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Bardess's page

RPG Superstar 2014 Star Voter. 1,614 posts. No reviews. No lists. 3 wishlists.


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The Cold Iron Warden inquisitor archetype from the Demon Hunter's Handbook is still missing.

Okay, I'm going to make some pyramid hunters options right now... When the call comes out, I could have all three already done, so if you change your mind by then I'll be just a bit upset, mind my words. ;)

Evil Midnight Lurker wrote:
Corpse Hunter for Rangers, but I guess they figured since Inquisitors already have one or two...

Ok, I guess I'll have to make up to this by myself, since Wayfinder #12 is going to have mummies and pyramids... *sighs and goes to write the Sepulcher Inquisition*

I think I found another thing. The Speak with Ancestors spell is missing from the druid/shaman list (is it druid/shaman, or shaman only, by the way? The description seems to say "shaman only").

In download! Thank you!

I always saw him as a Bard. This would also give him the ability to cast Dimensional Door (and thus access to the dimensional feat chain), not to speak about other interesting spells like Bladed Dash. A Bard/Assassin could be a fascinating combination.
Maybe with some Diabolist levels for Infernal Transport and an imp on his shoulder?

Magus 13/Rogue 2/Trickster 2. Give him Spell Blending. Damnation Stride IS Bamf, it would be a sin not using it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Mailed. Hooray! My two favorites of three are in! For the first time!

The Shaman needs an optional negative channeling/commanding Undead ability, and then it's nearly perfect...

Okay, then my PrA has still hope. ^_^

Have you been notified yet? Then I guess that only one of mine got in... Not my best favourite, but neither my least favourite.

O mio babbino caro (from Puccini's Gianni Schicchi). The most beautiful soprano aria in the world.

After all this time, may I ask what's the 15th-level power of the Seer bloodline?

Jason Nelson wrote:
You can always throw out ideas, but if you want to make sure you see things in the book... sponsor it in! :)

I thought only published feats could be sponsored to be mythicked. Sadly, I don't have enough money to sponsor all that I would. When I back, I probably could think about sponsoring Mythic Adept Channel. ^_^

Could I hope in

Mythic Companion Boon- Lets you have a more powerful creature as your companion/familiar, like an unicorn companion or a familiar with more than CR 2-3.
Mythic Planar Wildshape- Lets you assume the half-celestial or half-fiend template while in wildshape.
Mythic Celestial Servant- Gives to your mount the half-celestial template (if only for a brief period a day)

Registered, but I'll have to ask something about the use conditions...
Plus, I'm waiting for the mail round! I'd love for all three of my things to get in, but I know it's unrealistic... So I'm hoping for the feat/prestige archetype one (even if it's too long) and maybe the monster. The feats/spells one is the weakest, in my opinion.

The second one.

How I want Bladed Dash.

I think Ceremony is the only cleric spell unavailable to oracles I've seen till now (and rightly so).

Gadgeteer Smashwidget wrote:
Tyrannical wrote:
Gadgeteer Smashwidget wrote:
Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
Gadgeteer Smashwidget wrote:

It's fine; I tend to work in the same manner.

I wanted to add a new MCA to the list, the Crusader (Paladin/Inquisitor). He is a combat-focused Paladin, fighting demons and other evil beings in the name of his church.
He gives up lay on hands and possibly other abilities in favor of the Inquisitor's Judgements and Spell-Like Abilities. We could also replace certain abilities with more flavorful, in-the-name-of-my-god-I-strike-you-down type abilities.

Perhaps the Oathbound Paladin archetype might be useful for it, especially the vs. Fiends oath I think it is.
Yeah, that would work really well. I was also thinking of the potential of focusing on the use of shields, since that is a common paladin/crusader trope.

You could easily link the Paladin's Mercy abilities with Inquisitor Judgements maybe? Same with the Teamwork Bonuses and Auras perhaps?

That... could actually work. I think I'll make a new thread for this, actually, since we aren't even technically working on it yet.

I did that with my Merciful Redeemer- Mercy + Judgment became Verdict. You can view that it you will.

I think that my first submissions will be easily discarded (1586 words...) Too bad, since it took me a bit of an effort... ^_^

Wait for the Book of Passion I'm writing with Zelgadas...^^

Problem solved. I forgot I had two accounts. :P

I received your mail, but I can't seem to find the PDF in my account... how's that? :(

Battle Oracle is the best choice for me too. If you want an Eldritch Knight, a Paladin/Celestial Sorcerer should rock.

I'm working on the Metamorphic Thespian now, as my next archetype. Just... I realized that a Bard/Summoner is not what I want.
I don't want a Bard, neither a Summoner. Rather, what I want is an Alchemist archetype with enhanced spellcasting, no bombs and emphasis on mutagens and polymorphing, able to change shape for extended periods of time.
So I'm completely remaking my concept. It will be named Master Metamorphist and I'm making it as an Alchemist/Wizard (Transmuter/Polymorphist). Besides, we already had a Bard/Summoner, while we're still missing an Alchemist/Wizard. Please Elghinn, you can put it in queue for my next turn. ^^

PM coming

Go with Craft Construct and let's put that among class features maybe. I'd have did it myself in my first draft, but somehow I feared it would be too much.
On shutdown, I like your ideas Elghinn.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Answered! I don't know if I did a good work, but if you like it, please yourself! If you don't like it, no offence taken!
By the way, great song choice! ^^

Oh, yes, that feat. I thought you cut it. ^^
No, I'm fine with how it is now.

Don't give challenges away, Healing is good as it is for me. It's a construct after all. Maybe it can be further repaired using Craft Construct, like all its kin.

Just a couple of things- the Arcane Duelist bard from Faiths and Philosophies is still not on the site, and the Survivor druid archetype from Champions of Balance has been mistakenly put among ranger archetypes

Now that Mythic rules are out, I wonder if these would still be overpowered as Mythic feats (thinking to Mythic Eldritch Heritage, I guess maybe not). I have a character that was just searching something like Cohort Familiar.

I like the new Mechagolem Commander. Too bad losing demanding challenge, honorable stand and last stand, but I can live with that.
I'd add helmets to the types of bonding objects allowed. After all, anime mecha pilots have often a bizarre helmet.
I'd also keep the Aquatic form. Some mecha are aquatic, and it would not be a form often used anyway.
All the rest's great. You've improved my original idea by 100 times. I'm envious of your talent. ^^

I think so too. Let's think about it. ^^

199. A very young copper dragon raised by humanoids when her egg was lost and found by a couple wanting a child. She uses her disguise eidolon to pass for human (Synthetist). She wonders what to do when she outgrows her disguise in the end.

I like the approach. The bonded command object some of the guys proposed is also a great idea.
I'd insist on the Order of the Majin as mandatory fort the Commander too.

Second and Third Forms are good ideas, but maybe they should be optional upgrades. Not every Commander could want to change their golem's form.

So many changes, I'd have to take some time to review it bit by bit. One thing I can say is that I liked the golem to be an actual construct, maybe created from ancient or mysterious occult mechanics. Plus, I kept the magic evolutions in order to simulate mecha's energy attacks.
Ah, Christos is right about the transformer.^^

Browman wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:
Browman wrote:
What if part of the bonding process required the use of an amulet or ring or some other item that took up a good magic item slot and couldn't be enchanted with anything else?
I just saw this. That might be fun. Could incorporate it into the Link ability of the eidolon, but it's a magical link via a ring or amulet, or something. Could make it necessary to command it, or at least, makes it so noone else can command it. If it's gone, he can still command it, but there could be a cumulative chance each day, until he regains it or replaces it, that soemone else can control it?
I like this too, especially if different "control items" in different slots gave a small bonus to something - say a helmet/tinfoil hat gave a bonus to Piloting and goggle slot was Perception etc etc
I figured tieing the golom to an item slot would be cool and make it less over powered.

Nice idea. I wish I thought about that. Some anime "mechagolems" had that too. Maybe the Commander can't give personalized orders or use Battle Commands without the control device. It could be anything from an helm to a necklace or a ring. Or either, a sword!

It's an honor to write with so many great women, and a pleasure to help you. ^^

Elghinn Lightbringer wrote:

Philosophical Savant is on the wiki.

FYI, if ever anyone wants to actually know what MCA combos HAVE NOT been done, check out the MCA Creation Table. I'm all for new concepts, but would really like to see the holes in the table filled. :D

I'm currently updating it to include any other MCAs created thus far.

Please remember my Mendicant Preacher too (I forgot about her either till now).

I like Mechagolem Commander! What about you guys?

I wonder if my first piece went under Archetypes or PrCs.^^
And the second had both spells and feats.^^

The golem also has only 2/3 the evolution points of an eidolon. Plus, the samurai must limit to the Order of the Majin. I tried to balance it all to make it a fair swap. We could give it 1 hit die less (1/2 at first level), or either no EP to begin and a slower progression.

In fact, as Elghinn said, the pilot can't enter the golem without the Hatch evolution, but he can guide it at a distance or ride it depending from its form and size. At 15th level, the pilot gains the order ability to merge forms with his golem.

What about Majin Commander?

Aye aye, cap'n

Mechagolem Pilot:

The noblest of samurai sometimes don’t bond with a mere mount, neither do battle to usual enemies. Born in lands or times where science and magic blend, or where divine powers are needed to defeat supernatural menaces, the Mechagolem Pilots specialize in the arduous art of controlling the mysterious constructs that some call majin, or divine fiends, and fighting at these majestic creatures’ side, or pilot them from the inside when their bond becomes strong enough. Evil outsiders, invader aberrations from other worlds and planets, and mischevious demigods have learned to know and fear the mechagolem’s power and that of their masters, the most powerful of which grow to be called majin themselves.

Primary Class: Samurai
Secondary Class: Summoner
Alignment: Any
Hit Dice: d10
Bonus Skills: The mechagolem pilot selects 3 class skills from the summoner’s list to add to his class skills list.
Skill Ranks per Level: 2 + Int modifier.
BAB: full
Saving Throws: GPG
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: As samurai.

1) Challenge 1/day, mechagolem, order, resolve
2) Order ability
3) Craft Construct, puissant golem
4) Battle commands, Challenge 2/day
5) Encouraging critical
6) Shield ally
7) Challenge 3/day
8) Order ability
9) Greater resolve
10) Challenge 4/day
11) Golem stand
12) Demanding challenge, greater shield ally
13) Challenge 5/day
14) Greater encouraging critical
15) Order ability
16) Challenge 6/day
17) True resolve
18) Transformation
19) Challenge 7/day
20) Golem last stand

Challenge: As samurai.
Mechagolem (Ex): A mechagolem pilot is skilled in the art of controlling mechagolems, a special kind of magical constructs that share the lifeforce of their master to achieve an ever greater power. Each mechagolem pilot bonds with a mechagolem at 1st level. The mechagolem shall henceforth obey only to the mental orders of its bonded pilot. It has no alignment, but for effects related to evolutions it’s treated as if it had his pilot’s same alignment.
Mechagolems are metal or stone constructs with all the characteristics of their type (see the Bestiary entry). They come in a variety of shapes, much like an eidolon’s base forms. When destroyed, they regenerate magically up to half their normal hit points within a day. A mechagolem can otherwise be healed as a normal construct, or through the use of the pilot’s resolve ability, as told below.
The mechagolem’s Hit Dice, saving throws, and abilities are tied to the pilot’s class level and increase as the pilot gains levels. In addition, each mechagolem receives a pool of evolution points much like an eidolon, based on the pilot’s class level. Whenever the pilot gains a level, he must decide how these points are spent, and they are set until he gains another level of mechagolem pilot.
Mechagolem are mindless, gain no skill points or feats, and do not have any class skills or alignment. A mechagolem can, however, follow simple routines of behavior or attack (see below) without its master having to concentrate on giving it orders all the time. If the pilot is unconscious, asleep, or killed, the mechagolem stops functioning and is effectively helpless until the master regains his consciousness. It takes 1 minute to reactivate a dormant mechagolem, but a pilot may shut off an active mechagolem as a standard action if needed. When the pilot is conscious but unable to give orders (dazed, frightened or such), the mechagolem continues functioning but will only be able to carry on the last activated routine, even if there’s no more need for it: the mechagolem can’t stop acting or change his running routine by itself.
Full details on how mechagolems work are given below. A mechagolem pilot qualifies for the Defending Eidolon, Extra Evolution and Focused Eidolon feats as if he was a summoner. A mechagolem isn’t considered a mount for the purposes of qualifying for feats. This replaces the mount ability.
Order (Ex): As samurai, except that a mechagolem pilot must choose the new Order of the Majin (detailed below).
Resolve: As samurai, plus the mechagolem pilot gains this additional use of resolve:
Regenerate Golem (Su): As a standard action, the samurai can spend one use of his resolve to sacrifice a number of his own hit points up to his class level, transferring these points to his mechagolem. The mechagolem pilot can’t transfer more hit points to his mechagolem than he has left –1 (he can’t drop under 1 hit point), neither the mechagolem can excess its maximum number of hit points thanks to this ability.
Craft Construct (Ex): At 3rd level, the mechagolem pilot gains Craft Construct as a bonus feat, even if he doesn’t meet its prerequisites.
Puissant Golem (Ex): At 3rd level, the mechagolem pilot selects one of his mechagolem’s weapon or natural attacks. Whenever the mechagolem threatens a critical hit with the selected weapon or attack, he gains a +2 bonus on the confirmation roll. In addition, the mechagolem pilot’s can stack ½ the levels he possesses in a class granting an animal companion or mount with his mechagolem pilot levels for the purposes of determining his mechagolem’s abilities. This replaces weapon expertise.
Battle Commands (Ex): At 4th level, as a standard action, the mechagolem pilot can shout an order to his mechagolem in the middle of a battle instead of using his mindlink with the mechagolem, naming a specific attack or power to use (a weapon attack, a spell–like ability, a natural attack, or else) with a fancy and intimidating name (for example, the command to use ray of frost could sound something like “Winter Death Flowers!”). If the mechagolem pilot does so, the mechagolem adds a +2 bonus on all die rolls for 1 round (attack and damage rolls, save DC, saving throws, skill checks and so on). This replaces mounted archer.
Encouraging Critical (Ex): At 5th level, the mechagolem pilot’s way of fighting is an example for his allies and companions. Whenever the pilot or the mechagolem deliver a critical hit on an enemy, all allies within 60 feet able to see the scene receive a +2 morale bonus on saving throws. At 10th level, and every five levels thereafter, this bonus increase by +1. This replaces banner.
Shield Ally (Ex): As summoner. This replaces the samurai’s 6th–level bonus feat.
Greater Resolve (Ex): As samurai, except that this ability works on the pilot’s mechagolem too. Using it both on himself and the mechagolem requires the pilot two separate uses of the ability.
Resolutive Stand (Ex): At 11th level, a mechagolem pilot can make an honorable stand together with his mechagolem. He can make an honorable stand once per day at 11th level, plus one additional time per day at 16th level. Declaring a resolutive stand is a swift action. While making a resolutive stand, the pilot is immune to the shaken, frightened, and panicked conditions. He does not fall unconscious while his hit point total is below 0. Finally, once during each stand, a mechagolem pilot can issue a battle command to his golem as a standard action, ordering a final attack. A final attack uses one of the golem’s natural attacks or evolution powers, and consumes all the remaining uses of the pilot’s resolve ability. A mechagolem delivering a final attack adds the pilot’s class level to all die rolls for 1 round.
After the end of a golem stand, the mechagolem pilot is exhausted for double the duration of the stand, plus 10 minutes if a final attack was delivered. If a mechagolem pilot making a golem stand ever retreats from battle against his challenged foe, he loses the ability to make a challenge for 24 hours.
Demanding Challenge: As samurai.
Greater Shield Ally: As summoner. This replaces the 12th–level bonus feat.
Greater Encouraging Critical (Ex): At 14th level, all allies within 60 feet able to see the pilot or his mechagolem deliver a critical hit on an enemy receive a +2 morale bonus on saving throws. against charm and compulsion spells and effects. In addition, in the round following to the critical hit, the mechagolem pilot can spend a standard action to issue an encouraging cry, granting all allies within 60 feet an additional saving throw against any one spell or effect that is targeting them. This save is made at the original DC. Spells and effects that do not allow saving throws are unaffected by this ability. An ally cannot benefit from this ability more than once per day. This replaces greater banner.
True Resolve (Ex): As samurai, except that this ability works on the pilot’s mechagolem too. A mehagolem which avoids destruction is left deactivated, at 1 hit point. A pilot using this ability can affect himself or his mechagolem, but not both at the same time.
Transformation (Su): At 18th level, the mechagolem pilot chooses a second base form for his mechagolem. Once made, this choice is set. Once per day as a standard action, the pilot can make his mechagolem change from one form to the other. The pilot can choose a third base form at 20th level. This replaces the 18th level bonus feat.
Last Stand (Ex): As samurai, except that this ability works on the pilot’s mechagolem too.

Order of the Majin:

Samurai who bond with mechagolems are proud of their tradition and heritage, who make them a glorious force for good or evil.
Edicts: Take care of your mechagolem as if it were yourself or your best friend. Never retreat before an enemy you challenged, or one who challenged you. Search to fight one–on–one when possible, refusing anyone’s aid except your mechagolem’s.
Challenge: Whenever an order of the majin samurai challenges a foe, he can give a bold speech declaring his and his mechagolem’s name and powers, and intimating surrender. As long as both the samurai and his mechagolem attack the target of the challenge together, the mechagolem gains a +1 bonus on its CMB against the target of the challenge. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels the samurai possesses.
Skills: An order of the majin samurai adds Disable Device (Dex) and Knowledge (arcana) (Int) to his list of class skills. He can make Knowledge (arcana) skill checks untrained. In addition, whenever an order of the majin samurai makes a Craft check to repair an item or create a masterwork item, he receives a bonus on the check equal to ½ his samurai level (minimum +1).
Order Abilities: An order of the majin samurai gains the following abilities as he increases in level.
Bond Senses (Su): At 2nd level, the samurai gains the summoner’s bond senses ability.
Companion’s Call (Sp): At 8th level, the samurai gains the summoner’s maker’s call ability.
Merge Forms (Sp): At 15th level, the samurai gains the summoner’s merge forms ability. A mechagolem merged with its pilot gains all the benefits of the pilot’s challenge. The pilot can normally use his resolve ability while merged, but any healing spell received will affect only the pilot’s hit points, not the golem’s.


Mechagolems are treated as eidolons, with the following changes:
Instead of an outsider, a mechagolem has the construct creature type. Its statistics are changed from a standard eidolon as follows:
Statistics: A mechagolem has no Constitution or Intelligence score. Any DCs or other Statistics that rely on one of these scores treat a mechagolem as having a score of 10 (no bonus or penalty).
Immunities: A mechagolem is immune to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, morale effects, patterns, and phantasms). It is also immune to bleed, disease, death effects, necromancy effects, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning. A mechagolem is not subject to ability damage, ability drain, fatigue, exhaustion, energy drain, or nonlethal damage. It is also immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save (unless the effect also works on objects, or is harmless).
Good/Bad Saves: A mechagolem has no good saves.
Skills/Feats: A mechagolem has no skill points or feats. It doesn’t have any class skill.

Level EP Abilities
1) 2 Link, share resolve
2) 2 Evasion
3) 3
4) 4
5) 5 Ability score increase
6) 6
7) 6
8) 7
9) 8 Multiattack
10) 9
11) 10
12) 11
13) 12
14) 12 Improved evasion
15) 13 Ability score increase
16) 14
17) 14
18) 15
19) 16
20) 17

Link (Ex): A pilot and his mechagolem share a mental link that allows for communication across any distance (as long as they are on the same plane). This communication is a free action, allowing the pilot to give orders to his golem at any time. The pilot may order the golem to follow any behavior or combat routine decided in advance, or to change the existing routine with another. It takes 10 minutes to create a new routine and have it memorized in the golem’s magic frame. An example of a routine could be “bow to any lady who enters this room, take her to my parlour, and ask her to wait”, or “attack the enemy with your sword in the first round, then with your most powerful magic ability available, and go on alternating this way”.
If the pilot wants to give an order not included in any routine, he can do it as a move action. In addition, magic items interfere with the pilot’s connection to his golem. As a result, the pilot and his golem share magic item slots. For example, if the pilot is wearing a ring, his golem can wear no more than one ring. In case of a conflict, the items worn by the pilot remain active, and those used by the golem become dormant. The golem must possess the appropriate appendages to utilize a magic item. A golem can’t activate magic items by itself, but its pilot can normally do that through their link.
Share Resolve (Ex): A mechagolem defeating the target of its pilot’s challenge makes him regain an use of his resolve ability, as if he had defeated the foe himself.
Evasion (Ex): As eidolon.
Ability Score Increase (Ex): As eidolon.
Multiattack: As eidolon.
Improved Evasion: As eidolon.

A mechagolem can’t select the following evolutions: celestial appearance, channel resistance, fast healing, gills, keen scent, no breath, sacrifice, scent, skilled, undead appearance.

New Evolutions:

Hatch (Ex) (1 EP): A mechagolem that’s at least one size bigger than its pilot may open an hatch into its frame to let the pilot or another passenger climb in. The internal compartment can also be used to store a volume of cargo roughly equal to the pilot’s body, and of the same weight.
As long as a passenger is inside the mechagolem, he is protected from harm and cannot be the target of spells or effects, but is still affected from effects and spells currently targeting him. He can’t cast touch spells, ray spells, or ranged spells requiring to see the target, unless he can see outside. If the passenger is the pilot, he can watch outside trough his bond senses ability. A mechagolem carrying its pilot as a passenger gains all the benefits of the pilot’s challenge. The passenger’s voice can be heard outside, and the battle commands ability works normally.
If the mechagolem is destroyed to its home plane while carrying a passenger or a load, its contents are immediately ejected, taking 4d6 points of damage; a passenger is also stunned for 1 round.

Limited Intelligence (Ex) (3 EP): The mechagolem develops a tiny spark of consciousness that, while still unable of independent thought, gives it a limited control on its own functions. The mechagolem is able to record and relate messages, describe it surroundings, switch on and off by itself, and change its ongoing routine without its pilot’s command. It still can’t take actions outside its programmed routines.

Combine Forms (Ex) (4 EP): Several mechagolems with this evolution can join their forms to create a more powerful unit. One of the pilots must be chosen as the “team leader”: the combined mechagolem will use his golem’s base form and obey his orders. Some teams never change their leader, while others can change every time.
Combinating the mechagolems is a full–round action and requires a command from each pilot. The combined mechagolem has the statistics of the leader’s golem, but gains a +2 on any one ability score for every other golem which participates. It can use all the participating golems’ evolutions, and is one size bigger than the leader’s golem. Each pilot must spend an use of resolve every two rounds to maintain the combination; when one of the pilots runs out of his resolve, or when he loses conscience, the combination breaks up. After the combination ends, all the pilots are exhausted for 1 minute for every use of resolve expended this way.

New Feat:

Tenacious Servant
A tiny bit of your willpower has passed in your mechagolem, allowing it to keep fighting even when you are no more there to give orders.
Prerequisites: Mechagolem class feature.
Benefit: If you are knocked unconscious, fall asleep, or are killed, your mechagolem keeps on performing the last ongoing routine or obeying your last order for a number of rounds equal to your mechagolem pilot level before it stops functioning. The mechagolem can’t change its behavior during this time, regardless of circumstances. If you are brought back to consciousness before this duration expires, your mechagolem doesn’t stop functioning. If the duration expires before you are brought back to consciousness, your mechagolem stops functioning normally.
Normal: A mechagolem immediately stops functioning when its pilot is unconscious, asleep, or killed.

My submissions are already sent, all three of them, so go ahead and pester me!

Love Mythender! I was waiting all my life to kill Norse and other gods!

Specific RPG manuals.^^ Tech has many nuances in fantasy, so if you can give some directives on the special kind of flavor you want, that would be good.

Aasimar Celestial Sorcerer or Celestial Bloodrager. The Beautiful Princess of the group.

: koff koff:
Ehm, guys, we DO Have a Wizard/Oracle... I should know, I created it ^^
This Philosopher's interesting, though ^^

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