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Sir Holton

Berselius's page

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How would Paizo format an Advanced NPC Codex manual if it ever came out? Doing 20 levels of every single archetype sounds rather tedious, time consuming, and page consuming. Maybe just 1st, 9th, and 17th Level examples for each archetypes?

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Sigh, one day, one GLORIOUS DAY, Paizo Publishing will announce a single player Pathfinder PC Game that is NOT a MMORPG is in production.

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Amiri the barbarian makes her SKULL SPLITTING debut! :D

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Me too and if we do see more of Blit I hope he'll be the Lucky Drunk's Patch Man (aka working side by side Allyra to clean up the evidence that the clergy of Cayden Cailean end up causing when they free slaves so none of the Accidental God's priests get caught by slaving nations like Cheliax)!

Also, I hope this makes Adam happy:

Blittervy “Blit”, the Patch Man (CR 6)
CN Male Daemon-Spawn Tiefling (Grimspawn) Alchemist 3/Slayer (Cleaner) 4

Allyra, Liberator of Cayden Cailean (CR 6)
CG Female Human (Taldane) Cleric 6 of Cayden Cailean/Liberator 1

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I honestly wouldn't mind any of the following monsters in a Advanced Monster Codex:

Ash Giants
Cloud Giants
Desert Giants
Jungle Giants
Marsh Giants
Ocean Giants
Rune Giants
Shadow Giants
Stone Giants
Storm Giants
Wood Giants

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Sigh, I really Really REALLY hope we'll get an option to ally with a Silver Dragon INSTEAD of the RED ONE! I'm getting tired of having to ally with evil things in order to slay greater evil things!

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So, yeah, I've been fantasizing about the possibility of a game like Final Fantasy V being remade for the PlayStation 4. Aside from the awesome graphics that it could feature, I feel alot could be added to the plot and over all story (aka new heroes, new villains, etc etc).

So, I've tried complying some ideas for this (even though it's never going to come to any fruition whatsoever). So, here's what I have so far. Let me know what you all think of this:

The Heroes:

Bartz: Like the wind, Bartz wanders from place to place, village to village, town to town, kingdom to kingdom, never staying to long to get to know others or to possibly overstay his welcome. Seeking to honor his father’s dying wish of seeing the world, Bartz makes a living slaying monsters that lurk near settlements in return for a few gil, a decent meal, a fine cup of ale, and a good night’s rest. However, just as the wind can turn from a breeze into a hurricane so to can it die. It is this that spurs Bartz to journey towards a falling star in the night sky.

Leena: As kind and gentle as water and as beautiful and regal as her ancestors, all of these describe the princess of Tycoon (whom has drawn the eye of many a royal suitor but as yet has not yet a single proposal in marriage). Some believe Leena desires to be proposed by her childhood friend (aka Prince Elric of the Kingdom of Walse). Others whisper that Leena is afraid to weaken her own bloodline by producing an heir with a suitor of unsuitable heritage. The later is the more popular theory as the princesses of Tycoon have always been powerful in the art of magick (Leena’s own mother was known as the “Dragon Queen” of Tycoon for her ability to tame wyverns with her mere presence alone).

Galuf: As enduring as the Earth itself, the king of the Kingdom of Baal seeks to protect all he cares about by never flinching or showing any sign of fear in front of his foes. Sadly, the journey to another world has inflicted Galuf with a particularly nasty case of amnesia and all Galuf seems to remember is his own name (whatever powers he had possessed beforehand have been utterly lost). Waking up from unconsciousness to the sight of a brave young man rescuing a damsel in distress, Galuf is stirred into protecting his new found friends by enduring any pain and being willing to fight any foe, all for the sake of those he loves.

Faris: A stunningly beautiful woman with a hot tempered will like fire, Faris is known amongst the Seven Seas of the world as the Pirate Queen. Having been raised by the former pirate king and trained in swordplay and seafaring, Faris quickly established herself as a female pirate captain by promptly dueling and defeating her rival (the dread pirate Bikke) and revealing herself a woman for the entire crew to see. Faris then revealed to her new crew the Sea Serpent Syldra (who had saved Faris from drowning as a young lass) and commanded Syldra help steer the ship during a nasty bout of stormy seas. These two acts won over the affections of her crew and gained Faris command of the Highwind. Yet for all her feisty nature, Faris often glances a medallion she wears around her neck and wonders at the picture hidden inside it (of a lovely little princess with her father, mother, and sister).

Job Classes:

Berserker (Rage)
Dark Knight (Darkness)
Devout (White Magick)
Dragoon (Dragon) [Male]
Geomancer (Geomancy)
Gladiator (Limit)
Knight (Art of War)
Machinest (Tools)
Magus (Black Magick)
Mime (Mimic)
Monk (Martial Arts)
Musician (Sing) [Male]
Mystic (Green Magic)
Necromancer (Dark Arts)
Ninja (Ninjutsu)
Onion Knight (None)
Oracle (Prediction)
Paladin (Holy Blade)
Pirate (Piracy)
Sage (Blue Magick)
Samurai (Bushido)
Showgirl (Dance) [Female]
Summoner (Summon)
Templar (Spellblade)
Time Mage (Time Magick)
Valkyrie (Spirit) [Female]
Warlock (Arcane Magick)

Playable NPC”s:

Elric: Prince of the Kingdom of Walse tasked by his father (aka King Edward of Walse) to investigate the malfunctioning of the Crystal Amplifier at the Water Shrine. He is a skilled swordsman and is a dear childhood friend of Princess Leena of Tycoon (though some in the court of Walse have suggested that Elric is far more than that).

Mid: The grandson of the brilliant scientist Cid who is himself a skilled scientist as well as a potent spellcaster, Mid losts his mother and father to a monster assault while Mid was just an infant and thus he was naturally raised by his grandfather (and as such looks up to Cid and is often there for his grandfather in dire times of need).

Lupa: A beautiful silver furred Lycan who is the daughter of Kelgar (one of the Warriors of Dawn). She is skilled in the ancient beast arts of her race (aka the Lycans who live with Kelgar in a settlement located on Galuf’s world). Lupa is currently being courted by a strong male Lycan named Lycos (whom is very protective of his courted mate).

Carla: The daughter of the sorcerer king Xexat and the princess of his kingdom, Carla is a skilled spellcaster and a loyal supporter of the Warriors of Dawn. While her father is away warring with the vile Exodus Carla handles the war at home (bolstering the kingdom’s defenses and maintaining correspondence with Princess Krile and the Lycans in order to send aid when needed).

Leonard: Captain of the Royal Guardsmen of the Kingdom of Baal, Leonard is completely loyal to his liege King Galuf as well as to Princess Krile (whom he admires for having the strength to maintain the kingdom in Galuf’s absence). Leonard is powerful with both spell and sword and is renowned for mixing the two in a unique art called Spellblade.

Xexat: The sorcerer king of his own kingdom on Galuf’s world and a member of the Warriors of Dawn who fought, defeated, and imprisoned Exodus on another world, Xexat shares his good friend Galuf’s love of bad puns and while benevolent and kind he is ruthless to those he would harm his subjects or his world.

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Angel [Primal], Ariel (CR 17/MR 7) (Angels infused with the element of earth that seek to protect those living above and below the surface)

Angel [Primal], Azrael (CR 22/MR 9) (Angels infused with the element of shadow who are often referred to as angels of death that wage an eternal war against the Kytons and Nightshades of the Plane of Shadow)

Angel [Primal], Cherub (CR 18/MR 7) (Angels infused with the element of air that are often tasked with protecting the children of benevolent races and pushing those that would harm them)

Angel [Primal], Seraph (CR 21/MR 8) (Angels infused with the element of fire whose heavenly flames can scorch even the likes of devils and often lead crusades against the fiends of the Multiverse)

Angel [Primal], Tharsis (CR 20/MR 8) (Angels infused with the elemental of water often tasked with protecting entire kingdoms of benevolent ocean dwelling creatures)

Elemental [Primal], Air (CR 16/MR 6) (An Air elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Earth (CR 16/MR 6) (An Earth elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Fire (CR 16/MR 6) (An Fire elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Ice (CR 16/MR 6) (An Ice elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Lightning (CR 16/MR 6) (An Lightning elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Magma (CR 16/MR 6) (An Magma elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Mud (CR 16/MR 6) (A Mud elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Elemental [Primal], Water (CR 16/MR 6) (An Water elemental of primal mythic power regarded with awe and fear by other elementals)

Ape, Tyrant [Megaprimatus] (CR 12/MR 5) (Occasionally, a dire ape tribe will end up siring a child of progidious size, strength, and power. These Tyrant Apes possess mythic strength and are often worshiped as gods by the tribes of entire swathes of jungles or whole tropical islands)

Devil, Addiction (Atropocustra) (CR 7): Devils dedicated to spreading hell's influence through addiction to infernal drugs and narcotics.

Devil, Crusader [Ascensoriel] (CR 8): Centaur-like devils who function as an elite cavalry in hell's rigid and merciless military machine.

Devil, Desert [Ghalshoaton] (CR 9): Scorpion-handed, crocodile headed, devils that plague desert regions and arid worlds looking for good souls to tempt and despoil.

Devil, Hellforge [Savnogon] (CR 13): Masters of Hell's infernal forges who continually reforge souls into hellish abominations for the glory of Asmodeus.

Devil, Hunter [Edavagor] (CR 12): Two-headed wolf-like devils that scour the planes of existence looking for souls that have escaped hell's infernal grasp.

Devil, Physician [Paigeon] (CR 10): While contract devils and cabal devils tempt with the promise of a wish or magical aid, the grotesque physician devils tempt mortals with the promise of healing.

Devil, Rumor [Dababum] (CR 6): These devils act to ruin the reputations of good-aligned mortals and the enemies of hell itself.

Devil, Seduction [Lilim] (CR 11): These sensual and seductive female devils seek to despoil and destroy the families of mortals by offering untold pleasures at a terrible cost.

Golem, Amber (CR 11) (Golems often shaped like large-sized hunting cats which ignore difficult terrain and are capable trackers)

Golem, Ash (CR 3) (Golems that cause fire and cold energy damage to the foes they damage)

Golem, Blade (CR 13) (Dangerous golems made of bladed instruments and weapons of all kinds that can become a wall or circle shape barrier of blades which affects all in the area of effect as a blade barrier spell)

Golem, Chalk (CR 7) (Golems made of chalk which can mark certain foes with symbols designating them as assailants)

Golem, Gemstone (CR 14) (These incredibly powerful golems are made of rare gemtones can unleash a burst of prismatic color which affects anyone in the area of effect as a prismatic spray spell)

Golem, Coin (CR 10) (Golems capable of taking the form of large piles of copper, silver, gold, or platinum coins)

Golem, Manacle (CR 12) (While the Rope Golem is made to capture people the Manacle Golem is designed to keep them imprisoned)

Golem, Mud (CR 2) (Akin to the paper golem, this Golem is made of mud and muck yet is capable of smothering the unwary)

Golem, Obsidian (CR 9) (Obsidian golems possessing the ability to shroud themselves in flame)

Golem, Paper (CR 1) (Often called the peasant's golem for it's incredible frailty yet it never the less is dangerous to some)

Golem, Rope (CR 5) (Golems made of roap often created for capturing individuals alive)

Golem, Salt (CR 8) (Golems made of salt which leave particularly deadly and painful wounds)

Golem, Sand (CR 4) (Golems made of sand that are often found guarding the tombs of desert pharaohs)

Golem, Soap (CR 6) (Slippery soap golems made of animal fat [and unfortunate, sometimes the fat of sentient beings as well])

Lycanthrope, Werecrow [Template] (Lycanthropes of neutral good alignment who can not only take the form [both animal and regular] of crows but also can become swarms of crows or even summon them but they also possess a unique vulnerability to gold as well as silver)

Lycanthrope, Weresaurian [Template] (Extraordinarily rare but horrifically strong Lycanthropes that many sages believe are on the verge of extinction which can take the form of carnivorous dinosaurs)

Lycanthrope, Wereskunk [Template] (Lycanthropes that dwell in temperate and cold forests and can take the forms of skunks)

Vampire, Strigoi [Template] (Members of this vampire bloodline are just as seductive as the Moroi and while they do not possess an energy drain ability they do have strange powers such as dominating individuals through their blood drain [for a prolonged time at a distance no less] as well as the ability to regenerate in moonlight)

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Maybe we'll finally get a feat that will allow a PC to gain a Cohort without all those pesky followers to look after.

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Well, I'd imagine their gonna have a hard time without a cleric on this journey.

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Also, I'm gonna shamelessly plug the celestials again (made some minor tweeks to their descriptions):

Agathion, Musteval (CR 3) (Though small, these mouse-like Agathion are nothing if not courageous and often work with the spyglass archons in missions of intelligence gathering such as spying on fiends and infiltrating fortresses on the lower planes)

Agathion, Loxonal (CR 19) (Possibly the most aggressive of the agathion yet also the most empathetic, the Loxonals are capable of great acts of compassion and yet can be brought to a furious rage where their trumpeting can bring a storm of vengeance down upon a settlement)

Agathion, Ursinal (CR 14) (These peaceful agathion are often scholars and negotiators and are often summoned to the material plane by powerful spellcasters in order to guard a specific treasure or to aid in negotiations with a being of immense power)

Archon, Throne (CR 20) (Seated on flying ornate thrones these monarch-like archons are capable of leaving them to behead foes with their vorpal greatswords while their thrones attack enemies on their own by blasting them with jets of heavenly flame)

Archon, Tome (CR 18) (Eagle-headed archons who act as the seers and oracles of archonkind, they are gifted not only with potent spellcasting capability but also possess powerful divination based powers that some say allow them to predict any foe's next move)

Archon, Warden (CR 17) (Believe it or not, Heaven does have need for prisons and these archons are the masters of those secluded fortresses; they possess a power similar to the Deimauigga's in that they can shift a being's alignment one step closer to lawful good)

Azata, Shiere (CR 12) (These courageous and adventurous azata charge into battle mounted on their summoned Sleipnirs seeking out evil to smite, fiends of all types to slay, and damsels to rescue)

Azata, Shiradi (CR 14) (Celestials dedicated to freedom, liberty, and the deposing of tyrants, the only thing these Azata love more than liberating a populace is to put tyrants and dictators in the very chains they use to oppress their subjects)

Azata, Tulani (CR 19) (Often called the "Dreamlords" of the Azata, these powerful celestials often oppose the Nightmare Lords of the Demiplane of Dreams and possess unique powers related to sleep such as being able to put a being into an eternal slumber)

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Though we might see versions of these in the upcoming Hell's Rebels, I'd still like to nominate the following for inclusion:

Devil, Crusader [Ascensoriel] (CR 8)
Devil, Desert [Ghalshoaton] (CR 9)
Devil, Devourer (Voreagon) (CR 10)
Devil, Hunter [Edavagor] (CR 12)
Devil, Pleasure [Lilim] (CR 11)

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I would like to see a Temple of Elemental Evil Homage.

You know, that could TOTALLY make an AWESOME adventure path The four elemental lords conspiring together in a plot to release an ancient being of ultimate power and destruction by harnessing the essences of their defeated rivals (aka the good-aligned elemental lords). However, what they don't know is that they are actually being used to release Rovagug from his eternal prison! It sounds good to me; anyone else like the sound of this?

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I'm guessing we're gonna get some cool new Devils in the bestiaries of this adventure path. Oh, I do hope we get a pleasure devil or pain / domination type devil? We need more female type devils am I right? ^_^

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I would LOVE to see a risen erinyes inquisitor of Iomedae in this Adventure Path! Also hoping we'll see a Devils Revisited manual (complete with a half-erinyes template). One thing I've always wondered though: do half-fiends HAVE to be EVIL in alignment? Or can be they be ANY alignment?

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Vazquez (arms Rail Gun):...LET'S ROCK! (begins the kicking of the Alien behind)

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Welp, let's at least hope we'll get an update to the Shaman Spirit's that includes these lustrious inclusions: Ancestor, Dark Tapestry, Juju, Lunar, Metal, Occult, Outer Rifts, Solar, Spellscar, Time, Winter, Wood. Also, we're in DESPERATE NEED of more Oracle's Curses!

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I'm hoping the paladin is Keren (along with Zae and Appleslayer). ^_^

Also, a blade that can KILL THOUSANDS of DEVILS? Holy hell, that's one hell of a major artifact!

Wait a minute...I smell the hints of a Adventure Path brewing here. I am right or wrong on that?

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While I'm sure alot (and I do mean ALOT) of blood, sweat, tears, and hard Hard HARD WORK went into Pathfinder Online, I still am hoping beyond hope we'll get a sort of Baldur's Gateish / Neverwinter Nightsish Pathfinder single player game someday.

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So, yeah, I'm assuming the Technology Guide is now out and people (at least a few I hope) have it in their hands by now. So, you all KNOW what this MEANS yes? Of course you do! We need stats for a BALOR with ROCKET LAUNCHER FOR A ARM! Yessssssss....

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No new curses for oracles. :c

(begins to swear and curse through a megaphone in a thousand different tongues both ancient and blasphemous)

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Okay, so here's my final list of what I'm hoping to see in the Bestiary 5. Please note that when I put the various Celestials whose names have already been done by Wizards of the Coast I'm trying to say that Paizo can put a "new spin" on them (like they did with the Cervinal).

For example: the "Sword Archon" could be a Archon with blade like wings that can generate a "blade barrier" around itself and the "Warden Archon" can be Heaven's version of the Apostate Devil (which oversees the various prisons of heaven and converts evil beings to "lawful good").

Angel [Primal], Ariel
Angel [Primal], Azrael
Angel [Primal], Cherub
Angel [Primal], Seraph
Angel [Primal], Tharsis
Agathion, Equinal
Agathion, Musteval
Agathion, Loxonal
Agathion, Lupinal
Agathion, Ursinal
Ape, Tyrant [Megaprimatus]
Archon, Justice
Archon, Sword
Archon, Throne
Archon, Tome
Archon, Warden
Azata, Firre
Azata, Noviere
Azata, Shiere
Azata, Shiradi
Azata, Tulani
Devil, Cabal [Uniila]
Devil, Devourer [Voraxagon]
Devil, Pleasure [Lilim]
Devil, Assassin [Salikotal]
Devil, Tinder [Ukobach]
Devil, Warmonger [Levaloch]
Devil, Wrath [Chortov]
Dragon [Chromatic], Brown
Dragon [Chromatic], Grey
Dragon [Chromatic], Orange
Dragon [Chromatic], Purple
Dragon [Chromatic], Yellow
Dragon [Metallic], Colbalt
Dragon [Metallic], Iron
Dragon [Metallic], Mercury
Dragon [Metallic], Orium
Dragon [Metallic], Steel
Golem, Amber
Golem, Ash
Golem, Book
Golem, Chalk
Golem, Gemstone
Golem, Gold
Golem, Magma
Golem, Manacle
Golem, Mud
Golem, Obsidian
Golem, Rope
Golem, Salt
Golem, Sand
Golem, Soap
Lycanthrope, Werecrow
Lycanthrope, Weresaurian
Lycanthrope, Wereskunk
Vampire, Strigoi

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Almost two decades later after he had made his choice and slain "the Butcher"; Zadim would be horrified to learn that the children whom Gordreth had saved from disease had sworn vengeance against Zadim's masters and had founded an organization of shadow-magic wielding magus's called "the Duskblades"! Dedicated to bringing death and misery to the followers of Cult of the Dawnflower, Qadira, and to the Padishah Empire of Kelesh; the Duskblades are already responsible for the deaths of dozens of Zadim's closest friends.

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Cr500cricket wrote:
We seriously need a cookie golem

I KNOW right? It would be "delicious"! ^_~

So, here's some awesome ideas for other Golems:

Amber Golem
Ash Golem
Gemstone Golem
Gold Golem
Manacle Golem
Mud Golem
Obsidian Golem
Rope Golem
Salt Golem
Sand Golem

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Any word on whether or not there will be some new Oracle Curses included in this book?

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Whoooo iss the mannn...who will stannndd uppp forrr his brrrotthhherrr mannn?



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Do we get any info on the Peacock Spirit and it's followers in this manual?

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Wait, so we'll be getting glimpses of the new classes or will this be full on spoilers? Either way, we're getting background stories for the new iconics! This is the sort of blog posts we've been wanting. THANK YOU Jason! ^_^

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With all due respect to the GOP and the Tea Party, yes, Americans want to work, but we DON'T want to work jobs that pay S$&!!

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Gingers ... you can't win against them.

On the plus side, ginger women are TOTALLY HAWT (oogles his pic of Ann Margret as "the Swinger" dressed in a bikini/feather boa). ^_~

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Come on new Oracle curses! Come On New Oracle Curses! DADDY NEEDS A NEW ORACLE NPC! ^_^

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With the introduction of Kaiju presented in Bestiary 4, and hopefully some expansion on that subject in the future, I hope this book presents at least a baseline for Mecha so I can run a Pacific Rim inspired game on Golarion.

How about some DOOM monsters as well? Cyberneticly enhanced fiends from the lower planes invading your campaign world? Cause you say HELL YES! ^_^

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Your site is so awesome! Your so awesome!

In fact...I'm officially changing your name to...AWESOME!

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Since gay and lesbian human beings have existed since humanity started to record it's history over two thousand years ago I am under absolutely no illusions about gay/lesbian humans (or other races for that matter) existing on Golarion or elsewhere in the Pathfinder setting.

Furthermore, I applaud Paizo Publishing for having the gumption and awesomeness to finally take a stand and give equal representation to people of all sexual preferences! I don't know if Wizards of the Coast ever had the courage to do this but Paizo sure has it IN SPADES!

I have two male friends who are gay and one female friend who is lesbian and my girlfriend herself is bi and I just find this approach Paizo is doing to be some complete awesome. For the sake of my friends and humanity everywhere, thank you Paizo!

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This is just a shot in the dark here but is anyone else aside from me hoping we'll get a few more Oracle curses in this book?

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Sigh, well, I was hoping for an Advanced NPC Codex but this is better than nothing I suppose. At least I'll get to see some different takes on the vampire.

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Am I the only one fantasying about possibly making a Galen (from Babylon 5: Crusade) themed Technomancer?

6 people marked this as a favorite.
No blunder, the original author wrote it to work with Huge Greatswords and the development team removed that deliberately.

Pfff, then the Development team blundered as far as I'm concerned. They ended up giving us a archetype that doesn't do what it's supposed to do.

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In the Inner Sea NPC codex (Fierani Demon Hunter), it says they kill anyone who persists in trying to enter, because they think it's solely an issue concerning the elves.

Wait, so there's no exceptions to this rule? Didn't Count Varian, Radovan, and even a gnome from Greengold enter the Tanglebriar with three other elves or am I mistaken on this?

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An advanced giant half-robot neh-thalggu with triple-mounted chainguns and mechanical spider legs! Oooo this gives me GOOSEBUMPS! Thanks for the info/links Tacticslion. I shall send pie (seriously, french silk pie, WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT)? ^_^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Please god let us get a new Cavalier Order (aka the Order of the Green Feather) and a Monk of the White Feather archetype! Also wouldn't mind any possible additional info on the Angel Empyreal Lord Tolc! ^_^

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I keep getting redirected back to the Paizo Store whenever I click on Paizo Blog or Paizo Web Fiction? Is there a reason for this?

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Resistance (to the Abyss that is) is FUTILE!

And millions of religious conservatives cried out in joyous unison that they would have more fuel to fan the fire that continuously gives all decent roleplayers a hell of a headache.

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Angel, Aasimon (CR 9) (Warrior angels who are utterly without fear that serve as elite shock troops in the armies of the Empyreal Lords)

Angel, Stellar Deva (CR 15) (Angels that patrol the Dark Tapestry near the worlds that dot the Material Plane in order to protect the mortal beings that dwell there from the horrors of the void)

Agathion, Lupinal (CR 11) (Wolf-like agathions who love nothing more than to hunt a vile evil doer down and bring it to justice or scout ahead to gather intelligence for celestial commanders)

Agathion, Equinal (CR 12) (Horse-headed agathions who act as devoted defenders and elite bodyguards of clergy and mortals of interest to the powers of righteousness)

Agathion, Ursinal (CR 18) (Bear-like agathions known for their ability to pacify the violent around them if they wish as well as for their immense knowledge and potent spellcasting abilities)

Agathion, Loxonal (CR 19) (Elephant-like agathions who act as commanders and generals that work with the Planetars in waging wars against the armies of the fiendish planes)

Archon, Justice (CR 16) (Powerful archons devoted to punishing the wicked and slaying fiends that can absorb enemy magic and use it to power their own powers and abilities)

Archon, Warden (CR 17) (The masters and overseers of the prisons of heaven who possess the unique ability to shift a being's alignment over time to one step closer towards lawful good)

Archon, Tome (CR 18) (Eagle/hawk-headed archons who possess potent spellcasting powers and are known for their incredible scholastic abilities that some say can allow them to see the future)

Archon, Throne (CR 20) (Archons that wield vorpal greatswords who are seated on flying thrones of power capable of attacking foes on their own with blasts of heavenly fire)

Azata, Noviere (CR 11) (Aquatic azata that are capable of existing in both fresh and salt water and possess an aura that cleans water of contamination and filth)

Azata, Shiere (CR 12) (Knights errant among the azata who ride upon their summoned sleipnirs in order to find evil to slay, heroes to aid, and damsels to rescue)

Azata, Shiradi (CR 16) (Devoted azata that wield their spiked chains in order to defeat tyranny and unlock the shackled and chains the oppressed)

Azata, Tulani (CR 19) (Powerful azata nobles and princes who possess powers over the realm of dreams and constantly wage war against the abominations from the plane of nightmares)

Devil, Pleasure [Lillim] (CR 11) (The devil version of the demonic succubus; these devils seek to twist corrupt the minds of mortals by damning their souls with infernal pleasures)

Ape, Tyrant [Megaprimatus] (CR 10) (Huge-sized primates that often dominate who regions of jungle and are sometimes worshiped as deities by the natives of tropical jungles)

Lycanthrope, Werecrow (Template) (Lycanthropes who possess the ability to take the form of crows as well as other powers but they also have a unique vulnerability to gold in addition to silver)

Lycanthrope, Weresaurian (Template) (Rare but dangerous lycanthropes capable of taking the form of carnivorous dinosaurs; it is widely believed they are slowly being driven to extinction)

Lycanthrope, Wereskunks (Template) (Lycanthropes capable of taking the form of skunks and as such are capable of expelling a noxious cloud of foul-smelling vapor)

Golem, Gemstone (CR 17) (Golems made of precious and semi-precious gemstones that possess the ability to use a burst-like prismatic spray ability centered on themselves)

Vampire, Strigoi (Template) (A vampiric bloodline that lacks energy draining slams but possesses the ability to dominate victims through blood drain as well as moon-based powers)

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This suggestion thread is a think tank for any mythic versions of celestials that have already been published in any bestiary or supplement. I've added the ones that don't go over CR 23 (with the highest possible one being the Cetaceal Agathion).

So, if anyone wants to make a mythic version of a celestial on this list, feel free too. Also, if I screwed up the CR/MR of any of the celestials, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'm still STRUGGLING to understand most of the mythic rules (as learning anything new is kinda hard for me ^_~).

Angels (Mythic)
Cassasian (CR 3/MR 1)
Choral (CR 9/MR 3)
Balisse (CR 12/MR 4)
Movanic Deva (CR 15/MR 5)
Monadic Deva (CR 18/MR 6)
Astral Deva (CR 21/MR 7)

Agathions (Mythic)
Silvanshee (CR 3/MR 1)
Cephalodal [aka Bishop] (CR 6/MR 2)
Vulpinal (CR 9/MR 3)
Avoral (CR 13/MR 4)
Leonal (CR 19/MR 6)
Cetaceal (CR 22/MR 7)

Archons (Mythic)
Lantern Archon (CR 3/MR 1)
Spyglass Archon (CR 4/MR 1)
Hound Archon (CR 6/MR 2)
Legion Archon (CR 10/MR 3)
Shield Archon (CR 15/MR 5)
Trumpet Archon (CR 21/MR 7)

Azatas (Mythic)
Lyrakien (CR 3/MR 1)
Yamah (CR 7/MR 2)
Bralani (CR 9/MR 3)
Lillend (CR 10/MR 3)
Raelis (CR 15/MR 5)
Ghaele (CR 19/MR 6)

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I made some slight changes to the Changeling race.

Opinions? Suggestions? Pie?

+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, –2 Constitution: Changelings are frail, but are clever and comely.
Medium: Changelings are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Humanoid: Changelings are humanoids with the changeling subtype.
Normal Speed: Changelings have a base speed of 30 feet.
Hag Racial Trait: The changeling inherits one of the following racial traits, depending on her mother's hag type:
Hulking Changeling (Annis Hag): The changeling gains a +1 racial bonus on melee damage.
Burning Blood (Blood Hag): Each time you take bleed or blood drain damage, each creature that is currently adjacent to you also takes 1 point of fire damage.
Green Widow (Green Hag): The changeling gains a +2 racial bonus on Bluff checks against creatures that are sexually attracted to her.
Cold Casting (Ice Hag): The changeling casts all spells with the [cold] descriptor at +1 caster level.
Silent Voice (Mute Hag): The changeling gains a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against being silenced.
Haunted Heart (Night Hag): The changeling gains a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against fear.
Sea Lungs (Sea Hag): The changeling may hold her breath for a number of rounds equal to three times her Constitution before she risks drowning.
Storm Scent (Storm Hag): The changeling can spend a full-round action to predict the weather in an area for the next 24 hours. The changeling's prediction is always accurate, but cannot account for spells or supernatural effects that might alter the forecast.
Claws: Changelings' fingernails are hard and sharp, granting them two claw attacks (1d4 points of damage each).
Natural Armor: Changelings have a +1 natural armor bonus.
Darkvision: Changelings can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Languages: Changelings begin play speaking Common and the primary language of their host society. Changelings with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aklo, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Goblin, and Orc.

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A male aasimar paladin of Iomedae who was orphaned at a young age and raised by a kind dwarven couple of semi-retired adventurers (the father a Fighter [Foehammer] and the mother a Cleric [Merciful Healer] of Bolka) in the Five Kings Mountains.

A love story between two unlikely undead hunters (a blonde haired, longsword/whip dual-wielding, ulfen woman Inquisitor [Vampire Hunter] of Iomedae and the other a handsome, sword-wielding, arcane slinging, dhampir Magus).

An exotic and sensual female, cerulean-furred, neutral good, Kitsune Sorcerer (Tattooed Sorcerer [Boreal Bloodline]) named Kurisutaru born in the Tian-Xia nation of Hongal in the city of Ordu-Aganhei who made her way into the Inner Sea by traveling the Path of Aganhei and is seeking adventure.

An female samsaran cleric of Qi Zhong who traveled to the Inner Sea seeking remnants any surviving members of his friends and comrades from one of her past lives.

A bo-staff wielding vanaras monk who worships Sun Wukong and seeks fame, fortune, and adventure (along with plenty of good drink) in Tian-Xia.

A honorable Nagaji samurai who seeks to give his dead wife and children justice by slaying the hobgoblin warlord who killed them.

A cleric of Cayden Cailean who seeks to help his comrades rescue a half-elven damsel in distress from being sacrificed by a desperate community to a red dragon.

A male Oread paladin of Torag who seeks to reclaim a lost treasure for the faith.

A female sylph wizard [elemental school: air] leading an expedition into one of the legendary sky citadels.

A female half-erinyes/half-human seeking to escape the Daughters of Eiseth and the clergy of Asmodeus in order to forge her own destiny and discover who she is and what she wants.

A male Ifrit Inquisitor of Iomedae discovering just how corrupt and amoral the Burners of Hulran are in the Worldwound.

A female undine oracle (Mystery: Waves) who makes a living in a costal community rescuing sailors stricken on the rocks and helping fishermen.

A love story between a human cavalier (order of the dragon) and Thais (aka the accidental herald of Cayden Cailean).

A adventure/romance between an male aasimar paladin and a female half-elf sacred prostitute of Calistria.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Mike Lindner wrote:
There is also a certain investigative scenario set in Absalom where the story ties in with Rahadoumi traditions.
CSI absolom.

Varian: What do we have Radovan?

Radovan: Well boss, it's a strange one. The victim appears to have died while drinking a vial of holy water.

Varian (puts on sunglasses): Well Radovan, it looks like this murder is absolutely divine!


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No huge-sized Metallics? Shoot.

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