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Night Wyvern

Baraccus's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 53 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Look real nice, but some issues

**( )( )( )

For the most part, they look absolutely fantastic and yes, I did manage to get the entire set. The sculpting looks real good, and the paint looks great.

It's real nice to have great looking minis that I can actually use in my games.

Two things that prevent me from giving out 5 stars;
1) Some of the parts, arms and such, are already falling off where they were originally glued, and I haven't even used most of them yet. The Snake on the shoulders of the Medusa was broken in the package, which really surprised me considering all of the packaging that was used. Handling them gives me the feeling that if I'm not really careful, I'm going to break some of them.
2) after unpackaging all of them, setting them out on the table, and stepping back to take a look, I questioned my sanity about putting out that much money for what I got. I will have to really consider hard whether it's really worth purchasing future cases.

But they sure look purty! :-)

OH!! One of my players was looking at the CaveWeaver Spider and he is totally correct. The painting on the body is TOTALLY A TEDDY BEAR FACE! I wonder if that was intended. hmmmm...

OK! I have to revise my review. I will NOT spend this kind of money again for these minis unless they make some serious changes to the materials used. I now have at least 12 broken minis out of my collection. 2 medusas (base broke off one, base and snake broke off another), 1 ogre (club broke off), a few with broken weapons, heads broken....and I am NOT rough with my minis, but some of these require kids gloves if you are taking them from location to location. I now see the need for all the packaging. BIG disappointment. I've had my DnD minis for years and some of those have seen a lot of use. Out of about 3000 minis I have maybe 4 or 5 that are broken. This is nuts and definately not worth the price I paid.

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Brutal, but a Blast


I really enjoyed running this scenario. I have run this twice now, and each time, totally different outcomes, from how they approached the manor, how each party handled themselves during the tea scene, and beyond. The first session made it through, but the heavy role-playing rogue types paid dearly afterward. The second session could have been a TPK, but at tremendous cost they made it through, just to find out they had failed the mission. OUCH!

The only beef that the players had, in the second session, was that some of the DC's are brutally high depending on the make-up of the party so beware. A party must be rolling well to make it successfully through this one. It would be easy for an adventuring party to fail this mod and walk out empty handed.

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Excellent Intro, but Tough

****( )

We ran this mod as the opener for Pathfinder Society in our area. The faction missions were excellent and provided fantastic roleplaying opportunities, to the point of having the players almost on the floor. They found the encounters pretty tough, which is usually alright, as I really like challenging my players. The only problem was, they had exhausted most of their healing early so they didn't have anything left for the final encounter. If it hadn't come to some great rolls on their part, and some bad rolling on mine, I could easily have TPK'd the party.

Good: The Faction missions led to awesome roleplaying opportunities

Bad: As stated in the previous reviews, a look at that one encounter on the dock might be in order, at least for the low level tier (an entire group of first level characters is not going to have the resources for the healing required). Barring that, drop a hint to the group playing at first level prior to starting, the importance of being well stocked in healing and having a Cleric if they try to play this without.

Overall: It was an awesome opener!

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