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Zokar Elkarid

Big OM's page

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Eager by the show of steel weapons the tribesmen produce a decent amount of ivory and a single long ivory horn of a narwhal. Upon examination the main part of the ivory is quite valuable, but the horn is exquiste both in aestechis and application. A quick glance at Chief whitetusk and his companions shows their appreciation of the fine spears. "The chief is pleased with your selection of spears and would purpose a trade, what say ye?" the older man translates and inquires.

Day 2

The rest of the night is uneventful for Drogan, While the rest of you awake fully invigorated by a good nights sleep Drogan still has a little exhaustion left in his body from the nights adventure.

As Drogan opens his eyes, he sees Zull eagerly awaiting to share in its discovery. "Master I followed the innkeeper through a tunnel hidden behind secret door in the cellar, fine craftmanship it was. The tunnel was rather long but ended in a stone room, properly a storage room of some sort. The innkeeper exchanged some bottles in a wooden crate with some he had brought with him. Then went back and hid the new bottles in the cellar."

Just a heads up, I am going to be away from an internet connection from the 16th of April until the 1st of May.

On another note, do you need more that my last post to resume conversation?

Silently Zull leaves you behind once again. While you wait your ears pick up yet another sound, it sounds as wood against wood perhaps something is being moved. Many breaths later Zull returns. "Master the innkeeper is in the basement, he has open a well hidden door and gone into a tunnel."

Just a heads up I am going to be away from internet from the 16th of April to the 1st of May.

After the introduction is made Chief Whitetusk is about to continue when your internal disagreement breaks out. Both him and the translator watches in silence. A few words in their native tongue initiate a low voiced exchange between the two, the translator doesn't seem particular fond of you. Bowing his head to the young chief after their disagreement he states: "We are honoured to meet such a boatsman. My chief feels his ivory is worth much. We will allow you to inspect it if you allow us to see these metal wonders."

Zull leaves you immediately complying with your order. While donning your armour feels like an eternity it takes just a few minutes. As you make your way cautiously along the upper hallway Zull materialises before you. "Master the innkeeper is skulking about below, he is up to no good," he gleefully informs you.

While the older man does not seem pleased with your willingness to trade he dutifully translate and a younger man properly their leader smiles and replies in their native tongue. With a face even more sour the translation comes: "Chief White Tusk is pleased with you, he offers the ivory of the sea in exchange for spearheads of metal."

No problem, my work has demanded much attention this week and I have a night shift to night, but hope to post more regularly after that.

I properly should have guessed that, but was wondering if you wanted to talk more.

Having finished you return to your respective rooms for the second night of sleeping in a decent bed. As you turn in you can hear the distant sound of patrons still enjoying themselves in the common room, the musicians are still playing and from outside smalltalk of the people returning home can be heard. This carefree nature of this night is what you seek to change.

Something disturbs your sleep, at first you discard it as a figment of your imagination but as it persists you leave the world of dreams behind you. The culprit that stole your rest away from you is a returning squealing from the floorboards, it is not directly outside your door, it seems to be quite further away.

Perception rolls:

Perception, Drogan: 1d20 + 11 ⇒ (13) + 11 = 24
Perception, Randu: 1d20 + 9 ⇒ (7) + 9 = 16
Perception, Erodin: 1d20 + 3 ⇒ (4) + 3 = 7
Perception, Vex: 1d20 + 13 ⇒ (2) + 13 = 15

Once the canoes comes with in calling distance a voice is raised: "Chief White Tusk wishes to trade." And if no violent actions taken the larger of the canoe aligns itself with your railing. "You will trade with us yes, no?" an older man dresses in hides asks.

Are we waiting for me?

While Stanislav and Vank's combined efforts manage to land them a single seal, Odenkirk lands two and he is fairly contempt with himself. "A fine catch," he intones and agrees to leave in the morning. With the sun you set sail and continue your journey north, not a quarter of a day later one of the sailor calls out. Someone is approaching you rather fast in a couple of smaller canoes. Once a little closer they appear to be Yutak a northern primitive tribe.

After having finished the evening supper you begin to mingle among the crowd. Finding a free seat by one of the longer tables Drogan manages to emerge himself into the conversation of the local workers. It takes a little while for him to steer the conversation in the direction he wants, but in time he manages to get one of the men to divulge that his wife works as a servant in the watchtower, many of the citizens of Aldencross have their daily occupations inside the walls. leaning over the drunk man says: "I hear a raven arrived in the rookery last night! I bet it carried important news though I know not about what."

Another crowd more readily accepts Vex and the men eagerly lets bit of information slip. One of them winks and leads with: "Bellam Barhold is such a lush. He does enjoy his wine. He's always complaining about how he can't get any good stuff here in the borderlands." Another warns: "Those dwarves are a thieving lot! I heard one of them was caught picking a man's pocket." Trying another way one of them offers an alternative to the food served here: "have you had any of Madam Guiseppe's beef stew? Delicious! I hear she goes up to the Watchtower and cooks a big batch of it for the men every Monday! What a nice old lady."

Leaving the others to work the room Erodin finds the dwarven quarters up the stairs and he silently makes it to the door. It is locked But with a little forces he manages to pry the locked door open. This must be the room of the leader Barnabus Eisenbauch. A quick search finds a complete hand drawn map of the watchtower with all the details an engineer could want.

The girl smiles to Randu when he compliments her and when the performance allows it she joins him. "Thank you," she replies. After a quick sip of her watered down ale she excuses herself back to the performance. She keeps returning once the opportunities present themselves. During the interrupted conversation you learn that she is one of a few performers in town, they rarely if never performs in the watchtower, but she has learned that a bard and his troupe has been summoned. She is ticked by this as the priest apparently have arranged this, while he never appreciate the locals.

Wheel of Fortune: 1d20 ⇒ 11
Wheel of Fortune: 1d20 ⇒ 19
Wheel of Fortune: 1d20 ⇒ 14
Wheel of Fortune: 1d20 ⇒ 13

Fair enough, but I would still like a line from each of you regarding how and who you approach, so I can do a write up. I am not posting a wall of blue text.

This evening in the inn there will be the propriater, his wife, some entertainment, the dwarves you met earlier, some solder and some townsfolk.

I would prefer if one of you made the document as I have little to no experience with that.

In the late afternoon you meet up in the in Randu and Erodin has just been served the first pint of the day when Drogan and Vex returns.

For the sake of simplicity I expect you inform each other. Let me know if you what to do it here in the common room and how?

Later in the early evening of this your first day in Aldencross the dwarves return boots covers in dirt with the dust of earth and rock on the clothes. Soon after the first soldiers follow them. Locals join in and soon the common room is buzzing with conversations, laughter and music as a local girl sings accompanied by the sound of a flute play by an older man.

Who is doing what, dwarves, soldiers, locals? And how?

Odenkirk ignores Nadine's little scene but voices his disagreement to Vank's improper remark: "Keep your hands to yourself, my crew is my business." His dismay is ill soothed by Robert's word and only once Stanislav speaks does he lighten up. "They truly know little, another days hunt would do us good and you are on.

Odenkirk's hunt: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (12) + 8 = 20

I have been ill for the last few days, but now I should be back.

At the mention of the wager Odenkirk's displeasure grows but it all vanishes when Stanislav offers him the gift of the seals. "You yourself are a great hunter," he says and presents 5 gold "Your winnings." He continues: "A rematch tomorrow?"

Sorry for the delay, I have been ill

Erodin and Randu, do you have any other wishes for this day or do you also want to return to the Lord's Dalliance?

After a day of strolling around Aldencross Vex and Drogan returns to the Lord's Dalliance. You must have visited most if not all of the local shops and craftsmen. There is a surprisingly number of smiths but it is a military and frontiers town after all. All were very eager to peddle their wares but none had that much information. You met queit a number of soldiers off duty relaxing in the town.

I am not listing each and every shop you visited but assume that you have visited most and if you seek any specialists let me know and I'll take it into consideration.

There are more shops, a few other watering holes returning to the market. What is your interest?

"You said you where heading north right? Just steer any arcane companions you might have or get towards me," she replies.

"Let go lads," Odenkirk instructs his boat crew and they set out for the hunt. They move fast and slams the oars through the water, alas this scares more seals away than the speeds provides and when the day is up the captain has no seals to show for his efforts. All ready when his boat approach the shore you can see his foul mood.

Stanislav is more successful and while a more measured approach is taken three seals lie dead in the bottom of the craft when the hunt of the day is over. And while everyone did their best Robert managed to scare the fourth away just before you returned to the shore.

Odenkirk's hunting party: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

"Alas the magister visits only once a fortnight to stock up." She replies, then smiles and continues: "I am a fraight I know even less that could help you. Sir Thomas is the lord of the Watchtower, he is supposed to be very strict I am not sure his captains are much more lenient, but you might meet them in the Lord's Dalliance and see for yourself. And that is free advice."

My submission

Hege Vargsdóttir


Female Human Oracle 1
NG Medium Human
Init +2; Senses Perception +2

AC 15, 12 touch, 13 flat-footed (+3 Armour, +2 Dex)
hp 11 (Favoured class 1hp)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +3

Spd 20 ft.

Str 10, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 19
Base Atk +0; CMB +0; CMD 12
Feats Spell Focus (Conjuration), Spell Focus (Evocation)
Traits Magical Lineage (Cone of cold), Northern Ancestry,
Skills Knowledge (Nature) +4, Perception +2, Sense Motive +4, Stealth +6, Survival +4
Languages Common
Combat Gear Bolts x20, Dagger, Light crossbow, Studded leather armour
Other Gear Oracle’s kit, Spell component pouch, Winter blanket 26gp

Mystery Winter
Oracle’s curse Lame
Revalations Child of Winter

0th – Detect Magic, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic
1st – Bless, Cure light wounds, Protection from Evil

Spells pr. day:
1st – 4


“Hege… Hege, you get back in here now,” the brown haired Taldan woman yelled. The little blond girl looked puzzled at her mother and then continued playing in the snow. “Let the girl play a little” a tall blond man rumbled, embracing the woman from behind and looking lovingly at his daughter.

However the looked was changed to one of concern as the man later watched over his little withering in pain from frostbites. He hadn’t been this scared since he arrived in the village after having left the mercenary service of the grand prince. He had never seen something like this; it was as if the cold had a preference for his little girl and would not let her go.


“Hege… Hege, come on keep up” one of the other children called out to the young girl limping after the crowd of kids playing with a ball. The cold had finally left her body but not before claiming the stride in her gait. Now she had learn to manage and moved fairly unhindered around abide at a slower pace.

To compensate for her slower speed her father had taught her how to hide when they moved around the hills of the countryside, a practice not condoned by her mother, who now worried over her every move.


“Hege… Hege, what happened? Are you all right?” As she regained conscience her betroth came in to focus. She was lying on the ground and he was standing above her. Just a moment ago she had performed a mock ceremony for a couple of their friends, who wanted badly to be married. “What happened?” she asked. “As you gave the blessing cold light flowed from you and everyone felt a chill,” he answered fearfully.

That was the end of her relationship with not only him but the entire village, now they feared her, the unknown, only her parents still cared for her. She spend more and more time with her father, seeking refuge in his company and the surrounding nature. Feeling more at home here she soon began to notice the little things living everywhere. While this provide some comfort, she still yearned for acceptance of the community and some nights she would twist and turn fearing she would always be alone.


“Hege… Hege, you’ve got to come help us.” The man who approached her was visibly scared coming this close to the young woman sitting in the cold with out any warm clothing. She looked coldly at him, trying to guess his intentions. She had gotten better at this since they had shone her. “What is it this time?” she inquired. “It’s Iacobus. He slipped on the roof clearing snow. He broke his leg badly, the bone is sticking out,” the man rambled. She nodded thoughtfully as she rose and walked with the messenger. A single tear rolled from the corner of her eye “At least I can help them, even though they fear me,” she thought.


Age: 19 (Adult)
Size: Medium, 5'6", 132 lbs
Type: Humanoid (Human)

A girl of two races Hege combines many traits of her mixed ancestry. From her Ulfen father she has a slight curl to her blond hair, blue eyes, long legs and an indomitable will. Her mother has gifted her with an average height; rounder, less marked features and warmth for others.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I haven't found a third trait only one normal and one campaign atm.

Erodin and Randu
Taking a closer look Erodin counts a couple of gaurds by the gate and two perhaps three two-man patrols on the wall. On this bank of the river Tyburn lies the Watchtower Balentyne, the entrance from the Aldencross side where you stand is merely a heavy double doored gate in the wall.

Drogan and Vex
The girl smiles and replies: "Well thank you good Sir. It is as you say perhaps not the most profitable business but I make do partially with the number of adventures passing through but mostly with what I sell to the magister in the Watchtower." Contemplating her next response she continues: "I think it has been a good six years now, why do you ask?"

Vex, glancing around you see a faint glow on the shelf behind the shopkeeper, possibly a scroll. Most if not everything on display are components rather than items.

How do you fell about the Invulnerable Rager archetype?

Drogan and Vex
At the edge of the market place a small sign on one of the buildings captures your attention. Burned into the wood in swirling letters is the name: "Aldencross' Arcane sanctuary". While being one of the small timber framed houses near the market place it is the most promising one. Stepping through the door your nostrils are greeted by strange smells, some gentle others strong. It is a well stocked shop with shelves from floor to bottom with many arcane components. A woman in the early twenties looks up from a book on the counter. "How may I help you?" she asks stroking a lock of her dark from behind her ear in front of the left side of her face to cover a nasty burn scar.

hanging outside one of the smaller timber framed 2 storey buildings

"Thanks you sir," she says heading of with the tip.

Drogn and Vex
While you are new to the town the residents behave as though it is not uncommon for strangers to pass through. Now that you see the town in the light of day nothing changes what initial thoughts you have it is a small town on the edge of the kingdom and the Watch Wall and Castle Baletyne overshadows the town metaphorically. Walking towards the heart of the town you soon find yourself on the market place where merchants peddle their goods. Passing by a stand with cloth the owner calls out: "Some elven silk for the lady perhaps." Making your way further on you pause by a wine tent where two soldiers loudly are discussing: "They say bugbears are massing up north. I wonder what they're up to? Well, it doesn't matter! We'll be ready for 'em. You'd think by now those shaggy walking carpets would have learned by now that the Watch Wall is unbreakable!

What rumor might surface: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Where to next, more market, another inn perhaps, one of the permanent shops, the church?

Randu and Erodin
You both head straight from the Lord's Dalliance towards Castle Balentyne. On your way up the hill you notice that most making their ways up or down are soldiers, a few on horses - properly rangers, most are on foot with different armaments - infantry, archers, halberdiers. The few civilians you encounter seem to be well known by the guards and pass unchallenged. To move closer would provoke a challenge. The soldiers seem well trained and discipline although some are a little young. The castle walls seem well kept and the dwarves from your inn are working on improving the constructions. From the highest tower flies the colours of the Havelyn's - a proud pious family with many years of service to the crown and the church. The current patriarch Lord Thomas Havelyn is a shinning example of the family's virtues.

So what now aprroach and risk a challenge or something else?

Poor wording on my part. The hunter of each boat rolls survival, Stanislav has already done so. My intent was to state that his result could be aided by other with a survival DC 10 check.

"They are doing some work up at Castle Balentyne, if you buy the ale they'll talk about anything I think," she replies before moving on to serving another table.

Just to be clear unless you write something else I am assuming that you are wearing the same disguises as when you entered the town.

Most of the dwarves ignore your gesture, the one ahead of the table properly their leader repays you gesture with a short nod before returning to his food. Alicia smiles and says: "Expect nothing more from them this morning. They are always like this, over a pint in the afternoon or evening is when they talk with you."

I believe anyone can assist, the goal is to get 10 or more I believe.

Looking over his shoulder a puzzled expression flashes over Odenkirk's face. "What?" he asks a little impatience can be heard in his voice. The man is clearly eager to get into the smaller boats and begin hunting. He smiles at Robert's question "Aye lad, they fetch a fine price."

"Morning," Bellam greets you a little tiered from the nights endeavours. "Find a seat and Alicia will see to you getting some breakfast," he continues. A woman looks towards you and smiles. She is currently serving ale to a table of eleven dwarfs but manages to look at you and smile. Once done the darkblond woman makes her way to your table. "What will it be? We have porridge on the stove and boiled water for tea, perhaps a thin ale?" she inquires leaving no uncertainties that this woman in her mid-forties have been in this business a long time and though friendly isn't in the mind set for any nonsense.


Zull made his way back silently in the night and sits and waits for you in the morning "Morning Master, did you sleep well? It certainly was long enough," it comments. "I did ask you asked and this boring frontier town slept like a baby. Nothing noteworthy. Those two idiots you met walked about, I didn't see anyone else. The fortress was a different tale, I lost count of the guards but many men guard the keep at least 12 during the night."

Ignoring Nadine's remark Odenkrik grins and challenges Stanislav: "Care for a little wager? 5gp to the captain who lands most seals?"

No problem and thanks

Nodding Odenkrik continues: "Good, then hunting it is. And topping off our water of course." Turning away from you he orders: "Reinar take us to the harbour on Seal Isle." obeying the order the Frosthammer turns starboard and closes in on the island. Once anchored up in the natural harbour Odenkirk sends some of his men off to find the water. He orders two smaller boats into the water and asks: "One for yourself?"

"A tap it is then," Bellam replies more than happy to be able to get back to sleep. He takes you to four smaller rooms each with a bed a small table and a battered wardrobe. The bed might leave something to be desired for but it is better than the Frosthammer's hard deck.

Unless anyone has any wishes I will move on to day 1

Day 1

The sun once again raises over Talingarde and the town of Aldencross. Slowly awakening the sounds of animals and men alike can be heard and steadily increases in intensity.

Let me know how early you want to awake and your immediate plans.

It is another weeks sailing along the eastern coast of Talingarde before a small island comes into sight on your starboard site. Odenkrik walks determinately towards you. "We are a little low on fresh water I think. We passing Seal Isle and there is a stream that feeds into the bay there. We'll take on water there. I'll send a party to the shore. of course, that means we'll spend a day in some of the richest fur sela hunting grounds all along this coast. I'm of organising a hunting expedition. Interested?" he asks.

"It is the slow season, so four rooms I can manage," Bellam says continuing: "Alas miss I don't take on dancers, perhaps you could find a soldier to sponsor you. I will however as the night is upon us give you credit and not turn you away to night." He gestures to a staircase in the back of the common room and leads the way with a candle lit to illuminate your path. "Please follow me," he says.

keeping a few paces as distance the older ends the small procession through the sleeping town. You come to a stop in front of one of the larger timber framed houses a two storage building. The younger one knock hard on the wooden door. "Bellam. Bellam wake up I bring you customers," a few minuets passes and a sleepy barkeep open the door. A somewhat larger man in his late thirties early forties steps a side allowing you entrance. He nods to the two watchmen as they take of. "What can I tempt you with good Sirs, a bed perhaps?" he offers.

"Talk is cheap," the older of the two mumbles while the younger intervenes on your behalf. "Now lets get you settled for the night. The Lord's Dalliance is the only inn with room for travellers. We'll have to wake Bellam though," he says leading you away from the watchtower and into the city.

"It is quiet late to be arriving miss," the older of the two guards point out, his bodylanguage indicate that he doesn't trust you yet.

Nesting upon a small rock formation The Watchtower Balentyne is so much more. Improving upon the natural fortification of the chasm cut into the rock by river Tyburn Balentyne consists of fortifications on either side. A rather large keep with a single tower in the north east corner guards this riverbank. Walking along the edge of Aldencross, the sentries hail you: "Halt who goes there!" the light is focussed in your direction and they continue to close in.

The smile widens as Odenkirk focuses on the pearls. Quiet happy with his price he turns to the his men. "Anchor her up, Anders you stand watch," he orders before retreating to his bedroll and sleep.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully and when the sun raises so does the sailors and begin to set sail continuing along the coast north.

Please note if and what disguise you are using. Drogan I have seen your earlier post.

Day 0 This will be my way of keeping the time you have spend.

Continuing north along the shore towards the watchtower of Balentyne and the small town of Aldencross you move unhindered and uninterrupted. After two miles a dark begins to raise, closing in you see it is the watchtower, bridging the River Tyburn. At the foot of the rocks lies a dark Aldencross awaiting you arrival. Once you come closer you see movement, a light breaks the darkness swinging slowly left and right.

"Toss that foul beast back into the sea," Odenkirk orders walking towards your small group, his eyes catches sight of the pearls and a small smile plays on his lips. "I'll take that," he says pointing to it continuing: "To cover me damages."

Alas the intrigued patterns of the magic woven into the weapon refuses to yield their exact nature to Nadine's prying eyes.

Vex any questions you feel I need to answer before we proceed? Anyone else who has questions? I feel we should proceed to Aldencross when you are ready. It is still night do you want to enter now or wait to later during the day.

"Very well, I shall leave you to your obligations," Tiadora answers. "Keep the horse, she says before she turns her own around and rides into the night leaving you to your own devices.

"Our beloved Cardinal has informed her as he has you and she has indeed signed the same contract," Tiadora smiles an continues: "I trust I can report that you are progressing as planned?"

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