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Tulrin Endessell

Belgraen's page

633 posts. Alias of wesF.

Full Name










Strength 10
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 16

About Belgraen

thunderbeard wrote:
Alright. Instead of posting dumb teasers, here's my rough draft of a character backstory. (Since this is still an interest check, a full character would be absurd, though I did calculate skill bonuses because those are hilarious at level 25)...

Taking a page out of Thunderbeards book, I’ve started the mechanic build, but it is completely ridiculous in the best kind of way. The only way I could to it is on paper, but I’ll transfer it digitally when I’m done.

Grand Magister Belgraen

Race: Elf "Leshay"
Alignment: LN (Keeps his word, pays his debts, loves his homeland. However, his extremely long lifespan has given him perspective regarding the greater good.)

1-20 Wiz 20 (Teleport) / Clr 20 (Fire/Storm)
21 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
22 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
23 Monk (Zen Archer)/Fighter (Archer)
24 Arcane Archer/Fighter (Archer)
25 Arcane Archer/Fighter (Archer)
(i'm not entirely sold on the fighter levels. I wasn't sure what else to do. I may change them out. We'll see. Same flavor though.

Role: Magical multitool, Knowledge monkey, problem solver, facilitate the parties ability to kick a**

Titles: Archtheurge, General of the queens army, Fiendscourge, Master of the Green Tower, the all knowing, The Everliving, Kyonin’s finest, Queen Telandia Edasseril, The Many as One

Organizational Affiliations:
Member: Green Faith, Pathfinder

Allies: All those loyal to Kyonin, Eagle Knights

Opposes: Aspis Consortium, Red Mantis, Whispering Way


Belgraen is ancient even for an elf. His exact age is not common knowledge, but mentions of him can be found in writing dating back over 4000 years.

Belgraen seems to be everywhere. This is in large part to his network of Simulacra that act on his behalf across the multiverse. (See below)

In person he’s much of what you’d expect from an archmage and some not. Calm, collected, Supernatually intelligent. However, he’s also quick with a joke. His sense of humor is a bit dark, but he rarely follows through with promises to turn people into woodland animals.

He is fiercely loyal to his homeland and has been known to both work quietly and loudly to protect its interests as the situation warrants.

For all his power, he understands his limitations. However, he’s always looking to expand his power and thereby reduce his limitations.


Belgraen is NG. He acts for the greater good as much as possible, but understands the need to cross the line when necessary. Overall he’s a kind and jovial type, but doesn’t suffer fools. He makes a distinction between actual ignorance and willful ignorance. The former he is kind to and the latter less-so.

Holdings: :

The green tower: There are many schools of magic in Golarion, but none so coveted by potential students than The Green Tower. Located in the heart of Kyonin the Green tower is an obelisk of immense sixe that towers into the sky, towering above the largest treetops. The exact location is two days ride from the Elven capital.

Various Demiplanes

A manor house in the Kyonin capital: A gift from an long passed Elven king. This is where Belgraen stays when he has business requiring him to be in the capital for long periods. The house is well maintained, but Belgraen rarely visits. Hasn’t made an appearance in the last 200 years or so.

Allies, Demiplanes, etc:

Work in progress, but so far:

Milani – Cohort, Master chef and potion maker / Spymaster (Specifics TBD, but I think Clonemaster Alchemist)

The Howling Storm (Truenaem creature) – Elder Lightning Elemental

The Guardian – The Uber-guardian of The Path. Details TBD

Intelligence network – Over the centuries Belgraen has set up a Pyramid shaped network of spies and informants all over the planet/multiverse. Many are humanoids, but not all. His network includes awakened animals & plants, simulacra of himself and others, and more esoteric things. They remain mostly unknown because they pass messages via telepathy. Each agent is connected to the network via permanent telepathy. The telepathic pyramid scheme has a series of handlers, each with multiple agents, eventually working themselves up to the spymaster, Milani. Milani is the only one directly connected to Belgraen Telepathically. He only disturbs Balgraen if he cannot handle a situation himself.

Simulacra – Belgraen has an unknown number of simulacra. Many of which are telepathically connected to Belgraen so that he might “be in more than one place at a time.” The simulacra handle the majority of situations and Belgraen gives instructions on what needs to be done.

Demiplanes (Greater)
Note: Only The Path is common knowledge.

- The path: network of permanent gates connecting strategic points on Golarian. Timeless plane where magic above 3rd level is restricted unless one possesses the Belgraens arcane mark. Any who behave and pay the toll are free to use The Path. However, The Guardian has several tricks to bar the entrance of any group or individual he chooses. There’s a toll at the entrances that varies according to reason for travel and ability to pay. A peasant visiting a sick relative may be allowed to travel for free wherein a wealthy merchant wishing to move goods across will be charged heavily.

- Alpha Node: Small Secret demiplane where Belgraens true body stays. (More details on that later)

- The Green Tower: The Green Tower is a demiplane attached to the aforementioned obelisk. This large (multiple castings) demiplane is a training ground for elite casters. A demiplane is used both for the opulence and the safety of others. Here is where the high-evel secrets of magic are shared with the chosen few who are deemed worthy.

- The Estate: This large demiplane (multiple castings) is Belgraens home as much as anything is. There is a large mansion and expansive grounds. This is where Belgraen escapes the world for a time, entertains guests, and provides sanctuary for those worth who ask for it.

- The Horde: Belgraens dirty little secret. He finds undead distasteful, but he’s a pragmatist at heart. When Belgraen finds or feels the need to make undead he stores them in this plane. The place is teeming with a variety of mostly low-level uncontrolled undead. In times of great need or desperation he opens a portal to release the horde upon an evil population. To date he’s only used it once against a large Drow City whose Matron Mothers had nearly completed a plan to bring devastation to Kyonin. With time short Belgrean opened the portal in the middle of the city. In the ensuing chaos Belgraen was able to thoroughly dismantle the Matron Mothers machinations.

- There are other demiplanes of various uses around Golarion and the multiverse that Belgraen has established for favored Allies. Multiple Bountiful demiplanes around Kyonin to augment the food stores in times of war, for example.

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