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Not being ahead of the specialist in top level spells at any level, not even the even levels, was a little sad for the sorcerer.

Yeah, and of course the fact that their spell selection was limited didn't help either. I always thought the Sorcerer class would have been included in the Pathfiner: Unchained Manual along with the Fighter class but I guess we'll have to wait until Pathfinder 2nd Edition to get it. Fortunately, it seems Paizo is gonna address the issues both the Sorcerer and Fighter classes had.

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I'm hoping that the Sorcerer can bring the same amount of arcane power to bear that the Wizard can. I guess we'll find out when we get a preview for the Sorcerer. I'm hoping we'll get cool Bloodline mechanics. My GF really wants to play a Minkish (aka the anime Dragon-Half) Red Dragon Bloodline Sorcerer. ;)

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Wow, you lost Merisiel, Kyra, Oorka, and Koloshkora?

That's a hefty amount of loss. With Kyra gone do you have any way to bring party members back to life?

Enlight_Bystand wrote:
Although the last Pf1e AP will be announced at the show.

That's what I was referring too.

Jason Keeley wrote:
We'll be announcing the AP after THAT at PaizoCon during the Starfinder Adventure Path seminar. Chris Sims is in charge of that one and its a real hot ticket!

A new AP you say? (crosses fingers and begins praying for an adventure path focusing on stopping Arazni, Geb, and their undead nation from conquering Garund).

I prefer the alignment system that Palladium and Rifts used myself.

Does anyone know if Paizo has any plans on giving us statblocks for all the iconics that have been featured in the Pathfinder Tales and Short Online Tales series before the new edition of Pathfinder comes into effect?

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Really hoping for an Adopted background to allow a character to be adopted by another race (aka a human infant being adopted by dwarven parents).

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Heheh...glad to see some people who work at Paizo believe friendship is magic. ;) :D

I'm surprised we haven't seen any Pathfinder Scenarios featuring missions to thwart the plans of the Oni that rule Chu Ye (which is ruled by Shogun Tsuneni [aka a bloody Voidlord Void Yai)! I imagine Tsuneni isn't very content to rule only one mere nation of Tian Xia and eventually plans to rule over all of Golarion!

cartmanbeck wrote:
Berselius wrote:
Does anyone know if we're getting an actual Module for any PC's character instead of another goblin module for Free RPG Day 2018?

There are two modules for Free RPG Day, "We Be Super Goblins!" and "Skitter Shot".

Free RPG Day Website


Second Darkness would need a great deal of reworking but if Paizo plays it right and does good job then it could be very entertaining to run through it with a group!

My question is if they release a completely reworked hardcover of Second Darkness or Legacy of Fire will they be done in the new Pathfinder edition or the previous one?

Does anyone know if we're getting an actual Module for any PC's character instead of another goblin module for Free RPG Day 2018?

Also, I'd love to hear more about various resistance groups trying to bring the light of day back into Nidal. Would also like to see if Nidal follows the Midnight Lord's decree that worshipers of his sister Shelyn shall not be harmed so long as they mind their own business.

I imagine vampires find it delightful since the sun is obscured in that nation or can they still not go outside during the daytime in Nidal despite the gloom?

Isabelle Lee wrote:
Eric Hinkle wrote:
So, if your PC's parent/child/best friend/favorite barber/whoever gets undead-ified and has to be destroyed to stop them from killing people, then unless you have this specific PrC they go straight to the Abyss? Yeesh, there's a pleasant thought.
Not necessarily. It'll affect Pharasma's judgment, but won't necessarily instantly doom them to the lower planes. ^_^

Huh, and here I thought that becoming an undead pretty much causes the negative energy plane to swallow your soul and thus nix any chance of you getting an afterlife (which makes to act of creating undead so utterly vile).

I gotta say, I love this manual. I've only two complaints:

A prestige class for Arshea.

A prestige class for Tolc that gives a caster an ability to deal cold damage to creatures immune to cold damage.

Sadly it looks like we won't get either of those before Pathfinder 2.0 hits the shelf but who knows, maybe we'll get them in the new edition? will the Wish/Miracle spell now actually have the ability to cease the aging process for a few years for casters or will Arcane Discoveries make a come back in this new edition (and thus 20th level casters could take the Immortality Arcane Tradition like in the previous Pathfinder version)?

If that's too powerful for a wish spell then maybe using it to restore a certain amount of years lost to old age?

Also, I'm wondering if the Permanency spell will be in this and if so will it be expanded upon?

I'm hoping we'll get the following:

Lower level buff spells (resist energy, protection from energy, etc) that will have the option of lasting longer than just 1 round per level and affect more than just one person if they are given different casting component options and/or are heightened.

The bard class being given back the mage armor spell.

Some more cold based damage dealing spells, especially at lower levels.

What about if you want to play as a Halfling Arcanist or a Halfling Eagle Knight? Are their suggested Backgrounds for that? Not every Halfling is a roguish scoundrel after all.

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Berselius wrote:
So, wait a sec, do we have to spend some of our "feats" that we get as we level up our characters to get these "racial feats" or do we start off with one or two "racial feats" from the get go?

You start with one at 1st and get another at 5th, 9th, 13th, and 17th (those levels might be off, but probably not).

You get General Feats at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th (ditto).

You get Skills and Class Features every odd level.

You get a Class Feat and a Skill Feat every even level.

Wait, wait, wait a second, CLASS FEATS? Also only five General Feats? No offense but this is getting complicated and crazy. This is a LOT of change to a system. I'm still reserving my judgement for the final product of course but now I'm getting very concerned.

So, wait a sec, do we have to spend some of our "feats" that we get as we level up our characters to get these "racial feats" or do we start off with one or two "racial feats" from the get go?

I can see how humans can be problematic in that regard. I do think that Paizo Publishing handled the problem with ethnicities, subraces, and alternate racial traits/racial feats for 1st Edition Pathfinder in a very good manner if that helps any Vic. ;) :D

As long as the artwork of the Chromatic/Metallic Dragons featured in the manual is of ANCIENT Chromatic/Metallic Dragons or older, then I'll be fine with whatever Paizo puts in their new Bestiary.

Necromancer isn't an archetype. It's an part of the Arcane School class feature.

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While it's intriguing I'm wondering why their going with a rename in the first place? Kinda weird.

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While I will agree Malk that Goblins don't have to be disruptive, adding a core race into a tabletop roleplaying game that is canonically not welcome in most settlements in the very setting the game takes place in adds a level of difficulty that might make roleplaying them exceedingly difficult (depending on whether or not the GM is lenient and how strict the game's setting adheres to cannon Golarion). Perhaps Goblins would be better off being in a supplemental manual featuring other races that a player can be?

Ah, thanks a bunch. Will it only be available for download on August 2nd or on and AFTER August 2nd for however long the playtest lasts?

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Wait, they're getting rid of "Races" and replacing them with something else? This seems like a very precarious move. Hmmm...

Is the Playtest for Pathfinder (2nd Editon) free to download? If it's not will it be or will parts of it be?

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Honestly, I wish they would have gone with another race other than Goblin. Goblins are not welcome in most civilized settlements so that severely limits a PC's options.

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My sis is trans lesbian and I'm her BBBFF (aka Big Brother Best Friend Forever) so I'm definately pro-LGBT. All your stories are moving and inspiring and I'm super happy that Paizo Publishing has been one of the first tabletop gaming companies to feature LGBT couples in their gaming content. ^_^

So, a few modifications to the party my PC is playing this Adventure Path in:

I'm playing a male human fighter (high guardian)/cleric (hidden priest) of Iomedae and am planning on taking the Holy Vindicator prestige class.

My girlfriend is playing a female half-elf enchanter and is planning on taking the Enchanting Courtesan prestige class.

My brother's girlfriend is playing a female halfling rogue (spy)/slayer (cleaner) and is planning on taking the Halfling Opportunist prestige class.

My brother is playing a male dwarf warpriest of Torag and is planning on taking the Sacred Sentinel and Stalwart Defender prestige classes.

Lady Bluehawk wrote:
Two things: first, when is the Errata "product" going to come out? Soon, I hope, though I saw one of the answered FAQs was from October 2016, so I'll not hold my breath too long. ;)

I might be wrong on this but I think they actually implement Errata in the books when they sell out and have to reprint them.

The Intrigue Oracle Mystery needs to have the Perform Skill in it's list of Class Skills.

Are there 3rd party versions of the following Shaman Spirits: Ascetic, Dragon, Intrigue, Juju, Lunar, Metal, Occult, Outer Rifts, Shadow, Spellscar, Time, Whimsy, and Winter? One of my players wants to play a Shaman but he could use some more Shaman spirits to choose from.

Are there 3rd party revised versions of the Pathfinder RPG NPC classes (aka Adapt, Aristocrat, Commoner, Expert, and Warrior)? Like an Aristocrat class that gives the Leadership feat and some ability to bolster followers or access knowledge (like Bardic Lore)? Or a Warrior class with a few bonus combat feats or maybe a few Fighter class abilities? Just wondering about that.

Feros wrote:
Berselius wrote:
I really hope we'll get to see Captain Seferi's stat block in Part 2 of this Adventure Path! :D
Sadly, no. Seferi is tied to Oppara and the Inner Sea, neither of which is involved with Part 2.

Sigh...damn it.

I really hope we'll get to see Captain Seferi's stat block in Part 2 of this Adventure Path! :D

So, the offspring of a Swan Maiden and a male human then?

Cool, thanks.

If I used the Mute Oracle Curse from Jade Regent do you think it would affect my NPC's Challenge Rating in any way?

blahpers wrote:
The archetype is thematically supposed to be for oracles from Kelesh, there's not really anything in the abilities that would make such a background necessary.

Heh, that does actually fit my NPC's backstory somewhat as while her mother was a ekujae elf princess, her father was a Keleshite Paladin of Sarenrae. Huh, that might actually work though I'm not sure how I'll be able to tie it to a Magnimarian burlesque parlor that also doubles as a temple to Arshea. I'll see what I can do. Thanks dude. :D

Pounce wrote:
What specific bardic abilities is it that you're looking for?

Abilities focusing on dancing.

Thunderlord wrote:
if variant multiclassing is allowed, you could vmc either bard or oracle depending on what you're trying to build. Vmc bard is a slow burn but if you make a bard who vmcs oracle you can get your curse at 1st and a revelation at 3rd.

Uh, I don't know what you mean by "vmc" and "vmcs".

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Why do I get a sneaking suspicion that Valeros will be repaying Chogar those six coins at the end of this series?

So I looked around the forums and found this entry by Ezzran:

Oracle Curse: Mute
The Oracle’s Curse renders her unable to speak. The Oracle casts all spells as if they have been modified with the Silent Spell feat, without changing their casting time or spell level.

5th level: The Oracle can communicate telepathically with anyone she is currently touching. This communication is language-dependent. She can use this ability to cast any language-dependent spell, but she must succeed on a Touch Attack against the target. She can only communicate this way with one person at a time.

10th level: The Oracle can, as a full round action, form a telepathic bond with one willing person. She can communicate with this person telepathically, at will, as if she was touching them. She can change the target of her bond once per day.

15th level: The Oracle can always understand and be understood when using her telepathic communications, as if under the effect of a Tongues spell. In addition, she can communicate telepathically with more than one person at a time, but she must be saying the same thing to all of them.

Dual-Cursed Oracles cannot take both this curse and the Tongues curse.

Does this look like it would past muster with a DM that rarely uses 3rd Party Pathfinder rules? Can anyone let me know if this seems broken or not? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks hun. Your the best. ^_^

Where can I find the prophet archetype?

True, I'd just like to have Perform as a class skill for the NPC and maybe a few Bard abilities to go along with it.

Is there a drawback rules system to represent birth defects for characters? Say a PC that was born mute, deaf, etc etc? Or is the Oracle class the only one with that type of drawback?

Hmmm...thanks for the info dude but I don't think either of those Archetypes are what I'm looking for. I'm trying to create a female ekujae half-elf (wildborn) oracle who suffers from a mute oracle curse and works as a dancer in a Magnimarian burlesque parlor that serves a place or worship for Arshea.

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