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Bardess's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. 1,812 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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Some work to fit the Mythic rules for these new classes is in order too. For example- how does a shaman deal with Archmage and Hierophant abilities?

A Soul Warden shaman could almost be what you want, but she can't command undead. No shaman can, as for now.
Oracle of Bones with the Seer or Spirit Guide archetype should do. Otherwise, a Houngan.

Ladies and gentlemen, without more ado, I give to you the

Lightspeed Master:

The search for self–perfection takes many forms. For some monks, this implies a desire to be living embodiments of speed, a lightning on the battlefield, striking at enemies before they can react or only see the attack coming. These individuals sacrifice physical strength and endurance and renounce to self–discipline to tap into arcane magic and enhance their mobility with all existing means. They become lightspeed masters.

Primary Class: Monk
Secondary Class: Magus
Alignment Restrictions: none
Hit Dice: d8
Skills: The lightspeed master adds 3 skills from the list of the magus to his list of class skills.
Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Int modifier.
BAB: ¾
Saving Throws: GGG
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A lightspeed master is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, plus the kama, nunchaku, sai, shuriken, siangham, and temple sword. A lightspeed master is also proficient with light armor. He retains his AC bonus, fast movement and flurry of blows abilities and can cast magus spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance. A lightspeed master wearing medium armor, heavy armor, or a shield, or carrying a medium or heavy load, and loses his combat and movement bonuses.

1) Arcane ki pool, arcane ki power, flurry of blows, unarmed strike
2) Arcane ki power, evasion
3) Arcane ki power, fast movement, maneuver training, still mind
4) Arcane ki pool (magic), arcane ki power
5) Arcane ki power
6) Arcane ki power
7) Arcane ki pool (enhancement +1), mystic knowledge pool
8) Arcane ki power
9) Improved evasion
10) Arcane ki pool (enhancement +2), arcane ki power
11) Unstoppable body
12) Arcane ki power
13) Unconquerable body
14) Arcane ki power
15) Arcane ki power
16) Arcane ki pool (enhancement +3), arcane ki power
17) Arcane ki power
18) Arcane ki power
19) Greater arcane ki pool
20) Lightspeed mastery

AC Bonus: As monk (but see above).
Arcane Ki Pool (Su): At 1st level, a lightspeed master gains a reservoir of supernatural energy he can use to accomplish amazing feats and use spell–like abilities on himself, tapping into the arcane aura of his body. The number of points in a lightspeed master’s arcane ki pool is equal to 1/2 his lightspeed master level + his Wisdom modifier. By spending 1 point from his ki pool, a lightspeed master can do one of the following:
Make one additional attack at his highest attack bonus when making a flurry of blows attack, or
Increase his speed by 20 feet for 1 round, or
Give himself a +4 dodge bonus to AC for 1 round.
Each of these powers is activated as a swift action.
At 4th level, as long as he has at least 1 point in his ki pool, the lightspeed master can make a ki strike. A ki strike allows his unarmed attacks or weapons to be treated as magic weapons for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
At 7th level, 10th level, and 16th level, the lightspeed master can expend 1 point from his arcane ki pool as a swift action to grant his unarmed attacks or any weapon he is holding a +1 enhancement bonus for 1 minute. At 10th level and 17th level, the weapon or unarmed attack gains another +1 enhancement bonus, to a maximum of +3. These bonuses can be added to the weapon, stacking with existing weapon enhancement to a maximum of +5. Multiple uses of this ability do not stack with themselves. Alternatively, these bonuses can be used to add any of the following weapon properties: flaming, flaming burst, frost, icy burst, keen, shock, shocking burst, or speed.
The arcane ki pool is replenished each morning after 8 hours of rest or meditation; these hours do not need to be consecutive. This ability modifies ki pool.
Arcane Ki Powers: At the indicated levels, a lightspeed master chooses an arcane ki power. Arcane ki powers are abilities that draw on the power of a lightspeed master’s arcane ki, enhancing his mobility and physical prowess. Arcane ki powers are divided into five categories: feats, magus abilities, magus arcana, monk abilities, and spells.
Feats: These arcane ki powers duplicate the effects of specific feats. A lightspeed master does not need to qualify for a feat to select it as an arcane ki power. For example, a lightspeed master can select Spring Attack as an arcane ki power even if she doesn’t meet the prerequisites for selecting Spring Attack as a feat. Activating one of these arcane ki powers is a free action on the lightspeed master’s turn; until the start of her next turn, the lightspeed master is treated as if she had that feat. Some of these arcane ki powers that duplicate feats may also be activated as an immediate action; these powers are noted in the arcane ki powers list.
Magus Abilities: This category contains one arcane ki power: arcane movement. The ability works using the lightspeed master’s level as his magus level.
Magus Arcana: These ki powers duplicate the effects of some magus arcana. If an arcana has a prerequisite, the lightspeed master doesn’t need to meet it, but he must be of the required level to choose a specific arcana as an arcane ki power. The abilities work using the lightspeed master’s level as his magus level.
Monk Abilities: Some arcane ki powers are standard monk abilities. Even if a lightspeed master selects a different ki power in place of a standard monk ability, she can select that monk ability later as one of her arcane ki powers.
Spells: These arcane ki powers duplicate the effects of a spell, and are spell-like abilities. A lightspeed master’s class level is the caster level for these spell-like abilities, and she uses Wisdom to determine her concentration check bonus.
Requirements: All arcane ki powers have a minimum lightspeed master level requirement to select them. A lightspeed master who does not meet this requirement cannot select that arcane ki power.
Activation: Most arcane ki powers require the lightspeed master to spend arcane ki points; the exact amount is listed after the arcane ki power. Arcane ki powers that cost 0 arcane ki do not require the lightspeed master to have any arcane ki points in her ki pool to use the ability.
The saving throw against a lightspeed master’s ki power, if any, is equal to 10 + 1/2 the lightspeed master’s level + the lightspeed master’s Wisdom bonus. Arcane ki powers replace all the monk’s bonus feats, stunning fist, slow fall, high jump, purity of body, abundant step, quivering palm, timeless body, and tongue of the sun and moon.
Flurry of Blows: As monk.
Unarmed Strike: As monk.
Evasion: As monk.
Fast Movement: As monk.
Maneuver Training: As monk.
Still Mind: As monk.
Mystic Knowledge Pool (Su): At 7th level, when a lightspeed master replenishes his arcane ki pool spells, he can decide to expend 1 or more arcane ki points, up to his Wisdom bonus. He can choose any combination of arcane ki powers up to that cost, and treat them as if they were on his list of possessed arcane ki powers for that day. He loses these temporary arcane ki powers the next time he replenishes his arcane ki pool. This replaces wholeness of body.
Improved Evasion: As monk.
Unstoppable Body (Su): At 11th level, a lightspeed master gains immunity to slowing effects of all kinds. This replaces diamond body.
Unconquerable Body (Su): At 13th level, all effects from any source that enhance a lightspeed master’s movement stack. This replaces diamond soul.
Greater Arcane Ki Pool (Su): At 19th level, the number of points in a lightspeed master arcane ki pool is equal to his lightspeed master level + his Wisdom modifier. This replaces empty body.
Lightspeed Mastery (Su): At 20th level, the lightspeed master achieves the quintessence of movement. He gains a +2 bonus on Dexterity and can always move up to his speed in a round as a free action in addition to any other movement. Once per day, the lightspeed master can cast time stop as a spell–like ability, spending all his remaining arcane ki points.

Arcane Ki Powers:

1st Level
Arcane Accuracy (magus arcana), 1 ki point
Deny Death (0 ki points)
Expeditious retreat (spell), 1 ki point
Ki Stand (0 ki points)
Lightning finish (monk of the seven winds ability), 0 ki points
Redirection (flowing monk ability), 0 ki points
Windy escape (spell), 1 ki point

4th Level
Acrobatic Steps (1 ki point)
Bladed dash (spell), 2 ki points
Cat’s grace (spell), 2 ki points
Disorienting Maneuver (2 ki points)
Effortless armor (spell), 2 ki points
Feather step (spell), self only, 1 ki point
Flowing dodge (flowing monk ability), 0 ki points
Ki arrow (spell), 1 ki point
Quick Draw (1 ki point)
Slow fall (standard monk ability), 0 ki points
True strike (spell), self only, 1 ki point

6th Level
Arcane movement (spell dancer magus ability, 1 ki point)
Disengaging Feint (3 ki points)
High jump (standard monk ability), 1 ki point
Landing Roll (3 ki points)
Sidestep (1 ki point)
Snatch Arrows (1 ki point)
Spring Attack (1 ki point)

8th Level
Blink (spell), 3 ki points
Burst of speed (spell), 3 ki points
Channel vigor (spell), 3 ki points
Elusive target (flowing monk ability), 2 ki points
Gliding Steps (1 ki point)
Haste (spell), self only, 3 ki points
Quick Reposition (4 ki points)
Spider Step (1 ki point)
Whirlwind Attack (2 ki points)

10th Level
Accurate Strike (magus arcana), 2 ki points
Greater Bull Rush (2 ki points)
Hasted Assault (magus arcana), 2 ki points
Leaping Shot (5 ki points)
Lunge (1 ki point)
Prescient Defense (magus arcana), 2 ki points
Shadow step (spell), 1 ki point
Step Up and Strike (2 ki points)
Wind Stance (2 ki points)

12th Level
Abundant step (standard monk ability), 2 ki points
Cartwheel Dodge (2 ki points)
Greater Arcane Redoubt (magus arcana), 3 ki points
Ki Throw (2 ki points)
Shadow walk (spell), 3 ki points

14th Level
Cloud Step (3 ki points)
Dimensional Agility (1 ki point)
Greater bladed dash (spell), 5 ki points
Improved Ki Throw (2 ki points)
Slow time (monk of the four winds ability), 6 ki points

16th Level
Borrowed time (spell), 6 ki points
Dimensional Assault (2 ki points)
High speed attack (new, 2 ki points)
Lightning Stance (3 ki points)
Volley spell (flowing monk ability), ki points cost variable

18th Level
Dimensional Dervish (3 ki points)
Dimensional Maneuvers (4 ki points)
Dimensional Savant (4 ki points)
Empty body (standard monk ability), 3 ki points

New Arcane Ki Power:

High Speed Attack (Su): A lightspeed master can grab and drag an opponent with himself at high speed, disorienting and dazing him or her. When the lightspeed master successfully uses the grapple maneuver on an opponent, he can attempt to move himself and the opponent at full speed in his next turn. The target takes 2 point of damage per lightspeed master level and is rendered unconscious for 1 round per lightspeed master level by the stress of the sprint unless it makes a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 the monk's level + the monk's Wis modifier). If the save is successful, the target’s merely stunned for the same time.

I essentially used the qinggong monk's template, mixing it with a lot of RGG's Talented Monk, for the one and only purpose to create "THE FASTEST MONK ALIVE EVER". ^_^ And he HAD to have Bladed Dash because my favourite highspeed manga hero HAS IT. ^_^

I have made also the smaller variant, But I'll wait the announcement of the finalists before posting it. ^^

Dip some levels in Bard and you can take my Hakima prestige class (Wayfinder #10) if your GM allows it and your character is female. I devised it just for cases like yours and am rather proud of it. ^_^

Ops. But I told what I wanted to do continuously these days. Maybe this could get me disqualified?
Oh, well. What is done is done...

Aaaand sent. A Large CR 2 vermin + animal companion stats = 336 words. It probably isn't original enough to win, but what the stick. This is something I wanted to do for a long time. I checked the bestiary thread and there WAS a request for "monstrous butterflies/moths", so I think I'm within the rules.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post the familiar version for my own and your pleasure only. ^_^

Hmmm, I forgot that. I'll go with the giant animal companion then, since I was going to make a 1/2 CR familiar at best. i'll write it later. ^_^

Nearly everything from RGG (most notably the Multiclass Feats!), and definitely the KQ Shaman.

And the feats. I really hope in a Revelation feat for shamans and an Aspect feat for animal companions/mounts.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Ok then, I'll stick with the familiar butterfly since that is the version that was requested in the thread. I'll work out the giant ridable butterfly as a separate monster that won't be submitted. Thank you. ^_^

Okay, so I thought about this a lot and decided:
-As for the butterfly familiar, I want to follow James' hints. It should be Tiny, like the other vermin familiars.
-On the other hand, I really want a giant butterfly animal companion that you can RIDE IN THE SKY. But these are two different monsters.

Would it still be okay if I created the stats for the Tiny familiar (CR 1/2 at best) and follow them with the stats for the Medium-Large animal companion as a "variant monster"? If not, I'll submit only the familiar and post the animal companion stats here as a bonus after the contest's done. ^_^

A shapechanger class. REAL shapechanging, in every creature or object, for extended periodo of time.
+1 for a wild talent feat chain.
A psychic sorcerer bloodline, and other ways to mix old classes with psychic magic.

I read that the giant butterfly requests were for a familiar, not an animal companion.
Well... why can't it be BOTH? Hee hee... ^_^

Could I create the creature using the standard template and then add its animal companion stats under the description? I think since it has a low CR, I could stay within the 700 words even this way.

EDIT: Ninja'd. Ok, that was what I meant to do since the beginning anyway. ^^

...Giant Butterfly animal companion, huh?!
Ok, hope nobody made it yet... I'm going to give this a try!

I'd choose fire breathing without a thought.

An option for a familiar, and maybe different "pacts" giving different sets of maledictions, similar to mysteries and bloodlines? The Invoker class could give some ideas.

Shaman stuff, included a feat/archetype to take revelations from the mystery matching their spirit: a Bones shaman MUST be able to use Command Undead, and a Nature one MUST be able to use Natural Divination!
Bloodrager stuff
Arcanist stuff
Warpriest subdomain blessings (and an option for a sacred shield, please!)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think that TLaughingMan was talking about the ACG Shaman, while Dukeh555 was talking about the Open Design/Kobold Press Shaman (that's why I said that it would be confusing to have two classes with the same name) :) To answer the first question, I think yes. The ACG Shaman's spirit familiar (and the Houngan archetype's spirit familiar for the OD/KP Shaman) work like familiars in all respects.

Now that there's a Paizo official shaman class, will your own Shaman change name, or will you do something to make him different from the official one? (I still love the class very much, that's why I'm worried...)

All of them, but mostly Celestial and Undead!

A shaman archetype or universal hex allowing to take revelations from her spirit's related mystery is in order. After all, how is a shaman doing without Natural Divination?

The Improved Familiar feat doesn't say that you must be an arcane caster to take it. And I can see a flame shaman with a small fire elemental, or a bone shaman with a nosoi or quasit (able to transform in a raven, if the first familiar was a raven). I'd rule that a shaman's Improved familiar must be related to her spirit or to her previous spirit animal.

And while I'm here, let me call a Divine Detective (Inquisitor/Investigator). The world itself WANTS that!

Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:

#Possessed Prophet
With that change (confused every encounter if Will save for the day fails), then I think this one is done too.

Good for me. :)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

A negative channeling shaman lord of undead has still to be made, though I find it a must. And a channeling inquisitor too.

Oops, I misread. I meant that a save should be made at the beginning of every encounter.
Or maybe: a save when subjected to a mind-affecting spell, or an Intimidate/Diplomacy/Bluff attempt by another character?

Confusion durino encounters was in my first draft of the curse. I like the first version better, however.

What happens if the Possessed Prophet is true neutral? Plus, I stated that she can choose the Possession patron whatever her mystery is.
Beyond that, I like the result- very possessed flavor!

Did someone call Warpriest/Bloodrager yet?

#Possessed Prophet
Hexed Revelations: I think that since a revelation is usually more powerful than an hex, an one-on-one exchange could be underpowered. Sure, it can be done though.
Tieing hexes to mysteries: I thought about that, but this way most hexes would end to be tied to a few mysteries (like Life, Bones or Winter), while most mysteries would have no hex connected. I think that Heavens or Flame could be great choices for a PP, and it would be sad to rule them out.
Possessing entity: Since this is the PP's curse, the possessing entity can be an outsider all good, but its alignment should clash with the PP's alignment in some way. Maybe at higher levels she could use the Summon Spirit hex to make it come outside her body and interact directly?
New Mysteries: The PP can use the new mysteries I made for the Occult Philologist. The Spirit mystery is particularly fit for her in my opinion. I can't imagine ten different revelations + one final revelation for a Witchcraft mystery right now...

Actually, I made that thinking of an unwilling villain with a double personality. One of those pathetic bad guys that make the heroes regret and doubt for having to finish her. Lots of crying.

Your wish is an order, my friend ;)

Possessed Prophet:

The gifts of the gods are rarely given without a price, even to those who search them. The Possessed Prophet is an unfortunate mortal who’s been reluctantly chosen (often from birth) by some unknown arcane spirit to reincarnate in her body the soul of a powerful servant of her patron from times past, to the purpose of delivering their commands and usher their ends to the church and the world at large. This entity can have a very different alignment from that of their host body, and their forced cohabitation and the eldritch visions of past and future can cause infinite anguish to the possessed prophet, ultimately driving her mad. Often, the coming of a possessed prophet into the world is seen as an harbinger of apocalypse.

Primary Class: Oracle
Secondary Class: Witch
Alignment Restrictions: none
Hit Dice: d8
Bonus Skills: The possessed prophet adds tree witch skills of the character’s choice to her class skills list.
Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Intelligence modifier.
BAB: ¾
Saving Throws: PPG
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The possessed prophet is proficient with all simple weapons, light armor, and shields (except tower shields). Some oracle revelations grant additional proficiencies.
Spell Progression: As oracle.
Spells: The possessed prophet adds all the spells with the curse descriptor on the witch spell list to her own, plus harrowing, magic jar, marionette possession, possess object, possession trap, and seducer’s eyes. She also adds her patron spells to her spell list (see below). The possessed prophet doesn’t automatically learn cure or inflict spells (spells with "cure" or "inflict" in the name). Her number of spells per day and spells known is unchanged.

1) Hexed revelation, mystery, possession curse, orisons, patron
2) Hex, mystery spell
3) Patron spell
4) Mystery spell
5) Hex, patron spell
6) Mystery spell
7) Patron spell, revelation
8) Hex, mystery spell
9) Patron spell
10) Mystery spell
11) Hex, major hex, patron spell
12) Mystery spell
13) Patron spell, revelation
14) Hex, mystery spell
15) Patron spell
16) Mystery spell
17) Hex, patron spell
18) Mystery spell
19) Patron spell, revelation
20) Final communion

Hexed Revelation: At 1st level, the possessed prophet chooses both a revelation from her mystery and a hex (see below).
Mystery: The possessed prophet chooses a mystery at 1st level. This works as the normal oracle class feature. Any mystery complements the possessed prophet archetype. The possessed prophet can also choose the Spirits and Words mysteries.
Patron: At 1st level, the possessed prophet chooses a patron too. Her patron choice must be linked to her mystery choice, along the following lines. A possessed prophet can combine the new Possession patron with any mystery she chooses.
Ancestor: Ancestors, Boundaries, Death, Devotion, Enchantment, Fertility, Hearth, Portents, Spirits, Strength, Time, Vengeance, Wisdom
Battle: Agility, Devotion, Endurance, Strength, Vengeance
Bones: Ancestors, Death, Occult, Plague, Spirits
Dark Tapestry: Dimensions, Insanity, Occult, Portents, Shadow, Stars, Transformation
Flame: Elements, Fire, Summer, Vengeance
Heavens: Ancestors, Devotion, Dimensions, Light, Moon, Stars
Juju: Death, Fertility, Insanity, Occult, Plague, Spirits
Life: Devotion, Endurance, Fertility, Healing, Nourishment, Peace, Spring
Lore: Ancestors, Portents, Time, Wisdom
Lunar: Agility, Animals, Light, Moon, Shadow, Stars, Transformation
Metal: none
Nature: Agility, Animals, Endurance, Fertility, Nourishment, Transformation
Occult: Ancestors, Boundaries, Deception, Dimensions, Insanity, Occult, Shadow, Spirits, Transformation
Outer Rifts: Boundaries, Dimensions, Insanity, Occult, Vengeance
Solar: Fire, Light, Summer
Spellscar: Insanity, Transformation, Trickery
Spirits: Ancestors, Boundaries, Death, Dimensions, Occult, Spirits
Stone: Earth, Elements
Time: Dimensions, Time
Waves: Elements, Water
Wind: Air, Autumn, Elements
Winter: Elements, Winter
Wood: Spring
Words: Ancestors, Portents, Time, Wisdom
Possession Curse: The possessed prophet is cursed with the presence of a stranger mind in her own, but this possession is also the source of her power. Choose a madness other than Amnesia. At the beginning of each day, the possessed prophet must make a save against that madness with a –10 penalty on her DC. If she fails, she’s affected by the madness for that day. If the save’s successful, she doesn’t suffer from the madness for the day but loses access to her patron spells and must make a concentration check to cast any other spell. Whenever the possessed prophet fails a morale check or a saving throw against a mind–affecting spell or effect, she can attempt a new check in the next round.
At 5th level, she is immune to the dazed and fascinated conditions.
At 10th level, the possessed prophet can take 20 on any Knowledge check thrice per day.
At 15th level, the possessed prophet adds legend lore to her list of known spells.
Hexes: A possessed prophet gains witch’s hexes at the indicated levels. From 11th level, she may select a hex or a major hex. Her witch level for the purpose of using these hexes is equal to her possessed prophet level (DC equal to 10 + the spell’s level).
Revelations: A possessed prophet gains revelations from her mystery at the indicated levels. Her oracle level for the purpose of using these revelations is equal to her possessed prophet level.
Final Communion: At 20th level, the possessed prophet can chooses either to gain the final revelation of her mystery or a grand hex. In both cases, should she die, she’s reborn 3 days later as an incarnation of her patron’s portfolio (treat as the reincarnate spell).

New Patrons:

Air: 2) feather fall, 4) gust of wind, 6) cloak of winds, 8) air walk, 10) control winds, 12) elemental body III (air only), 14) elemental body IV (air only), 16) whirlwind, 18) winds of vengeance

Autumn: 2) alter winds, 4) resist energy (electricity only), 6) call lightning, 8) river of wind, 10) call lightning storm, 12) wind walk, 14) control weather, 16) stormbolts, 18) winds of vengeance

Earth: 2) expeditious excavation, 4) soften earth and stone, 6) meld into stone, 8) stone shape, 10) move earth, 12) elemental body III (earth only), 14) elemental body IV (earth only), 16) repel metal or stone, 18) world wave

Fertility: 2) goodberry, 4) bear’s endurance, 6) neutralize poison, 8) death ward, 10) kiss of the first world, 12) mass bear’s endurance, 14) regenerate, 16) polymorph any object, 18) wish

Fire: 2) produce flame, 4) burning gaze, 6) fire trap, 8) firefall, 10) fire seeds, 12) elemental body III (fire only), 14) elemental body IV (fire only), 16) incendiary cloud, 18) meteor swarm

Hearth: 2) detect secret doors, 4) wizard lock, 6) tiny hut, 8) secure shelter, 10) stone wall, 12) guards and wards, 14) mage’s magnificent mansion, 16) create demiplane, 18) greater create demiplane

Nourishment: 2) goodberry, 4) allfood, 6) create food and water, 8) grove of respite, 10) major creation (edible items only), 12) heroes’ feast, 14) greater restoration, 16) true creation (edible items only), 18) wish.

Possession: 2) protection from outsiders, 4) marionette possession, 6) enter image, 8) possess object, 10) magic jar, 12) animate objects, 14) monstrous physique IV, 16) cloak of chaos (evil/good/law), 18) divine vessel

Spring: 2) goodberry, 24 greensight, 6) mass invigorate, 8) create food and water, 10) wall of thorns, 12) ironwood, 14) plant shape III, 16) resurrection, 18) wooden phalanx

Summer: 2) flare burst, 4) fury of the sun, 6) daylight, 8) healing warmth, 10) wall of fire, 12) sirocco, 14) fire storm, 16) sunburst, 18) fiery body

Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Bardess wrote:
I called a Swashbuckler/Bard (Boastful Gallant) and a Slayer/Inquisitor (Sectary Sicary), for sure. When I see the final shaman, I'll decide with which other classes to couple it.
@Bardess: THIS post in the ACG thread mentions an inquisitor archetype called the Sanctified Slayer that gets sneak attack and slayer talents...

Saw it. If it has trapfinding too, I'll just fall in love.

And three are mine. ^^

Elghinn, I'm going to transform the Boastful Gallant in a Swashbuckler/Bard, so her development is postponed after August. Put the Possessed Prophet (Oracle/Witch) in her place.

Will you do a Mythic Godling Options book too? I'm curious to see how Divine Source interacts with the 20th level Demigod Ability of a Godling.

I'm making an Oracle/Witch while I wait for August. Put the Possessed Prophet in my next slot in queue, please. ^_^

Same thing here.

Mmm, I'll call a Cavalier/Hunter then... hope the Hunter alignment restriction has been waived...

I called a Swashbuckler/Bard (Boastful Gallant) and a Slayer/Inquisitor (Sectary Sicary), for sure. When I see the final shaman, I'll decide with which other classes to couple it.

Channel energy? Just positive or negative too? Either way, I want that!

What I meant was, a version of Monstrous Mount without the weaknesses that many have complained about for that feat (reduced flying speed, for example).
Boon Companion lets you have a higher-level companion if you are a multiclass PC, but what I really want from an Improved Companion feat is the ability to take something other than an animal for my animal companion (an expanded Monstrous Mount, perhaps, without the "mount" limitation).

The swan in B4 is an animal companion and I like it. I want a swan familiar too, though. Since it's a Small creature, it should do.
I know all the 3PP dog familiars, but I still think that an "official" one is needed.

There's no need to be a synthesist. Stands can coexist in the same space as their bearers, but also be separated from them.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

And also:


2 people marked this as a favorite.

Wish list:


1 person marked this as a favorite.

Whoo! And now a similar book about animal companions, with a revised version of Monstrous Mount and an Improved Companion feat!

Just saw the Slayer previews. I wasn't interested in the class before... Now I look forward to create a Sectary Sicary (Slayer/Inquisitor).

Maybe he didn't want to become a God. Now he can't have the same fun.
"Don't get drunk, guys, see what a mess I did! You don't want to end like me, do you?"

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