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Belkar Bitterleaf

Badura's page

33 posts. Alias of Gareth Aldridge.


Heads up, gentlemen.

I'm leaving tomorrow to visit relatives in Nebraska. I'll be back on Tuesday. Don't expect much posting on either of those two days. If things are held up, feel free to DMPC me. I should have internet access while I'm up there so I'll try to keep on top of things.

Dude, I love the way you format your character backstory stuff with the quotes. Looking forward to welcoming Hascya and Twohey to the party!

Ooooh I'm excited!

Bardbarian? Color me intrigued...

You can pretty much play anything you want. Don't feel pressured to round out the party with a specific role. Just go with whatever you think has a cool character concept. You've made some pretty memorable characters in the past, so I'm sure you'll do fine :)

Alternatively, you can try to past the rage mage test. It might be easier to not laugh online.

Holy ninja posts, Batman!

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. Just built my own computer and am in the honeymoon phase with that. And Diablo 3 is pretty kickass too. Anyone else here play (besides Johnny)?

Question: If I buy a "Ring of Four Winds"(MIC, pg 124) do I have to declare that I am boosting my AC before the attack? Or can I boost it after the roll as an immediate action to stop an attack that just barely hit?

Ooh, I really like the Glorious Heat and Lucky Start options.

Extra Revelation would be nice for sure. You were complaining about having a slow movespeed as a halfling, but you can just grab Cinder Dance and get some nice bonuses out of it. Getting the fire resistance could also be fun.

You also might want to look into upping your fort save, as it is rather low right now, but that's totally up to you and not entirely essential.

Going to look through the reserve list and add on my thoughts too!

I was absolutely going to suggest Improved Initiative for you, because it rules on casters. Other than that, your alternatives are always useful. Maybe you can look into metamagic feats too if you're interested in that kind of stuff. I'm a bit distracted right now so I'll come up with better advice later if you're still searching.

So, are we leveling now?

So, since I'm sure we all know what class/level/race our characters are at this point, I've decided to do something a little different with my character's "subtitle" that shows up next to my name. Instead, I feel that information such as HP, spell slots, smite evils, or other important tracked conditions would be useful to have displayed right next to the individual characters' names.

If you so choose to follow suit, you should leave your Race and Gender titles blank and write in whatever you want to track under the Class/Levels category. I've decided to keep the pertinent race/gender/class/levels information under the special abilities section, because I track those elsewhere in my profile.

Anyways, just wanted to put this out there as an option to try at your own will. Hope you guys find it useful!



Just for Chris (and yes, I am kidding)

Yayyy I'm happy to see things going again too. Hopefully we can get back into a rhythm here :)

Vlad, you forgot, you get a whole lot of skill points from bard. I believe you should have 4 more points to spend.

This looks interesting and fun to me. I am always partial to extra options available for characters. I also think it would actually fit my idea of Karina's character better too than a straight bard. This would certainly address one thing that I have been nervous about, which is her current dependence upon a party to win combats. I'm also up for just trying something new, because I haven't done anything like this before!

I spent a little bit of time this morning looking around through my pathfinder sources and have been narrowing in on what I'd like to select. I am definitely leaning towards proceeding on a Bard//Fighter progression, mostly because I would actually like for Karina to have some use in combat beyond the scope of spellcasting. The extra feats from the fighter class would be pretty much essential to accomplishing this, and there are some fun things you can do with a whip in UC. However, I'm still searching for a solid fighter archetype, since armor training is wasted on me and my light armored limitations. I have considered going the Cad or Free Hand Fighter archetypes to be really strong at disarming or Weapon Master for a more offensive punch. If anyone else has some awesome ideas for something that could work, let me know.

Another totally different direction I could take would be to take levels in Sorcerer, but I would have to coordinate with Klinn to figure out which bloodline runs through our family. That said, I would certainly enjoy having more spellcasting options, even if it changes up my character a little bit.


Oh s~!$, i Just realized, my last post was supposed to be for everyone, not just Klinn. Please read!

I logged on and saw 9 new posts and was excited... and then none of the spoilers were for me QQ

The party leaves the unconscious summoner behind.

Alright, what else you got for us NM? :P

Haha, that is very true. I find it amusing that a character can be like "Oh I got disemboweled by monsters last round but got healed... so now I'm going to stand up and move back to square X7." Of course, in real life you'd freak the f!~@ out about that happening.

I've liked the combat difficulty so far. The snakes were just about the perfect difficulty level that we've faced so far. I do have to say, however, that gunslingers rolling against touch has really helped us out, especially against the centipede. With some luck, Nitina will heal up her dex damage quickly and we'll be in good fighting shape soon.

I've been really impressed by the activity of the party so far. The game really hasn't lagged at the potentially slow parts. I've liked the mix of combat and roleplay too. All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about things so far, and hoping to be able to survive past the critical rocket tag/CR 9001 random encounters that level 1's can face in Kingmaker.

I've been reading that game thread every now and then. I think I may be at my happy number of games right now, but I am considering making room for one more, so you may see a character from me.

And because I'm awesome, I am claiming post #1000 of the game! I win (or lose?)!!

First off, thanks for being a dedicated DM! I've really enjoyed the Play-by-post setting for Pathfinder and you've done a great job at keeping me entertained throughout the process.

What has gone well:
-World building and creation has been phenomenal. I can tell that there's a lot of stuff going on between different factions, a lot of interesting characters.
-World description: whenever we enter a new place, you do a good job of giving us a mental image, and the supplementary maps are very useful
-Your availability is pretty solid to answer questions/make maps on request, etc.
-I LOVE the freedom we've been given in our actions and anticipate quite a few ways that this game could progress.
-NPC to PC interaction has been generally solid. You've done a good job setting Sense Motives and DCs to supplement our interactions.
-You're a good writer

What has not gone well:
-The pacing has been a little off for me lately. Things have droned on, and while some breaks in the action have lead to great opportunities for role playing/PC interaction, they haven't always been utilized.
-The pacing for combat also could be adjusted. However, I like what you've been doing so far with rolling everybody's initiative, as this has sped up the process significantly. So overall this has improved.
-The party dynamic has been okay, with some clear personalities developed, but I think we could go a little further in exploring it. I've made some suggestions in the last paragraph.

What can the DM do:
Keep things moving in the lulls, continue keeping things interesting in this very well designed world. I think this whole "escape plan" thing, whether it happens or not, will be fresh/interesting. In either case, I'm excited to enjoy the sandboxy nature of this game after this arc is over.

What can the players do:
Maybe check in with some of the more minor interactions for roleplaying. If 2/6 of the other party members are doing some special mission, maybe you can talk about what your character is doing during some of the downtime. Maybe add some of the thoughts that are racing through your character's head. Or what you're doing to contain your nervousness? Or your general emotions.

Other than that, I know that this isn't realistic always, but if we're in combat, try to check in frequently to try to speed things up.

DM, I'll probably be free to talk tomorrow afternoon/evening if you have any questions for me.

Don't worry about it. Take your time. Good luck with all of the moving/shenanigans!

DM, I'm still interested in hearing your thoughts about the link Klinn posted about the proposed diplomacy/charm person rule changes. I think it would be interesting, but you have the final say of course.

Here's the link in case you missed it

Never too late to roll a character! The IC thread just started today but you could join in.

The revisions to diplomacy and charm person are pretty cool, and I think would be relevant in game, but this is ultimately up to DM CD. Also just skimmed through your backstory additions Klinn and I will respond to them sometime later tonight! I must say that they do look great though :)

Rhaegar! Come rescue us!

Personally, I'm partial to The Stolen Empire. But that's just me.

I don't really feel strongly either way. The nice thing about rolling your own initiative is it's a way for each character to check in before combat, but then again it could be superfluous. I don't mind taking out the extra step if it's unnecessary.

I'm just saying, not to single you out, but just saying: Caladrius has posted 27 times under DM Caleth since the last time he has posted here...

I'm enjoying this game quite a bit so far and I know that DM CD has a lot of cool stuff planned for us, so it would be a huge shame to see this game die. I thought we were planning on trying to get everyone to post once per day as a goal. I know this isn't always realistic, but it doesn't take that long to post on your character. I'm not trying to be a dick, and I understand Eleri is on vacation/Caladrius is DMing for 2 groups. I just would like us to kick things back up again.

One post/day or at least 3-5 posts/week should be a reasonable goal, shouldn't it?


K(Engineering) for Caladrius: 1d20 + 7 ⇒ (2) + 7 = 9

Take it if you want. It appears the bad roll could be a punishment for his neglect.

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