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Sir Holton

Berselius's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,858 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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I think the Scorpion Coast is the perfect place in Osirion for a Superdungeon involving the revealing of a forgotten Necropolis where an imprisoned Mummy Lord Pharaoh stricken from history is trying to prepare for a ritual that will allow the birth of a new Spawn of Rovagug. :D

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Anyone know if the owner of the Archive of Nethys website is doing okay? I heard he was suffering from some major back pain and I hope he's still in the realm of the living.

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Seoni:...and why do all the statues animate with the intent of trying to kill us?


Sadly the only place I can find a PDF of this for sale is on a amazon-based page run by Dynamite Entertainment which doesn't work for me or my blind daughter as none of us own a tablet or android (which my daughter can't use anyways).

Heyas, can anyone devote some time to helping me create the following monster:

Swan Maiden Priestess of Arshea
Female swan maiden cleric of Arshea 5/mystery cultist of Arshea 1

If so then super thanks ahead of time. My work and family life has got me stressed and I'm super behind on stats for monsters for my family and friends campaign that we're holding. :(

Sound absolutely splendid. Can't wait to get a PDF. :D

Can paladin of other faiths (Iomedae, Erastil, etc etc) choose Abadar's Truthtelling as a spell they can cast in official pathfinder play?

I need advice for feats, domains, and possible archetypes (if the latter would be of any help) for an 11th level female dwarf cleric of Bolka.

Heyas, I need advice for feats and rage powers for an 11th level invulnerable barbarian archetype that likes to wield greatswords, great axes, and other two-handed weapons of mass destruction. ;) :D

Heyas, I'm looking for advice for feats (and possibly an archetype if that would help) for an 11th level Dwarf fighter who likes to wield his slain father's cherished dwarven longhammer.

As any party of four (or more) mythic PC's managed to succeed in taking on Cthulhu and sending it back to it's slumber in the depths of the corpse city of R'lyeh? Just curious...

So, I know World of Warcraft of sort of tackled (via Dungeons and Dragons rules) but has any company tried to tackle Warhammer Fantasy Battles via Pathfinder's rules?

Eh, Paizo Publishing did it better. :D

If anyone here has access to Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat and feels that they can help me out I'd appreciate it immensely if someone could create a statblock for a Bogeyman Implacable Stalker (CR 12). I'm super busy and don't think I'll have the time to make it for my PC's mini-campaign. Feel free to shoot me a Private Message if anyone feels up to the challenge.

How do you cure possession (aka via ghost, demon, spirit, etc etc)? Does protection from evil work only or are there other spells that do the trick?

Can anyone tell me if I can get extra spell slots for my Arcanist if I have a high Intelligence? I'm a bit confuzzeled about how an Arcanist does spells. :(

Are there any manuals either in Core or 3rd Party that feature feats for racial subraces (aka Svetocher, Wildborn, Rainkin, Angelkin, Beastbrood, etc etc)?

Does anyone know if there is a 3rd party Mesmerist class archetype out there that trades some class abilities for access to spells that only the Psychic class gets (aka ego whip, id insinuation, intellect fortress, mental barrier, mind thrust, psychic crush, thought shield, tower of iron will, etc etc)??

Do some people here feel some spells need to be on the spell lists of other classes? Like Mage Armor and / or Endure Elements?

Does anyone feel that the rules / options for the permanency spell need expanding?

Does anyone feel that some buff spells need a boost for their durations? Spells like Contingency, Bull's Strength, and Protection from Energy (etc etc)? Just curious.

Are there any plans to allow us to add our own avatars (aka user icons)?

Is there a way to cancel subscriptions on our own?

We're not going to get yet another Goblins module for Free RPG Day 2016 are we?

Ahhh...nice to see a Ghaleon quote here on the Paizo Store Blog. :D

Ummm...okay...and what about people who commission artwork of their Pathfinder society PC's because they're unable to draw it themselves? Does this contest exclude them?

So, for the Elemental Arcane Schools available for Wizards the choose, we have the classic Air, Earth, Fire, and Water and the three other exotic choices Metal, Void, and Wood. Are there any other elements that can be added? The only one that comes to mind is Cold to be honest but Water kinda covers that (sorta anyways).

So, having watched Sailor Moon a few times with my GF (who is an avid fan of the show) and also watched a few other magical girl animes I seem to get the feeling that most of the abilities these magical children use are elemental based attacks.

Yet the magical child archetype utilizes the Summoner's spellcasting list? I'm all down for the archetype casting arcane spells like a Sorcerer (aka without preparation) but shouldn't the archetype utilize spells up to 6th level via the Sorcerer / Wizard spell list instead?

Any thoughts on this?

Does anyone know if any of the following spells from 3.5 Dungeons and Dragon's Spell Compendium / Forgotten Realms have been converted to Pathfinder RPG:

acid breath
acid sheath
arc of lightning
cacophonic burst
cacophonic shield
chain contingency
chain missile
chariot of sustarre
creeping cold
electric loop
fantastic machine
force missiles
frost breath
greater creeping cold
ice claw
lightning ring
obedient avalanche
prismatic eye
prismatic ray
rain of black tulips
scintillating sphere
sonic blast
sound lance
vitriolic sphere

If so, please let me know. If not, would anyone be willing to help convert them?

So, are there any other character creator softwares out there OTHER THAN Hero Lab or PC Gen that can create a statblock from Pathfinder Material at a level other than 1st?

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So, does anyone think the Fighter or Sorcerer classes both need some retooling? Just wondering.

Is there a core rules Samurai alternate class archetype that gives up armor proficiencies in exchange for some cool abilities (possibly magical in nature)? If not in core rules then does one exist in 3rd party rules?

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Post the alignment, gender, age, race, and levels of your PC as well as the PC's you adventure with.

Feel free to add a short backstory and or exclude what you want too.

I'll start:

Ianten Truesilver (played by me)
LG Male angel-blooded aasimar (angelkin) paladin

Sarena Dawnfeather (played by my girlfriend)
NG Female ekujae half-elf (wildborn) sorcerer/mystery cultist of Arshea

Thorik Truesilver (played by my dad)
LG Male dwarf fighter

Belkara Truesilver (played by my mom)
NG Female dwarf cleric of Bolka

Shadow (played by my brother)
?? ???? ??????? ????? hunter of Erastil/slayer

Samantha "Sam" Glassbreaker (played by my brother's girlfriend)
CG Female ulfen human bloodrager

Looks like the Order of the Crux is going to make a comeback. I wonder if any of these three protagonists have what it takes to put a Graveknight down for good?


;) :D

So, just to be clear, if I purchase a Core Rulebook manual that says 2nd Printing or such, when it arrives in the mail, it actually will be the printing that was advertised on Paizo's website?

Does anyone know if Pathfinder core rules now has an firearms Archetype for the Witch class? I know all about the wizard spellslinger archetype but I'm wondering about a firearms witch archetype specifically (especially one that can apply it's hexes to their firearms attacks).

So, yeah, I'm thinking of trying out a multiclass build for the Spiritualist and I'm wondering what classes would be a good fit? Cleric perhaps? A Phantom with the devotion emotional focus being tied to a cleric of Iomedae seems like a neat idea (and could probably have a cool backstory). Sounds good? Or not a good idea?

Do the spell-like abilities that monsters have require spell components or focuses in order to use if the spells themselves state that they require such?

So, are there any books out so far that give more in-depth detail on Arshea's faith in Golarion?

When I was watching that movie all those years ago as a kid I wish I had realized that the actor playing the Indian scientist was actually a Caucasian guy wearing brown paint on his face.

Just hope one of these days you fine folks at Paizo will give us a manual filled chalk to the brim with stats and artwork for all the heroes, scoundrels, and villains you've featured in your Pathfinder Tales and Pathfinder Short Fiction. :D

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Speaking in tongues during a battle? Looks like Celeste may have awakened her dormant power as a Oracle or it may have something to do with this
"super weapon" and "Kellid Witch" Cheliax is working on.

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