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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 30,335 posts (31,844 including aliases). 16 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 31 Pathfinder Society characters. 6 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge

Captain Battletoad wrote:

It has nothing to do with the states. The incentive comes from a federal tax deduction applied to the individual medical practitioners for charitable work in an amount up to 10% of their annual income. The state is never involved, unless I missed something.

Seriously? THATS how the plan pays for the uninsured and uninsurable? A voluntary option to take 10% of their income, which will no longer include young healthy people, and apply it to taxes that they're probably not paying anyway?

You don't think they can make more money NOT booting dying cancer patients off their plans, not accepting people with pre existing conditions, and not insuring the poor? What happens when no one can operate like that?

I realize we play a game where people can throw fireballs from their fingers but paying for the poor with a 10% off coupon is an unbelievable fantasy, not a policy.

It absolutely makes sense for companies to do so.

it does not. Your theoretical ideas about what makes sense for businesses to do does not trump objective evidence that they are not doing this.

Allowing them to operate in any state without having to become licensed in each state where they want to do business opens up a new avenue of (relatively) quickly entering a market where they were previously unable to go.

It also allows them to defraud, steal from, and abandon people with impunity by incorporating in a PO box in delaware if new jersey can't yank their license for defrauding its citizens.

In an age where distance is a non-factor in being able to engage in business transactions, "setting up an office" is low on the totem pole and learning state laws is an inherent part of the business anyway. It adds no major complexities and instead frees previously isolated companies to compete across state lines.

Health care coverage does not work this way. You have to deal with individual doctors offices. Those offices need to be near their sick people. Those offices are not a portable good. And you cannot leave anyone uncovered. You need to know who you're working with and that is incredibly difficult to do from 4 states away.


Now whether or not that was a major issue before, I can't say as I haven't bothered to do much digging since as I previously mentioned, Rand's proposal was DoA. That's a separate issue though.

Of course it's DOA. It doesn't actually cover anyone. Like most libertarian policies it relies on "and then the market fixes everything" and "this will suddenly not cost money" the same way a badly written play relies on "and then the fairy made everything better"

Shadow Lodge

Captain Battletoad wrote:

In what way does this sum to "let the states do it"? If you're referring to the section under "Increasing State Flexibility to Conduct Medicaid Waivers" then you're missing the other 90% of the document.

I'm really looking for any kind of healthcare plan in here and i'm not seeing it . At all.

Allowing for all health insured individuals to deduct that insurance from their taxes,

thats fine...

incentivizing medical treatment of those unable to pay

Thats let the states do it. And republican states won't, they'll just force the poor people that can't afford healthcare to move.

and allowing consumers to have access to more options across state lines adds up to a healthcare plan.

This is a complete, total, and utter canard.

States that do allow people to work accross state lines aren't getting out of state insurance companies to take them up on the offer. Setting up an office in another state, learning that states laws, working with that system and networks of doctors is EXPENSIVE. it doesn't make any sense for insurance companies to do this, certainly not to the extent that it will significantly drop prices.

If you let insurance companies work across state lines by their states home rules, what you get is Delaware "die in a ditch" insurance the same way you currently have Delaware "nya nya you can't sue me" corporations

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

and the count goes by, so slowly, i hunger for that star....

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

captain battletoad,

"let the states do it" is not a healthcare plan.

This is what happens. States where people live have people they have to insure and people earning taxes, they then have to tax those people to pay for that insurance.

Corporations that live in a PO box in delaware, or texas with no state income taxes, don't kick into state taxes.

So what you get is less money from billionaires and corporations into the system and more money from working people. This is a bad thing.

Shadow Lodge

Late friday night early saterday morning in syracuse. I lived as a boarder in the forestry frathouse.

Random drunk guy walking past the place with his girlfriend sees the chainsaw carved stumps and one of the guys sitting on the porch , and starts angrily demanding that he carve him a stick.

Being an unapologetic stereotype , i actually do carve. So i came around the side of the house with a carved wooden stick, and asked the guy what he wanted on his.

He asked tried to pick a fight with the guy on the porch, and me, alternately.

I scratched my ear with my foot, while standing up. (because I could, and confusing drunk people is funny)

His girlfriend started pushing him away. "you are not fighting him (guy on porch) and you are definitely not fighting THAT! points at me.

Shadow Lodge

Pinned: A pinned creature is tightly bound and can take few actions. A pinned creature cannot move and is denied its Dexterity bonus. A pinned character also takes an additional –4 penalty to his Armor Class. A pinned creature is limited in the actions that it can take. A pinned creature can always attempt to free itself, usually through a combat maneuver check or Escape Artist check. A pinned creature can take verbal and mental actions, but cannot cast any spells that require a somatic or material component. A pinned character who attempts to cast a spell or use a spell-like ability must make a concentration check (DC 10 + grappler's CMB + spell level) or lose the spell. Pinned is a more severe version of grappled, and their effects do not stack.

I don't see anything that would prevent a wand that was already out from being used, using a wand would be a verbal action.

"the command word on my wand of teleport is "Sayonarasucker" "

Shadow Lodge ****

Kalindlara wrote:
(Also, I apologize if I'm a bit sharp-tongued. I've been up twenty-four hours trying to synchronize my schedule for this new medication.)

in exhaustus veritas?

Shadow Lodge

I was rewatching the series. The scene with the nightnurse inviting herself to dinner was hilarious.

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Wands are usually picked up through spring loaded wrist sheaths.

Those with +1 bab or higher can draw a wand or other weaponlike object the same way they can a weapon.

Potions should be labled, in your upper left pocket (adventurer's getouts specifically have pockets) move action with an aoo to draw.

Regular backpack is a move action with an aoo

handy haversack is move action with no aoo

A bag of holding that is holding more than a regular bag is a full round action.

Shadow Lodge ****

Quentin Coldwater wrote:
Bandoliers specifically call out a move action to draw out something small, but I think that extends to anything you'd want to have readily available in combat. Scrolls and wands need to be move-action-equivalent to be effective. I'd say potions would fit in a bandolier and anything else would be pretty much in a belt pouch or somewhere readily available. Things you wouldn't normally use in combat (rope, your mess kit) are usually full-round actions that provoke, as you really have to dig around in your backpack.

The need for Rope comes up often enough in a hurry that i would have it out on the side of the backpack Like so

Shadow Lodge

Trip + rogue is amazing, since it sets up one of those otherwise rare full attack sneaks AND the rogue can actually hit.

Shadow Lodge ****

staves, rings of spell storing, armor of spell storing, pearls of power, runestones...

Shadow Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

they're illegal because of what i would do with them. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Shadow Lodge ****

plaidwandering wrote:

in fact the program works worse for small less regular groups - no GM is likely to get 24 sessions in when there are only 24 gamedays in the entire year, and if they tried that would be 50-75% of all GMing slots, kind of problematic

With a 5 hour module night or three I might hit that or come close but you're right. That would be running every planned game for a year here, which... is something I think small groups are better off avoiding. That might be something to try to get them to tweak next year.

Mostly I'm hoping the low(er) hanging fruit of 12 games for a skinwalker gets me a little consistency in someone for a second table.

Shadow Lodge

Trip really screws over martial characters.

1) they have to stand up or take a -4 penalty
2) they can't move out of the way
3) they take aoo's from your entire party if they stand up.
4) they take a -4 to AC, and AC is a large chunk of their damage mitigation.

vs casters

1) can cast defensively from prone with little loss of deadliness
2) Can fly, blink, teleport, dimension door, earthglide out of the way.
3) can just lie on the ground
4) Don't mitigate damage through AC anyway. They mitigate it through stoneskin, mirror images, displacement and other spell effects that don't care if you have a +4 bonus to hit them.

but if you're a PC, the really deadly threats are either Very large monsters (which you can't trip) or casters. There's little point in optimizing against martial characters because you can defeat those easily. Not only are martials weaker in single fights, NPC wealth hurts martials a LOT more than it hurts casters.

Trip isn't bad it's just good against the wrong type of foe.

Shadow Lodge

Matthew Downie wrote:
Daw wrote:
There is no reasonable mechanic for unbalancing, or any similar way gaining an advantage in combat short of all or nothing effects, such as knocking prone.
There are ways of making enemies flat-footed / losing their Dexterity bonus. (I'm pretty sure these things are different but I can never remember how.)

Loss of dex bonus is loss of dex bonus, which subjects you to sneak attacks. When you are flat footed you have lost your dex bonus, not just because you have lost your dex bonus does not mean that you're flat footed (this is the rectangle)

Flat footed is can't act at all. This is the square.

Even designers haven't always maintained the difference.

Shadow Lodge

x_Gabriel_x wrote:
What if you were to take the Lunge feat? Giving you 5ft reach till end of your turn? Or is Mouser the only way?

With the lunge feat you could threaten if you were in a square on the other side , but from inside the square there's no way to draw a line through opposing sides of the square. Mouser is the only way around that limitation that i know of.

Shadow Lodge

No, because without mouser you're not threatening from lines that pass through opposite sides of the square

Shadow Lodge ****

medtec28 wrote:

Well, RVC says no, so, no support for us. Nothing to do about it, no sense whining about it.

wait, there is another...

Shadow Lodge

Daw wrote:


Choosing to use the trip mechanic for a choke slam is a poor fit.
Further using your Choice to use the trip mechanic to justify that a choke slam IS a trip is spurious.

It's not at all either. I want to take someone and knock them prone. That is the trip mechanic whether you describe it as a leg sweep, putting your staff between their knees and twisting, putting your foot behind theirs and hitting them with your shoulder, or pushing them onto their but.

Defining any prone movement as a crawl and limiting movement to 5 feet in a round is simple, and rather devoid of reality. If you prefer this to simplify it to a wargame ideal, just be clear about it. You are certainly entitled to your preference. Doesn't make you any more right. Wheaton applies here.

Passively aggressively calling me a jerk and my games wargaming because you don't get a mechanical advantage from a verb substitution is neither sensible nor acceptable.

Shadow Lodge

Daw wrote:

Certainly you never want to work together to identify and correct flaws.

The flaw is dancing in and out of sanity and common sense in order to reach a conclussion, rather than using a modicum of sense all the time (sane and consistent) or applying the raw equally (consistent but very much not sane)

If you are moving while prone you are crawling. You can describe it as an actual crawl, a head over heels roll, or a sideways roll: the rules don't care, you move 5 feet as a move action and draw an AoO.

Choke slamming someone is mechanically a trip: you're knocking them prone.

You cannot avoid or impose mechanical effects by opening a thesaurus and calling one thing something else.

Shadow Lodge ****

medtec28 wrote:

The official word we got was that our game is "Too well established", so it doesn't warrant support because it isn't likely to generate new players anyway.

*backfoot headscratch*

1) keeping the place running helps too: more dms= less burnout= keeping the place going.

2) People do join well established groups, i think half of our new people have just walked in as we were setting up shop.

3) Most of those con DM's they're always looking for get their feet wet as store DMs.

Shadow Lodge

Ravingdork wrote:
Moving while prone is the very definition of crawling! Are people seriously trying to argue otherwise?
Ravingdork wrote:
You can be made prone without being tripped. Immunity to trip attempts is not immunity to the prone condition.


making someone prone is the definition of triping them.

Shadow Lodge

TheJeff wrote:
First, that's sort of a tangent to my main point which is that while the ACA is based on Republican plans, those Republican plans weren't actually things Republicans wanted, but designed to counter better approaches, by killing or replacing them.

It actually is what they wanted, or well, the second best option

Imagine the worlds smallest healthcare company. It insures Donald trump, a working stiff, and an out of work cancer patient.

In the perfect republican world Donald Trump pays 10 times as much for healthcare but makes a thousand times more money. The working stiff gets roughly what they put into the system out of it. The out of work cancer patient gets what the free market affords them. No money, no care, and they die. Here's a shovel.

But the PR from that is too much. Americans aren't going to accept that solution.

A slight step up is to have Donald trump continue to pay 10 times as much, make a thousand times as much, keep his same care. Meanwhile we pay for the cancer patient by increasing the fees on the working stiff, having him pay more and for longer by making him pay when he's younger too. We use those fees to cover the cancer patient. This is roughly how obamacare works.

A fair system would be funded by progressive taxation, donald makes a thousand times as much so he pays a bit more than a thousand times as much (because you need to account for living expenses of the working stiff). this is what republicans are trying to avoid, not obamacare. They're using the golden mean fallacy to start at Trumpcare so they don't wind up with Berniecare , not to actually get rid of obamacare.

Shadow Lodge

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oooooos at the rocket sword

Shadow Lodge

thejeff wrote:
Hitdice wrote:
Sorry, I don't follow politics that much, is Bannon the Speaker, or the President? :P

He's Speaker for the President.

When Trump talks you can see Bannon's lips move.


Shadow Lodge

Hitdice wrote:

To paraphrase Brando, "How many you got?"

I'm afraid we're going to have ample opportunity to find out.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MMCJawa wrote:

It's one thing to do that sort of stuff if you are just working around an opposing party. Pulling it the folks you need as allies within your own party? Have fun with that.

That's kind of been trumps MO. He makes up with his enemies that try to stop him from getting elected. When they're republicans.

You're relying on someone caring about what happens beyond the now with trump: he doesn't work that way. He is happy to leave a smouldering ruin of a deal, business, building, as long as HE walks out of it thinking he did good.

Shadow Lodge

MMCJawa wrote:

They already know democrats won't vote for it. It was members of their own party, especially the Freedom Caucus, that did the bill in.

10. What is a quorum?

A quorum in the House of Representatives is when a majority of the Members are present. When there are no vacancies in the membership, a quorum is 218. When one or more seats are vacant, because of deaths or resignations, the quorum is reduced accordingly. Because of Members' other duties, a quorum often is not present on the House floor. But any Member may insist that a quorum must participate in any vote that takes place in the House. If a Member makes a point of order that a quorum is not present, and the Speaker agrees, a series of bells ring on the House side of the Capitol and in the House office buildings to alert Members to come to the Chamber and record their presence.

You don't need half the house to pass a law, you need half the house thats there. So you need to watch out for them showing up at midnight with the blankets under the flashlight routine and passing the bill with 110 out of 218

This is the president that, after all, made money losing other peoples money for a tax return.

Shadow Lodge

Now wait for the republicans to wait for the democrats to celebrate, get drunk, then run back home and pass it.

Shadow Lodge ****

Haste weapons have the same wording , you can still only benefit from an AOMF for that once.

Two haste weapons is also kind of iffy, you're benefiting from a haste effect twice.

Shadow Lodge ****

oh wow.. hadn't seen that special ability.

I don't see how having lots of weapons really matters? All having lots of different sharp pointy objects or body parts available is to give you options: you can punch the skeleton or claw the zombie or bite the... theoretical monster that you need piercing for.

You don't get three aoo's just because someone walked by you and you have a bite and two swords ready.

Wait... they clarified that opportune parry and riposte is an Aoo. Would this mean you can thwack someone twice if you hit them with the first one?

Shadow Lodge ****

Can a spell-storing item, such as a ring of counterspells or a spell-storing weapon, carry a stored spell from one adventure to another?

Yes. A PC with the ability to cast spells may cast a spell into a spell-storing item that he owns. A PC may also pay an NPC spellcaster to cast a spell into one of his spell-storing items. If he does not use the spell by the end of the adventure, it carries over into the next adventure. The GM should make a note on the adventure's Chronicle sheet that the spell-storing item contains a spell. When the PC casts the spell, cross this note off the Chronicle sheet.

PCs may temporarily fill each other's spell-storing items, but such spells do not carry into the next adventure.

Note that the "if he does not use the spell" clause isn't limited to the part about paying the npc spellcaster.

Now I don't see any functional difference between filling that up in between scenarios, or we kill the boss, hit the tavern, wake up the next morning, then fill the flask, THEN end the scenario".

Shadow Lodge ****

can you swing a trait for the +4? This year it might be worth investing in.

Knowledge local is kind of useless because most of the rolls can be replicated with diplomacy (which is a niche pathfinder groups are quicker to fill than trap spotter), and humanoids don't often have any cool or interesting things to learn.

Dungeoneering is rarer that it comes up but more important when it does.

Shadow Lodge ****

Apply your thornkeep on slow, so you have 1.5 xp instead of 3 xp. That should mean that everything you did after that was legal.

Shadow Lodge ****

Lau Bannenberg wrote:

It looks reasonable to me to apply the same rules to a preserving flask. But I'm not the guy in charge.

AH. Okay, if thats what you're doing sure, that will work.

Shadow Lodge

Wallflower. Total match.

Shadow Lodge

Or toughness, and live through first level AND have all the skillpoints.

Shadow Lodge

thorin001 wrote:
Trimalchio wrote:

Passive trap finding isn't the current raw.

Otherwise racial abilities like stone cunning, rogue talent trap spotting, and the spell find traps are all nonsense.

Not even close to true. Those abilities give a second check, essentially a re-roll. Are you saying re-roll abilities are useless?

That's not what they say they do. It would be a second check if you're not actively looking, and a third check if you are (1 for walking within 10 feet, one for the passive perception and 1 for looking)

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A +3 dagger of venom sounds like a good chronicle sheet item..

Shadow Lodge ****

medtec28 wrote:
Is this up and running anywhere yet? It seems all of the applications in my area were denied.

We ad hocced something together for this month, but i'm the head cat herder for our venue and got the regional support package while sleeping overnight in the port authority to get to a convention. Lasts weeks session was delayed for this week so we could accommodate someone coming home from spring break (you know it's a small venue where you can move the game for one person...)

Shadow Lodge ****

rknop wrote:
One thing that would be good is if boon races got cycled back in after a while. If you don't GM at a convention in the quarter when a given race was the boon race, you might get another chance if that race comes back as a boon race in a couple of years.

The boon trading thread should help that.

I'm hoping that the skinwalker RSP "hey, i can name anyone a skinwalker, trading it for your X" will give gameday dms some skin in the game..ow ow owow sorry couldn't resiOWOWOWOW.

Shadow Lodge

you know it's NOT going to count as an extra moon towards pre reqs right?

Shadow Lodge ****

remember that places that use the RSP are the places where convention standard opperating procedures (*conon sense?) are least known. Some cons hand out player boons to dms some don't.

Shadow Lodge ****

Lune wrote:


1. To be fair this was originally your question. I dig that you have now established your opinion but are you ready to lay money down on that opinion? Are you positive that the other GMs you play under will have the same opinion and won't tell you that you made an illegal purchase? I agree with your assessment, I'm really just playing devil's advocate here.

Not yet but i'm getting there.

I'm pretty sure they can't read my handwriting on my ITS sheet well enough to question it anyway...

2. See, I couldn't find anywhere in the Celestial Armor description that talked about what it was made of so I assumed that it was made of the same thing that normal chainmail was made of.

I recall a number of threads where the material it was made out of meant that there was no upgrade path into it.

There is no upgrade path into celestial armor under the old rules. Under the old rules i didn't see any way it wouldn't be legal EXCEPT under the materials clause.

3. Where are you getting that from?

others linked to it. I have seen the same sentiment expressed a number of times. Really not feeling good or i could link spam, but trust me i can link spam if need be.

4. See, I'm actually slightly on the other side of this one. While you could say that it could be made of wooly rhino fur I could see a GM making the judgement that Mammoth Hide is made of mammoth hide. I mean, I want it to work but there is enough ambiguity that I wouldn't spend money on it without a ruling. Would you?

Yes, i would.

1) the faq calls for "same general type of material" which critter hide is general type. 1) If you're talking about what species it came from you're WAY past general type and into specific type and 2) even then, a wooly rhino would meet the description of both. (yay multiclass megaphaunaphile rules lawyer)

5. Well, I agree with you here too. But for me it is more about requiring a change in their actual physical makeup. And yeah, Ioun Stones are a muddy issue.

They also have the unique quandary of being specifically busted.


More than anything I think that there needs to be a bit of clarity in light of the recent FAQ as it opened up a few questions.

Definitely. but relax. its only been out a few days. Any time there's a new clarification it requires clarifying.

Shadow Lodge ****

1. Can you upgrade a Bag of Holding Type I to a Bag of Holding Type II?

as the new item occupies the same slot: slotless. Most likely counts as the same slot

is made of the same material bag. Stuff. So yes.

has the same general shape: bag shape.

and has all of the abilities of the original item: holds stuff. So yes.

2. Can you upgrade +3 chainmail to Celestial Armor?

Celestial armor appears to be made of.. celestial armor stuff.

3. Can you upgrade Celestial Armor to +4 Celestial Armor?

Thats very much a no, because (paraphrasing a number of pfs posts) we don't know the pricing scheme on celestial armors abilities: you can get to the same price through exponents, additions, or ad hoc and which way the armor did that would affect how the pricing scales.

4. Can you upgrade Rhino Hide to Mammoth Hide (from Inner Sea Combat)?

That one should work.

Make it from wooly rhino, meets both descriptions. (the faq also says same basic material so.. close enough

they have the same powers, mammoth hide even calls back to working like rhino hide.

5. What about cracked and flawed Ioun Stones?

Rather than go through every single stone i think we may need the sanity of a no here?

edit: or we could extrapolate from the above answers on a case by case basis. Resonance is something that gets added I suppose

Shadow Lodge

I think they mentioned it would be seperate, they were looking at planets or rings or something if the board could handle it.

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Jared Thaler wrote:

PCs often delay the start of downtime to cast spells.

The most common case is clearing conditions, actually. For example, PCs end the scenario with some dread disease. They delay downtime until the party cleric can rest and regain spells to cast remove disease.

As for the Faction cards, My understanding is they say you must do it during the mission. That means after the briefing, before the conclusion. So if they delay reporting back to the VC to rest, regain spells, and do faction card fulfillment, that would be fine. But once they are back at the lodge, they have missed the chance.

Some of them have to be done during the adventure, a few of them give up your downtime.

Shadow Lodge ****

You can cast crafters fortune on yourself for your downtime, that's about it.

You can't carry spells over from one scenario to the other, which would mean that you can't carry spells over from your downtime into the next scenario.

All spells and effects end at the end of an
adventure with the following exceptions.

yadda yadda...

A character can have one each of the following spells
on an item or items that carries over from adventure
to adventure: continual flame, masterwork transformation (Pathfnder RPG Ultimate Magic 228), secret chest, and
secret page.

Shadow Lodge ****

John Compton wrote:

Let's be clear about one thing: the last time the campaign changed the list of Always Available races, we introduced the ifrit, oread, sylph, and undine. At the same time, we retired nothing, citing not only that the process of stepping back aasimar and tiefling access had caused more heartache than we care to repeat

And I was very happy for that but..

but also that the looming spectre of race retirement encouraged an aggressive play style for reasons that ultimately benefited neither the campaign nor its communities.

one solution to that quandary is simply to not tell anyone is what i was (am?) worried about. That's the option that was employed with the mystic theurge early entry loophole closure.

While not the aasimar baby boom by any stretch the uncertainty leads to a little extra push in the geek soduku to get a character with 3 xp and then played as gencon looms.

Does campaign leadership have the ability to step back access to certain non-core character races? Yes, but that process is one that would be pursued rarely and with lengthy consideration of what its effects would be and whether it's ultimately a good move for the campaign.

Good to know. From the outside looking in there were only 3 or 4 datapoints to try to guess how it's going to go in the future: whether the aasimar in and out or the eastern races sticking around would be SOP.

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