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So I looked around the forums and found this entry by Ezzran:

Oracle Curse: Mute
The Oracle’s Curse renders her unable to speak. The Oracle casts all spells as if they have been modified with the Silent Spell feat, without changing their casting time or spell level.

5th level: The Oracle can communicate telepathically with anyone she is currently touching. This communication is language-dependent. She can use this ability to cast any language-dependent spell, but she must succeed on a Touch Attack against the target. She can only communicate this way with one person at a time.

10th level: The Oracle can, as a full round action, form a telepathic bond with one willing person. She can communicate with this person telepathically, at will, as if she was touching them. She can change the target of her bond once per day.

15th level: The Oracle can always understand and be understood when using her telepathic communications, as if under the effect of a Tongues spell. In addition, she can communicate telepathically with more than one person at a time, but she must be saying the same thing to all of them.

Dual-Cursed Oracles cannot take both this curse and the Tongues curse.

Does this look like it would past muster with a DM that rarely uses 3rd Party Pathfinder rules? Can anyone let me know if this seems broken or not? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks hun. Your the best. ^_^

Where can I find the prophet archetype?

True, I'd just like to have Perform as a class skill for the NPC and maybe a few Bard abilities to go along with it.

Is there a drawback rules system to represent birth defects for characters? Say a PC that was born mute, deaf, etc etc? Or is the Oracle class the only one with that type of drawback?

Hmmm...thanks for the info dude but I don't think either of those Archetypes are what I'm looking for. I'm trying to create a female ekujae half-elf (wildborn) oracle who suffers from a mute oracle curse and works as a dancer in a Magnimarian burlesque parlor that serves a place or worship for Arshea.

Anyone hope for some racial feats for some of the Subraces of Races (aka Aasimar, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Tieflings, Dhampire, etc etc)?

Anyone want an Advanced Pathfinder Unchained manual for 1st Edition Pathfinder RPG and if so, what classes would you want remade? For me, I think the Fighter and Sorcerer classes could use some updating.

Is there a Mute Oracle's Curse in either official or 3rd party Pathfinder material?

Is there an Oracle Archetype that gives Bard class abilities in either official or 3rd party Pathfinder material?

newagelancelot wrote:
I am incredibly excited. Just as I was in the process of turning my back on PFRPG for 5th ed...

Abandoning Pathfinder RPG altogether for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition? Why not just continue to play both?

Quick question, is the Pathfinder Playtest Rulebook going to be available for free download as a PDF? If so, is it already available and if so where can one download it?

Hmmm...I was kind of hoping we'd get the feat progression from 4th Edition (aka a feat at 1st Level, 2nd Level, and then at every other even level) but this sounds interesting too. Will we be able to turn Skill Feats into General Feats as well as turning General Feats into Skill Feats? Also, what is the max amount of class levels one can reach? Is it still 20 or can our PC's actually go as high as 30 this time?

Any chance we'll be getting a ekujae half-elf (wildborn) in this set?

Still hoping we one day get Huge and Gargantuan models for Silver and Gold Metallic Dragons. ^_^

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I'm hoping this new edition will be compatible with the previous edition. I'm going to be mightily miffed if all my previous manuals are going to become useless for future Pathfinder releases.

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Tarondor wrote:
Please, tell me more about how your vast trove of Pathfinder stuff is now just sitting on your shelves, useless and forgotten...

(shrugs) You might have money to burn dude but some of us struggle to even save up enough cash to buy the PDF's.

Does this mean Paizo will not be publishing manuals for the previous edition of Pathfinder anymore?

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I can't access the Adventure Paths section. Please fix this.

Random French Peasant: Who put the mad man in charge of the country?

Robespierre: Ohhh, France France France France FRANCE! You don't know what's best for you. Only I know what's best for your. THE GUILLOTINEEE!

Maybe this line up would be better?

Cold Rider
Swan Maiden

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It'll be shocking to me if this Adventure Path doesn't have the PC's go mythic. Sorshen and Xanderghul are two of the most powerful arcane casters the Inner Sea ever saw in it's history and are comparable in terms of power with the Whispering Tyrant.

Lemme know if corrections need to be made.


Hell Reaver [Minor Artifact]
Aura strong abjuration CL 20th
Slot none; Price —; Weight 2 lbs.

Hell Reaver is +5 outsiderbane [evil, lawful] holy mithral longsword that continually sheds light equivalent to the light spell. If a creature with either the asura or devil subtypes is struck by the sword with a successful melee attack, that creature must succeed at a DC 22 Fortitude save or become is stunned for 1 round and staggered for 2 rounds thereafter. The asura or devil is staggered for 1 round even on a successful save.

In addition, any creature with the asura or devil subtypes within 30 feet of Hell Reaver attempting to use a calling, summoning, or teleportation effect, or any ability that physically transports a creature to or from another plane (such as blink, etherealness, or plane shift) must succeed at a Will save (DC 22). Failure means the ability does not function, as if the outsider were affected by dimensional anchor. In addition, the creature takes damage equal to 4d8 points of damage. This damage comes from holy power and is not subject to damage reduction, energy immunities, or energy resistances.

Lastly, once per day, a wielder may speak a command word (engraved upon Hellreaver's blade) and any entity with the asura or devil subtypes with 30 ft that is possessing another creature through possession spells or effects must succeed at a Will save (DC 22) or be exorcised and subjected to the dismissal spell (save negates).

If a paladin uses Hellreaver to deliver a coup de grace attack to an empyreal lord that possesses both divine and infernal blood coursing threw it's veins, who must offer the paladin its unconditional surrender, the sword shatters and is permanently destroyed.

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I hope we get a second version of this book. I'd love to see the following Fey in a sequel manual:

Candlestone Courtier
Cold Rider
Lurker in Light
Spring-Heeled Jack
Swan Maiden

Man, imagine how cunning and powerful Sorshen and Xanderghul must have been to have reigned from the founding of their nations to the ending of them over a thousand years later. Also, I wonder if we'll get an update on Magnimar's situation after the events of the Shattered Star Adventure Path.

Considering that Sheila Heidmarch and the Pathfinder Society bore partial responsibility for the calamity that befell Magnimar during the rise of Xin, I'm thinking Shelia and her husband had to finagle a great deal of financial assistance from the Decemvirate to aid in the City of Monuments recovery.

My Heritor Knight gladly raises his sword and shield in support of Princess Eutropia, the rightful and future empress of Taldor! By the way, do we have official artwork for Princess Eutropia yet?

Fantionette sounds a lot like a living mannequin that paralyzes, binds, and gags it's victims (and even magically changes their gender if possible) so it can play forced dress/make up with them for awhile in front of mirror before it gets bored with them and leaves them as dressed up sentient mannequins unable to move or speak? :D

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...but seriously, I hope the party goes back when their more powerful to finish off that hellspawn and give the soul of Anya some closure! :(

...also maybe this time the party could have help in the form of Anya's ghost which wants justice for her death as well by needing that accursed aquatic abomination dead as well? ;) :D

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Anya NOOOOOO! :(

What modules would you like Paizo Publishing to come out with for the setting of Golarion? I'll start with the ones I'd like to see:

It Lives: A module meant for 10th level PC's. A little more than a year after the disastrous tsunami that befell Magnimar, life has finally begun to return to a semblance of normalcy. The docks and harbors have been fully repaired, the city's food shortage finally alleviated, and the numerous terrors that washed up on shore have been put down. Yet a new nightmare has begun to haunt the city of monuments as someone or some THING is stalking and killing the children of the city. All that is known is that the corpses of the children slain show faces twisted in utter terror. What foul evil is performing these horrific murders and can the heroes find it in time before it strikes it's next victim?

Bastardhall Superdungeon: A super dungeon meant to take PC's from 8th level all the way to 20th level. The infamous ruler of Bastardhall, Caydserras Arudora has not been seen nor heard from in over a year. Rumor has it he has succumbed to old age or has perhaps embraced undeath as a way of postponing Pharasma's judgement. Either way, the heroes have been tasked by Prince Aduard of Caliphas with discovering the fate of Caydserras and slaying any foul menace that may lurk in the castle itself. Yet when the heroes enter the cursed fortress, the clock tower rings, lightning shoots from the walls, and the formerly open gates slam themselves shut. Can the heroes discover the truth of what has become of the ruler of Bastardhall and manage to make it out alive?

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Rysky wrote:
And the Linnorms. We owe them. Linnorm lover you...never change. (Hugs) :D

Wow, the veiled masters have massive mutant Chuul siege engines that they use to transport their Skum troops like war machines? Yeesh, I'm glad their not the only major power in the deep or else Golarion might be in some serious trouble. Thank gods for the Merfolk, Aquatic Elves, and Tritons having empires under the sea to counteract the aboleth's sinister schemes. o_o

Doom Dragon: "What do they call you, now, Thunderer? Arthur? Lancelot? Little John?"

Norman: THEY CALLLL MEEEEEE......Norman.

Hoping any convention only modules that are introduced are eventually made into modules for sale in the Paizo online store. Maybe the Bastard Hall series could be turned into a Superdungeon module. ^_^

Yeah, he might have forgotten about the half-elves and half-orcs but I doubt the developers for the book did. ;)

I hope so. I'm hoping we get some more alternate racial traits and feats for Half-Elves (Wildborn, Spireborn, and Snowborn) as well as Half-Orc (Gloomkin, Sandkin, Rainkin, and Frostkin). ^_^

Brinebeast wrote:

I am very excited about this book considering this is a topic not covered very often.I was trying to think of all the diverse racial groups,below is whati came up with.

Elven Diversity
-Mordant Spire

Dwarven Diversity

Gnome Diversity

Halfling Diversity

Human Diversity

What am I missing? I am specifially not including groups that already have a book covering that group such as Half-Elves, Half-Ors, Aasimar, etc. While there are race books about Elves and Dwarves, those books have very little discussion on the diverse groups within the larger population group.

You forgot the half-elves and half-orcs dude.

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Things I'm hoping to see next year in 2018:

An Advanced NPC Codex.

A Chronicles of the Righteous core manual.

A Concordance of Rivals core manual.

A manual giving feats and alternate racial traits for subraces.

An adventure path featuring a war focusing on fighting Geb and his undead nation in order to save the Celestial Matriarchy of Holomog.

An megadungeon based on adventuring based on venturing into a massive pyramid and stopping an insane mummy lord cleric of Rovagug from summoning a new spawn of Rovagug.

A female half-ekujae half elf bard whose human parent was a Keleshite and works as a burlesque dancer in Magnimar and worships Arshea.

Yeah...I know that last one is a bit of a stretch but maybe one day eh? day my emerald haired tanned skinned feather boa draped half-elf beauty. ;)

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I hope you guys decide to do Wrath of the Righteous or Hell's Rebels some time next year. Also I hope you get one or two female members to join the Order of the Amber Die again. ^_^

Cool, so their like elemental versions of the Riftwardens then?

During my group's adventurers, Nidal was nearly wiped out when zealous Kuthites stumbled upon a trap riddled, magma filled cavern in the Mindspin Mountains and ended up finding a red dragon egg and bringing it back to Pangolais. The egg belonged to a particularly powerful mythic great wyrm red dragon who had been slumbering in said cavern and was not at all happy her egg was stolen. I'll leave you to imagine what happened next. ;) :D

Is there any poisons or diseases in this manual that act like ravages and afflictions (poisons and diseases that affect only evil-aligned beings)?

Anyone else think this is a good cast roster for a sequel to Marvel's X-Men Legends II. :D

Marvel’s X-Men Legends III: Mutant Messiah
• Angel
• Avalanche
• Bishop
• Cable
• Colossus
• Cyclops
• Dazzler
• Deadpool
• Dust
• Firestar
• Gambit
• Havoc
• Iceman
• Jean Grey
• Juggernaut
• Magma
• Magneto
• Marrow
• Meltdown
• Nightcrawler
• Pixie
• Polaris
• Psylocke
• Quicksilver
• Rockslide
• Rogue
• Sabertooth
• Scarlet Witch
• Storm
• Sunpyre
• Sunspot
• Surge
• Toad
• Warpath
• White Queen
• Wind Dancer
• Wolverine
• Xorn

Anyone else think this is a good cast roster for a sequel to Marvel's Ultimate Alliance II:

Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance III: Infinity War
• Black Panther
• Black Widow
• Blade
• Captain America
• Captain Marvel
• Cloak
• Colossus
• Cyclops
• Dagger
• Deadpool
• Daredevil
• Doctor Strange
• Gambit
• Ghost Rider
• Hawkeye
• Hulk
• Human Torch
• Iceman
• Invisible Woman
• Iron Fist
• Iron Man
• Jean Grey
• Luke Cage
• Mr. Fantastic
• Nightcrawler
• Quicksilver
• Rogue
• Scarlet Witch
• Silver Surfer
• Spider-Man
• Storm
• Thing
• Thor
• Vision
• Valkyrie
• War Machine
• White Queen
• Wolverine

Mystic_Snowfang wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Reduxist wrote:

How about the angels of the Ars Paulina and the Zabaniah, from the Lesser Key of Solomon and Islamic folklore respectively? Considering how many gods possess the evil domain, having 43 new good, celestial gods wouldn't hurt.

Heck, why stop there? The fiendish forces have plenty of variance, but celestials only have around four. Maybe the new pantheons could bring in some new celestial races?

Also, maybe a Darwin Award Daemon.

.....the really weird thing is I can't tell if your being serious or if your being sarcastic. o_O
I think a Daemon that promotes "never my fault" thinking leading to premature deaths from being an idiot would be interesting.

So in other words, a Daemon produced via death by stupidity and seeks to cause more death of mortals that way? I don't think such Daemons will be held in high esteem by the Horsemen or the Daemonic Harbingers who serve them. Still, it's an interesting idea.

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Hoping to get a prestige class or an archetype or two for Arshea worshipers in this manual. ^_^

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I hope we get more info on ekujae half-elves (wildborn) and jungle half-orcs (rainkin) in this manual. ^_^

Reduxist wrote:

How about the angels of the Ars Paulina and the Zabaniah, from the Lesser Key of Solomon and Islamic folklore respectively? Considering how many gods possess the evil domain, having 43 new good, celestial gods wouldn't hurt.

Heck, why stop there? The fiendish forces have plenty of variance, but celestials only have around four. Maybe the new pantheons could bring in some new celestial races?

Also, maybe a Darwin Award Daemon.

.....the really weird thing is I can't tell if your being serious or if your being sarcastic. o_O

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My revised list for what I'd like to see in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary VII:

Agathion, Caprinal (CR 7): Graceful faun / satyr-like humanoid Agathion with spiraling ram horns coming out of their heads. They cast spells like a cleric and can use their lay on hands ability to remove disease, poison, and fatigue in addition to curing damage. Caprinals act as acolytes, diplomats, scribes, and aids in Nirvana and are often summoned to the Material Plane to aid the clergy of the gods.

Agathion, Loxonal (CR 19): Eclipsed in power only by the Draconals, these armored, elephant-like Agathion juggernauts can enter a ferocious rage-like state equal to a powerful barbarian if they witness an evil act or deed and possess a powerful trumpeting ability which acts as a holy word spell. Loxonals often join celestial armies in crusading against the fiends of the lower planes of the multiverse.

Agathion, Ophidial (CR 13): Serpent-like Agathion that use their powerful psychic magic to defend the minds of innocents against forces that would twist them to evil. They also aid the Reptials in gathering and utilizing holy relics for the good of all benevolent forces in both Nirvana and the worlds of the Material Plane.

Angel, Seraph [1st Angelic Choir] (CR 19): These truly awe-inspiring angels have six wings and radiate an aura of heavenly fire that can reduce even a devil to ash and can also heal outsiders and mortals of good alignment. The Seraphs act in a similar function to Planetars (aka as the leaders of celestial armies) and while there is some contention between the two they generally work well together.

Angel, Hashmal [2nd Angelic Choir] (CR 18): These mighty four-winged angels act as judges and wardens for Heaven’s prisons and possess the ability to shift a foe's alignment one step toward lawful good (similar to the Ohrwurm ability of the Apostate Devils but more powerful). They also possess an ability to surround themselves and their massive warhammers with primal lightning which can electrocute even a demon of the abyss.

Angel, Ishim [3rd Angelic Choir] (CR 15): These powerful two-winged angels possess powers over elemental cold and flame as well as potent spell-like abilities and act as an advanced agents that are sent to worlds in the Material Plane in danger of fiendish invasion.

Alicorn (CR 6): Occasionally a Pegasus and a Unicorn will fall in love with one another and the foal they end up producing is often this majestic and benevolent combination of the best of both species.

Archon, Blade (CR 11): These metal-clad archons look like armored knights soaring through the skies on their blade-like wings. They exist to smite powerful fiends and are most at home fighting in the armies of heaven. They possess an ability of surrounding themselves with a heavenly pinwheel that resembles the blade barrier spell.

Cackle Bird (CR 5): A flightless bird of prey that resembles an over-sized ostrich but far more menacing (with a large hooked beak and raptor-like claws on it’s legs). It is covered in a massive pelt of pink plumage resembling ostrich feathers and can exhale a cone of pinkish gas that causes they affected by it to laugh hysterically.

Devil, Addiction [Atropocustra] (CR 7): These insectoid devils spread the will of hell with their powerful narcotics, forcing those addicted to their drugs to serve the whims of the Archdevils.

Devil, Crusader [Ascensoriel] (CR 8): These centaur-like devils act as advanced cavalry and elite shock troops for the forces of Hell.

Devil, Desert [Ghalshoaton] (CR 9): Crocodile-like devils who bear a potent weakness to holy water and seek to tempt the inhabitants of desert kingdoms into following the will of Hell.

Devil, Hellforge [Savnogon] (CR 13): These devils work the infernal forges of Hell, are covered in wrought iron, and reek of fire and brimstone.

Devil, Hunter [Edavagor] (CR 12): These huge, two headed wolves possess rotting eyes and act as tireless plane-hopping hunters of lost souls and escaped devils who have betrayed the powers of Hell.

Devil, Physician [Paigeon] (CR 10): Just as Contract Devils tempt with bargains and Cabal Devils tempt with promises of arcane power, so to do the Physician Devils tempt with promises of healing.

Devil, Rumor [Dababum] (CR 6): These sinister, rat-like Devils exist to slander and ruin the names and reputations of the enemies of Hell.

Devil, Seduction [Lilim] (CR 10): Created from especially wicked female souls claimed by the Queen of the Night Ardad Lili, these seductive female Devils exist solely to tempt men with physical pleasure.

Dragon (Other), Meteor (CR 17): These gargantuan, space faring dragons possess rocky hides, are capable of interstellar travel, and love to seek out hidden knowledge among the stars. It is advised to not anger them as they can be temperamental and destructive, bearing a cone shaped breath weapon of flame that can take the form of a meteor shower spell.

Dragon (Other), Song (CR 17): These benevolent, sinewy, shape-changing dragons love the sea, possess a cone shaped electric breath weapon, and can make use of powerful song-based abilities similar to a high level bard's. They are known to aid sailors and costal communities of humanoids that come under attack.

Gigas, Boneyard (CR 16): Mysterious and inscrutable, these pale, gaunt giants are clothed in flowing red robes and go about a mysterious agenda that most Psychopomps aren't even aware of. What is common knowledge however is that they possess a completely unfettered hatred for undead and will attack them on sight.

Gigas, Elysium (CR 17): These fair, benevolent, and courageous gargantuan giants serve (and even worship) the Elysian Titans and are perhaps the closest of Gigas-kind to their original Titan progenitors.

Gigas, Negative Energy (Necrophyscian) (CR 15): These skeletal gargantuan giants have rotting flesh, jutting bones, and a horrifically grotesque grin upon all their wide eye-stitched faces. They take perverse delight in turning living creatures into new and deadlier forms of half-living/half-undead.

Gigas, Nirvana (CR 17): Mysterious and mystic gargantuan giants that roam Nirvana, forever altering the landscape in kind and benevolent ways with their dreaming.

Gigas, Positive Energy (Lumigen) (CR 15): Devoted to the creation of life, these gargantuan giants of white living flame roam the multiverse creating and enhancing life wherever they trod.

Lycanthrope, Wereraven (Template): These mischievous but ultimately benevolent lycanthropes have unique powers (including summoning and transforming into raven swarms) but they also possess a unique vulnerability to gold as well as to silver.

Lycanthrope, Wereape (Template): Bestial, chaotic, and destructive, these lycanthropes are even more primal than the Wereboars and are found almost exclusively in tropical jungles or islands.

Lycanthrope, Wereserpent (Template): As cold as the blood that runs through their veins, these lycanthropes are rumored to have originated via vile experiments on humanoids performed by serpentfolk seeking to transform other races into more of their kind.

Vampire, Strigoi (Template): The progenitors of the vampire bloodline, these primal ancestors to the vampires look like feral humans but possess a fearsome ability to transform into a giant bat-like abomination along with other fell powers most vampires could only dream of possessing.

More Tane (Bonefather, Great Ulas [the Mountain That Walks], Hachan Ke [the Glory in the Blood], Kyrn [the Legion], Leviathan, Mohaba [the Moon Worm])

Some Gigas (Hell Gigas, Abaddon Gigas, Abyss Gigas, Maelstrom Gigas, Nirvana Gigas, Boneyard Gigas, and Elysium Gigas)

New angels (Hashmal, Seraph, Ishim) as well as other celestials (Agathions, Archons, Azatas)

More Inevitables, Aeons, Proteans, and Psychopomps.

Some new quasi-deities and demi-gods (Asura Ranas, Eldest, Empyreal Lords, Kyton Demagogues, Manasaputra Kumaras, Oni Daimyo, Protean Lords, Psychopomp Ushers, Qlippoth Lords, Rakshasa Immortals, Sahkil Tormentors, Queens of the Night)

More Kaiju!

Yeah, I'm aware of the basic levels they have for SOME of the Pathfinder Tales iconic characters but I'm talking about multiple full stat blocks (feats, skills, possessions, etc etc) for each novel they appear in. Also not every single Pathfinder Tales iconic character has their levels featured in the Inner Sea Combat/Magic manuals.

Oh gods I hope they don't release them individually as promotional parts to the comics. I don't want to have to purchase multiple items just so I can have every single stat block of the iconic characters featured in Pathfinder Tales (especially when I can just buy a single manual full of them). I'm not made of money after all.

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