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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 19,876 posts (20,638 including aliases). 12 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.

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Shadow Lodge ***

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We all know that it can be a little hard for each character to get the spotlight time, or customize the adventure for them the way you can in a home game. One of the things I like to do at the start of the adventure is let their introduction say more about them than what they look like by having them do/react to something.

So, how do you go about letting the players introduce their characters in interesting ways? Something to chivy them into a better description than 5th level fighter with blond hair?

What is your character doing at the ungodly hour that the venture captains look for them? The scene where kirk wakes up with blaring rock music, bottles of tequilia and two aliens in bed tells you a lot about him in a short period of time. Are they already up and praying/going for their 5 mile run? Jumping out the window as the jealous husband comes home? Just dragging themselves in from a night of partying?

If doing a travel montage ask the the player for an obstacle or encounter they're particularly well suited for and how they overcame it

If the adventure starts off in a particular location, ask what they did to wind up there. Why someone's in detention in the archives says a lot about them.

Start off with a cinematically resolved combat: no daily abilities are used, no spells are actually burned, but it still gives your party members an idea of what you can do so they can adjust their tactics accordingly (and know when to duck)

Venture captain ____Sending you on the adventure____ is ____emotion_____ with you. Why?

Hmmm. Need to make a pathfinders against humanity card deck for this...

Meal time. Is your character a caydenite with a liquid lunch? A tree hugging elf snacking on granola, or eating pork limbs right off the stick?

Holiday: it takes a little work but golarion has a lot of holidays. Pick the one closest to the real life date and see how the characters celebrate it.

Shadow Lodge

Dolomite: Dwarven Arcanist (Blade adept)

A mountain dwarf from the frozen north. His Grandmother was killed trying to kill a monster plaguing the Raptor scale people. A botched resurrection attempt by their shaman put her soul in her axe. Dolomite has joined the pathfinder society in hopes of learning enough arcane lore to fix the problem himself, because that's the only way to do it right.

And there's no way he's explaining this to grandpa.

Str 17
Dex 8
Con 18
Int 15
Wis 9
Cha 5

Traits: Accelerated drinker, Magical Lineage shocking grasp (boring but practical)


1st: Tribal scars: Raptor scale (+6hp and 5 feet of movement)
3rd: Weapon Focus: Dwarven Axe (Boring, but I need every +hit I can get)
5th: Hardy
7th: Intensify Spell
9th: breadth of experience?

The basic plan: I'm going to be hit anyway. May as well have the HP for it until I can throw up Mirror Images.

I really don't care if the build is optimal, just good enough to have some fun with. I'm deliberately picking a bad archetype just to see what I can do with it.

Spells: (Axe works as an arcane bond to pull something out of the spellbook 1/day)

Infernal healing
Shocking grasp
Mage armor
expeditious retreat

Shadow Lodge

I have plans for the Magusy arcanist dwarf that bashes people in the face with a giant dwarven axe of electrical zappyness.

Can he cast shocking grasp, grab the axe in two hands and then try to cleave someone's head off with the axe?

Shadow Lodge

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It would be handy to have all of a players scenarios played listed on one page, as well as the current page broken up by character. Sometimes you want to see if you've played a scenario and clicking through all the characters can take a while if you're addi.. erm. Have a lot of experience.

Shadow Lodge ***

Those of you playing online may have noticed that the layers for the maps lately have gotten hard to extract.

Something i noticed by accident is that if you have a map in acrobat and zoom it in and out a bit, it takes the map longer to crop up the layers than the background. So if you zoom in, zoom out, and hit print screen before the layers pop up, bam, clean map. Just paste it into paint and you're good to go.

Shadow Lodge

8 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 2 people marked this as a favorite.

Are red dragons and other creatures with fire resistance subject to other heat related environmental effects?

Under lava it states

Immunity or resistance to fire serves as an immunity or resistance to fire, lava or magma. A creature immune to fire might still drown if completely immersed in lava

But there is no similar clause under Heat dangers. Technically a red dragon is fine dog paddling in a lava pool but still gets fatigued on a hot summer day.

Shadow Lodge

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Changes to Crane wing and corners with reach weapons

Shadow Lodge

Odd question, is there an existing terminology for the ways different things are related, ie, not related, causal, correlated, two things caused by the same source etc?

Dark Archive

Ran Fuligin here through 3 sessions of PFS.

Clicky name for full build.

I was mildly annoyed at how few of the items are usable at low levels. They have a maximum number of points allowable in them that, when you do the math, means you can't use them at first level.

The basics:

Int and dex based character enchanting a kurki to be an agile weapon.

Play was pretty much where I expected it to be. I'm a very meh self buffing fighter with a pretty good skill selection.

Level 2 playtest

Slave pits of Absolom

Fight 1: Ran around back of the bar nothing to see here

Made ok use of the Int to diplomacy trait to

Fight 2: Puddle jumpers.

A couple rolls of 1 for automatic misses. When not rolling 1's , does enough damage to drop or seriously injure a few mooks. Takes a few good hits thanks to some good rolls.

Fight on a ship: Walk up and whack for 6 damage or so a round. Nothing really exciting in the combat here. The mobility from the self enchanted sandles is pretty good for flanking though.

Prince of Augustana

The psycomancy isn't as sexy as I thought it would be: only being able to look at an item for 1 day per level means you're not really getting the history of the item.

Skills are pretty useful during the investigation.

Thugs: Whack an injured thug. Drop a thug. This seems to be my niche.

More thugs! Whack a thug. Drop a thug. Suck the soul out of a thug. What? He wasn't going to make it anyway.

Dretch fight!

Some good rolls from the monsters got him pretty beat up despite his AC. Gets in a few whacks for 5-6 points of damage before the two handed fighter destroys everything.

Dark waters:

Some cool backstory. It would be nice to psycomancy objects to get more information, but the backstory is 10 years old now, so psycomancy can't do anything.

Gardener: We don't murder hobo this one.

Waterbug: LEAPS into the water and stabs down on it for some pretty good damage.

Swarms: Yay for burning hands. Being able to cast with full hands is kind of a nice option.

Ghoul fight: We pushed the elf into the cooridoor as a meathshield. Nat 1 on the use magic device for the infernal healing. A few misses around the sides, then a useful burning hands to torch the last one (should have done that sooner)

Ghast fight: Got blinded. Used the extra movement power to leave. With some distance started shooting elemental ray to moderate effectiveness.

Overall impression: the versatility is ok and useful, but hard to take advantage of so far.

Shadow Lodge ***

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New FAQ on stat stacking

Do ability modifiers from the same ability stack? For instance, can you add the same ability bonus on the same roll twice using two different effects that each add that same ability modifier?

No. An ability bonus, such as "Strength bonus", is considered to be the same source for the purpose of bonuses from the same source not stacking. However, you can still add, for instance “a deflection bonus equal to your Charisma modifier” and your Charisma modifier. For this purpose, however, the paladin's untyped "bonus equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) on all saving throws" from divine grace is considered to be the same as "Charisma bonus (if any)", and the same would be true for any other untyped "bonus equal to her [ability score] bonus" constructions.

Happy dance

Shadow Lodge

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Every pregens terrible...

The wizards spellbooks thinner than the the sharp edge of reality
with valeros dual wielding calling miss is mere formality
The one to pick I fear I must prognosticate
with cons that low i doubt at all they can coagulate

Why anyone would play a toon this bad remains a mystery
I can't believe you'd tolerate them in your character history
with Merisiels lack of social skills you will achieve
a little less p a then if you'd maxed out ranks in basket-weave

That I'd rather eat an otyug may speak to my neurology
but the saranite is limited to healing methodology
the thought of picking any one of them's unbearable
Harsk is bad beyond the worst but every pregens terrible.

(and this is why i souldn't listen to xkcd while on the forums)

Shadow Lodge

You do not exist for you.

you were not made for you.

You were made as a means to an end. Namely your DNA made you to make more dna.

Thats it. That is as deep as life goes. That is the alpha and the omega.

Life is not nice to the individual. It doesn't care if you're happy, sad, hungry, full. Whatever gets the dna spread is what it uses.

Something goes horribly wrong? So what. The individual is meaningless to DNA. evolution is a system where "something went wrong, so you live only to know pain and death" is a feature.

Lifes "plan" for you is to keep cranking out babies. If that encourages you to cheat, stay with an abusive spouse, or to get into a relationship you're going to regret, doesn't matter.

To make matters worse, the plan is made with million year old assumptions. DNA does not change nearly as fast as society. As far as the DNA is concerned, its cranking out a machine to survive in a hunter gatherer tribe slash extended family with spears and clubs.

If that sounds like a bad way to live in a world of nuclear weapons,internet nation states and individual rights... you're right. Its one thing when the sociopathic indifference to non relatives has you invade the next tribe over, kill the men and rape the women. It becomes something entirely different when the people in charge of deciding to attack don't actually have to face the slings and arrows themselves.

Scarab Sages

You can click the profile to see the build so far. I made a wild empathy focused druid just to see if I could, and she's now knocking on 9th level. Lot of good role playing with this one, even if there were a few times I wished for the raw power of my other druids, toning down the power has its upsides too.

1st: Spell focus conjuration
Human: Augment Summoning
3rd: Vermin Hearted
5th: Fast empathy
7th: Ooze whisperer

Greater wild empathy Would seem to be a shoo in, but there's a few problems with it even after the errata: There are no elementals, fey, or lycanthropes with an int score low enough to fall for wild empathy. Vermin hearted is miles and away better for vermin. I don't think I've seen a plant monster in PFS that wasn't rocking the intelligence of the paladins at least. Finally the +2 insight bonus is superceded by the +4 insight bonus off of the zoic fetish.

Harrowed (recently cleared for legality) and harrowed summoning would be a little more OMPH to the summons, and playing with a tarot deck seems fun.

Moonlight Summons: Getting through DR cold iron can be handy. I'm just worried about the ones that are DR cold iron AND good.

Natural spell: Usually by the time she's doing the "Turn into an earth elemental, 5 foot step down" escape trick she's out of spells anyway.

Shadow Lodge ***

11 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

Undersized Mount:
Prerequisite(s): Ride 1 rank.

Benefit: You can ride creatures of your size category, although encumbrance or other factors might limit how you can use this ability.

Normal: Typically a mount suited for you is at least one size category larger than you.

PFS FAQ on mounts:
As a paladin or cavalier, what mount can I have?

As a paladin, your divine bond mount must be at least one size category larger than you starting at 1st level. If you’re a Medium PC, your mount must be Large. If you’re a Small PC, your mount must be at least Medium. You may only select a mount from the listed mounts on page 63 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook unless another source grants access to additional creature choices. As a cavalier, you may select a mount from those listed on page 33 of the Advanced Player's Guide. No additional mounts are legal in Pathfinder Society Organized Play except when granted from another legal source.

Currently, the Undersized mount feat won't work for paladins and cavaliers (for whom the feat was probably intended) because of the PFS rules about mount sizes. Can PFS characters with the mount class feature taking this feat get mounts of their size category anyway?

Shadow Lodge

The checkout procedure has more than a few bugs.

Its not immediately obvious what you're supposed to press when you're done. The big squares saying steps 1 2 3 don't look like something you're supposed to interact with.

The line for your credit card info is above the line for your address. You enter your credit card info, enter your address and... the site deletes your credit card info.

The box for "select address" keeps popping up even with an address entered. It covers the aforementioned 1 2 3 box preventing you from advancing the process.


A lot of the items ship from different places apparently, resulting in some pretty high shipping charges. 5 dollars shipping for a 10 dollar character folio that I tried to combine with another order seems a little nuts.

Shadow Lodge ***

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 3 people marked this as a favorite.

This item is going to be problematic. Its basically an all day, no save daze attainable at mid level PFS. As daze doesn't come with any actual descriptors, I don't even know if anything would be immune to it.

Three times
per day, the wearer can spend a
standard action to purposely miss an
opponent, performing a dramatic feint
that causes that opponent to lose its Dexterity bonus to AC
until the wearer’s next turn. If a swashbuckler wearing the
cloak of feinting performs the superior feint deed or uses
this cape’s ability, the opponent is also dazed until the start
of the swashbuckler’s next turn.

Superior Feint (Ex): At 7th level, a swashbuckler with
at least 1 panache point can, as a standard action,
purposefully miss a creature she could make a melee
attack against with a wielded light or one-handed
piercing weapon. When she does, the creature is
denied its Dexterity bonus to AC until the start of the
swashbuckler’s next turn

Superior feint doesn't even use up a penache point. All you have to do is keep one in your pool (which is SOP anyway)> so swashbuckler moves up, declares a miss, and the big bad is auto dazed for the party to wale on. Every single time, no roll, no save.

Shadow Lodge

4 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Once per day, the wearer can
activate it; when she does, the
plume provides her with 1 panache
point that can be used for that deed. Once used, the plume
appears wilted and bedraggled until its magic is replenished.

... except that this item never references a deed to be "that deed"

Is it basically an extra penache per day?

Does it need to be attuned to a specific deed ?

Shadow Lodge ***

How prominent are the pew pew lasers in this one? I know its the background/macguffin but now much does it show up in the scenario?

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Let me see if i have this strait?

Half elves can take human,elf, or half elf favored class bonuses because they count as both and because of this post

Half orcs can take half orc and human bonuses (but not orc because everything orc is banned)

This post means that Aasimar with scion of humanity, which normally could take alternate favored class bonuses can't, despite most Alaternate class bonuses being in the advanced players guide

Shadow Lodge ***

So, with This post we have some guidelines for how Aasimar and Tiefling grandfathering works. Played characters need to be played as aasimar/tieflings, DM credit should be declared aasimars/tieflings.

So, for those of you who don't have a notary in your gaming group, this thread exists to provide a time stamped proof positive record of your native outsideryness.

Aasimar (Idylykin)
Born 7/20/14
Played in The devil you know I

Shadow Lodge

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Ooze Whisperer
Source Dungeon Denizens Revisited pg. 18
You have a special bond with slimes and oozes.

Prerequisites: Wild empathy class feature.

Benefit: You may target oozes with spells and special abilities that normally only affect animals as if the oozes were magical beasts with Intelligence 1, though they gain a +4 bonus to their saving throws. You may use wild empathy to influence oozes as easily as you influence magical beasts with Intelligence 1.

1) The hyper literal reading of this is a contradiction: if something affects only animals then it by definition won't affect magical beasts.

2) The ability works on anything that affects both animals an magical beasts. Which is a pretty limited list. All i can find is

Wild empathy (specifically called out as working)

Handle animal oddly enough (Special: You can use this skill on a creature with an Intelligence score of 1 or 2 that is not an animal, but the DC of any such check increases by 5. Such creatures have the same limit on tricks known as animals do.)

The Carry companion spell (remember those snot wads you could buy in the super market vending machines? you have one!)

and last and most hillariously: Pup shape You turn the ooze smaller, and absolutely adorable.

3) The ooze is affected as if it were an animal (so charm animal, dominate animal etc) Most important for speak with animal. I like making the dm impersonate an ooze.

Scarab Sages ***

A giant, winged humanoid tries to hammer in one end of a banner into the masonry walls of the meeting hall. After a few taps, he hits his thumb, grumbles something in ancient osirioni, and simply presses the nail into the wall with his thumb. He repeats the process on the other side, letting the banner reveal

Welcome Scarab sages

a smaller sign beneath reads "Under new management"

He smiles and walks to a shadowy corner of the room, giving free access to the steaming plates of Ful Medames, Mulukhiya, and Feseekh. The latter has a vial of antitoxin next to it, just in case.

Shadow Lodge

I was watching a crash course video on literature (because i really liked their history series) and one idea they had was that authorial intent doesn't matter, its the symbolic resonance that the reader gets from the reading that matters.

But if this is true then there should be no value in symbolism that you personally don't pick up on. If we're going to go existentialist, why does it matter if some literary critics and professors see that symbolism? Its hard to say that its objectively there if some people see it, some people don't, and the person who wrote the words somehow missed it.

Mild swearing diagram to illustrate the problem

Shadow Lodge

Litany of righteousness

Why is this an inquisitor spell if inquisitors don't have an aura? Raw you can't even pick up the aura with the feat to get this to work.

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge ***

27 people marked this as a favorite.

Scenarios are not sold in print. They exist not just as PDFs, but ONLY as PDFs. Many of the constraints of print that make it harder to get into DMing and more difficult to run a game but there's no discernible reason for that to be the case.

  • Give me the stat blocks

On a gaming table, I have the scenario, a bunch of minis, a pizza, dice, soda, markers, minis, pens, pencils, paper for initiative, minis, rulebooks and dice. The second to thing i want is to add a bestiary or two to the juggling act of things in front of me.

The absolute last thing I want to do is to have to template the monsters manually on a sheet of paper that's going to vanish into my geek bag along with Jimmy Hoffa. Its not just the time that this saves prepping but how much easier to run when I don't need to switch between telling the story and fighting the monster. Less work for DMs= More Dms.

  • Give me the stat blocks on one page

In destiny of the sands 3, between the stat block, a picture, and a map someone/thing's stat block is spread out over three pages. Thats a lot of flipping back and forth to do during a fight scene.

But people DO print these things out...

-Yes they do. But currently they usually also print something off of the shared GM Prep Drive or the monsters off of the SRD. Making the scenario 3 pages shorter means i need to print out 4 more pages of stuff.

Dare to cut loose your earthly bonds and soar

Shadow Lodge ***

It seems this season a lot of the scenarios begin by having the venture captain hand you off to a faction head. (weapon in the rift, Fate of the fiend, Destiny of the sands III) This can be confusing for new players getting a flurry of names in. Is there any function to these people being there at all or can they be written out entirely?

Shadow Lodge

Thank you for that. It makes it so much easier to download than finding something on an ever growing list.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Apsu is listed as a legal deity in the inner sea world guide.

Faiths of purity says that he doesn't have human followers.

But James Jacobs has said repeatedly that faiths and purities is in error.

He does indeed grant spells. He's no different than any other deity in that regard.

The bit about him not granting spells was a complete and total error that slipped through to print.

That's a complete error. Apsu grants spells. His domains are even listed in the Inner Sea World Guide (although there's an unfortunate error there)...

His domains granted area Artifice, Good, Law, Scalykind, and Travel.

In fact, the fact that Apsu can grant spells is one of the reasons I devoted one of the two new domains introduced in that book to Scalykind.

Apsu, in other words, grants spells SO HARD that I had to write new rules for granting spells.

There are humanoid paladins of Apsu (and if you read the question, it specifically addresses the "he only gives spells to dragons argument Linky

The line that says "...except cleric or paladin, for Apsu does not grant spells..." should be blotted out with a big thick black pen. I recommend a sharpie, since that stuff covers up anything.

It's a strange error

I honestly can't say why that line got in there, to tell the truth. It sneaked by the developers, who probably should have scrubbed it from the book. Things like that get by now and then.

Shadow Lodge ***

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

It goes crane style---> Crane wing---> Crane riposte

Can people bailing on crane wing and crane riposte also swap out crane style?

Many people took crane style in order to get crane wing and crane riposte. Now that crane wing and crane riposte have changed can they also trade out crane style or do they need to spend PP for that? I realize that crane style itself did not effectively change, but as a feat tax for something many people no longer want its fundamental purpose has.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Girlscout sells cookies outside of pot dispensary. Makes a mint

Shadow Lodge ***

4 people marked this as a favorite.

1) If i am a spell caster I will have multiple spell component pouches

2) If I am a divine spell caster i will have multiple spell component pouches and multiple holy symbols, and multiple holy symbol tattoos on easy to display parts of my anatomy

3) I will have a contingency plan for grappling.

4) I will not be a one trick pony. Like the players, I will have some means of overcoming unusual challenges the players may throw at me, including a swarm of bees.

5) If I am fighting to the death I will have clear motives for doing so.

6) If melee i WILL have a back up weapon in case my main one is sundered.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some pretty damning claims are coming out against North korea including outright concentration camps and deliberate mass starvation.

Are these true or *casts summon goblin* some capitalist plot?

If so what can/should we do about it?

Shadow Lodge ***

The bridle of tricks Bridle of tricks " can be placed on any animal or magical beast with an appropriate shape to wear a bridle (creatures with unusual anatomies may be affected with GM discretion)". For PFS does this mean

A) Only horses, mules, and Donkeys (a la horseshoes)
B) Any animal listed as having a head slot available on the chart from the animal archive
C) Any animal that has head slot listed on the chart and has taken the extra slot: head feat.
D) Something else.

Shadow Lodge

The ancient Osirian temple of Cayden Cailean found!

A Japanese team headed by Jiro Kondo of Waseda University stumbled on the tomb of ancient beer-maker Khonso Em Heb while cleaning the courtyard of another tomb at the Thebes necropolis in the Egyptian city of Luxor.

Scarab Sages ***

92 people marked this as a favorite.

Part I

Few things require as much DM adjudication as the diverse and wonderful world of animal companions. Part class feature, part PC, part NPC, Animal companions, their actions and abilities exist in a nebulous intersection of rules, player control, and DM control. So its no surprise that organized play has its own rules about how these non humanoid pathfinders function in the party.


The druid for basic information about your companion. It is very important to note that the animal you see here IS your animal companion species. If the ability isn't listed here then your animal companion doesn't have it. If for example, the bestiary lion gets a stealth bonus in tall grass while your animal companion lion does not because its not a listed ability

The feats spelled out here as animal companions count as access for those feats, so your animal companion can take say improved natural attack even if your druid can't.

Handle animal skill . Very important to point out that the DC to push a critter is 25. The DC to get an animal to do a trick it knows is 10. These are regardless of the DC's listed next to the trick, which are only the difficulty of TEACHING the critter the trick.

The monkey See Monkey do Blog - Which , among other important information, clarifies that your ape animal companion will not use a manufactured weapon for you. Please respect his or her right to choose their own natural weaponry. It also spells out that raising a critters intelligence to three does NOT mean you can stop making handle animal checks.

According to the guide to organized play, You can only have one combat animal active at any time. This makes archetypes and multiclassing options that grant you multiple companions less viable in organized play.

The PFS FAQ on critters

  • Animal companions can't activate magic items
  • Animal companions are limited to the more restrictive of either [neck+barding+Slots Gained from Extra Slot feat] or The animal archive chart
  • Snakes Cannot wear armor (and barding stitches are banned)
  • In a slight difference from the Monkey See Monkey Do Blog, animals can learn to understand a language by putting a point in linguistics rather than getting one automatically
  • Animals with a 3+ int CAN use Ioun stones
  • Your companion does gain extra tricks for having extra intelligence

Mergy's Blog on animal companions Notes that critters need to know the flank and aid trick from the animal archive to use aid another or to go out of their way to flank. One minor note about the animal not learning extra tricks is in error.

A few Random Points and less frequently asked questions

This information from this thread is compiled in the following Google Doc:
Druid's Log: Animal Companions

Shadow Lodge

If for example i want to see dice bags, instead of just getting a page with 50 dice bags on it, I have to click back and forth by dice bag size and manufacturer. It might help on your end to know who made whats selling, but on this end I just want to look at the pretty picture and pick a product.

Shadow Lodge ***

The Pathfinder society primer has a feat to let sorcerers cast spells from a spellbook or a scroll at a penalty. The feat is only really useful if the character has a spellbook though: it burns a scroll if you use a scroll to do it.

Is there any PFS legal way to buy a spellbook?

Shadow Lodge Dedicated Voter 2014

Is there a voter drinking game? If not lets make one

Filigree Item: 2 drinks
Clearly not a wondrous object: 1 drink
Uses a term you had to look up in a dictionary: 1 drink

Shadow Lodge

This time I have company! Linky

Shadow Lodge

A bunch of terrorists who blew up a building escape execution by traveling back in time from the year 2077, when corporations are the government. A cop overseeing the execution is sent back with them and tries to track them down while she's trying to keep up the masquerade and avoid changing history so that her son doesn't cease to exist.

The series does a nice job with the law vs good and terrorist vs freedom fighter themes

I was ambivalently rooting for Liber8, until i saw how the future gets its cheap factory workers... after that if you need to level a few cities then you need need to level a few cities, no questions asked
. The side characters are complicated and have a good deal of background and development. The plot gets a little convoluted, but I'm hoping its leading somewhere at this point.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Level 3 swashbuckler running through dragons demand part 1 for PFS.

Reynard De'Bonaire- Kitsune bucklebarder:


Traits: Blade of mercy (deal subdual without penalty and do +1 subdual damage), Muscle of the society

This is a PFS character, and my SOP with DM credit is to say pbthtthths to first level.

1st: Swashbuckler 1 Extra Panache
2nd: Dawnflower Dervish Dancing Bard 1
3rd: Swashbuckler 2 Combat reflexes

Damage: MW Scimitar +6 for 1d6+4 subdual damage (+3 dex +1 trait)
AC: 17 (+4 from darkcloth studded leather armor +1

(I'd probably reverse the first two levels if I were playing through first level, but this way is 2 extra HP and I don't need to spend a level plunking away with a crossbow)

Hey, how come you're not falling over?

The muscle of the society trait keeps the effective strength at 7 for encumbrance purposes. 1 rank in handle animal for a pack dog, darkleaf studded leather armor for half the weight and he's good.

[spoiler=This is a swashbuckler playtest, whats with the level of dervish?]

Part of the point of a playtest is to see what players are going to do with the class "in the wild" and that includes combining it with other classes/archetypes out there. The dervish dancing bard gets damage to dex, shores up the will save, lets you activate CLW wands, and gives you some nice mobility spells (featherstep and expeditious retreat in this case), and gets you the free dervish dancing feat. Getting dex to damage is almost mandatory on a dex build, and its either the bard dip or waste 2 feats (as currently written, will probably be 1 feat once finesse moves to level 1) Variations on this are definitely going to be one of the big cookie cutter builds.

Fight 1: Kobolds in tight spaces.

A good acrobatics score was great for pulling a matrix, running up the wall and flipping over the kobolds head in bullet time. Spend a point of penache, flip over the kobolds head, knock it on the head with the flat of the blade, get penache point back. Get attacked by the other kobold, spend 2 penache to parry/riposte knock kobold out and collect another penache point. Instead of worrying through the paper with an eraser I was using some polished stones to keep track of penache
because it comes and goes so quickly on this build.

Fight 2: Kobolds on a cliff.

Since I was level 3 with a bunch of level 1's I volunteered for guard duty over the priso... our new boss. could have easily made the climb/jump rolls and reaked some havok though.

Fight 3: Over too fast to contribute. A good diplomacy score was helpful though.

Fight 4: Party fall down da hoooooole

Easily jump over an obstacle, miss a kobold, miss an attack of opportunity, parry an attack knock kobold out. The damage isn't very high but against anything that swings at me its VERY consistent.

Fight 5: Turtle soup

The rogues went ahead and ran into some trouble. Ran up to heal one , then whacked a turtle for a little damage and provided flanking. Having a free hand without a shield in it is actually kind of handy.

Fight 6: Skeletons and a necromancer

Skeletons.... I'd pick up a darkwood morning star, except losing dex to damage is probably more loss of damage than their DR.

Fortunately the boss is both a more important target and not immune to a slashy slashy scimitar. Against a magic using boss type (are there other boss types?) the damage is very Meh (1d6+5) because the boss isn't swinging at me to feed the parry/riposte machine. A crit to the boss drops him anyway, netting two panache to refill the pool.

Fight 7: Sticky situation

Party gets webbed in the hall. Yay insane reflex save. Expeditious retreat the way into the fight, Ko a kobold. Whack a boss for meh damage, he moves away and casts mirror image. Whack an Image, party sets up a flank sandwich and downs him.


The damage is Meh. It however gets better next level and starts to scale from there. I don't see it ever getting near a 2 handed fighters.

The AC seems well enough without a shield. You get hit, thats what wands of CLW are for.

Its a mook killer: you can walk through a pile of mooks drawing Aoes all day parry riposte parry riposte. They swing at you, you stab them. It has a little more trouble with bosses, who have more HP and more often than not don't need to swing at you.

Setting up a standard operating procedure for the parry before hand was definitely helpful: in this case i always try to parry/riposte with 2 panache or higher. It went faster than I expected it to.

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Its about damned time. Just because someone has an objection doesn't mean they have an argument.

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Benefit: Your animal companion, familiar, or mount gains the celestial template and becomes a magical beast, though you may still treat it as an animal when using Handle Animal, wild empathy, or any other spells or class abilities that specifically affect animals.

Celestial template

Senses The creature gains darkvision 60 ft.

Defensive Abilities The creature gains damage reduction and energy resistance as noted on Table: Celestial Creature Defense.

SR The creature gains spell resistance equal to its new CR +5

Special Attacks The creature may smite evil 1/day as a swift action (it adds its Cha bonus to attack rolls, and a damage bonus equal to its HD against evil foes; smite persists until the target is dead or the celestial creature rests).

Does the critter get SR at all? What, if anything, is its challenge rating?

please note: there's 100 other threads for BAB etc getting changed by this feat. I'm just asking about the SR.

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