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Zokar Elkarid

Big OM's page

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Your voyage continues north. On one of the nights a sudden cold snap set in and to shelter you from the cold the crew lights a few torches.

Perception DC 42:

A small creature, an ice mephit, closes in and lands in the top of the mast.

When the approaching vessel comes with in shouting distance you can hear the words: "Heave to, in the name of the king!" Complying captain Odenkirk and his men lowers the sail and awaits to be boarded. The Talingarde ship quickly close in and 5 men jumps onto the Frosthammer. Accompanied by 4 marines with spears the fifth a young muscular black haired man states: "I am Captain Sambryl who is in charge of this vessel?"

If you want to link the characters it is fine with me but not required.

It seems we have some interest. What do you prefer Ordo Xenos or Malleus?

Odenkirk scratches his beard. "She's seen us, sure as damnation. And there is no way the Frosthamar' will outrun her loaded like this. One look at our cargo and they'll know us for exactly what we are - weapon smugglers," he summarises.

A qualified guess is that the ship will be able to pull up along your side in roughly 10 minutes.

The captain takes you past the last major outpost of civilization on the west coast and slowly but steadily you makes your way towards the bugbear.

3 days pass and now you are good to leave Talingarde behind you for a time. To your left lies the last bastion of the dreaded kingdom the watchwall.

Perception DC 15:

A small fast boat closes in on you. Looking closer you see the colours of Talingarde flying from the mast. It must be a patrol boat.

Clearly disappointed as the older man translate, White Tusk gestures to the others and they leave you heading further south.

The older man listens and translates his body languages seems relieved. The younger man however is irritated and answers in a faster pace. The older man nods and translates: "White Tusk wonders if you carry metal weapons for trade? Spears?"

Clearly taking Nadine's comment close to heart Odenkrik replies: "The Frosthammer is the best ship sailing for the undertaking," and leaves you to yourselves.

After roughly a day of sailing you reach the sea as the Varnyn river flows into the sea, turning north Odenkirk follows the coastalline . As you pass the small communities by the river and the coast he smiles and waves to the locals. "Wouldn't want 'em to get suspicious, eh?"

A week passes and soon you find yourself outside the great city of Daveryn, the largest centre of civilization along the western coast.

It is fine by me, but expect to face more than just combat.

That is not a problem at first. We will begin with a Deathwatch game and then follow with the Dark Heresy.

Some time ago we discussed a game in my group where you would play both acolyte and space marine, in different times though. The space marine game would be set a couple of thousand years before the acolyte game and events would be linked. Our initial thoughts where Deathwatch and acolytes of and Ordo Xenos inquisitor but it could also be done with Greyknights and Ordo Malleus. Let me know what your thoughts are.

In regards to mechanics I am open to either point buy or rolling, I am leaning most towards points buy.

Note three things if I do run the game
1. My knowledge of the 40k setting isn't good. I know some but have some rather large holes.

2. My posting is somewhat change sometimes 2-3 times a day other 2-3 days apart depending on my work. I am not always able to tell in advance.

3. I expect any players to post within 1 day after my last post.

"Same," he concludes and continues: "Then I will take you to the cursed North past hope and life." He turns and leads you to the ship. "The Frosthammer," he says with some pride in his voice before boarding the open flat ship. Once aboard you have a chance to peak under the canvas and see the vast amount of weapon and armours you are sailing north. "You can sleep there," he says pointing to a place near the mast where you are somewhat sheltered by the cargo.

The men quickly set the sail and soon you are ailing down the Varnyn river an easy for these experienced seamen.

Odenkirk orders the sail rigged and the Frosthammer slows down. The kayaks and the canoe closes in and hails you once within hearing range. Once by the ship's side they latch on to the railing. A young man wearing finely crafted furs and hides speak eagerly in their tongue to an older man in more common quality clothing, he listens and then speaks in a poor common "White Tusk greets you and wishes to trade yes,no?"

Knowledge (Local) DC20:

Yutak are famous for the family loyalty and vendettas

"That is up to you to decide, but I doubt we can outrun them," Odenkirk replies with little interest it is clear he doesn't have high expectation of these savages.

Squinting his eyes and studying the boats Odenkrik replies: "No, Yutak. Pagans living in the north. They are rarely this far south."

As you make your way to the dock at the nearby river your transport calmly awaits you. It sits heavily in the water, much cargo is secrued on the ship covered by canvas to shield it from preying eyes. Standing before the single-masted knarr is a small group of men perhaps a dozen in total. One seperates from the group and walks towards you. He is a grizzled north-man with a wiry beard, pale blond hair and countless scars. He stops before you trying the size up the group, the deciding to speak to Stanislav he states: "You will guard our boat all the way north, yes?"

I'll roll an additional assist and see if Lyrysa's charm helps.
Crew member assisting: 1d20 + 2 ⇒ (9) + 2 = 11
The young seaman is taken in by the enchantress' beguiling eyes and soothing words. He does his best to show his skills and harpoons a seal almost all by himself. Randu expertly guides his boat during this third day and the 6 seals in the bottom tell a tail of hunter, who has mastered his prey.

Odenkirk: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19
Odenkirk is mighty pleased with the seals he managed to capture, but his good spirits are somewhat dampened as he jealously eyes your magnificent catch. "Well enough is enough," he says a little sour and continues: "We'll skin them as we set sail. They should fetch a nice price."

Each seal skin is worth 50 gp.

Setting sail you continue your journey along the coastline. A few days passes uneventful with only a slight change in scenery and a decrease in temperature. One of sailors, the one Lyrysa charmed calls out: "Look, there in the horizon" Looking closely you see 4 small vessels, 3 one manned kayaks and a seal skin canoe with four men.

The hold up is not due to this, ot is my failure to move it along that is keeping it up. I havent had the time to post a longer post which is required for the next segment.

The gods of hunting are generous this day and while a happy Odenkirk manages to land 3 seals, Randu's skill supported by the rest of the party nets you 4. Eventhough you keep a watchful eye on the captain, he shows no signs of betrayal, he is far to occupied with hunting. Once back on the ship he smiles and suggest: "A fine catch yah. One more day of hunting should be pleanty."

The masterworked plate is your to sell if you don't want it. However if you choose to have the cardinal sell it, it will work as the rules say half price as I recall. The money won't be available for the foreseeable future. You can bring it along and hope to find a buyer.

The value of the real pendant requires a appraise roll.

Nothing is masterworked save the plate.

I thought that one of you claimed the sword and armour for further use. The pendant is valuable, but finding a buyer might be difficult. Do you have anything from escaping the prison?

Odenkirk's foul mood changes towards the better as you accomondate his wishes. And the next day a new hunt begins, once again Odenkirk employs an offensive tactic, this time it seems to pay of.

Yes please, the luck of the hunt might changes.

Odenkirk: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (15) + 8 = 23

Ascending into smaller boats the hunting begins. Randu leads one while Odenkirk leads the other. Taking two different approaches to Seal Isle Odenkirk spots the first sela but in his eager to close in he scares it off. Randu, a more patient hunter guides his crew in slower and when the tally is up at the end of the days you have caught two while Odenkrik none. The captain is far from happy. "We hunt again tomorrow!" he demands.

Odenkirk leading the other boat: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14

Welcome back Stanislav

In regards to equipment.
Nadine I have no problem with you bringing reagents for potions that are not required ingredients, e.g. tongues are fine 500 gp worth of diamond dust is not.

Stanislav I am a little confused by your request. How are you asking?
There is unfortunately no "Q".

I know this is somewhat light on equipment, do you have anything left you want to sell? If so this might be the last chance.

Fair enough, have a great time.

I am currently on my tablet and away from my laptop, so my posting might be sparse until wednesday.

I am away from my laptop and posting from my tablet, so posting might be sparse. How many days do you want to hunt?

What specific supplies Nadine?

"To the boats then," Odenkirk says with a secretive smile.

There are two boats for hunting seals. Each boat has a leader who rolls Survival DC 15, the better the roll the better the catch. Each other person in the boat can attempt to aid Survival DC 10, adding +2 to the roll.

The stress of combat and the sudden flight took all hope of sleep with them and while the rest of the night was uneventful the crew grouped together by the helm, perhaps with a little lighter mood thanks to Erodin's kind words.

Days pass uneventful and while it is without excitement the rest is good. Sailing along the coastline a few days after the attack you reach a bay, when you enter Odenkirk approaches you. “We are a little light on fresh water I think. We are passing Seal Isle and there is a stream that feeds into the bay there. We’ll take on water there. I’ll send a party to the shore. Of course, that means we’ll spend a day in some of the richest fur seal hunting grounds all along this coast. I’m thinking of organizing a hunting expedition. Interested?”

Timoen is certainly surprised by the change in mood and topics compared to the captain's inquiries. Feeling more at ease with Robert he eventually shares the desired knowledge.

How should we handle this information. I was thinking that when the time comes it would require two rolls. One to remember and a diplomacy to present it.

Just to be crystal clear Timeon is not from the castle Balentyne, he is from a the Balentyne line but lived with his family further away. His father has nothing to do with the current mission, but if you wish you can go there first but it will cost time to do so.

He can draw you a crude map.

In regards to impersonating him there will be people who know him and fooling them will be more difficult.

Grumblejack was not part of the ceremony.

The cardinal smiles coldly but appreciatively of Vank's questions: "Intelligent thoughts - I believe in Sakkarot's capabilities and I believe you will to when you meet him. Taking the ogre with you is a decition I would find most unwise, I had higher thought of your tactical aptitude." Turning to Nadine the cardinal's smile lessens. "No, but you will meet later should you succeed." he answers shortly.

The interrigation of Timeon:

While Thorn is pleased with your idea he has a clear opinion about who is going to handle it. "Consider this another test, I believe that the youth will be of great use if you convince him to talk."

Timeon might be a broken soul in a broken body, but it still demands some attention on you part to convince him to talk. After many a sob and "I don't know anythings" he yield and shares what knowledge he has left. "As you know I am the son of a minor branch of House Balentyne. we lived near the Watchwall and visited the castle a few times each season. You will never make it past Sir Thomas, he is a pillar of virtue." After a little more convincing he shares some juicy details: "Yes, yes I know of treachery within the walls. Captain Eddarly is sharing a bed and more with captain Mott's wife Kaitlyn." Guiding him to some tactical information he sobs: "There is a rookery, it is the heart and soul of any communication. It sits atop the tower, Mad Martin guards the birds and they him."

While the seamen aren't eager to expose themselves they manage to set sail and slowly the ship distances itself from the pursuers, not without taking several crossbow bolts in the masts and other parts.

"Enough of this," he says ending the gathering. "Be merry to night and sleep well for this might be the last in a long time to come," he remarks before leaving.

The night continues as long as you want.

The first one to raise next day will experience the following:

Walking down the staircase you see Elise the leader of the other group staying here leaving the cardinal's office. She set a brisk pace as she walks past you. Just before she leaves your hearing Tallus greats her and asks: "What news Elise? "We leave now. We're going north, hurry," she replies.

Later that day you are all summoned to the cardinal's office

“Welcome, my children,” he says in a deep resonant voice that has an almost inhuman quality to it. “Training is at an end. You have proven yourself worthy. Now, it is time for you to use that training and take on your first mission."

“Your mission is war, my children. You will bring war to Talingarde."

“You have two objectives. First, you will see a shipment of munitions delivered to a bugbear chieftain named Sakkarot Fire-Axe. He makes his camp on the northern coast of Lake Tarik beyond the Watch Wall. With this shipment, the Fire-Axe will have resources enough to unite the barbarous humanoid tribes of the north and light the fire of war."

“Sitting on the dock as we speak is the longship Frosthamar captained by Kargeld Odenkirk. Tomorrow when the ship is resupplied it will be your transport. The captain is a ruthless mercenary and not to be trusted. He knows nothing of the specifics of our mission and you should keep it that way. He knows he is smuggling cargo to the north beyond the Watch Wall. That is all he need know."

“Once the cargo is safely delivered, he will take you just town of Aldencross. There our contract with Captain Odenkirk will be concluded."

“It is shame how greedy he has proven. I had hoped to let the captain serve me again but it seems he is too much of a liability. Kill him. Kill his crew. Burn his ship and leave no survivors. It is crucial that no one suspects our involvement and that loose ends are taken care of. Be sure to reclaim the coin I gave him. Best not to be wasteful."

“That done, you will begin your second task. We will do more still to aid our ally the Fire-axe. The bugbears are mighty warriors but poor siege engineers. You will infiltrate the tower Balentyne, keystone of the Watch Wall, kill its commander and open the gate for Sakkarot’s horde."

“Once the shaggy monstrosities pierce the Watch Wall, the bugbears will pillage and lay waste to the townships of the north and the local garrisons will have no choice but to meet the Fire-Axe in the open field. Sakkarot is the most brilliant, gifted and murderous bugbear of his generation. I expect these battles will go poorly for the knights and yeoman of fair Talingarde."

“Do all of this and then when your task is done, break this clay seal.” He hands them a delicately carved clay seal adorned with a tangled knot of thorns surrounding the holy symbol of Asmodeus. “I will have more instructions then. Succeed and I will see you rewarded handsomely. Fail or betray me and you will pray for the comfort of Hell before I am done with you."

“The mission you start upon today is a holy mission. The people of Talingarde think they have seen the last of the mighty Asmodeus. Soon enough we will remind them that there is no escaping the grasp of Hell. Let us toast our success.”

He pours one glass of deep red wine for each of the PCs and then finally pours one for himself. He raises the glass and offers a toast.

“To war.”

@ Stanislav, how do you want tot handle the suggestion to the cardinal regarding the squire?

It is the beginning of round 5, you are up. They haven't fired at you last turn.

Quickly trying to find the best cover Erodin moves behind the cargo of weapons and armour midships and ducks behind it.

Erodin I believe that is full cover.

Brother Dei I believe all marines are trained in Dodge as part of their standard training (page 36 Core).

"The ways of magic are rarely so simple and the most obvious path is seldom the right one," Thorn replies with a smile.

@Stanislav. The cardinal seems neither surprised or abhorred when you present your predicament. He merely smiles and says: "Most different and perhaps a little troublesome. We will have to find a way."

That is up to you, thou he might learn it later on.

Lets go with Vank's suggestions to a montage. What I want you to take away from this is that the cardinal is a great but ruthless instructor. He drills you as an individual and as a group.

"Excellent, you are ready," the cardinal proclaims and claps his hands as you finish your last drill as a group. He really pushed you this time, the small cuts and the sweat confirms this. "As a group you are more than the sum of each individual," he continues, still smiling. "Tonight we feast, to celebrate our progress my Nessian Knot," he concludes, this is the first time he has used that name referring to your group.

Later that evening you are seated by the now familiar table but this time the slaves have outdone themselves presenting an elaborate banquet to your honour.

When the feast is concluded the cardinal rests his glass on the table. Suddently he is focussed and says in a serious voice: "And now for the important part," then waves his hand indicating your are done. The slaves understands this and clears the room of everything including table and chairs. Tiadora leads the salves into the room. All heavy dominated and stands silently by her side waiting. The cardinal steps to the centre of the room and begins chanting. The air cracks as foul magic fills the air. The ritual concludes and a barbed devil claws is way into reality. "Choose one," Thorn says gesturing towards the slaves. The unlucky chosen is gleefully ripped apart by the devil, the unholy incarnation feasting on the human blood. Once done cardinal Thorn punchtures an athame and pierce the devil's skin, drawing some of its blood. This is joined by the slave's blood and with the mixture he traces the unholy symbol of Asmodeus on your foreheads. "The Nessian Knot is forged, he proclaims."

“Just in time,” Cardinal Thorn remarks glancing out of the windows. “My ship has arrived.” On the river dock behind the manor under cover of darkness, a square-sailed longship sails into the slip. It sits heavily in the water, laden with a substantial cargo.

I'll post more tomorrow, there is nothing here that requires a response from you but you are welcome to post if you have anything to add. I'll be moving on tomorrow.

Almost a week and no post from me, not good enough.

Drogan's flame sails through the air gracefully descending towards the water and the silhouettes. Illuminating 5 scaled humanoids, the light might be playing tricks on your eyes, but they seem to be a green-bluish taint. One of the cries of out in pain as the light sears him.

Lyrysa finishes her incantation and even though all is dark once again Drogan is able to see 2 of the silhouettes disappearing below the water.


Saving vs sleep 1: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Saving vs sleep 2: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (5) + 4 = 9
Saving vs sleep 3: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (12) + 4 = 16
Saving vs sleep 4: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (9) + 4 = 13
Saving vs sleep 5: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Drogan what is your range? And to clarify they are not standing on the water. Imagine a human in the water only the upper torso and head is visible. This is not human and they are about 60 ft away from you.

I don't think so. I have the same problem I had when the other group reached this point. A fairly simple write up became a dreaded assignment, that I never ended up completing and we just skipped over it. I had hoped this would have been different, but so far it hasn't been.

Lets say that if I haven't written something by the end of this weekend we'll press on.

Placing himself between the lanterns and the dark water Drogan scouts for any sign of their attacker. At first he sees nothing then 5 silhouettes catches his eyes. 4 of them are moving a little about while the fifth remains still.

Erodin hurls a lantern in the general direction from which the bolts came. It flies over the water, around 30 ft. before being engulfed by the sea, not having illuminated any enemies.

Odenkirk follows the order and hisses: "Quick boys, quench the light." Darkness soon covers the ship.

No elementals left.

What is Lyrysa targeting?

Sure, she is participating, doesn't way much and is helping.

With only the new formed elemental raising and Lyrysa safely out of the water something changes. A hail of bolt flies through the air. Two launches into the woodwork of the boat while the remaining two bolt bury themselves in the torsos of Erodin and Randu. (Erodin 6 damage, Randu 3 damage) The bolts are large and heavy, something fired from a heavy crossbow.

Lyrysa and then Round 4 begins.


Firing: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (15) + 4 = 19
Firing: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (16) + 4 = 20
Firing: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (18) + 4 = 22
Firing: 1d20 + 4 ⇒ (10) + 4 = 14
Damage: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (5) + 1 = 6
Damage: 1d10 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

As I recall something called the shroud of midnight is suggested in one of the later books, giving protection from sunlight.

I'll hopefully write the montage later today, this is the last chance if you want to add something.

Just to give you a heads up the segment to come is not very vampire friendly and will like present a lot of sun, the segment afterwards is more open to creative solutions from your side.

All right the net is back up. Randu did you want to move closer and help her?

Internet down, hope for tomorrow

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