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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,635 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Xelnagahunter wrote:
I like to make the spellcasters worry over a level of spellcasting and the barbarians fret over a few rounds of rage

Negative levels no longer actually remove levels.

Drat, no farmer in Kingmaker. :(

Good luck, guys!

thejeff wrote:
I don't particularly think the official rules are terrible. I think they'd probably work fine for an all child game or for someone actually interested in playing a sidekick Shortround style character (though I can't really imagine why anyone would want to.)

Why would anyone want to play a Dwarf? A wizard? A Halfling that specializes in grappling?

Because they want to.

If they have an arcane spell-like ability at first level(like gnomes do), then yes, you can pick it up at 1st level. Otherwise you need to be 4th level.

Strangely, unlike Paladins or Rangers, who specify they're caster level is their Paladin/Ranger level -3, Bloodragers cast at caster level 4 as soon as they get spells.

The Artifice Blessing is great fir Sacred Fist: ignore DR and Hardness? Yes please!

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Superstitious and a True Primitive Barbarian.

Menhir Savant and Reincarnated Druid.

Two wizards, a witch, and two arcanists. I got good competition!

Well, we could look at the movie Looper.

The young version of the main character did a lot better job of changing the future for the better.

Oh, and if it's the order the templates go on that bothers you, simple start with a Young(template 1) Human that turns into a Ghost(template 2) upon dying. Because of the mechanical advantage of being a Ghost with a higher Dex than the adult version of that same NPC, Its not -1 CR.

Which is good, because answers to my posts to Paizo have, in the past, been answered with "not very likely at all."

Pendagast wrote:
Again. Give me a source where the child version of anyone has been better than their young adult or older self.

Step 1) Standard Ghost

Step 2) Add the Young Template


Or crawling through air vents. That'll work too.

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I'm betting I'm the only one who likes the Young Character rule set in this thread. There's retraining rules too, you know, and as a wizard you'd start off as an Adept and not be totally useless. :)

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Tonight in a home game, the boss for the session, a corrupt noble, surrendered after he tried to attack my character, fumbled(two natural 1s in a row) and ended up critting himself for 20 points of damage. We're level 2.

My character is now boasting he can make people stab themselves instead of hurting him. XD

This swashbuckler? Yeah, it stacks with that class.

I think they'd adventure longer too, actually, because they can just hide away or hole up in a room and let time handle their wounds, instead of someone using wands or scrolls or potions or, even worse, spell slots.

You have a mutagen that induces a 2nd person to pop out. Your mind is split.

You're an internal alchemist. That's based off of Chinese internal alchemy, and related to Ki.

So one thing you could do is say that you've made a breakthrough and can now access that Ki in a new way: Psionic ability.

Huh. Guess I should've checked existing spells before naming the wordspell that! XD

Burning arc is what you get using Paizo's Words of Power system. It's Burning Flash(Fire) and Shocking Arc(Electricty) combined into a single, 3rd level spell. Because it's currently using the selected target word, there's no saving throw. :)

Burning Arc:

School evocation [fire and electricity]; Level magus 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 3

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S

Range 25ft + 5ft/level
Effect: a single bolt of fire and lightning.
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw None; Spell Resistance yes

This spell mixes the destructive power of fire and lightning, dealing 5d4 points of fire damage and 5d4 points of electricity damage on a successful ranged touch attack.

Add in the arcana of a Crossblooded Orc/Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer for an extra 20 points of damage.

Oh, and as an added bonus, Crossblooded can cast thus as soon as the get 3rd level slots. ;)

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Start with the Tarrasque's, then remove all it's special abilities and give it regeneration(missiles). Add a fire damage breath weapon. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Post all the builds. :)

How would you like to cast a 3rd level spell that can be single target, line, cone, or wall that deals fire and lightning damage?

Zoe Oakeshott wrote:
Orfamay Quest wrote:
So a simple wand of magic missile can disable the screws in relatively short order.
F!#!ing Wizards.

Magic Missle can't deal damage to objects unless it's been changed recently.

It's an easy class to make combat effective. So are Barbarians, and they do it better anyway.

The problem is how easily people tend to 'forget' certain rules.

Option number 2.

So you're saying if I cast entangle that everyone is caught up in the Treant that's in the area of effect?

Bestow Grace isn't an arcane spell, so I'm assuming you had a potion or wand of it.

Step 1) Play a Briarborn and pick up some of their feats(like Photosynthetic Healing!).
Step 2) Play a Gifted Blade Soulknife(and maybe add the Deadly Fist archetype too) or Psychic Warrior to manifest Expansion.
Step 3) "I AM GROOT!"

What class levels did you he's to pull that off? Those spells aren't on the bard's spell list.

Worldthorn is complete.

No. For example, see the armadillo.

Despite everything the Arcanist and it's archetypes can do... I guess I'm just not seeing the problem. My buddy says he's gonna run a delve, and my first thought was: "I'll play a wizard."

I haven't looked at their spell list yet, but I do like Shaman quite a lot. Brawler seems bland(but not Wild Child), and both Hunter and Skald look really fun too.

thunderbeard wrote:
Gobo Horde wrote:
I just have to, you know, survive being in the middle of the enemy, and preferably alone...
Gobo: Look at some of the 3pp feats, you can get some great bonuses there. Especially Agile Defense

Plus Acrobatic Dodge.

Sammy T wrote:


My Rovagug-worshipping shield basher (who constantly praises the Rough Beast and attempts to convert fellow characters) has never had any problems with any of the Lawful Good characters or paladins he's played with. In fact, he considers a Stonelord paladin of Torag his friend (which only means he'll die second-to-last when the Great Devourer arrives).

Last night, my Asmodeus-worshipping cleric just partied with a Warpriest of a good deity and a paladin of Iomedae for a 7ish hour runthrough of Crypt of the Everflame. My cleric spent half the time trying to convert the paladin. After I used my one memorized CLW, when the paladin went down (which happened several time in the last few battles), I let the player know that I couldn't heal him because all I had was wand of Infernal Healing and I didn't want him to fall...but he did enjoy when I gently cradled his body and whispered sweet Asmodean nothings until someone could hit him with cure light wounds post-battle ;)

In other instances where I played a paladin or a paladin played with me, there was no trouble. Other than the few cases with the paladin being a bit overzealous with their smites, everyone acts like an adult and we all have fun.

This is just awesome.

The specifically states what the damage is, so no Strength modifier to damage.

DoubleGold wrote:
Azten wrote:

You realized, of course, that a gauntlet of sorts gas been thrown? Nature characters handicapped? Mwahahaha!

Oh, uh... dot? Yeah, dot for later. >.>

I think I missed your joke there, I had to google gauntlet of sorts gas and found nothing related.

My ongoing hatred of autocorrect continues...

You realized, of course, that a gauntlet of sorts gas been thrown? Nature characters handicapped? Mwahahaha!

Oh, uh... dot? Yeah, dot for later. >.>

The max Dex bonus restriction us from the armor restricting movement. Since you don't wear it while wild shaped, there's no restricted movement.

Do we get traits? The only mention of them I see is in regards to voting on Drawbacks.

So, here's a bit of a question.

Is the extra damage from Power Attack multiplied on a successful critical hit? I ask because, until Mythic Power Attack came out, I always thought it was, but MPA specifically says that the damage from the feat is multiplied on a crit...


Vrog Skyreaver wrote:
Race: any (although incredibly powerful races will probably take a level hit).

On Anderail, the five most common languages and their speakers are as follows.

1) Sylvan, by most everyone, though it more floral in dialect than Fey.
2) Monishy, by the Monyte, a race of subterranean humanoids that resemble a cross between monkeys and beetles.
3) Horned Tongue, spoken by the elusive Alicorns, a race closely resembling winged unicorns or horned pegasus. Scholars still argue over which is true, and the Alicorns aren't saying.
4) Aviel, commonly used by the human-like nomads of the same name. They have skin ranging from bright red to dark.
5) Grogish. Barely a language and more like a verbal avalanche of grunts and shouts, the(surprisingly) sea-faring giants of Anderail use this when they absolutely have to talk to the land dwellers.

Worldthorn was named because he was, for a long time, knotless by choice and wandering Anderail while getting in the way of those around him. During this time he met many creatures and peoples he sought to understand more. So he dug deep into the earth under the roots of a great tree and slept, seeking enlightenment.

He got more and less than what he wanted.

The tree was an avatar of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, that had become corrupted. It granted him understanding through imitation, a meager trickle of of understanding among the waves of chaos he endured, constantly shifting and lashing out at things that weren't there with magic he didn't understand or even realized he had. Just as he gained control, he lost consciousness.

The Setting, Anderail, the World of Hidden Metropolises:

The world of Anderail, at first glance, might appear barely inhabited. The easiest two of it's people to find being sea-faring and nomadic by choice, hardly staying in once place or ocean for long.

But if one spends time and makes and effort, he can find two woundrous cities spanning continents! Sometimes, even the same continent.

The sprawling underground was, long ago. Filled with hideous things that liked to come up to the surface at night and ravage the people who slept. They are the reasons the giants took to the waters and have returned to land.

One day though a small group of people, the future Monyte, took up arms and went down after these creatures. Through ingenuity and sheer tenacity, they slowly made the night safe again over the course of several generations. Now entire countries of the underground people are dedicated to keep the creatures from every attacking again.

Meanwhile, above ground, another race, the Briarborn, prayed to their godtree for safety and were granted the gift of emulating their deity, becoming one with their glades. They hold a festival every three years called the Branching to celebrate and remember.

Korash the Spiky wrote:
I do like the idea in general of plant creatures as shapeshifters, although I can't think of any fictional characters who do this outside of DC's Black Orchid. Also, clearly high-dex plant people are where it's at.

Clearly. :)

In the webcomic Goblins, Life through their Eyes one of the early hero/villians(he's totally a villian) has one half of his body plant and the other half flesh, more or less straight down the middle of his form. The plant half? He grows weapons out of it. Bows, arrows, swords, etc.

Considering how often the Inquisitor in my Rise of the Runelords game used it, against more than just spellcasters...

Yeah, it's good.

So Worldthorn got a little change, starting life off as a Skin-Changer. For someone without magic items, he looks like a pretty capable combatant.

"Durable as the oak, flexible as a vine."

World Info + Background soon to come. :)

thunderbeard wrote:

Ah, wasn't sure that 3pp races were allowed. Seedling and Oaking both look great, and I hope I'm not stepping on Azten's Groot idea too much.

And yeah, I can do it with only 3pp classes—it'll just get wackier, and I'll need to drop in some levels in gladiator (I had a preference for monk first because it's less overpowered, but here goes nothing).

Don't worry, I don't mind if you play GROOT.(my autocorrect auto-capitalized it XD )

Worldthorn is definitely looking a bit like a ranged/finesse character anyway. :)

Now I want to play an Artisan, for the sheer amount of discounted crafting prices... O.o

It's also tempting to make a Brairborn that uses the Expansion Psionic power(I AM GROOT).

That's what I wanted to know, thanks for clearing it up. :)

But what if it's not magic?

Warlock DR: bypassed by cold iron, bludgeoning, Slashing
Gift of the Darkwood DR: bypassed by adamantine.

How does that work?

How would that DR interact with this feat?

1d10 + 8 ⇒ (9) + 8 = 17
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (6) + 8 = 14
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (10) + 8 = 18
1d10 + 8 ⇒ (3) + 8 = 11

Strength 11
Constitution 20(18+2)
Dexterity 18(focus)
Intelligence 8(foible)
Wisdom 16(14+2)
Charisma 18(17+1)

Worldthorn, a Briarborn Warlock.

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