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Belfur's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 279 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist.

This has probably been asked before, but maybe you can confirm it (if it is true).
I would like to buy the Shackled City Hardcover. As I live in Germany, the shipping costs for this is quite high (even with the discount paizo gives, adding another 50% of the whole book price).
Now my question: is it possible to hold the hardcover until my Pathfinder #19 and the companion ship and add them to the hardcover parcel. So that I will still pay the shipping for the hardcover, but save the shipping for the pathfinder books?

I just started Hook Mountain Massacre and made some small changes, weaving in some character background, reviving the Paradise etc (to get some more RP enocunters, before the big slaughtering begins), but after last game night the I finally realized with 100% certainty, that nothing can really surprise my players any more (this is not a critique about the AP per sei, mind me). Every twist and turn in the adventure is anticipated one of the players or another and if only in a joke he makes. Without encountering Lucretia, just from seeing that she is somehow involved with the Sihedron, made them suspect, that she is a Lamia, and there are many things which they are not surprised about.
Do you have similar problems? Is every twist and turn in a story anticipated by the PCs or are our stories just too much cliche? How do you counter it?
Not that we did not have any fun, but sometimes this frustrates me a little bit.

Just saw and first to post :-D sells the 4th edition core books as pdfs and at least at the moment they are 30% off print edition cover price.

Maybe its already old for you, but I saw that WotC announces an Adventure Path for levels 1 through 30 in Dungeon (with 18 adventures). At least they are starting to do something right, from a business point of view (as early adventures will still be free, but later ones not any more), if they now started to do good adventures...
Although they should put a "To the Honor of Paizo Publishing" in the front of each module, as the AP, in the end, is an invention by them ;-)

Hi there,
I need some advice, please. Up to here we had really a lot of fun with Burnt Offerings, but this session ended quite sadly. My PCs went to Thistletop, entered and fought the 10 Goblin Refugees, which alerted the Druid. I thought, the Druid would surely command the Goblindogs to attack the PCs. Together with the cougar, this was nearly a TPK, meaning, the sorceror just got away as he was entangled out of sight (besides 40ft radius, that is nearly the whole complex, entangling everyone for a duration of 4 minutes!!). The enemies would have been bad enough, but what really makes this complex a deathtrap, especially for low level chars, is the small tunnels: -4 to AC and Attack leaves the PCs with no real offensive or defensive power.
Is it meant like this or is just the entrance too small?
Unfortunately one player was missing today so I had only 3 PCs and two were still Level 2 (Rogue and Sorceror) and one was Level 3 (Barbarian). Maybe it was my fault, but this is of course very unsatisfying as the PCs feel a little bit cheated by the harsh conditions. I now ruled that the Goblin Druid might have stabilised the two PCs for torturing and they could be saved later on (if the players like to after trying some new PCs). I think it was unfairly hard on them.
Comments, suggestions?
Sorry for the whining, but after some really fun and exciting sessions this one was a real let-down.

This was my first order from Paizo (Chaos Crucible, Downer, Combat Pad) apart from subscriptions. It arrived promptly and had a small goody inside, a booster of item cards. A nice treat, thank you!

I just read the Skinsaw Murders and am a little bit grieved by the waste of nice story..admitted, I also see that there is only so much space in a pathfinder.
Ironbriar is a justice of Magnimar, a socially powerful villain...but who cares? Not the PCs. They will just hack him to pieces, shrug and continue.
Did anyone expand on Ironbriar, make some run-ins with him before the PCs go to the sawmill?

As there are a fair number of Germans post on these boards I dare to look for new players here.

Hi there, I will move to Berlin at the end of the month and want to establish a new group for playing RotR, but I can also step into the player's role if needed.
I want to play rather story and role-playing heavy, but still enjoy the possiblity for optimizing characters, as long as the group is homogenous in this regards.
I plan to play once a week on week-day evenings.
If you feel that this is something for you, post your interest here. Looking forward to some new D&D.

Hi Paizo community, I need your collected creative pool. I will move at the end of the month and am looking for a possibility to end my campaign with a big bang. I tried to speed it up (as discussed in another thread), but holidays, a business trip and other things messed up the schedule. I have about two to three sessions left (maybe I could squeeze in a long session somewhere. The PCs are in the Spires of Long Shadows, I made all monsters on the entrance level frozen in time and the harbinger teasing the PCs as his "guests", while they had the visions. They now entered the lower level and the harbinger told them, that the monsters in the lower level will be alive and await the PCs.
That's where I am now, I could call it a day and just have the PCs level to 19 or 21 and fight against Dragotha or Kyuss himself, but would be much happier, if this would end now in a more organic way. I am thinking hard, but have no idea how to stop the AoW at this time in a decent way and hope that anyone has a good idea.

...ok its missing an eye and an arm, but a zombie doesn't need that, so does he? They put the compiled #360 online. Its solid, 75 pages, only "leafed" through it. Still page numbers are set all on the right side, so not double sided printing. It would look acceptable if there weren't so many articles about 4th edition in it.
Better than feared, worse than deserved. If this is it...yeah, don't know.

I am already thinking about my next campaign after AoW. Playing this I realized even more how much PCs are dependent on their magic gear to really matter. A fighter of mid to high-level has to invest all his gold in his sword and protective gear or he is history, he could never opt to save his gold to build a stronghold or invest in a political career, no one could even save money to buy something more expansive down the line. A rogue does not have the ability to say: I take off my armor and swim to the fortress harbor, where I will dispatch of the guards...if a fight starts, he is dead! Also I had the impression, that all this killed a lot of role playing, I don't know why, maybe I am wrong.
Don't get me wrong I like the aspect of magic items in D&D, but in the end, what does everyone own: magic weapon, armor items, stat buff items. There are many nice and flavourful wondrous items, which are never used, as characters have to concentrate on buying different stuff. Furthermore there is something like Iron Heroes, but I think that is too much of a change to the system.
I was tossing around some thoughts and would be happy about comments, where are the problems, how balanced will it be etc. I know the game will change, but as long as it is still fun...
Here is what I thought of:
-give every character a bonus to AC depending on level and class
-give every PC one point to spend on stats every 2 levels although one single stat can only be raised once every 4 levels
-wealth per level is halved or at least availability of magic is reduced greatly, so that PCs could invest more in other things
-maybe there should be feats, which raise AC+2, Attk+1 or Dmg+2, which also stack and are available for more classes
-give PCs more feats, every 2 levels, but then fighters need an additional bonus
And all this has to be balanced against non-classed enemies and the prospect that everyone will eventually get a magic armor or magic weapon and against the fact, that magic-users might be really overpowered then.

Additional rules I thought about:
- 50% of hit points lost: fatigued until healed or bandaged
- 75% of hit points lost: Exhausted until healed or bandaged (then, depending on hp fatigued or normal)
- unconcious: fatigued until end of day no matter what (maybe restoration helps)
- PCs get 2 skill point extra per level, which they could spend on flavourful skills, craft, profession, perform, knowledge, language as long as it is plausible. They are cc-skills, but can be improved as class skills if they had been used in a flavourful way during the last level, otherwise they are cc and may not be improved at the current level

After finishing the Occulus demon today (the paladin smited him with a triple crit: yes meaning he rolled 20 on 3 dice in one roll, a 1 in 8000 chance , for 125 dmg!), we wrapped up the GoW today.
Now my problem. I will have to move soon, so no time to finish the whole AoW. I thus decided to run SoLS and PoR and then jump directly to lvl 20 and play dawn of a new age. I think the adventures in between are nice, but could be left out and the story would make sense anyway; although I will tell my players what "happened" in between). I thought this to be a better idea, than play until I leave and leave the campaign unfinished.
Alas, it is not even enough time for these three adventures. So I have to cut down on encounters and have to do so heavily. Now I ask for your opinion what you think could be cut and what should really stay in these two adventures.

Spire of Long Shadows:
Of course I will leave out the devils' attack, probably all the Nagas. What else do you think?

Prince of Redhand:
I think I will leave only the big celebration, maybe Ilthane's lair (but it is a long time since I read the adventure, so tell me if anything else must stay).

Dawn of a new Age:
I think here anything could be cut, except the Spire and the fight against Kyuss (if everything fails, I will just make them fight Kyuss alone at Lvl21).

I am grateful for your help, I will read through these and make my own list, anyway, but am happy to take advice.

I just had a look at this. I mean: is there anyone out there who would buy it? Sure might be interesting reading, but for 20$??? Come on, for the price of a paperback 13$, fine, for 96 pages! But 20$, I guess reused artwork and again a lot of vague hot air about how cool 4th ed will be, but nothing substantial. Just my 2 cents.
Let the bashing begin ;-)

I got my receipt for PF#3 today and it says, that there will be a Dragon 359 poster included. However, I already got the poster in the regular magazine. So I just wanted to tell you that you could save the additional expenses. Greetings!

Just went to the site and took the survey they offer, thought it was about D&D or games or so, but was only about music. One question was: wrote:

Imagine that Wizards of the Coast partnered with music labels to provide music- and gaming-related information. How interested would you be in the following types of communications on music and gaming topics from Wizards?

Any ideas, rumors, news?

Like: randomized music boosters for RPG??

This Saturday I ran Maure Castle and we finished the second level. The PCs stumbled upon Yug-Anark and being all chaotic, noone was affected by the word of chaos. The PCs won initiative and the Minotaur Fighter and the Shadowdancer flanked the cleric and brought him down to 50 hp in one round. So I decided that Yug Anark would use Word of Recall at once to fight another day...but with a meager +9 to Concentration he has little chance to succeed (for word of recall that's 12 or higher) on casting defensively. I have to admit that I fudged the roll and let him escape, but a cleric without minions should have a high Concentration, otherwise he is cannon fodder, isn't he?

I was just wondering. My players will battle Madtooth the next day and they ordered a scroll of Disintegrate from Ekaym. So I have two options:
I stick with the 1200GM limit which is mentioned in the magazine and tell them they have to wait for two days (which will be too late), or give them the scroll and let them free the Apostel preposterous.
Now, if they free the Apostel too early, it will make its way to an empty arena...empty means no audience, but still lots of guards workers and servants. So if the Apostel eats a Champion, what will happen. It seems to me, that the ritual can occur anytime after the apostel has grown to full size. Of course the effects won't be too devastating, as there will only be some dozens of Wights and not thousands of them. What do you think?
And what would you do? Keep the Disintegration out of their hands for another day and have the big final with a lot at stake (and maybe have my players think I was unfair on them?) or make a mini final in the nightly arena (I could still have Auric appear as Ugly breaking through the arena floor would draw anyone in the arena to the fight).

I am wondering how to continue my TCB. The players now killed Bozal Zahol and the Alkilith demon and found the secret passage to Loris house. Due to the time they figured that they would have to go back to the Cenoby so they are not missed there (apart from having spent most ressources). In the following night, they want to go back and investigate the secret passage.
I was now wondering what to do in order to:
a: keep them from wasting our play time in Loris house
b: keep them from freeing Ugly (sure they should have their chances, but it would be much sweeter to have a proper final)

I now thought to let them go to the cellar of Raknians house, they get heard by the inhabitants (they don't have any sneaky types)...maybe I will place an alarm spell and/or a trap in the cellar. Then Okoral will come to investigate and I might hint to the players, that they might be disqualified when they get caught. So they hopefully retreat.
On the following day, Loris Raknian will have a wizard cast stone wall on the waste chute (where the PCs entered the complex).
Now I wonder, which guards I should place: should I have Bozal Zahol raised? or should I have him infested with a Kyuss worm, would make for a good shock effect.
Any other suggestions, don't worry my PCs are really tough, they can take a lot.

I am deep in TCB right now (who would have thought from my posts ;-) )
Yesterday the PCs faced off against Bozal, which was a very boring fight. True, Bozal lasted for nearly 15 rounds as they could not dispel his Antilife Shell, but his Summoned Monsters (bearded devil, fiendish dire wolf, fiendish boar) and the remaining Kyuss Spawn were defeated quite quickly, but then the PCs had to chip away on him with ranged weapons and Bozal used most of his spells to little effect due to many good rolls on saves. In the end they enlarged the Barbarian, who used a weapon with 10ft range (becoming 15ft) and hacked Bozal to pieces.
Now where did I do anything wrong? The problem is that the most powerful spells Bozal has, Harm and Slay Living, have a range of Touch and cannot be used in an Antilife Shell. Should I have dropped the protection earlier to at least discharge one of these spells, potentially killing a PC and making Bozal a real CR12 threat (I made him level 12 to compensate for the PCs' higher level) and daming him to a quick death at the hand of the tanks? Or should I have had him retreat to the demon earlier or was there another tactical move I missed?
I never before played at such high levels, so I would appreciate some hints on how I could have fared better (my main problem is, that the fight was quite unclimactic).

In two sessions my PCs will have to go against Pitch Blade. It says everywhere, that they are really tough...but I see a certain course of events. First Dispel Magic will ground them easily and they cannot do anything about it. Next my Wizard will come with a Dominate Person; against a DC of 22, they have not much chance with +9 Will. After this my PCs will watch them tear themselves apart. Did anyone have such an experience? My PCs are getting a little bit cocky and I want them to have a really nasty fight (or at least cut some of their weapons to pieces ;-)) Any advice to buff up the dwarves? Thanks.

As I am very excited about Pathfinder #1, I will surely not wait for my print issue to arrive. I will rather have a look at the pdf as soon as it is everybody else will do without doubt. Will your servers be up to the probably heavy load? Or can we expect to not see the pdf close to the release date due to very slow download?

I just found this link , which I wanted to share with you. The page is in german, but don't worry you can find the links for downloading. It is the complete soundtrack of Warcraft 3 (you still remember, when warcraft was still a strategy game ;-) ) for free as mp3s. There are some pretty good instrumental pieces for your RPG background. Enjoy!

While preparing TCB, I hit on a problem with Loris Raknian and the PCs motivation, and I guess my players will make trouble with this. At the end of HoHR they find out, that LR put money on their heads. So why should they enter the champion's games, knowing, that they are then at the whim of the guy who wants them dead anyway? That's a little bit strange! Anyone had a similar problem/idea. How did you solve it?

By the way, this is thread 2000 on the AoW board :-)

I am just leading my group through HoHR. They wiped out the drow and the Octopin. They were shocked to find the entrance to the Mind Flayer's lair and decided that they had to rest and heal. As it is about 3 am they will just wait until sunrise, so that the divine casters get their spells and abilities back; then those will go to resupply until the next 4 hours passed and the arcane casters are also recharged. Now my question, as Zyrxog is definitely aware by then, that the PCs are after him, what will he do to reinforce his lair. To get new minions it is too late, so I thought, he might free the advanced octopin, but where will it wait...a mean thing would be the brain-room, but that is maybe too tough..or should he just welcome them and lead them by their noses telepathically, fully confident, that he himself will not have any problems with the pesky adventurers (maybe bluffing them into taking some of the cursed items?). Any ideas welcome, Thanks.

Will you still be able to offer the free online content of both magazines (web enhancements, overload, player's guide to savage tide, etc). If not, either for copyright or for cost reasons, how long will we be able to download it? Thanks!

In D&D I always was the DM, back in 2nd ed and also in 3rd ed (apart from two one-shots). Of course I also want to have a PC, develop it, fight for it and maybe mourn for it if he dies. But am I still able to sit on the other side of the screen. What experiences do you have (from yourself or someone else, switching from longterm DM to full time PC)?
I am happy to hear from you!

I mean of course Skullport!

We just started EaBK tonight and the PCs decided on that "stupid action" to ride full speed to the keep and try to enter before the Lizard Folk can react. Great, I had to assemble like 20 Lizardmen to simulate the joint force against them (I told them, you will be seen like on 100m distance), but I decided that only three groups could join in the beginning. But what is this supposed to be: +2 to attack! Even with aid another (and thus making only one third of real attacks) it is a +6 to attack (one good thing the PCs did, they put their backs to the stable and protected their backs; so no flanking). The Lizards could only hit on very high rolls! (Barbarian AC 19, Druid AC 22, Warforged Artificer AC23, Paladin AC25). You could imagine, that apart from some meager hits, the Lizards were not a big match and had to retreat after dealing like 20 points of damage (with a critical hit on produce flame) and losing 11 of their number. The biggest "damage" to the group was their panic, which made them use up precious spells (like summon monster III).
The warforged later went out alone to collect wood from the stable to repair the tower gate, he was even mocking the lizards as they threw javelins at him. So I had to send out their leader and even cheated(!) to get a critical hit and make some 15 points of damage (I know cheating is not good, but I had to give them the impression, that they were not out of danger and I only switched the roll of his attack with the aid another roll of a normal lizardman). The leader was killed by the babarian.
I even made them go and find the captives in the same night, but even with the number of their spells reduced, I am afraid, that the adventure will be just boring to them. Only lizards and these punny dragonborn kobolds, who will not be able to hit either.
I would be grateful to get some suggestions, how to make the adventure tougher without getting ridiculous or killing the party.
I already decided to replace the kobolds with 4 3rd level rogues or fighter/rogues, so that they pose any threat at all and I will improve the leader's attributes by some points.
I do not want to kill my PCs, and I have no problem if they have some encounters they breeze through, but when they start mocking the monsters, I think, I have to do something.

We are going to wrap up TFoE next week and I think will start EaBK soon. Now I wanted to modify the adventure. What I do not like is the story with the shaman as it is. I cannot imagine, that the shaman will barter with a group of "humans" who just slaughtered his whole tribe and offer them to slaughter the chieftain to become leader himself of...well no one. I thought about putting him outside the tribe, as he took exile with some loyals (maybe half the tribe) and contact the PCs before they enter the tribe's lair. So the shaman has a tribe and just wants the clutch of eggs and the chief dead.
But anyway I wanted to collect ideas you used to modify the EaBK. I know there were several threads about this, but I could not find anything about my problem.
Thank you!

I play AoW in FR and thus have to replace the three gods in TFoE. Now that is no problem for Bane, but can anyone point me to a place where I can find the Holy Symbols of Bhaal and Myrkul (pictures or at least a description? I only played FR in 3ed.+ and thus have no further material about them.
Thank you

Edit: Sorry, of course it should be "Bhaal" in the title.

I will start TFoE next week and have some things which are unclear to me:
-In the cathedral (room1), are all the doors locked (and which locks do they have, I did not see any information)
- In room 3: how many cultists are there? (EL3/CR 1:3 means 9 cultists?) and why do they have Atk+2; I thought +1: Com1 +0 Str +1
- how did you treat resting in the complex, what about resupplying; I think for a group of this level it is quite dangerous, if they do not have the possibility to buy fresh healing potions etc. or is this no problem in the end?

Thanks for your advice.

I will meet up with my friends from home for a weekend of DnD and prepared Fiendish Footprints (Dungeon #122). While reading I saw several severe inconsitencies:
Berwim and his gang: it says since the cave-in they cannot leave the dungeon (and are thus starving), BUT they are vampires they can use gaseous form to escape.
Needle folk and the curse of the orc druid:
The elves claim that they will not enter the woods as it is cursed by the orc druid, but what about Neperchil? He lived there and had hunting parties and also Kenewor went there, they did not have problems with these hundreds of needlefolk, did they?
Berewim and his traps (this is not essential for the adventure and the players won't mind):
It says, that Berewim built the traps in room 7 and 8 in his "spare time". But on Kenewors map these traps are evaded by the map on the wooden map, so how could he know about these traps which were created years after his last visit?
Long story short: did you make changes to make the story more convincing? Which ones? Thanks for your ideas.

Just a short question: my players will encounter the acid beetle swarm next session and I am wondering how they could kill this swarm. I know the wizard does not have burning hands and the artificer, of course, is of no use as they have to deal with the problem immediately. So would torches work (how much damage would they do apart from imposing a -4 to hit, how about quenching them while fighting) or do they have to use lamp oil? I am really worried. Thanks for your short advice.

This is mainly a question for Eberron people:

One of my players wants to play a warforged artificer in my AoW which will be set in the FR. I like the artificer in the AoW as he could susbstitute for a rogue in concerns to finding and disabling traps (can he?), but he does not lose his most important combat ability due to fighting mainly undead. Flavor and background story is no problem, he fits in quite well (both artificer and warforged).
I do not have the rules, not playing in Eberron, but I had a short look on them. Is the artificer really balanced? He has a lot of abilities from many field. What about the warforged, I read that these infusions could only be "cast" on items, but the warforged can cast them on himself, is this unbalancing in some way?
I have to say, that the player is experienced, whereas my other players are not. So the artificer should not seem to be better and cooler than the normal core classes, so that they do not feel their PCs to fall short of this on.
Also this player is new to my group and I do not know him. He sounds like an adult and sensible player, but you never know. Could he play any tricks at me with this class (later class combinations, prestige classes) which make the PC overpowered and uncontrollable?
Thank you in advance for your advice.

First of all, if this has been discussed already exhaustively, just point me to the right thread.

What I want to know is, did anybody run the AP (at least half of it) in the FR? What experience did you make, any caveats about handouts giving wrong names etc.

Furthermore it looks quite complicated to me to convert all characters and locations (esp. in Diamond Lake/Daggerfall) or is this just a wrong impression?

Last, what did you do about this Bane/Bhaal/Myrkul story (ok I did not read the conversion notes thorougly yet). It looks a little bit lame to me: Just stop Kyuss and all the other gods go away, so why not stop eg. Bhaal from rising?

Thanks a lot for your thoughts. Hopefully I will start AoW next month and I am still unsure whether to convert or just play it in a generic/Greyhawk setting.

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