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Sir Holton

Berselius's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 840 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. No wishlists.


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Anyone have a clue what Monk archetype would best fit a Dwarf wrestler? Think "The Boulder" (from Avatar: The Last Airbender) but without the earth bending. Also, is there a specific magic item that would allow a character to temporarily become huge sized (or at the very least gain the benefits from the enlarge person spell)?

Indeed. A hearty thanks to the Paizo Staff for giving us this chance. Anywho, submitted mine. Good luck to everyone though. May the best five Pathfinders win. ^_^

Actually, what are all of the servitors?

Also, what are the Heralds? Do they each get new artwork and an updated stat block (for the ones released when Pathfinder was still 3.5 edition)?

In terms of archetypes, there's an awesome exorcist archetype that gives your cleric very iconic exorcist-type abilities from the movie of the same name. There's also a medium witch archetype that allows her to commune with an intelligent undead in new and interesting ways. There's also a new Prestige Class themed after the clerics and wizards of Nex who are specialized in fighting the undead hordes of Geb.

No Undead Slayer archetype/prestige class for Rangers or Inquisitors?

Not every example needs to be spelled out in black and white and signed by a wrinkled man with a long grey beard. The handful of Designers at Paizo have busy enough schedules already.

With all due respect, I see no issue with asking for official rules clarification to a product from a company whose product I'm having issues with. If you can't spare the time (or money) to hire people to answer your customers questions concerning your product then you have a poor business model.

I would be quite a feat to write down every single thing the Racial Heritage feat allowed you to qualify for.

Did I ask for every single thing the Racial Heritage feat allowed you to qualify for? I merely asked for official clarification on Prestige classes as concerned to the feat. I'm not concerned with anything else. Please don't make it seem I'm asking for more than I am because I'm not.

Um, one quick thing Fomsie, the Faq link you posted just says a Human with the Racial Heritage feat can take levels in a ARCHETYPE that requires you to be a specific race. The words PRESTIGE CLASS aren't used. Is there a way to get an official answer from Paizo on this? Do I e-mail these questions to them or post them somewhere else?

Can a aasimar with the scion of humanity alternate racial trait take the racial heritage feat?

Can a human with the racial heritage feat take levels in an prestige class that requires you to be of a specific race?

Can a aasimar with the scion of humanity alternate racial trait take the racial heritage feat and then take levels in an prestige class that requires you to be of a specific race?

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In the Inner Sea NPC codex (Fierani Demon Hunter), it says they kill anyone who persists in trying to enter, because they think it's solely an issue concerning the elves.

Wait, so there's no exceptions to this rule? Didn't Count Varian, Radovan, and even a gnome from Greengold enter the Tanglebriar with three other elves or am I mistaken on this?

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An advanced giant half-robot neh-thalggu with triple-mounted chainguns and mechanical spider legs! Oooo this gives me GOOSEBUMPS! Thanks for the info/links Tacticslion. I shall send pie (seriously, french silk pie, WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT)? ^_^

I'm a bit confused by the first line of the description. Is this a mega-dungeon designed for PC"s STARTING at levels 1st to 13th or will this module take a group of 1st level PC's ALL THE WAY to 13th level?

Any news on whether or not we'll be seeing new Oracle Curses/Mysteries? Will the Divine Heralds be getting new artwork and new stats (for the ones released in the D&D 3.5 edition manuals)?

Really hoping we'll get a half-robot template that can be applied even to Outsiders (like demons and devils)! I want my half-robot pit fiend and half-robot balor so bad right now I can practically TASTE IT! The real question is what monsters would best fit Doom's Spider Demon? I can't remember if there's an evil outsider that looks like a giant brain with large spider legs.

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Please god let us get a new Cavalier Order (aka the Order of the Green Feather) and a Monk of the White Feather archetype! Also wouldn't mind any possible additional info on the Angel Empyreal Lord Tolc! ^_^

Will the Tanglebriar demonslayer be limited to only to those with elven blood or can an any race be one? One would think the Elves would be willing to accept and train other races to help them combat Treerazor (it's not every day a nascent demon lord sets up shop in the woods behind your kingdom's backyard).

Where exactly in the world is Mr. Reynolds moving too? Will it still be in the United States of America?

Congratulations Victoria! I cannot wait to see what you do with "The Daughters of Fury"! On a side note, are we getting anymore Modules within the next few months guys and gals at Paizo? I would love to see more high level ones (for parties of 12th level and higher). ^_^

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I keep getting redirected back to the Paizo Store whenever I click on Paizo Blog or Paizo Web Fiction? Is there a reason for this?

Is there an Pathfinder RPG Monster Archive where we can specific the monster we're looking for via size (aka like Fine or Colossal)? Just wondering.

After the gargantuan Chromatics are done I'm really Really REALLY hoping for some gargantuan Metallics! Seriously, they've received so little love via artwork (barely any artwork of ancient Metallics) and stats (no mythic Metallics) that I really wish they'd get at least a decent gargantuan miniature (especially either the Silver or Gold).

Great scenarios you guys and gals at Paizo but one minor question for you all: will we ever be able to raise our PC's beyond 11th level in these organized play adventures? I'm just asking as I'd like to be able to get my PC into some higher level/more challenging action (and while battling Krune was pretty epic perhaps even higher level CR's with the 11th level cap removed might make for more epic play).

Two home-brewed Mythic Feats and three Mythic Path abilities.

Please review them and give your opinions:

Here they are:

Contingent Channeling (Mythic)
Your ability to imbue others with your healing energy lasts longer than what is usually considered normal.
Prerequisites: Contingent Channeling
Benefit: Anytime you use contingent channeling the repository of positive energy lasts for 1 hour instead of just 1 minute. In addition, you may instead spend two uses of mythic power when using contingent channeling to to make the repository last for one hour per mythic tier you possess.

Ultimate Mercy (Mythic)
By using lay on hands, you can bring the dead back to life, even if their bodies are not fully intact!
Prerequisites: Ultimate Mercy
Benefit: When using the ultimate mercy feat you may instead spend 2 uses of mythic power to bring single dead creature you touch back to life as a resurrection spell with a caster level equal to your paladin level. You still must provide the material component for resurrection or choose to accept 1 temporary negative level; this level automatically goes away after 24 hours, never becomes a permanent negative level, and cannot be overcome in any way except by waiting for the duration to expire.

Widen Channel (6th Tier)
Prerequisites: Ability to channel energy, Mythic Path (Hierophant)
Benefit: You may increase the range of your channel energy to 60 feet by spending 2 daily uses of that ability. Additionally, you may spend 2 uses of your mythic power to increase the range of your channel energy to 100 feet.

Widen Aura of Courage (3rd Tier)
Prerequisites: Aura of Courage Class Feature, Mythic Path (Marshal)
Benefit: Your aura of courage expands to a 60-foot-radius emanation. Additionally, you may spend 2 uses of your mythic power to expand your aura of courage to a 100-foot-radius emanation for a period of 1 hour.

Aura of Fearlessness (6th Tier)
Prerequisites: Aura of Courage Class Feature, Mythic Path (Marshal)
Benefit: Allies within your aura of courage are immune to fear (magical or otherwise)

Feel better soon!

Indeed; hope you feel super before the week is out. ^_^

And thanks...feeling a bit better.


Ummm... cholera kills by dehydration. The cholera toxins hurt the intestinal walls, spewing the patient very dry... but also washing away the cholera bacteria. Within 24 to 48 hours, it is usually over, one way or the other. There are no antibiotics that work quickly enough to matter. So... what you do is provide rehydration. If you have clean fluids for it, anyone can feed the patient a spoon every minute or so, to rehydrate them. Once the infection is over, though, it will take the patient quite a while to recover.

So in a nutshell, your best chance of surviving Cholera is to drink a balanced but constant amount of water over a period of 48 hours? If so, thanks for letting me know. You never know when an epidemic is gonna happen. ^_~

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Resistance (to the Abyss that is) is FUTILE!

And millions of religious conservatives cried out in joyous unison that they would have more fuel to fan the fire that continuously gives all decent roleplayers a hell of a headache.

It kinda depends on what type of Winter Witch your playing (aka the Archetype and Prestige Class don't have Alignment prerequisites). Since you mentioned Irrisen then I'm guessing your Winter Witch either lives there or once lived there. I believe you also mentioned the word "Elf"? Are you referring to Snowcaster Elves? If so, consider how the Daughters of Baba Yaga would treat an outsider (not to mention an Elf) being inducted into their ranks. You could be a Rogue Winter Witch fleeing Irrisen (or simply venturing off on your own due to not wanting to be under Baba Yaga's heel) for "warmer lands". There is an CG Empyreal Lord of winter, ice, and snow I believe (can't remember his name though).

This is a sad truth: people in Golarion don't use to summon Angels.

Er, that may be generalizing Golarion a bit to much. I'd say MOST beings in Golarion don't summon celestials and that's probably only due to the fact that you need to be a magic user of 7th to 10th level in order cast Lesser Planar Ally/Lesser Planar Binding (or at the very least use an item to summon one or find someone to cast the spell for you. Let's not forget that not EVERYONE in Golarion is a spellcaster and certainly a large amount of normal people in Golarion are of NPC Classes only.

First Timelord: It was so powerful, it's operating system developed sentience, some even say a conscience. Who would dare use a weapon of ultimate destruction when it could judge you? Only one man in all of creation would..

HA! Matt Smith's doctor would TOTALLY try and use it! Hell, the damn super weapon would probably take a LIKING to him!

That's the inherent problem with summoning good beings. Doing so lays all your faults to bear, and most can't stand the view.

While I can totally see mortals not being able to stand looking at a being whose every fiber was comprised of literally pure goodness, I'd also say the same thing for those who conjure some fiends as well (even some of the most evil spellcasters on Golarion would find some particular fiends to be outright repulsive). I think it's all a matter of willpower to be honest (which is to say if your a spellcaster whose reached 7th to 10th level you've pretty much demonstrated that you've got an iron will).

While there are ALOT of orphanages mantained by the clergy of Asmodeus (as well as the clergy of other evil beings) please remember that the clergy of Iomedae operates quite a few in Cheliax themselves (as her worship is at least tolerated by House Thrune; for now it seems). Or am I mistaken on this?

How DOES one go about treating insanity (via the Pathfinder rules system)? Is there rules for curing it? Does a Heal spell cure one particular type of madness or would you have to rely on more powerful magic (aka Miracle or Wish) for it to work?

I just wanted to personally thank Pnakotus Detsujin for bringing this issue up. It's always seemed strange to me that good was so heavily outnumbered (and at times outgunned) by evil in the Pathfinder RPG setting. While I now see more reasons for Golarion (and the Multiverse) being tilted slightly more in favor of evil, I still think we definitely need a little more Celestials in the mix. I certainly wouldn't mind one or two brand new monster entries for each of the six kinds of celestials (aka Agathions, Angels, Archons, Azatas, Garuda, and Peril).

Is Mr. Schneider still taking questions? If so, here's one for him. Can a truly exceptional female devil eventually advance to become a new Whore Queen? I always wanted to add a Whore Queen whose influence involved birds, pride, vanity, and the seduction of women (aka a "proud as a peacock" Whore Queen but with the type of power that no male devil would want to risk "ruffling her feathers"). I'm a bit at a loss at a possible name though (I originally thought of Xinivrae but I believe that name might still be the property of WotC).

Sent my submission. Feel free to e-mail me if there's any questions kay Timitius? (crosses fingers)

Itchy wrote:
I thought the illustration looked more like Lawrence Fishburne than Samuel L. Jackson.-Aaron

Yup, there it is. He DEFINITELY looks like Lawrence Fishburne.

Is it just me or does Aberny look a HELL OF ALOT like Samuel Jackson?

Thank you Archaeik.

You win a cookie.

A Sword of Valor archetype for the Paladin class does not get to select additional mercies at 6th level. Does this mean he NEVER GETS access to those mercies or can he gain them at another level (aka such as 9th, 12th, etc etc)? What about taking the Extra Mercy feat at 6th level? Would that allow the Sword of Valor to take the Diseased Mercy? I'd appreciate it if someone from Paizo Publishing could clarify this for me.

So we have the White and Red Dragons down.

Anyone else hoping we get either Silver or Gold Dragons next?

Awesome, another product for the core rules. I truly hope we see an Advanced NPC Codex sometime soon though (and then an Ultimate NPC Codex released sometime after that one).

Some more ideas for novels for you illustrious authors at Paizo Publishing:

Reinhardt: A valiant male warpriest of Cayden Cailean who has been tasked with leading a band of five adventurers to a newly constructed Hellknight Citadel in order to rescue Thais from being sacrificed.

Shadow: A male human hunter/slayer who comes and goes like the wind but will lend his skill at silting throats and the fangs of his loyal collie dog companion...IF the price is RIGHT that is.

Thrall: A male Trox fighter who escaped the gladiatorial arenas of the Drow by being rescued by adventurers. He is loyal and honorable, an absolute terror to slavers, and is far from stupid or naive.

Ianten: A male aasimar paladin of Torag who is valorous and kind and wishes to protect those dear to him but is despised by many as he is the adopted child of two prominent dwarves of the Five Kings Mountains.

Thorik: A heroic and kind male dwarf foehammer who went against the isolationist ways of his people and adopted an orphaned Aasimar infant (whom Thorik and his wife Belkara raised as their beloved son).

Belkara: A protective and loving female dwarf merciful healer of Bolka who (along with her husband Thorik) adopted and raised an aasimar infant named Ianten and is deeply supportive of her son.

Goku: A male whitecape Vanara monk who is a practitioner of multiple martial arts styles and loves nothing more than strong drink, fine company, and a good fight or two before bed as a nightcap.

Yaki: This female Wayang sorcerer has been tasked with a mission by her people to find "the light in the darkness" and bring it back to her tribe's hidden sacred temple to present to her teacher.

Sanako: A female Samsaran merciful healer who worships Qi Zhong and believes it is her duty to heal the good folk of Tian Xia and is normally quite, reserved, and reflectional (though she despises all undead).

Yoshi: This male Nagaji ronin serves no noble lord but possess a spirit as strong as steel and a heart as noble as any hero and if he finds a mission just and honorable then he will lend his katanas to serve the cause.

Kurisutaru: This friendly and beautiful female Kitsune sorcerer possesses exotic white fur and a mastery of ice magic that even the winter witches of Irrisen are hard pressed to match.

Neia: This female Ratfolk ninja hates Oni as well as all other evil outsiders and will go out of her way to end their existence on the Material Plane (so long as she can ensure she lives to tell the tale).

Elicia Stormraven: This female human paladin (warrior of the holy light) is rumored to be a godling of Iomedae for she possesses mythic power and has achieved feats of heroism that rival the mightiest of heroes.

Metterak: The "Dragon Prince"; this mythic great wyrm red dragon is quite possible the most terrifying threat to all civilized lands to emerge out of the North and he seeks nothing less than to ascend to godhood.

Remind me again, who was the final villain of the Carrion Crown adventure path?

I believe it was a Lich if I was correct? Can anyone tell me it's CR?

Okay, so I redid it once again.

Please let me know if this version is much better kay?

Also, please not the reason I didn't just have Holy Grit give the bonus feat Extra Grit was because according to the wording of the feat only the Gunslinger class can take the feat Extra Grit multiple times (if I'm mistaken on that please let me know):

Have Gun: At 1st level, the holy gun gains the Amateur Gunslinger feat and Gunsmithing as bonus feats. She also gains a battered gun identical to the one gained by the Gunslinger. This ability replaces the paladin's proficiency with medium and heavy armor as well as with shields.

Divine Deed: At 2nd level, the holy gun gains the following deed. This deed works and interacts with grit the same way as Gunslinger deeds, but only the holy gun can use it. If the holy gun also has levels in Gunslinger, she can spend grit points from that class to use this deed.

Smiting Shot (Su): A holy gun can spend 1 grit point to make a smiting shot with a firearm attack as a standard action. If the target is evil, the holy gun adds her Charisma bonus to her attack roll and adds her paladin level to the damage of the firearm attack. If the target of the smiting shot is an outsider with the evil subtype, an evil-aligned dragon, or an undead creature, the bonus to damage increases to 2 points of damage per level the paladin possesses. Regardless of the target, smiting shot automatically bypasses any DR the creature might have. In addition, until the target of the smiting shot is dead or the next time the paladin rests, the paladin gains a deflection bonus equal to her Charisma modifier (if any) to her AC against attacks made by the target of the smiting shot. If the paladin targets a creature that is not evil, the smiting shot is wasted with no effect.

This ability replaces Smite Evil.

Divine Bond (Su): At 5th level, a holy gun forms a bond with her deity. This functions as the paladin's divine bond ability, except the bond must always take the form of a firearm. In addition to the listed abilities, a holy gun can add the distance, reliable, or seeking special abilities to her weapon, but she cannot add the defending or disruption special abilities. This ability replaces the standard paladin's divine bond.

Holy Grit (Ex): At 3rd level, the holy gun gains 2 extra grit point at the start of each day and her maximum grit increases by 2. Furthermore, at 6th level, the holy gun also gains the use of a single Gunslinger deed. This chosen deed must be one that a Gunslinger of her paladin level –4 could use. At 9th level, and every three levels beyond 9th, the holy gun gains 2 extra grit points at the start of each day and her maximum grit increases by 2 and she may also select another Gunslinger deed that a Gunslinger of her level –4 could use. If she already has levels in Gunslinger, she gains a bonus to the maximum amount of grit she can have each day, equal to her Charisma bonus (if any) but gains no extra grit as the start of each day. This ability replaces mercy.

Holy Slinger (Ex): This ability functions like the holy champion paladin class feature, but the banishment occurs when she hits an evil outsider with the smiting shot deed. This ability replaces Holy Champion.

There's an archetype for samurai from the Dragon Empires Primer, called a Sword Saint. It trades in a samurai's Mount and Banner abilities for Iajutsu.

Good idea but I'm looking for a western-style Cavalier without Mount or Banner abilities.

You could re-skin it if Japanese isn't an appropriate milieu.

Ah, yeah, problem with that. My GM is big on material being official pathfinder rules and not using "third party" stuff. With I could go with another GM but there's so few of them where I live.

There's just one problem with the Sword Saint: It sucks. Wonderful idea, awful execution.

There's also that yes.

There is another possibility not yet mentioned: The Musketeer, who gets a gun instead of a mount - it's illegal in Organized Play, however, if that's what you're doing.

A nice idea but again, I'm looking for a sword wielding, shield bearing, Cavalier that can inspire troops instead of run over enemies with his mount. The gun part is a problem.

That is exactly what the Battle Herald ist, just as a prestige class... the bards IC is an aura of sorts... he gets commandos... Yeah. The BH is your best bet right now.

Again, not what I'm looking for. I'm not talking about a prestige class that combines Cavalier and Bard. I'm talking about the need for a Cavalier archetype that acts like a D&D 3.5 Marshal in return for giving up it's mounted (and/or banner) abilities.

This is exactly what the Inspiring Commander archetype, by Rite Publishing, is.

And if I could use that, believe me, I WOULD. Again, I'm stuck finding something via official Pathfinder core rules and not third party.

What exactly do you like about the cavalier that you want to keep and what don't you like about the mount?

There's alot about the Cavalier I don't like. The mount can be a pain in the ass (especially when you go dungeon delving) and the banner abilities only does so much to inspire your comrades. What I'm looking for is a sort of Battle Captain (aka a Cavalier with an Aura of Command abilities that gives bonuses to his comrades). Unfortunately, it appears I'm out of luck completely on this department.

Or paladins who take Weapon Bond instead if the horse.

Only I don't want my PC to BE A PALADIN.

They REALLY need to introduce a Cavalier "Inspiring Commander" archetype that has it's mount (and possibly banner) ability replaced with a more ally/teamwork-based tactical approach (like the D&D 3.5's Marshal and it's aura based abilities). Sort of like a foot-based general inspiring his troops (only instead of troops it's his adventuring companions).

Berselius, I like that list.

Thanks, glad you like it. I tried to make the celestials different than their WotC's versions. Like giving the Equinal defensive/bodyguard abilities, giving the Ursinal a calming aura ability, allowing the Justice Archon to absorb spells thrown at it that fail to bypass it's SR, giving the Warden Archon an ability similar to the Apostate Devil's Ohrwurm (except the alignment becomes one step closer to LG), etc etc.

Bersilius? Great list! We need more high powered celestials.

Your welcome and hell yes we need more bad ass celestials! The fiends can't get all the fun now can they?

Berselius, some of the azata names are likely product identity of WotC, but I do like that breakdown.

True but again, Paizo managed to use the Cervinal (I'm guessing because they made it almost totally different from it's WotC form). I figured if Paizo could take the Cervinal and transform it to something unlike it's WotC's version then Paizo could do the same with other celestials too. That's why I tried to make them all somewhat different from their WotC's versions. Of course, I could be mistaken on this but I have a sneaky suspicion that I'm right (aka the little voice instead my head that I stole from Magnum P.I.) ^_~

The pleasure devil wasn't one that I was a big fan of, though I like the devilish designation "Lillim" better than "Brachina".

Eh, I thought the idea of a Pleasure Devil was pretty damn cool to be honest. It kinda gals me that there isn't a breed of Devil like that for Pathfinder. Yeah, I know the devils are all about tyranny and pain but by the gods they have to have realized that pleasure can warp the minds of mortals just as well as any tyrant's iron fist.

The Shiradi are sort of lame (neither of those your fault though as it hearkens back to the original material.)

Well, again, the Shiradi I was trying to make wasn't the Shiradi that WotC made. This Shiradi would have spells, spell-like abilities, plus an aura of freedom of movement (and maybe we could add an ability to sunder objects like chains and stuff while we're at it). ^_~

A cyborg template would make more sense then a half-golem template so I am all for that. Though some cybernetic rules for player characters (in another book) without using a template would be nice.

Well, the machines of Numeria are called Robots right? Maybe a Half-Robot template then? Wasn't there a pretty cool template like that in Dungeon Magazine once? Although I absolutely LOVE the idea of Robot Augmentation. ^_^

Anyways, a radioactive golem would be pretty unique.

While it would be unique, it would also be impractical. What construct crafter wants to even be NEAR such a thing let alone try and sell it? At best it would have to stick to guarding a vault and never be able to leave; at worst it would certainly never be able to even get CLOSE to it's master. Now personally, I'd LOVE to see a Horacalcum Golem.

Anyone remember that Character Generator software that was included in the D&D 3rd Edition Player's Handbook? I often wonder why the hell Paizo Publishing won't give us something like? Hell, they could just include it as a one time purchasable online software you could buy, download, and update when you need to. Instead we have to make due to PC Gen and bloody Hero Lab.

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Angel, Aasimon (CR 9) (Warrior angels who are utterly without fear that serve as elite shock troops in the armies of the Empyreal Lords)

Angel, Stellar Deva (CR 15) (Angels that patrol the Dark Tapestry near the worlds that dot the Material Plane in order to protect the mortal beings that dwell there from the horrors of the void)

Agathion, Lupinal (CR 11) (Wolf-like agathions who love nothing more than to hunt a vile evil doer down and bring it to justice or scout ahead to gather intelligence for celestial commanders)

Agathion, Equinal (CR 12) (Horse-headed agathions who act as devoted defenders and elite bodyguards of clergy and mortals of interest to the powers of righteousness)

Agathion, Ursinal (CR 18) (Bear-like agathions known for their ability to pacify the violent around them if they wish as well as for their immense knowledge and potent spellcasting abilities)

Agathion, Loxonal (CR 19) (Elephant-like agathions who act as commanders and generals that work with the Planetars in waging wars against the armies of the fiendish planes)

Archon, Justice (CR 16) (Powerful archons devoted to punishing the wicked and slaying fiends that can absorb enemy magic and use it to power their own powers and abilities)

Archon, Warden (CR 17) (The masters and overseers of the prisons of heaven who possess the unique ability to shift a being's alignment over time to one step closer towards lawful good)

Archon, Tome (CR 18) (Eagle/hawk-headed archons who possess potent spellcasting powers and are known for their incredible scholastic abilities that some say can allow them to see the future)

Archon, Throne (CR 20) (Archons that wield vorpal greatswords who are seated on flying thrones of power capable of attacking foes on their own with blasts of heavenly fire)

Azata, Noviere (CR 11) (Aquatic azata that are capable of existing in both fresh and salt water and possess an aura that cleans water of contamination and filth)

Azata, Shiere (CR 12) (Knights errant among the azata who ride upon their summoned sleipnirs in order to find evil to slay, heroes to aid, and damsels to rescue)

Azata, Shiradi (CR 16) (Devoted azata that wield their spiked chains in order to defeat tyranny and unlock the shackled and chains the oppressed)

Azata, Tulani (CR 19) (Powerful azata nobles and princes who possess powers over the realm of dreams and constantly wage war against the abominations from the plane of nightmares)

Devil, Pleasure [Lillim] (CR 11) (The devil version of the demonic succubus; these devils seek to twist corrupt the minds of mortals by damning their souls with infernal pleasures)

Ape, Tyrant [Megaprimatus] (CR 10) (Huge-sized primates that often dominate who regions of jungle and are sometimes worshiped as deities by the natives of tropical jungles)

Lycanthrope, Werecrow (Template) (Lycanthropes who possess the ability to take the form of crows as well as other powers but they also have a unique vulnerability to gold in addition to silver)

Lycanthrope, Weresaurian (Template) (Rare but dangerous lycanthropes capable of taking the form of carnivorous dinosaurs; it is widely believed they are slowly being driven to extinction)

Lycanthrope, Wereskunks (Template) (Lycanthropes capable of taking the form of skunks and as such are capable of expelling a noxious cloud of foul-smelling vapor)

Golem, Gemstone (CR 17) (Golems made of precious and semi-precious gemstones that possess the ability to use a burst-like prismatic spray ability centered on themselves)

Vampire, Strigoi (Template) (A vampiric bloodline that lacks energy draining slams but possesses the ability to dominate victims through blood drain as well as moon-based powers)

Does anyone know of any official artwork that Paizo Publishing has had done for the ancient (or older) versions of the Metallic Dragons? I've scoured every manual and adventure I can find and still can't find any. I'm particularly upset that I can't find any artwork of an ancient (or older) Silver dragon. Yes I know there's one on the cover of the first part of the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path but I'm talking about a stand-alone artwork of an ancient Silver (and not one with it being vorpaled by a Balor Lord).

Detect Magic wrote:
Impressive necro, Berselius.

I know. I should really be a NECROmancer. (buddumPISH)

Awesome version of the Mute Oracle Curse L. A. DuBois! I hope they come out with an official one (as well as a Faerie Oracle Mystery). ^_^

I'm not sure about it's fairness or mechanics but I would absolutely LOVE an official Faerie Oracle Mystery! I would also love a Mute Oracle Curse too!

So, this is what I ended up coming up with.

Does this look good and solid to all of you?

Or am I missing something via other rules and whatnot?

Defensive Abilities: A vampire gains channel resistance +4, DR 10/magic and silver, and resistance to cold 10 and electricity 10, in addition to all of the defensive abilities granted by the undead type. A vampire also gains fast healing 5. If reduced to 0 hit points, a vampire assumes gaseous form (see below) and attempts to escape. It must reach its coffin home within 2 hours or be utterly destroyed (it can normally travel up to 9 miles in 2 hours). Additional damage dealt to a vampire forced into gaseous form has no effect. Once at rest, the vampire is helpless. It regains 1 hit point after 1 hour, then is no longer helpless and resumes healing at the rate of 5 hit points per round. The only way to permanently slay a vampire it to reduce it to 0 hit points via damage from natural or magical fire, positive energy, silver weapons, holy weapons and spells, or exposure to water and sunlight (see below). If brought to 0 hit points via any of those sources of damage, the vampire will disintegrate into fine ash and will be truly dead.

Additional Weaknesses: Vampires cannot tolerate the strong odor of garlic and will not enter an area laced with it. Similarly, they recoil from mirrors or strongly presented holy symbols. These things don't harm the vampire—they merely keep it at bay. A recoiling vampire must stay at least 5 feet away from the mirror or holy symbol and cannot touch or make melee attacks against that creature. Holding a vampire at bay takes a standard action. After 1 round, a vampire can overcome its revulsion of the object and function normally each round it makes a DC 25 Will save. Vampires cannot enter a private home or dwelling unless invited in by someone with the authority to do so.

Water Vulnerability (Su): Water (both fresh and salt) affects a vampire in the same manner that acid affects most creatures. Water deals 1d6 points of damage to the creature per round of exposure except in the case of total immersion (such as in a deep pool of water) which deals 10d6 points of damage per round of total immersion. An attack with water (such as from a hurled vial or the create water spell) counts as 1 round of exposure unless total immersion is presumed (such as with the tsunami spell).

Sunlight Vulnerability (Su): Exposure to sunlight (both natural and magical) is particularly deadly to vampires. Exposing any vampire to natural sunlight causes 10d6 points of damage per round. Also, exposing a vampire to the light of the daylight spell inflicts 1d6 points of damage per round. Other spells or attacks utilizing magical sunlight (such as searing light or sunburst) deal their normal listed damage.

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