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Bahir al-Asim Abdul Shihab's page

1,656 posts. Alias of Dark Arioch.

Full Name

Bahir al-Asim Abdul Shihab "The radiant protector, servant of the flame", "Abbot-Protector of Kelmarane"





Special Abilities

Aura of good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil, Divine Bond, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Mercy (Fatigue, Dazed, Sickened, Poisoned,Blinded), Channel Positive Energy, Aura of Resolve





Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 9
Charisma 24

About Bahir al-Asim Abdul Shihab

Male Human(Garundi) Paladin 13
LG Medium Humanoid
Favored Class Paladin
Init +1; Senses: Perception -1


AC 29, touch 12, flat-footed 28
(+11 +2FullPlate, +5 +3HeavySteelShield, +2 RingofProtection, +1 Dex)
HP 163 (13d10+13Con+13Favored Class+13Belt) current 163
Fort +18, Ref +13, Will +15
SQ: Resist Fire 10 (from ring)


Spd 20 ft.

+2 Fire Outsider Bane Icy Burst Scimitar +18/+13/+8 (1d6+1d6frost+4/18-20 1d6+1d10frost) (+4 crit confirmation)


Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.


Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 10, Wis 9, Cha 22 (Sarenrae blessed him with +1 permanent wisdom for his faith)
Base Atk +13; CMB +15 CMD 26

Feats: Weapon focus (scimitar), Critical Focus, Dazzling display, Persuasive, Additional Mercy (sickened), Shatter Defenses, Greater Mercy, Ultimate Mercy



You’ve spent much of the last several years serving your faith, and the conviction and dedication to
your church has impressed many. Perhaps you’ve donated
much of your personal wealth or time to serving the
church, or you’re the child of a powerful or well-loved
member of the church, an orphan raised by the church,
or a foundling with a strange birthmark that bears
more than a passing resemblance to your faith’s holy
symbol. The faith has long supported you, and you are
eager to repay the church in some way. In Katapesh, the
establishment of a new village is always cause for interest
to the nation’s churches, as establishing new temples in
villages is an excellent way to expand upon the church’s
resources and bring in more faithful. If the Pactmasters’
plans to revitalize and rebuild Kelmarane are successful,
the village will need a temple, and your faith is keenly
interested in being represented there. This campaign
trait is particularly suited to worshipers of Sarenrae, as
Kelmarane was founded near an old monastery dedicated
to the Dawnflower, and reconsecrating that monastery
is of great interest to Sarenrae’s church. Furthermore, a
temple dedicated to her once stood in Kelmarane itself,
but it has long since fallen into ruin; whispers among the
religion tell that the church’s old pastor may have fallen
from grace and may even have been part of the cause of the
hard times that befell the village. You’ve joined Garavel’s
band in hopes of helping to establish a new temple in
the soon-to-be revitalized village. You’ve been selected
for your dedication to the church and your strong social
graces—pick one of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy,
Intimidate, Knowledge (religion), Perform (any), or Sense
Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus on checks using that
skill, and it is always considered a class skill for you.

Strength of the Sun:
(Sarenrae): You take solace in the
purifying light of the sun. During the day, you gain a +1
trait bonus on all Charisma-based checks.

Spells: (5x1st level) Hero's Defiance x2, Endure Elements, Divine Favor, Detect Undead
(4x2nd level) Weapon of Awe, Litany of Righteousness, Bestow Grace, Zone of Truth
(3x3rd level) Angelic Aspect x2, Burst of Speed
(1x4th level) Greater Angelic Aspect

Lay hands on 13/day for 6d6 healing (+1d6 if no mercy healed) (0 used)

Smite Evil 5/day (0 used)

Divine Bond 3/day for 13 minutes (0 used)(add 3 points of the following: axiomatic (1-point), brilliant energy (4-points), defending (1-point), disruption (2-points), flaming (1-point), flaming burst (2-points), holy (2-points), keen (1-point), merciful (1-point), and speed (3-points))

Skills: Diplomacy +24(+25)* (13 ranks), Handle Animal +9(+10)* (1 rank), Intimidate +23(+24)* (11 ranks), Knowledge (Religion) +17 (13 ranks and +1 from Vardishal), Ride +5 (1 rank)
*(During the day, gain a +1 trait bonus on all Charisma-based checks).

Languages: Common
Combat Gear: +1 Longspear, "Tempest" the +2 Fire Outsider Bane Icy Burst Scimitar (Vardishal), Cold Iron Heavy Mace, +2 Full Plate, Necklace of Fireballs (III), +3 Heavy Steel Shield, +2 Ring of Protection, Cloak of Protection +1, Belt of Mighty Constitution +2, Silver w/ red and orange gemstones Headband of Alluring Charisma +2, Winter Blanket 5 sp, Backpack 2 gp, 2 weeks rations 7 gp, Flint and Steel 1 gp, 5 sunrods 10 gp, Explorer's outfit (free at creation), Clay tankard 2 cp, 50' Hemp Rope 1 gp, 5x Whetstone 1 sp, 3x Waterskins, 4x +1 Daggers, 3 Throwing Daggers, 2 Bags of Holding (type II), Silver Bracelet with four charms (from Dilix)-can summon Dilix as per Planar Ally, Ring of Minor Fire Resistance, Golden Ram Horn of Golden Draught (3 uses break enchantment, 4 uses of stoneskin remain), Carpet of Flying (5x10) Tent 10 gp, Book "The Birth of Light and Truth" 155gp, 0 gp, 8 sp, 8 cp


The spirit of Vardishal is within you. For the most part this has no effect, but his thoughts may appear in your conscious as certain events occur providing guidance, warnings, etc. You cannot control it, though you did gain a +1 bonus on all intelligence-based skill checks due to the extra memories that pop into your head now and then. Based on Vardishal's knowledge, I would allow Knowledge(Planes) and Knowledge(History) to be used with just this +1. Knowledge(Local) and Knowledge(Nobility) when related to the plane of fire. You gained this after being infused with his essence in the basement of the Monastery. It is Vardishal that guided you to the courtyard in the Monastery where he weapon was buried. You can sense the presence within you, his alignment is (was?) Chaotic Good.

His weapon, the tempest, is a high powered magical weapon that will reveal abilities as you level. Currently it is just a +1 Frost weapon. Technically it is a standard action to activate the frost ability, but since it is the only ability for this weapon (at least currently) and there doesn't appear to be any penalty for leaving it activated as it doesn't harm you, I haven't worried about it. The weapon has 5 advancements in total. So far you have two of them, +1 and Frost. You will obtain the next three advancements at 8th, 10th, and 12th level.

When you wield the weapon, a patchy, uneven growth of mold appears on your weapon hand up to your elbow. The mold goes away when you put the sword away and does not harm you in any way. It is strictly for fluff and has no game effect.

Bahir always felt an affinity for the sun, he seemed to have boundless energy whenever it was shining down and would mourn it's loss every night as only a child could do. Born Garundi, Bahir was raised in Solku and was there during the gnoll siege at the Battle of Red Hail. It was not the atrocities of the gnolls (people torn apart by the jaws of gnoll and hyena alike before his eyes) but the heroism of Iomedae’s paladins that captured his attention. Seeing the deeds and beauty of the warriors first hand amid the chaos and slaughter caused a new singular purpose to burn into Bahir's mind. The paladins had sacrificed themselves to a man to stem the gnoll tide and now who would defend Solku against the next incursion? With a deep conviction and sudden clarity he stared at the sun glinting off the new arrivals armor and weapons and knew the answer. With the arrival of the Dawn Vigil Bahir saw his chance, answered his calling, and offered to join the Vigil. Liking what they saw in the youth they sent him to Sarenrae’s Lambent Citadel for training.

As far as his martial prowess was concerned his instructors saw him as passable but what caught them off-guard was the presence and charisma of this young man. He seemed to glow with energy at morning prayers. Even the strictest of taskmasters found themselves smiling and changing their regular practices to accommodate him as if they wished to bask in Bahir's exuberance. He seemed to take naturally to learning the basic tenets of Sarenrae but often the deeper meanings were a mystery to him. The priests would just shake their heads and say that the way of the cleric was obviously not for him. After three years, the paladins greatly pleased with their new protege, he was sent back to stand with the Dawn Vigil and watch over Solku. A task to which he took to with great relish. However, a life of facing down the evils that had previously haunted Solku was not to be realized by him. The Dawn Vigil had done a good job at ridding the area of most threats in his absence and he stood now as little more than a glorified guard. Knowing he was new to the order he pushed his own desires aside and tried to excel at his given duties with the one exception of night patrol. He hated night patrol! ....and it was obvious to any that were with him.

Finally, a order came down that he was to accompany and protect a priest named Mah'ysa going to Kelmarane. This was his chance to truly fulfill his duty! Apparently the Pactmasters’ wanted to revitalize and rebuild Kelmarane and if successful, the village will need a temple, and it would be Sarenrae's. It was a challenge to convince his superior to give him details that were oft not repeated amongst the followers of Sarenrae but he had a way of getting people to talk. It seems, that Kelmarane was founded near an old monastery dedicated to the Dawnflower, and that reconsecrating that monastery would be a focus of his mission. This village once held the southern end of a trade route between Katapesh and Osirion, but it fell upon hard times and has lain abandoned for years. Rumors also had it that a temple dedicated to her once stood in Kelmarane itself, but it has long since fallen into ruin; and whispers tell that the church’s old pastor may have fallen from grace and may even have been part of the cause of the hard times that befell the village. Supposedly, the 'Carrion King' was currently ruling over the gnolls in the area and would likely need to be removed. They would see the Dawnflowers name praised and light brought once again to this dark corner of the world he was to visit. Unconsciously, his Garundi blood quickened at the thought of settling a new area...

His Garundi heritage obvious through his dark ebony skin Bahir keeps his hair braided and pulled back into a short ponytail. There doesn't seem to be an imperfection visible anywhere on his smooth skin. He keeps himself and his possesions very clean. Over his armor he wears a long white chasuble and tunic decorated with red and gold thread depicting images of the sun. His well made scimitar is inlaid with a simple gold sunburst on the cross-guard. His holy book of the The Birth of Light and Truth is kept protectively in a satchel also emblazoned with sunbursts and an angel with arms outstretched and wings raised to form the shape of an ankh.

Legacy of Fire map link: map

Adventure's so far...zoomackulassLegacyOfFire


"This palace is accursed, an inescapable trap devised by the grand vizier of the sultan's court. I have not the time to tell my tale, though a tale worth telling it is, but I too am a victim of this eternal prison and grow weary of its confines. We will speak again. If you would be free, then heed my words well, for we may each hold the key to the other's escape."
"The secret of the brass ship is in the divine fire that guides its way. Light the prow or the waiting post with the flame that cannot be quenched."
"An eye of brass was forged of old to grace the grand sultan's court. This eye could pierce the veils of secrecy, distance, and time with its impossible gaze to bring the grand vizier of the grand sultan tidings for his master's ear. This Impossible Eye is that which binds us even now, but it was stolen and now lies within these very walls, the cause of out imprisonment and the means of our escape."
"The Impossible Eye is what you should seek, not for treasures buried deep. This passage leads not to the eye of brass where our destinies lie, but only to certain defeat."

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