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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,713 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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The +1 means it's magical, the trip attempts use the weapons stats (+14 for the first attempt, +9 for the second in a full Attack), the +10 is damage dealt in addition to the d10. Finally, the /x3 represents the damage dealt on a critical hit(1d10+10 is rolled three times in this case).

There isn't one attack being made though. If there was, only one attack roll would be rolled.

I immediately checked for it, actually, and misremembering isn't fun. It was a lance + pounce FAQ, and it removed the ability to get extra damage on all your attacks.

Still, not unreasonable to apply that to attack tools too. Creatures with pounce are jumping onto their target. Characters are running over and(in this case) making "one" punch. That punch may have a ton if Attack rolls behind it, but you're still stopping to make it.

It was ruled you only get the +2 Attack bonus from charging in the first attack from Pounce, so I'd say just the first one.

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Aren't the blasts and stuff spell-like abilities? They shouldn't be able to be cut off from their abilities anymore than other casters are(an antimagic field).

Doombringer the DM wrote:

I've always wanted to put something along the lines of this inside a dungeon...

This page is perfectly fine and SFW, just note that the rest of the webcomic is pretty raunchy and DEFINITELY NSFW. In fact... to be safe, just stay on that page.

The first page confirms this and gives a very disturbing golem idea...

You can't unsee, so be careful.

I really, realy, really hope there is.

icehawk333 wrote:


have a large room that is genuinely, 100% pointless.

Ah, so they're in the World's Largest Dungeon? You're encouraged fill the empty rooms though when you GM it.

Have the players wake up one morning before going into a dungeon. When the camp to rest, have the day repeat itself. The pcs are the only ones who notice and believe what's going on,

The thing is, this isn t a dream. Something in the dungeon is resetting time to that last time any intruders into its territory/home woke up. In order to stop it, they have to battle exhaustion and depleting resources(it's resetting time, not how many charges the wands have or refilling potions drank.).

Chess Pwn wrote:
Also, tactics and how optimized a party is makes a difference. A party of 4 wizards could die to a couple dogs, because they have low hit points.

As four trollhounds brought me from full HP at level 6 to dead in one round just last night, i can attest to this.

I'd just like to point out, in the spirits of threadomancy, that the original zombies were just drugged and brainwashed living people. Perfectly sneak attackable.

Here's a thought. Kinitecist's are psychic, right? Call them Psychic Talents. Or Kinitec Talents.

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I hear "Wild Talent" and think of the feat.

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Quickling Magus with the Dimensional feet chain could be nasty. What are they gonna do, catch it?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Like a malicious pixie?

Ah, well in that case you'd need each animal companion to have an Intelligence of 3.

You need to be a Beast Bonded Witch for that, because the feats that can be switched out with a familiar's default are called out as such. See Familiar Focus's Special section as an example.

But Mark has said they don't. I wonder how he'll rule on this?

Where is that stated? That's weird, because if the stuff thrown takes damage, acid flasks and alchemist fires should break, which has been stated as not happening.

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Floors that are sticky for no apparent reason.

Conjuration opens up Varisian Tattoo(Conjuration) for +1 caster level to all Conjuration spells(a small boost for Cure X Wounds) and Augment Summoning.

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I will agree Divine Grace as a feat is too much. Bloodlines are one thing, but not Divine Grace.

captain yesterday wrote:

an adorable baby in a basket,

if you do it right, they'll go 3 sessions trying to find a good home for the adorable lil changeling that the evil hag witch that rules the dungeon leaves, both as a way of introducing her offspring to the community and to keep adventurers from delving too deep. the best part is they think its Aasimar children because the Hag leaves them in a good deity's shrine she has left intact in the dungeon.

For extra weirdness, when the PCs discover what the children are, have them remember that at least one of the changeling was a boy.

Quick Question for Water Kinetics. Can they use their Defense Talent to have both a Shield and Armor bonuses up? Does the Shield bonus take up a hand?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Sammy T wrote:

Quick question:

Does Arcane Strike work with Kinetic Blast?

I'm hitting L3 with my geokineticist and pondering between WF: Blast, Arcane Strike, and toughness.

It works if you qualify (the psychic spell-like abilities of the kineticist class do not qualify you).

Why? Every other SLA does.

Sorry if that's been asked. I'm still reading what I've missed.

Or a pet rock.

Am I missing it, or is the Phantom's creature type not mentioned anywhere?

GM Aest wrote:
@ Atzen: I'm assuming you're talking about the Young Character rules? I'm not too familiar with them, but they don't look broken. I'd be willing to give it a shot, as long as you don't mind your child character being exposed to danger and death if picked. The NPCs aren't going to pull punches.

Not much more to worry about when you aren't a Little Lamb. :)

Thinking Warrior instead of my usual kid alchemist.

Without the ability to "Quote" a profile, copy/paste turns into this.

AC 13/17, touch 13, flat-footed 10/14 (+3 Dex, +4 armor when mage armor is active)
hp 20 (2D6+1D8)
Fort +1 Ref +6 Will +5
Elven Immunities Magic sleep and effects, +2 vs enchantment spells and effects

If I want to bold things, I'd have to do it manually fir the entire character sheets, and that's a big turn-off for me. :(

I'd suggest either put it in a post(as I suggested in the post you quoted) so we could copy/paste the format easily after quoting it, or use for character sheets like this.

Re: Kineticist

If we ignore the word "magic" it's not a magic class. It's a psychic one. What are Psionic characters? Psychic. ;)

Someone pointed out that most classes with combat as their theme have some way of boosting their attacks rolls, and none of them, except one(Rage) has anything to do with Hit Points.

Weapon Mastery, Rage, Bane/Judgment, Inspire Courage, Challenge, Mutagen, Favored Enemy, Smite Evil, and (some)Spells all give bonuses to attack and damage rolls.

So we can at least give the Kineticist full base attack bonus and iteritves attack blasts, right?

Put it in a non-spoilered post, or even more than one if needed, and then we won't have to spend ages typing in [b] or [/i]. We just hit "reply" then select it all for copy/paste.

What do you think of Paizo's Kineticist, from the Occult Adventures playtest?

An example of the character sheet we could get the format for through copy/paste would be a huge help.

Better drumsticks you mean. ;)

Drake Brimstone wrote:

From first Read-Through, I see the Kineticist's biggest flaw is an inability to deal with DR or Energy Resistance or worse, Immunity.

GM: You see a small Fire Elemental
Pyrokineticist: Well, I'm useless, I run away.

Some of this can be mitigated with Expanded Element ta level 7, and I honestly do see too many people not taking it at level 7 which makes me wonder why bothering making it a selection and not just give it at level 7?

Also, I am seeing a glaring hole in their abilities. Shouldn't they be receiving resistance versus their own element?

These are all very good questions I'd like to see answered.

Is there any reason they shouldn't get multiple attacks with their blasts? It seems wrong that they don't get to do that.

I don't know the answer to that one either. I don't think you get to pick the 1st level one though.

1 person marked this as FAQ candidate.

Is there at least a way to bypass energy resistance..?

Three levels in Green Faith Acolyte will do the trick.

Since one of the campaign traits has you as an ex-Little Lamm, would young characters be allowed?

I was a bit distracted/busy. Sorry!

People will still complain. It's bad enough there never seems to be a lot of small gear in adventure paths. ;)

3 people marked this as a favorite.

A large room containing a village of animals that talk, have building suited for them, politics, etc.

I'd love to see a non-humanoid dragon race in a "Blood of Dragons" book.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Look up Ravingdork's Character Conpedium here on the boards. Specifically Nudel the Destroyer and the Cannibal Mage.

Nevermind, I read the bit about paladins wrong, I think.

It means the Oradin builds are dead. :(

I like the bunny SCP the most. :)

That's amazing, Sodium!

Gip is but a simple goblin roaming the Underdark. One day, Gip just walking, then Gip hanging downside up in cage! Stupid white hairs think they had caught Gip, but no, gets drow baby* to help Gip escape. Help get dark dwarf, fetch fetch** and pale hair*** out too.

Gip get to town after killing cloaked thing, crawl up to awful awful and scribble them out. Guards come, Gip in trouble?

"Gip is saving souls!"

*Drow Baby: A Quasit working with the slavers at the time. Having no clue what it was besides smaller and with drow, Gip assumed it was a drow infant, which he'd also never seen. When one of the drow pointed out he looked nothing like a qausit(no wings, stinger, etc) Gip kindly explained that was because he was an adult and could take care of himself, so his wings and tail had fallen off.

What's your favorite template for monsters, and what would you make into a template if you could?

James Jacobs wrote:
Of course they were intentional. And had I developed the skald and the bloodrager I would have kept their alignment restrictions. I'm not sure why the design team dropped those restrictions; I see no good reason for it.

I actually like the lack of restrictions. Especially for a few Bloodrager Bloodlines. Why shouldn't Bloodragers with Metallic Dragon or Celestial ancestry be able to match they're ancestors alignment? Lawful people get angry too. ;)

"Lanitril"And finally Yang Xiao Long is a Brawler/Flame Elemental Bloodrager. A lot of her abilities can be explained as Bloodrager spells, and Brawler certainly works very well for her. She also most certainly uses the Pummeling style. The only thing I can't figure out is how to make her stronger and stronger the more damage she takes, like she does in show. I mean Bloodrager helps a bit, but I don't feel it goes far enough.[/QUOTE wrote:

Research the spell Blood Rage.

Now, I can't really agree on the build you use, because she uses mundane explosives.

Grenadier Alchemist/Brawler would be my way of representing that. ;)

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