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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

4,327 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Mystic Past Life only picks spells from one spell list, not several. Have you considered a Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer instead? You could get all the main Necromancy and Illusion spells that way.

Which would be useful if Half-Dragons got their breath weapon more than once a day.

Too bad this makes things like the Halflings Kineticist favored class bonus never a good choice, and others, like anything involving a class feature you don't get right away, less useful than more HP or skill points.

Higher Constitution means you can go deeper into the negatives with Ferocity. Being able to fight longer means a higher chance of winning the fights. Dexterity is at 13 since you can grab Dodge with it and still go around in Full Plate.

Here's how I'd make his stats then. In order 20, 13, 16, 5, 12, 5.

As a very dangerous option, instead use 20, 14, 18, 5, 5, 5. I say dangerous because Will saves with negative modifiers are never good to have on a player character.

Both sets are 20 point buy.

Something to break the tension and suspense.

Well, Orc fighters have a nice favored class bonus. +2 Con for determining what negative they can be at before dying(and just that. No bonus hit points or higher Fortitude saves).

Example. Will the Weakest Orc has a Constitution score of 10. He has five fighter levels and has put every favored class bonus into them. He now dies when his HP reaches -20. He survives to level twenty, still with a 10 Constituion. He now dies when his HP reaches -50.

Combined with Orc Ferocity you can just keep going and going.

It would need some tweaking. He has no wings/claws/fangs or SLAs. He doesn't look like a demon either.

N. Jolly made the Dragon Pact Kineticist and Elemetal Eater utility taken that makes a perfect Natsy.

Six hours until midnight for me. :)

Or they're simply trying to keep the neat stuff neat. No one wants wasted word count.

Holy Weapons still deal extra damage against evil creatures, so it has its uses.

While they can't make personal potions(which seems like an oversight with potions...) they can still use their Infusion Discovery(if they take it) to pass their personal extracts around.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I like the Familiar FAQ up until the tumor familiar. Why can't further experimentation further improve the tumor familiar? That just doesn't make any sense to me.

While you have two favored classes, you only get one "point" for your favored class bonus at each level.

Rust Monsters instead of Junkyard dogs.

Mi-Go surgeons.

Which really doesn't do anything unless it's modified so they experience that length of time...

I heartily agree.

There's a pdf you can buy here on paizo(I forget the name) that allows for variant prestige classing. When combined with VMC the only feat you get from normal(not class bonus feats like fighter or bloodline feats) progression is the 1st level feat.

The Skinchanger is pretty cool.

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Rust Monster Monks with Feral Combat Training so they can flurry with their Antenna. They're competitive eaters, so the first one to finish it's "meal" takes a round to jump around all happy.

Creatures with the Dragon type(such as half-dragons) can't be Dragon Disciples without DM-fiat.

Race: Any non-dragon.

Based on a description in the product's discussion page, it's not bad or good.

Curse you for introducing me to another webcomic.

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burkoJames wrote:
If I were DM, Id say it was the other way around. that if you don't have the charisma to cast spells, you don't have the spell slots, not that you don't have the spells.

From the Magic section of the Core rules: "A spellcaster who lacks a high enough ability score to cast spells that would otherwise be his due still gets the slots but must fill them with spells of lower levels."

In addition, he doesn't need spells, just slots. The build is legal, if cheesy.

To help out, I'll respectfully withdraw. I hope it goes well for you, Choon.

Kineticist would actually fit the setting really well as a replacement for Spellfire.

I lost track of time yesterday and was unable to inish Ellara. I'll try after I get home from work today if the decision hasn't been made.

The God Caller isn't an archetype, but a concept.

It works really well with the God Caller concept from Golorian. Basically Summoners whose Eidolons are aspects of their gods.

I've seen the rule brought up before. Unless specified otherwise, Supernatural abilities are standard actions.

cuatroespada wrote:
it's too bad this is before the destruction of Ched Nasad. reclaiming it for the glory of the spider queen would be awesome.

You and I are kindred souls. For the Fallen Webs!

Carry around a bag of dirt and a broom for sweeping it up. :)

Though the boots don't say you have to be standing on earth, just that you draw power from it. I admit there's table variance there.

If you add a 2nd level spell to you spells known and class list, it's a second level spell. That simple.

James Risner wrote:
Charon's Little Helper wrote:
Azten wrote:
Bard puts a 2nd level spell in, you use it as a 2nd level spell if it's on your class list. The level of the spell does not change in this case, so you get Heroism out of a level 2 slot.
Please actually provide proof of the bolded statement being true.

He has none, other than his stance of "look at these words - they only mean what I say as only I'm in charge of comprehension of these words".

Either way the sorcerer would cast heroism from 3rd level slots from either of these methods:

  • Its on my spell list so I use it as a spell known, using 3rd level slots.
  • Its not on my list at 2nd, so I add a level and use it as 3rd.
  • Reading the words as written should be good enough. You're adding limitations that aren't there.

    It doesn't work both ways. If the bard cast Cure Moderate into the ring it's 3rd level for the Sorcerer, right? Cure Light a 2nd level? The ring determines what spell slot a spell uses, so Heroism from a Bard uses 2nd level slots.

    You could just read the item.

    1) Is it on my list?
    1a) No. Increase its spell level by 1.
    1b) Yes, cast it at the level used by the ring(type 1 for 1st leve, 2 for 2nd level)

    Bard puts a 2nd level spell in, you use it as a 2nd level spell if it's on your class list. The level of the spell does not change in this case, so you get Heroism out of a level 2 slot.

    Wrong. Heroism is on both lists, so no level adjustment.

    Rule as Intended: Feat modifies roll = Useable with this Style.

    2 people marked this as a favorite.

    I sense a purge of weakness from the House swiftly approaching...

    ...while inflicting a penalty to your rolls, so it still works.

    For now, this is Ellara. I just need to finish equipment and pick spells.

    Spellcasters are good enough as it is. Just block line of sight(obscuring mist is a good way) and then they can't see the manifestations.

    According to the FAQ, all spells have visible effects regardless of their components.

    Mark has said Kinetic Blade doesn't work with Conductive.

    Looks like I really need to crack down and finish Ellara.

    He was pompous even for a Drow.

    The synthesist is an easy fix. Instead of using it's physical scores, you use the increases it would git from leveling up. Still get the temporary HP.

    It makes sense. Only one drow in the Drizzt series was a psion, and he showed up for only one book so Artemis would think Drizzt was really dead and give up his obsessive desire to kill him.

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