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Night Wyvern

Baraccus's page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 53 posts. 3 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 4 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge

BTW: Nice work Crystal :-)

Liberty's Edge

I have FASA's 'Star Trek the Role Playing Game' from way back, and one thing that I have to say it had going for it, was that it had several game modules. I would love to pick a system and run with it, but the one thing that is going to make my choice for me, is module support. Is there going to be any?

Liberty's Edge

I hate to be the bad guy, but holy crap! It's been almost 2 and a half years now. At this rate, the final one should make it's debut in about the year 2021. Obviously Crystal is swamped doing other things, and that's great, it truly is, but is there another artist that can finish this line? I've seen several other complete adventure paths done in a fraction of the time it's taken to do this one book.

Don't get me wrong, the first two are great, and I really look forward to seeing the next one, but.....

Liberty's Edge it. Takes some time to read this thread from start to end. :-)

Purchased and downloaded 'The Crucible of Freya', 'Tomb of Abysthor', and 'Lost City of Barakus'. Will read them through and see what will be easier to work with.

Thank you. ;-)

Liberty's Edge

Looking at starting a new campaign in about 2-3 week, and I am really looking forward to running this as part of it. As this book starts at Level 7, I was wondering if there are any suggestions on a published campaign, set of modules, or adventure path that currently exists, that would be fitting to run an adventuring group from Levels 1-7 that I could lead into this without major rewrites.

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.

After about 8 months of asking about these, I'm beginning to get the impression that this line is at an end for a very long time to come. :-( I'm hoping that this is not the case, but I am no longer optimistic.

Liberty's Edge

I agree with the rule that if an item is no longer in contact with the target of the spell, that it immediately reverts to its normal size. That makes perfect sense, as the target of the spell is the character/creature, not the objects he is carrying which are only incidental.

For me, where these rules goes strange is when a creature is reduced (or enlarged), it can still move at it's original speed.

'This spell causes instant diminution of a humanoid creature, halving its height, length, and width and dividing its weight by 8.' and 'This spell doesn't change the target's speed.'

But it still moves the same speed? Really!?!? I guess that Halflings, Gnomes, and Dwarves have a slower base speed not because they are smaller and therefore have a shorter stride, but because they must be physically impaired somehow. And Giants have a faster base speed not because they are larger and have a greater stride, but because they have some hastening malformation.

Makes no sense to me. I'll fix this in my home game, but for PFS I guess I have to run it for what it is.

Liberty's Edge

Out of curiosity, the rule for both 'enlarge' and 'reduce' state that the targets speed does not change. Is there a logical reason for this, or was it just to prevent adding more mechanics to the game? It makes sense that one way or the other is going to effect a creatures stride.

Liberty's Edge

Hello Feegle :-) just the monthly inquiry. I'm sure you're swamped with all kinds of other projects, and all.


Liberty's Edge

Soooooo....what's the timeline on this if I may be so bold as to enquire.

Liberty's Edge

Not to be a pest and all, but now that the Serpent Skull Path is complete, any idea if Kingmaker is going to see any more releases soon?

Liberty's Edge

Awesome! I'll be watching and eagerly awaiting. :-)

Again, thanks for all the work that everyone has put into this. It has made my life a lot easier allowing me to focus on other aspects of the campaign, like working out the weather system.

Liberty's Edge

Awesome work Alexander. This is fantastic work and greatly appreciated. My group is just about to finish up CoT and we are about to jump into Kingmaker. I really liked the format that Feegle put the first two adaptations into, as well as the the work that Shieldknight put into his collection of Monster Upgrades. Was there any plan on doing the other 4 books as I don't see them anywhere?

Liberty's Edge

Awesome!!! Thanks for the heads up :-)

Liberty's Edge

Was wondering if there is an update as to when more mini's for this (Kingmaker) adventure path are going to be created? I'm suspecting by the looks of things, that the Serpent Skull series is going to be completed first.

Liberty's Edge ***

Sorry to hear of your decision to step down Neil. I completely understand the struggle regarding the time commitment. It sucks that life has to get in the way, but it is what it is I guess.

I never had the chance to meet you, but I tried to follow the Ontario thread as often as I could. I hope that one day I'll get the opportunity.

Liberty's Edge

This was my ruling on it;

Faerie Fire Rule: A pale glow surrounds and outlines the subjects. Outlined subjects shed light as candles. Creatures outlined by faerie fire take a –20 penalty on all Stealth checks. Outlined creatures do not benefit from the concealment normally provided by darkness (though a 2nd-level or higher magical darkness effect functions normally), blur, displacement, invisibility, or similar effects. The light is too dim to have any special effect on undead or dark-dwelling creatures vulnerable to light. The faerie fire can be blue, green, or violet, according to your choice at the time of casting. The faerie fire does not cause any harm to the objects or creatures thus outlined.

Candle Rule: A candle dimly illuminates a small area, increasing the light level (see page 172) in a 5-foot radius by one step (darkness becomes dim light and dim light becomes normal light). A candle cannot increase the light level above normal light. A candle burns for 1 hour.

Obscuring Mist Rule: A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment[ (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target).

1) The glow from the Faerie Fire is pale at best.
2) It only acts as a candle and only effects light within a 5' radius and only one light level, and if in normal light not at all.
3) It states that creatures do not benefit from 'concealment', this does not cover 'total concealment'.

Therefore, based on the information above information, I would rule it that the 20% miss chance is negated because of the 'concealment' (the same as if a character had light cast on his weapon or shield), however beyond that range 'total concealment' is still in effect and not affected by the Faerie Fire.

Liberty's Edge

so then your saying that the effects of of combat within Obscurring Mist would be altered by 5'. Therefore 10' away 20% miss chance, 15' away 50% miss chance. I can see this, but there is no effect for having light on your shield if you walk into Obscurring Mist.

We have a player that figures he can cast Faerie Fire on a creature, then next round Obscurring Mist giving him all the penalties of Obscurring Mist, but none to any player attacking that creature whether in melee or ranged.

Liberty's Edge

how does Faerie Fire work in Obscuring Mist?

Liberty's Edge

Any idea when we will see more of the Kingmaker Adventure Path Minis?

Liberty's Edge

ossian666 wrote:

Hey all!

I just ordered my AP for CoT and I wanted the input of maybe a few players that have either played or ran this AP.

I want to grab some map packs and cards to help with my campaign, but I'm not sure what I need.

Can you guys recommend what card and map packs will be the most helpful for me?


I have been running this campaign for my players for some time now. We're almost through book 5 and looking forward to book 6.

Spoiler Alert:
One map that you will use forsure and that comes into play in Book 2 is the GameMastery Flip-Mat: Theater (Mine and my players favorite part in the entire campaign) I don't recall any of the other maps in the AP matching any pre-mades although you will find the GameMastery Flip-Mat: City Streets in conjuction with GameMastery Map Pack: Shops very usefull for a lot of encounters throughout the entire AP. The very first encounter, if you don't want to draw, would utilize GameMastery Map Pack: Sewers very nicely.

As far as cards go, the following I found either indespensable or a big hit with the players;
GameMastery Critical Hit Deck (3.5/PFRPG)
GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck (3.5/PFRPG)
GameMastery Plot Twist Cards
GameMastery Condition Cards (PFRPG)

The GameMastery Chase Cards Deck (PFRPG) came out a little late for me to implement, but I'm running Kingmaker next, so I will try them there.
I tried using the various item card decks with my characters, but they got set aside real fast as the players lose interest in the novelty of it and just resort to writing down everything again. I like them, the idea is good, there's just a lot of maintenance involved with keeping them up. I'll give them a second chance in KingMaker as I have several hundred of the cards, but if they don't go over any better, I'll pack them away into a drawer.

I hope this helps, and enjoy the campaign. My group and I are having a great time with it.

Liberty's Edge ***

Northron wrote:
Larcifer wrote:

I tried to go to that site and sign in, but have had trouble. I would like to see the scene at your events.

Larry Wilhelm
If you can, just send a message to Barracus, the group's GM. He can send you a link to join, and you'll be all set. If you have any issues drop me a line at brent.jans(at)

Because of the nature of Obsidian Portal, it won't display the calendar unless you are a member of the website. If anyone would like access to our calendar, then please feel free to e-mail me and I will set you up.

It's great to see that our group is growing in leaps and bounds, so come join us at the tables and have some fun.

Liberty's Edge ***

I see where you are getting your interpretation Sean and I absolutely agree with what you are saying. I will ensure that this is used correctly in the future and I thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Liberty's Edge ***

I have a question that my fellow PFS members have been inquiring about. Perception checks have come up as an issue in regards to traps and I would like some clarification. I have looked at several threads on the board and it seems that there has been no resolution to this.

Is Perception passive, or is it something that the players need to actively ask for. Some interpret the rule as, in order to find the trap you must be actively searching for it, and others interpret it as, if I step on it, I automatically make a perception check to notice it prior to setting it off.

3rd edition stated that you had to "search" for traps. 4th edition goes by a players passive perception. Pathfinder, as having been toted as 3.75 seems to leave this a little grey. What is the official ruling of the above?

Liberty's Edge ***

Lamplighter wrote:
K Neil Shackleton wrote:
I hope that all of you know that you can contact me (or any Venture-Captain) with any questions, or for other help with your games, regardless of whether or not you are part of my "region". All of our contact info is in the Guide to Org Play.

Thanks, Neil! Will do that.

In Winnipeg, we've been flirting with a third table on a regular basis for our weekly session. Have 4 regular GMs and several alternates, as well as a co-coordinator and a web guy. We have had close to 30 players come through, although the core seems to be about 15 regulars that come almost every week. Some of the others dropped because the store we play at is at the other end of town from them. I haven't yet had time to start running sessions at another store to pick up those folks again.

Nice website Lamplighter. We currently use the Obsidian Portal for ours. Although I know it's not the perfect medium, it works for us for now.

We are growing at a pretty good pace. I have been actively recruiting now for some time. We are now 30 members strong and growing. I currently have set up one of our members to run a weekly (Monday night) PFS session which is doing very well. We had two tables running this week. We also run a once a month Gameday, as well as Special Event Gamedays. Looks like we are going to have to plan on 3 tables at each session (2 sessions per day). Our GM base is growing and I am pretty excited about where we are going.

If anyone from the other areas are ever in town, please come and check us out.

Our website is /

Liberty's Edge

AWESOME!!!! The Demi-Lich from the Tomb of Horrors module, Zuggtmoy's beloved fungi the Basidirond and the Phycomid, the Marble Snake from the Palace of the Silver Princess. Now I have to dust off my first edition modules and look through them all. WOW! Great job FGG!!

Liberty's Edge

deinol wrote:
Leonal wrote:
Baraccus wrote:

A little confused.

I got the e-mail for this product at 3:48 am MST this morning (Sept 15th). I ordered the print/PDF bundle at about 10:30 - 11:00 am MST this morning. It went through and billed me for the full amount, however did not ask me about shipping. I have downloaded the PDF but I am now unsure whether I am going to see the book. How do I know if I am going to see it, and how is it being shipped to me?

Because it's a preorder which has yet to arrive at the Paizo warehouse (AFAIK) it's hard to estimate or even charge for shipping. My guess is that you'll be charged for shipping when it ships.
Especially if you told Paizo to ship it with the next available subscription shipment, which is what I always do.

Normally I do as well, but this time the option wasn't there. The board must have been going crazy at that time because it took a while for the order to process. It also took about half an hour of "personalizing your copy" before I could actually download it.

Looks freak'n awesome though. My players are going to hate ...I mean love it. hehehe

Liberty's Edge

A little confused.

I got the e-mail for this product at 3:48 am MST this morning (Sept 15th). I ordered the print/PDF bundle at about 10:30 - 11:00 am MST this morning. It went through and billed me for the full amount, however did not ask me about shipping. I have downloaded the PDF but I am now unsure whether I am going to see the book. How do I know if I am going to see it, and how is it being shipped to me?

Liberty's Edge ***

Looking for clarification on the Faction missions for seasons 1 and 2. I feel stupid for even asking this as I am sure it is plain and simple, but....

It states in the PFS Guide - Seasons 1 & 2 (Scenarios #29–#56 and #2–01–#2–26): These scenarios all include two faction missions. For characters using the standard advancement track, one of these should be considered the faction mission and the other the success condition for the scenario, maintaining the 2 Prestige Point maximum.

Does this mean that so long as they complete 1 of the faction missions, and they complete the adventure, they get both prestige?

Liberty's Edge

I could imagine the work involved. At least now I can go back to my players with the official response right from the top. I appreciate your quick reply.
Thanks Mark.

Liberty's Edge

Lanorien wrote:
OK, ten factions? An adventure I'm running this weekend only has the original 5 for their PA rewards. None of the adventures I bought for Society events I'm running have the newer 5 factions. What do I do now if a player shows up belonging to one of the unrepresented factions? Is their Errata for the Adventures?
Mark Moreland wrote:

See "Adapting Previous Seasons" on page 24.

I have the understanding that the previous adventures were going to be revised to include the new factions. Is this still the case, and if so is there any sort of time-line set out for this?

Just curious as I have several players wanting to utilize their new factions, but are bummed because their missions are the same as the other corresponding factions at the table. They are looking for that sense of uniqueness.

Liberty's Edge ***

Lamplighter wrote:

The fact that Neil was only named for Ontario perhaps indicates that there are not millions of Pathfinders in the rest of Canada... although we're building a decent following here in Winnipeg, and I think Edmonton is growing as well. He's too far away for me to do much trembling (yet). :)

Indeed, Edmonton is growing well. We are organizing and I am actively recuiting. We have currently 23 regular members of our little group and growing. I admit, it's not millions, but we're getting there. :-)

Liberty's Edge

I've read through the demo and the concept seems real interesting and worth trying, and I really like the story line. I'm concerned about follow through though. How long is it going to take them to bring out supporting adventures and expansions? And at what cost? It's a fair chunk of change to spend on something that is as yet, a little uncertain for me.

Now in all fairness, their website states that they currently have two individuals working on an expansion and they mention a tri-monthly virtual magazine that I haven't seen yet, but am looking forward to. The art that I have seen in this game is phenomenal and it would be easy to lose oneself in it.

My hold back is that I want to see a little more before I'm willing invest in another system.

I look forward to hearing your review Tibibe Nanba.

Liberty's Edge

spacemonkeyDM wrote:

wow that really sucks :(

I agree, that sucks. At least I have a few months yet, but crossing my fingers.

Liberty's Edge

Out of curiosity, is there a downside to signing Liebdaga's Contract? I know my PC's were extremely cautious to sign as they are afraid of the consequences. More than half of them would not sign it. That being said;

What happens to those who did not sign, when the party reaches Signatory Vaccha? Does he only allow those that signed the contract to pass?

Liberty's Edge

Thank you all for the feedback.

Some call me Tim wrote:

I can see where this tactic could become annoying. Make sure you're giving your NPCs the breaks they deserve (Perception to hear spells being cast, No meta-gaming of heres-the-enemy-time-to-buff, etc).

If you have six characters, it wouldn't be unreasonable to increase the threat by adding some mooks to some fights.

Since you know the party's tactics, review each fight to see what the enemy might be able to do counter it.

I generally advise against nerfing a specific tactic, but make sure you aren't handing them the guy on a silver platter either.

I agree with where you are coming from. It is not my intention to nerf a party tactic, as that would not only be unfair, but also punish the players for being creative. I will look at this as an opportunity to expand on a rule that will allow the players to use their tactic, but to provide consequences should they make a bad roll.

Liberty's Edge

If you have two or three grappling that target? I'm going to take my great sword and with a mighty swing, power attack for incredible amounts of damage without the risk of hitting a friendly character? Come on. We're not talking sumo wrestlers here.

Liberty's Edge

I have sifted through the threads looking for an answer, but it looks like "Grapple" is a problematic subject.

Is there no penalty for Power Attacking into a grapple? No chance of hitting the wrong target within that grapple? If not, that's bogus.

Here is the situation I have run into. I have six 9th level players in my CoT campaign, and they have discovered a tactic which has become more than a little annoying. The Cleric and the Sorcerer buff the party to the max before entering any place new. Then the Monk rushes in and grapples any solo targets (which he rarely ever misses), three of the other players come in and assist the grapple, and then the Fighter comes in and power attacks the crap out of the creature who now has a -4 to its AC and no Dex bonus, and finally the rogue comes in and sneak attacks it. This has now become a recurrent theme.

Now, as I see it, if a creature or NPC is locked in a grapple, that creature or NPC is always struggling to escape, not standing there "ok, you got me, I give up'. With that being said, a fighter who is power attacking is putting everything into a swing to inflict more damage, not performing a precision attack. Something wrong with this picture. Any ideas or am I missing something?

I see a house rule coming real soon.

Liberty's Edge ***

I, for one, hope it never happens. The only time I ever saw an ability increase in a mod was in Living Greyhawk. A party of 6 of us players (all 1st level) find a Kobold Paladin lying wounded by a trail. One player decides to coup de graces it (completely in character of course) before anyone else has a chance to decide what to do, effectively eliminating half of the adventure and taking away the only chance at an ability boost that we had ever seen. Some of the players have never let that go and still bring it up when he's around.

Liberty's Edge

What program do you use? I use Adobe Reader 8. I can pull the images from everything but the covers, so I can't get those maps. The only way that I found around it, was to scan the inside cover as a pdf and convert that PDF to a jpg or bit map, then edit in a paint program to hide the room numbers and secret doors. Then I could import into D20pro. It worked, but it was time consuming.

Liberty's Edge

Andrew Betts wrote:
You can extract the maps from the PDFs without labels.

That's true, you can, and I do for my CoT campaign. I have never run into an issue with the AP's. However with the modules, many of the maps are printed on the inside front and back covers of the book, or PDF. The protections allow for copying content, but not page extraction. The maps on the inside covers must be set up as a page, and therefore won't allow me to copy and paste.

Liberty's Edge

Is it at all possible to get a copy of this map without all the numbering so that I can import it into D20pro? I project my maps onto the tabletop to help speed up gameplay, while at the same time looking much better than drawing out rooms with no detail.

Liberty's Edge

Vic Wertz wrote:

Looks like we've been selling it slightly faster than we can get it restocked; you'll see that "backorder" status come and go as long as that continues. But it shouldn't usually last too long.

Awesome, looks like it is shipping today. Thank you for your responses to my question. I look forward to trying it out in my CoT campaign. :-)

Liberty's Edge

I purchased it, but it is showing on my order as "back-ordered". Is this really the case, and if so, for how long do you expect?

Liberty's Edge

Out of curiosity, there is a reference in Delvehaven to a "well-crafted pre-Thrune Chelich Banner". Does anyone know what this banner looks like, or is there a picture of it in one of the Pathfinder supplements? If so, would someone please point me in the right direction, as I know my players are going to ask for it at the next session.

Liberty's Edge ***

Looking for any Pathfinder Society members in the Edmonton, Alberta region. I know there are some around. Just need them to speak up so we can organize.

Liberty's Edge

My group found out through research that they would in all likelyhood be facing Lemures. They had no summoner, so they threw their Fighter into the ring after casting Protection from Evil, Mage Armor, and Enlarge. With the Fighter having the feat, Greater Cleave, and a +1 Cold Iron Battleaxe from the Knot, and the Bard using Bard Song in the background, it was an absolute cakewalk for the PC's. The Lemures couldn't attack unless attacked, and if the fighter took a swing, unless she fumbled, it was a hit, which almost always killed straight out. Then because of the Greater Cleave the swing to the next one...kill...then the next...kill......I just sat and watched her roll as Lemure bodies piled up. My only triumph was if the Fighter fumbled.

When Thrax stepped into the ring, it was lights out.

I knew that as soon as they cast Protection From Evil, this battle was over.

Liberty's Edge

You have a deck devoted entirely to weapons and a deck devoted entirely to equipment. Any chance of seeing a deck devoted more to armor. I have a stack of weapons about 4-5 inches tall, however the stack of armor is sorely lacking.

Liberty's Edge

My group is going to be starting the play next week, and after reading all of the posts on this thread, I must say that I am really looking forward to running this one.

4 out of the 5 players are big into the roleplaying aspect and I think they are really going to get into their characters with this one. The 5th...well...I guess he's about to be educated...or end up sitting there with a blank look on his face wandering what he's gotten himself into. :-)

Liberty's Edge

My group had decided upon 'Hope of the Fallen'.
In public they use hooded white cloaks with a yellow candle emblazened on the front. When they completed the Basterds lair, they laid out the bodies with a broken coin and a yellow candle on each of the bodies. They seemed quite proud of themselves. :-)

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