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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,853 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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That's awesome.

What's on that page that does anything for undead?

And what about the already published undead barbarians that now become even less of a threat? Or the thematically appropriated Black Blood undead Bloodragers(or regular Undead Bloodline Bloodragers!) that get the shaft?

I'd feel inclined to ignore that. The poor, published undead barbarians....

I feel even worse for undead barbarians now. No stat bonuses and and no rage powers? That is really harsh, especially for all the undead barbarians already published.

Looks like we've got good members so far. Anyone else want to submit a character?

Not quite. its calling out hit points from things that grant temporary hit points. While the Con bonus itself is temporary, the hit points they grant are not. They don't go away first like temporary hit points.

If I end up being wrong, I'll be pleasantly surprised though. Shambling mounds and Wisps are mean.

Last time I saw anything regarding ability scores and same sources, it was adding multiple instances of the same ability score to the same thing(like double wisdom to a skill). But those were not untyped bonuses, like a shambling mounds Con boost.

Unnamed bonuses do stack. Might I suggest will-o-wisps to constantly zap it? :)

Bladewarden: No armor proficiency, but no reason not to get it. No bonus to armor class like a monk, or a "this ability does not work if the bladewarden wears armor of any kind." Why?

My sandstorm Sylph idea might be a good start. I like that idea quite a bit.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
Barbarians and Bloodragers don’t work well as vampires. Undead are an immune to moral effect which means no rage.

Not quite. It means no bonuses to Strength and Constitution. You still get all the other benefits of raging.

I second the Feral Gnasher. :)

Guys, maybe make another thread?

Oh, I housruled Vital Strike working on a charge and with Spring Attack, but never got to test it.

Oterisk? ^_^

Yay for dragon disciples!

Nay, surely the Paladin's ability to cause alignment arguments is vastly superior!

I kinda want to make a second submission, because "farmboy turned King" is a fun concept...

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DinosaursOnIce wrote:
Roleplaying, who comes to Tabletop RPGs' with the expectation of being anything other than a MurderHobo?

Oh, that was me. My very first character was a Paladin! :)

Really? Monks being proficient in monk weapons isn't balanced or fair? Mostly kidding.

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There was a time I didn't like the magus or the cavalier, but in a Final Fantasy game my character has levels in both and I'm having quite a bit of fun. :)

Typos abound, Foul.

I think, if vampires are allowed, werewolves might be possible too. Always found it funny to be a Khajit Werewolf.

See about getting a pistol of the infinite sky. It never misfires and never needs to be reloaded.

Then give it the broken condition. :)

Secret Wizard, why must you make so many goblin dreams come true?

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KainTheGreat wrote:
My GM thinks that there's no such thing as an overpowered class in Pathfinder over other class

He.. He's never seen a wizard, has he?[/typical board response]

Easy stuff. The murder that attracted the DB's attention was framing his mother as a rebel and getting her hanged. He joined for the thrills, being slightly sadistic. Murder just stayed the best thrill. The magic came later on, through study to be the best possible killer. What evidence is there when the target just went into a rage and attacked his fellow townsfolk..?

So... What's the discussion about?

Poor, poor Psionics... Better balanced than Core and still looked down on. *sympathetic sigh*

That(implausible) interpretation would be better than what it currently is. Sadly, that's not how it(probably) works.

The Scaled Shadow:
Name: Demetrian Magnes
Race: Argonian
Sex: Male
Birthsign: The Steed

Adept Skills: Stealth, Illusion
Apprentice: Light Armor, Light Weapons, Alteration
Novice Skills: Restoration, Conjuration, Smithing, Martial Arts

Physical Description: A lithe, tan Argonian.

Personality: Demetrian is a simple Argonian wanting nothing more than the next thrill, in what ever form it may take, as long as that form is fast. After all, you can't outrun Death, so take what bit of life you can!

Backstory: Demetrian was just barely not a hatchling when he first started getting into... situations. Out of Blackmars, he couldn't help himself. The first time he was caught putting slaughterfish in the local swimming hole. The second he'd raided a frostbite spider nest and put the eggs in the mayor's house. Then the third time, at the dawn of his third day in Skyrim, he put an amulet of Talos in the jewelry box of a rather nasty woman already suspected of being one of the last remaining rebels. He smiled as he watched his mother hang, and slipped out of town. It wasn't long before he murdered directly for the first time, as part of his Dark Brotherhood Initiation...

Equipment: Demetrian favors his leathers armor and a single steel dagger, red as fire from the fire salts he'd added to the forge it was made from.. He wears a belt lined with pouches and several hidden lockpicks, carrying only two potions(one healing and one mana) for dire emergencies his own abilities just aren't enough for. Out of twisted nostalgia, he carries a vial of frostbite spider venom to remind him how he got started.

I think there might be an archetype, but I'm not sure.

The rules are in the Magic section of the core Rulebook, but new spells should definitely be run by your GM first.

Again though, the Words of Power subsystem(Ultimate Magic) is really, really awesome at blasty type sorcerers.

Huh. I thought Ghoran were the little winged plant fey...
Edit: I was thinking of Gathlain.

Web Shelter or Rope Trick?

Well, yes, that's what one of Spellcraft's many uses are. You could also, as a GM, rule for Knowledge(arcana)'s "active spell effect" check too.

A level of Shaman can give you some permanent buffs to your familiar, like Fast Healing(Life), Damage Reduction(Stone), Flight(Heavens), or a miss chance(Bones).

Words of Power has all kinds of blasting spells you can make. :)

They were aiming to Nerf Paragon Surge being used to gain a different kind of Improved Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) to get a whole bunch of spells(through multiple castings of Paragon Surge) added to your list. They just never came out and said it, I think.

I'll just go ahead and remove Tik-Tik from submissions. No need to make you do extra work for one character to be viable,might? Like I said before, I'm used to him not getting in.

I'll think of something else.

Here it is.

3.5 generated stats for monsters by subtracting 11 from odd stats(13 becoming a +2) and 10 from even scores(12 becoming +2).

"They often only vocalize in chirps, hisses, growls, and purrs, but can communicate telepathically with any intelligent creature."

I read two things. One, they can talk and two, they have the Telepathy special ability, which allows communication despite what languages are understood. A sort of universal translation method.

And if it weren't for the poison, I'd prefer getting an actual point buy. Actually, if I have to use the exact stats from the bestiary, I can't play him as an Alchemist or a Wizard(Cantrips are nice, but...), my classes of choice for him.

Telepathy bypasses the language barriers quite easily, actually. I'm quite eager to try Tik-Tik out.

how will ability scores be handled? I have a 3rd party write up in his profile that actually makes him quite a bit weaker than normal pseudodragons, but more in line with other player character races.

There was an FAQ some time ago saying adding spells known from other classes, like Iproved Eldritch Heritage(Arcane) doesn't work. You have to be able to add the spells to your class list too(like with Mystic Past Life).

A graveyard, grouped in sets of four graves to a plot, naming adventurers and their style of combat.

The sign says "Trophy Graveyard of the Tucker Kobold clan."

Chyrone wrote:

A sobbing girl/young woman in rags. Any PC approaching her will get the spoilered message "you've startled the witch"

I said that while watching "Grave Encounters" with friends on Halloween. It was... fitting.

The business card/advertisement of the trap maker that made the trap the PCs either set off or successfully disabled. That's all the treasure there is.

Bonus points if a PC died before they got the "treasure".

The Emerald Spire:
This happens on the second level, "The Cellers." My Sunday group loved it!

People love kobolds. And goblins.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Given the time limit the Wrath of the Righteous recruitment had i wasn't able to complete my submission, but a shot at Kingmaker, the adventure path I've wanted to play the most?

I love it.

Kingmaker would rock.

CalethosVB wrote:
Azten wrote:
CalethosVB wrote:

The Nanite Multitool isn't an Oracle as someone earlier asked for, but a Cleric instead.

Nothing too far gone from the familiar, just a simple palette swap.

And then I never played another healer...
I don't know how to interpret this comment. Good? Bad? Holy cow, it's broken?

Look at it this way. At first level a regular cleric channels energy for 1-6 points of healing. A nanite multitool channels for 5 points. Yes, that over 1 point at a time for five rounds, but it's still better at out of combat healing, which is when most clerics end up channeling energy.

Secret Wizard wrote:
Little Red Goblin just released a book with a weapon-shifting race.

Link? I can't find it.

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