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Big Jay's page

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news Iconic Heroes Box Set #6 anounce

and some image

clik on link

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Well guesst I will be cherry picking from now on. I need variety, not more of the same stuff,but thats just me. Im happy if its whats other want and the mini serie contenue to go stronger...

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With this, thats only leave 10 more mini to reveal...

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Illius wrote:
Surely Arueshalae made the set right?

Erik Mona: Wait till you see the prepainted miniature...

4 octobre, 14:04

Wayne Reynolds Artworks: Erik Mona Oh my word! I eagerly anticipate seeing the mini. There's something thrilling about seeing 2D artwork transformed into 3 dimensions that is so appealing
4 octobre, 16:50

from Wayne Reynolds facebook on Arushalae comment!!

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If its Noctitcula, she just look gourgeous. Move aside Seoni, there a new lady in red in town ;P

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