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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

4,075 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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CBDunkerson wrote:
Hayato Ken wrote:
Yeah, not before the half-halfling

I made these with the ARG guidelines once! They were Halflings that moved to the first world and became more and more like fey until Fey was their type instead of Humanoid(Halfling). They were also Tiny, cause they were half the size of normal Halflings. :)

To be fair they said no to any other paizo adventure paths getting a hard cover too, so... Maybe we will. ^_^

Quicken Spell so you can cast a lower level polymorph as needed, Scale and Skin(from Magic Tactics Toolbox) for extra Natural Armor while effected by a transmutation spell, and even the Dimensional feat tree for full-attack fun.

Multiclassing like that is terrible, and Brown Fur Transmuter is only good if you have party members that like it too. My Arcanist for a similar character was a Spell Specialist Arcanist so they could qualify for Dragon Disciple. The stat bonuses from that are nice for Melee-focused Transmuters, and since it gives you the Draconic Bloodline it counts as "another source" for Bloodline Development.

Hmm, it seems you're right. I could've sworn they were chaotic back in 3.5.

Somehow I doubt possession wouldn't be enchantment. Foxfire would like be evocation based, and life drain necromancy. Maybe like the Dhampir ability(feat?).

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As often as dragons shapeshift though, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to include such offspring as a more common result than the half-dragon template. I might just toy around with this idea.

By that logic, drow aren't chaotic because of their rigid matriarchy. Yet the reason it's like that is because they are chaotic, so... paradox? :p

Ohh, drow Pirates that attack only at night, when a lot of other seafaring vessels are usually at a disadvantage.

You could use it with a composite blast for a little more bang for your buck, but that burn could stack up fast.

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Apparently Wyvaran is supposed to cover that, sadly. I mentioned earlier in this thread how much I'd enjoy a draconic Dragon Race(not humanoid in shape), and got a reply that such a race was very unlikely to happen in a player companion. Might get something akin to Skinwalkers though.

Now that I think about it, a Dragon variant for Skinwalker could be very, very cool!

Just remember they FAQ'd getting Sorcerer/Wizard spells in your spells known into the dirt. You can still totally know them, but since they aren't on your class list(cleric in the case of oracle) you can't cast them. It's incredibly dumb.

I'd love more options for existing elements. Especially Wood.

I imagine if you pick Cold damage then Hydro would easily land those iteratives. Combine that with a scale option for armor or a shield(a gold saver) and the high Dexterity and Constitution the Kineticist sports and you should do just fine.

For a Geo I'd grab a level of fighter first, focus on Strength instead of Dex, and walk around with a Heavy Shield in Fullplate. Be hard to hit and hard to hurt(thanks to Flesh of Stone).

KOP 1-3 has amazing support for the seven elements Paizo made.

Any new ideas?

Arawn Lyon is the build I'm presenting for this game. Equipment and background to come.

I understand and accept not being able to use that part of the ability. Outside of one game, I've never even used it.

Automatic Bonus Progression.

I have an idea for a character obsessed with magic, but not capable of casting spells. The next best thing, of course, is magic items. So he would be an Artisan. Build coming soon.

It doesn't say it sets things on fire like fireball or burning hands so no, it does not.

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Well, if we do get Kineticist and Summoner archetypes, I hope they can rise to the bar set by Dragon Tamer(Summoner, Midgard: Book of Drakes) and Dragon Pact(Kineticist, Kineticists of Porphyra II).

And that, for the love of Aspu, the Summoner Archetype is not another Unchained(but really even more chained) Summoner...

Take a level in fighter or paladin. Probably two levels if Paladin. Yes it will slow you down, but you'll have the proficiencies you need for your idea easily.

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You know the only two hat slot items I've used besides the Jingasa? Hat of Disguise and Buffering Cap. So yes, the diversity of hats, in regards to my characters, has decreased. I've looked at other hats and they just aren't worth the time.

Less options = less diversity.

It's nice to see the reasoning behind a change for once. Thanks, Mr. Compton.

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But only because you could get it way earlier than intended, thanks to original Monk of Many Styles.

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Paizo rarely updates only when they sell all of a printing, so it can update quite rarely too. Case and Point, Ultimate Equipment came out four years ago.

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Funny how PFS doesn't drive errata, but PFS is the reason Crane Wing got nerfed in the first place when it was not the problem(Monk of Many Styles was).

There's always the Skinwalker race or, more specifically, the Rage-Bred variant Skinwalker. One feat(extra feature) and they can have a Gore Attack and two Hoof attacks at first level.

Of course, I have no idea if they are allowed in PFS, as I don't play in it.

While Air is breathing underwater as soon as level two. How's that for making any sense?

To put my spin on it, if an Arcanist doesn't prepare spells for the day, she cannot cast spells. Thus, she casts spell with preparation.

I'm thinking more like its a thrown weapon, but I'm not entirely sure.

Hey, N. Jolly, I've got a bit of a question. How does Startoss Style, Comet, and Shower interact with Kinetic Bomb?

No, they do not. DD doesn't care about spontaneous casting.

"Spellcasting: Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells without preparation. If the character has sorcerer levels, he must have the draconic bloodline. If the character gains levels of sorcerer after taking this class, he must take the draconic bloodline."

A Spell Specialist arcanist could progress as a DD though.

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Sundakan wrote:

To be fair, it's not the worst enchantment in the game.

I mean, it's utterly trash now, but that puts it on par with literally every other armor enchantment.

I don't know... I think Wild is worse after they neutered it like Bob Barker was reminding them.

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The Sword wrote:
Players should have a level field without all having to take the same equipment.

So what's your proposal for balancing out the various levels of system mastery a group of people might have(new player vs veteran) and getting rid of the Big 6 that the game itself is built around you having?

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Lune wrote:
Azten: One time EVER. Not once per day. Ever.

For some reason I'd thought they'd added a 24 hour attunement period to it like they did the Quick Runner's Shirt.

This is like Crane Wing all over again...

Adding to the items that can save your life, Aegis of Recovery is a relatively cheap item, even at lower levels, that can keep you on your feet.

Wait an entire day to use it again...

Ouch. Hope I manage to get to level two if I get in. Looks like I'll need that armor bonus.

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....did you forget this was a Paizo product?

After seeing the Sword That Will Pierce The Heavens! ability I think this is a good reason to allow Dreamscarred Press's Soulknife. ^-^

I have a few ideas for this I'll be mulling over soon.

Could you roll the starting gold for my kineticist?

Well you didn't have it in the book, so what's stopping you from making a new one now?

Well... maybe Wood's basic could be a little more than pruning and searching plant-filled areas at a -5.

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Those are all useful magic items though.

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Maybe if they didn't only issue errata when they run out of the books with "errors" and ruin options by not even telling us ahead of time, people wouldn't have lost faith in paizo and stopped buying their products.

Still, 2 "Get back up!" uses are pretty decent for 4,500gp. I like it.

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I've suggested play testing the nerfs before too. Sadly, we are but a few voices and, with Occult being an exception, it seems some playtest material is largely ignored. :(

2 people marked this as a favorite.

Fortification armor is literally better now. As is the Buffering Cap. There's no reason to have the Jingasa anymore.

Sorry, I decided against the idea shortly after making the post. I didn't want to try old character ideas. I'll work on a Cryokineticist instead.

I'll think on a character for this.

Fallen_Mage wrote:
1) How are you going to implement the Crit Hit & Fumble decks in the PbP?

He could use this.

You could play a Samsaran and use the Mystic Past Life ability to add it to your class list.

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