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Bandit leader Happs's page

11 posts. Alias of BinkyBo.


"I will take the blade .. " Happs interjects "Those you will fall to, will know of my treachery .. I will not be disfigured and hounded. A clean death and hole or fire for my body. Keep your pity for your own .. they will deserve it more than I."

"She'll expect us back before dawn tomorrow morning. The ones that take "his" share usually come later in the day, sometimes that night. They come and leave the same way... from along the river .. the same way you will be going in.. "

"Ah gods .. " the bandit leader drops his head, unable to look Peregrine in the eye.. "What choice have I? I was just her plaything .. the others think I din't know that .." He takes a deep breath " The camp is a little more than 12 hours if you ride straight through. Go south .. south until you hit the woods. Go .. uh .. left around the treeline until you hit Thorn River .. first stream you see.. Follow the path along the river into the woods.. should be at camp about an hour from there. Two watch posts .. north and south of the river. Not sure about the number .. some come and go, but there were .. eight, I believe, when we left, sir."
"I know there are other bandits out there .. a couple from another gang just joined us .. things got real organized recently, sir. But real hush hush, Kressle talks to others that come 'round about "Him" .. dunno who "he" is though.. All I know is he gets half our cut. Some boys that only Kressle talks to come by to load it up..

As Gaddak and Peregrine finish securing the sleeping bandits near the fire pit, the bandit leader starts to wake.
"No no no NO!" he struggles with his bonds...
1d20 + 2 ⇒ (4) + 2 = 6 : failed vs DC (20+CMB of binder +2 aided by Gaddak)
"Yaaaargh! Kressle will kill you all!!" As he is being led to the storage shed, he kicks and yells.

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Two bandits leading horses enter the grounds of the trading post. Four more, who must have lashed their horses to the hitching fence outside, follow on foot close behind. Kaylee shifts slightly under the wagon to remain unseen. Peregrine peering over the low wall of the stable, his mind instinctively judging the "spread" of the enemy for spellcasting.
"Oooooleg! Open for business? Ha! Where is the little lady? .. She didn't.. leeeave you did she?" The other bandits snicker at the schoolyard taunts made by the mouthy leader. He casually gestures with his hand and the two leading the horses get to work loading their saddlebags with items from the storage shed.

The three on foot follow their leader over to the tables, picking at the food and inspecting the amount of alcohol as they straddle the benches. The leader waits to speak again once his mouth is only half full. "So.. Oleg.. you got a little gold for me?" he smacks his lips, inspects his hands and wipes them on his thighs.

The double door to the main house opens... and Gaddak appears.

surprise round map

Happs put his horse between himself and Rogar, and puts a boot in the stirrup to mount. In the corner of his eye, Rogar sees Greenman burst out of the storage shed and the bandit's comical spasm from the startle. He takes a step closer to Happs and times a thrust just as Happs swings himself into the saddle... Rogar withdraws his blade and the bandit leader continues his momentum straight to the ground.

Happs recovers and whistles loudly for his horse. "Oleg! You will pay for this! Kressle will have your head!" He tries to stab at Rogar with the arrow in his hand.
1d20 - 1 ⇒ (13) - 1 = 12
He then tries to back away reaching for his horse. "Cover me you fools!"
move L15 to M16 Attack of opportunity for Rogar

Edit: changed action slightly

Happs sees a man burst from the stables just as Oleg runs the opposite direction ... he fumbles with his bow " G-G-Get Him!!"
Norton and Murak appear from the corner of the house on the other side of the low flame of the fire pit. The one addressed as Budgie calls out "Boss!"

"Budgie will throw the vial of alchemist fire ... and I will hit it out of the air and it will explode harmlessly... don't worry I've done at least twice... it won't hit your home... might wake up the missus though!"

I'll post initiative next post

"That's enough Hruska ..... Budgie lets show Oleg our new trick! .. he says excitedly

"Well hello there good sir Oleg... up and at em pretty early are we? But *gasp* where is the missus? She must still be getting ready, eh?" You hear the sound of one man vaulting off his horse and his boots hitting the ground... "Shall I wake her?" .. a few snickers again... and the sound of another set of boots hitting the ground.

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