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Bardess's page

RPG Superstar 7 Season Star Voter. 2,246 posts. 2 reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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I think you're right... Thanks!

Bump... please?

Arcane Anthology is not entirely in yet. Archetypes are missing.

A couple of questions since I'm working on this now...

The Totems edge text says:
"A barbarian with this edge cannot also take the skinwalker edge, or any edge that counts as rage for purpose of prerequisites, until 5th level."
Does it mean only if Totems is taken at 1st level? If I take Rage at 1st level, can I take Totems at 2nd?

The Totem text also says that a barbarian can take revelations from his mystery as edges. You said "talents" above in this thread, though. Which is correct?

Is the Inquisitive Detective disappeared?

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What about an issue dedicated to converting early 3.5 Pathfinder material to the Pathfinder system? I can think about some prestige classes, elven magic food, and so on.

After much thinking, I found that this build could be awesome:
Race: Nightcrawler is a fetchling with fiendish blood (given his parents...!). He has the Bound to Here racial trait, which enables him to take the Racial Heritage feat (Tiefling is not a viable race for that feat, but Vanara is!)
Alignment: CG
Class: 1 level in Inquisitor of Besmara (Cloaked Wolf/Sanctified Slayer, Trickery/Deception subdomain for teleporting from the very start) and then go Swashbuckler (Mysterious Avenger) all along! Give him mythic tiers in Trickster to allow Mythic Racial Heritage (a vanara's Prehensile Tail racial trait is identical to a tiefling's) and better hide in shadows/teleport in shadow abilities. Pity that there's still no way to let him wield a sword in his tail, but build him for Finesse and Acrobatics anyway and let him fight with two rapiers...
Alternatively, one could go with Magus instead of Swashbuckler, to give him spells like spider climb and later dimension door. I'd suggest the Hexcrafter archetype since he was raised by a powerful witch, and don't forget to give him Flamboyant Arcana and Arcane Deed!

Kelly P wrote:
How about something with plants? More uses for them, maybe new kinds, including plant creatures. Basically a bunch of variety with plants. Could be a druid's dream.

Put that in the poll if you wish. I'd like to write something like that, for sure.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I sent my pitch for "occult options for non-psychic classes". I could have roughly 1000 words already done.

I could have some idea on that line too. Maybe I and Ambrosia could share! I'll send something!

Is there a Pathfinder-compatible version to come?

Just 6?

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Endzeitgeits found my babies cool.
"Clear, damn it, clear!"

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Coming! You made my baby happy!

Sorry. In the haste, I had not seen the Additional Specialization talent. This is great (I hope it can be selected more than once?).
I'll wait for the object addition, then!

Bought it, mostly for curiosity and excitement about the Shapeshifter.
He's NEARLY what I always desired... and yet not.
If you will expand the book contents, besides adding the power of becoming an object (statue is near enough, though), there could be some means of obtaining more specializations with level increasing, or being cross-specialized?

Ok, my next character will DEFINITELY be a Bibliophile librarian with Book Bludgeon and Bibliophile's Wrath! I was a little disappointed by the lack of favored class options and archetypes for the Incarnate (these two are my favored classes in the book).

The shapeshifter looks good! Please tell me that there will be a talent for becoming an object!


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Here other river, lake, and rich champaign
Are seen, than those which are below descried;
Here other valley, other hill and plain,
With towns and cities of their own supplied;
Which mansions of such mighty size contain,
Such never he before of after spied.
Here spacious hold and lonely forest lay,
Where nymphs for ever chased the panting prey.
LXXIII. He, that with other scope had thither soared,
Pauses not all these wonder to peruse:
But led by the disciple of our Lord,
His way towards a spacious vale pursues;
A place wherein is wonderfully stored
Whatever on our earth below we lose.
Collected there are all things whatsoe’er,
Lost through time, chance, or our own folly, here.
LXXIV. Nor here alone of realm and wealthy dower,
O’er which aye turns the restless wheel, I say:
I speak of what it is not in the power
Of Fortune to bestow, or take away.
Much fame is here, whereon Time and the Hour,
Like wasting moth, in this our planet prey.
Here countless vows, here prayers unnumbered lie,
Made by us sinful men to God on high:
LXXV. The lover’s tears and sighs; what time in pleasure
And play we here unprofitably spend;
To this, of ignorant men the eternal leisure,
And vain designs, aye frustrate of their end.
Empty desires so far exceed all measure,
They o’er that valley’s better part extend.
There wilt thou find, if thou wilt thither post,
Whatever thou on earth beneath hast lost.
LXXVI. He, passing by those heaps, on either hand,
Of this and now of that the meaning sought;
Formed of swollen bladders here a hill did stand,
Whence he heard cries and tumults, as he thought.
These were old crowns of the Assyrian land
And Lydian—as that paladin was taught—
Grecian and Persian, all of ancient fame;
And now, alas! well-nigh without a name.
LXXVII. Golden and silver hooks to sight succeed,
Heaped in a mass, the gifts which courtiers bear,
—Hoping thereby to purchase future meed—
To greedy prince and patron; many a snare,
Concealed in garlands, did the warrior heed,
Who heard, these signs of adulation were;
And in cicalas, which their lungs had burst,
Saw fulsome lays by venal poets versed.
LXXVIII. Loves of unhappy end in imagery
Of gold or jewelled bands he saw exprest;
Then eagles’ talons, the authority
With which great lords their delegates invest:
Bellows filled every nook, the fume and fee
Wherein the favourites of kings are blest:
Given to those Ganymedes that have their hour,
And reft, when faded is their vernal flower.
LXXIX. O’erturned, here ruined town and castle lies,
With all their wealth: “The symbols” (said his guide)
“Of treaties and of those conspiracies,
Which their conductors seemed so ill to hide.”
Serpents with female faces, felonies
Of coiners and of robbers, he descried;
Next broken bottles saw of many sorts,
The types of servitude in sorry courts.
LXXX. He marks mighty pool of porridge spilled,
And asks what in that symbol should be read,
And hears ’twas charity, by sick men willed
For distribution, after they were dead.
He passed a heap of flowers, that erst distilled
Sweet savours, and now noisome odours shed;
The gift (if it may lawfully be said)
Which Constantine to good Sylvester made.
LXXXI. A large provision, next, of twigs and lime
—Your witcheries, O women!—he explored.
The things he witnessed, to recount in rhyme
Too tedious were; were myriads on record,
To sum the remnant ill should I have time.
’Tis here that all infirmities are stored,
Save only Madness, seen not here at all,
Which dwells below, nor leaves this earthly ball.
LXXXII. He turns him back, upon some days and deeds
To look again, which he had lost of yore;
But, save the interpreter the lesson reads,
Would know them not, such different form they wore.
He next saw that which man so little needs,
—As it appears—none pray to Heaven for more;
I speak of sense, whereof a lofty mount
Alone surpast all else which I recount.
LXXXIII. It was as ’twere a liquor soft and thin,
Which, save well corked, would from the vase have drained;
Laid up, and treasured various flasks within,
Larger or lesser, to that use ordained.
That largest was which of the paladin,
Anglantes’ lord, the mighty sense contained;
And from those others was discerned, since writ
Upon the vessel was ORLANDO’S WIT.
LXXXIV. The names of those whose wits therein were pent
He thus on all those other flasks espied.
Much of his own, but with more wonderment,
The sense of many others he descried,
Who, he believed, no dram of theirs had spent;
But here, by tokens clear was satisfied,
That scantily therewith were they purveyed;
So large the quantity he here surveyed.
LXXXV. Some waste on love, some seeking honour, lose
Their wits, some, scowering seas, for merchandise,
Some, that on wealthy lords their hope repose,
And some, befooled by silly sorceries;
These upon pictures, upon jewels those;
These on whatever else they highest prize.
Astrologers’ and sophists’ wits mid these,
And many a poet’s too, Astolpho sees.

Orlando Furioso, Canto XXXIV

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Come on, guys and ladies, post! I don't want to win for abandonment, I want to CRUSH you!

A guy on an hippogriff searching his cousin's mind.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Argh. Fare well to my celestial figment flying Cat.

And then, to work for number 2! ^_^

I still hope in a channeling inquisitor.

Soooo... here's mine...

Genteley Goodhand, Halfling Bookworm

Hope nobody will stat a Vanara Librarian (Oook!) or else I have no chance to win...

Hellknight Obedience opens the door to many chivalric order obedience possibilities...

So... A Mentalist archetype replacing some ploys with a psychic discipline?

This can be a starting point.

I am always here!

I hope that the compendium book will have the favored class bonuses too! ^_^

Ok! Other things to remember, besides the 20 points buy?

What's the deadline?

Downloaded! It seems to have been a problem for everyone downloading in the last 12 hours.
And now I'll read it!

Downloaded! Thanks!

My latest download doesn't proceed past the "personalyzing" step.
If I try downloaiding from the book thread, I get an error message.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Yummy! I'm in!

EDIT: It's in my downloads but apparently I can't download it...

This interest me very much. Please, give me a copy and I'll review it as soon as I can.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think it could be time for a "Even More Talents" supplement series. Even More Fighter Talents, Even More Rogue Talents, and so on.
Plus, Talented Oracle please.

Is Exposed Vigilante an archetype with public identity, like Flash III/Fantastic Four? Will it be stackable with Zealot?

Please do an archetype book for this class- or let ME do one!

Ciao! Siamo in tanti, eh? ^_^

1 person marked this as a favorite.

"Ahem" Did someone mention that an Order of the Beast cavalier with some levels in Mammoth Rider could ride a huge dragon most of the day, perfectly RAW?

If the Swashbuckler rogue deserved panache, why shouldn't the Investigator rogue have inspiration?

Private Eye (Rogue)

Intuition(Ex): A private eye gains the investigator’s inspiration class feature. She can expend one use of inspiration as a free action to add 1d6 to the result of an Appraise, Knowledge, or Linguistics check, as long as she is trained in that skill. This ability replaces trapfinding.

Rogue Talents: A private eye can choose any investigator talent in place of a rogue talent. She must meet the chosen talents’ prerequisites. in addition, the private eye gains access to the following rogue talent:

Follow Up (Ex): A private eye can roll twice on any Diplomacy check made to gather information, and receives the information for both results. This takes the same amount of time as one check. If the lesser of the two checks reveals false information, the rogue is aware of it. False information is not revealed in this way if the people she questioned do not know it to be false.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I think we'll see updated versions of the Spherewalker, Chevalier, and so on...

I can't find the healing hex there.

Okay, I can die happy now that you said such nice things (or maybe I'll rather live happy).

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
I demand the return of the Barber class from AL-QADIM!

No class options this time, but I'd like that too.

This is my latest attempt as an Intelligence-based bloodrager. The previous one wasn't satisfying, and I wanted something more "magus-ish". So, the opposite of an Eldritch Scion is the all-new...

Disciplined Bloodrager

Arcane Pool (Su): A disciplined bloodrager gains an arcane pool as a magus of his bloodrager level, gaining all the benefits listed with the magus’s arcane pool class feature.
Additionally, any bloodrager’s class feature or spell from the bloodrager spell list that normally uses a calculation based on Charisma is instead based on Intelligence for a disciplined bloodrager. This ability replaces uncanny dodge and improved uncanny dodge.

Controlled Bloodrage: This is the same ability of the urban bloodrager. It alters bloodrage.

Spells: To learn or cast a spell, a disciplined bloodrager must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell’s level. The DC for a saving throw against a disciplined bloodrager’s spell is 10 + the spell’s level + the disciplined bloodrager’s Intelligence modifier. This modifies and otherwise functions as the bloodrager's spells class feature.

Arcana: Every time the disciplined bloodrager would gain a bloodline feat, he can select a magus arcana instead. He treats his bloodrager level as his magus level for the purpose of selecting and using arcanas.

One thing: Ruins & Vermin are druidic domains, so I don't think that they should be listed here.

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