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Balkar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 44 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 6 Pathfinder Society characters.


Liberty's Edge

Hmmmm...I wonder if that guy got anywhere trying to do anything with his homebrew of the Kingmaker AP. That seems like it would be a really fun AP, but really weird/tough to make into ACG.

Liberty's Edge

I'm waiting for character cards.

Though I'm really surprised blessings aren't available yet,

Liberty's Edge

I always thought there should be some barriers that should counteract each other. For example, if a Storm moved to a location that was affected by Becalmed, the Becalmed should be banished.

Liberty's Edge

Maybe you're the type that wants both?

Liberty's Edge

The closing for this location is to "Summon and Encounter the henchman Shimerae". Shouldn't it be "Summon and Defeat the henchman Shimerae"?

Liberty's Edge

Any idea when character cards will be ready? That is the part I'm most anxiously awaiting.

Liberty's Edge

Bi-Monthly - It's just too expensive to keep up with.

If I had the money, I'd be voting for semi-monthly or faster.

Liberty's Edge

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
Butch_Brune wrote:

Since English is not our first language, my group didn't catch that subtlety with "or" having two meaning. That being said, we still have debates regarding certain powers. Could you state what are your stance on these powers, is it "both" or "one or the other"? Thanks.

• If you are on a ship, you (□ or another character on the ship) may move at the end of that character's turn.

In standard American English, "Or" is the "exclusive Or" by default.
"Should I buy this car or that car?" -- Most people don't mean both.

In programming languages, "Or" is the "inclusive Or" by default.
(It's Friday and my brain is too fried from too much programming to make an example, sorry.)

Liberty's Edge

Right, I forgot that Siren is a Veteran. But like I said, the Siren is more the exception than the rule here.

Liberty's Edge

True, but what is scarier? A level B Siren or anything out of the adventure 5/6 deck?

There might be situations where Valeros is sitting pat on 4 weapons, ready to cycle them, and nothing to boost wisdom. But the Siren is more the exception than the rule.

Liberty's Edge

How about before you start Adventure 3 and 5 you pull out all of the Basic and Elite banes respecivly.

Or for something harder pull out all (Current adventure deck - 2) banes before you start the adventure?

Liberty's Edge

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Frencois wrote:

Trait : Construct, Magic, Rulelawyer, NiceAmericanGuy, EliteParamount

Fixed. Don't want him being removed from the messageboards EVER!

Liberty's Edge

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I thought the goblins had rules against writing down words. It would steal them from their heads if I remember "We Be Goblins" right. Why did the authoring goblin write "Bark Bark" and "Pudl"?

Oh! Is the artist Vorka? Is that what got her kicked out?

BTW! I would also like to vote for a We Be Goblin class deck!!!!

Liberty's Edge

Thanks mIvanbie, I'm surpised I havn't seen the post that you linked to, but I think it still helps to spell out some of the issues and link them to the given solutions and impacts.

Sometimes people can connect dots, but I find it's better not to play to "sometimes" in explainations. There have been times where people have connected dots for me in explainations (in and out of the forums) and I smack my forehead and think, "why didn't I think of that?" And if it happens to me, then I'm sure that it happens to others.

@Hawkmoon - I do know about the rule about what scenarios you can play, but my point was that it can be abused. A player can sit in deck 2 for 20 sessions (in theory). They wouldn't get the scenario reward for playing the scenarios the second time, third time, etc., but they still get the deck upgrade. They could then upgrade until their deck was perfect before moving to deck 3. I was trying to point the issue out and make a suggestion to close that loophole.

Liberty's Edge

This post is a conglomeration of various issues that I've seen on the boards that I want to reiterate and issues that I see with the OP as it is currently.

The biggest problem that has been itching at me is the lack of foresight at scalability and longevity of the guild. I do understand that this is season beta, but I feel like nothing has been done to look at the future of the OP.

Warning - Walls of text

Description of the Problem:

When I look back at PFSRPG there are many elements that exist that I think have not been been considered but should have been. The one that jumps out at me the most is that there is a feeling that has been portrayed (intentionally or not) that the scenarios need to be played in order (i.e. 1-A before 1-B, 1-F before 2-A, etc.).
When I look at organized play, I think the main goal is/should be - how do we get this random group of people (usually at a con or local gaming store, who may or may not know each other, and may or may not have experience with the game, with possibly various numbers of episodes/scenarios completed in the OP) together so that they can play a game together. This cannot be achieved if there are strict forced prerequisites such as "Player A is up to scenario #12, but Player B is up to scenario #14" scenario naming conventions aside. This is why PFSRPG has a tier system so that all players between levels 1 and 2 can play in one table and levels 3 and 4 can play in another.

In PFSRPG, once your character becomes too strong, he is forced into a higher tier. Instead in PFSACG, there is a "replay" system that can be infinitely gamed to continuously replay a character until the character achieves near perfection before moving on to the next tier.

I have also seen in some posts people talking about players who only want to play "key scenarios" or want to make sure they hold back until the "key scenarios" are under their belt. Obviously, these are the ones that reward feats. Even PFSRPG has some "favored scenarios" that reward higher amounts of gold for lower difficulty/risk, but you don't want that level of cherry-picking either. This can also make some scenarios deemed inefficient or unworthy to play.

Another issue to consider is - what happens with future seasons? Will players with a S&S character be able to play in the WoTR season? If yes, the issue is that once season 1 arrives, there will be, in theory, twice as many 1-x (and 2-x etc.) scenarios. Does this mean that players will try to play through both sets of 1-x scenarios before moving on to the 2-x? This also provides opportunity for twice as many feats to be earned. Also a strain will be put on the GM/orgainizers to have available every set. If characters cannot cross seasons, then there is less of an issue, however this could limit Paizo's ability to sell S&S (and other sets) in the future after that AP is no longer the current one. I think I would prefer to see the cross seasons be allowed.

Synopsis of the Problem:

- Feeling that scenarios must be played in order.
- Ability to overplay your tier.
- Ability to cherry pick scenarios.
- Multiple seasons could impact the flow of a character's life.

Possible Solution:

There needs to be a mechanic to force characters out of a tier after they become too experienced. A system similar to PFSRPG's Fame/Prestige system could be used:
- A character gets two Fame/Prestige per successful scenario completed.
- When a character reaches 10 Fame they earn a level. A character's level is equal to the tier they should be in. The character may play in a scenario one higher or one lower than his/her actual level.
- Scenarios have no special rewards other than the standard upgrade.
- Rewards that may be bought with Prestige (Numbers may need to be balanced):
-- 2 PP - May switch a card of your choice (up to your character's level) from your character's deck. Limit once per scenario.
-- 5 PP - Card Feat
-- 5 PP - Power Feat
-- 5 PP - Skill Feat
-- 10 PP - Raise Dead - Dead character does not die, but loses a feat of the character's choice permanently
-- 15 PP - Character gains their role card
-- 20 PP - Resurrection - See Raise Dead without the penalty

This solution bridges the future seasons, prevents overplaying a tier, and prevents cherry picking for rewards. It also allows for a little more personalization of the character instead of being told what type of feats you earn. Which might be a good thing or a bad thing, I'm not sure yet.
Feel free to use any, all, or none of this solution if you wish.

I hope this didn't come off as me being upset. I think the game is great and just want to help see that the OP goes in a good direction.

Liberty's Edge

Tim Statler wrote:

Lance Deck B Weapon
Polearm Check to Acquire Str/ Melee 8

For your combat check, reveal this card to roll your Str or Melee skill plus 1d10. You may additionally discard this card to add another 1d8. If you are not proficient with weapons, the difficulty of this check is increased by 4.

Hmm...I think the power should be more like this -

For your combat check, reveal this card to roll your Str or Melee skill plus 1d10. You may reveal an ally with the Horse Mount trait to add an additional 1d10 (or maybe 2d10). If you are not proficient with weapons, the difficulty of this check is increased by 6. (it's REALLY bulky)

Liberty's Edge

But GM credit is also something to encourage people to be GMs in RPG. It is not easy to find GMs, especially if there is no reward at all for doing it, but there is areward for the players who ALSO get to play a game. It's an incentive for people to be GMs.

With PFACG, GMs get the credit of being able to play the game and get the game's rewards.

Liberty's Edge

Pulvia, why doesn't your wife just replay the failed scenario solo (or duo with you) quick before the next session? I know there are rules for that in the OP guide.

Liberty's Edge

Hmmm....actually I think Favored card type should be Ally. The Doctor is never without a companion. If he is, he goes out into time/world/the deck, to get a new one.

Liberty's Edge

And I thought his Dex was a bit better than a d4 (+1 max), maybe d6 or d8 (+1 max)?
Also a Stealth skill.

I always thought his Dex to be about human average or high-end of human. Although, I might be thinking more about the more modern younger Doctors vs. the older aged Doctors of the 70s.

Liberty's Edge

Or MAYBE I should read the ENTIRE post before posting.
Maybe something along the lines of -
You may discard ( [ ] recharge) an Ally card to use your Knowledge ( [ ] or Diplomacy ) for any combat check.

Liberty's Edge

I'm glad this idea isn't with the base though. I actually try to avoid reading the flavor text of most of the cards, because one day in the future I want to actually play the RotR and S&S APs and I want as few story spoilers as possible.
I know Mike's team has put a lot of work into this part and I apoligize to them, but I do it for what I feel is good reason. Although, having a seperate document like you guys are talking about sounds good.

Liberty's Edge

In my home game we just write down how many of each category were pulled out (i.e. Basic Weapons, Elite Weapons, Basic Spells, Elite Spells, etc.)
After the session (about 2-3 games), we put all the cards back in the box for ease of storage/not knowing which campaign we'll play next time. Then pull out a random set of those cards that we've pulled out for that campaign the next time we play.

Liberty's Edge

Mike Selinker wrote:

Whose combat checks does a Dagger affect?
Just yours.
Resolution: On Dagger, change "When playing another weapon, you may discard this card to add 1d4 to the combat check." to "When playing another weapon, you may discard this card to add 1d4 to your combat check."
(This change also affects many Daggers and Dagger-like cards in other sets.)

I hate to ask this and I'm sure you're dreading it, but can a review please be done of all cards for the "your check vs any check" issue? Mike, I know you said you should follow the rule of 'Nobody else can take your turn for you', but precidence has been set in the official FAQ of the dev team correcting some of those wordings.

Obviously, it doesn't matter much in home games. We can just rule that we'll do it right in the future once we realize that rule should apply, but now that we have an OP for PFACG. I'm kinda dreading that person that says 'it's not on the card or in the FAQ'. Also, it does make us feel better that we don't have to try to interpret what was intended versus the wording that was printed on the card.

Again, I feel very sorry about this request. I didn't want to be that guy, but...

Liberty's Edge

I've interpreted this ability as "When you play a spell that does not have the Attack trait, you gain the skills Arcane and Divine equal to your Craft skill for the purposes of casting of that spell."

I started to write "until the spell is recharged", but then remembered that some spells are displayed.

I think the problem lies in the whole mechanic of displaying a spell as it takes the spell out of the nice tight turn order.

Liberty's Edge

Thank you very much. Borodino was correct. I was asking about the reward for defeating Goblin Keelhauling, which I didn't have in front of me so I couldn't give the exact wording.

Liberty's Edge

Is the reward for defeating related to "current" hand size, or the character's hand size when he/she resets each turn (I've been calling it "maximum" hand size, but that could get distorted too).

Liberty's Edge

1 person marked this as a favorite.
csouth154 wrote:
Hawkmoon269 wrote:
PizzaBuddah wrote:
Thank you for the answer. It's a bummer that she (and Harsk) can't just throw rocks at foes (amusing as that picture is).
You're welcome. Also, keep in mind Merisiel can still user her recharge/discard power if she is alone at her location, even if she isn't using a weapon.
Yeah. I like to think of that as some sort of ninja spear-hand kidney strike. Or maybe a chop to the base of the skull.

Or a boot to the head?

Liberty's Edge

I'm guessing, no arcane skill, but 2 spell cards in her deck.

Liberty's Edge

Of course since you're not playing OP, you can do what you want. There is no PFACG police watching over your shoulder. ;)

Liberty's Edge

Also good luck with the

PRD wrote:
A complex process requiring at least 24 hours, 100 gp per hit point, and a fully equipped magical laboratory can repair damage to a simulacrum.

Assuming the GM actually allows the OPs situation.

Liberty's Edge

PRD wrote:
Simulacrum creates an illusory duplicate of any creature. The duplicate creature is partially real and formed from ice or snow.

I think a Simulacrum is part illusion and part golem-ish. So the real question is, can Magic Jar affect non-living things like golems or corpses? I think not since when the possessed host is slain (and becomes a corpse) you are expulsed from the possessed body.

So I think you can't Magic Jar a Simulacrum.

Liberty's Edge

Cartman - so you're saying we're moving from the Dungeon's and Dragons base to the Capitalism and Corporations base?

Liberty's Edge

But also if you play RPG PFS you also have to start a new character. If you've gamed for years, you probably have a couple characters that you've played for a heck of a lot more than 40 hours. Then you join PFS and you have to create a level 1 character. It doesn't seem unreasonable to me to have to start from scratch when you starting fresh in a special campaign.

Also, if I've followed everything right (and I might be wrong) the RotR characters will be legal for PFSACG in case you REALLY like one of those characters. You just have to start it from level 1.

Liberty's Edge

I generally look at hand size as a liability than a bonus. Maybe hand size of x = 6-x points?

Liberty's Edge

Yes, magic items were absolutly needed for higher encounters, but the hybrids still unfortunatly fell noticibly behind. I never bought Monsters of Luclin, only the Norrath one.

Liberty's Edge

Swords and Sorcery did an exceptional job bringing the video game to PnP.

Xenh - A lot of what you point out was indicitive of the original EQ video game (back when there was only 0-2 expansions). The genre went down hill with WoW dumbing the genre and status quo down. EQ eventually followed with its expansions.

Other genius things found in EQ was the mixture of mobs so that you couldn't say that a zone was STRICTLY for lvls 1-3. There were some lvl 5-7s roming the area that would take you out if you wern't careful. Also there was the intermingling of the factions. If you ducked into the wrong house in a town you were suddenly in the necromancer's guild and they all just decimated you for being a paladin.

Drejk - the spell lists mimiced the EQ video game almost exactly. The video game was based on mostly fighting and very little non-combat activities.

The biggest issues we had with it when we played was at higher levels. DR was through the roof to compensate for the high damage output which crippled most mid-low damage classes. Also the bestary gave great templates to make high level monsters, but gave no pregenerated ones - the DM had to create almost every monster in his campaign from scratch with the templates.

Liberty's Edge

2nd ed Zaratan bomb:
- Fly over enemy
- Pull out a bag of mosquitoes
- Cast Polymorph Other on a mosquito, turning it into a zaratan.
- Fly away with a job well done.

Liberty's Edge

Yay Brian!

Liberty's Edge

Hogarth wrote:

Wiggz wrote:

It can move into a space occupied by a creature whereupon it deals damage and stops moving. If the creature remains in that square it deals its damage again the following round on your turn and can not move (or it can move out of the square without dealing damage depending on the caster's choice?).
I would rule that the flaming sphere always does damage at the end of the caster's turn, so if the caster moved it out of the square the creature would take no damage. Again, not clear.

I don't agree with this. Would the same apply to a Wall of Fire? Can I walk through it without being hurt because it doesn't do damage until the caster's turn? I don't think so.

I do agree with the rest of Hogarth's comments.

Liberty's Edge

Thinking about it in terms of real life and my karate experience - I can wield a "monk" weapon and hit with full STR with my empty off-hand. I don't know how it would work with a non-monk weapon though.

Liberty's Edge

Cure Light Moons

Liberty's Edge

I know this isn't going to happen (or be popular) but I think Paladin (and maybe Samurai - I don't know enough about that class though) should be a prestige class of Cavalier.

Liberty's Edge

Summoner - Eidelon only gets one primary attack (or one set in the case of a pair of claws). Any other attacks become secondaries. I think that could nerf Summoners down to almost reasonable without being too harsh. Anyone agree or disagree?

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