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Big Kyle's page

FullStarFullStarFullStar Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle. 257 posts. 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 8 Pathfinder Society characters. 1 alias.


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Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Good evening distinguished readers.

It is my truest and humblest pleasure to finally be able to properly announce, and by way of doing so thank and heap praise, upon a long overdue and much earned promotion.

I remember the first game I ever ran for this individual. A family of circus trained halfings, and their human daughter, escorting a pack of VIP Goblins across the land. Oh the hijinks, the shenanigans, and the laughs were a plenty...and I knew then that this family was going to be a great story to watch grow and be shared in our community.

Tony Lindman has since then helped organize, coordinate, stop me from doing dumb things, and help me get crazy ideas done, countless times in the past 2 years. His leadership and continued support has allowed us to expand the puget sound to the size it is today. Everyday of the week, a game is running. Every convention within distance, PFS is at, and every store that we have volunteers for, a game is run in.

Tony Lindman has been holding down the duties of a full fledged Venture Captain for some time, and this promotion is just a change in shirt color for the Patriarch of the Flutterfoot clan.

I'll let Tony introduce his new appointees to VL, but to say the least...I owe Tony so much more then a heartfelt thank you and a handshake.

Tony...thank you. The floor is yours. Keep on make believin'!


I'll be at the AFK tavern at or near the start of the event, head over to the hotel for the VC meeting, then kick it at the pool till it is pass out time.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Congrats my friend! Keep on make believin' big guy! >:)


:). I loves my awesome peeps!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Pink Dragon wrote:

I played this scenario the other day and liked it a lot. Though we were a party of mostly martials, the one rogue and the one war priest we had were enough to make the difference in finding enough of the texts and befriending the Guardian, though it didn't seem like we had done all that well at the time. We didn't encounter the Lion Guard as we befriended the Guardian, but the rogue set off the trap trying a disable device and we had a terrible time defeating the foo lion and foo dog. It was a 1st level barbarian that finally did the job there.

One question though. In the mission briefing, we were asked to steal nothing from the library. Therefore, my lawful good character insisted that we take nothing, including the Lion Shield, though the scenario clearly permits that. If the Lion Shield is to be a treasure item, there should be some way of distinguishing it so that lawful good characters won't be so insistent on leaving it.

Hey Pink Dragon.

First off, thanks for playing the scenario.
Second, thanks for taking the time to come post about it here.


Movie plot spoiler:
The Guardian will ask the PCs to retrieve a suitable vessel, if they convince him to be helpful. This makes his exit a request of a sentient creature, and open to the choices and interpretations of the pcs. It can create a morale dilemma, but hopefully not an alignment argument.

As for the foo creatures...they can be avoided by solving the riddle of the 4 plaques. To do this, the pcs have 6 hints.
1. The carving on the floor in the first hallway, dc20 perception check gets you "Our monarchs virtues are our own."
2. In the classroom, the plaque on the painting of the prince says "in order to serve Taldor, I must first learn the history of Taldor."
3. In the recital hall "persevere, persevere, persevere!"
4. In the caretakers quarters "in the end loyalty is its own reward."
5. In the administrators office "a cunning lie is never told twice."
6. The 6 lion statutes lined up in the last room, with 4 "steps" for them to be placed.
In each clue the order and statue is mentioned. I recommend you only describe the statues and not what they represent, let the pcs figure that part out.
This is how you CAN avoid the foo animal fight instead of a rogue disable device check.

Hope that explains it a bit better.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Keep the reports and questions coming! We're still watching!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

We have them on our radar. :)

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Congrats IronHelix :p . Keep on make believin' !

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Hey Romaq! is the best bet ;p

Get yourself another registration on it, but I can tell you we will be at ECCC running demos of the RPG and the card game from noon to 7 pm friday and saturday, and noon to close on sunday.

The game area stays open later then that, but my GM's will stay on a volunteer basis after 7 pm. I expect there to be some who stick around, as last year we found most folks made it to the gaming area when the main hall closed. We will be planning on that happening again.

We will be there before noon as well, but are not expecting to run too many games in the morning, as folks who come that early try to start standing in line for the GoH's they wish to meet.

You can email me at in regards to volunteering and more information on PFS at ECCC.



1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'll be in line to be the first among those pledging for this.

The crew at Adventure A Week are awesome folks, and put out an amazing product.

I cannot wait to see the gamers twist they put on this classic tale, and the turns and twists it takes.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Everyone comes home sometime...


Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Congratulations Katie!

Keep on make believin'!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Stephen Drane wrote:

Just ran this for the first time (second time ever GMing PFS), and my players had a blast. Went to the main library as the first room and promptly swept it clean, gaining all 3 Taldan Ciphers in one fell swoop. One PC then spent an hour poring over the message, trying every permutation possible - except applying the rule in reverse. In the post-game wrap up he realised his error, but took it in good humour (although he would have really liked the Codebreaker boon).

In fact, no-one got any boons - each missed out by the narrowest of narrow margins. Still, full gold and PP, and everyone had a good time.

Almost did it without a combat, but they ignored the positioning data on the portrait legends and released the foo dogs. And they were just removing their illusion cards when Tobias came back to tell them to pack up. Skin of their shiny white teeth!

Gotta say, the foo dog encounter was less than stellar. 8 hardness and DR 5 means people were doing 13 damage with nothing to show for it. Having both those qualities on a single creature means that 1-2s are in a fair amount of trouble, since no-one will have an adamantine mace handy. When savvy players crunch the numbers and find they can only contribute on a crit, it deflates the enjoyment of the combat somewhat.

All in all though, they had a great time, and I did to. There's far more here than your typical hack-and-slash.

Thanks for the report and feedback on the scenario Stephen!

I think that it is awesome the players had a ton of fun and came so close to each of the riddles and ciphers. That was by far the hardest balancing act in the scenario, was to make them challenging enough without going off the deep end.

As for the foo dogs...I can understand the frustration from the players. My goal with the final encounter was to have a fight last more then 2 to 3 rounds, and then the Foo animal template was pointed out to me. From there it was an easy choice as to what animal it would be.

My question to you would be, did you feel the Foo animal encounter was a challenging fight for the group more then a demoralizing one? AND what was your party make up in terms of damage? Was it a mostly all physical damage group, or were there some spell damaging casters?

Gives me the informations!!! I WANTS ITS!!!

Please! :)

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Saint Caleth wrote:

Ran this today with 6 players, one pregen (monk). It was awesome. Two people had linguistics so they destroyed basically all the searching checks. They came really close to missing the secret door to rooms 11 and 12, but at the last minute went back and searched each room again.

Only combat was the book swarm. They actually made the perception to see the books moving, but then used a card catalog clue and saw they were missing a text in the room, so they opened the last shelf and wound up fighting the books.

The Guardian was a lot of fun because they immediately started touching and poking it while searching around it. They could not quite make the diplomacy to get the Guardian helpful even though I was really liberal with the RP bonuses to the checks, so they didn't get the intelligent item in the end, which is a shame, but they succeeded at everything else.

The cipher worked out well, after they figured out that you had to apply the rule backwards they got it really fast.

Lots of fun because they were willing to RP with the Guardian and caretaker. One of my new favorites to run.

Thanks Saint Caleth!

I can see The Guardian's reaction now..."Madam, could you kindly put that finger elsewhere other then my eye!" ;p

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Thanks Silbeg and pauljathome!

It's always good to hear how these adventures turn out, and the cool things that players come up with for out of the box / off the rails solutions.


Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Lady Ophelia wrote:

So this is a good adventure, and leaves a lot more creativity to those whom may have had a bad taste in their mouths post-The Disappeared. But I come from a realm where too many puzzles can lead to a frustrated table. So it took a lick from that. But otherwise I am content with this adventure. It also would have made a great Silver Crusade mission more than Cheliax. But that's just me.

Well done Master Kyle, looking forward to another adventure from you soon.

Thanks for the feedback Lady Ophelia!

First off let me say that The Disappeared was an awesome inspiration for me in this endeavor. Second, I must point out that Compton was a HUGE help in this endeavor, and his name is also on the scenario to reflect the amount of work he contributed to this scenario.

The puzzle thing is is a tool to use in place of combats to "fill" that time of entertainment. Since puzzles rely upon player ingenuity, complimented by character ability to provide hints, it is an exact opposite expectation as combat...and therefore a MAJOR detour from what most people expect when they enter a PFS scenario. By creating a stealth style scenario that can be run with either fighting or skipping the fights, it was necessary to consider how to fill the players time should they successfully skip all the fights, but more so...make sure the scenario doesn't run long by including more fights and assuming the players will skip some, only to find out that they spent 7 hours slugging it out with all of the possible encounters.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't...unless...

You have some more insight for me to analyze? Perhaps, more feedback?!?!?!? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...feedba ck...

And thank you :) Make sure to send some praise Compton's way as well ;p

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

neferphras wrote:
Ran this, main complaints were A. the cipher was to hard for the players (which has been echoed in this thread a few times now) even when i told them which one to use, and B lack of serious encounters. They managed to avoid them. Figured out the statues and just avoided the book swarm, which you can do and still get most of the scenario conditions.

Hey Neferphras

Thanks for taking the time to write in this thread! I am always looking for specific feedback on this scenario, it is how we improve the shared campaign we all enjoy.

My hope was that there could be a scenario in which, if the PCs wanted to and prepared for their objective, they could avoid a fight entirely. With that objective in mind, what would you like to see done differently? The more specific you are the better :)

Thanks for GMing it Nef!


I would submit a review and the review would not appear. I tried from a different computer and the same problem occurred.


I am still unable to review any product on the page, including the one at the link you have sent.



Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

grandpoobah wrote:

I'm running this over the weekend at a Convention. One question on the Chelaxian mission - there's nothing that really calls it out (I didn't even notice it on my first read-through). Should I just remind Cheliax players to re-read their season 5 goal? Any thoughts on how to alert them to "be on the lookout" for faction points?

I would do as you suggest, and point out to them that a library of this nature may hold tomes valuable to Zarta.



I've checked with several others, some VO's and some not, and it appears that we currently cannot review products.

This has been the case for the last 3 weeks now, and I've checked again with several others again to see if the problem has persisted for them, which it has.

Please let me know if I need to provide QA'd style replication steps.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Matthew Morris wrote:

Ok, a couple of thoughts after the game.

I did not have a party of subtle characters. Resulting in assault on a blind old lady and choking her into unconsciousness, blown covers and other headaches.

1) Are the statues named? My party had a hard time associating a statue with a virtue. I just hope I didn't miss that they were named.

2) It seems a leap of logic to figure out the paintings = the keys to the vault. Is there a way to make it a bit clearer to players who aren't big Taldor/Golarion lore fans.

3) I STRONGLY recommend reading The Dagger of Trust if you have time, to get a handle on Lion Blades.

4) Continuing my 'something goes wrong with my prep curse' I lost one of the cypher cards. Guess which one? Fortunately i had it in my prep notes and gave the player the sheet.

5) Am I the only one who took a sadistic glee in watching a player furiously try to decypher the message, using the wrong cypher?

Hey Matthew

The statues are not "named" in the scenario, but if they are confused I would consider giving them a knowledge or check of some sort to give them hints and clues to help them figure it out.

As for the's a possible shortcut to avoid a fight. I wouldn't call it a "key". For my table I use crude drawings of each painting with the writing on them as props to show case that riddle.

Dagger of trust is awesome. :)

As for the sadistic glee...


..., you are not alone. >:)

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Hey Piano and James

Thanks for giving the scenario a shot! Both in GMing and in playing.

First off let me apologize for letting you guys down. I'm glad to hear you support the concept of this scenario, and have constructive feedback on how to improve the next style of this scenario in the future for PFS. Truly, that is the most I could ask of anyone.

I would like to make a couple of recommendations to any other GM's who run this in the future. If there is a party that starts kicking down the door, I would have Glorymane engage the PC's in conversation. More like a teacher scolding a child for scuffing up their nice new doors.

As for the row of secret doors...that is a very valid point. I should of caught that.

I'll make the same offer to your group as I did to the previous posters. I'll gladly fly to your local region to run this for you. Not that this is saying you "ran it wrong", but just to see how your group did it and as a way to improve my adventure design from here on forward.

Thanks for the feedback, it is what drives writers to improve.

Keep on make believin'.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle


Stay tuned to our possible runnings in the Renton/Tukwila region. We are trying to find a location now that is gamer friendly for games during the week.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Finlanderboy wrote:
Kyle Elliott wrote:

Hey DMFrank and Finlanderboy!

Thanks for jumping in here and providing feedback. I'm all in for any and all types of feedback.

First off let me say that this scenario will allow PC's to smash and grab style if they want. Run in, get to the "back rooms" and take the information they are looking for...but you are correct, you cannot achieve every aspect of this scenario through combat.

Many of the secondary success conditions and the faction missions require a non-combat based approach. Searching for the items are very skill based checks, ones that can be repeated and aided through actions that your GM identify as appropriate or clever.

For both you and DMfrank, I will gladly run this scenario. Either over the internet, or if that doesn't work, I'll fly to each of your hometowns and run it there...either as an event during the week or at a nearby convention y'all will be attending. I'll gladly run it for your entire table a second time, including the GM, just to experience the same situations you are talking about here so I can know them first hand to improve any scenarios I may (or may not) write in the future.

That is awesome you suggets and support it that much. Just seeing you say this kinda stuff makes you the type of person I want to play with.

From what I was to understand from the scenario as it was presented to me. Was that there was a list of skills to use and no others. Also untrained skills could not be used. Because I said anyone can use craft untrained so I will try that(a+2 vs -2 for perception), and I was told no only trained skills can be used. That made it felt like to add to the scenario you needed take specific skills.

I assumed that what the scenario had written, since that was what was told to me. I just hate the idea of people not having those skills not getting to partipate in the scenario. Again for my character I could have left the table and not rolled a single die and helped as much as I did trying to provide reasons to...

Hmmm, I see a major disconnect.

Skills can be used in the scenario as per the rules for trained vs. untrained skills in the core rule book.

Also, this excerpt from the beginning of the scenario may have been missed by the GM. It read as follows:

Each researching PC can attempt a Linguistics, Knowledge (history), or text-based Craft or Profession check (such as Profession [librarian] or Craft [bookbinding]) to find texts. A PC might use a different skill or ability albeit with a penalty ranging from –2 to –5 at your discretion. Several areas also identify additional skill check options that PCs may use without penalty. PCs who use magic or class abilities in a particularly creative or relevant way might receive up to a +5 bonus on a check at your discretion. Except where noted, the skill check DC is 14 (DC 18 for Subtier 4–5).

An example might be the wizard using detect magic to help find any books that might be magical...I would give that player a +1 to his search checks.

We had our "not able to read" barbarian search by looking for "specific pictures" of demons and paladiny type folk. He received a penalty on some checks, and a bonus on others.

This scenario in the skill checks of it all allow and outline alot of GM control and decision making to bend the scenario to the party at hand.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Walter Sheppard wrote:
John Compton wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
I'd like to see two double-length scenarios in the new arc. Take 'em from 12th to 14th.
As in two double-length scenarios and two single-length? Just two double-length scenarios and nothing else? It's already pretty difficult for me to get through the whole story in one marathon weekend!
When Big K ran it for us I think we broke the 40 hour mark over a long weekend--or at least I have over 40 hours of audio recordings of it!

Ya...but I'm long winded ;p

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Finlanderboy wrote:
Andrew Christian wrote:
DMFrank wrote:
This game sucked!
That isn't very constructive.

While I agree it is not detailed explaingin their opinion. It is constructive. Someone saying that hate this scenario shows there is animosity towards it. Now just because someone is unable to provide a reason why they do not like somehting does not mean they should not speak.

I dumped wisdom. But I was told I NEEDED a rank to help. Now I know someone will say "Thats what you get for dumpign wisdom." My statement still stands you should never not allow someone to contribute because of their build.

TOZ: hrrmm maybe our dm misunderstood it.

Hey DMFrank and Finlanderboy!

Thanks for jumping in here and providing feedback. I'm all in for any and all types of feedback.

First off let me say that this scenario will allow PC's to smash and grab style if they want. Run in, get to the "back rooms" and take the information they are looking for...but you are correct, you cannot achieve every aspect of this scenario through combat.

Many of the secondary success conditions and the faction missions require a non-combat based approach. Searching for the items are very skill based checks, ones that can be repeated and aided through actions that your GM identify as appropriate or clever.

For both you and DMfrank, I will gladly run this scenario. Either over the internet, or if that doesn't work, I'll fly to each of your hometowns and run it there...either as an event during the week or at a nearby convention y'all will be attending. I'll gladly run it for your entire table a second time, including the GM, just to experience the same situations you are talking about here so I can know them first hand to improve any scenarios I may (or may not) write in the future.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Mattastrophic wrote:
Kyle Elliott wrote:
The PC's can still get 15 deception points, JUST BARELY, if they do everything else perfect and end up fighting the lion blades at the end.

What has me really stumped, though, is the prospect of the PCs dealing with the Lion Blades peacefully, and thus having to either give up the letter or spend 5 Prestige, as well as all the books they have recovered, being more detrimental to their mission than just killing the Lion Blades.

Here, dealing with them peacefully costs the PCs three of the six possible secondary goals (avoid alerting them, avoid giving away Eutropia's letter, recover three Shining Crusade texts), on top of costing the PCs their Primary Success Condition (no texts, no Prestige Point), while fighting them costs them only two of the six goals (avoid alerting them, avoid combat with them) and they still can achieve the Primary Success Condition.

Doesn't that sound strange to you, too? Am I missing something?


From how I am reading it in the section describing the Lion Blade possible encounter, if the PCs negotiate their way out of it (A very difficult proposition) the Lion Blades have no mention of searching the PCs in this event.

It only mentions they will search the PCs if they turn over the letter.

In terms of sounding strange...

You can have the party spend 5 prestige each to avoid giving away the letter, keeping that as a possible victory condition to keep. You can use the potions of invisibility they are given at the beginning to "escape" them, and thus avoid the combat.

There is also the option of "Ummmm.......RUN!" and the PCs could end up splitting up to escape being caught red handed as a group.

There are plenty of options not covered in the text as to how the players can get past the Lion Blades or avoid that combat all together, but in general I think the primary situations are covered. The hard part with any "caper" style scenario is providing the GM planned options for the most likely decisions the players will make.

Knowing the depth of my local player base...there is no way one scenario could cover EVERY single outcome they could come up with.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Taenia wrote:

Sigh Kyle,

How much did you spend on that run to win? 60 K of consummables?

And at least I destroyed your wind fan Shikibu!


Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Mattastrophic wrote:

Just bought and read this this morning, and there is one big question that I need to ask...

Okay, so the scenario says that if the PCs are captured by the Lion Blades, they can either give up Eutropia's letter or be imprisoned, after which they spend five prestige and are then released.

What about if the PCs kill the Lion Blades but leave Tobias and/or Ilyana alive? What happens then?


Nothing should change for Iliyana's notes about her deception points in this circumstance.

The only way for the Lion Blades to be alerted is by Tobias. If the PC's fight the Lion Blades at the end, then they are not awarded the 3 points from Tobias's entry on deception points. However...they may still earn the 1 point if they attempted to hide their way finders.

The PC's can still get 15 deception points, JUST BARELY, if they do everything else perfect and end up fighting the lion blades at the end.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Ninja VS. Krune:
When the mission briefing said "ZOMG YOU MIGHT BE FACING A RUNELORD!" I bought my ninja, with UMD +18, a scroll of anti magic shell. Thought it might come in handy. After Krune did all his big nasty tricks...I moved next to him and used the scroll. Needless to say...his life got much worse after that. I retired the ninja on this scenario...because after you kill a runelord, what else can you do to top it?

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Awesome to hear Talbanus!

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

*Watches* *Waits* *Glees*


Hey John

The text on the product page should be amended to reflect your authorship as well ;p

Thanks again awesome sir!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

1 person marked this as a favorite.
BigNorseWolf wrote:


Look around at some of the other threads. People disagree with each other about a LOT of stuff: handle animal rules, the importance of factions, con boons, cheetohs, dice rolling conventions, which way the toilet paper goes but you've got EVERYONE telling you you've gone too far.

When you get a herd of cats ALL moving away from you you know you've messed up.

So first of my favorite quotes applies to this BNW. "The turnings of the tide of battle always begin with one soldier's decision to head back into the frey." The argument "because everyone says so" is one I only accept when "everyone" is paying me. Thankfully here, we are all volunteers...well, most of us.

Melfer is in my region, and is a solid store coordinator. Solid enough to take and run one of our bigger stores in the region that boasts 3 consistent tables. Considering the location and our PFS history with it, that is an accomplishment of praise worthiness.

I got this notice in the email for a friend saying "Hey Big K, stuff going down, go read it!" And I did. Now...the first thing that came to my mind when I read his post was the same assumptions many here made. That this individual was pushing the envelope, going beyond what is acceptable, and doing so in a stand off-ish manner.

But then I reminded myself...this person has taken the time to post a question to anonymous masses about a personnel choice of game style that they pursue. So their intention, at onset at least, is to seek advice.

Instead of assuming the worse from an anonymous volunteer (let's also remember, that if we are posting on this board...we probably volunteer our time to run games or expand the community in some way) over the internet involving a stereo-typed group of notoriously lacking of social graces, I sought to question and clarify the position of this individual.

Now it helps that I know them, they are from my region, and they are a coordinator I trust. I got Melfer on the phone and we talked about his intent with the post, the history of how the question came about, and why the responses he brought up were chosen.

Needless to say...a few more minutes thinking out the posts would of gone a long way in making this less of a hot button topic issue then it was. But...I am also going to point out to the community that made some assumptions, and turned negative rather quickly, instead of handling this in a positive manner.

Let me assuage some fears and assumptions.

1. Both character names are now changed.
2. Neither character ever saw any table play, ever.
3. The topic was posted when another coordinator mentioned they might be in violation of a Paizo rule.
4. The intent of the post was to locate any written rule regarding a morality clause in PFS, as to be familiar with it as a coordinator.

Obviously, a storm of internet assumption and poorly chosen words, and cackles combined with combative responses sent this thingy into a tail spin tizzy of tumultuous travesty.

What I would like to see people walk away from this post and thread is that we should assume every individual means well and is here to improve PFS. We should assume they are a volunteer, and treat them as such. We should ask question to clarify points that our natural instinct is to assume the negative connotation of their communicated point.


This whole thread and events around it went down poorly. Is there a morality clause rule written down for PFS, if so where is it and what does it say? I'm a gamer, I enjoy pushing the colloquial envelope, but can someone please help me find it first?


Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

3 people marked this as a favorite.

So...let me start by saying the following...

We're not all perfect.

Melfer, bro, I'm glad you found a place to discuss your reservations about your own play style and how that might not be in the best interest of growing the campaign.

I'm also glad that you've kept a fairly civil tone in this entire thread. I do, however, want to point out that the feedback you are receiving, which is why you come to a public forum in the first place, is something you are now trying to argue against and justify your position.

Much like Plato's "Cave" metaphor, you'd be better served by having this discussion with yourself over many beers and probably inviting along a good friend, or several.

Let's go with your intent here, however, and assume you mean the best for the game and for the community.

Several points have been made above, none so eloquently put as those by John, that this play style isn't exemplary behavior for the continued growth of PFS, or any community, that seeks to include all.

Again...I'm glad you questioned yourself on this topic, because that is the first step to bettering yourself in the community. To me, that is an important step I want to latch on to and focus upon, instead of the other discussion of "how far is too far".

For now let's assume if that question is's too far.

I am quite certain more will be said past this, and many more will jump in here with their own opinions...but I kindly ask. Remember the first time you said to yourself "Ghee, am I taking this too far?"

We've all been there, and it is those around us that pull us back from the point of no return. I hope the PFS community sees this as a chance to elicit growth in an individual instead of the opposite.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Hey folks

Check out our local collecting and gathering website, !

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I would like to see an elf gate story...dealing with their reactivation, or perhaps even their deactivation...or further understanding them, and this arc taking you to various locations, some ruined, some the Mordant Spire, or the forgotten reaches of some nameless forest where elves no longer tread.

Also, an adventure dealing with a caravan traveling through the Osirion lands...perhaps during the migration of the great caravans when the Sun Orchid Elixir is transported...maybe even being the ones to transport it, once.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Walter Sheppard wrote:
Nefreet wrote:
I only summon a "rain of crocodiles" in emergencies.
Would that be considered being summoned into an environment that cannot support them? The air? :P

Crocodiles can sustain flight for short distances. AND, if you have augment summoning, even 100 foot drops!

Just remember...if they land on something, they are a falling "object" ;p

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Congrats! Keep on make believin'!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

try a seperatist for flavor. Following the faiths of one god does not stop you from honoring the faiths of others. :)

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle


You can also check out our schedule for the Greater Seattle Region at !

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

We have an entire abandoned book store being used for this event up in Redmond, generously hosted by the Redmond Town Center and Uncle's Games.

Come join us if you can ;p There will be plenty of PFS underway.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

8 people marked this as a favorite.
Eric Saxon wrote:

As a game organizer, I don't GM because I'm doing the administrative thing of juggling 10 other GMs and who will run which scenario.

But our group is coming up in levels and quite a few players have lvl. 9-12 PCs. And only some will go beyond lvl. 12. The table can only seat 7 and 1 GM. That means there is competition for 7 spots by about 10-12 people.

Its rough but this is the reality of the game we play. So, I've been doing audits and asking questions of people. I ask, what does your PC do? What will he do in the next three levels? And what will he do at lvl. 12? I offer to help, if anyone wants it. And some people go with, "I don't want your opinion, I want to role-play my PC even if he sucks." I get that but at lvl. 12, those PCs will probably not go beyond in levels.

So let me ask a few questions:

Do you know what your PC does? What is your PC good at? How will your PC get better next level? What will that PC do at lvl. 12?

Now most of us, including me, have a screw around PC and one or more serious PCs. A serious PC is built at lvl. 1 and mapped out at least to 3 levels ahead, some of mine are mapped out to lvl. 18.

Have you ever mapped out a PC? And would you be willing to try it? I'm sure the gamers that you play with would be more than willing to help.

But past lvl. 6-7, most gamers are not interested in carrying a PC, who doesn't carry his own weight. If you only wish to create role-playing PCs then you are ultimately putting a burden on the other players at the table, to carry your PC and that's only going to be tolerated for so long before they let you know that its not, ok.

At least this has been my experience. Obviously experiences vary by table and gaming group.


I'm dumb founded by this post. But before I let that traverse into other stages of human emotion, let me ask some clarifying questions.

If you are coordinator for 10 GM's, and there is competition for 7 spots at a table...from 12 people...

The math just doesn't add up.

More importantly, if you are coordinating anything...and you have 10-12 players trying to play at one table...the math is EXTREMELY simple to figure out that it is time to step up and GM a table to make it so each table has 5 to 6 players.

Now Eric, I know you love pathfinder, but that isn't enough to build a community on. There is hard work, honesty, and most of all the willingness to accept anyone's play style as they see fit.

There is no burden on players to succeed at every mission. Failure, be it in a mission or life, is part of the story. It creates an opportunity to tell story and growth. On top of that...there is no such thing as bad/wrong/fun.

Let me explain bad/wrong/fun. That is the concept that someone else is doing it a game, about creating a character and story. Pathfinder Society is closer to a collaborative storytelling process then a board game. Why do I say that? Because the goal is to have fun, however it is decided that you have fun.

If you have chosen for your version of fun to require the complete cooperation of everyone else at the table to follow a very strict guideline for character progression...then I think that's an expectation you should announce to everyone before you sit down at the table with them. More so, I think that expectation is unbecoming of someone who is a coordinator.

Eric...the reason I'm even commenting on this post is because I believe you are representing your opinion as the only one that applies to your area. Saying things such as "...I don't want your opinion, I want to role-play my PC even if he sucks..." is truly worrisome to those of us who actually coordinate large amounts of stores.

And just to be clear on the "I don't GM because I co-ordinate so many people".

I'm the VC of Seattle, we oversee 25 stores with 27 gamedays schedule per week. We now have 15 conventions we support, including PaizoCon and PAX Prime. We have a GM list that is 2 to 3 deep at each store, with some stores having a wait list to sign up to GM. We have other stores where I beg folks to travel to, to keep the GMimg going at so those few GM's in that area don't burn out.

My region geographically stretches 7 hours north to south, and 6 hours east to west. That's not counting Traffic. I've driven to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY STORES, and find the time to visit them each at least once every 6 months.

I've GM'ed once in the last month, because I feel if I don't do at least that I am failing my team. I shut off my phone at the table and only responded to questions in email or text when the table was over...for PFS questions, of which there were 7 texts and 12 emails in that 5 hour period (it was a Saturday).

Coordinating 10 GM's in one day is a great undertaking, but it is never the reason to say you don't have time to GM.

If you have time to play, you have time to GM.

More then this, if you have time to come on here and post about your problems, you have time to sit down and prepare a scenario.

And on a final note...

Please consider GMing a table. It does wonders to leading a community, and being a coordinator.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle and the spartans have something in common!

Congrats Chris.

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

Congrats! Keep on make believin'!

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle


Keep on make believin'!


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For a samurai character this is what I recommend.

You're duty is to absorb everything!

Have a decent wisdom bonus. Why you might ask? For will saves. I know...I know it sounds funny, but your resolve allows you to roll two dice. And as a front line fighter, most baddies will want to target your will play into that by getting a decent will save vs mind affecting abilities.

Have a higher con the str. You don't need to hit hard, or alot, with your attacks. You will have many of them, they will most likely be two handed (Katana or bigger) and the strongest abilities of your class allow you to stay standing in negative hit points.

Again...resolve is amazing.

Third stat you want? Charisma. No one ever imagines a quiet in the corner all by himself meek little samurai. YOU ARE A PROUD SAMURAI WHO IS NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING! And dump some points into intimidate.

Now you have an important choice to make, and that is your order. Whichever one you pick just remember, Samurai are not the "biggest most damaging all around class" in the game. They pick one target with challenge and then do AMAZING damage to that one target at a time. You are one of the best team shields with a single razor sharp spike.

I recommend taking orders and feats that don't help with damage with Samurai, but help increase your HP and ability to help others (combat reflexes/bodyguard/in harms way/toughness) but also consider iron will and greater iron will, and finally I would also consider any movement hampering abilities (stand still (comes on a order you can choose ;p). flexible with your Samurai. Use reach weapons, ranged weapons, all sorts of weapons! Just save your favorite weapon (chosen at lvl 3) for emergency situations...why? Because you get to draw it out for free!

As for the archtype. If it's your flavor...go for it. Having a horse vs. not is the big question. For me? I prefer to run without the horse, only because I don't want to try and drag the horse through certain silly missions.

To sum up. Samurai =/= killer damage. Samurai = laugh at all the mean things the GM throws at me and keep standing.

Most important of all...Samurai is about attitude and character. Have some, be one. :)

Cheliax *** Venture-Captain, Washington—Seattle aka Big Kyle

It is my pleasure to invite up to the ranks of VO Erik Bridge.

Erik has been a backbone of the Washington Region. I've seen him grow from player only to one of our regular GM's and a someone who is always ready to fill the spot should we need a backup for anything.

I've leaned on Erik more times then I can count, and asked of him great amounts over the past 2 years. Erik has earned this promotion and I look forward to him continuing his level of involvement in PFS.

Thanks Erik and welcome to the team! Keep on make believen'!

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