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RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. 1,933 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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The Swa/Cav Boastful Gallant was an option I discarded when I decided to make it a Swa/Brd (it was a Brd/Swa at the first, but I didn't like spellcasting for it).
I'm working on the Divine Detective now. The Warpriest/Bloodrager (or maybe Bloodrager/Warpriest)'s name will be Consecrated Fury.

Advanced Class Guide.

I don't think your character is dead. The archetype lets you use hexes from bonded spirits. It also says to make the necessary adjustments (Cha instead of Wis). Well, Arcane Enlightenment adds wizard spells to the shaman's spell list, so it will add them to the oracle's spell list the same way.
If it seems overpowered, remember that as a wondering hex it is overpowered for shamans too. Probably the best way to handle it is let the character gain always the same spells, instead of choosing them anew whenever she chooses that spirit.

My least idea is becoming a description of a less-than-probable jorogumo cult plus plot against the Witch Queen plus a NPC boss stated... Seems tasty... Ummmm

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Many Mythic abilities can be adapted. Like, instead of Mythic domain read Mythic shaman hexes, etc.
But I also think it would be very good to have it "canonized".

Hmmm. A bunch of jorogumo is called a "cult". A cult of who? Have they a defined religion? I made a little search and there IS a goddess who's apparently fit for them...

So I think I'll quit my angel like I quitted familiar stuff, and save it for a more in-theme issue (sigh). Hope my submission about favored class bonuses can still make it, even if five monster subtypes on nine are outsiders...
Let's see, what about a Spider Domain/Mystery/Spirit for jorogumo mystics? I'll try to concoct something similar.

So can we use 3PP material?

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I created a seducer angel for a book (I don' know if you will ever see that out...). It basically had a "I'm going to show you how better love is if you're good!" attitude and set out to redeem evil beings with love & beauty (never forcing them).
Now, the angel I'm creating for this issue... aaaargh! It's taking shape in two versions. A mighty, powerful, dreadful biblic creature, and a lesser one with some Warpriest power that could be a suitable monstrous cohort for mid-level characters. I already sent two submissions... so which one should I write for now? Maybe I could make the lesser one and hint to the greater one in the text as a variant...
Mikaze, what's your angel? I wouldn't want to make something too similar to yours, but maybe we could "link" to each other...

I see her as the Witch of the Golden Wood, with max epic levels and no familiar. Boundaries is a good patron, plus she should have some water-related powers because of Nenya.
Then again, she wouldn't accept power from no one other than herself, so maybe Wizard is the best choice...

Second one sent! I actually was able to fit 9 subtypes in 1,540 words.
And now for a shapechanging angel...

I already did Favored class bonuses for 4 monster subtypes.
I'm afraid the maximum I can fit in a 1,500 words article is 8 subtypes.

I didn't think about performance combat for the Gallant, but I like the idea! I'd just recommend to add fencing weapons to the list (Cyrano was a performing Duelist, but he did use the rapier).
Put in feats altering actual performances too (Extra Performance and such)?

Finished and sent! I tweaked the abilities to make it more appealing to monsters, shapeshifters included, and added a mutated bloodline for wildblooded sorcerers and ten new spells. A bit long, but it's under the 5% limit.
And now for these favored class bonuses... mmm... how many monsters subtypes can I squeeze into an article?

Almost finished a bloodline for shapechanging monsters. All that's left is a little flavor text and then maybe I can send it tomorrow.
It's not only for creatures that are already shapechangers, and surely PCs could take it too... But I think it's along the lines of the Monster Codex's Ghoul bloodline. I can see a devil or even an aberration benefitting from it.

#Boastful Gallant
I wanted to be fair with my swaps, but if you think this is okay, I'm happy!
I'd rather keep Perfect Thrust and Cheat Death, though. Immortal Panache was thought as a capstone deed more powerful even than Cheat Death.

minoritarian wrote:
That's not the RAW at all. Half-celestial can be applied to "any living, corporeal creature with an intelligence score of 4 or more." Aasimars have either a celestial ancestor (grandparent or further back) or have some other celestial influence (born near a planar 'weak spot', born on a celestial plane, blessed in the womb by a celestial etc.)

It's said in Blood of Angels.

As per RAW, "humanoid + celestial = aasimar, non-humanoid + celestial = half-celestial".

Monsters with class levels can benefit from favored class bonuses, but there aren't favored class bonuses for monsters. Mmmm... maybe a piece on favored class bonuses for angels/other outsiders could be worth it?

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I want to add "irrepressible archetyper" to my name. ^^ Thank you!

I was thinking about something along the lines of monster cohorts/Monstrous Mount.
Like: "Do you see that charming bralani dancing on the faces of your friends? That's my familiar".
Or either: "Huh? Yes, it's a carbuncle. It also is a high-level Dark Tapestry oracle. I'm a MYTHIC sorcerer after all, you know!"

Le voilà, messieurs

Boastful Gallant:

All swashbucklers are braggarts more or less, and all bards as well; but a boastful gallant combines the swordplay and wordplay of both. Poetry, love, and glory are her lifeblood. Cheerful and romantic at heart, she deeply believes that seeing her beloved’s face and composing verses in his and her own bravery’s praise can give her the strength to defeat a hundred foes single–handedly. The thing is, that’s usually the case.

Primary Class: Swashbuckler
Secondary Class: Bard
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d10
Bonus Skills: A boastful gallant adds three skills from the bard’s list to her list of class skills.
Skill Ranks per Level: 6 + Int modifier.
BAB: Full
Saving Throws: PGG
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A boastful gallant is proficient with simple and martial weapons, plus the whip. A boastful gallant is also proficient with light armor and bucklers.

1) Performing deeds, performing panache, swashbuckler finesse
2) Charmed life 3/day
3) Performing deeds, nimble +1
4) Well–versed
5) Performing deeds
6) Charmed life 4/day
7) Performing deeds, nimble +2
8) Jack–of–all–trades
9) Swashbuckler weapon training +1
10) Charmed life 5/day
11) Performing deeds, nimble +3
12) Performing deeds
13) Performing deeds
14) Charmed life 6/day
15) Performing deeds, nimble +4
16) Performing deeds
17) Swashbuckler weapon training +2
18) Charmed life 7/day
19) Deeds, nimble +5
20) Performing deeds, swashbuckler weapon mastery

Performing Panache: A boastful gallant inspires herself and her allies to great acts of heroism with her music and songs, and demoralizes her foes’ hearts. At the start of each day, a boastful gallant gains a number of performing panache points equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1). This number goes up or down throughout the day, but usually cannot go higher than her maximum, though feats and magic items can affect this maximum. A boastful gallant spends performing panache points to use bardic performances (1 point/round) or to accomplish deeds. She has to sing, dance or play in some way while performing deeds for this ability to work.
A boastful gallant regains performing panache points in the same ways as a swashbuckler can regain panache points. Moreover, a boastful gallant can regain performing panache points by rolling a natural 20 on a Perform check. At each level after 1st, she gains 1 additional performing panache point per day. This modifies panache and otherwise functions as bardic performance.
Performing Deeds: A boastful gallant replaces some swashbuckler deeds with bardic performances, as follows:
Inspire Courage +1: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 1st level. This replaces dodging panache.
Fascinate: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 3rd level. This replaces kip–up.
Inspire courage +2: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 5th level. This replaces swashbuckler weapon training +1.
Inspire Greatness: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 11th level. This replaces bleeding wound.
Inspire Courage +3: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 12th level. This replaces the 12th–level bonus feat.
Inspire Heroics: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 15th level. This replaces dizzying defense.
Inspire Courage +4: A boastful gallant gains access to this performance at 16th level. This replaces the 16th–level bonus feat.
New Performing Deeds: A boastful gallant gains access to the following new deeds.
At The Envoi’s End (Ex): At 7th level, a boastful gallant can use her own poetic talent and gasconades to inspire himself to great skill in a duel. The boastful gallant can engage a foe in a one–to–one duel while improvising a ballade. At the end of the poem, the boastful gallant delivers a final blow with a light or one–handed piercing melee weapon (though not natural weapon attacks). For each round of performance (and each performing panache point spent), she can add a +1 bonus to this blow. If the blow is a critical hit, it’s automatically confirmed. This replaces superior feint.
One Against One Hundred (Ex): At 13th level, whenever an opponent attempts a melee attack against the boastful gallant, she can spend 1 performing panache point to obtain an attack of opportunity against that opponent. Any number of additional attacks can be gained in a round with this deed. This replaces swashbuckler weapon training +3.
Immortal Panache (Ex): At 20th level, the boastful gallant can spend performing panache points to continue acting for a while even when she’s already dead. She acts as staggered for 1 minute for each performing panache point spent, and can normally regain performing panache points in this time. Since she’s dead, she’s immune to death effects while using this ability. When the boastful gallant runs out of performing panache points, she is dead again, but can be revived in all usual ways. This replaces the 20th–level bonus feat.
Swashbuckler Finesse: As swashbuckler.
Charmed Life: As swashbuckler.
Nimble: As swashbuckler.
Well–Versed: As bard. This replaces the 4th–level bonus feat.
Jack–Of–All–Trades: As bard. This replaces the 8th–level bonus feat.
Swashbuckler Weapon Training: As swashbuckler, but a boastful gallant only gains this ability at 9th level and her bonus increases by +1 at 17th level.
Swashbuckler Weapon Mastery: As swashbuckler.

New Dare:

A boastful gallant can take a dare in place of a regular feat gained with level progression. Furthermore, a boastful gallant can choose the following new dare.

For Your Beautiful Eyes (Ex): When this dare is active, your Charisma bonus for all abilities and checks increases by +1. You regain 1 performing panache point when someone who counts as romantically or physically attracted by you gives you praise while you are using this dare.

Timitius wrote:
Bardess wrote:

This is why I'm going to wait till after it's out. ^^

And familiars can get feats, after the Animal Archive. Anyway, I was thinking more about feats for masters that modify or enhance familiars.

Where are the monsters?

I am seeing a focus on familiars and their abilities, that is a class feature article really, but nothing to me suggests that this has anything to do with the theme of monsters.

However, examples of familiars of monster races, new monstrous familiars, etc....THAT is on theme. (Example: What's a sahuagin's choices for an animal companion or familiar?)

Hmmm... How to transform your familiar in other shapes? How to choose greater monstrous familiars? How to give them class levels? Would this be in theme?

This is why I'm going to wait till after it's out. ^^
And familiars can get feats, after the Animal Archive. Anyway, I was thinking more about feats for masters that modify or enhance familiars.

So my Feats for familiars are out?

The real challenge is creating a PrC thought for monsters that can be taken by PCs too even if their abilities are different.
Either this, or I'll have to make a Mimic bloodline (maybe a warpblooded bloodline for Aberrant?), or a Doppelganger bloodline, or a Body Mystery, or...

My ideas:
Feats (normal and mythic) for familiars and animal companions.
A prestige class for shapeshifting monsters.
A new angel, something like a CR 4 advanced cassisian with better abilities.

Maybe it's better to wait until I read Familiar Folio.

So... Monsters? Monsters only, or with some guideline in?


Wow. The one of the three which made it in is the one that I thought was the weakest. Oh, well.

Scaramouche. Only it should have Panache.

River Kingdoms, please!

Break through (the Queen)

A dhampir shaman, please. ^^

Touch of the Grave is an ability that uses negative energy, but it's not channeling, just as a paladin's lay on hands ability is not channeling. Currently no shaman can channel negative energy (a gap that should be filled ASAP in my opinion).

It could be. I'm still a little in doubt about the mystery spells. Since a vanilla warpriest has no domain spells, I hadn't given him any either, but...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When will it be live on Paizo?

Guess I'll have to make a La Befana build ^^

I miswrote again. I meant spirit-hunting (weapon property from the ACG), not spirit bane... :P
What do you guys think? It's better to replace channel energy with revelation strike, channel curse, or both?

1) Yes
2) No, I was talking about the spontaneous casting class feature. I miswrote. What I meant was: "spontaneous casting (either cure spells or mystery spells) doesn't make sense for an already spontaneous caster anyway".
3) So no spirit bane and mysterious sacred weapons?

Also, I rather liked Tyrannical's idea of a channel curse ability. I myself played with it a bit when I was creating the archetype, but both that and revelation strike seemed too much.

Revelations are more powerful than blessings, so since going from prepared to spontaneous is a limitation in its elf, I thought that four revelations were worth two blessings, expecially because other hybrid archetypes seemed to agree that "Two blessings are equal to one domain". I also thought of removing spontaneous casting entirely, since it doesn't make sense for a prepared caster anyway.
What about the additional properties for sacred weapons?

I had this already done. I have yet to decide about the last one.

Sibylline General:

Divinely inspired soldiers come in two species– the devoted who read their prayers by the book, and the vehement who claim to communicate directly with their deity. These don’t need wisdom or dutiful meditation to receive spells and powers, and can have opinions very different from their god, that nonetheless pleases to have them at his or her service. Sibylline generals often gather greater armies around them by force of mysterious charisma and prophecy, rallying their followers on the battlefield with cries of spontaneous faith.

Primary Class: Warpriest
Secondary Class: Oracle
Alignment: Any. A sibylline general is more intuitive and spontaneous than other warpriests, and can have a very different alignment from the deity he worships.
Hit Dice: d8.
Bonus Skills: A sibylline general adds his chosen mystery skills to his list (see below).
Skill Ranks Per Level: 4 + Int modifier.
BAB: ¾.
Saving Throws: GPG
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: As warpriest.
Spell Progression: A sibylline general casts divine spells drawn from the cleric/oracle spell list. He can also cast spells normally available just to oracles. A sibylline general can cast any spell he knows without preparing it ahead of time. To learn or cast a spell, a sibylline general must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell's level. The DC for a saving throw against a sibylline general’s spell is 10 + the spell's level + the sibylline general’s Charisma modifier. A sibylline general can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His base daily spell allotment is the same as an inquisitor of the same level. In addition, he receives bonus spells per day if he has a high Charisma score.
In addition to the spells gained as he gains levels, a sibylline general also adds all of either the cure spells or the inflict spells to his list of spells known (cure spells include all spells with “cure” in the name, inflict spells include all spells with “inflict” in the name). These spells are added as soon as the sibylline general is capable of casting them. This choice is made when the sibylline general gains his first level and cannot be changed.
A sibylline general’s selection of spells is limited. He has the same number of spells known as an inquisitor of the same level, and can choose new spells to replace old ones at 5th level and every 3 class levels after that, just as an inquisitor does. This ability replaces the warpriest’s spells, orisons, and spontaneous casting class features.

1) Curse, focus weapon, mystery, orisons, revelation, sacred weapon
2) Fervor 1d6
3) Bonus feat
4) Revelation strike, sacred weapon +1
5) Fervor 2d6, revelation
6) Bonus feat
7) Sacred armor +1
8) Fervor 3d6, sacred weapon +2
9) Bonus feat
10) Revelation, sacred armor +2
11) Fervor 4d6
12) Bonus feat, sacred weapon +3
13) Sacred armor +3
14) Fervor 5d6
15) Bonus feat, revelation
16) Sacred armor +4, sacred weapon +4
17) Fervor 6d6
18) Bonus feat
19) Sacred armor +5
20) Delphic commander, fervor 7d6, sacred weapon +5

Curse: At 1st level, a sibylline general chooses an oracle’s curse. His equivalent oracle levels for this curse are equal to his warpriest levels.
Focus Weapon: As warpriest.
Mystery: At 1st level, a sibylline general gains access to one oracular mystery. He gains a revelation at 1st level, plus another at 5th level and every 5 levels after that, up to a maximum of 4 revelations at 15th level. His oracle level for these revelations’ purposes is equal to his warpriest level. He doesn’t add his mystery’s spells to his list of spells known. The sibylline general qualifies for the Extra Revelation feat. This replaces blessings.
Sacred Weapon: As warpriest, but the sibylline general can uadd the spirit–hunting and mysterious (see below) special abilities to his weapon in addition to those listed.
Oracular Fervor (Su): As warpriest, but a sibylline general can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 1/2 his sibylline general level + his Charisma modifier, and can expend one use of oracular fervor to cast any one of his known spells on himself.
Bonus Feats: As warpriest, but a sibylline general adds to his list of eligible feats all the feats with oracle levels or the mystery class feature among their prerequisites (i. e., Extra Revelation, Abundant Revelations, etc.), treating his sibylline general level as his oracle level. The sibylline general must meet all the other prerequisites for these feats, but he treats his sibylline general level as his oracle level for these feats.
Revelation Strike (Su): At 4th level, the sibylline general gains Revelation Strike as a bonus feat, and can use it with any weapon he designated as a sacred weapon. This replaces channel energy.
Sacred Armor: As warpriest.
Aspect of Divinity (Su): At 20th level, the sibylline general can channel an aspect of his divinity by spending one use of his fervor ability. After activating this ability, for 1 minute the warpriest gains the effects of his mystery’s final revelation. In addition, the revelations he calls upon don’t count against his daily limit (if any) during this time.

New Weapon Special Ability: Mysterious:

Price +2 bonus
Aura moderate enchantment; CL 8th; Weight ––

A mysterious weapon is attuned to one specific oracle’s mystery. When the wielder is under the effect of a revelation from that mystery that grants a bonus, that bonus increases by +1. When the wielder rolls a critical threat against a foe, he can forgo confirming the critical hit and instead deliver one revelation’s effect through the blow as with Revelation Strike, even if he doesn’t meet that feat’s prerequisites. This revelation is set within the weapon and doesn’t change.

By the way, Elghinn: I can understand very well your reasons to "retire" (I myself have a family and some projects that have been still for too long), but nonetheless I hope that the MCA can go on all the same (at least sporadically). Of course, it's going to be much more difficult without you.

Investigator is a must. Maybe keep Empiricist instead of Sleuth, and give him the Amateur Swashbuckler feat.
Slayer is also a must.
I'd recommend to throw in a couple levels of Noble Scion at least for money and Robin.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Lady Bluehawk wrote:
Batman: currently in the Council of Thieves AP as Lord Bruno Leroung, half-elf son of a Leroung scion and an elven paramour. Richest guy in Westcrown; only 3rd level still, but Rogue (Investigator) 1/Monk 2 (LN), and likely to stay Monk the rest of the way. Finally got at least one rank point in every skill that was previously Not Useable Untrained, since that's the way he rolls: La Conoscenza e Potere ("Knowledge is Power"). ;-> Oh, and as he's going after the Shadows plaguing the city (they slew his parents in front of him when he was a child...), he's not going to impress them as a Creature of the Night, but just exactly the opposite as Il Angelo del Notte (complete with fireworks, everburning torches, whatever else would create light, fire, brightness [and he could make with Craft: Alchemy], and give the impression that the good deities have sent one of their servants down to deal with this situation personally...just before he deals with them using whatever special material weapons he can afford [yes]). This angel of the night loves Handy Haversacks and Sleight of Hand. ;->

While I praise your decision to use Italian phrases, I must slightly correct your grammar. ^^

La Conoscenza è Potere ("e" without emphasis means "and", not "is")
L'Angelo della Notte (male nouns beginning with a wovel require the determined article "lo" truncated with apostrophe; "notte" is a female noun and requires the female articulated preposition)

...and Batman should be a combination of Investigator/Slayer/Ninja for me. Not Shwashbuckler. He's not jolly and boisterous enough. Maybe an Amateur Swashbuckler.

Some of these are great. The Double-order cavalier was a much needed archetype. I'm thinking to reskin one of my characters as one- if he doesn't miss his loyal steed too much...

I just had mine. Thanks, you're awesome.

I just had mine! Thanks!

Nothing yet.

I haven't it yet

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Advanced Mythic Guide with mythic abilities added/upgrades for the new hybrid classes
Ultimate Skill
Classes of Golarion series

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