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Dracula is probably an unique advanced Moroi vampire aristocrat / arcane spellcaster of some kind (I'd say either a conjurer or a necromancer) with several abilities unique only to him.

As for Castlevania, it's actually a "TRAVELING" machine dude (aka it can teleport). Dracula supposedly built it using science, magic, and occult lore that he learned and gathered over his centuries of life.

Yes, I am, just, SO EXCITED to play a party with Tristian in Kingmaker. A human cleric who speaks so utterly softly I need to turn up the volume to max just so it doesn't bother me. Also he wears no armor and wields no weapons. AT ALL. Yippee!

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W E Ray wrote:
What Class Levels would the bar-drunk have who kicks Simon Belmont in the jewels in episode one? He's funny.

"TREVOR" Belmont.

So, has anyone thought to do a PDF of stat blocks of Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades, Alucard, and Vlad Dracula von Tepes from Netflix's Castlevania the Animated Series?

In terms of stats I'd think Trevor would be a Fighter with the Tactician archetype, Sypha would be a Kineticist who could use fire and cold (and later on electricity), and Alucard would be a Moroi-Born Dhampir (Svetocher) Magus?

Dracula might qualify as a Conjurer or Necromancer. He's power to conjure demons, undead, and unleash blasts of hellfire and negative energy make him interesting to stat.

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Anorak wrote:
CorvusMask wrote:
Maybe it will turn out Xanderghul doesn't actually exist or something so he doesn't have stats :D I'm trying to guess what would be biggest plot twist related to master illusionist
Perhaps he's really a Veiled Master placed in Thassilon to ensure its evolution and if need be, destruction?

Since I believe Xanderghul is the most powerful of the current Runelords (to the level of achieving mythic level power), it would have to be one hell of a powerful Veiled Master.

Though from what I'm aware of, the Aboleth don't age and are born with all the knowledge of those that birthed them so it's certainly possible.

Non-Sequitor Camel wrote:
The question to ask is: How are the two grids different from each other, and why?

Good question. To me 4th edition D&D was far more hack and slash than 3.5 D&D or 1st Edition Pathfinder with a lot of the detail from 3.5 drummed down or outright excluded. Not sure if that's a fair comparison to this new Playtest for Pathfinder. Perhaps it's the fact that a great deal is different that's giving this vibe to me?

James Jacobs wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
Will every runelord get stats(not including ones that already have been done) during the course of this AP?
Sort of.

I think (but could be wrong) that Alaznist might be the final foe in this adventure path but I do definately hope we get stats for Sorshen, Xanderghul, and Zutha at the very least. :D

Hmmm...while I think a great deal of the ancestries, backgrounds, and race stuff is good and a good deal of the classes are interesting, I'm still getting 4th Edition vibes from this for some reason. Maybe it's because it's just not flushed out enough yet?

I wonder what Runelord's statblock will be featured in this part?

I realize that it's only the playtest of the Players Core Rulebook but still, I'm getting 4th Edition D&D vibes from this.

I was refering to the subraces of half-elf and half-orc dude. Like, half-ekujae elf (wildborn) or half-jungle orc (rainkin) or half-mordant spire elf (spireborn), etc etc.

Anyone know of a free or one-time purchase only program to make Pathfinder stat blocks that a person who can barely afford the PDF's let alone the books can find on the net that IS NOT Hero Lab?

Will there be Subraces options for Half-Elf / Half-Orc ancestries?

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I'm not happy about this.

James Jacobs wrote:

This story line began in the modules line, so it seemed apt to have it culminate in a module, not an Adventure Path.

Plus the timing of the countdown was too perfect not to do something like this.

(shrugs) While I'm still grateful for any released content James, I still think a great deal more could have been done with this. Too each their own I guess.

Jody Gerst wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Is Merisiel still with you guys? That crit disintegration spell must have made it difficult to bring her back from the Boneyard.

Sorry to say it, but she's gone. A resurrection spell could bring her back if we had her remains, but since she was disintegrated underwater we couldn't collect her dust. Only true resurrection can bring her back now and Kyra is 5 levels shy of being able to cast it.

R.I.P Merisiel there a rule to how long it takes for a soul of a deceased mortal to travel along the River of Souls to reach Pharasma's Boneyard or how long a soul dwells in the Boneyard before it is judged?

Zaister wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Franz Lunzer wrote:
No, it's one book with 7 "chapters". There's no time for this being a full fledged Adventure Path.
What were you expecting?!

I was hoping Paizo was going to save the stopping of the countdown clocks of Osirion's (as well as the foretold invasion of the Dominion of the Black into Golarion's solar system) for a 6 part adventure path that would span at least six of the planets of Golarion's solar system (Castrovel, Akiton, Triaxus, etc etc) and culmulate on the planet Aucturn.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to get whatever I can from Paizo, I was just hoping we'd get something bigger is all. Unless I'm wrong and this manual will be the size of the Rise of the Runelords/Curse of the Crimson Throne manuals (in which case I take back everything ^_~).

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Franz Lunzer wrote:
No, it's one book with 7 "chapters". There's no time for this being a full fledged Adventure Path.


Anyone know if there will be improved NPC classes? Maybe a Commoner class that will allow the ability to focus on a few proficiencies or an Aristocrat class that will grant the Leadership feat as well as the ability to inspire or command others?

So, wait, will this end up being a six part adventure path?

Is Merisiel still with you guys? That crit disintegration spell must have made it difficult to bring her back from the Boneyard.

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Hoping we get options for a dancer-type bard who works without an instrument.

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Val'bryn2 wrote:
It isn't an organized war like in D&D, but a conflict is still going on, based on the difference in alignment. However, whereas D&D had the NE outsiders as mercenaries to both sides,in Pathfinder demons and devil's will actually team up to put down a daemon threat.

Yup, I'm aware of canon Pathfinder lore regarding relations between fiends. I'm asking if anyone did anything different?

I pretty much had all the fiendish races fighting each other with the Daemons (and enlisted or enslaved Div) sending massive hordes into both the Abyss and Hell in order to bring death, oblivion, and suffering to the Multiverse.

The Devils and Demons would send their own armies into Abaddon to retaliate and also to fight each other while fighting their own internal threats (other powers of the Abyss for the Demons and the Asura for the Devils).

How would I explain them? That kind of depends on the caste of Rakshasa. Regardless of caste though, all Rakshasas believe that each and every creature in the universe has a proper role to play, and that success comes from understanding one's position and working to improve it. They have no issue however in regarding other sentient beings as little more than food or slaves. To them if your incapable of securing power and wealth for yourself with your own hands then you pretty much deserve to be a slave or worse. It's not an issue of good or evil, to them it's an issue of the law of nature. The strong survive and prosper and the weak fail and die.

Do any of you bring the D&D "Blood War" between the Demons of the Abyss and the Devils of Hell into your Pathfinder campaigns as a way to explain why the fiends of the lower planes haven't overrun the upper planes yet? If so, did you expand this war to include the other races of fiends in any way?

I may be wrong but it seems to me that this Adventure Path is setting up a possible nation of New Thassilon as a major power player in Golarion for the coming new edition of Pathfinder. If so, I'm guessing that one of the Runelords that achieved a measure of immortality will be it's ruler (with my guess on either Sorshen, Xanderghul, or Zutha). If New Thassilon rises again I'm hoping at least Magnimar‎ can resist it's rule or expansion. I'd really hate to see one of the few cities of the continent of Avistan that worships the Empyreal Lords fall to to the tyranny of sin.

Necrovegemite wrote:
In my gunsights.

That's just a semi-solid holoprojection coming from the real Iomedaean Cathedralship behind your corpsecruiser. Also, SPOILER ALERT: it's locked it's fusion guns on you. :P

Where is a Iomedaean Cathedralship when you need one?

Will we get stats for all the remaining Runelords in Return of the Runelords (aka Alaznist, Belimarius, Sorshen, Xanderghul, Zutha)?

Will we get stats for all the remaining Runelords in this AP (aka Alaznist, Belimarius, Sorshen, Xanderghul, Zutha)?

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Hooboy, this new system is so different from original Pathfinder it's going to take me and my friends weeks to figure out and months to get used too.

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(Sniff)...I'm not crying....I'm not upset...I can deal with this...I can be a man and deal withOHGODDAMMIT!

Seriously though Crys hun, your work's awesomeness speaks for itself. You've made Paizo Publishing and their product so much better by your hard work and awesome presence and we, the consumer, thank you from the bottom of our little vegan hearts. if you'll excuse me...I need to eat a whole tub of ice cream after hearing your leaving while blowing my nose into a trillion kleenix.

Chrome and Windows 7. It's fixed now. Thank you.

I'm unable to change my e-mail address. I've tried twice already and while I get a verification code, clicking on it only leads me to a white screen with the words, "click here to go to" and then I do so yet nothing changes. Please fix this Paizo Publishing.

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Thurston Hillman wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Is Renkroda Heartlove an interstellar celebrity performer who puts on fantastic holo-concerts in the Pact Worlds by chance? ;)


Teach me to write a blog right after a five day convention and a day of travel home. I'll see about getting this updated to a more appropriate title.

Heh, really hoping for a mission to rescue the Pact World's sensational, feather boa draped, singing/dancing, interstellar diva one day! ;) :D

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Is Renkroda Heartlove an interstellar celebrity performer who puts on fantastic holo-concerts in the Pact Worlds by chance? ;)

Was kind of hoping Soul Warden would have been revised in this manual to be a anti-undead/divine caster-based prestige class.

Any info on the Bestiary? More powerful versions of base elementals? New celestials or inevitables?

Are there are Feats to give a spellcaster the ability to bypass resistance or immunity for their element damage spells?

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I hope we get some Metamagic feats that let your elemental damage spells bypass resistance or immunity in exchange for using a higher level spell slot. Maybe with cool names like Primal Fire, Absolute Cold, (etc etc). :D

Well, it's not the free-rpg-day modules I wanted but I'm still grateful for any free content so thanks to Crystal and Jason for the hard work and effort.

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I'm grateful for any free content put out by Paizo even though I was kind of hoping for a non-goblin based module this time around. Still, thanks for the effort that went into this. ^_^

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Isabelle Lee wrote:
In addition (as some of the developers already know), I'd love to see an unarmored combat option. Ideally class-agnostic, but if it had to be class-specific, barbarian would be the one. ^_^

Isabelle hun, you read my mind. BLESS YOU! ;) :D

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Here's hoping for an endure elements and cold resistance feature as well as options for Barbarians wanting to dual-wield.

I need help with two custom NPC's I'm planning on introducing to my War for the Crown Adventure Path I'm running:

One is a LG male human paladin (oathbound) 9 of Iomedae/holy vindicator 2 who is of Chelexian decent yet recently obtained a rare (and coveted) noble title through his loyal and dedicated efforts to defend the Empire from the devils of House Thrune (one example of this was his heroic act of defending Princess Eutropia from devil assassins).

Since then he has been approached by Eutropia on numerous occasions for discussions on the state of the Empire and the two have struck up a dialogue on how to best approach the situation. Eutropia wishes his support in her bid for the Lion Throne and he does indeed realize the staggering level of corruption affecting his adopted homeland. So far however he has been cautious, having taken only a minimum amount of effort to aid Eutropia due to his uncertainty of how best to proceed.

He has instead been focusing his efforts to secure aid and shelter for fleeing members of the disastrous Glorious Reclamation and to prevent fiendish incursions on Taldane soil.

The other NPC is the first one's wife, a NG female half-elf enchanter 5/enchanting courtesan 6 with tanned skin, striking blue eyes, and emerald hair which has led many to believe (correctly) she has the blood of the fey running through her veins.

Extremely popular in the social circles of Taldane aristocracy, she is also a minor and unofficial supporter of Princess Eutropia and has done her best to help the Princess deal with minor threats to her plans without jeopardizing her position. Like her husband she has been reluctant to declare her official support for the Princess. Instead she prefers to maneuver though the nobility unnoticed and strike only when she feels no repercussions could befall her or her love.

What I need help with is choosing the right ability scores, feats, and equipment to make them possible allies of the PC's. The Paladin prefers to wear a breast plate and wield a longsword and heavy steel shield. The enchanter prefers to carry a dagger. Magic equipment is proportional to NPC GP of their level. Their ability scores need a Point Buy of 15.

So, the Holy Vindicator prestige class requires the "Channel energy class feature" in order to take it.

However a Paladin has the "Channel POSITIVE Energy" class feature.

I'd like to know if this wording makes a Paladin PC unable to take the Holy Vindicator prestige class in official society play for Pathfinder?

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I officially WUV Il'setsya Wyrmtouched! :D

I'm really hoping the rules for the Leadership feat (if it's included in this version of Pathfinder) are easier to use and understand. It'd be easier just to turn it into a feat that gives the PC who takes it a loyal cohort NPC of a playable race and class.

What I want to see via the monster section:

The remaining Thane of the First World.

A new celestial for each of the Agathion, Angel, Archon, and Azata races.

A new fiend for each of the Asura, Daemon, Demodand, Demon, Devil, Div, Kyton, Qlippoths.

More Gigas, LOTS more.

The introduction of more powerful Elementals (maybe Elemental Monoliths and Primal Elementals)?

A new Aeon, Inevitable, Protean, and Psychopomp.

Not being ahead of the specialist in top level spells at any level, not even the even levels, was a little sad for the sorcerer.

Yeah, and of course the fact that their spell selection was limited didn't help either. I always thought the Sorcerer class would have been included in the Pathfiner: Unchained Manual along with the Fighter class but I guess we'll have to wait until Pathfinder 2nd Edition to get it. Fortunately, it seems Paizo is gonna address the issues both the Sorcerer and Fighter classes had.

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I'm hoping that the Sorcerer can bring the same amount of arcane power to bear that the Wizard can. I guess we'll find out when we get a preview for the Sorcerer. I'm hoping we'll get cool Bloodline mechanics. My GF really wants to play a Minkish (aka the anime Dragon-Half) Red Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer. ;)

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Wow, you lost Merisiel, Kyra, Oorka, and Koloshkora?

That's a hefty amount of loss. With Kyra gone do you have any way to bring party members back to life?

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