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Beohawk's page

75 posts. Alias of Skorn.

Full Name

Beohalk the shamed




Ranger 1 (Urban)/ (Per: +5/7 Init:+4 HP 13/13 AC: 18/14/14 F: +4 R: +6 W: +1/3 ve fear)












Common, Kellish, Skald



Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 13
Charisma 8

About Beohawk


Branded a liar by his Ulfen clan, Beohawk roamed, looking for a new people. He may one day choose to explain the circumstances that required him to lie to his liege, but so far he has chosen not to discuss it. Sometimes honor demands much of a person.
Trained at a young age to hunt and to fight, Beohawk spent his youth in the northern wilds and is quite comfortable in the wilderness. He has the tracking and hunting skills of someone half again his age, and had already earned a half dozen of the silver bangles handed out in his tribe for bravery by the time he was banished. He can show you each, and tell its story: One for saving a young girl who had fallen in a cold and raging rapid. Another for tracking and killing a mad bear that had killed many of the clans animals. And another for killing his first man; an enemy raiding his home. Yes, he had much honor at his home before, before the girl.
And now after much wandering Beohawk had turned to this city of Ustalav in his need, making it his home. And were it not for the kindness of good professor Lorrimor who took him in initially, feeding him and helping him get his first jobs as a guide and hunter he might have actually perished here. So he owed this man much. And while the professor asks for nothing a debt must be repaid. So Beohawk has learned this city and maybe, just maybe, he can make a difference here. Maybe he can win a home among these people. Maybe there is even a chance to once again claim honor.

Physical Description:

Beohalk is of average height but slight build. He wears his black hair long, sometimes braided and often heavily greased. Silver bands decorate his wrists, each with an Ulfen design. A small brand of three circles adorns his right cheek-bone. Furs are worn over his hide shirt and he often wears a buckler to help defend himself. He carries a bow of horn and bone that he treasures more than any other of his meager possession.


Beohawk’s moods are often dark and stormy, but he is not known for being cruel. He is quick to do what is needed but often seen as poor at building consensus first. He might get chatty with a new friend but quickly turns away should someone ask him too much about his past or of his brand. He knows the city of Ustalav and has often been seen helping the poor there.

Role in the party:

As an urban ranger Beohawk can fight in melee and excels at ranged combat. His favored enemy of undead should serve him well here. He has a good armor class and a fighter’s hit points. He can serve as a guide and tracker and keep the party safe in both the wilds and in the capital city of Ustalav which he has, or will have mastered (Favored Terrian once he reaches that point). He also is trained in the Heal skill at once he can acquire a healer's kit will be at +7 with the skill at first level. At the same time his better than average perception, trap sense and ability to find and disarm even magical traps fills another important role. His campaign trait strengthens his will save and it is my hope this will help him stand steadfast and defend the party when others might run.

Beohawk the Shamed (CR 0.5)
Male Human (Ulfen) Ranger (Urban) 1
Init +4, Senses: Perception +5/7 in his city (Ustalav)

Health: 13
AC 18, Touch 14 Flat Footed 14
Saves: Fort +4, Refl +6, Will +1/3 vs fear
CMD: +16

Speed 30 ft.
Init: +5
Melee: Club +2 (1d6+1)
Melee: Kukri +2 (1d4+1)
Range: Composite Longbow +5 (1d8) or within 30' +6 (1d8+1)

Favored Enemy: Undead (+2 bonuses)
CMB: +2

Feats: Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot,
Traits: Magical Knack - Ranger Spells, Making Good on Promises (Campaign Trait)

Acrobatics (0)+2/+3 without buckler
Climb (1) +3/+5 without buckler
Diplomacy (0) -1
Disable Device(1) +4/+5 without buckler
Escape Artist (0) +2/+3 without buckler
Fly (0) +2/+3 without buckler
Heal (1) +5
Intimidate (0) -1
Knowledge (0) (Dungeoneering) n/a
Knowledge (1) (Geography) +5
Knowledge (Local) (1) +5
Perception (1) +5/7 vs Undead
Ride +11 (0) +2/+3 without buckler
Sense Motive (0) +1
Spellcraft (0) n/a
Stealth (1) +6/+7 without buckler
Survival (1) +5
Swim (1) +3/+3 without buckler

Languages: Common, Kellid, Skald

Favored Enemy (Undead), Favored Community (Ustalav), Track +1, Trapfinding +1, Wild Empathy +1

Armor Proficiency Light and Medium
Simple and Marshall Weapon Proficiency
Shield Proficiency
Track +1
Wild Empathy +1

Gold and Gear
Starting - 150

Composite Longbow
50 Arrows(cold Iron)

Hide Armor

Belt pouch
10 torches
Trail Rations

Coin - 11

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