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Mynafee Gorse

Benchdog's page

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Icyshadow wrote:
Kingmaker's first part can be deadly if the random encounter table is against you.

At level 3 a shambling mound attacked our camp at night and out party fighter was in trouble, I was playing a cavalier that was part of the order of the dragon... a halfling by the name of Sir Keleb Wargenfoot... was the first time I cried at a character death...

Alright, I can't wait to play!

Yeah, how are we doing on passes?

Yeah, a time would be nice :D

I'm good to go tuesday

I've already stated that I'm not a huge fan of larger groups, but I've played in them before, so I don't really mind playing in one again I suppose. Squirrel seems pretty experienced with running larger group, and the success of such groups generally depends on how well the GM can handle that many characters.

I'm using hero labs, so I can just send you that file along with my character sheet, I just need a way to send you it. I'm not sure if there is a way to send you it in here or not...

I've put together an... interesting fighter to play, if you want to toss me an email at, I'll send you the character sheet so you can look it over.

The allure of the game is irresistible, I shall join as the 6th. I'll come with both the fighter and the wizard prepared, and play either depending on the rest of the party.

I'm a firm believer of not letting a party get to big, or it gets unruly and hard to manage. You're sitting at 6, which is pretty much the cap of what I'd be willing to go to. So, while I'm interested, I'll wait to see if there are no shows or quitters before I join, I'll have something rolled up and ready to go (more then likely some sort of Arcane caster, or Duelist destined fighter). I'm recently unemployed, so I got time until I can find a new job, so I'll be available, though it does make me very tight on cash for the d20 pass thing.

Thank you

So do I get the ability to get the +4 to stealth and the jumping with running start without running start?

"Benefit: A rogue with this talent gains a small ki pool. This ki pool is similar to a ninja’s ki pool, but the rogue’s ki pool does not grant any extra attacks. The rogue gains a number of ki points equal to her Wisdom modifier (minimum 1). These ki points replenish at the start of each day. If she already has a ki pool, or gains a ki pool later, she gains half her Wisdom bonus (minimum 1) as bonus ki points to her ki pool. She can spend a ki point to gain a +10-foot bonus to movement until the end of her turn."

When it says that it works similar to a ninja's ki pool, does that mean it come with Ki Jump (Running Start) and Ki stealth, but no extra attack and no full +20' movement, or do I just get the ki pool so I can take some of the ninja traits?

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