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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 28,881 posts (30,301 including aliases). 16 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 29 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.

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Some rules types read da rules with Aristotelian logic. You have a known, you can proceed from a known by rational logic from that known in perfect, non contradictory order. If evidence doesn't absolutely 100% mean that something is a certain way, it's worthless. If something isn't 100% contradictory, it means absolutely nothing.

Another type is Baysean logic: you can weigh different kinds of evidence against each other, and something can PROBABLY mean that a rule works a certain way without being 100% proof.

Baysean logic can be more than a little subjective, but Aristotelian logic will give you outright contradictory answers depending on what you use as your start point and how you plinko that through a series of if/then to get to your answer. Aristotelian logic requires a perfect system with no exceptions in order to work, and as much as i love the PF rules set, that's not what it is.

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I've seen a few mentions that conventions of certain sizes get different things , but weren't sure of what the exact sizes were. Is there a list of how big the conventions are to get what?

Someone requested a map like the one for flat rolling surfaces but for conventions. One of the things i THINK i can do is alter the size of the dots to show the size of the convention.

Shadow Lodge

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Table: Armor for Unusual Creatures

*Divide armor bonus by 2.

So if you have a pixie in magic armor, is that (armor+enhancement)/2 or (armor/2) +enhancement ?

Shadow Lodge

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For stealth are (cover/concealment) and non observed status two separate conditions or does concealment/cover automatically provide non observed status?

Shadow Lodge ****

Event Support Policy:

An organized play program aimed at providing incentive rewards to players and GMs at Pathfinder Society events worldwide.

Perceived Need

Traditionally, convention attendees receive some rewards for traveling to the convention and participating in the Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign. Over the years, forum feedback has indicated many players cannot travel to a convention, but would like rewards for playing the game. This policy aims to address the distribution method for support while continuing the high level of Paizo support for Pathfinder Society events.

Use a three-pronged approach to meeting the reward dispersal needs of the community—Convention Support, Retail Convention Support, and Regional Support Packages.
Qualifying Events

This program is open to all events running Pathfinder Society Organized Play content. The category of support depends on which criteria the event fulfills.
Evaluation Period

This policy begins with second quarter of 2016 and runs for six months, representing two cycles of the Regional Support Package program. Evaluation of the program will occur in August and the Pathfinder Society team will publish the results before the third quarter application process begins.

The categories of support listed below are for internal classification of Paizo support and do not indicate naming criteria for events. Events may name themselves as they like to personalize
Charity Status

Any event may qualify for charity status, provided they complete the charity section on the Event Support Request Form and the charity is a non-political, religious, or sectarian public entity.

Hiding on The policies page, under the communities standards policy

So how does this work exactly? I remember a venture critter asking some of those questions, but I think that was during the Alpha version of this, which crashed and burned over retail conventions.

Shadow Lodge ****

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I have a guide i threw together for newbies and one important thing i wanted to add was the welcome to pathfinder boon, but i can't find a link to it. I HAVE it as a pdf, but no link for it. Anyone know where it's hiding?

Shadow Lodge

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What does putting the wild armor enchant on a shield actually do?

[PFS Legal] Wild
Source Ultimate Equipment pg. 123 (Amazon), PRPG Core Rulebook pg. 463 (Amazon)
Aura moderate transmutation CL 9th
Slot armor/shield quality; Price +3 bonus; Weight —
Armor with this special ability usually appears to be made from magically hardened animal pelt. The wearer of a suit of armor or a shield with this ability preserves his armor bonus (and any enhancement bonus) while in a wild shape. Armor and shields with this ability usually appear to be covered in leaf patterns. While the wearer is in a wild shape, the armor cannot be seen.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, baleful polymorph; Price +3 bonus

A) The enchant does exactly what it says it does. It adds the armor bonus of the shield. Since shields don't have armor bonus , it adds nothing.

B) The ability calls being able to be used with shields three times. Shields add their shield bonus to ac instead of their armor bonus to AC.

Shadow Lodge ****

I could have sworn there was a book boon to sell an item for more than 50% of what you paid for it. Anyone have any idea what it is/where it's from?

Shadow Lodge

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:) Linky

Shadow Lodge ****

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The new guide has a glossary of terms but doesn't seem to catch newbies up on the important pathfinder lingo. What terms did they miss that the newbies need to know?

Murderhobo- Adventurers are technically traveling bands of non property owners that illegally kill people. Refers to a style of play where you kick in the door and kill everything on the other side with little to no questions asked.

Drendle Drang wakeup call: one of the venture captains likes to wake you up at odd hours. Be prepared to bring your teddybear and blanket to the mission briefing.

Tank/Meatshield: Someone that stands in the front and protects the party

Shadow Lodge ****

Grr, Having reached epic levels of FREEEDOM has obtained the Liberator boon from the andoran faction card.

LIBERATOR (6+ goals): When you or any of your allies reroll a check to escape a grapple, an Escape Artist check, a Will save
against a compulsion effect, or a Reflex save to avoid being entangled, staggered, or paralyzed, that character may roll two dice
and use the better result. Once per adventure, you can grant a free reroll to a PC who is attempting one of these checks.

Now as I'm reading that, if you give someone a reroll, they have a reroll, so they would roll twice.

Also, i just noticed that you are a pc, so you could give the reroll to yourself... sort of a you are normally your own ally type of thing.

Shadow Lodge ****

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Slot 1, Thursday AM: 7-23 Abducted in Aether

Slot 2, Thursday MID: 7-23 Abducted in Aether

Slot 3, Thursday PM: 7-98 Special: Serpent's Ire

Slot 4, Friday AM: 7-23 Abducted in Aether

Slot 5, Friday MID: 7-23 Abducted in Aether

Slot 6, Friday PM: 8-00 Special: The Cosmic Captive (Tier 10-11)*

Slot 7, Saturday AM: OFF :Sleep. Let sleeping wolves lie.

Slot 8, Saturday MID: 7-23 Abducted in Aether

Slot 9, Saturday PM: OFF

Slot 10, Sunday AM: OFF

How far is the walk between the sagamore ballroom and the DM rooms?

There's apparently half an hour in between slots. I can bring a sandwich for lunch but dinner's probably going to be another matter. Is there somewhere close enough to get the food in that time and then eat it during the game or do I send someone that wants to live to get food? Or maybe kill off the party early...

Is there a ticket system or is it the badge covers everything?

I just registered to attend gencon but haven't bought a badge.Does the badge show up in advance or do you get it when you check in?

If I want to play Saturday/Sunday or in the unlikely event i actually wake up Saturday morning how does that work? Is there a warhorn? Spontaneous muster? Red rover tournament of death?

Shadow Lodge

Headband of ponderous recollection:
Aura moderate divination and transmutation; CL 8th
Slot headband; Price 5,100 gp; Weight 1 lb.

This black leather headband has two small amber gemstones set so they rest on the wearer’s forehead. The headband grants the wearer a +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence. Treat this as a temporary ability bonus for the first 24 hours the headband is worn. It also grants skill ranks as a headband of vast intelligence, but always grants ranks in a Knowledge skill.

As a swift action three times per day, the wearer can call upon the headband to reveal the abilities and weaknesses of a creature within line of sight. The headband fills the wearer’s mind with information as though the wearer had made a Knowledge check with a natural roll of a 5, adding her bonuses to the check as normal. At the start of her next turn, the wearer receives additional information as though she had made the check with a natural roll of 10. At the start of her turn after that, the wearer receives a final piece of information, treating her natural roll as 15.

How exactly does this thing work?

As I'm reading it , the wizard looks at the thing and lets say he has +10 knowledge and the DC to identify the thing is 20.

Round 1: Staffy the wizard tries to ID it the old fashioned way. He rolls a d20, gets a 10, so now knows what it is and one useful thing. On this round he also cranks on the headband. The headband tries to remember what it is, and as per its ability it rolls a 5. The headband wishes it could scratch itself in contemplation.

Round 2: The Headband rolls a 10. It identifies the critter. Since i'm not a twit, I won't have it give the same piece of useful info that the wizard discovered.

Round 3: And this is where I think I hit disagreement with the player. The headband has an effective roll of 15. The way I'm reading it, its the same knowledge check as rounds 1 2 and 3, its just higher. So it gives out one more piece of info. It could also be read as a seperate roll of 15, in which case it would be two more pieces of useful info.

Shadow Lodge ****

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The pins are very cool, but will not be granting a reroll. They're going to try to come up with something else for them to do, so lets crowd source it. And waste time. And make a drinking game out of it.

Obviously the character you're playing is supposed to match the pin.

Silver crusade: +2 to diplomacy checks to end or avoid hostilities. I'm a paladin! of course you can trust me!

Grand lodge: +4 to bluff diplomacy checks to preserve the societies good name. We are professional archeologists.

Exchange: reroll but only for the dayjob check. Since you never know what fell off the back of the truck, it could be worse than your original roll.

Dark archives: +2 on saving throws vs curses and spells and abilities with the [evil] descriptor. Erm. For reasons other than professional courtesy. really.

Scarab sage: +2 on any one knowledge skill check/session as the fragment of a sage jewel the beetle is holding aids another you.

Sovereign court: +2 on any roll to hide your affiliation. (hey, the character isn't the one wearing the pin)

Liberty's edge: +2 Perform oratory and diplomacy to advocate for FREEEDDDOOOOOM! (freedom with less O's need not apply)

Shadow Lodge

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The mouser can move within her foe's space and leave the foe's space unhindered and without provoking attacks of opportunity, but if the foe attempts to move to a position where the mouser is no longer in its space, the movement provokes an attack of opportunity from the mouser. This deed replaces opportune parry and riposte.

I've seen three different readings for this

1) The author didn't k now that tiny creatures threaten their own square and the ability is redundant

2) The ability creates a new, separate opportunity to take an attack of opportunity

3) The ability negates things that would normally allow the creature to leave the mouser's square without providing a movement related attack of opportunity such as the withdraw or 5 foot step.

Shadow Lodge ****

Having just accidentally gotten a bunch of season 6 faction cards printed off, i was wondering if future seasons could have "season 7 " or "season 8 put somewhere on them?"

Shadow Lodge

Kudos for the interesting workaround.


The spams on their name/profile so there's nothing to report

Shadow Lodge

Thinking about making an extra tail using kitsune with the 9 tailed scion trait. Because this is for PFS, the only way to crank out all nine tails seems to be fighter.

1UC rogue 1 Feat: EWP elven branched spear
2UC rogue 2
3UC rogue 3 Rogue talent combat feat Combat reflexes
4 Fighter 1 Extra tail I
5 Fighter 2 Extra tail II Extra tail III
6 Fighter3
7 Fighter4 Extra tail IV Extra tail V
8 Fighter5
9 Fighter6 Extra tail VI Extra tail VII
10 Fighter7
11 Fighter8 Extra tail VIII
12 Fighter9

Does anyone know if there's a fighter archetype that gets any use out of charisma?

Shadow Lodge

What int 19 character is this supposed to go on? An investigator?

Shadow Lodge

6 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Weapons with an enhancement bonus of +3 or greater can ignore some types of damage reduction, regardless of their actual material or alignment. The following table shows what type of enhancement bonus is needed to overcome some common types of damage reduction.

DR Type Weapon Enhancement Bonus Equivalent
cold iron/silver +3
adamantine* +4
alignment-based +5

Now, I've always thought that in pathfinder it had to be the actual plus or something that increases the actual plus (like bane) , but the chart says weapon equivalent (the exact same term used for pricing magical enhancements like flame, shocking etc). Did they ever clarify this anywhere?

Shadow Lodge

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Herald caller + Sacred summons +Lawful Good Cleric + Lawful neutral god (Abadar)=?

I'm getting a null set. I wanted to double check my math.

For PFS, so i believe the expanded summoning is out.

When you use a summoning spell to summon a creature with an alignment or elemental subtype, it is a spell of that type. Creatures on Table: Summon Monster marked with an "*" are summoned with the celestial template, if you are good, and the fiendish template, if you are evil. If you are neutral, you may choose which template to apply to the creature. Creatures marked with an "*" always have an alignment that matches yours, regardless of their usual alignment. Summoning these creatures makes the summoning spell's type match your alignment.

Now since the cleric has a lawful good alignment , anything he summons marked with an * has a lawful good alignment as well. The resolute template (like the celestial and fiendish templates) Does not change this (oddly enough).

There doesn't appear to be anything LN on its own to summon. So they can't summon anything unless they forclose on a few orphanages and hop over to LN?

Shadow Lodge ****

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One of the hardest things about getting into PFS is finding a game. I constantly hear people asking where the games are and.. I don't know. If they live in a major city i can direct them right to the PFS, but if they live in between major urban areas, not so much.

Linky to the map

The password to edit locations is shadowlodgeforlife with the for snarkily replaced with the number. Original I know.

Mouse over Additions. click add marker detailed. Put in the venue. Throw on some contact information , a rough idea of when you play, and you're done. If you don't see your venue? Add it.

We're pathfinders dammit. We need a map.

Shadow Lodge ****

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Many of the feats in ultimate intrigue (I've counted at least 4 so far)
are like the infamous Rumor monger feat: They don't expand the use of skills bur rather by their existence constrain the use of skills only to people with a feat or special ability- feats skill focused characters don't have to spare.

Determining that two people have a relationship is just a sense motive check, not sense motive and 2 feats. Knowing whether a fib is going to be outrageous or easy is something the player/character should have some idea of before they start spinning their yarn. Aiding someone's disguise with a bluff is just a creative aid another, not a feat. Telling if someone knows how to use that sword at their hip is something fighting types know. Getting your opponents to surrender in combat is an ad hoc diplomacy check at the DMs judgement...not 2 feats a high ability score and the DM's ad hoc judgement.

One of the reasons people complain about caster/skill disparity is that the expanding system has expanded the capabilities of magic. "Abilities" that already do what the skill does constrains skills, contracts skills and makes just getting a spell to do it an even better option.

This is effectively adding a HEFTY feat tax to get skills back to what they were doing before, rendering skills pointless, which was the exact opposite of the intent of this book.

When the flank trick was introduced it was no big deal, people just took the flank trick and kept doing what they were doing before. These feats bring up the same problem, but they aren't 1/7th of a capability of one of your class features, these things are taking up a quarter of your feats assuming you even make it to level 11. Now when players try to make basic use of their skills they're going to be hit with "nope can't do that you don't have the feat"

Shadow Lodge ****

Gnomes seen outside of this thread will be eaten, i don't care how much the pointy hat gives me indigestion.

Shadow Lodge ****

Step 7: Cross out any treasure items the party didn’t find
in the scenario and mark any special boons the players
did or did not earn (U); additionally, if you’re running the
lower subtier, always cross out all of the items listed for the
higher subtier. Return the Chronicle sheet to the player.

Not that it usually matters, but I'm reading that as you get access to the chronicle loot of the tier the game was run in, rather than what level the character is correct ?

Shadow Lodge

Ok, i could have sworn some of the familiar folio feats could be swapped out by the familiar , but everything i'm looking at is taken by their humanoid. Am I derping now or did i derp back then?

Shadow Lodge

Saranrae holy symbol

And in the interests of equal time

Shadow Lodge

Two-Weapon Fighting

If you wield a second weapon in your off hand, you can get one extra attack per round with that weapon. You suffer a –6 penalty with your regular attack or attacks with your primary hand and a –10 penalty to the attack with your off hand when you fight this way. You can reduce these penalties in two ways. First, if your off-hand weapon is light, the penalties are reduced by 2 each. An unarmed strike is always considered light. Second, the Two-Weapon Fighting feat lessens the primary hand penalty by 2, and the off-hand penalty by 6.

So if I'm reading that right, a kitsune with Fist fist bite and two weapon fighting is at -2 -2 -5 , because two weapon fighting penalties don't apply to natural weapons because they're not made with the main hand?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

What happens to an animal companion / familiar when their Biped dies?

1) It remains unchanged
2) Flowers for algeron
3) It instantly reverts to its un familiared/animalcompanion form (and lo, the roc grew three sizes that day) , probably making it explode if it had any damage on it.
4) Something else

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

One of the biggest barriers for new players is finding games.

The current system where you look for a venturecritter and then look nearby only works if you have local venturecritters. In all likelihood if someone sees that the nearest person is 3 hours away you stop looking.

Even if the new person asks, the ventire captain needs to find the persons location on a map (Where the heck IS Bnajomusic Upstate new york anyway?) then find where the nearby games are, possibly directing them into the next state.

The game recorder already gets a location. If that information was used, people could see where PFS was played in the last few months to know where to look for a game.

Alternatively, people could just give me a list of where and when its played and i could put something up on scribblemaps or something.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Since psychic spells don't require somatic/material components I thought I'd take advantage of that pretending to be someone's "useless familiar" and turn them all into my slaves.

ReyGe (LotusFlower)

Kitsune Mesmerist

STR: 5 DEX: 16 CON: 14 INT: 12 WIS: 12 CHA: 18


1 Realistic likeness (or start the magical tails?)
3 Fox Shape
5 Magical tail 1 ?
7 Magical tail 2
9 Magical tail 3
11 Magical tail 4

On the other hand, i already have access to most of the magical tail spells, so I could just skip those.

5 Bouncing spell
7: thanotopic spell

Indomitable faith (to hand out my will save)
Magical liniage charm person (if no tails)

Mesmerist tricks

1 Gift of will (use my will save)
2 Astounding Avoidance
4 Levitation buffer (that one looks fun)
6 Misdirection: Rogues love me!
8 Unwitting messenger (The next time you see drendle dreng, you will say "may I have this dance" )

The tricks seem awesome, but there's a real bottle neck in only having 1 or 2 usable at a time.

Any tips/tricks/ideas about how a mesmerist works that might help?

Shadow Lodge

I recently picked up Some make your own dungeon stuff and was wondering how you actually make it work for a table

I was thinking about Casting a few wall pieces with tacks/nails in it, lining up the tiles on some 12x12 cork tiles , and holding them in place with the wall pieces. Anyone ever use this stuff for a game?

Shadow Lodge ****

Bought myself some stuff for christmas, just noticed bonekeep 1 and 2 popped up in my cart. Are these available to be run outside of conventions now?

Shadow Lodge ****

Fly: You cannot take this skill without a natural means of flight or gliding. Creatures can also take ranks in Fly if they possess a reliable means of flying every day (either through a spell or other magical manner, such as a druid’s wild shape ability).

In a normal campaign the fighter can ask his buddy the wizard for a fly spell every day. Can pathfinders do this, or do they not get thrown out of buildings, windows, mountains and flying mounts often enough to pick it up?

Shadow Lodge

I got my fourth star for PFS last week (yay) but don't have access to serpents rise. Is there a 10 foot pole you poke the computer with handy?

Shadow Lodge

Can you cast magic weapon on a peasants fist?

No: Unarmed strikes, natural weapons, and manufactured weapons are three different things. Being treated like a weapon is a big part of a monk/brawlers class ability.

Yes: Unarmed strike appears on the weapons chart as a light weapon and counts as one for purposes of effects that add to weapon damage rolls so its a weapon.

Liberty's Edge

Grrr de'Bonaire

1) Urban Barbarian Feat: Tribal Scars: Raptor scale
2) Urban Barbarian 2 Rage power: Beast totem: claws
3) Mouser Swashbuckler Feat: Fox shape
4) Vexing Dodger UC rogue 1
5) Rogue 2 Feat: Iron will
____ Played to here.Changing anything above this line is hard.
6) Rogue 3 Improved dirty trick in place of rogue talent
7) Rogue 4 Feat: Dirty fighting Rogue talent: Combat trick Greater Dirty fighting
8) Rogue 5 Skill unlock climb (so i can cut down on my Spiderclimb scroll smoking habbit)

9) ??
10) ??
11) ??

Build basics: turns into a tiny fox, enters peoples squares and flanks from there, gaining sneak attacks and debuffing. Just being in the square makes a -4 to hit anyone but Grrr. Debilitating injury will take that to -6 (and a -4 to hit grr) and the Vexing dodgers dirty fighter means i can give up one of his (probably 3) sneak attacks to blind

I may swap raptor scale out for Agile manuevers at 7 , just to not bother with the table variation on whether putting a tail over the opponents eyes uses strength or dex.

After 5 levels of UC rogue there doesn't seem to be anything to keep someone in the class, so i was considering some multi classing to up the saves if nothing else.

Psychic has a neat way to cast in form, as well as the self perfection one adding a nice AC bonus. (and kitsune are magic anyway)

Magus... doesn't seem to be able to spellstrike with claws.

Another level of rogue to grab trapspotter?

Snakebite Brawler: More sneak attack now and +s to fort save

More barbarian?

Shadow Lodge

Spellstrike (Su): At 2nd level, whenever a magus casts a spell with a range of "touch" from the magus spell list, he can deliver the spell through any weapon he is wielding as part of a melee attack. Instead of the free melee touch attack normally allowed to deliver the spell, a magus can make one free melee attack with his weapon (at his highest base attack bonus) as part of casting this spell. If successful, this melee attack deals its normal damage as well as the effects of the spell. If the magus makes this attack in concert with spell combat, this melee attack takes all the penalties accrued by spell combat melee attacks. This attack uses the weapon's critical range (20, 19–20, or 18–20 and modified by the keen weapon property or similar effects), but the spell effect only deals ×2 damage on a successful critical hit, while the weapon damage uses its own critical modifier.

I see magi trying to use this with any magus spell, including web and bladed dash. Am I missing something or or do those not work because the magus spell has to have a range of touch?

Shadow Lodge

At 4:29 pm mary McFly will arive in the future

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

7 people marked this as a favorite.

Sanders wins debate. CNN pushes hillary anyway

Apparently the liberal media is only a LITTLE liberal...

Shadow Lodge ****

18 people marked this as FAQ candidate.

Racial Heritage]

Prerequisite: Human.

Benefit: Choose another humanoid race. You count as both human and that race for any effects related to race. For example, if you choose dwarf, you are considered both a human and a dwarf for the purpose of taking traits, feats, how spells and magic items affect you, and so on.

From the ARG additional resources

Note: Alternate racial traits, racial archetypes, racial evolutions, racial feats, and racial spells are only available for characters of the associated race. Racial equipment and magic items can be purchased and used by any race as long as the specific item permits it (for example, only halflings can purchase and use solidsmoke pipeweed).

Pathfinder Player Companion: Dragon Empires Primer

Archetypes: all archetypes on pages 22-23; Feats: kitsune feats on page 5 are legal for kitsune characters; all feats on pages 24-25;

Shadow Lodge

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Bullied girl gets support from 'Star Wars' fans

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