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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,901 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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The Bravery replacement isn't a good enough reason? The familiar is icing on the cake.

Am I too late?

As the SLA works as Summon Monster, yes.

Rend comes right after the qualifying Attacks and is still a natural Attack you can't combine with flurry of blows.

My Oracle has the Lame curse. Yes, that means her movement speed is 20, but with a reach weapon it's like she still has 30ft of movement(50ft with a charge). Add in Surprising Charge for emergency movement, or boots of striding and springing, and you'll be fine.

My friend, Battle is what you want!

Want to be like a fighter? Skill At Arm's revelation(proficient in heavy armors and martial weapons).

Want to put that reach to good use? Pick up a guisarm. Now take Surprising Charge(1/day immediate action movement!), Weapon Mastery(three feats over 12 levels), and Maneuver Mastery(trip)(level = BaB for trip maneuvers, plus Improved and Greater Trip as bonus feats).

Are you an elf? Apply your favored class bonus(+1/2 level for an oracle revelation) to Maneuver Mastery and you get Improved Trip at level 5, Greater at level 8, and a nice bonus when tripping. My 10th level Oracle is rocking a grand total of +29 to trip attempts. :)

Why focus on tripping, you ask? It stops movement and prone enemies are much easier to hit with your weapon, plus they have to spend actions to stand up. Which provoke.

His black jacket actually gives him a bonus to stealth. I was curious, so I looked it up. :)

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Scarred Witch Doctor uses con for spell DCs, levels of spells the can cast, and hex DCs. Bonus spells per day is still aint based.

Only 9 levels of evangelist count towards progressing the aligned class, so at long as you only take 1 level in MST you'll be okay.

Assuming your GM allows it in the first place.

Where's the class from? Can it be found online for free somewhere?

Precise Bombs is a discover(optional class feature) for Alchemists.

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Really hoping for prestige classes getting redone, but I know putting my faith in paizo for that is not a wise decision.

Let's hope we are all (pleasantly) surprised.

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It's a cruddy move.

Shisumo wrote:
Tiny Coffee Golem wrote:
Renchard wrote:
Goodnight, sweet Mystic Theurge. Early entry has been removed from the FAQ.
I thought it was added. Can you link that?
Just happened today.

Time to random post symbols to represent expletives or yet another dumb FAQ. I'm willing to bet this is because of the Evangelist and its creator(who never liked early entry despite it making viable PRCs).

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Wizards can.

Bring up prepared casters reminds me of a theory someone had back before ACG was being sold: the current FAQs and erratas were being issued solely to make the options in the book look better.

Take, for instance, the Wizard archetype Spell Sage, who can cast any spell from other class lists(three. Bard, Cleric, and Druid!). At any time. Sound familiar? That's right, it's better than what people were doing with Paragon Surge.

But it comes at the high cost of taking rounds to cast and using up two slots of the same level. That's horrid, but "legal". But is it still better than the Paragon Surge abuse?

Paragon Surge Abuse

  • Took two feats
  • A specific race(or human with a Feat)
  • A third level slot cast before the spells
  • Only worked with sorcerer/wizard spells
  • Came into play at level 11.

Spell Sage

  • Wizard only
  • Starts at level 2
  • Has longer casting times
  • Can be any spell from three other class lists

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Tacticslion, if Paizo had a subscribe button, you'd be on my list. You've made excellent posts describing your stance on the FAQ subject.

arcanine wrote:
Ipslore the Red wrote:

Yes, you must be within one step of your god to receive benefits from worship. The 'good deity' is Desna as found in Faiths of Purity, but d20pfsrd can't use that name.

Yes, this is fully within the rules.

Can you show me that FAQ or RAW? The feat seems to be very flexible. I really just want to cheese :). The feat dose not say you have to be with in one step. I know divine casters have this issue. But me being a martial class I see no reason to be within one step. I could be evil and still like desna right?

Feats only dieties grant should only be useable by those at least close to the deity's general worshiping practice. Evil is no where close to the Good teachings of Desna.

Further more, the d20pfsrd removes anything specific to the default Pathfinder setting(Golorian), so you'll want to look at the Archives of Nethys instead.

Don't use toon if you mean character.

And he's referrine to the typo "dose" which should be "does".

Samsaran Reincarnated Druid using mystic past life to add Plane Shift and Dimensional Anchor to their spell list would work.

It's only life and death if the drake's fight to the death. Maybe, for instance, the hatchlings or mate is hurt, and the male covers their escape as best it can, which could cause it to die. Or maybe they use hit and run tactics.

Instead of just young templated Drake, why not a bunch of them as hatchlings?

A new diety rises, but evil characters can't apply? That seems quite strange.

I see no reason why it wouldn't.

And Wyrwoods can reproduce by making more of their race. Literally. It's in their flavor.

In the case of New Arcana(Arcane Bloodline), you'd simply add the spell to the level you took it from. If you can't cast spells of that level, you probably shouldn't have taken it.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

A lot of Paizo's FAQs.

Oh, and temper tantrums. Can't have those messing up my games.

And, as I pointed out, the abuse you mentioned only came about with Paragon Surge. 3 spells for 3 feats over 19 levels is fine.

When Ultimate Magic came out it introduced the Eldritch Heritage feats.

You need Skill Focus to take Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) to qualify for Improved Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) at 11th level.

IEH(Arcane) lets you take the lv9 bloodline power(new arcana in this case) to add 1 sorcerer/wizard spell to your list of spells known, then another at levels 15 and 19.

So, for 3 feats and over 19 levels, spontaneous casters could add 3 sorcerer/wizards spells to their list of spells know. That's a lot of investment.

The abuse started when Paragon Surge came out, and people would only take Skill Focus and Eldritch Heritage, then through repeated castings of Paragon Surge(to get Improved EH) be able to add "any" Sorc/Wiz spell to their spells known for brief periods of time, stating they got to chose a new spell each time they cast Paragon Surge.

The new FAQ for Paragon Surge stops this abuse.

Other than the fact it's been weeks since I've even bothered to look at the "clarification" that isn't needed with the Paragon Surge faq.

But hey, if you spend 3 feats to add spells to your spells known, why should you be able to cast them?

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but it looks like this FAQ screws some bloodlines over. The bloodline spells are added to spells known but not the class list.

Take the Celestial Bloodline. Bless and Flame Strike are useless, because they aren't added to the Sorerer's class list of spells.

I like Zon-Kuthon's obediance. It's really easy and flavorful.

BESM D20 has the Cute Monster Tamer base class, but I'm not sure if it handles the issue of having a place to store them. I'd have to look again.

You can't go wrong with a bard or two. Inspire Courage really adds up when it's. +1 bonus to hit and damage for seveteen characters.

If you want some reall "sharpshooters", then Human(for Point Blank and Precise Shot at level one) Barbarians with the Urdban Archetpye can rage for a +4 Dexterity.

I'm going to withdraw. My weeks has been... eventful and I haven't worked on the Halfling at all. Have fun guys and gals!

Racial Heritage is a feat, not a trait.

DM Mathpro wrote:
Azten wrote:

At first glance, it looks like Undefoot Adept and Monk of the Empty Hand won't stack because they alter the Bonus Feats a monk gains.

However, since one simply replaces the first level bonus feat and the other adds options at level six, I was wondering if I could use them together anyway, if that would be alright.

The archetypes will stack since they don't replace/modify the same rule.

The both modify monk bonus feats.

An Elemental Spell metamagic rod does the trick.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Some new spells in the ARG(like the Oread spells) were made options for Qinggong Monks.

It's a bit weak later on, but the Earth Domain's acid dart is one of the few ways for you to add acid damage to your repertoire, while the Weather Domain adds non-lethal damage to the mix.

Of course, there is also the Animal Domain, giving you both extra spells and a slightly weaker animal companion.

At first glance, it looks like Undefoot Adept and Monk of the Empty Hand won't stack because they alter the Bonus Feats a monk gains.

However, since one simply replaces the first level bonus feat and the other adds options at level six, I was wondering if I could use them together anyway, if that would be alright.

I'd considered looking at brawler again, mostly cause it was such a good fit for my Halfling. With two, we can tag-team and topple Giants! But with a skald, all of our melee fighters(including summons from Monster/Nature's Ally) can be incredibly fierce.

Doesn't look like 3rd party is an option. The PRD isn't the PFSRD(where the 3rd party stuff is).

I might just bring out my Halfling monk for this game. :)

Clerics of Gozreh, the diety of nature, aren't nature themed?

And until then, or when you're not raging? There's no reason not to have armor.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Because dexterity stacking eventually obsoletes armor, and it gives me enough build economy to toss out a free feat and the extra crit confirmation.

I'm not seeing anything that stacks Dexterity. The rage increases it, but a +6 dex does not obsolete armor at all.

If SLAs end up getting changed to no longer provide early entry into prestige class, i at least hope they lower the entry level on Mystic Theurge. It's too painful to level into otherwise, and not worth it anymore.

The circles seem rather underwhelming. Good for NPCs in their homes though.

Please remove Je'grik from the list of characters in this campaign, if you don't mind.

That's awesome.

What's on that page that does anything for undead?

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