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Scarecrow Golem

Bilbo Bang-Bang's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,838 posts (4,761 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters. 24 aliases.


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Indeed, Voodoo. Thanks for the fun. I have had a great time.

Retreat and run away are two different things, Mark. As it stands we are going to be put through the grinder if we do not get some tactical advantage. One we do not have standing in the doorway getting hammered by spells and stink-eyes.

And I have been biting my lip for some time, but it seems like you have some un-aired beef we need to set straight. What's the deal? It felt like you took some of Tararr's ball busting to heart early on and instead of seeing it as a "Tango and Cash" relationship took it as something directed at you personally. So let's patch this up, because the snarky sh!t is getting a little old, bub.

Hey Voodoo, I am shutting down all my characters except this one. I, too, have returned to school and with my new job can no longer commit the time to my fantasy life, lol. I look forward to continuing our trek as long as it last.

With my recent job change and returning to school it looks like I will be retreating from the gaming scene for some time, guys. So as the windows open for proper exits I will be slipping out of them. Most of my games seem to be at this point now and so I will be working with you guys to arrange what we need to do.

Sounds good to me! And the grad class sounds cool. I just finished my first week at my new job and am getting adjusted to not having to get up at 0430 for work, lol. Getting a new laptop broken in right now, but I will get busy with a Halfling in the basement, lol.

Indeed, Tark. Sorry for your loss.

And the space laser. Do not forget the required Bay-ZER!

Sorry for short post today. From work. Not much time. lol

Ouch,hahaha. I hate when that happens to me.

Haha,or get transported to the Russian Revolution!

If you have never watched the "Ace of Bass: Sign" video, please do so right this second.

Orri will take the first two. 4 hours is all any military man is entitled to anyhow, lol.

Our cleric could benefit from taking up Tarrar's Urgosh,no?

Hot glue gun! I totally forgot I have one of those. I have a cardboard regatta to compete in and I need to mock up some robots for a new shooting competition. High Temp glue guns might as well be cardboard welders, lol.

I always like Color Spray and Grease. Anything that makes it easier on the fighter, lol. That is why I took the Crushing Blow feat so I can lower the toughest guys AC giving the other guys a better chance to hack him to bits. Sometimes I wear goggles and just have the caster Color Spray me along with the baddens, lol.

Spells that always help include: Grease & Create Pit.

I thought I have 5 javelins that did not come across from Hero Lab. I will fix that ASAP. In any case everyone should secure a crossbow so that in the first round everyone will have a readied attack.

o Horatius Lartius, human paladin of Erastil: 1st in squad
° Leiff Gunnarson, human savage skald bard: Center of squad to maximize Bardic powers
° Theor Garess, human ranger: 2nd to support Horatius
° Lynthara, gnome arcane sorcerer: Near center
° Thaurux, human barbarian: Rear Guard
° Orri Björnsson, human Tetori monk: Pointman 10 feet ahead of squad

Thaurux's speed and reach weapon will allow him to move where the most support is needed, thus rear guard is best for him and he is strong enough to protect the casters.

We need the paladin out front for tanking and the ranger for searching.

The monk will skirmish and draw the opponents into the main body for quick combat rounds. He will also move far enough ahead to save everyone else from AoE magic and traps.

We can fix things up as we move, but a staggered column with the general placement lends itself to higher survivability.

All right guys and gals we need to establish our stacking order.

I usually prefer running a point man 10 feet ahead of a staggered column with a missile man ahead of the first heavy hitter and magic users protected in the middle. We should delay for the bard to buff outside of the surprise round.


I have heard of harp music curing all manner of ailments so indigestion is probably in there, lol.

Hahaha. I was on the fence with it, but I am big fan of the "Tiger Mask" and it suited a Ulfen wrestler well.

If all works as hoped, we will soften the threat then move back to work in support of your whirling flail of death. By the time they reach you and Talwin we hope to have shot them with bolts and bullets, hit them with magic, and then have them fall at your feet in one shots by you and the inquisitor.

My family has always celebrated St. Nick on the 6th and it wasn't until recently that a majority of the United States does not. So looked it up and it happened that I am from one 3 or 4 major urban centers that does so that are not in Europe. Weird how you can just assume something is nation wide when it is a major event in some of the larger US cities.

Merry Christmas to those about to reach it!

Be careful with enlarge. It makes you easier to hit. AC 12 is not so hot at level one or two.

Yeah,the formatting refused to cooperate. It should be staggered with Tai-Shan out front 10-15 feet. I would space everyone out further,but given the that this is a grid based game, it is too cumbersome.

Do either of you magicusers have Create Pit, Grease, and Color Spray in your book? I will pick up some flash rounds and a thunderstone or two after I get some cash. As tightly packed as this combat is, it would be wise to Grease the mouth of the funnel giving Kyrssa and Talwin prone targets to work.

I suggest everyone carry a crossbow loaded and readied. Fire in surprise rounds or at stand off distance then move to engage,drawing your weapon as a free action as part of that move. Long spear for Dagon, I think it is a simple weapon?

Hahaha, comes from being a retired Army sergeant and military history buff, tai-shan, lol.

Great story, Brother. That is how it was in Okinawa,too. I swear that if you lost something and a Okinawan found it, it would come back to you in better condition,lol. Glad to hear that the Christmas spirit is alive and well and that you got your wallet back intact.

Real spiders to round them out?

I am interested. Will throw someone together today.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Get Me A Light Beer!

He didn't say poison, Shifty! Hahaha

Will it be DnD or PF rules, Rosey?

Are fortunes finally changing? Let's stay tuned,super fans! Will our beleaguered heroes overcome the tiny terrors!?! Find out in next months installment of "Well A'int This Some Sh!t." Lol. Good rolls guys.

Tirion Jörðhár wrote:
Congrats Bilbo. Now try to avoid taking a crit from a greataxe in the first week.

LMAO, it is the second week I will be in the most danger of that one, T.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

20. Thanks guys. I would like to assume the assist other put in play made it work! Hahaha. Good thing the sales field is all about making people do what you want and not always what they should. Managed to get the second interview there and then and a job offer before it was all said and done. Good thing I am more like a bard in real life. ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Headed out to the first interview I've had in 8 years,lol. Let's see if I can make that Charisma roll today.;)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hahahaha, stop fighting and start using you dimensional step power,Warpyest!

I dislike War Priest being written as a single word for the new class. I keep reading it as Warpy-est, lol. I am pretty sure it is violating the rules of English grammar in some fashion.

Heads up, out the loop today. Too manic to read,lol...but seriously.

Even distribution of resources is another. Nothing like losing all the dungeoneering gear to a pit trap or falling into a lake, lol.

Amazing what happens when you add a little NCO insight and keep harping on the others, lol. I like dwarves for that role. Fits pretty well. ;) But, I would blame a lot of the issues on the implied nature of Initiative and the PbP get your turn as soon as you can set up. Honestly the group average versus monster avg would clear some of that mess up, while taking only a little bit away from the randomness of battle. On PbP it seems like giving up some of the table top rules is favorable for faster resolutions.

I have posted marching orders, squad tactics, and even suggested load outs, but it seems that steps on toes even though they play to the strengths of each class present. Oh well, can't have it all. Though I do wish people would stagger at intervals. Single file is so dreadfully outdated, lol.

TPK by one man with a rapier, Dread Pirate indeed.....;)

Still haven't gotten them on board with the readied crossbows and simple reach weapons for the non-martials, lol.

Thankfully. I will burn resources that blind or deafen a spell caster in the first round. Pretty sure Grogson has both earplugs and eye-pro, haha.


Getting wailed on gives you a real reason to play sound tactics, like flash banging rooms! hahaha

Yeah,I really didn't take the power of CON damage into account,lol.

I played Tararr for 2 years and was never more excited than when he died. I mean,does that ever happen anymore?

I would expect no less, V. lol

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