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Cayden Cailean

Beercifer's page

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Excellent work for a great campaign!


Ever want to play Ye Olde "Master of Magic" but with your Pathfinder group? This is the second module in the series and a great introduction on how to make it all happen for your players! Included is a large adventure, great artwork, and rules for players and DM's to forge their own kingdom.

This is also available for you to watch the continuing exploits of our game at...

We started uploading the videos from this in Late January '11.

Final Logline: Your player characters need to experience the feeling of trying to hold together a fledgling kingdom.

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Our Price: $3.99

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Best Poster for your Game Room - EVAR!


Wayne Reynolds once again strikes with an evocative piece that is guaranteed to make you smile when you're in the middle of flavor text at the next game you host.

This poster is perfect for bachelors living on their own with their game room/living room to be decorated at their leisure. This is probably Wayne's best work since he started in the industry and when you have it hanging, you won't find that statement untrue.

Thank you Wayne and Paizo!

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GameMastery Critical Hit Deck (3.5/PFRPG)- a review!


For those that are looking at these samples online, let me assure you, that you want these cards in your game.

First, they fit. You don't need a location for a hit, no extra tables needed. Did someone critical? Just pull the top card.

Do you (like me) hate having to do flavor text when instead you'd go through the rest of combat? This does solve a lot of worries, as it gives very little game rules, but enough fluff in the description of the bloody encounter to get players worried.

And you'll use this on your players more than your monsters. So keep this in mind if you've been seeing a lot of cards used in a night, there is a decapitation result. If you are like me and pull a card, there is a very real possibility that your game will get halted as you've just killed the party cleric.

Are you really into the idea of a critical hit deck? Combine this with the Critical Fumble Deck and use them in separate stacks at your table. You won't have to worry about stupid house rules for criticals, as this system of crits and fumbles is the best on the market, for any system-especially PATHFINDER/3.x

Excellent product and use of your wages, once again, a win for Paizo. Huzzah!

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