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Bardess's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. 1,873 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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#Crusading Berserker
If he has to drop to 1d8, so be it. I brought it to 1d10 since the barbarian has 1d12, as per the guidelines.
Also, I forgot to turn some "her" into "his". I noticed it after uploading.

Which spells would you need? Or do you want to give your oracle a completely different spell list?

Here to you the

Crusading Berserker:

Holy wars must be fought by someone. Paladins and warpriests roam the battlefields crying their holy shouts of war, frightening enemies. The crusading berserker is the most frightening of them all. Possessed by an holy fury, he sets aside his deity’s common blessings to channel the most wrathful and righteous (or unrighteous) aspect of the god. Though outside the battlefield he can be a meek and amiable person, once entered in a fight he transforms in a horrorific sight, a holy killing machine.

Primary Class: Warpriest
Secondary Class: Barbarian
Alignment Restrictions: The crusading berserker must have one alignment aspect in common with his chosen deity. For example, a crusading berserker worshiping a Chaotic Good deity could have any good alignment or any chaotic alignment. A crusading berserker can otherwise have any alignment.
Hit Dice: d10
Bonus Skills: The crusading berserker adds 3 barbarian class skills to his list.
Skill Ranks per Level: 4 + Int modifier.
BAB: ¾
Saving Throws: GPG
Weapons and Armor Proficiency: A crusading berserker is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as the favored weapon of his deity, and with light and medium armor and shields (except tower shields). If the crusading berserker worships a deity with unarmed strike as its favored weapon, he gains Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.
Spell Progression: As warpriest.

1) Aura, focus weapon, orisons, sacred weapon, shield focus
2) Furious fervor
3) Rage power
4) Sacred weapon +1
5) Uncanny dodge
6) Rage power
7) Sacred shield +1
8) Improved uncanny dodge, sacred weapon +2
9) Rage power
10) Sacred shield +2
11) Greater rage
12) Sacred weapon +3
13) Sacred shield +3
14) Indomitable will
15) Rage power
16) Sacred shield +4, sacred weapon +4
17) Tireless rage
18) Rage power
19) Sacred shield +5
20) Incarnation of fury, sacred weapon +5

Aura: As warpriest.
Focus Weapon: As warpriest.
Orisons: As warpriest.
Sacred Weapon: As warpriest, but a crusading berserker can add the furious and furyborn special abilities to his weapon in addition to those listed. This replaces heavy armor proficiency.
Shield Focus (Ex): A crusading berserker receives the Shield Focus feat as a bonus feat at 1st level. This, greater furious fervor, indomitable will, and tireless rage replace blessings.
Furious Fervor (Su): At 2nd level, a crusading berserker can channel the power of his deity to unleash his rage against the faith’s enemies. He can also use this ability to quickly cast spells that aid in his struggles. A crusading berserker can rage for a number of rounds per day equal to 4 + his Constitution modifier + 2 for each level after 1st he possesses. This functions as the barbarian class feature, treating the crusading berserker’s class level as his barbarian level.
While raging, as a swift action, a crusading berserker can expend 1 round of rage to cast any one warpriest spell he has prepared. When cast in this way, the spell can target only the crusading berserker, even if it could normally affect other or multiple targets. Spells cast in this way ignore somatic components and do not provoke attacks of opportunity. The crusading berserker does not need to have a free hand to cast a spell in this way, but can do so only while he’s in a rage. This modifies fervor.
Rage Powers: At 3rd level, a crusading berserker gains a rage power, as the barbarian class feature. He gains another rage power each three levels after 3rd (to a maximum of six rage powers at 18th level). The crusading berserker must meet the prerequisites for any rage power he selects. This replaces the warpriest’s bonus feats.
Uncanny Dodge: As barbarian. This and improved uncanny dodge replace channel energy.
Sacred Shield (Su): At 7th level, the crusading berserker gains the ability to enhance his shield with divine power as a swift action. This power grants the shield a +1 enhancement bonus. For every 3 levels beyond 7th, this bonus increases by 1 (to a maximum of +5 at 19th level). The crusading berserker can use this ability a number of minutes per day equal to his crusading berserker level. This duration must be used in 1-minute increments, but they don’t need to be consecutive.
These bonuses stack with any existing bonuses the shield might have, to a maximum of +5. The crusading berserker can enhance his shield with any of the following shield special abilities: arrow deflection, bashing, fortification (heavy, light, or moderate), determination, ghost touch, or spell resistance (13, 15, 17, and 19). Adding any of these special abilities replaces an amount of bonus equal to the special ability’s base cost (see Table 15–4 on page 463 of the Core Rulebook). For this purpose, determination counts as a +5 bonus. Duplicate abilities do not stack. The shield must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus before any other special abilities can be added.
The enhancement bonus and shield special abilities are determined the first time the ability is used each day and cannot be changed until the next day. These bonuses apply only while the crusading berserker is wearing the shield, and end immediately if the shield leaves the crusading berserker’s possession. This ability can be ended as a free action at the start of the crusading berserker’s turn. This ability cannot be applied to an armor.
When the crusading berserker uses this ability, he can also use his sacred weapon ability as a free action by expending one use of his furious fervor. This replaces sacred armor.
Improved Uncanny Dodge: As barbarian.
Greater Furious Fervor (Su): At 11th level, when a crusading berserker enters rage, the morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution increases to +6 and the morale bonus on her Will saves increases to +3. In addition, the crusading berserker may cast spells using furious fervor even when he’s not raging.
Indomitable Will: As barbarian.
Tireless Rage: As barbarian.
Incarnation of Fury: At 20th level, when raging, the crusading berserker treats his level as his base attack bonus and can move at his full normal speed regardless of the armor he is wearing or his encumbrance. In addition, the morale bonus to her Strength and Constitution increases to +8 and the morale bonus on her Will saves increases to +4.

Just to make you know... since Strongblade seemed so interested, I stated the iconic Obedient Diabolist. Here:

Because someone requested it... Lady Jade Black, the Obedient Diabolist

Enjoy if you please ^_^

So... Strongblade contacted me a while ago asking some more informations on the iconic character for the Obedient Diabolist prestige archetype I wrote for Wayfinder #11. I had promised to write her complete stats if the issue had got at least 3 reviews. This didn't happen, but since Strongblade seemed very interested in her, I made an effort.
And here she is. Let me know if the link works, because this is my first Google Doc.

Lady Jade Black

It's been a real struggle to decide if she should be an Oracle, or a Witch. The Heavens Mystery seemed to fit very well my concept of the character (I was tempted to give her the Solar or Apocalypse mystery, but they didn't just fit as well), but she really would have needed some witch spell on her list. On the other hand, she wasn't the type to have a familiar. For a while I thought of her as a Magister, but I wasn't quite satisfied with that. The Advanced Class Guide solved my problem with the Spirit Guide archetype for oracles: a shamanic oracle is definitely what she is.
As for my inspiration source, let's just say that I used the template of my most hated manga villain. That's all, folks...

This is my favoured version of the Piper. i'll definitely use this for my drunk bard/alchemist Catrider.

Spells for orc shamans, please.

It's the fittest bloodline to play a REAL berserker- one that becomes a beast while raging. Throw in a bit of Primalist to give away the most "magic-disrupting" abilities leaving only the shapechanging, and voilà.

Aaaaand a Side Trek Seed sent. Hope it's not too fairytaleish. ^_^

Timitius wrote:
Bardess wrote:
Tim, for my third one, what about that high-level WaW with my fluff characters I told you about? Drawbacks: high level, and it would use material from my other submission. But if you discard it, the other article can be kept. What do you say, can I give a try?

Well, as per the guidelines, we are keeping Weal or Woe NPCs at 7th level or lower, due to the stat blocks getting too large to fit everything to 2 pages. And, again, unless we have a pre-arranged game plan to really fit multiple articles together to form a feature, I'm going to have to nix the idea of submitting articles that depend on other articles.

Ok then, I'll try to mix my previous idea of a Grim tale with the story of Zoenessa Thell (Rule of Fear, page 55). I'll try to make it as little fairytalish-ridicolous as possible.

Psychic detective inquisitor *drools* *___*

Tim, for my third one, what about that high-level WaW with my fluff characters I told you about? Drawbacks: high level, and it would use material from my other submission. But if you discard it, the other article can be kept. What do you say, can I give a try?

Second one coming! Sorry, archetypes again. I also had to send it twice because I had forgotten to attach the file.

I hope in a Metamorphosis spell similar to the old 2E power. Wizards and sorcerers couldn't take the shape of objects, and still can't. But psionicists once could, and I hope Psychics can.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

A Monstrous Mount feat revised would also be in order. Flying mounts should be able to fly at full speed. Monstrous cohorts and flying companions are, after all.

Thank you very much. Next time I will think about an Insectocephalos if I can. ^_^

In an old anime, the Demon BBEG wanted to sire many half-human children (because humans are endowed with many desirable gifts), and of course he would be sure to be their true father...

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Mythic familiar-cohorts and companion-cohorts! More companion and cohort archetypes! Please!

I had the same problem. I wanted a righteous dwarven rager chieftess of a sacred military order who could be a sweet, amiable and protective lady outside the battlefield, and a swearing killing machine when fighting. Cleric? Paladin? Oracle? Warpriest? / Barbarian? Bloodrager? Before the ACG she was a NG Barbarian (Armored Hulk, Elemental Kin, Drunken Rager)/Cleric (Crusader, Earth/Metal subdomain), but I wasn't entirely satisfied- mainly for alignment.
After much inner struggling I settled on LG Arcane Bloodrager (Primalist, Steelblood)/ Warpriest (Champion of the Faith, Artifice and Good blessings). I could add some homebrew to let her enhance her shield rather than her armor. I could change my mind again, but this is pretty much the closest thing to the flavor I was searching. The Warpriest is a great conversion of the 2.5E Crusader, a class I loved.

5. A powerful barbarian put at risk his own life in a quest to free himself from his wild fury that forced him to harm family and friends. His deity rewarded him with the power to bridle and unbridle not only the Bear spirit that had made him suffer, but other spirits as well. Now he's the respected shaman chief of his tribe.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

4. A fated family of Bizarre individuals has been bound for a hundred years to thwart the evil schemes of a powerful vampire, whose blood mixed with theirs at a certain point of their family tree. When the monster awakens after decades, a distant ancestor's spirit calls to arms all his descendants, granting them the power to free their own interior self in a semi tangible form... ^_^

Just a huge rock. ^_^
Seriously: Temple Champion paladin with the Rage subdomain/Bloodrider - Primalist - Untouchable Rager bloodrager, Arcane bloodline/Mythic Champion, and you have your Song of Roland/Orlando Furioso character all right. ^_^

Telepathic Bond serves that purpose too, though I'd like to have mind link at low levels too. A Synaptic Static- like power is much more desired and difficult- currently, I have to make my character a Mythic Guardian to achieve something similar.

I'd like to see more 2E psionic powers converted to psychic spell. I once had a berserker fighter with the Synaptic Static and Mind Link wild talents, and I couldn't recreate that feeling yet.

Hey Tim, would it be okay to talk about dwarven berserkers fighting in the Shining Crusade?

Making the Psychic classes alternate classes sounds interesting to me.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Spells like Possess Object or Enter Image should definitely be on the list for this class.

So, no prepared psychic casters, uh? They're all spontaneous.

Hope for a psychic oracle using a discipline instead of her mystery, or a spirit-possessed barbarian. What about an Amateur Kineticist feat? What about a telepathic shaman? There should be a lesser version of telepathic bond at low levels, either as a spell or power.
Also, why no prepared psychic caster? There are three hybrid casters, one sorcerer-like casters, one half-caster and one no-caster. There should be a psion-like sensitive class too.

As an Italian, let me say that Disney's Pinocchio has not very much in common with the real one. You should read the book. The original Pinocchio is the typical Italian monello, a little unobedient boy who just happens to be made of wood.
If you want such a character, go with Rogue and enjoy. ^_^

Put the Divine Detective in the top 5 for now. ^^

I've dibbed Warpriest/Bloodrager, Warpriest/Oracle, and Warpriest/Barbarian.
Okay, so my next could be the Boastful Gallant (Cyrano anyone? Should it be Swashbuckler or Bard primary? Mmm...) or either just the Consecrated Fury (Warpriest/Bloodrager).

Ok for me. ^_^

I guess I can call a Warpriest/Oracle and a Warpriest/Barbarian.

The Airborne template is from RGG. It essentially gives wings to everything.
As for mount/order, you have a point. Zorro is more swashbuckler than cavalier, but his mount is more important than his "order". Maybe we could postpone everything of a couple levels... 2nd-4th-10th-17th?

Should Half-blood extraction be available to half-orc shamans? It's on the cleric, druid and witch spell list, so I guess it should. At 5th level or more?

The main problem here is that most shapeshifting spells last too little, On the other hand, wild shape is not versatile enough.
So, while waiting for a "true shapeshifter" class, I'd take Mythic archmage/ trickster with the Path Dabbling ability to take the Enduring Blessing hierophant ability. This way, all your shapeshifting spells will last 24 hours.
That said, take the Aberrant bloodline.

Some of these could have been already created! Go check! :)

Ok with your changes. Sure I'd like the cavalier's charge, but Expert Trainer feels so much in flavor for a Zorro type that I think it should stay. Maybe remove Mighty Charge (so she doesn't become too much similar to a cavalier)?
As for the Order of the Wing, I created it at first to use with the Monstrous Mount feat and some other rules for flying mounts I created. You're right, it's not so useful alone. However, the steed added half its master's Fly skill score to its own.

Hmm, if Mount goes to level 2, then the challenge should be moved too? Anyway, no problem with the movings. Level 1 is a bit crowded indeed.

*pant pant phew* Done!

Flamboyant Challenger:

Elegant fencers can be paragons of grace when dueling afoot, but the flamboyant challenger goes a step further in her boastful deeds. Galloping on the battlefield astride her faithful mount, she delivers death blows with her rapier merrily charging with a smile on her face. Often, a flamboyant challenger’s steed is just as renowned as its master, and little less feared for its deeds and fearlessness.

Primary Class: Swashbuckler
Secondary Class: Cavalier
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d10
Bonus Skills: The flamboyant challenger adds Handle Animal to her list of class skills. She further adds to her class skills the skills granted by her order (see below). If she already possesses one of these skills, she can freely choose any other cavalier skill to add to her list.
Skill Ranks: 4 + Int modifier.
Base Attack Bonus: +1
Saving Throws: GGP
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A flamboyant challenger is proficient with simple and martial weapons, as well as light armor, but not with shields.

1) Deeds, mount, order, panache, swashbuckler finesse
2) Charming challenge 3/day, order ability
3) Deeds
4) Mounted nimbleness +1
5) Expert trainer
6) Charming challenge 4/day
7) Deeds
8) Mounted nimbleness +2, order ability
9) Bonus feat
10) Charming challenge 5/day
11) Deeds
12) Mounted nimbleness +3
13) Bonus feat
14) Charming challenge 6/day
15) Deeds, order ability
16) Mounted nimbleness +4
17) Bonus feat
18) Charming challenge 7/day
19) Mounted nimbleness +5
20) Master challenger

Mount (Ex): At 1st level, the flamboyant challenger receives a mount. This functions as the cavalier’s class feature, except that a flamboyant challenger’s mount doesn’t begin game with light armor proficiency. It instead gains the share deeds ability.
Share Deeds: While mounted on her faithful steed, a flamboyant challenger can normally use her derring–do, dodging panache, kip–up, swashbuckler’s grace, evasive, and swashbuckler’s edge deeds as if she was afoot. These deeds have effect on the mount as well as on the flamboyant challenger, but require one check only (if needed) and use the flamboyant challenger’s level and skill, AC and ability scores and bonuses. Even when the steed’s unmounted, it can spend panache points from its master’s pool to use the derring–do and evasive deeds. In this case, the steed uses its own level and skill scores.
This replaces two of the swashbuckler’s bonus feats.
Order (Ex): As cavalier. The flamboyant challenger can select the new Order of the Wing. This ability and expert trainer replace swashbuckler weapon training.
Panache (Ex): As swashbuckler.
Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex): As swashbuckler.
Deeds: A flamboyant challenger gains the following deeds:

Jump On (Ex): At 7th level, a swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point to jump in the saddle from a distance or from above. The swashbuckler attempts an Acrobatics check and gains a bonus on this check equal to her Charisma bonus. With a successful check, she manages to mount as a swift action, and negates all falling damage she could have sustained. This replaces superior feint.

Steed Shield (Ex): At 11th level, a mounted swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point to use the Cover task granting herself an AC bonus equal to her Dexterity bonus if she makes a successful Ride check with DC 20. Recovering from the cover is a swift action rather than a move action (no check required). This replaces bleeding wound.

Saving Charge (Ex): At 19th level, when the swashbuckler is not astride her mount, she can spend 2 panache points to call her steed to charge through and save her. The steed can move up to its movement rate, adds the master’s Dexterity bonus to its overrun maneuver check, and must end its movement adjacent to its master. This replaces stunning stab.

Charming Challenge (Ex): At 2nd level, the flamboyant challenger gains the charmed life ability and can choose to use it to challenge a foe rather than to a saving throw. If the flamboyant challenger selects this option, she adds her Charisma bonus to the target of her challenge. The flamboyant challenger takes a –2 penalty to his Armor Class, except against attacks made by the target of his challenge. The challenge remains in effect until the target is dead or unconscious or until the combat ends. The flamboyant challenger’s charming challenge also includes her chosen order’s challenge effect. This modifies charmed life.
Mounted Nimbleness (Ex): At 3rd level, a flamboyant challenger gains the Nimble ability, but it functions only when she’s astride a mount. This modifies nimble.
Expert Trainer (Ex): As cavalier.
Bonus Feats: As swashbuckler, but a flamboyant challenger only gains bonus feats at 9th, 13th and 17th level.
Master Challenger (Ex): At 20th level, when a flamboyant challenger threatens a critical hit with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon, that critical is automatically confirmed. Furthermore, if the flamboyant challenger is astride her mount, the critical modifiers of such weapons increase by 1 (×2 becomes ×3, and so on) and the target is stunned for 1d4 rounds. A Will save reduces this to staggered for 1d4 rounds. The DC is equal to 10 + the flamboyant challenger’s base attack bonus.

Order of the Wing:

Members of this order bond with a flying steed. Cavaliers have not to select this order to get a winged mount, but most of them favor it. These cavaliers value excellence in aerial combat above all.

Edicts: The cavalier must choose a winged steed and respect it as a friend and an equal. He must choose to fight airborne if possible. He must protect his homeland or charges from flying menaces and monsters.
Challenge: Whenever an order of the wing cavalier issues a challenge, he and his mount receive a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls against the target of his challenge as long as the cavalier is flying astride the mount. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the cavalier possesses.
Skills: An order of the wing cavalier adds Fly and Knowledge (arcane or nature) to his list of class skills. He can make Fly checks untrained. In addition, whenever an order of the wing cavalier uses Ride to guide his mount to a soft fall or spur it to a greater fly speed, he receives a bonus on the check equal to ½ his cavalier level (minimum +1).
Order Abilities: A cavalier belonging to the order of the wing gains the following abilities as he increases in level.
Aerial Tactician (Ex): At 2nd level, when the cavalier’s flying astride his mount, it adds half the cavalier’s score to its own for all Fly skill checks.
Airborne Knight (Ex): At 8th level, the cavalier ignores the armor check penalty when using the Acrobatics, Fly and Ride skills. He can spur his mount to great fly speed, increasing its movement by 20 feet for 1 round with a successful Ride check. Either the cavalier or his mount also receive a bonus feat, chosen from the following list: Acrobatic, Death from Above, Flyby Attack, Mounted Combat, Skill Focus (Fly), or Wingover. The cavalier or the mount must qualify for the feat selected.
Dive (Ex): At 15th level, when charging from above while flying, the cavalier’s mount shares its rider’s benefits for a cavalier’s charge.

Easy enough to mix two fighting classes, and not too long. ^_^ The limitations to Nimble pay for the challenger sharing deeds with her mount. Anyone said Zorro? ^_^

The Flamboyant Challenger's not done yet. Give me 24 hours, and if I can't finish it, pass to the next while I finish writing. ^^

That was my idea too. Thanks.
Now it seems that my concept of a CN Spirit Warden Shaman/Soul Warden with an "I don't like undead but they're useful to command for defense/attack purposes" attitude is not only interesting but viable too. ^^


Hmmm. What to do first. Maybe my first one will be the Lone Rider (Swa/Cav). I'm honestly surprised that nobody created a mounted Zorro yet. ^_^

First one sent, along with the ideas for the other two. Make me know if I can go on writing them!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Try searching "improved half-blood extraction" in the boards. :)
I created it. It's only an homebrew, but maybe it will become a 3PP Spell soon enough.

Any feats or traits?

Mmm... I was thinking about a Weal and Woe related to a short fiction. Both pieces could be read individually, though, so if one's left out there would be no loss for the reader. Tim, should I send you a private mail about it?

Because I would love such a familiar if I were a wizard, and I would love to fly in the sky riding one if I were a druid!
I used the already existing stats for giant insects, butterfly swarms and butterfly-shaped monsters as my guidelines. As you said, the main problem is that real-world butterflies have no means of attack. I still don't give up my hope to have one in the game one day. ^_^

My one, both versions (the one that was submitted and the other):

Giant Butterfly:

This enormous insect is sustained in the air by large, multicolored, beautiful sparkling wings slowly beating.

Butterfly/Moth, Giant (CR 2)
600 XP
N Large vermin
Init +4; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +2

AC 14, touch 13, flat–footed 10 (+4 Dex, +1 natural, –1 size)
hp 19 (3d8 + 6)
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +2
Immune mind–affecting effects

Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (good)
Melee 2 claws +4 (1d4 + 2)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks pheromones

Str 16, Dex 18, Con 14, Int ––, Wis 12, Cha 20
Base Atk +2; CMB +6; CMD 18 (26 vs. trip)
Skills Fly +9

Environment temperate and hot forests and plains
Organization solitary, pair or swarm (2–20)
Treasure none

Special Abilities
Pheromones (Ex): As a standard action, a giant butterfly can release a cloud of pheromones in a 30–foot radius. All creatures within this area (save for other giant butterflies) must make a DC 13 Fortitude save to avoid being sickened by the pheromones for 1d2 rounds. Other giant butterflies caught in the cloud will avoid to fight or harm the butterfly which released the pheromones.

The only relevant difference between giant butterflies and giant moths are their colors and life cycle. Diurnal butterflies sport bright, beautiful color patterns, while nocturnal giant moths have inconspicuous grey–brown wings.
Much like their smaller cousins, these immense insects live on pollen of giant flowers, and can be often found in primitive jungles or gardens of oversized plants. They don’t usually attack other creatures unless they feel threatened.

Giant Butterflies/Moths as Animal Companions

Starting Statistics
Size Medium; Speed 10 ft., fly 40 ft. (good); AC +1 natural armor; Attack 2 claws (1d3); Ability Scores Str 8, Dex 20, Con 10, Int —, Wis 12, Cha 20; Special Attacks pheromones (Fort save or sickened for 1d2 rounds); Special Qualities darkvision; CMD trip +8.

7th-Level Advancement
Size Large; Attack 2 claws (1d4); Ability Scores Str +8, Dex –2, Con +4.

As big as a human hand, this frail, colorful insect beautifully rests on a tall blade of grass.

Butterfly/Moth, Large (CR ¼)
XP 100
N Tiny vermin
Init +5; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +0

AC 17, touch 17, flat–footed 12 (+5 Dex, +2 size)
hp 4 (1d8)
Fort +2, Ref +5, Will +0
Immune mind–affecting effects

Speed fly 20 ft. (good)
Melee 2 claws (1d4 – 4)
Space 2-1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
Special Attacks pheromones

Str 2, Dex 20, Con 10, Int ––, Wis 10, Cha 16
Base Atk +0; CMB +3; CMD 9
Skills Fly +12, Perception +4, Stealth +17 (moths only) Racial Modifiers +4 Stealth (moths only)

Special Abilities:
Familiar: The master of a large butterfly familiar gains a +3 bonus on Fly checks. A large moth familiar grants a +3 bonus on Stealth checks.
Pheromones (Ex): As a standard action, a large butterfly can release a small cloud of pheromones. All creatures adjacent to the butterfly (save for other butterflies) must make a DC 10 Fortitude save to avoid being sickened by the pheromones for 1 round. Other butterflies caught in the cloud will avoid to fight or harm the butterfly which released the pheromones.

Environment temperate and hot forests and plains
Organization solitary, pair, or swarm (2–50)
Treasure none

The only relevant difference between butterflies and moths are their colors and life cycle. Diurnal butterflies sport bright, beautiful color patterns, while nocturnal moths have inconspicuous grey–brown wings. These larger specimens are often searched as familiars by spellcasters.

Alexander Augunas wrote:
Bardess wrote:
And the feats. I really hope in a Revelation feat for shamans and an Aspect feat for animal companions/mounts.
Shamans don't have revelations. They have hexes, and the reprinted Extra Hex in the Advanced Class Guide is specifically tailored to address shamans.

What I meant was, a feat or archetype to let Shaman take revelations from their spirit's associated mystery.

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