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Sir Holton

Berselius's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,398 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.

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Does anyone know a way via official Pathfinder rules (aka non-3rd party) for a Mesmerist to gain access to the Mind Thrust spell aside from multiclassing as a Psychic?

Wow, whose the evil redheaded woman?

I'm guessing a demoniac practitioner of Thassilonian Sin Magic?

Uh oh, all four of Pathfinder's more notorious iconics WORKING TOGETHER! This isn't going to end well at all.

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Dear Paizo Publishing,

THANK YOU for including a monster stat block for the Megaprimatus in your Bestiary 5! I can now finally finish my homebrew "Rumble in the Jungle" adventure. :D

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Has anyone tried to convert all the spells from 3rd edition and 3.5 edition Dungeons and Dragons to Pathfinder rules? I certainly wouldn't mind gaining access to spells like acid breath, sound lance, obedient avalanche, or chain contingency. :D

In which Pathfinder Pawns boxes can I find Pawns featuring artwork for the following ANCIENT OR OLDER Dragons:

Black Dragon
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Red Dragon
White Dragon

Brass Dragon
Bronze Dragon
Copper Dragon
Gold Dragon
Silver Dragon

Brine Dragon
Cloud Dragon
Crystal Dragon
Magma Dragon
Umbral Dragon

Forest Dragon
Sea Dragon
Sky Dragon
Sovereign Dragon
Underworld Dragon

Am I correct in assuming that giving a Frost giant 20 levels of Druid would bump it up to CR 24? Or did I get the math wrong on that?

Speaking of Pathfinder novels, will we be seeing a novel featuring Keren and Zae anytime next year? :D

James: To "UNITE" all peoples within our nation, not "IGNITE"!

So, if you could make a specific iconic character out of one of the eight wizard schools aside from Universalist, what race, gender, and age would you use for each one?

Anyone care to speculate on the stats / CR of Kothogaz (the Dance of Disharmony) or the Slohr? Also, do we know if Ulunat's original stats are the same as it's reborn stats?

Is there a Cavalier Archetype that allows for the picking of two Orders (instead of just one)? Or perhaps gaining some features of two orders and then choosing other features from between either order (like the Crossblooded Sorcerer archetype)?

Can the Ghost Rider Cavalier Archetype take the Monstrous Mount feat and if so, does this change his phantom mount to a new type of creature?

Wait, is Athnul Sajan's long lost sister or is she just a card NPC that players can make use of?

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So, long story made as sort as I can, I was in a new gaming group (four guys including me and three women) and an issue happened pretty damn quickly. Our group had a lot of neutral-based PC's (Neutral Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral) but our DM (against my advice) allowed a guy to play Neutral Evil. Everything was going as well as it could but then the guy playing the NE divine spellcaster tries to "rape" a DM controlled NPC. I basically said TIME OUT and told the GM that this wasn't going to fly with me.

I have a niece who suffered from a date rape experience in collage and one of the three women has a sister who suffered an actual gang rape experience. So, yeah, this wasn't going to fly with me or the three women in our group. What was worse, the GM was trying to play "mediator" and at times he took the NE player's side (aka "it's just a game", "it's not real"). The NE Player pitched a royal fit and in the end, all three women and myself left the table and we've never looked back since.

I'd like to know if anyone here has experienced something similar to this sort of situation?

So, yeah, a option to remove "ALL ITEMS" from a user's cart is still missing from the website. Does Paizo need to hire additional programmers?

Is it possible to delete a thread that you start?

Is there any plans in the works to allow a longer period of being able to edit a post that a user makes?

Are there any Shaman Archetypes that give up Wandering Spirit and Wandering Hex and gain some Occult Adventures based material in return?

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And hopefully one day we'll also get a single player Pathfinder RPG PC game that allows you to build a party of four (and also gain NPC Cohorts if you take the Leadership feat like in Storm of Zehir).

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Oh, s@#!, he's never tried to turn undead before? Meaning he has NO TRAINING in channeling energy for that purpose! S*@*, this might be bad for our heroes. Also, Andoran's farmers are being chased off their lands by invading undead and they only send ONE eagle knight and his half-elf companion to try and stop it? Yeah, this land of liberty and freedom might be having some issues! :(

Can anyone provide a list of the Celestials featured in TSR/D&D that Wizards of the Coast owns the rights too? I'm especially curious about the Justice Archon, Tome Archon, and Throne Archon.

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Ray, if someone comes up to you and asks you, "are you a god" YOU SAY YESSS!

Whoa! Is that a Dryad or a Nymph fighting beside Lini?

I'm trying to build a 14th level Female Lashunta Magus (Myrmidarch) using the 25 Point-Buy rule and I'm looking for advice on ability scores, feats, magus arcana, and equipment (for a 14th level heroic NPC). Anyone have any ideas?

What spells on the Magus spell list are single-target ranged touch attack spells?

Can anyone give me a rundown on what the following are for OFFICIAL Pathfinder books (aka NOT 3RD PARTY - except for Playtests done by Paizo Publishing):

Intelligence-based Arcane Spellcasting Classes

Charisma-based Arcane Spellcasting Classes

Intelligence-based Arcane Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Charisma-based Arcane Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Wisdom-based Divine Spellcasting Classes

Charisma-based Divine Spellcasting Classes

Wisdom-based Divine Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Charisma-based Divine Spellcasting Prestige Classes

Intelligence-based Psionic Classes

Wisdom-based Psionic Classes

Charisma-based Psionic Classes

Sajan's sister is in Nidal and in the manor of an insane noble sadist? Hooboy, Sajan may not WANT to find his sister (if there's anything LEFT of his sister by the time he finds her that is). :(

Is there an Oracle Mystery featured in a Paizo Publishing product that fits with Shelyn's or Calistria's themes (like Love, Lust, or Passion)?


Gandalf Goes to the World Cup

A Grootslang? Hooboy. Jiri is facing a creature that normally has a CR of 16 when fully grown. She's in trrroouuubbbllleee...

Sigh, yet even more Paizo Publishing promotion for what is, in a nutshell, just another version of Wizards of the Coast's "D&D Tools" (aka a stat block generator we have to pay for). One day we'll get a free stat block generator I sweet sweet day...

Are these "adventurers" active employees of the Aspis Consortium or free agents simply taking on a temporary job for pay / loot only? As I recall, one of their number summoned and bound a Hezrou (which may or may not have killed Jiri's mentor). I hope Jiri's up to the task of giving these baddies a good flame woopin! :D

You would think that after the 2nd or 3rd student / faculty death or monster sighting that the police, national guard, or even the army would be called in to quarantine the whole area! I'm sure it's a fun game to play though.

Is the Paladin of Abadar dual-wielding a short spear and longsword?

Wait, like EVERY COMBAT FEAT that was ever in ANY Pathfinder RELEASE (excluding the 3.5 releases of course)? As in every combat feat from every adventure path, players companion, campaign setting, and even the core rules set? Holy crap, you fine people at Paizo went all out. My hats off to you folks, rock on. :D

What the heck did the Hezrou use to turn the tide in it's favor? Unholy Blight or Blasphemy? Either way, Jiri apparently has ALOT TO LEARN about battle. She should have focused on her spellcasting / shapeshifting instead of blasting the demon with ineffective flame attacks.

Also, this ancient evil released by the Aspis Consortium is a creature of elemental fire and Jiri's own powers and origin stem from fire? Is there some sort of connection here? Either way, she'd had better not count on giving into her rage and using fire on it because I doubt it will be very effective.

Does anyone know if there is a Hex Gunslinger archetype in one of Paizo Publishing's manuals for the Witch class?

Can outsiders with the evil subtype take profane / negative energy damage?

Does anyone know if anyone (Paizo included) has come out with a Winter Spirit for the Shaman Hybrid Class?

Does anyone know if anyone (Paizo included) has created a greater arcanist exploit to add onto the Bloodline Development arcanist exploit (aka something similar to the Eldritch Heritage series of feats)?

So a high level wizard, rogue, ranger, and fighter are gonna try and take on a Runelord without any sort of cleric or extra arcane firepower (aka Kyra and Seoni)? Good luck to them then, they're gonna NEED IT!

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How would Paizo format an Advanced NPC Codex manual if it ever came out? Doing 20 levels of every single archetype sounds rather tedious, time consuming, and page consuming. Maybe just 1st, 9th, and 17th Level examples for each archetypes?

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Sigh, one day, one GLORIOUS DAY, Paizo Publishing will announce a single player Pathfinder PC Game that is NOT a MMORPG is in production.

I outright refuse to purchase a tabletop roleplaying game that requires me to purchase a unique set of dice sold by the exact same company. In my own humble opinion WotC's Saga Edition was alot better.

Can the spells Break Enchantment and Remove Curse as well as a Paladin's Remove Curse mercy remove the curse that one gets from killing a specific Linnorm? Or is the DC specified in each Linnorm's death curse only for a one save roll to try and avoid it?

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So, yeah, I've been fantasizing about the possibility of a game like Final Fantasy V being remade for the PlayStation 4. Aside from the awesome graphics that it could feature, I feel alot could be added to the plot and over all story (aka new heroes, new villains, etc etc).

So, I've tried complying some ideas for this (even though it's never going to come to any fruition whatsoever). So, here's what I have so far. Let me know what you all think of this:

The Heroes:

Bartz: Like the wind, Bartz wanders from place to place, village to village, town to town, kingdom to kingdom, never staying to long to get to know others or to possibly overstay his welcome. Seeking to honor his father’s dying wish of seeing the world, Bartz makes a living slaying monsters that lurk near settlements in return for a few gil, a decent meal, a fine cup of ale, and a good night’s rest. However, just as the wind can turn from a breeze into a hurricane so to can it die. It is this that spurs Bartz to journey towards a falling star in the night sky.

Leena: As kind and gentle as water and as beautiful and regal as her ancestors, all of these describe the princess of Tycoon (whom has drawn the eye of many a royal suitor but as yet has not yet a single proposal in marriage). Some believe Leena desires to be proposed by her childhood friend (aka Prince Elric of the Kingdom of Walse). Others whisper that Leena is afraid to weaken her own bloodline by producing an heir with a suitor of unsuitable heritage. The later is the more popular theory as the princesses of Tycoon have always been powerful in the art of magick (Leena’s own mother was known as the “Dragon Queen” of Tycoon for her ability to tame wyverns with her mere presence alone).

Galuf: As enduring as the Earth itself, the king of the Kingdom of Baal seeks to protect all he cares about by never flinching or showing any sign of fear in front of his foes. Sadly, the journey to another world has inflicted Galuf with a particularly nasty case of amnesia and all Galuf seems to remember is his own name (whatever powers he had possessed beforehand have been utterly lost). Waking up from unconsciousness to the sight of a brave young man rescuing a damsel in distress, Galuf is stirred into protecting his new found friends by enduring any pain and being willing to fight any foe, all for the sake of those he loves.

Faris: A stunningly beautiful woman with a hot tempered will like fire, Faris is known amongst the Seven Seas of the world as the Pirate Queen. Having been raised by the former pirate king and trained in swordplay and seafaring, Faris quickly established herself as a female pirate captain by promptly dueling and defeating her rival (the dread pirate Bikke) and revealing herself a woman for the entire crew to see. Faris then revealed to her new crew the Sea Serpent Syldra (who had saved Faris from drowning as a young lass) and commanded Syldra help steer the ship during a nasty bout of stormy seas. These two acts won over the affections of her crew and gained Faris command of the Highwind. Yet for all her feisty nature, Faris often glances a medallion she wears around her neck and wonders at the picture hidden inside it (of a lovely little princess with her father, mother, and sister).

Job Classes:

Berserker (Rage)
Dark Knight (Darkness)
Devout (White Magick)
Dragoon (Dragon) [Male]
Geomancer (Geomancy)
Gladiator (Limit)
Knight (Art of War)
Machinest (Tools)
Magus (Black Magick)
Mime (Mimic)
Monk (Martial Arts)
Musician (Sing) [Male]
Mystic (Green Magic)
Necromancer (Dark Arts)
Ninja (Ninjutsu)
Onion Knight (None)
Oracle (Prediction)
Paladin (Holy Blade)
Pirate (Piracy)
Sage (Blue Magick)
Samurai (Bushido)
Showgirl (Dance) [Female]
Summoner (Summon)
Templar (Spellblade)
Time Mage (Time Magick)
Valkyrie (Spirit) [Female]
Warlock (Arcane Magick)

Playable NPC”s:

Elric: Prince of the Kingdom of Walse tasked by his father (aka King Edward of Walse) to investigate the malfunctioning of the Crystal Amplifier at the Water Shrine. He is a skilled swordsman and is a dear childhood friend of Princess Leena of Tycoon (though some in the court of Walse have suggested that Elric is far more than that).

Mid: The grandson of the brilliant scientist Cid who is himself a skilled scientist as well as a potent spellcaster, Mid losts his mother and father to a monster assault while Mid was just an infant and thus he was naturally raised by his grandfather (and as such looks up to Cid and is often there for his grandfather in dire times of need).

Lupa: A beautiful silver furred Lycan who is the daughter of Kelgar (one of the Warriors of Dawn). She is skilled in the ancient beast arts of her race (aka the Lycans who live with Kelgar in a settlement located on Galuf’s world). Lupa is currently being courted by a strong male Lycan named Lycos (whom is very protective of his courted mate).

Carla: The daughter of the sorcerer king Xexat and the princess of his kingdom, Carla is a skilled spellcaster and a loyal supporter of the Warriors of Dawn. While her father is away warring with the vile Exodus Carla handles the war at home (bolstering the kingdom’s defenses and maintaining correspondence with Princess Krile and the Lycans in order to send aid when needed).

Leonard: Captain of the Royal Guardsmen of the Kingdom of Baal, Leonard is completely loyal to his liege King Galuf as well as to Princess Krile (whom he admires for having the strength to maintain the kingdom in Galuf’s absence). Leonard is powerful with both spell and sword and is renowned for mixing the two in a unique art called Spellblade.

Xexat: The sorcerer king of his own kingdom on Galuf’s world and a member of the Warriors of Dawn who fought, defeated, and imprisoned Exodus on another world, Xexat shares his good friend Galuf’s love of bad puns and while benevolent and kind he is ruthless to those he would harm his subjects or his world.

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