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****( )

GF9 has done a NICE job creating this board game.
The game has a good variety of adventures, LOTS of TV show tie-ins, the tokens(Ship and effect) and "Money" are well produced
The directions flow well and offer a quick learning curve to get the games going. With the Artful Dodger(Promo) a fifth player can join in on the adventures
So far, the creators are doing some interesting interactions with the fan base by offering promos and mini expansions at Gen con, through GTM, and on FB.

I'm disappointed that the box set doesn't have enough space in it to accommodate the upcoming expansions. While I love the game play and concept, after 2 games I already see a 'Monopoly-like' simplicity to the structure
I hope with more complicated games and expansions the challenges sta fresh


Our Price: $2.50


Nice but, uh....

**( )( )( )

like 99% of the figs in this initial set the sculpt and paint good quality-
But this is one where I challenge the description...
nature warden, shop keeper, Benchmark camping store employee...something other than "Druid"

Our Price: $19.99


Black Dragon beautiful


What an amazing piece to include in the set!
Not only does it look fantastic in person; crisp dynamic sculpt & solid paint work
but melds so nicely with the beginner box missions!!!
Excellent execution, I can't wait for set 2!

Our Price: $12.99

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I really am glad these have become available. A big leap ahead of most of the figs churned out by WOTC for DDM
the folks at the new WIZKIDS shop did a some nice work

Our Price: $35.00


****( )

This is an amazing model!
Don’t be fooled by the crazy, dynamic sculpt; it’s remarkably well balanced because of the resin and white metal elements
Be sure you choose an equally amazing base to complete this figure.


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