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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,952 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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QuidEst wrote:
What are some other cool unique options? Agathion sounds amazing. (Now my Synthesist will be even more tanky!)

Here's a question for the people who have the PDF.

How are archetypes handled?

TheMonocleRogue wrote:

The Scenario: The child of a powerful wizard turns 12 years old but his father won't bother to celebrate his birthday. Since no one will celebrate he decides to use a bunch of planar binding scrolls he stole from the powerful wizard to summon demons to celebrate his birthday. The demons are summoned, overpowering the wizard and forcing him into the basement. They see the kid and think "This kid summoned us? We should fulfill his request at once!" so they end up sprucing up the rest of the wizard tower in a birthday theme and send an invitation to the PCs.

The Objective: Free the wizard and defeat the demons before they leave their bad influence on the child or possibly kill him.

The Scenery: Lots of confetti and ribbons everywhere. Presents containing the body parts of animals. A half-fiend mimic disguised as balloons. A cake that's poisonous (bonus points if a succubus jumps out of it). The rest is up to you so long as its festive.

Fun add ons.

Stirge Swarm in a piñata.
A swarm of toy soldiers that also have a ranged attack(bows).
Amber Oozes with the Young Template disguised as ice cubes in the punch bowl.

Ravingdork wrote:

I can't stand the fact that if my 20th-level unchained summoner makes his eidolon huge, and increases a single ability score by 2 points, he only has 1 evolution point left over.

They cut the evolution points in half, but didn't adjust the evolution prices at all.

That means every single huge eidolon is going to be DAMN BORING. Large ones too.

This is quite a wretched thing to find out...

Grittier Rules is amazing for this. It suggests that spells deal minimum(or average? I forget) damage instead of rolling dice.

A fallen priest of some holy deity that decided his celestial allies, be they angels or Archons, shouldn't stop fighting after he spent all that time caste Gate to bring them here.

Now Undead Angels are making attacks on seemingly innocent people...

Wait... You mean..

I've been playing a minion every time I've been a goblin?!


"What do you mean, 'where are the planar binding scrolls?' I thought those were the sendings we were using for birthday invitations!"

I believe it's scenario 1. The target takes damage, then the next round takes more damage and 6 additional points of damage from Burning Spell.

They could attempt a Handle Animal check to "push" an Animal to do something it normally wouldn't.

Abjuration spells are harder to dispel if their caster level is high(and Dispel/Greater Dispel Magic also benefits from high CL).

Byakko wrote:
After all, it's not like we have rules for slicing off limbs...

Nah, but we can rip them off!

Ah, I misread that then. Sorry, I was bit distracted at the time.

When you cast a spell while holding the charge on a touch spell you lose the touch spell.

Reincarnated Druid Handbook has a great lich build. :)

In the thread the creator of the RD handbook made, I'm the one that pointed out the Green Faith Acolyte's Hibernate ability is great for Lich Druids.

Taking damage to deal slightly more damage is not a good idea.

Life Mystery Oracle and Crossblooded Draconic/Orc Sorcerer can be pretty much what you're looking for.

I'd love playing that if it were real.

Well played.

Errant Mercenary wrote:
Difficult. You dont want to exploit his weaknesess (will save/sunder) so you are only left with strengths.

Swarms will work nicely. Some take half damage from all weapons, some take none at all. And the Sorceer might get a chance to shine too. :)

In fact, anything can be a swarm now.

The way I read that bit in the sidebar is that the physical appearance is cosmetic, not the size.

To use lizardfolk as an example, the Aasimar would have scales, a tail, etc, but wouldn't have the natural armor, natural Attacks, or any ability a standard lizardfolk has.

It shouldn't be hard. Maybe and extra monster or more hit points. I recently ran Rise all the way to a certain dragon, and the groups had such overpowered characters it wasn't funny, but there were still plenty of encounters where someone almost died.

Glad I'm not the one necro'ing this thread.

Why isn't there an Eldritch Glaive or similar invocation? I can guess(warlock dip for it, then rest of your levels in eventually pouncing-with-touch-Attacks barbarian).

But a mace looks completely different, isnt a double weapon, and isn't a monk weapon.

One thing I've thought of for making scarier Phase Spiders was to give them one more hit dice, giving them what they need for Vital Strike.

Step 1) Phase in
Step 2) Vital Strike
Step 3) Phase out.

That sounds pretty good, actually.

One level of Shadowdancer and the Spring Attack feat might be very nice.

This dread wight?

No, because it's no longer the Draconic Bloodline.

Linnorms are dragons. They don't provides the Draconic Bloodline. In fact, and ability the Linnorm bloodline replaces(claws) is a requirement for the dragon disciple's bite attack.

It's importat to realize Dragon Discple says you need to have the Draconic Bloodline. That being said, ask your GM.

And he said you want to play one, submit it.

I'll admit it's not my idea, just something I picked up from here on the forums.

Milo v3 wrote:
In here they talk about the unchained summoner.

It sounds like they're taking the Base Form idea and it's limits on what Evolutions it can take(only Quadrapeds can take Pounce for example) and replacing it with Outsider Types. Might still be customizable while making each Summoner quite different.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

What if you made it similar to concentration? That lets everyone make the checks without spending precious skill points. The only things this changes are prerequisites(I can't think of any right off the bat), Skill Focus no longer applying, and changing Alertness.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Take the Spark of Creation trait for a 5% discount on crafting materials, then sell for the usual(not discounted) cost. Tell no one. >.>

Scott Henry wrote:
You can't be a asian themed PC?

That's not what he said at all. He said no one is expected to have Tian-flavored characters, not that only one person can be from Tian.

Now that that is out of the way, might poor, rejected-from-many-many-games Tik-Tik have a chance? He's usually an Alchemist.

The Bard Class Deck actually has a Raise Dead card in. They shuffle their buried cards and use ten as their deck.

An attic whisper gives the house a darker history if someone realizes how they come into existence.

A gearghost is CR 5, but a "weak" one(reverse the Advanced template) brings it to CR 4 and explains all those weird traps.

Undead ninja'd!

Wasn't that the archetype that didn't have the paragraph or something missing that made it so it didn't work?

JonathonWilder wrote:

I am looking for advice in putting together a Priest archetype for my players, a Cleric strong in spellcasting (such as healing and buffing) but as squashy and weak in close combat as a Wizard.

One thing I have considered, perhaps by lowering spells gained at each level, is a Cleric with stronger access to his deity's domains up to maybe 3 or 4. Also a Wis bonus to AC, to show devotion and them having protection from their deity, or perhaps bonuses involving Channeling.

It doesn't have the Wis AC, but there is a third party Priest that's pretty good.

There's a custom card creator???

Mind = Blown

Move where it is on the map so it's behind the curtain. Then he just leaves it open.

You're hair/eyes/skin could change color and texture based off the seasons.

Why not Midgard? honestly, I don't know much about it, but I did buy the Book of Drakes pdf and thoroughly enjoy it.

Weird. That's not on the pfsrd20

Shadow Piercings take up slots as far as I can tell.

2 from having hands, 2 from Iscribe Magic Tattoo, 2 from being an Artisan(see the d20pfsrd), then 2 more from a homebrew feat taken twice.

All in all, not the best thing. And specialization to even do it is kinda costly....

Interesting. A character of mine may be up to 8 ring slots later then.

Can't really think of a lot of rings I'd want, but the joke of only using Rings of the Ram with the same keyword so they all activate at the same time has been mentioned.

But you still start as a level 1 Qinggong monk. You just chose when to get something different.

Ever hear of the real world versions of Changelings? A Fae infant switch with a human infant not long after birth as a cruel trick. This wizard figured out thats what she is, just a star elf instead of Fae.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Well Defended just means he casts Mind Blank regularly.

It's not for Tanks, it's for sorcerers, Wizards, etc that want protection without wearing real armor.

Since mage armor provides an Armor Bonus, it does not stack with a Chain Shirt that also provides an Armor Bonus.

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