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Bahamut's page

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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Does anyone else feel a massive amount of sympathy for Jezeletrix? I kinda want mu PC's to redeem her and maybe make her a cohort rather than be kill crazy. Just curious.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Thanks Jester!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

In the Forgotten Realms setting, the main campaign setting mentions cretures called Ghazneths who were enimies of the Cormyrian royal family the Obarskyrs. The books describe them as "magic draining winged creature of great power." But that's it.

I wanted to know if anyone out there knew what exactly they were and where I could find stats for them.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

And the 2nd to last group I tried to run through only made inside Jzahadirune and no farther. (Sigh). The party was made up of two pairs of couples, in real life and in game. And the two couples really didn't like eachother from the start, so this didn't last too long...

Ecyrial Drathamore: Human, male, CG, Tantrist 2 (from The Book of Erotic Fantasy put out by Valar, check it out, its good.) This was the guy who played the Pixie in the last group, to his credit, this was a much less annoying choice.

Cora Thorngage: Halfling, female, CG, Rogue 2. Ecyrial's significant other in real life too. She had a feat called limber, where in if she didn't have sex with Ecyrial everyday, she would lose a +2 modifier to Dex score. Yeah.

Aust Nailo: Elf, male, NG, Ranger 2. The melee combat specialist, he had a two-bladed sword and got knocked out every combat.

Xilo Xilocient: Elf, female, NG, Wizard 2. Aust's lover in real life as well. Yeah, she hated Ecyrial in real life too and it split the group up fast.

Iria Uluuathass: Drow, female, NE, Necromancer 2. The who played her made up his own Necromancer class from several different sources. He played this character in the first group as well, I just liked his class and conniving little drow antics that I asked him to bring th character back, unfortunatly, he wasn't able to play that long...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Like I said this is the 3rd! group I've tried to run through this thing, let's hope this own sticks.

The first group I ran made as far as Bhal-Hamatugn and we're about to fight Dhorlot when it all fell apart. This was them at the time they stopped playing.

Ik: Half-Ogre, male, CG, Barbarian 5. Strength of 29 and an intelligence of 4. He didn't talk much and let his Greataxe talk for him. He was so big, he took out most of the walls in the Lucky Monkey just to get around.

Aradyl: Pixie, male, CN, Psion 3, Ectocrafter 1. This guy was the bane of my exsistance. He's the main reason I am loath to allow non-PH standard races into the fold of my games.

Ter'iane': Farie Dragon, female, CG, Psion 2. This was the Pixies' cohort and mount, and God the headaches they caused me...

Dahnia Greensboro: Human, female, N, Sorceror 6. She was only in for a couple of sessions. She was an agent for the MTA who hooked up with the group in exchange for helping her investigate suspicions aroung Vhalantru.

Machiel Lightbringer: Assimar with Vampiric bloodline, male, LG, Paladin 4. I really liked his concept, the vampire bloodline was starting to influence his daily life and he was paranoid the church of Pelor was going to find out and excommunicate him.

Skang-key-ho (get it?): Human, male, LN, Monk 6. A grappler, this was the smart-ass of the group, more so than even the Pixie, he liked to beat up on the groups Rogue constantly.

Cade Underhill: Halfling, male, CN, Rogue 6. The groups resident Rogue, until he and the Monk got into a big fight over a sword they both wanted and Skang beat him to a bloody pulp, tied him up, and threw him into the pit of the seven jaws. That was a fun day.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay... This is my third group to take a run at Cauldron and they just started on Saturday. And they are....

FU Zakennayo: Human Male, Monk 1

Graham: Human Male, Fighter 1

Tonic: Elf Male, Ranger 1

Persephone: Human Female, Rogue 1

Parminion Boken: Human Male, Fighter 1

VLHUURG!!!: Human Male, Barbarian 1

Galstaff Wizard of Light (snicker, snicker): Human Male, Wizard 1

Astrid Amakir: Elf Female, Druid 1

Yeah, 8 people. The guy playing Galstaff (he he, sigh, oh 8-bit theater...) is a DM too and will take have the party and DM something with them to lighten the load 'cause 3 other people want to join. yikes.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Keep in mind, this is for a sci-fi setting of my own devising, and the measurements are in the metric system.

Grammaton Cleric

1st:+1, +2+2+0, Cleric Uniform, Unarmed Attack d6/x2, Improved Disarm, Weapon Finesse

2nd:+2, +3+3+0, Uncanny Dodge, Two-Gun Shooting

3rd:+3, +3+3+1, Detect Emotion

4th:+4, +4+4+1, Evasion Mastery +1, Fast Movement +3 meters

5th:+5, +4+4+1, Fire Back

6th:+6/+1, +5+5+2, Improved Two-Gun Shooting

7th:+7/+2, +5+5+2, Improved Uncanny Dodge, Unarmed Damage d8/x2

8th:+8/+3, +6+6+2, Evasion Mastery +2, Improved Quick Draw, Fast Movement +6 meters

9th:+9/+4, +6+6+3, Increased Rate of Fire

10th:+10/+5, +7+7+3, Vicious Art of the Gun-Kata, Unarmed Damage d8/19-20/x2

11th:+11/+6/+1, +7+7+3, Grammaton Pistols

12th:+12/+7/+2, +8+8+4, Evasion Mastery +3, Multiple Opponets, Fast Movement +9 meters

13th:+13/+8/+3, +8+8+4, Firing in Your Face

14th:+14/+9/+4, +9+9+4, Intimidation of Presence -1, Unarmed Damage d10/19-20/x2

15th:+15/+10/+5, +9+9+5, Greater Two-Gun Shooting,

16th:+16/+11/+6/+1, +10+10+5, Evasion Mastery +4, Accuaracy, Fast Movement +12 meters

17th:+17/+12/+7/+2, +10+10+5, Intimidation of Presence -2, Improved Multiple Opponets

18th:+18/+13/+8/+3, +11+11+6, Focus of the Mind

19th:+19/+14/+9/+4, +11+11+6, Increased Rate of Fire

20th:+20/+15/+10/+5, +12+12+6, Perfect Gun Shooting, Deadly Art of the Gun-Kata, Intimidation of Presence -3, Fast Movement 15 meters, Unarmed Damage d12/19-20/x3

General Information
The Grammaton Cleric is the most focused fighter in the martial arts of gunplay. His combination of unarmed combat, firing rate, and proficiency with melee weapons makes him a deadly combatant. Mathematics, geography, and statistics taken from more than 10,000 gun battles allows the Cleric to make the opptimal use of his position, to effect the maximum opponents over the maximum field of fire while evading the statistical trajectory of return fire. This makes the master of the Gun Kata an adversary not to be taken lightly.
Clerics focus and training is highly based of the devoted following of their calling. They firmly believe that emotions cause the violence in the world are against them. The order sends them on missions that only benefits them, even though Clerics ally themselves with others to complete their goals, for nessesity only.
Game Rule Information
Abilities: High Dexterity is very important to a cleric not only for attack, but for the fact that the cleric will never be able to wear any other type of armor besides the one that is issued to him. Charisma is also very important because of the Cleric’s presence and tasks. Inteligence is important because the Cleric relies on his skills more than a soldier. Also, Constitution is important because Clerics receive less hit points than a soldier and his abilities require him to fight his opponents within 30 feet or less.
Hit Dice: d8
Starting Money: 2d6 x 200
Class Skills
The Gramaton Cleric’s skills (and the key abilities for each) are: Balance (Dex), Climb (Str), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int),Gather Information (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Jump (Str), Knowledge (biology, engineering, history, mathmatics, physics), (Int), Listen (Wis), Search (Int), Sense Motive (Wis), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), Tumble (Dex), Freefall (Dex), Drive (Dex), Research (Wis), Computer Use (Int)
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: (4 + Int modifier)
Class Features
Weapon and Armor Proficieny: Grammaton Clerics are proficient with Clerical weapons and armor and proficient with Light and Medium weapons and Heavy melee weapons.
Cleric Uniform: Clerics automatically start with masterwork Cleric pistols and armor along with specially designed clips and vibro katana. This also means that he can only wear this uniform or solid grey or black clothing, and no showy including jewlery.
Unarmed Attack: As in the Player’s Handbook
Improved Disarm: As in feat in Player’s Handbook
Weapon Finesse: As in feat in Player's Handbook, the Cleric can use his pistols and katana with the feat.
Uncanny Dodge: As in the Player’s Handbook
Two-Gun Shooting: As the feat.
Cleric Way of Life: The Cleric’s Focus is so attuned that his emotions start to suffer. The Cleric looses the highs and lows of emotion such as love and hate, less intense emotions are permitted, however strong emotions are fiercely shunted aside. The Cleric must pratice at least one hour of every day to continue gaining levels. (Provided he isn’t in some way detained). The cleric can retain no wealth, other than to satisfy their immediate biological needs, or if it serves an immediate purpose to the Clerics' mission at a given time. The Cleric can use other weaponry, and equipment, but must discard them if their immediate purpose is served. The Cleric cannot wear any additional armor. The Cleric cannot engage in any meaniful romantic relationships with non-members of Tetra-Grammaton. Other associations with outsiders is strongly discouraged, unless it serves the immediate purposes of the Clerics mission or Tetra-Grammaton itself. If this code of conduct is violated, punishment is administed which can include death, mind wipe, or excomunication and banishment from Tetra-Grammaton.
Detect Emotion: The Cleric has an intutive feel for detecting the emotions of others and gains a +5 to Sense Motive checks.
Evasion Mastery: The Cleric’s understanding of battle allows him to get the bonus stated against all opponets in a 30 foot (10m) radius to his dodge involving AC.
Fire Back: If the Cleric disarms an opponet and he has one hand free, he may fire one shot as a free action with the disarmed weapon.
Improved Two-Gun Shooting: As the feat in Player’s Handbook, and as noted above.
Improved Uncanny Dodge: As in Player’s Handbook
Improved Quick Draw: The Cleric’s skill with weapons not only gives him quick draw for free, he can also quick draw weapons off the ground or from a wall, etc, with a Tumbe check of 20, the Cleric gets a +1 to Dodge AC for that round.
Increased Rate of Fire: The Cleric may take an extra ranged attack with each Grammaton pistol at a –2 when firing the weapons in semiautomatic.
Vicious Art of the Gun Kata: If the Cleric criticals with an unarmed attack, he breaks a limb, if the target fails the Ref save. The DC to resist = Damage delt + ½ Cleric’s level. The limb being broken in determined by a d4: 1-left arm, 2-right arm, 3-left leg, 4-right leg. The The pain stuns the opponet for 1d4 rounds. If you disarm in this way you still deal damage.
Grammaton Pistols: While using Grammaton pistols in melee combat,the normal –2 penalty for 2 weapon fighting are negated.
Multiple Opponets: The Cleric can take one shot or burst shot at everyone in a 30 foot (10m) radius in one round.
Firing in Your Face: The Cleric suffers no more attacks of opportunity while using his pistols
Intimidation of Presence: Opponents fear the Grammaton Cleric that they suffer the stated minus on all rolls or checks made against the Cleric
Accuracy: The Cleric no longer suffers penalties from his opponet’s concealment unless they have total cover or concealment.
Improved Multiple Opponets: Same as multiple opponets but 2 shots or bursts a round.
Focus of the Mind: The critical multipier of the Grammaton pistols increases from x3 to x4.
Improved Increased Rate of Fire: As above but with 2 attacks with each pistol taking a –4 penatly when firing in semiautomatic mode.
Deadly Art of the Gun Kata: As Viscious Art of the Kata except with d6 5-chest, 6-head. On a 5, the internal organs are damaged and the spine is broken creating paralisis. On a 6, the opponet’s head is fractured, casusing death, Fort or Ref save DC = damage delt + ½ Clerics level.

Clerical Equipment
Cleric Armor: Counts as Masterwork, Light Armor
Cost: - AC: +3 DR: 3/- Max Dex: - Armor Check: 0 Weight: 3 kg. Speed: 30ft/20ft (10m/6m)

Grammaton Pistols: Counts as Masterwork, Auto-Fire option
Cost: - Damage: 1d12 Clip: 30 Crit: x3 Range: 60m. Weight: 2.25 kg. Type: Piercing

Vibro Katana

Wrist Holders: Allows Quick Draw and Rapid Reload once per battle. Holds one clip in each wrist.

Melee Clips: With these clips in, when you fight with pistols in melee combat, you can, as a free action, extend small nails at the base of the clips which add a +2 to damage and change to critical modifier from x2 to x3. Weight: 1 kg.

Weighted Clips: These can be thrown as a free action. If these are thrown, they land bullets up because the clips are round and weighted on the bottom. The Cleric’s skill ensures they are always thrown together. Weight 1 kg.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I like it, me and my friend came up with something like this, the Grammaton Cleric from the movie Equilibrium. I might post it and see what you think.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

At first I was resistant to the new base classes. I love the 11 from the PH and think that there is enough variety to them to play for the rest of your bloody life, but then I got to looking at them when CW first came out and I drooled over the Hexblade.

So I softened up and opended up. I have to say its a tie between Hexblade and Warlock with Ninja running up a close 2nd. Hexblade is a great idea to begin with and Warlock does feel like a classic already as someone already pointed out.

Oh, and Flushmaster... Do you work for Wizards of the Coast already, if not you should man. Thats some of the best persuasive argument I've seen on these message boards. Keep up the good work

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Oh where do I begin...

trolls. I love those regenerating bastards... Plus you can carve off a bit of troll, put it in a can, wait for it to regenerate past the top, shave it off and... troll burgers! An infinte supply too!

Mind-flayers are an awesome classic.

Nimblewights: Swordfighting golems! Yes!

Aboleths are great

And... swarms. "Quick!, where's the freckin' alchemist's fire!" I love it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

He he he, Oh... It gives me such pleasure to see that the guys (and girls) who make this delightful magazine are just as crazy (and uber-geeky) as the rest of us. It gives me hope for the future.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I love the adventure path (what little I got to DM anyway) I only got to "Zenith Trajetory" but I would have to say my players and I personally liked "Flood Season" the best. I liked the idea of th Ebon Triad. TongueEater was cool, but my psionic PC went invisible, disrupted him and his whole party of baboons into sleep and then coup-de-graced the lot of them. The psion thought it was hilarious of course. I like Tarkiltar personally...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I always pronouced it gizz-had-der-rune, and ball-hama-tu-gun

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

First of all, Big Jake that's some awesome role-playing, if I could ring half the emotion out of my hack and slashers that would be incredible. Way to go for the emotional juggular, I wish I was only so creative.

Second, that's a whole lot of work and effort Asceospades that I will have to steal (if you don't mind) the next time I run Shackled City.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Well, I had to stop run through AP I unfortunatly (grumble, grumble) Bascially my PC's ran away with the campaign and I was unable to reign them in without A LOT of fighting. I had to call it quits in the middle of Bhal-hamatugn a few months ago.

I really liked AP I too... Next time dammit! Next time!

Anyway, I lost one PC to Tartilkar (the gnoll cleric in Flood Season) and his spike chain. And another to Aushanna in Bhal-hamatugn right before I had to drop the campaign

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hey, Mark

I tried running Cauldron unsuccessfully a few months back (too many disputes with the PC's). So hopefully this advice isn't total bull

-I'm with Klysandral with rolling 4d6 and keeping the three highest. In my expierience, point buy just lead to insane min/max-ing and that has gotten WAY old for me.

-My PC's stayed at the church of St. Cuthburt in exchange for helping Jenna with some church matters. They later upgraded to the Drunken Morkoth.

-As for balance... Chef's salad is right on for playing your monsters smart enough to chalenge even very cheap PCs. I confess my PC were a little un-balanced, and I had a lot of them. A pixie male psion, a human male monk, halfling male rogue, drow female necromancer, assimar male paladin, and a male ogre barbarian. I let them bascially kick around the monsters and when I realized it would be too easy and tried to scale accordingly, my players cried bloody murder. Try to not let that happen to you, the campaign just broke down inside Bhal-hamatugn and I never went back to it.

Shame really, Shackled City is damn good campaign.

So hopefully you won't make my mistake and balance accordingly.

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