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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 28,412 posts (29,777 including aliases). 16 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge

Ascalaphus wrote:

Since the war priest sacred weapon dice depends on the war priest's size, I don't think enlarging the weapon is going to help much in that respect.

Or it says that because it assumes that, like 99.9% of characters, the warpriest is using a weapon in their size catagory.

On top of that Spells don't actually enlarge the weapon, they just make it hit harder as if it were bigger. By that logic an enhancement bonus can't add to the 2d6 because 2d6+2 isn't 2d6.

Shadow Lodge

Quantum Steve wrote:

Also RAW, Sacred Weapon damage is based on the size of the Warpriest. Period. There's no two ways about it. There's no other valid interpretation of the RAW.


There is nothing incompatible between the idea that a weapon does x amount of damage and that x can be increased (either via a formula or addition)

A bigger warpriest would have a bigger sword.

A bigger sword would do more damage.

Shadow Lodge

Since different sized warpriests deal different weapon damages i don't see any argument against size increases or virtual size increases.

Shadow Lodge

Deadmanwalking wrote:

The rules are the default assumptions of the game. If you're gonna arbitrarily change them in a substantive manner, you need to tell the players that so they can make choices based on how your version of the rules actually functions.

The rules are going to be read in plain english with an eye for intent,sense, and balance because they were written in plain english with an eye for intent, sense, and balance. Hyperliteral reading has a horrible track record.

Shadow Lodge

Anyone else think Sizemore is a DM/scenario writer working for entitled munchkins?

Shadow Lodge

Kahel Stormbender wrote:
It's not the building of characters that is why the term was coined. It's the play style. As I mentioned, it refers to people who few the game as simply a board game instead of telling a story. Which isn't inherently a bad thing, but the entire group has to agree to it. Since combat rules for Pathfinder are extremely detailed and assume you're using a map, the game does lend it's self to this style of play.

And everyone that makes a mechanically functional has had the term applied to them via people in the Church of Stormwind. It's been used far more to mean "you suck" than it has to explain an arbitrary but valid choice of how to play the game.

Shadow Lodge

It's type is shapechanger so it's probably ex.

edit: i'd like to change my answer to copy off of rednals sheet...

Shadow Lodge ****

Michigian is one of those states where there's different pathfinder groups depending on where you are


wow.. if you have a car you have a lot of options within 15 miles...

Linky mustering site

Shadow Lodge ****

Local office max will not print on demand, they want like 48 hours for a scenario...

Like i plan that far in advance...

Shadow Lodge

Pillbug Toenibbler wrote:
I just assumed it was yet another example of Trump's Razor.

That had better be safety. With green handles. And plastic.

Shadow Lodge

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Quintain wrote:
Not being able to move and not being able to be moved are not the same thing.

The juggernaut cannot be MOAAARGH!

Is driven through a spinning earth at 1,000 miles per hour..

Shadow Lodge

master_marshmallow wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:

I would respect any level of role playing tbh.

It's one thing to respect a lack of role playing it's quite another to insist that they are role playing when they're really not.

Shadow Lodge ****

"So why wasn't bonesaw in part 2?"

Flashback to the messenger boy opening the door to wake up bonesaw at 5 am for the mission, and a hand axe thudding into the door next to his head, shaving off the one whisker he'd managed to grow after 2 weeks of trying.

Shadow Lodge


Shadow Lodge

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Legoman wrote:

Pathfinder doesn't include sports in their place settings. They build societies that are sportless which is probably a reflection on their worldview.

Expeditiously retreating monks don't make those kinds of leaps of logic...

Shadow Lodge

master_marshmallow wrote:

Apologies for the confusion, I am not implying that the examples I give are the only ways to role play, but rather I would consider someone who exclusively performs in game the way I described as role-playing completely and successfully.

I think you can tell a lot about someone from their fighting style: a more straightforward barbarian might make reckless brutal cuts right down the enemies body while a fighter might slash the blade about dragging as large of a surface area over the opponent as they can. . but i don't think you're going to get enough out of that to qualify as really role playing.

You don't know what's motivating the character
You don't know their hopes, dreams, and aspirations
You don't know much about their background...

Shadow Lodge

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Derklord wrote:

@Darksol: Luck can not explain how a human statue suddenly moves.

You pulled apart spacetime like a magician yanking a tablecloth out from under a dining set. Sometimes the wine glass gets yanked off with it.

Shadow Lodge

Third debate on snl

Shadow Lodge

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warpriest spitballs deal 4d8 damage...

Shadow Lodge

master marshmellow wrote:
That's pretty constraining

No. It is not. It is (as intended) a very broad definition. This objection makes absolutely no sense, particularly in light of..

and I'm fairly certain that one cannot describe their character's actions without doing at least one or two of those things.

So I had a constraining definition that just happened to include what you were saying role playing is as a part of it... on accident?

We're talking about mammals. You're using the word mammal to mean red wolves.

Shadow Lodge ****

Fromper wrote:
Funny you should mention that one. I'll be GMing it later today.

I ran it cold last night on a last minute change in plans. It was... interesting.

Shadow Lodge

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NPC Dave wrote:
Explain to me why the Koch brothers are so thrilled with Trump's tax cuts that they don't want their people supporting him and are refusing to spend any money on him.

Trumps a sinking ship.

When trump goes, he's dragging the senate with him.

President + democratic senate= Bernie sanders on the supreme court if she wants.

Then there goes citizens united and the koch's brothers ability to overtly buy elections and KEEP getting those tax breaks.

Shadow Lodge

master_marshmallow wrote:

Can you point out what confused you?

You're apparently using the phrase "role play" to mean "adding description to combat". Since no one else uses that phrase to have that meaning it confuses people when you use it that way AND you have the wrong meaning when you read people's words that way.

Role play is:

Taking actions that your character would take
Talking as though your character would talk
Acting as though they would act.

The last one is a bit limited at tabletop as you can't really move or gesture TOO much without clocking people next to you on the nose but you can do some.

Shadow Lodge ****

"How are the laws of physics working today" is a reasonable question for a player to ask in pfs

Shadow Lodge ****

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Well hell.. the low level table didn't get a DM, the only scenario i have on me that the more experienced player can play is the dalsine affair, which i haven't read. What could go wrong...

Shadow Lodge

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deusvult wrote:

I'm not surprised at the ruling, even though I argued the other way. Handwavium or "it was just magic..." is pretty much the only way to explain how an immobile victim somehow moved across thin air and landed safely upon a downward sloped surface implicitly devoid of anything to snag and hang upon.

I'm actually intrigued by the decision to remove evasion. And I see the next rules dispute in what that RAW means.

"However, you lose evasion in these circumstances."

Which are "these" circumstances? When you make a save and magically move, or any/all circumstances where you make a save with 0 dex?

Let the arguments begin anew.

Let's not. They were answered.

There's no "realistic" answer for what happens when you rip open spacetime to reveal a hole in the ground. You moved space, they got lucky and moved with it. You rode the wave on the warp drive.

Shadow Lodge ****

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Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Eat that science!

Shadow Lodge

Omnitricks wrote:
In the end it comes down to how extreme a person is in one of these two ideologies.

You. This is the stormwind fallacy.

You are not balancing your role and roll play by being better or worse at one or the other. That's the entire point. They are 2 independant axis' from each other, NOT a spectrum. There is no middle. They are not mutually exclusive terms.

Shadow Lodge

master_marshmallow wrote:

So I'm roleplaying wrong?

No, you're having a conversation wrong. The entire point of words is to accurate express ideas and a reality, and that doesn't happen when you don't use the words the same way as other people mean them.

Shadow Lodge

master marshmellow: no one else is using the words that way, so using the like that does nothing but confuse people as to what you're saying. What you're talking about is description.

Shadow Lodge

Mark Carlson 255 wrote:

IMHO a good player can make even a poor PC shine.


The ability of player cannot overcome basic mechanical problems of a poorly designed character. Ways people list to do this simply do not provide an appreciable advantage past level 3 or so.

Shadow Lodge

mastermarshmellow wrote:
The definition and designation of roll-play vs. role-play is the topic of the thread, and Stormwind is a part of that, but not the focus.

he phrase "if you roleplayed instead of rollplayed" or any similar phrase is offensive, even if you don't mean for it to be, and it should not be used here.

The complaint there pretty much IS the stormwind fallacy.

Shadow Lodge

master_marshmellow wrote:

But does that detract from the notion that PFS and other mainstream adventures that are published mostly lean towards the 'crunch sections' of character building and development are largely rewarded in the 'physical combat' sector of the game?

Optmized for it or not, if physical combat is the mode of play, then characters built for that mode of play would be rewarded, logically speaking.

But that only means that there's no or less role play if you subscribe to the stormwind fallacy: the idea that optimizing your character makes your roleplay worse. That simply isn't the case.

How much role playing there is in a scenario is a combination of the scenario, the group and the DM. I've had a Nagaji Bard talk through 3/4s of what was supposed to be a straight out dungeon crawl because they were basically a giant kobold with obscene bonuses vs talking to reptilians.

Shadow Lodge

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master_marshmallow wrote:
BNW- thanks for the input, I'm not a PFS player (morally opposed, but I appreciate what it does for the community)

It really isn't as bad as you'd think looking at all the technical rules and whatnot. Its far more permissive than most DMs in terms of what's allowed, and the dm really does run the game pretty much the same way they'd run everything else.

a brief overview of how pfs actually works


and I'm glad to have an opinion from someone who does play it. I would be inclined to agree that the diplomacy rules don't see much play and leads to dead trees. Hopefully though future games (and some help from books like UI) the community can expand upon and improve this problem.

Aside:** spoiler omitted **

PFS year 5 was only slightly jokingly referred to as the year of the diplomat for all the talking and recruiting you had to do, the mission and the bonus point very often require that you NOT murderhobo the place

Role playing is, by its nature, not something that there are rules for. Ultimate intrigue opened up a more complex system and thats starting to get a little bit of play in the scenarios.


TOZ- seems anecdotal, but then again data is nothing but a collection of anecdotes with their respective trends and similarities measured. I am grateful for the opinion though since a large misconception of mine seems to be what to expect from the experience should I play PFS or by PFS rules.

I'm a 4 star dm which means I've run over 100 pfs games, toz is a 5 star which means he's gone completely insane.

Shadow Lodge

Master marshmellow wrote:
PFS promotes hyper-specialization and optimization because from what I understand, it is mostly based on putting the players in a combat scenario where combat is the main medium of play. Characters who aren't built for this type of game will perform more poorly than those that aren't.

PFS has more skills and social interactions than most games, but lets face it, the rules for diplomacy is one table and combat is 5 pounds worth of dead tree. This is a combat heavy game and its unfair to blame PFS for that.

Hyper competency is not usually required in PFS because the combats are usually pretty easy and you usually have action economy on your side.


Shadow Lodge ****

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Delbert Collins II wrote:
Several people have said that if I had just explained my reasons for denying them support in the first place, this would not have happened. I am curious if that translates into - I got what I deserved?

No, it translates into you should have explained your reasoning

Otherwise people fill in the blanks with what they think of the other person, and as you're demonstrating here it is VERY easy to think the worst of someone that you disagree with.

Because you can't see you as they see you, the rant looks like cyberbullying, trying to coerce people into doing what they want etc. when its a reasonable response to what the OP THOUGHT was happening, and that thought wasn't entirely unreasonable given the (lack of) information that they had.

It was wrong, but wrong and unreasonable aren't the same thing.

Shadow Lodge

Hmm wrote:

I can understand some forums choosing to lock necroed threads if they want to focus on new content -- but this is Pathfinder where we build on a variety of old and new everytime we build a character. Bringing back an excellent and informative thread is not as confusing in this context as it may be in other forums.

I'm glad that it's allowed.

So... That said, let's get back to kitsune. I've never run a 9-tailed fox as a kitsune yet. I'm curious about how other players have used the tails. How much difference do all those SLAs make in how your character functions and what they have to offer the group?


I've found them to be very useful on a mesmerist, who has very few spells per day.

A rogue (that i'll probably be turning into the aformentioned intrigue oracle) that didn't have any other spellcasting options found charm person handy a few times

They're great on a fox shape kitsune: no components means you can cast in critter form. Since natural spell is specifically for wildshape, not anything similar, its pretty much the only way to cast spells while passing yourself off as the familiar.

Shadow Lodge

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You know paizo loves necromancers.

Shadow Lodge

Intrigue oracle with the wrecking mysticism curse

Wrecking Mysticism (Kitsune)

Source PPC:DTT

Whenever you would gain a mystery spell, you can gain Magical Tail as a bonus feat instead. Once this choice has been made, it cannot be changed. You cannot replace a bonus spell granted to you by an oracle archetype with Magical Tail, even if it replaces a mystery spell.

Shadow Lodge

Rednal wrote:
And in what's probably the last of today's news, Trump didn't seem to do too well at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner (a common event for presidential candidates apparently involving a lot of roasting other people).

Please tell me someone hit an I phone in those giant hats..

oo look

Shadow Lodge

Ravingdork wrote:
A true professional writer can absolutely make statements quite clear and concise without having to sacrifice brevity.

While the true scottsman plays bagpipes in the background?

Shadow Lodge

nosig wrote:
the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society with regard to a person's behavior in a particular context.

Players do that every time they speak in character and say something that their player wouldn't say in that same situation.

Shadow Lodge ****

4 people marked this as a favorite.

Toxic is overused to the point that it's lost all meaning.

I think an explanation along with an offer of help to try fixing the problem (both on the bureaucratic and how to get more table sides) would have avoided a lot of this.

Shadow Lodge

Rogue Druid: Have a druid with a high int score, take the traits and skills to do the traditionally roguesh things like stealth and disable device. Size bonuses in wildshape make your stealth absurd, earth elementals and animals allow for a great deal of scouting.

Tiny foxform fighter: Mine's a Vexing dodger rogue 4 Mouser swashbuckler 1 Urban barbarian 2 sacred fist Warpriest of Gorum 1: Absurd stealth and acrobatics for mobility, walks into peoples squares and starts sneak attacking with a claw claw bite routine. There are a lot of combat advantages to being tiny. (many drawbacks too) but its very funny when the "useless familiar" with a giant pink bow that reads "this end towards enemy" hops off and is an actual tank thanks to the mouser abilities

Paladin shadowdancer: The shadowdancer fills in some nice skills that the paladin is missing, and a shadow thing with a butload of hitpoints is pretty dangerous on its own, and shadowdancer adds some much needed mobility to whats usually a melee class.

Shadow Lodge

Snowblind wrote:

What is the fundamentally good idea?

Government which governs best is that which governs least.

Shadow Lodge

Thomas Seitz wrote:

The charge i have is stupidity of the highest order. Gross ineptitude with narcissistic personality disorder, and probably something else.

Also you may now call ME the Jedi Master.

I would call you captain obvious but i think that names already taken.

Shadow Lodge

My highschools a literal stones throw from NYMA.

The kids were a mix of military brats who wanted to get into west point, rich parents who's kids needed babysitters, and future violent offenders of america trying to stay out of juvie.

So not that much different than most other schools. The difference being that with the uniforms you never knew which roving pack of students you were dealing with until it was too late.

Shadow Lodge

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bugleyman wrote:
The Libertarian party strikes me as a fundamentally good idea taken to fundamentally irrational extremes. :P

The Libertarian party: Lets not intervene for anyone.

The republican party: Lets have government intervention for the rich and say we're not having intervention for anyone.

The Democratic party: Lets have a lot of government intervention for the rich and a little bit for the poor and say we're only intervening for the poor.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.

peanut butter vs jelly
capitalism vs socialism
Ebony vs Ivory
Cheese vs Dough
Milk vs cookies

These are things that are supposed to work together. Your mechanics and character inform each other and help you flesh out a personality that works WITH the mechanics.

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