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Bigtuna's page

560 posts. No reviews. 1 list. No wishlists. 1 alias.


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add Glen Parnell as edit rights - I haven't been updating for a while - hopefully Glen will give it an update.

Paizo only.

Added Divine Protection, steadfast personality, Slashing Grace.
And a few other things from Advanced Class Guide.

I have added about ½ of what i found in Advanced class guide.
Divine Protection in on the list - thanks.

Advanced Class Guide...
Make my work easier - post the X to Y's in here..

"I was looking for ways to maximize use of AoO's":
- bodyguard feat + X benevolent brachers of armor + gloves of arcane striking.

seach for: The Comprehensive Kensai Magus Guide
It tells you what you need to know about build a dex-based magus (with the kensei achetype).

"Would an analogous feat to Extra Arcane Pool be balanced?"

It's a minor bonus and as long as the feat only grants more arcane points not more power (extra dam pr use of points) it would be much of an issue.

If you play with the playtest matrial.
Dip shaman - with nature - replace dex with Wis, givning you 2x Wis to AC (if allowed).

Potions of mage armor, they work.
perhaps someone from the party can cast mage armor? - even better.

Take a inqusitor dip -infiltrator with conversion inquisition - with Irori a deity - select the trait wisdom in the flesh (stealth) - now you have wis to diplomcy, bluff and stealth - TWICE!..

Guided is 3.5...?
Hmm I'll make a note of that...

1) If the senario only goes to lvl 8 - go str!

Dex needs dervish dance, that would be 1/4 of the senario without a working optimal.

2) Low level spell casting - here spell recall really shines. - another reason to go str based.

3) Spells.
Infernal healing. Shield. The first two levels this will keep you alive maybe a color spray.
You don't have the spellslots to do much damage with spells before you get spell recall.

4) Pearls of power - aren't cheap - at low level....

marked for future use...

Just tried the - "you-and-you-alone-don't-get-any-rest" in a paizo campaign.
My magus started the day by wanting more rest.
He didn't get arcane points, he didn't get to memorise spell. He was fatigued. He died later that day...

This was a "thing" for the better part of a senario. Each night someone choosen randomly had bad dreams - and sucked the next day unless the made a fort save DC alot.
1 day was okay - haha - I still have a few spells - and 5 pearls of power I, just a bad day. Next day day only 1 level spells. - and then i died...

Point being - it's okay to nerf a player - but don't over do it.

Annabelle and Isabelle.
- Had a daggerspell mage in 3.5 that used a pair of daggers.

Traits added.

wait - you used the "X to Y" thread/guide and didn't tell me about mystery cultist?
I'm disappointed :-(

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Note To Self:

willamoak wrote:

"mystery cultist? It’s a prestige class from “chronicles of the righteous” that allows early acces to celestial obediences, special powers gained from long observance of rituals towards “empyreal lords”. The mystery cultist is interesting for a few reasons:
1) Charisma boost: you can get a +4 sacred bonus to charisma for a number of rounds per day equal to your level. Always great for a charisma centric character.
3) Great SLAs: heal 1/day? Summon monster VI & VII with awesome good monsters? Not something I would refuse.
4) Flavor: bunch of fun flavor stuff. No mechanical importance, but it’s fun.
So, even more charisma synergy. So any empyreal lord for obediences would be good right? In theory, yes. But there is ONE that stands out: Arshea, spirit of abandon, empyreal lord of freedom, sexuality, and physical beauty. What’s so special about her?
1) Her obedience is SUPER simple. You need to achieve “release”. No muss, no fuss, no need to do something complicated.
2) FLAWLESS FORM: Gain an armor bonus equal to your charisma modifier whenever you wear revealing clothing & no armor.

Checks this later...

1 feat +4 skill points - replaces 14 skills with bluff.
OR buy a page of spell knowledge (4000)+4 skill points
Sure some things does work.
Identify mosters/spells in combat...

But the rest of the day... What GM would allow it?

Added: Bard Master Piece: Pageant of the Peacock (Act, Dance)
Is it me or is that silly broken?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Arcane Strike is good.
Sure the magus can pick a few arcanes taht uses swift actions - but they need arcane points - you don't have that many arcane points - so you won't be using them every round.

there is a trait.

- Bruising Intellect replace Cha with Int for Intimidate

- Student of Philosophy (Social) replace Cha with Int for diplomacy (persuade) and bluff (convince other a lie is true)

- Pragmatic Activator (magic) use replace Cha with Int for UMD.

Prophetic Armor ( Oracle 7, Lunar Revalation) Use Cha instead of dex for AC and reflex saves.

anything i missed?

1) You could change chars to something overpowered like a syntesist.
Or master summoner.
Lot's of utility, and bloody broken...

2)Leadership/minions - with only two of you a few henchmen/cohorts/animal compagnions/controlled undeads could be quite usefull for your survival

Spell blending and command undead/create undead/animated undead will help you out - could be some negative reactions to the undead - but then it's pirates - a skeleton crew and a few undeads is only floavor :-)

3) MAX AC - vanilla magus can get a mithreal fullplate at level 7 (if he have the money and uses a feat - it might be useless at lvl 13, but by then the AP i almost at an end, and it will help you out for 6 levels. (and you could always ask to retrain)).

4) Fighter/rogue - I don't know how to make that one survive... But I'm sure undead flanking boddies will help on his DPR

Well it depends.

You have acces to this site:

And if you have a few dices (or a dice app on a smartphone) then you are good to go.

You don't NEED more, but if you like more options, then more books are fine. And by bying you support paizo, and they might make more great stuff then...

But more dices - well that speed things up.
more d20, d6 - they tend to be some of the the most used.

There's the spell deathwine - with a potion you can add 1-3 to the casterlevel of a necromacy spell.

Blood reservoir of physical prowess (2000)

Muleback cords.
If there's an arcane caster in the party - anthaul.

Now carry capasity isn't a problem.

Carry a potion of lesser restoration (or two). To fix any str penalities/damage.

Well I made one... So here's a start.

Goblin Black Blade Kensei 10/Crossblooded Sorc 1/More kensei

Feats: lvl 1 weapon finesse) Bonus (weapon focus:BB) lvl 3 (dervish dance), Alertness (BB) lvl 5 (Arcane Strike) Bonus (Intensify spell) lvl 7 (weapon specialization) lvl 9 (imp Crit) Bonus (eshew matrials) lvl 11 (extra Arcane points) Bonus: Extra Arcane point
Traits: magical linerage (shocking grasp + intencified spell)
Magus Arcana: Arcane Accuracy.

I picked Goblin for flavor. Other races will do as well.

Wild blooded Crossblooded Sorc - do they stack+ Ask your GM if they do - take draconic and elemental to get and extra 20 dam on your shocking grasp.

I grew up on a farm. We had a farming Scythe. As a small child is was told - "never touch the scythe - it will cut your leg's off".
All though i never testet this theory as a child - this would explain the x4 crit modifier....

Jaatu Bronzescale wrote:

As you were already engaged, you chose to attack with spell combat. You make your melee attack at -2, then should have made a concentration check to avoid provoking the AoO. On succeeding, you make the second attack at -2 again, but if you hit, this time it does both weapon and spell damage.

It is a normal attack, not a touch attack though. That's the price we pay for getting weapon damage and crit range via spellstrike.

If you had failed the concentration check, then you'd lose the spell and the second attack that went with it, but still take the penalty on the other attack.

- Just to clearify. If you cast defensivelyyou DON'T provoke AoO. But it's hard - and if you fail the concentration check you loose the spell.

in 3.5 a failed concentration check would provoke a AoO and if that hit you would have to make an other concentration check.
In pathfinder you don't provoke AoO when casting on the defensive

ZanThrax wrote:
Bigtuna, have you looked at the new traits in Ultimate Campaign yet? At the very least, there's Bruising Intellect to replace Cha with Int for Intimidate - potentially very useful for high Int Intimidate builds.

No. Not yet.

I don't have the book, and as far as I can tell it's not on the webpage yet.
But once I get a hold of the book, or it's content i uploaded to the webpage - I'll add it - I just like to check the texts first.

frostbite! Very important.

Wizard dip - not worth it. Mage armor - just buy potions of mage armor.

Or better yet take a closs blooded Sorc dip.

1. Dex is better than str. Str (or dex) should be your primary stat - not int.

2. close range is a good if GM don't like arcane mark.

3. you don't get a magus arcane at lvl 3 as a kensei.

4. Armor - potion of mage armor is fine. buy 10 and stock up. Or even better get a wizard/sorc to cast it on you.
later bracher of armor +5 (goes up to +8) will cover your needs.

Even if you go after "the big 6" items you still have to make a choise - do I go for AC, saves, to hit or more dam?

A class with only light armor prof. might want a +4 armor before the guy in the full plate, who needs more dam... ¨

WBL items can only be optimized with respect to class.

We play either pathfinder or 3.5. No mixing.
Only 3.5 that sneaks into the pathfinder is things paizo haven't made rules for. Like how does touch spells work...

At low level infernal healing and color spray is better than shocking grasp. Shield is also quite good (you'll wanna survive - buy some scrolls ASAP.

Str > int > con > dex > wis > Int - so more str.
The magus have several defensive spells and damage spells but lack buff spells - so you'll want that extra to hit from str. (But the Samsaran can get a few good onces from the bard list).

Rich parents - not a great trait. take one of the +2 concentration traits instead. (or wayang spellhunter if allowed)

Combat casting - take the trait instead. The feat will loose it's appeal later on (around level 8 you can afford one of the 3 concentration boosting items (UQ and and elven item from that races book).

Arcane strike, weapon focus intencified spell - they are all good no brainers.
Toughness - I would normally take it - but Samsaran could use the boost.
Perhaps at level 1 and all favored class bonus to extra HP.

Dodge? - You could take heavy armor prof at level 7 - buy a mithral fullplate and have a nice AC before lvl 13 (14 if you go with cross blooded sorc) - again it's a feat that will have less appealing as you level (the same with heavy armor prof after lvl 13)

Low level arcane casters aren't great. They make it up as they level.
But party tactics does make it easiere.
use a fre action to ask the fighter to get out of the way - delay or ready and action.

The Magus shouldn't be nerfed in anyway - he has enough problems.. Getting a +3 to hit I would allow it, unless it's a optimized magus with a underoptimized group - but then a +3 to hit in a few situations should matter much anyway..

Well as long as you keep to the rules an keep the -10 penalty to speed. You could make up your fluff.

You could have been cursed - with a lame leg, been tricked by a magical talking shark to let him eat it thus curing the curse but getting a leg leg instead, that happend to slow your speed with 10...

Or you could have cut your own leg off in an attempt to remove the curse - giving you a peg leg - but not the penalty... (and then you just hate fish, since it was a fish God that cursed you).

But what ever you do - removing the peg leg doesn't remove the penalty...
Doesn't matter if you regenerate the leg (then it's lame again) or just remove the peg leg - then you still don't get extra speed...

Spell shield? The magus can cast shield - and can use wand of shield or even scrolls of shield. Better to take wand Wielder - helps with low level concentration checks - and spell slots. You could use cantrips - but 750 to do 3,5 more dam, and not having to worry about concentration checks when using spell combat is worth it...

Intimidate + enforcer - 3 thug levels -> true strike + trip + intimidate

Target is tripped, if you make the intimidate check he's shakend, perhaps frightend and if you could sneak sickend...

That could be fun i think...

Reskin a few hags - make a coven. There's your nightmares... And dreamworld dungoen (that illution spell they can cast)

Oozes, reskin them make them into dream versions of the players or their famile. That embrace them in a deadly hug. If damaged - more familie members appear - each looking older and older - until they appear like dried up mummies. Crumbling to dust when they die...

When i'm inspired GM rocks.
Making a new world, making encounters that will challange the players. And I can try 3 diffent builds in a session...

But being a GM can feel like work... When you'r not really inspired and just have to find something the players can do... Spending time making a funny build only to see them smashed by the players in 1 round...

I'm about to take over a AP. With a group of overpowered players. It feels like work - but then it's gonna be the first AP i don't design myself perhaps that's easier...
Then i can just buff up an encounter here an there... Maybe think of clever ways to use monsters special abilities...

But for the most parts. playing a char seeing him evolve, getting new abilities are better...

Well the winter mystery have the Freezing Spells ability. Which really need the mystery bonus spells to work...

But if you think Cold res is gonna be an issue...

What do you want your oracle to do?
Is he a buffer/debuffer, BCF, warrior/blaster?
Pick spell that let you fill that role.

Mirror image is pretty sweet.
haste as a 4 lvl spell isn't worth it you have your own haste at lvl 4.

Ready an action...

Depending whether the wizard is buffed up or not.
If the players just walk into a room with an unpreprared wizard - his toast.
What ever player that wins initiative readies a ranged attack of some sort to disrupt the wizard - the others go in for the kill.

Buffed up wizard.. Well harder - but if no shield/no inv- a single magic missle can really destroy a wizards day


With trip you basically use your normal to hit + any bonus you have on trip (imp trip and so on) +d20.
So yes you get all spell (like haste) and weapon enhancements (such as bane if that applies to the target) and feats (weapon focus)

Trip weapons mean you buy a weapon cord - drop your weapon if you faail on 10 or more get it back as a swift action...

Just use 3.5 rules until paizo decides to define how it works.

toppling magic missile is a trap - CMD goes op way faster then your CL+int.

And there is always rime spell + frostbite - 1d6+Cl dam + entangled + fatigued.
Or the mage slayer rime spell + frigid touch. Now you are standing within my treatzone - can't 5 foot steep can only have a standard action... Add disruptive and mages gonna have a bad time...

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