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Sir Holton

Berselius's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,493 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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So, are there any books out so far that give more in-depth detail on Arshea's faith in Golarion?

When I was watching that movie all those years ago as a kid I wish I had realized that the actor playing the Indian scientist was actually a Caucasian guy wearing brown paint on his face.

Just hope one of these days you fine folks at Paizo will give us a manual filled chalk to the brim with stats and artwork for all the heroes, scoundrels, and villains you've featured in your Pathfinder Tales and Pathfinder Short Fiction. :D

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Speaking in tongues during a battle? Looks like Celeste may have awakened her dormant power as a Oracle or it may have something to do with this
"super weapon" and "Kellid Witch" Cheliax is working on.

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Does anyone else hope Paizo will give us a thicker, beefier, juicier manual featuring stats, allies, enemies, a brief history, and information on lairs and treasure hordes for a specific Dragon of EACH TYPE of True and Non-True Dragon currently in Golarion? I believe there are 31 True-Dragons (if the River Dragon is supposed to be included and just as many varieties of other dragon as well.

So, yeah, I'm sorry to keep bringing this up but can you fine folks at Paizo please add a "Remove All" button in the shopping cart so we don't have to manually remove each and every single item one at a time?

Did Barzillai Thrune make that intentional loophole I wonder? Or was it Mephistopheles or Asmodeus? Or maybe a 3rd party connected to the Silver Ravens? Either way, this should prove interesting. :D

Now all we need is a Huge and Gargantuan miniature of this! :D

My apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

Okay, so we know the CR (and description / role) of SOME of the Dominion of the Black's monstrous minions:

Neh-thalggu (CR 8)
Chyzaedu (CR 10)
Neshmaal (CR 12)
Shipmind (CR 13)
Yah-thelgaad (CR 14)

My question is, do we have any info on the CR or basic description of the following OTHER minions of the Dominion of the Black:


Are there any feats or traits a female human witch can take to indicate Infernal Ancestry? I'm considering making a beautiful red haired female human witch from a family called the Glassbreakers who have mysterious ties to the Infernal Duke Zaebos (aka "The Prince of Broken Glass"). The thing is this witch does not embrace her infernal ancestry but rather fights to make her destiny her own! Any suggestions?

I'd like to create a 9th dual-wielding Barbarian but I do not know what weapons / feats I should choose. I'd like the Barbarian to use some sort of swords but I really don't want to go with Scimitars (as I'm trying not to pull a Drizzt clinch on my friends). Can anyone help?

Looking for a group of people to play Pathfinder RPG with (and other RPG's and stuff of course) in Binghamton, NY. I don't like roleplaying with evil-aligned PC's but can very much tolerate Lawful Neutral or Chaotic Neutral PC's. I'm willing to contribute towards funds for group pizza / soda. :D

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Long ago in a distant land...

I, Cartoon Network, the show cancelling master of hiatus...

Unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL! (seriously, I canceled Justice League: Unlimited after it's 2nd Season ohohoho GOD I'm EVIL)

But a foolish samurai cartoon...

Wielding an interesting plot...

Stepped forth to oppose me...


Before season 4 was struck...

I tore open a portal in time...

And flung the samurai show into hiatus, where my evil is law!

Now the fool seeks to return in 2016.


So, there appears to be a forum for online gaming recruitment but what if someone doesn't want to meet and play with other players of Pathfinder in an only online setting? Is there any forum that players can post advertisements for seeking to meet up with other players in their general area?

I take it neither Irabeth Tirabade, Sheila Heidmarch, Rasputin, or Karzoug, are featured in the "Friends and Foes" section with stats?

What PC's did your players play as Brandon?

Can you give us their classes? Or did they go with iconics?

I'm considering making a NPC that is basically a Female Ekujae Half-Elf (Wildborn) whose father was a Keleshite paladin of Sarenrae and her mother was a Ekujae elf daughter of the chieftain of her tribe.

The NPC is a worshiper of Arshea and works as a dancer at a famous burlesque parlor in Magnimar (which doubles as a shrine to the Spirit of Abandon). I would like to give her 6th levels in Mystery Cultist but that leaves 7 levels to fill in the gap.

So, my question is, with a high emphasis on Charisma, what class should I go with for the 7th base levels? Bard? Oracle? What Feats would you recommend for this NPC?

Is it possible to dual wield a whip and a longsword?

Does anyone know a way via official Pathfinder rules (aka non-3rd party) for a Mesmerist to gain access to the Mind Thrust spell aside from multiclassing as a Psychic?

Wow, whose the evil redheaded woman?

I'm guessing a demoniac practitioner of Thassilonian Sin Magic?

Uh oh, all four of Pathfinder's more notorious iconics WORKING TOGETHER! This isn't going to end well at all.

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Dear Paizo Publishing,

THANK YOU for including a monster stat block for the Megaprimatus in your Bestiary 5! I can now finally finish my homebrew "Rumble in the Jungle" adventure. :D

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Has anyone tried to convert all the spells from 3rd edition and 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder rules? I certainly wouldn't mind gaining access to spells like acid breath, sound lance, obedient avalanche, or chain contingency. :D

In which Pathfinder Pawns boxes can I find Pawns featuring artwork for the following ANCIENT OR OLDER Dragons:

Black Dragon
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon

Brass Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Copper Dragon
Gold Dragon
Silver Dragon

Brine Dragon
Cloud Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Magma Dragon
Umbral Dragon

Forest Dragon
Sea Dragon
Sky Dragon
Sovereign Dragon
Underworld Dragon

Am I correct in assuming that giving a Frost giant 20 levels of Druid would bump it up to CR 24? Or did I get the math wrong on that?

Speaking of Pathfinder novels, will we be seeing a novel featuring Keren and Zae anytime next year? :D

James: To "UNITE" all peoples within our nation, not "IGNITE"!

So, if you could make a specific iconic character out of one of the eight wizard schools aside from Universalist, what race, gender, and age would you use for each one?

Anyone care to speculate on the stats / CR of Kothogaz (the Dance of Disharmony) or the Slohr? Also, do we know if Ulunat's original stats are the same as it's reborn stats?

Is there a Cavalier Archetype that allows for the picking of two Orders (instead of just one)? Or perhaps gaining some features of two orders and then choosing other features from between either order (like the Crossblooded Sorcerer archetype)?

Can the Ghost Rider Cavalier Archetype take the Monstrous Mount feat and if so, does this change his phantom mount to a new type of creature?

Wait, is Athnul Sajan's long lost sister or is she just a card NPC that players can make use of?

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So, long story made as sort as I can, I was in a new gaming group (four guys including me and three women) and an issue happened pretty damn quickly. Our group had a lot of neutral-based PC's (Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral) but our DM (against my advice) allowed a guy to play Neutral Evil. Everything was going as well as it could but then the guy playing the NE divine spellcaster tries to "rape" a DM controlled NPC. I basically said TIME OUT and told the GM that this wasn't going to fly with me.

I have a niece who suffered from a date rape experience in collage and one of the three women has a sister who suffered an actual gang rape experience. So, yeah, this wasn't going to fly with me or the three women in our group. What was worse, the GM was trying to play "mediator" and at times he took the NE player's side (aka "it's just a game", "it's not real"). The NE Player pitched a royal fit and in the end, all three women and myself left the table and we've never looked back since.

I'd like to know if anyone here has experienced something similar to this sort of situation?

So, yeah, a option to remove "ALL ITEMS" from a user's cart is still missing from the website. Does Paizo need to hire additional programmers?

Is it possible to delete a thread that you start?

Is there any plans in the works to allow a longer period of being able to edit a post that a user makes?

Are there any Shaman Archetypes that give up Wandering Spirit and Wandering Hex and gain some Occult Adventures based material in return?

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And hopefully one day we'll also get a single player Pathfinder RPG PC game that allows you to build a party of four (and also gain NPC Cohorts if you take the Leadership feat like in Storm of Zehir).

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Oh, s*@$, he's never tried to turn undead before? Meaning he has NO TRAINING in channeling energy for that purpose! S+#!, this might be bad for our heroes. Also, Andoran's farmers are being chased off their lands by invading undead and they only send ONE eagle knight and his half-elf companion to try and stop it? Yeah, this land of liberty and freedom might be having some issues! :(

Can anyone provide a list of the Celestials featured in TSR/D&D that Wizards of the Coast owns the rights too? I'm especially curious about the Justice Archon, Tome Archon, and Throne Archon.

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Ray, if someone comes up to you and asks you, "are you a god" YOU SAY YESSS!

Whoa! Is that a Dryad or a Nymph fighting beside Lini?

I'm trying to build a 14th level Female Lashunta Magus (Myrmidarch) using the 25 Point-Buy rule and I'm looking for advice on ability scores, feats, magus arcana, and equipment (for a 14th level heroic NPC). Anyone have any ideas?

What spells on the Magus spell list are single-target ranged touch attack spells?

Can anyone give me a rundown on what the following are for OFFICIAL Pathfinder books (aka NOT 3RD PARTY - except for Playtests done by Paizo Publishing):

Intelligence-based Arcane Spellcasting Classes

Charisma-based Arcane Spellcasting Classes

Intelligence-based Arcane Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Charisma-based Arcane Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Wisdom-based Divine Spellcasting Classes

Charisma-based Divine Spellcasting Classes

Wisdom-based Divine Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Charisma-based Divine Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Intelligence-based Psionic Classes

Wisdom-based Psionic Classes

Charisma-based Psionic Classes

Sajan's sister is in Nidal and in the manor of an insane noble sadist? Hooboy, Sajan may not WANT to find his sister (if there's anything LEFT of his sister by the time he finds her that is). :(

Is there an Oracle Mystery featured in a Paizo Publishing product that fits with Shelyn's or Calistria's themes (like Love, Lust, or Passion)?

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