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Balkar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 9 posts. No reviews. 1 list. 1 wishlist. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.



Yes, magic items were absolutly needed for higher encounters, but the hybrids still unfortunatly fell noticibly behind. I never bought Monsters of Luclin, only the Norrath one.


Swords and Sorcery did an exceptional job bringing the video game to PnP.

Xenh - A lot of what you point out was indicitive of the original EQ video game (back when there was only 0-2 expansions). The genre went down hill with WoW dumbing the genre and status quo down. EQ eventually followed with its expansions.

Other genius things found in EQ was the mixture of mobs so that you couldn't say that a zone was STRICTLY for lvls 1-3. There were some lvl 5-7s roming the area that would take you out if you wern't careful. Also there was the intermingling of the factions. If you ducked into the wrong house in a town you were suddenly in the necromancer's guild and they all just decimated you for being a paladin.

Drejk - the spell lists mimiced the EQ video game almost exactly. The video game was based on mostly fighting and very little non-combat activities.

The biggest issues we had with it when we played was at higher levels. DR was through the roof to compensate for the high damage output which crippled most mid-low damage classes. Also the bestary gave great templates to make high level monsters, but gave no pregenerated ones - the DM had to create almost every monster in his campaign from scratch with the templates.


2nd ed Zaratan bomb:
- Fly over enemy
- Pull out a bag of mosquitoes
- Cast Polymorph Other on a mosquito, turning it into a zaratan.
- Fly away with a job well done.


Yay Brian!


Hogarth wrote:

Wiggz wrote:

It can move into a space occupied by a creature whereupon it deals damage and stops moving. If the creature remains in that square it deals its damage again the following round on your turn and can not move (or it can move out of the square without dealing damage depending on the caster's choice?).
I would rule that the flaming sphere always does damage at the end of the caster's turn, so if the caster moved it out of the square the creature would take no damage. Again, not clear.

I don't agree with this. Would the same apply to a Wall of Fire? Can I walk through it without being hurt because it doesn't do damage until the caster's turn? I don't think so.

I do agree with the rest of Hogarth's comments.


Thinking about it in terms of real life and my karate experience - I can wield a "monk" weapon and hit with full STR with my empty off-hand. I don't know how it would work with a non-monk weapon though.


Cure Light Moons


I know this isn't going to happen (or be popular) but I think Paladin (and maybe Samurai - I don't know enough about that class though) should be a prestige class of Cavalier.


Summoner - Eidelon only gets one primary attack (or one set in the case of a pair of claws). Any other attacks become secondaries. I think that could nerf Summoners down to almost reasonable without being too harsh. Anyone agree or disagree?

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