseless before acting.

Not dumb questions at all.

His claw emits very loud "snap" like that of a pistol shrimp, but on a much larger scale. LBT makes me laugh, too. Makes thunk of him altering peoples sexual orientation, lol. But, it is Large Blast Template. Falling is risky, so setting off a blast before smacking into the ground reduces the chance of getting knocked senseless before acting.

Not dumb quesrions at all

Just a note on Fiddler's appearance for the group. He has a fine left hand, but his right is a large crab claw. He stands just shy of 5' tall, but is very stout.

The bounty hunter sounds more four color and less independent graphic novel. The feel of this game is more 80's Marvel and less mid 90's manga. I adjusted my concept from the original I had pitched, too. I could see the bounty hunter working well in any Spiderman comic. Hobgoblin did the same thing with his gas grenades.

Sounds good. Will get all the information updated in a bit.

I will get my sheet all wrapped up on a different computer. This one kicks me back to the home page whenever I try to alter my profile. Weird.

Having a problem with my account. Will get character sheet whipped as soon as they resolve it.

Fiddler Audit:

Attributes: check

Ag d8 (2p)
Smar d6 (1p)
Spi d4 (0p)
Str d6 (1p)
Vig d6 (1pt) (d10 w/ Super Attribute)


Fighting d12 (7p)
Stealth d8 (3p)
Taunt d6 (2p)
Notice d6(2p) Use Underspent Skill Points (2) to Raise Notice to d8.
Shooting d8 (3p)


Overconfident (Major.) Used to purchase Power Point Edge

One Arm (Major) Used to model only having one human hand. Super Karma

Distinctive (Minor), claw arm. 1 skill point

Quirk (Minor) Feels uncomfortable around sea food restaurants due to reoccurring nightmare of being served for dinner since his transformation. 1 skill point

Edges: Check

Powers 20/20 spent.

Armor +6 (4 pp -1 from partial coverage) (3pp)

Attack, Melee 2d6+AP2 (5pp)

Regeneration (5pp)

Super Attribute 2 Increased Vigor two die types. (2pp)

Super Skill 1 +2 skill points (1pp) Applied to Fighting

Aquatic (Free) Requires salt water to live unhindered.

Heightened Sense (1pp)

Stun (2pp) No Range. LBT chosen instead.

Lair (1pp) Used to fund Tub at later point.

Streamlined with a few tweaks we discussed. Dropped Focus idea as discussed. Will be a goal for a future power-up. Fixes are bolded for ease of review.

Back from holiday roadtrip. Let's go LBT on Stun and I will get a spoiler uo with the current audit for review in a couple of hours.

Would it be better to have the crab arm be an advanced prosthetic which contains the powers? Devices reduce the cost without messing with the rules and for all intents and purposes should remove some of the issues while retaining the theme. DARPA simply decided to test a whole range of programs on someone nobody would miss. Only the arm powers would be mechanically altered and all others would be a result of the DNA swapping to assist in his survival of attaching claw and integrated nerve control.

Will line out those questions tomorrow. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, all.

Yeah, Stun is probably the best way to go then.

I like the mod on Aquatic also. Free power for a major hindrance.

Activation is not all that bad on armor. Given my ability heal quickly and a good parry he should weather most surprise situations all right.Plus, he is Over Confident, lol.

Yes, we will go with the Claw only for the melee. I like the special weapon nature of that image. So that will give us the point needed for the " Evil Lair." :) lol.

Now to work some accounting to arrive where we need to on the other powers.

Range is not appropriate for this particular instance in regards to how the Stun effect is created. Maybe Paralysis would be a better option? It might mimic the effect better. Solves some of the issues created by Stun with a similar, but localized effect. Short range/High Intensity sound burst to rattle brains and nervous systems.

Now for Focus...If I Activate Armor (He has learned to control some his mutations), drop Super Skill (Fighting), and take Needs Water on my Aquatic Power (A great reason to have a soothing tub in the lair), then Fiddler can get his Focus. Being experimented on doesn't often come with only desirable ends. Thankfully, we live on an island and access to salt water is plentiful. Those limiting factors provide ample role-playing opportunities in my opinion.


Let's do the One Arm Hindrance in place of small Small. It would be nearly impossible to use an smartphone or type with a monstrous crab claw so the penalty is highly suitable.

Let's drop Super Skill. We'll us the the 2 unspent skill points to keep Fighting at d12.

Now in order to make the differences between Sapele and Fiddler more apparent do you feel using the 2 PP we have just netted to increase the range of Stun would be better than Focus? This would make a more capable mid-ranger without excessive overlapping of powers maybe?

I have a lot to consider now, lol. Will look at those options and thanks for the I depth look. I haven't made many characters for this game and it is most welcome.

Sapele will always have a weapon to throw like a giant stun grenade!lol

I like the idea for Stun and I had looked at the One Arm Hindrance, but felt made him a bit too close the Lizard.

I also looked at the Focus modifier and really liked it, but it would have cost me some of the other abilities that I took to round out his flavor. I am considering dropping Stun for Focused if we compensate the attacks only being applied to the pincer. I do like the idea of snapping cables and bars with that claw....lots of trouble to be causes with something like that. lol.

I don't mind if the attack applies to only the pincer and not get anything for it. But, if you feel it should be compensated, we can work on how to apply the extra point it would afford.

I did underspend on Skills. Let's apply that 2 points to take Notice to d8.

Let me know what you think. I am very open to making changes for a solid build.

I have this great image of Sapele and Tommy having a Colossus/Wolverine "Fastball Special" attack given his rugby background. Any chance we can make that work some how?

All righty. Here we go.


Ag d8 (2p)
Smar d6 (1p)
Spi d4 (0p) No that wise. Who agrees to experimental gene therapy?
Str d6 (1p)
Vig d10 (1p + 2 Super Attribute)

Charisma 0

Parry 8

Toughness 6 (7-1 for Small Hindrance) (12 total when Armor is added)

Total 5 p + 2 steps from Super Attribute


Fighting d12 (4 p +2 from Minor Hind. + 1 from Super Skill)
Stealth d8 (3p)
Taunt d6 (2p)
Notice d6+2 (2p +2 bonus from Heightened Senses)
Shooting d8 (3p) Pretty sure Stun power will need this skill

Total 15 starting points + 2 Minor Hind. + 1 Super Skill


Over Confident (Major) Used to purchase Power Point Edge
Small (Major) +5 Power points -1 Toughness

Both Minor Hindrances used to boost Fighting skill

Distinctive (Minor) A large crab pincer is pretty noticeable.
Quirk (Minor) Feels uncomfortable around sea food restarurants due to reoccurring nightmare of being served for dinner since his transformation


Arcane Background (Free)
Power Points (Major Hindrance purchase)
Fast Healer (Human Free Edge)
Extra Power Points (From 2nd Major Hind.) Was reading this as how your get 20 PPs to start from comparing to stock characters.


Armor +6 (3 pp {-1 from partial coverage reduced cost from 4}) A semi-chitinous shell covers his torso.

Attack, Melee (5pp) 2d6+AP2. Tommy's right arm is a large crab pincer.

Regeneration (5pp) During the gene mutation his body became highly effective at repairing damage.

Super Attribute (2pp) Increased Vigor. He may be small, but he is tough as hell.

Super Skill (1pp +1 step to Fighting) Small guys love to fight.

Aquatic (1p) Swims like a, well, shrimp.

Heightened Sense (1pp) Small fry don't last long in a big world without being aware of bigger fish in their ponds.

Stun (2pp) By snapping his claw, Tommy can create a massive sound blast topping 400dB.

Total= 21 - 1 for a partial ability = 20 Power Points

Let me know if I messed up anywhere or want more details.

Character sheet to follow.

"Psycho little Bastards." lmao

All right! Schools done and the thought process is moving forward.

Looks like we need a ranged guy with some fighting ability to work with the big guy. I am working up a fella who used to be a competitive arm wrestler and tough man who loses his arm to an accident. In an effort to get it back he agrees to a "gene therapy" which splices his DNA with that of several different crustaceans. Little did he know that it was part of a secret DARPA program and it goes wrong leading to him taking on several crustacean characteristics. His name will be Tommy Fiddler (Nautilus).

Will get the specifics later and any input would be highly welcomed. I plan playing him out as a villain who wasn't very happy about the way things went for him, but eventually embraced his new form and fought heroes for the fun of it. He tries to keep the public out most of his battles, but eggs will get broken from time to time.

Thinking powers will be derived from various crabs and shrimp (Pistol and Mantis) so I am thinking:

Attack Melee and Ranged or Stun
Heightened senses
Super Attributes
and maybe Burrow

Will work on it throughout the day and have it wrapped by tonight!

Haha. I am studying for a Master's in Military Science. Fun, but am ready for Christmas

I am finishing with finals the next day or two and will have a better backstory without so many conflicting issues. After looking at the style of the campaign again I think a villain more in line with a typical Spiderman shading sounds like more fun. Scorpion, Rhino, Electro type of character feel.

Sounds good.

I will look at all those issues. Strength will be knocked down a bit and bio-laser will be more promient. Will alter the story issues to reflect proper time line and everyone is an enemy issue.

Working on the name and character sheet today, but here are the origin story and such.

John Staham was a Delta Force operator whom had retired from service just short of the alien invasion. Having spent years dealing with villains of all sorts, John was left speechless by the unwavering destruction laid down by the V'Sori fleet. Listless for a time without a country to serve and with little means to support his family, Staham found a home in Mayor Perez's SOCorp. What did he care if villains were being whacked? These beings had made life difficult enough during the per-invasion years and this work seemed close enough to his service to reason away his part in perpetuating the alien overlord's control of Earth. In his opinion, without heroes the destruction of the alien forces would only result in Earth's evil doers to fill the power vacuum.

Such was his skill, John was approached to take part in an experimental program for deep cover, Omega Cell destruction. As part of the program, the alien scientist would modify his DNA to give him powers of his own. For years following, Staham was responsible for the destruction of several cells gaining ever more trust from his handlers. But, then things changed. While involved in another operation, it soon became apparent not all of the remaining supers were completely evil and their efforts were in many ways benevolent.

Disgusted by his actions, Staham turned on his handlers destroying a major V'Sori compound in the process. This did not bode well for his handlers who were quickly "corrected." While no villain completely trust another, Staham gained a particular distrust for his former actions he continues to struggle with. Yet, when faced with a greater enemy, most will choose to side with power over trust in most cases, after all none of them stood with Champion on that fateful day.


John is an athletic man in his late 30's standing 5'8" and 175 pounds. He has brown hair which worn short and has brown eyes.


All of his powers require activation as his entire form is transformed when accessing his gifts. Taking on a beastial visage and growing to nearly 8 feet tall when active he is a force to be reckoned with. I will sort these out in a bit, but strength and a possible bio-laser may figure in.


I plan fleshing these out quite a bit also. He is obviously a favored target of both the V'sari and Perez, but a couple other factors will be worked in also. Weakness to some sort of chemical used a control by his former overlords will be a likely candidate. He also attempts to limit civilian involvement and harm when possible.

Will get at this again in a bit, but hope this a good jumping off point.

Carl, Phasing Addict wrote:
Poor Wandering GM wrote:
Carl, Phasing Addict wrote:
Poor Wandering GM wrote:

Hey Carl

Trappings check


Right taking these in reverse order

Attributes. Glad 'Hard living' worked for you. No trapping change needed for Attributes.

Toughness. So you want to add[/i]...


Let's take away the Spirit roll. It will just take an action to activate it.

Intangibility. Invisibility is a 5pt power...

Let it be like a ghost. That is, seen, but can still go through physical objects.

I love the Nick Cage avatar, lol. Every time I see it I crack up.

Pop! ;) I am in the middle of writing a thesis paper and will work on my submission during my breaks I have set up. Looking forward to this.

Personality wise he is a villain by happenstance operating in that shadowy area gray. A lot like the Rhino or a CIA operative. Evil is relative when it falls inside of the extremes in his opinion.

If you are familiar with the Guyver series of Manga, his powers will be in along the line of a Zoanoid requiring activation.

Will work on it a little more here in a bit!

If you end up having any fall outs, let me know. I can have replacement up in 30 minutes, lol.

Lurking. Mwahahaha. ;)

Right on. I will whip up a character for the second string bench, lol. ;)

Still recruiting? Picked this book last week and looks like a good time.

I have a gnome Oracle of the Heavens to submit.

Perdition Banderflash:

For those odd few touched by the gods, no mystery seems beyond their touch. Among gnomes those mysteries and access to them is more than answers, but life itself. The Bleaching fails to hang upon those gifted individuals capable of bringing forth ever greater experiences for those among their kind not so blessed. Perdition happens to be just such a gnome.

Born under an auspicious moon, the young gnome soon proved to be wise beyond his years with an even greater knack for magic than most. Bringing forth visions of the great beyond and tales of interstellar inhabitants which wield amazing technologies, Perdition's council soon became sought by many of Golarion's leaders. From the duchy Alkenstar to members of the Technic League, the gnome related his tales before slipping away to another far flung corner of the Inner Sea.

All those who would attempt to hold him under their control soon found doing so was like attempting hold a star itself. Most awakening dazed and confused only remembering a bright flash and nearly indescribable color. But, this power did not come without a price. The gnome's eyes paid the toll resembling the darkness of the void more so than eyes. The obsidian like orbs only having minor sight in this world, but seemingly unhampered by darkness or light in other regards.

Jovial and outgoing, the gnome has once again found himself in the company of like minded adventurers seeking answers to unasked questions. Happy with an opportunity to help expand his tome of tales which he keeps for other gnomes, Perdition has arrived in the town in the vicinity of the Emerald Spire.


Perdition will be a control type character in combat and healing as needed. Typical combat action will be to Color Spray and then fall in as required to restrict enemy movement or heal the injured.

Character sheet to follow.

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