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BigNorseWolf's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Dedicated Voter. FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 26,823 posts (28,090 including aliases). 16 reviews. 4 lists. No wishlists. 28 Pathfinder Society characters. 5 aliases.


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Shadow Lodge ****

I wouldn't worry about it, if you were going to cheat you would just have changed it.

Shadow Lodge

GM_Beernorg wrote:

Just espousing on the insanity of some of our lawmakers, red ones mostly, but I have little confidence in either side at this point.

in what year were they ever sane?

Shadow Lodge

M Tall dwarf Level 3 druid

So how did the party TPK before the third encounter?

Well there was this discussion of ear wiggling ratfolk and then...

Shadow Lodge ****

eyup. they still count.

Shadow Lodge

Ravingdork wrote:
Paladin of Baha-who? wrote:
Not needing to roll to maintain would make an already overpowered spell utterly ridiculous.
That's an argument against balance, not against the spell's text. We're discussing rules, not balance here.

One is often a clue to the other.

If you can read a text so that it provides a reasonable benefit that is probably the right reading. If (as you've done in this case) somehow managed to read it to have an absurd power level, that's probably the wrong one.

Shadow Lodge ****

This is a lot of maps...

Shadow Lodge

Pan wrote:

Tell me about it. I got an office full of....(not sure what you call folks who think Trump and Clinton are working together for a Clinton presidency)

Semi rational conspiracy theorists?

Shadow Lodge

bugleyman wrote:

The amount of attention we pay to polls given the fact that the president isn't elected by popular vote is kinda weird.

Just ask Al...

Please don'. I don't want to have to talk him off the cliff again.

Shadow Lodge ****

BiGLeN wrote:

Okay I had my first event. I must say it was a success for only having a few days planning. We had 9 players run through the beginning module. How do I register their emails, so they are registered with Paizo. I had each of them give me their contact info.

So basically, what is next for me to do?

They don't register their emails with Paizo. Thats on them to do. if they register their characters it just makes the rest of the reporting easier.

If you gave them pathfinder society id cards

Go to pathfinder society
My pathfinder society
Sign in
Click the GM/Event Coordinator tab
Click on the Event
Click report
Fill in the info

If the character is registered it will pop up. If it's not you'll have to enter their names.

When you're done hit save and exit.

Shadow Lodge

Orville Redenbacher wrote:
Can we get a sarcasm check in here???

It's soOOOoooo not over 9,000

Shadow Lodge

Especially with a startrek series. If its not cheap and readily available they'll say screw it and pirate it.

I know i've pirated movies I legally owned because the digital player kept giving me so many problems.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Maneuvermoose wrote:

Chuck Schumer was WRONG! He said

Chuck Schumer wrote:
As Cole Porter said, "who could ask for anything more?"
But that quote is from "I Got Rhythm," which is the act I closing song from the 1930 musical Girl Crazy. The problem? Girl Crazy has music by George Gershwin and Lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and no involvement whatsoever from Porter. Schumer was WRONG!

Now the democrats have lied just as much as the repubicans and voting for either party is pointless!

i hates poes law

Shadow Lodge

1) This is the hard part: For people to accept and absolute career death for any politician. Sit down with the your people and have a frank discussion with them.

This is the new normal in a connected world. This is not going anywhere.

Daesh can encourage these attacks with a facebook page and a smartphone wile riding on a donkey pulled cart in the middle of nowhere. Anyone that's angry at america (for good reasons), anyone that's angry at america for illogical reasons, or anyone that is mad at america because they're being blamed for everything that's wrong the same way american politicans blame foreigners for all of our problems here at home, can put together a group and make a video extoling people to act violently. It really is like fighting Hydra. Kill one head, it grows another. We took out al queda, daesh set up shop. We take out daesh, it will be the peoples front of judea. We take them out it will be the judean peoples front. We cannot bomb our way out of this

This is not all about us.

They have every reason to do this, because in that part of the world the love of a country drawn up by european colonialists and government that ranges from indifferent to oppressive a very small group of dedicated people willing to die for the cause goes a long way. A few years Before I got to the islamic republic of mauritania the president left to attend a funeral and 22 people with guns took over the presidential palace and the government. I don't think a shot was fired either time. The people kind of shrugged and went along with it. A few years after I was there, the exact same thing happened again. You can take over a country with your high school english class and one guys gun collection.

Anyone telling you they can fix the problem completely is lying or deluded. That is no what people want to hear though, so when a right winger starts talking about killing them all with more bombs and banning all muslims from the country and putting people on lists .. people will listen.


Shadow Lodge ****


Sicking a ventire critter on the DM is just going to get their hackles up and ruin the game worse than it already is.

Just try to go over the math with the other player, see where something shouldn't be stacking.

Shadow Lodge ****

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:
BigNorseWolf wrote:
That is beyond not feasible in a lot of places.
Then bring what is feasible up to your local coordinator and work something out, rather than continue an off-topic discussion in a GM discussion thread.

I get enough problems with the police without talking to myself :)

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Caineach wrote:
Does the nature of it not being grass roots somehow change the disgruntled attitudes of the people, or the valid ideas they were putting forth?


Because people take that anger and use it to convince them that a lot of other false things are true

Shadow Lodge ****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

YAY! common sense officially allowed in pfs!

*ow ow ow kidding ow ow ow*

Shadow Lodge

thejeff wrote:
Except this is far closer to the Katherine Harris level of election rigging. Far less serious, as far as I can tell. No caging. No purging of voter rolls.

Not having a contentious election certified by your campaign manager...

Shadow Lodge ****

There is either no explanation or the explanation would cost the last sanity point in the pile. either way, just answer and move on..

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Turin the Mad wrote:

That 'tacky' flag has significant historical significance from the days of the Revolutionary War. It's being co-opted in this fashion is nauseating.

It's not like the revolutionary war wasn't fought over some pretty sketchy rationales.

Shadow Lodge

Turin the Mad wrote:

A scandal 10 years ago at the state level ....

To decided a national election for presidency, in a far more contested race, with far more favoritism shown.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Turin the Mad wrote:

I don't expect Sanders will do any rabble rousing either. The voting public on the other hand will remember these shenanigans.

try saying cathirine harris to anyone and watch the blank stare. people have short memories.

Shadow Lodge ****

Steven Schopmeyer wrote:

Talk to your RVC, directly or through your VC. I have already notified Eric that I intend to run a 15 table event at our local store in order to offer 7-99 and 8-00 to my Phoenix players.

That is beyond not feasible in a lot of places.

Shadow Lodge

Charon's Little Helper wrote:

I don't like either of them anymore. Both were mostly taken over by the crazies.

for occupy: A drum circle changing your government operating procedure of legalized bribery and corruption isn't any crazier than your vote doing it.

For the Koch brothers, they don't care what the crazies do as long as the elect people that will keep their taxes low, which they do, because all people here is "lower taxes" not only lowering the capital gains tax and income tax while keeping social security taxes the same. They don't care if abortions are legal or not, if there's a giant 40 foot high cross stuck onto the capitol building , or public education is using the Flintstones as a reference guide. Their grandkids are in private schools and there's more than enough money to slip down to mexico or more likely, pay a doctor to find a "medical reason" for the procedure. In fact, the only way people will vote for their economic policies is IF they're crazy, so the encourage it.

Shadow Lodge

3 people marked this as a favorite.
Caineach wrote:
That may have been true for the organizational level, but its not how the people who were early fans actually saw it.

Rich people using angry rhetoric to stir up support to get people to vote against their own best interests is a tradition as old as america itself.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Rysky wrote:

The accepted term for this subgroup of people is the alt-right.

Can we get an alt-delete instead?

there is no ctrl

Shadow Lodge ****

ncrcalamine wrote:

Does heighten metamagic feat raise the save dc of spells cast from a staff.


Heighten spell requires the spell to come from a higher level spell slot. the staff doesn't have those. It would also allow absurd things like casting daylight as a 10th level spell or something.

Shadow Lodge

Rope strength by thickness

Which would beg the question how thick is it?

50 feet of rope weighs 10 pounds, so it weighs .2 pounds per foot.

Which puts it somewhere between 3/4 and 1 inch according to This page

which gives it around 5,800 pounds caryying capacity.

Not that i trust my math at 1 am.

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
thegreenteagamer wrote:
I saw a tweet that said Bernie's continued support of Hillary in the face of the latest Wikileaks can only be explained by him either being bought off or fearing for his very life.

Or a trump presidency, which I'd imagine at his age is scarier than the loss of his life.

Shadow Lodge

Milo v3 wrote:
I think it'd be weird if you can have a tumour that turns into the shape of "fire".

That is one bulk order of Pepto Bismal

Shadow Lodge

Turin the Mad wrote:

Unless 'of consequence' is meant to say 'winning a Presidential election'. ;)

Or having any kind of measurable impact on the government. When's the last time that happened? When the whig party collapsed into the republicans , ie, an independent party became the dependent party.

Shadow Lodge

MMCJawa wrote:

Of course if the Republicans also do poorly in non-presidential elections than Ryan will have a lot more room to maneuver and rebradn the party

Or the republicans Do badly in moderate areas, leaving the tea party with a heavier majority within the republican party

Shadow Lodge

Charon's Little helper wrote:
Really - the whole two party system is due to having a presidential office.

no, it's from having direct representation and a winner take all system in an era of horses combine with a national communications system that makes organizing a national party possible.

if you have half the votes you win automatically drops to get half of the votes. If you have half the votes and someone wants to fight you, they HAVE to get the other half of the votes to even have a chance.

The two party system can't go away without heavy constitutional ammendments. We have to make the system better because it's not going anywhere

Shadow Lodge ****

groverevorg wrote:
Not to hijack, but I was wondering how character creation is handled? Can I sign up for a level 1-5 event and roll my character there, or do I need to create a character beforehand?

you should create your character before hand, trying to create it in a gencon time slot with a sleep deprived dm in a noisy room is just asking for trouble.

I tried to make a Brief guide for newbies here let me know if it helps.

you're a ball of protoplasm until you play at second level, so if you mess something up it's no big deal.

Shadow Lodge

Hitdice wrote:

I'm not saying you're wrong BNW, but given the reaction to Merrick Garland's nomination, I think that's more on congress than the democratic president.

oh definitely not placing the blame for that dysfunction on the white house. Just because two people are fighting doesn't mean they're equally at fault.

Shadow Lodge

Once you are grappling an opponent, a successful check allows you to continue grappling the foe, and also allows you to perform one of the following actions (as part of the standard action spent to maintain the grapple).


You can inflict damage to your target equal to your unarmed strike, a natural attack, or an attack made with armor spikes or a light or one-handed weapon. This damage can be either lethal or nonlethal.

The only way the tentacle can damage with a grapple is that option. The grapple rules it works under say that if you don't maintain the grapple ends.

Shadow Lodge ****

Kevin Willis wrote:
Fred Strauss wrote:
Maybe a funny hat would work? or maybe a not-so-funny hat as well (though not as entertaining).
Deerstalker. The official uniform of Venture-Agents is a deerstalker. Pipe optional REQUIRED!.


get one that blows bubbles if you don't like tobacco.

Shadow Lodge ****

I use a book for sign in (it's currently a hufflepuff harry potter journal) because i will lose a piece of paper, i might not lose an entire book.

Shadow Lodge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
MMCJawa wrote:
I actually favored Hillary over Bernie. While I would prefer Hillary to be a bit more progressive on some issues, I think she can actually get a lot of what she promised done. I feel that if somehow Bernie did get the nom and then won the election, Bernie would have a much greater difficulty working with congress and wouldn't be able to follow through with a lot of his campaign platforms.

I don't think that working with congress is a thing that happens anymore with a democratic president.

Shadow Lodge

failure to maintain the grapple pretty much tells you that the grapple isn't maintained.

Shadow Lodge

Does anyone actually know a hillary supporter? It's kinda weird.

Shadow Lodge ****

Jeff Morse wrote:
Have others got 8-00 already. Just checked my downloads and dont see, but if reading above correctly we should have it.


Shadow Lodge

When's the last time it rained?

Shadow Lodge

and the style feats have the easy pre reqs

Shadow Lodge ****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I mean, the orphanages of golarion barely survive the pathfinders having access to tindertwigs

Shadow Lodge

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Saethori wrote:

"We defeated the enemy of the Society and retrieved the relic, but I appear to have died in the skirmish. The society regulations day I need to get this wound looked at, so if I just bring my body to a... if I just call for help, I can... huh. Now what? My associates all appear to have wandered off now that the mission's done..."

There's a rule that whatever your player decides to do regarding their resurrection is just what your character had in their will.

"huh. Says right here he's going to spend 5 pp to be spatula'd off the dungeon floor then donate a 1 over P-1 share of however big the part was to res the paladin and then have the paladin ultimate mercy him. Who knew..."

There's also some tongue in cheek funny rules lawyery arguments about when a session ends.

"Why are you doing CPR on the bad guy?"

"because..compression compression breath if.. he.. dies the scenariso over and i have.. rabies.. i'll be..declared.. dead...

Shadow Lodge

Murdock Mudeater wrote:
By conditions, they refer to actual rules which qualify in the CRB (and other sources) as conditions.

If you wish to accept this rules lawyery argument as the dm you may.

If a dm wishes to point out the complete malarkey for what it is, you're out of luck.

Technically speaking, PFS doesn't allow disabled characters because being disabled is a condition in pathfinder.


Pathfinders with serious impairments to adventuring aren't allowed as advanced field agents because they're likely to get themselves and worse, their allies, killed. That is the reason for the rule, that is the intent of the rule, and that is what you are completely trying to avoid with some wonky rules arguments.

Shadow Lodge

Anyone else seeing a popular vote victory for trump but an electoral landslide for hillary?

Shadow Lodge ****

Shirts designed by midgets...

Shadow Lodge

cdkc wrote:

Mystic theurg is hard too Lev but worth it when you start leveling both classes. A mystic theurg is all about quantity over quality. Huge number of spells per day and insane verity. Suggest leveling up to level 3 cleric and then taking level 3 wizard as you will get the higher level spells quicker than sorcerers and oracles. Take domains and arcane schools that don't rely too much on level. (I went with hand of acolyte and hand of apprentice for my character) leveling will be a b@**@ but that level 16 ability to dual vast spells with a bonus to how hard they hit is so worth it.

Please note that the advice requested was for PFS, which more or less tops out around level 12. You're horrible from level 3 to 9 or pretty much most of your PFS career.

You're not getting THAT many more spells (consider that each level adds more spells, stat bonus, and specialization/domain*) and the ones you get are much weaker. A level 8 mystic theurge is going into 7-11 scenarios with the spells of a 3rd level character. Krune is not impressed by second level spells.

* there is no call to be a generalist wizard, at all

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