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Baron Gigus Von Zombi's page

118 posts. Alias of Smashtag.


but may have a soul?


Still a construct


Pretty big


A few days

Special Abilities

Falling apart


It's off

About Baron Gigus Von Zombi

DougFungus' Murder Mystery Tour:

Name: Baron Gigus Von Zombi

Airship you arrived on: The Tattered Flame, a black-painted, decrepit dirigible that sputters and smokes as it motors along.

Appearance: The Baron is massive, and would be imposing if his greyed-out zombie digits did not have the reprehensible tendency to come unattached at unpredictable intervals. His clothing was possibly quite fine two centuries ago. His mask is the color of live flesh and bears false, humourous blue eyes.

Personality: Von Zombi speaks with a deep, rolling voice, and wavers between an air of insufferable superiority and odd diffidence. Every time his dead chest produces a gurgle instead of speech, he cringes. He is quick to boast of the lands he owned when alive and his eagerness to re-establish an estate after the ball.

Story: Unbeknownst to Von Zombi and the other party-goers, he was not, in fact, a zombie: he was a construct of dead flesh and artificial personality, built by Eichorn Von Ryuko to test a 'tailor-made' assassin. The artificial personality, however, came to highly regard his fellow aristocrats, and rebelled against his assassin programming, causing personality glitches that manifested as schizophrenic paranoia and delusions of his 'past lives'. His friendships with Cassie DuSollier and Rashida Massri and his deep respect for the actions of Taraz the Wastrel , Professor Alessandra Devries, and Duchess Meowselsworth were instrumental in causing him to unconsciously subvert his mission. Once the other aristocrats voted to lynch him, Von Zombi finally learned the truth of his origin and destroyed himself rather than cause any more harm.


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, or, the Modern Prometheus; Terry Pratchett's Discworld golems; Battlestar Galactica's Base Star Hybrids; Carry On Screaming

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