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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

4,739 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Would LK be where archetypes for non-kineticist archetypes could be submitted?

Cavall wrote:
Azten wrote:
By that logic casting any buff spell breaks invisibility.
Not offensive. Hence buff.

Giving yourself an advantage in combat isn't an offensive measure? Casting Weapon of Awe is an offensive action(bonus to damage), and so it Haste(bonus to attacks, extra attack when full attacking). Buffing before combat is merely premeditated offensive actions.

By that logic casting any buff spell breaks invisibility.

By the strictest readings of the spell, invisibility, witch hexes do not count as an attack. There are not weapons or spells, but supernatural abilities.

He's not talking about playing a Kobold.

Destroyed permanently. temporairly still works fine.

Plausible Pseudonym wrote:
Azten wrote:
There's also no way, outside spells like Invisibility, to hide a spell caster.

Not entirely true. If they can't see you they can't identify the spell. There are quite a few spells to block line of sight, and even distance can be useful.

Welcome to Paizo. :)

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Funny how Dodge bonus always stack except when FAQratta comes around.

That just doesn't make sense. Welcome to Paizo's FAQratta Theme Park I guess.

It's an FAQ because it's not the same ability. Yeah, it's dumb, but so are a lot of FAQrattas.

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One character idea I had for Carrion Crown was a gnome(actually a variant blooded Tiefling) Transmuter Wizard that worshipped Rovagug. He was also cannibilistic. He'd eat anything, and I planned to turn into things with bite and claw attacks.

Little did I know they I had been role playing him as I talked to others about him included all the bad things that happen when you eat people.

My GM was actually afraid I'd play Gnome-agug.

Man I wish this was a paper/hardback. It looks really cool and now there's an actual SoP adventure I could run for people. :)

Bleeding Wounds is pretty neat for combat, especially hit and run tactics. Bloodlust pairs very well with Penetrating Blows.

Ashram wrote:
- Yes, but you cannot reduce the metamagic cost in any way. Class features, feats, traits; none of that applies in regards to the metamagic modifier when crafting a spell completion item with a metamagic feat. A scroll of selective fireball would be a 4th level spell, regardless of if you have fireball as your chosen spell for Magical Lineage.


Ah, I see my mistake. I forgot Mid-Casters get 0 talents, and then 2 bonus talents at level one. My bad.

I have to imagine the reason using measurements like inches and pounds comes from scifi shows and literature that used metric measurements. Which means it's ingrained as "scifi measurements" for a lot of people.

Funny how wanting Starfinder to change to metric is the same as not wanting it to change is. Both sides are wanting what feels right to them. :)

This question has been asked before, to no avail.

Shouldn't the Bard example above have four talents, not two?

Chess Pwn wrote:
Dragon Pact Kineticist?

Kineticists of Porphyra II.

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If we go by the FAQ there is no way(outside of the feats in Ultimate Intrigue) to hide a manifestation. That includes invisibility.

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Evil Eye does not actually require the witch make eye contact, so there's no reason a mask or helmet would hide it.

If the witch is invisible they wouldn't notice her until she started to Cackle. They would, however, notice that creeping feeling Evil Eye mentions and I'd give them a Knowledge Arcana check to figure it out.

What gets really weird is when someone invisible casts a spell.

1) Now you know the square they are in, making invisibility less useful.
2) You know they cast a spell, but can't make a Spellcraft check because you see the spell being cast, only the "manifestations." Regardless of what those manifestations are("Hey, guys? There are tattoos looking things floating in the air over there.").

It looks okay. Texas, I think allowing it for Void is a pretty minor houserules to add. Especially since it just weakens the archetype.

Not to mention the lovely Dragon Pact Kineticist that can make Kinetic Fist, you know, worth it.

I hope you didn't design the archetypes too. I mean, it's cool if you did and all, but I'd like an archetype I'd actually use that is Paizo published(though N. Jolly's are amazing).

Conjuration is a much more flexible Sphere thanks to the Magical Companion and Extra Companion. Then you can use your summoned creatures to use all the other Spheres.

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Cyrad wrote:
There's a kineticist talent that negates immunity to energy damage, but the target still takers significantly reduced damage.

Derailing Question:
If you can link me to that talent I'd be quite appreciative.

Dragon Steeds wrote:
HD: This is the total number of twelve-sided (d12) Hit Dice the dragon steed possesses, each of which gains a Constitution modifier, as normal.

It's on the page. :)

The dragon would have 2d12 hit dice, and it's HP would be determined the same as a characters would.

I see I will not be able to change your kind with my RAW and FAQ based readings, so I'll just leave what I've said at that.

It does indeed. My Arcanist/Dragon Disciple has enjoyed Bloodline Development quite a bit so far.

My Self wrote:
I like this, but isn't there the problem of running out of skills? Back to your Fighter - you'd probably push your STR to 16 or 18 if you're not doing an archery or DEX to damage build. However, you've hit your max of 2 STR skills. And characters with high rolls will have more skills. For this to be practical, the base skill amount would probably need to be lowered significantly, or more(!) skills would need to be introduced. Also, the scaling issue remains. Perhaps 1/2 the stat modifier would function slightly better. I'd need to consider this more.

Which is why it could use some tweaking. Likely just changing some skills or using only half the modifier(rounding down).

I think he is trying to say that because it can be built around a metal pole it can be different materials.

LuniasM wrote:

Magus Spell Combat and Spellstrike are both class features that can't be used with spells from other class lists, so there's precedent for limiting it.

This logic does not follow - neither class is the Wizard or Arcanist, so how their specific mechanics function with other class spells is not relevant to the topic.

Thank you for helping my examples, actually. Both Spell Combat and Spellstrike specify it must be a spell from the magus list, instead of just "a spell" like Arcane Bond. :)

David knott 242 wrote:

I cannot find any rules support for Drahliana's answer to the 3rd question. You can't trade your bonded object in for a familiar (without retraining) or count your Wizard level towards the abilities of your familiar, but selecting a bonded object definitely does not stop you from gaining a familiar via one or more feats or via the Arcanist exploit.

The only thing I've find is the Arcane Bond bloodline power, so you can't get it with Eldritch Heritage(Arcane).

Bloodline Arcanas are a class feature that apply to other spellcasting classes, so there is a precedent. Further, it does not say "if the wizard attempts to cast a wizard spell," which would limit it like you say.

Like a prismatic wall spell, for example.

You aren't using Perform(Oratory) to make the Diplomacy check though. You are using your bonus. Otherwise it would you can use "these skills instead of their associated skills". A Diplomacy check is a Diplomacy check no matter where the number to your d20 roll came from(in this case).

That we agree on. I wouldn't let a wizard's bonded item let them cast a spell from their Arcanist side, but the fact remains that penalties for not having the arcane bond applies to all your spellcasting, even divine.

I have to disagree with Drahliana on #1. If sorcerer arcanas, which don't saying you cast sorcerer spells but rather when you cast a spell, apply to all spellcasting you might be able to have access too, then this line means you'd need your arcane bond to cast spells as an Arcanist.

"If a wizard attempts to cast a spell without his bonded object worn or in hand, he must make a concentration check or lose the spell."

Strangely, I cannot find the text that prevents your from having a bonded item and then gaining a familiar, though I am sure it exists/existed.

That is simply not true. "He can use his bonus in that skill in place of his bonus in associated skills. " it's not saying you are making a Perform check, merely using your bonus to a Perform check.

If we believe that you aren't making the check with a different bonus we need to realize some of the Versatile Performances don't make any sense. How does singing or giving a speech when someone is talking to you help you figure out they are lying? How does telling a joke or playing a xylophone scare someone? How does playing a violin make you lie?

"A quarterstaff is a simple piece of wood, about 5 feet in length."

"Also called a three-section staff, this weapon is divided into three 2-footlong segments chained together."

It doesn't say it's made from wood, so cold iron, adamantine, silver, and the like are all possible.

Yes to Perform(Oratory), no to Diplomacy. However you are still making a Diplomacy check.

An Arcanist 9/Sorcerer 1 with Bloodline development would have the Bloodline Powers of a 10th level sorcerer. Arcanist 19/Sorcerer 1 would have the Bloodline Powers of a 20th level sorcerer.

Everyone gets there same amount of base skill points before modifiers, but get that number for each ability set for skills.. Let's use a fighter with the following ability scores.

Str 14
Con 14
Dex 14
Int 10
Wis 14
Cha 14

For strength based skills the fight would gain 2(base) plus 2(Strenght modifier) he can spend on Strength based skills. The same is true for Dexterity, Wisdom, etc. he basically has 4 skills points in each 'set' of ability scores.

This is just a rough idea I had, but with some tweaking it could work.

Most people wouldn't allow it because it doesn't explicitly say you can go over 100%. There is, however, no restriction I know of besides that. RAW, it works.

Hmm. I see that now. That's very interesting...

Startoss Style with a Returning weapon pretty much solves the issue thrown weapon users suffer from.

It really isn't vague at all.

Is Forewarned a 1st level ability? Yes.
Is it limited in use? No.

So you can't take it with School Understanding.

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It's been a while since I've had a character with any ranks perception let alone max ranks. Everyone else in the group always maxes it out, so there's no reason to.

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