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Imeckus Stroon

Benzini's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 13 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


Scarab Sages

So...Aldern Foxglove as human ally can be in same set as Skinsaw man? He is not marked Elite...also, Barrier- Shopkeepers Daughter should be gone by the time of 'Skinsaw Murders' , ya?

Scarab Sages

So I am starting with card set 1 of Adventure Path, Burnt Offerings. When I go to Second set, Skinsaw Murders, do I replace all 1's with 2's?

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The Elvish alternate racial trait, "Desert Runner" gives constitution bonus vs cold environment and fatigue, as well as other benefits. Could this +4 CON bonus count towards the saving throw against Numbing Cold (su) effect?

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It's a great read, and ; the precursor to the Green Lantern series...
It has a real pulp feel, with really EEEE-VIL on on side, and Super Altruistic Heroes on the other. A little hard to find, but if you like Space Opera and super powers...this story is for you!

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As a PFS player I have been anxiously awaiting new season....and I may be premature, but this story may go along with the new season...hmmmm

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If you make a character for the Pathfinder Society, it seems that certain traits would be banned: Any that improve the unused Craft rolls, any 'Campaign' traits form previous game (as you have to start fresh in PFS), etc., but I find there is no comprehensive list of traits, or any official banned traits lists. Anyone out there know where a 'banned traits' list exists?

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Leveling up is the only thing that comes to mind. Where did you get a Huge weapon?

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Not sure of the benefit of 'dipping'

Scarab Sages

I had a similar situation recently running a Devil. Reduction vs Resistance--same thing?

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Animal companion is much tougher to replace than bought animal as well.

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Hello Knowledge seekers.

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jemstone wrote:
thejeff wrote:
jemstone wrote:

Oh my goodness.

Someone tell me that's not Mr. Quimper at the end of "Dial H."

Because I really think it is. And if it is... hoooo boy.

I really, really hope not. (Haven't read Dial H.)

Unless it's just there as nod to Grant or something. Does not belong in the DCU. That story has been told and is done.

Considering the overlap between Vertigo and the "regular" DCU in the reboot universe (Animal Man/Swamp Thing/I, Vampire/JL: Dark, et al), anything's possible. That being said, on review, it is probably not Quimper. But I wouldn't put it past them to bring in some of the Invisibles' old continuity. After all, they're dredging up some pretty obscure Wildstorm/Image stuff for this reboot, so who can say?

Speaking of The Invisibles.

INVISIBLES OMNIBUS should be dropping this year! 1500 pages, or so I'm told!

I have read EVERY Dial H story written, including the Legion books with Dial existing there. Any time they want to take a run at this embodiment of the Deus Ex Machina, I am all for it. The last run with Morrison rocked, and it wouldn't hurt to keep following that one up.

Scarab Sages

Charles Scholz wrote:

Starting to not like Legion Lost.


Well, now that it's Xing over into Teen Titans, I am enjoying it more. I am hoping they wrap up this 'virus' nonsense soon, though.

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