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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

3,063 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Survival has never been a class skill for animals. My house rule: it's a class skill for them.

What a wonderfully idea! Yes, I'll be using this. Maybe some jungle half-elf tribe doesn't like intruders...

If you use Words of Power you'd have ranged electricity from level one.

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You can be a designer and not like what other designers make.

Samasboy1 wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
Or just spend the damn feat. If you want a one handed finessable 18-20 weapon, you already have the rapier for free as an elf. Trying to cram more into weapon familiarity just sits wrong.

The whole point of the "all weapons with [race] name are consider martial" part of the ability is that it can grow as new weapons are released.

If it was only intended to be four specific weapons, that's all it would grant.

Granted, Gnomes and Halflings could use more love, but there is nothing wrong with adding Elven weapons to the two that currently exist. Heck, Dwarves have like 8(!).

Gnomes, 0 proficiencies, 2 racial weapons
Halfling, 1 simple weapon proficiency, 2 racial weapons
Orc, 2 martial weapon proficiencies, 2 racial weapons
Elf, 4 martial weapon proficiencies, 2 racial weapons
Dwarf, 3 martial proficiencies, 8 racial weapons

Any way, my point is, the ability is supposed to be expandable. That is part of the point.

Goblins: completely screwed on their weapon familiarity.

It doesn't really fit with the initial backstory of Padrig either, who was given a form based off the iconic summoner's imagination. Where are the rest of the chicken snake outsiders? Not in Unchained.

And Porteans aren't what Padrig is. There's nothing in Padrig's background that suggests he's like them.

Wasn't it ruled you can't retrain to the point you're using the prestige class to qualify for itself?

A Samsaran time thief that visits their previous lives could be quite good.

So if magic provides Fast Healing it can't be dispelled because it's not magical healing?

Infernal Healing definitely is too powerful then.

If the intent was just cure spells, heal and Channel Energy, it would've been written that way. Healing Judgement is still healing from magic.

Great to see this is still alive.

Entryhazard wrote:
He fundamentally lacks any self-discipline, but it also permits the barbarian to unleash greater raw strength

There's a Ranger archetype that grants Rage, but no alignment restriction.

Anyone who can get domains can get Rage without being non-Lawful.

What about the Urban Barbarian, who gets Controlled Rage in addition to regular Rage? How is something that's controlled an indicator of lacking discipline?

Nargemn wrote:
I feel like a big misconception concerning Androids is that everyone thinks they're robots. But they're not. At all. I don't have time at the moment to go into detail, but it's all right there in the Android Ecology article in Iron Gods #1. Although they're synthetic beings, their brains are organic. Although they have a hard time empathizing with other living creatures, they are not devoid of emotion. They simply do not feel emotion to the same heights as others. An android who takes the Empathy feat is an android who has found a way to feel as humans do. They don't have targeting sensors or protocols because they're not machines. They're living beings with souls.

Who says they can have those though? Organic brain or not, they are filled with itty-bitty machines and were created. Biological robots, in a sense, that have one program in them already: nanite surge

The sneak attack damage is caused by the spell, so yes it would.

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Guru-Meditation wrote:

And then a melee reincarnates into the body of a 6-year old / 90-year old. --> Slit your own throat to get a new roll, or trash the character.

So heroic.

Oh, but that's only if you don't want Negative Levels or Ability Burn. You know, those things that make characters more likely to die if the don't spend more of their gold?

Raise Dead becomes the cheaper option, suddenly...

20 Strength toddlers happen though, on occasion.

To the OP: you say you wanted to make Reincarnation more like its mythological roots, but then do nothing to actually accomplish that. First, the person's deeds(alignment) are taking into account and then his soul is reborn in a infant body of whatever the gods decided he deserve to come back as. Humans/humanoids were not the highest reward.

And things like backstory and class and ability scores are entirely linked to the body because the soul doesn't work out or retain memories.

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Start with a shark.

What mutation traits are there?

Who knows, maybe some of us won't even want redemption!

And I like Jar Jar... >.>

There's a feat in a 3rd party product sold here on paizo(The Summoner's Cirle, I think) that has a feat called Hobbyist. It gives rank in a chosen skill equal to your level, and can be taken multiple times. It has no prerequisites.

Words of Power is an excellent place for Blast Sorcerers to start.

Fun Fact: Draconic Bloodline doesn't care about fire damage, and just adds +1 damage per die rolled is the spell has the fire descriptor. That means it adds more damage even if the spells deals cold or electricity damage.

Words of Power allows for just that.

I read the disallowing multiplies to mean no stacking Hindered over and over instead of no Hindered and Bewildered though, which makes sense. Why can't a team of three people working together screw one target over?

Can multiples casters no longer cast bestow curse on the same target for different curses?

Drat. I was hoping to taunt Quicky.

Good game, every body!

DeathQuaker wrote:
Like I said, I can also redivert those points into shared EP for a vehicle or HQ, but it's not worth changing the sheet until I know if I'm in the game or not.

Same. I've got 7 leftover points I'm saving for Jare's room, be it a place at an HQ(which I'll spend points on too, of course) or some abandoned warehouse or something.

45 equipment points is nothing to sneeze at.

It could be that the penalties aren't supposed to stack together, but it seems more likely that you aren't able to, for instance, stack Hampered over and over.

My only question would be why have Swinging when you can Fly?

Four points a rank, to be precise. ;)

I cedar what you did there...

When I first started play D&D, I made more characters at various levels than I could ever play. That was my new hobby from a new hobby.

Now I'm trying to M&M3e this picture because it looks cool. XD

I definitely agree.

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The key words are "in any direction". It doesn't say "horizontally in any direction". It's slightly unfortunate.

That seems to be correct.

Pretty much destroy crops over night with that spell.


I'd forgotten about Klarion(loved him in Young Justice though) and did not know about Wiccan/Asgardian!

I made an amalgamation and didn't even now it. ^_^

The Spark!:

Jare T.H. Kidd, aka Spark (Earth's Mightiest) - PL 12
Strength 0, Stamina 5, Agility 5, Dexterity 5, Fighting 3, Intellect 4, Awareness 5, Presence 3

Defensive Roll 3, Evasion 2, Favored Environment(Urban), Improved Initiative 2, Uncanny Dodge, Assessment, Great Endurance, Extraordinary Effort, Instant Up, Artificer, Hide in Plain Sight, Improvised Tools, Skill Mastery: Expertise(Criminal), Benefit(Ambidexterity), Luck, Sidekick(Familiar) 7

Acrobatics 5(+10), Athletics 5(+5), Close Combat 10: Unarmed(+13), Expertise(Criminal) 16(+20), Expertise(Magic) 7(+11), Expertise(Cooking) 3(+7), Insight 5(+10), Intimidation 5(+6), Investigation 5(+9), Perception 10(+15), Ranged Combat(Magic) 5(+10), Sleight of Hand 12(+17), Stealth 12(+17), Technology 1(+5), Treatment 7(+11), Vehicles 1(+6)

Lightning Blast 10(Electricity, Single Target, Magic)
. .(alternate effect) Lightning Aura 5(Electricity, Area, Magic)
. .(alternate effect) E.M.P.(Burst Nullify Electronics) 5
. .(alternate effect) Just a Boost/Jump Start (Healing: Energizing, Persistent, Resurrection*) 4
. .(alternate effect) Thunder Punch(Strike, Electricity Descriptor, adds to Unarmed Damage) 10
Ride the Lines(Teleport with Change Velocity, Mass 2) 10
I Spy.. (Remote Sensing, Visual. Medium: Electrical Outlets/Screens) 10
Electricity Absorption (+4 Magic, +1 Str) 5
. .(Dynamic Alternate Effect) Immunity(Electricity) 5
Generator(Feature, can household electrical appliances by being nearby/in the house)
*He doesn't know he can be a Defibrillator Unit

Not Magic
Iron Stomach
Quick Change 2
Immunity(Cold and Hot environments) 2
Movement(Sure-Footed and Trackless) 2
Senses (Danger Sense and Direction Sense) 2

Smart Phone, Flashlight, Multi-Tool, Pepper Spray, Knife

Knife +3 (close, Damage 3, piercing, 19-20)
Unarmed +13 (close, Damage 0, bludgeoning, 20)
>>>Thunder Punch +13 (close, Damage 10, electricity and bludgeoning, 20,
Magic +10 (ranged, Damage 10, Magic and Electricity, 20)

English (Native), All others

Dodge 10, Parry 10, Fortitude 10, Toughness 8**, Will 10
**5 without Defensive Roll

Power Points
Abilities 60 + Powers 98 + Advantages 35 + Skills 24 + Defenses 22 = 245/252

Jare's 7 unspent points are going into making his room at HQ(or wherever he ends up being kept on probation/whatever) his own mini-HQ.

Lamai, the Talking Cat:

Strength -3, Agility 3, Fighting 1, Awareness 4, Stamina 0, Dexterity 4, Intellect 0, Presence -3

Claws +1 (Close, Damage 1, 20, slashing)

Dodge 6, Parry 1, Will 6, Fortitude 0, Toughness 0
Initiative +3

Acrobatics 2(+5), Athletics 3(+0), Insight 1(+5), Investigation 1(+1), Perception 1(+5), Stealth 1(+4)

Instant Up, Diehard, Tracking


Claws(Strike 1, substitutes for Strength), Insulating Fur, Leaping 1, Movement 2(Safe Fall), Tough Hide(Protection) 1

Just a Kidd:
Jare, or "the Houdini Kid" as he was better known as on the streets of New York, is a strange case of a modern day Robin Hood. Almost. He doesn't steal from the rich(unless they're around) or give to the poor(except other street kids and the occasional senior citizen), but he did help the city in other ways. Ways no one quite expects from a seemingly normal boy.
He was fighting a one-boy war against the dregs of the city's criminal world. Minor drug dealers and gangs mostly. He'd sneak in, take some cash or ruin the drugs, and then get out without being seen and call the police. He was never nearby when they got there.

He didn't want caught too, you see. Even if he was doing good things, he was still a thief no one had caught. Many had gotten close, but Jare knew the city better than some of the people who had lived here for decades. Sadly, that didn't stop him from getting nabbed by a Super. The old saying "the hand is quicker than the eye" is true when you don't even realize you've been caught until you're suddenly a dozen blocks away and in front of the police station...

He's not sure what happened that day. Maybe it was going that fast, or the fear of realizing he wasn't touching the sidewalk. Maybe it was just luck. In any case, before he could be cuffed and sent to a juvenile detention center, sparks of blue enveloped Jare... and he was gone. He woke up some time later with a funny kitten nearby. A kitten that explained to him that she was his friend and he was a mutant who's genes had unlocked the potential for magic.

The next day was when Hive attacked. They swarmed the city -his city!- and began to abduct people to take control off. It wasn't until he saw a kid he knew shot and killed because he tried to stop one of the Hive from taking a family. Time slowed down as the boy fell, a hole burned through his chest. It sped back up as all the lights within a five block radius went dark and lightning struck the same place twice. Drug dealers and gangs were bad enough, but a bunch of murdering aliens?!

It was the only time Jare had killed, and the memories -the smell of ozone and burning- are just another set of nightmares for him now.

Later on Jare found he couldn't stop thinking about how he'd done so much more to help the city than he ever had before, and when word got that he'd managed to take down a few of the small capture ships and he got an offer to join a team, well, he didn't feel like he could turn it down.

And that was only his second reason for joining....

And that should be everything. :)

Edit: Pictures!
Jare, pre-Hive Invasion.
The Spark!

Edit: Stuff I forgot:

Public. I know, I know, it's not the norm, but Jare just doesn't care. He has no family to protect, nothing to lose from being outed as a super.

Acceptance. Though he's bitter and standoffish, he just wants a family again. Not that he comes out and says that, of course.

Justice. Weird for a thief (anti?)hero, but it's true. He's seen gang wars and drug dealers and much, much worse and wants it all to be fixed.

Phobia: heights. If he's not on the ground, he's scared. Even an inch off the ground can make him panic.

Reputation: he's a (possibly) former thief.

Don't look up Mind Blank then if Antimagic Field is overpowered...

Speaking of Antimagic field, it looks like you can still cast inside one, but the spell doesn't go off. That means you can still, technically, use spellstrike and spell combat.

Without looking up all those Ioun Stones...

Shadows drain your Strength score in your sleep. You turn into a Shadow. You are now (un)dead.

This entire time I'd forgotten about HeroMachine...

The Iron Knight sounds less exciting now.

Yeah, that's a little much.

Okay, a lot much. Is that the superhero version of a sports cup?

Nth metal disrupts magic, so maybe immunity(limited to half?) to powers with the Magic descriptor would work.

I'm still trying to figure stuff out. Is there a deadline for completed submissions?

Taskmaster/Martian Manhunter adds telepathy to the list. :)

Add in Pummeling Charge and hit them with one big kameham- um.. big crow.

*sigh* noticed I forgot Sidekick 7 for the Advantages... and to put his gear up.

dwayne germaine wrote:

Yeah, and given the number of times the mantra of "you don't have to know the rules for every one of the classes to GM for them, just trust that your players have done it right" gets told to GMs on these boards, the old summoner created a lot of problems.
Not every summoner player built monstrosities that when audited were built incorrectly, but every one I bothered auditing had.

First time I've heard it on the boards.

Habakkuk offers the Air domain. Does he offer the Wind Subdomain too? That'll be what determines whether I have a wolf companion or not.

You've yet to disappoint me, Jeff. Keep up the great work.

I thought he did, but I was mistaken. I'll think of something.

Well... First time I played Ignatius he had a Dire Bat. I wasn't sure what animals were available in Dragonlance, so I thought I'd ask.

Might just grab the Fire Domain with Ash and Smoke for fiery fun though.

Was my questions on available animal companions answered or missed?

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