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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 20,161 posts (20,952 including aliases). 12 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 22 Pathfinder Society characters. 3 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge ***

Double check the wording. The whirling dervish i see doesn't have any restrictions, the dawnflower dervish can't have a shield or another weapon. a light rock or dame(sel) in distress would work though.

or just.. tie it to a string. Necklace.

Shadow Lodge ***

Wouldn't matter if they have wings or not.

You are limited both by the form and by the spell. (like federal and state laws) If your options are strawberry, chocholate and vanillia and your state bans chocholate, and the feds ban strawberry you're stuck with vanillia.

It doesn't matter if you find a winged humanoid. Flight isn't an ability the spell can give you, and for good reason. Flight breakts encounters. You're not supposed to have flight available quite that early in your career.

Shadow Lodge

If you generally have DM's that remember you have it its amazing.

Shadow Lodge ***

Jayson MF Kip wrote:
Ms. Pleiades wrote:
Jayson MF Kip wrote:

Man, I never found super-high initiatives to be necessary.

My 2cp.

*Goes First*

*Ray of Exhaustion against your Flat-Footed Touch AC.*

Which is, at MOST, what, 4 less than my regular Touch AC (since I'm not trying to spike DEX just to get a huge initiative)? If that's a thing you want to reliably do, you're probably good enough to touch me when I'm not flat-footed.

** spoiler omitted **

tl; dr: Who has extra feats?

Its amazing for archers, those dropping color spray, glitterdust or touch attacks.

You effectively get get

+ their dex bonus.
No -4 for shooting into melee
no effective -4 for the fighters keister cover bonus.

Shadow Lodge ***

nosig wrote:
4) can one of my PCs cut a deal to pay for someones Raise Dead - as long as the "living challanged" PC agrees to switch factions? In other words "I'll see that you get XX if but you need to change to my faction"

.. that should so be a boon for the scarzi...erm.. exchange

Shadow Lodge ***

Jeff Merola wrote:
It's the same as when you play, so yes.

Golds not the issue, Just want to get my entire skulk of kitsune to level 2 and played before gencon in case they take a harder line with the grandfathering this time.

Shadow Lodge ***

There's probably a number of people looking to switch factions now that the cards have come out. I know the scarzini are a little upset with their under-representation in the exchange...

The problem is that everyone has a free faction change for this season anyway...For next season though halving the cost should go a long way towards making shifts a lot more viable without burning your entire "Res me" fund.

Presumably you could horse trade, "This character joins this characters faction, then next week we play the lowbies and my character will join your faction..." or you could set up some rube goldberg esque plot where player 1 joins a faction for player 2 who joins a faction for player 3 who joins a faction for player 4 or you can even conga line it with A silver crusader recruiting one player who immediately recruits another who...

Shadow Lodge

Kudaku wrote:

This is correct. Artistry is a new skill introduced to handle creating things like poetry or philosophy, stuff not so easily covered by craft, perform or profession checks.

So... stand up philosopher?

Did you ($*# #*$( last week?


Did you TRY to ($*# #*$( last week?


Shadow Lodge ***

A GM may apply credit for running a scenario, module,
or Adventure Path in any of the same ways a player can, and
must follow the same rules as a player when applying credit
to a character.

So does that mean that, like a level 1 who had played as a pregen 3-7, I could apply it to a level 1 character?

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm reading it as

scenario 1 visit the river kingdoms, tick a box, cross off the river kingdoms

Scenario 2, visit the river kingdoms. Find another box

Scenario 3 Visit Okeno. Check a box. Yay! completion.

Shadow Lodge ***

Something that came up tonight for the grand lodge faction card

Complete six consecutive scenarios in which you completed both the primary and secondary success conditions. Sanctioned
adventures that do not include secondary success conditions neither interrupt not contribute to this goal.

Do scenarios played before the cards came out count towards that goal?

Shadow Lodge ***

ALL of your characters. Just because you didn't sign up to play Pterodacyles at dawn doesn't mean you won't wind up there somehow.

Organizer for your character sheets. Any papers that you get go into the folder asap where they belong, or they will vanish into the same place that all your left socks go when they hit the dryer.

Breathmints. Just put them on the table

water jug that can fit ice cubes in it but still have a sealable top

Powdered drink. Sodas add up, and you can't bring 5 gallons of mountain dew with you , so some powdered cool aid or 4c green tea do wonders.

Aspirin. Playing with a headache is not fun. Playing with someone that has a headache isn't fun either.

Calculator. Sure, you can add 1776 gold 893 in expenses and a 20 gold dayjob check in your head now. Sunday morning on 4 hours of sleep? maybe not

Minis. A small case will do

Super glue and nickles. Add stability to someone's mini for 5 cents.

Utility knife. Don't leave home without it. Has a bottle opener if nothing else. Sharpens pencils, stirrs coffee, opens bottles, removes flak from minis, cuts up handouts, opens stubborn food bags...

Lots of pencils. With erasers.

A first level or two character made up and ready to go in case your other tables fall apart.

Put paper book covers on your books. If your players handbook looks exactly like the player on your rights players handbook and you need to clear the table in 15 minutes your core rulebook may be going on a trip.

A can of chef boyardee or something you can chuck in a microwave. and heat up in a few minutes to add some variety to the pizza subway pizza subway pizza subway combo.

Pre level your characters if theres ANY chance of them leveling. Have a shopping list of things you want to get ready to go so that you don't have to choose between getting something you need and getting a pizza.

Toilet paper. Less said the better. You will thank me.

Sebastian Hersch wrote:
(excluding the survival knife)

Says you. You should see some of the areas I have to walk through to get to these things... :)

Shadow Lodge ***

Absolutely loved this one. We had an absurdly well picked party for it.

The nagaji bard made some friends on the way in without hitting any of the kobolds. Between being a nagaji and some other chronicle boons and traits his diplomacy with kobolds is in the high 20s area.

My clanky druid was the party tank, so he was walking around blind folded , calling for a medusa. He got knocked over by the lizard, and being a saurian shaman managed to make friends with it. The bard still got stoned of course. He refused to allow Stinkeye to be used for a cure... but we figured out what the jars were after a little prodding.

We were knocking on the doors before entering , searched the place, got to the big room.

The bard fascinated the place with a dance off

we had the ankylosaurus "sit" on the egg to open it up. A lil kobold diplomacy later we fought the final fight. The kitty cat chewed up our grappler pretty bad, but the rest went down in short order. Guy with a longspear stuck me good once, got nauseated and made a break for it.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

There's no "right" way to tell a geek they're wrong about something in their hobby. Calls to do it "politely" are a little vague and a little.. oberly optimistic.

Shadow Lodge

"i thought it was the cover to a heavy metal album

Shadow Lodge ***

This section usually makes my head spin. People that tell me its not complicated usually wind up giving different answers for "What tier are we playing" when given sample problems.

Shadow Lodge ***


Shadow Lodge ***

Nefreet wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Run as written is overwritten by unespected tactics. You have to adapt to the weird things the party does in character.

100% agree.

But I don't believe the case I've laid out for you falls in that category.

Waiting outside the door for the guys buffs to run out is pretty unexpected.

Shadow Lodge

Mark Seifter wrote:

Honestly, this has been a really positive reaction so far, I think.

Is there a metric for the neigh inevitable cries of "NED OF THE WORLD! WORST THING EVER!?", like background radiation for geek umbrage?

Shadow Lodge

Aberzombie wrote:
Hama wrote:
She is an amazing actress. Her character, however, is horribly written, incredibly dull and completely pointless now that Penguin is coming to his own.
This, to the Nth degree. I love Mrs. Pinkett-Smith. But the writing for her character is terrible. Not to mention, there's 75 years worth of Bat supporting characters to choose from. Why make up someone completely new?

So that you have someone who's story could go anywhere.

Shadow Lodge ***

Lorewalker wrote:
I've recently come under some flak about using my azata's skills during out of combat situations. I was wondering how normal it is for gms to tell players that their imp familiar is unable to make a diplomacy check because no one in town will talk to it.

Probably depends on where you are. In Ustalav you can expect torches and pitchforks, in andoran you're going to get shunned as a chelaxian stooge, and in absolom girl scouts are going to walk up to it and try to roast marshmellows on its infernal flames.

As well, is it normal to have to argue about the ability of a imp familiar, that is explicitly able to use wands, to hold said wands for use?

Might want to print out the faq then.


Oh, and one more thing off topic... if a gm missplays a spell, what is the proper way to inform them that a spell does not work in that fashion? (especially when said spell would kill a player)

Thanks for the input!

Proper way to ignore it unless its going to kill a player.. then you really need to point it out. You should do so with the rule book in hand, already opened to the spell.

Shadow Lodge ***

Run as written is overwritten by unespected tactics. You have to adapt to the weird things the party does in character.

Shadow Lodge ***

Most often they're notified by the PCs shuffling around outside of their rooms. Or the fight just before the boss.

In the case of the hypothetical familiar, its probably going to say "they're 3 minutes out boss" in which case if the party is signifigantly faster than expected there will be less buffing and if they're a lot slower he may not still be there

Shadow Lodge ***

That is very metagamey. Look how you ve defined it, then try to put the same idea in character

Shadow Lodge ***

captnchuck67 wrote:
So I can basically redo my character for free as long as I am still just 1st Level?

Yes, baring potions, scrolls, and consumables. If you burn charges off of it or drink it, no refunds.

How do I know what novels will give me the bonus in game stuff if I buy them?

They have something like

is sanctioned for use in Pathfinder Society Organized Play. Its Chronicle Sheet and additional are a free download

On their page.

Same with the online stuff?


Can I play both online and FTF with the same character as long as I do not duplicate the adventures?


How do I find online Games that are society legal?

If you hit pfs logo in the upper left and then scroll down a bit you'll see advertisements for games. Most are played with google + hangouts and roll d20 Playing around with those and getting in an hour before your first game to see how they work will make everyone's lives easier.

Can I create a group of my friends and run society legal adventures at one of our houses?


Welcome to the institution.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Tels wrote:

However, I totally agree. I know what the intention is, and I would run it with the intention; doesn't mean I won't keep arguing what the RAW states.

It doesn't say that.

They've said it doesn't mean that.

And you're still running with it even KNOWING that.

That is just annoying. Please stop. You give people making rules arguments a bad name.

Shadow Lodge ***

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Flee with all of my gold , items and prestige

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
TriOmegaZero wrote:
You hang out around here long enough, you pick up a couple things.

They have third level spells for that

Shadow Lodge ***

My druid still has calden caileans lost loincloth...

Shadow Lodge ***


I would like to know if the following character concept is possible/legal in Society games:

Herald of the Horn Skald archetype gains horn as Arcane Bond item just like Wizard ability (MW Musical Instrument, I believe.)

herald of the horn is PFS legal.

Just like Wizard can craft his Bonded Item into a Magical Item, I guess Herald of the Horn can craft his MW Horn into a magical one, like Horn of Fog, Horn of Blasting, or in this case Horn of Battle Ready (like Lute of Battle Ready, from ACG, which can be fashioned as other instrument.)

Lute of battle ready to horn of battle ready should be ok.

And at Last, can that Horn of Battle Ready be given magic weapon special abilities or more enchantment bonus?

aaaand here's where it breaks down. The luteHorn of battle ready is a specific magic item. that only comes in +1. There's no +3 version, or +2 flaming keen version. It only exists as a +1 so you can only get it as a +1. You can't extrapolate its cost to other enchantments.

Shadow Lodge ***

No. baring there being some horn of weapon tranformation that I'm not aware of, thats not just fluff you're trying to reflavor you're trying to trade a pretty weak magical item for the strongest one.

Shadow Lodge ***

Kreighton Shane gamboling about a water filled library with a crocodile is MORE in character for him than the rather serious mission briefing at the start. Made people wonder which one was the fake...

Shadow Lodge ***

2 people marked this as a favorite.

You can have the badge. (My Tanky druid is now impersonating mr T with his collection)

To use it in a latter scenario you'd have to buy it, or run into table variation.

If the dm believes you've been collecting badges they might be nice and just throw you a +2 circumstance bonus.

Alternatively you could buy it as a +2 masterwork item to bluff for 50 gp.

Shadow Lodge

Lord Snow wrote:

Great episode.

** spoiler omitted **

I'm trying to figure out how it fits a theme. Maybe its supposed to be a vodoo thing? Puffer fish poison is supposed to be one of the things that causes vodoo zombies and trances.

Shadow Lodge ***

Clearing up the "appropriate level" for the pregens language would be nice. As it is people are trying to run level 4 pregens in with a bunch of level 1's.

Shadow Lodge ***

John Compton wrote:
Michael Brock wrote:
DubiousYak wrote:
For Dark Archive, is it safe to assume that an artifact is any magic item we are assigned to procure but don't actually get to keep? This happens a lot in PFS Scenarios and I'm not sure which ones are actually artifacts.
To clarify this point further, it requires the recovery of an object that is actually an artifact-level magic item (i.e. A minor artifact or major artifact); just recovering a flashy magic item MacGuffin is not sufficient.

Any guidelines for drawing that line as the DM?

Shadow Lodge ***

as long as you're not picking "THE MONSTERS THAT WILL KILL MY PARTY MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" I don't think anyones going to care


Shadow Lodge

"I've filed a lawsuit...

"Oh like YOU've never taken anything from a dragons hoard

"What do you mean flammable and inflammable mean the same thing?


"Add water to acid your reactions stay placid...

"Those grow back

"That re attaches in your species right?

"I'm pretty sure I can turn you back

"well, we know the portal spell works...

"Horns are bad right?

"Black on red make you dead, red on yellow kindly fellow...

"Not a lethal dose...

Shadow Lodge

When captain america's giant... chests... are real,
You know that he's been drawn by rob lefieeeeeld!
Oh he's covered in pouches not just one or two
feet make normal persons seem like a kangaroos

When captain america'sdrawn by Rob Leifieeeeeld.

Shadow Lodge


The spell lasts as long as you concentrate on it. Concentrating to maintain a spell is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Anything that could break your concentration when casting a spell can also break your concentration while you're maintaining one, causing the spell to end. See concentration.

Shadow Lodge

So this is the 5 star special one?

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Kalindlara wrote:
I ruled that my Serpent's Skull party could use it and wild empathy to help "calm" their afflicted wereleopard.

Was that a nat one or a nat 20 on the wild empathy check?

Dunno but there's grappling involved either way...

Shadow Lodge

BretI wrote:

There are some restrictions on the Bracers of Armor. You can not do flat cost enhancements (such as Shadow or Slick) and if you wear something else that gives a better armor bonus the Bracers completely shut off. Note that this is a restriction on the Bracers, not the Haramaki armor.

If a creature receives a larger armor bonus from another source, the bracers of armor cease functioning and do not grant their armor bonus or their armor special abilities. If the bracers of armor grant a larger armor bonus, the other source of armor ceases functioning.

Which seems to indicate that you can't stack the armor OR special abilities of bracers and armor, at all.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Hayato Ken wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
I can't see what its doing. Its equip, get gold, and buy functions are clunky , and it seemed to have a hard time with situational modifiers.
When did you last look at it?

About six months.

It´s easy to navigate

Oh hell no. Way, way too many tabs and red print going up with no way to track it down.

and makes situational modifiers a lot easier to use, especially for new players, "weak" players and GM´s.

I tried to plug my velociraptor into it, got the +24 acrobatics check to jump because of the speed added to everything. Took a while to figure out what it was doing.


Also it´s far away from double the cost of the books/pdf´s.

Herolab offers a lot of package deals for Pathfinder, which aren´t really that expensive.

For me it adds up rather quickly, probably to the bus ticket or a night at the hotel at a con I could be doing instead. I like bouncing weird abilities from all over the place against each other.

Hate it when people badmouth something without taking a proper look at it or just because they think for themselves it´s not necessary.

I hate it when people assume that because someone badmouths something they're not doing so from an informed position.

It took up nearly half the table time for an adventure path we were running trying to get it working.

Took half an hour to update pretty much any time you wanted to use it with no apparent "In a game now, update later..." option.

The character page it prints out has horrible priorities for what goes on the page. I really don't need my druid weapon proficiencies listed on the front page(since those mods anyway) but somewhere with my feats would be great.

Every. Single. person I've seen using this has had some pretty glaring errors on their character. I don't mean missing a modifier, i mean things like not taking 5 off of iterative attacks. I can't blame the program entirely for that, but it does make it hard to track down and you can't just erase the number its telling you and put the right one there in the meantime.

Do you know how many people talk like this about Pathfinder and Pathfinder Society, some of them especially after coming to this forum and reading some of the stuff written here?

The internet does not reflect reality. You have to meet people (preferably in meatspace) to see pfs. You can download and try hero labs.

Pathinder society, despite a goal of a uniform experience, varies greatly from place to place and DM to DM. Hero lab is one program. Everyone gets the same one.

Shadow Lodge ***

Almost never.

Shadow Lodge ***

noswald wrote:
nosig wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
Blackbot wrote:

You obviously never had a witch in your party, Wraith.

"The man turns around. 'Who are you?'"
"I slumber him."
"We take away his weapons and tie him up."

Fight over.

Dm: You are so losing prestige for looting the Venture Captain Prior to the mission briefing.
Can't be. VCs always make their save.
You need to quit targeting Drendle Drang, we all know he is immune to sleep spells.

He's not just immune he breaks them for everyone around him.

Shadow Lodge ***

Miss Feathers?

Shadow Lodge

I think it is a bit over valued. DPR is a good metric, but rounds until the bad guy stops hitting you back is even better. I don' think the extra damage;s chances of dropping the big bad before he attacks make up for the chance of a miss keeping him up under most circumstances.

Shadow Lodge

"The other steak is exactly the same, and comes with free fries, a large drink, , and if you want to bring alchohol you can just pay the 2 dollar corking fee

Shadow Lodge ***

IIRC pregens belong to the grand logde, so you might be able have credit from a pregen get onto a grand lodge character but transfering to any other faction probably means you lose the credit.

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