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Bigg D's page

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I will try to play if possible but got a game at 6pm but sounds like fun but you game with me all the time so I will bow out if others want too play.

Oh yeah we are gonna party our asses off and role some dice too. This will be my third one but am interested how good the new hotel will be tho we will see you guys on friday grrrr have to work on thursday unfortunately but going none the less.

Hey daemon, If we could make the new room work that would be awesome, because was much fun last year...we even skipped out on other games too play more....sorry guys....but much fun. Oh and suck it hellknight I'm playing a chaotic good character(grin).

Steve Shippy aka Beerwolf wrote:

Now you have perked my interest.

The Three Lions has been added as a stop, along with getting a growler of what's on tap at Malt and Vine.

Has Paizo thought about adding a Pathfinder Pub Crawl to a list of offered events?

I love the Pub crawl idea. Done the ones in spokane,wa but never in seattle. As long as we can find our way back O.K... lol...Did I mention I like to drink beer.

I am really excited too play also or If I can get a chance to run the game that would be fine too, But if any of my players want to play a ninja to battle the pirates they will be seeing davie jones locker....if not worse. But all in all like most of the ideas that were said.

Joshua Donovan wrote:
It was great for us to good sir. Speaking for Ms. Butterflychaser, BigD and myself we really enjoyed gaming and getting to know everyone there. And in all honesty i wouldn't mind playing this again at Paizocon 2012 :D

Ditto I had a great time with you guys would like too not die so much,sorry ezren. But all in all it was a great time and wouldn't mind continuing next year where we left off if possible. As long as you update lem arcane duelist? Really? Just kidding...see ya guys next year.

It was probably the best so far, nice job shadowborn(plug) it was a very cool story as long as we don't ever have to face that blasted thing...but I have a feeling....I read most of it on the drive home, It was well done and no I was not driving :). But all in all it was a very good read.

I agree totally it was much fun, just wish I got more sleep...this is gonna be a long work week but totally worth it. Thanks all I will be there next for sure.

Thanks for getting me mine it was delicious at least what I got of it my roommates got most of it(grumble) but they were very tasty...for brains I mean.

Thanks D we had a blast, you guys are really cool, thanks for all the hospitality we really appreciated it.

Calm down,take a deep breath and TRY NOT TOO THINK ABOUT IT.(Screaming)Wheewwhhh I think I am over it. I will see ya soon.

lynnfredricks wrote:
Bigg D wrote:

Do we need these to play and are characters provided? Just wondering because I have played alot of cthulu but not sure of that system, but might ring some bells when we start. I am looking forward too it though I didn't get any cthulu games last year so I am pretty stoked...see ya on friday.

< Hey Josh! :-)>

Bigg D, everyone gets to pick one of these pictures, then get handed a couple of notes. Since everyone starts with amnesia, a big part of the adventure is discovering who you really are.

This uses the Don't Rest Your Head system, so you should bring several colored dice - one color for Discipline, one for Exhaustion, one for Madness. Madness can go as high as six, so I suggest you bring at least six each for the final two stats. Character sheets you can pencil up will be provided, too.

Cool I was just curious, I am excited too play,usually I run cthulu so this will be a nice change. See ya at the con.

SunshineGrrrl wrote:
One of my favorite things is fruit and veggies with bread and cheese and sometimes some sort of hard salami. It's a really tasty meal that can feed a couple of people easily and allows for noshing through the day. Sometimes we do that with the aforementioned chicken which is just as good cold. Very tasty and not terrible for you. Also, I have a leatherman in my purse 98% of the time which can be used to carve up a chicken pretty easily.

I would agree with the veggies and fruit but like I said I am not really picky.But if ya could if soft drinks are available I would like too recommend something without caffeine(allergic),Thanks.

I would look into the open gaming room,It was barely used last year It seemed, Every time I went down there too look for a game there was at least 3 to 4 tables open,unless they don't have it this year because they added more people.Just hope they do I was planning on bringing my zombies board game.

Cool thanks for the info,looking forward too seeing the pregens. I also thought that I would let you know that 2 people that are coming with me to the con are also in the same game so that will be cool,that was a nice surprise.
So we will see ya on sunday if not sooner at the con. D

Hey D, I am totally cool with what I have I will roll with it I was just curious,the last time I played my high level bard he had an 8 intelligence so his knowledge skills weren't the best so no prob. And if you want suggestions about snacks I like salty or sweet or both not really picky, But I do like salsa verde doritos:). Thanks .

DJ-Bogie is banned for knowing I am a Big D and he won't stop staring at me.

Do we need these to play and are characters provided? Just wondering because I have played alot of cthulu but not sure of that system, but might ring some bells when we start. I am looking forward too it though I didn't get any cthulu games last year so I am pretty stoked...see ya on friday.

Lucky son of a...Oh well some of us have to work till mid week, not showing up till thursday,but am counting the hours...see ya all there,Well not all of you.

Gruumash is banned for having a big head and such a little brain.

Hey D,just curious why lem has no knowledge skills at all?Since he has no bardic knowledge. I understand if he is not that kind of bard,also I have alot of spells picked but left some slots open but I did lean towards invisibility and buffs so I can better make the combatants alot more effective,but any suggestions would be appreciated. Just let me know..see ya guys in 3 days.

I ban myself for not knowing who gurren lagann is and what it is supposed too mean.

Triomegazero is banned for spelling banned wrong,or did he?

20% holy moly do think I am,made of money :) Anyway I thought someone was taking care of the bill?

Dj-Bogie is banned for being so judgmental for Kruelaid for reading enough.(Did I spell judgmental right?)

First of all thanks jason on the update, I have some pretty good experience with playing a bard of that level but not since 3.5 just needed an update. I am so looking forward too playing with you guys it should be fun if not too brutal(looking towards daemonslye) but either way it will be fun.I will see ya guys in 8 days.

Kruelaid is banned for having his mind in the gutter, My last name starts with a D and it does not mean anything remotely like a penis.

Hey josh I will be bringing my speedos does that count...hehehe.

daemonslye wrote:

Jason - Harsk

Butterfly - Valeros
Neil - Merisel

Done, done, and done.

Anyone else? Bigg D? Care to lend a clerical hand? Otherwise, I'm sure Merisel can take care of healing with her wand of cure light....

And Chuck, as for Tom's truename, I can only refer to him (All I can say is Sheri has bequeathed me the leash for a few days. Hah!). Perhaps, if you are in Seattle, come by to try your hand at the dice? Saturday at noon looks good....


2 Questions Do I have lem as my character and why does he the following feats disruptive and spellbreaker feats? Aren't those fighter feats? Or is it because of his arcane duelist class of bard? Just curious,have not sat down and studied the APG as much as I should(bad player...bad player) let me know when ya get a chance,much appreciated.

sozin wrote:

I got in!

Ninja did as well.

Congrats for you and Ninja good luck Captain, may your beastie tear them all a new one.

Well so many cool choices so I would be interested in lem or harsk not too cross jason but mostly interested in the bard. But I am pretty flexible though, MAN I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! Just had too get that out there.

Star Wars during the banquet....hmmmm sounds interesting. I will see If I will be free for that,sounds like fun.

Thanks D I am so looking forward to seeing the pregens and playing with ya all, I will see ya guys there.

Josh I love too drive you crazy so speedos it is...Hahahahahaha(evil laughter).

Hey you could do what we did and end an hour earlier, granted we all died by the hands of the D.M. I don't suggest it though :)

me and butterfly are in for 9pm thursday, And friday if possible don't know how long the game will last but helping you dm when we get there sounds like a blast...we will see ya all there.

I did not grrrrr,blasted lottery never goes my way.I put a 5 on that too.

I will take the thursday night game at 9pm till whenever game and I guessing butterflychaser will probably want that time slot also if possible, I saw that jason is tentative that night. I am sure we can work something out.

Josh is banned for being so confused about......errrrr what was I talking about?

Zylphryx is banned for not describing if brains taste like chicken or not.

I don't know there is fun seeing your players squirm in there chairs but I understand mixing genres, But I am a big lover of H.P. I still think he is still one of the fathers of modern horror.

Well I am a dork I do have a game at 6 in the pm but if we started early enough I could totally play on friday with ya all I possible? I believe butterflychaser is also in the same game on friday with me being my buddy and all,but I do want too get in on that game.

Thanks james was always curious, only because in one of my older campaign worlds I did that with some of my characters I played in high school 2nd edition D&D.

Mr. Quick wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
But the simple fact is that part of post 20th-level play WILL involve discussing how a PC can become a god, and that includes "how does a PC gain the ability to grant spells to clerics" and "what does that ability give the PC in question?" One of the biggest post-20th-level adventure hooks we have in Golarion is the Test of the Starstone, after all. Ignoring the Starstone and its ramifications is simply not an option. It certainly IS an additional complication.

Y'know...I wondered about that whole 'test of the starstone' thing. I'm glad that you plan on addressing the possiblity of player characters ascending to godhood, remote though it might be...

I liked how the old Savage Tide adventure path wrapped up - someone who killed Demogorgon could take his title and become Prince of Demons. A campaign along those lines could be a great way to end a long running game.

Not too sound like a butt kisser james, I was always curious about the test of the star stone, and one more question were the current gods player characters at one time?

I will probably be bringing my zombies board game if anyone will be interested? nothing like a little zombie ass kicking.

ButterflyChaser wrote:
I'm so in!! Super excited!! Thanks

Hey D butterflychaser is the other friend I was talking about and jost so if room I would like to get in on friday as well if there is still room? I am free that night.

Well I am pretty fortunate I got the creeps on the borderlands, was really hoping for that one and too kill those annoying adventurers. I also got the gifted that one does sound interesting, and finally got a cthulhu game this year so I am pretty jazzed. well if you guys aren't happy good luck with the trades.

Hey maybe only his world ended in his time zone. Hopefully everybody is laughing there asses off at this guy saying man you are a total jackass.

Geistlinger is banned for not letting zyren break stuff.

What was that about dragon's breath since all the brains are gone (grumble)?

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