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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

4,368 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Or the much better estoc.

You can't use the archetype if the feature it changes or replaces isn't there, which is why we can't have Imoroved Familiars with the Mauler archetype. :(

I never really worried about my fort save as a battle oracle in Serpent's Skull. The only time it ever came up and was a problem was the last fight of the adventure path. That fight was super nasty anyway, since our front liners(I was a reach Oracle) weren't there.

Duke Baron wrote:
I was once a Kobold paladin. I think that speaks for itself.

I played a kobold ninja/monk. In 3.5. :p

Which is terrible, since they're greatly needed. Well, for those two elements anyway. It seems bad two options are completely unusable.

DM Fiat is not a good basis for rule discussion. The DM can easily say that Wizard's cast divine spells, but that doesn't mean it's in the core rules.

Startoss Style is pretty great with a returning weapon. My warpriest of Pharasma used it quite well until something finally managed to kill him.

quibblemuch wrote:
Azten wrote:
Prove Natural Armor is an ability then, like Web or Fast Healing. If the Natural Armor gets replaced by whatever the spell or ability says, and it's listed as a bonus and not a replacement, then the Physical Ability Scores should be treated the same way, yes?

Did you just read "you can't quote a rule proving your side Azten nor can we quote a rule proving our side" and respond "Prove your side"?

Also, from the PRD: "Natural Armor: If your race has a tough hide, scales, or thick skin you receive a bonus to your AC" (emphasis mine).

No, because I quoted the Polymorph rules earlier that support my claim.

Prove Natural Armor is an ability then, like Web or Fast Healing. If the Natural Armor gets replaced by whatever the spell or ability says, and it's listed as a bonus and not a replacement, then the Physical Ability Scores should be treated the same way, yes?

It is not an ability though. Trolls lose regeneration, not natural armor.

She does not. From polymorph(transmutation): Each polymorph spell allows you to assume the form of a creature of a specific type, granting you a number of bonuses to your ability scores and a bonus to your natural armor.

It's a bonus, not a replacement.

Yes, because that archetype is just going to get you killed. It might have been okay, but they took Elemental Defense away too.

So fireball adds extra explosions per caster level?

On the topic of Ezra Scarlet: Spheres of Power has the Armorist which fits her abilities perfectly. It can also be used, via an archetype if I recall, to make Mega Man.

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Lower Damage output is squishier. If I can't kill something before it kills me, then I'm squishier.

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What if my thief is a Kasatha? :p

Just how is ink blast supposed to work? Right now it reads as dealing damage that's way above what any other school abilities I know of deal.

Using a 22 INT wizard, at level 8 "This blast deals 1d6 + your Int modifier points of damage for every Wizard level you have" is 8d6+48 points of damage up to ten times a day.

And then it can also trip creatures and remove invisibility! Yes, the trip can be avoided and the damage cut in half, but even adding in the damage reduction(which seems really weird. A blast of ink should be bludgeoning and magic at least) this is still really strong for a school ability.

Because it doesn't have a maximum damage dice effect like fireball or shocking grasp. It's has a maximum amount of missiles that deal damage. If it didn't say anything about making missiles and that it just deal damage then it would work with Intensify.

That's what a bad wizard archetype(the name which escapes me) is for.

A Ring of Forcefangs would do wonders against this Hypothetical Wand Paladin.

Because there's no way a mage guild is going to cast prestidigitation for free on a bunch of stinky common folk? For free anyway.

Jiggy wrote:
jeremiah dodson 812 wrote:

Just looks for builds you see a lot (to often) that your kinda bored with and tired of seeing.

1. Small race mounted combat characters, the rules on this are so broken it's practically cheating.

Halfling dual welding rogues. So tired of seeing this character.

Honestly, I could name more concepts I'm tired of than "builds".

• The grumpy, Klingon-minded, beer-swilling dwarf who is either a fighter or cleric, generally dislikes elves, and has a last name which references some mix of hammers, shields, and/or stone.

• The greasy-palmed thief who sits in the darkest corner of the tavern with his cloak and hood pulled up at lunchtime expecting nobody to think that's suspicious and call the guards. Typically has a name like "Vic" or "Lefty" and probably a surname/nickname involving fingers or hands.

• Brooding loners or anyone else with a mysterious past.

The list goes on. Interestingly, I've never encountered any Drizz't clones.

A GM once rewrote my backstory to make me into a Drizzt clone. Apparently wanting to beat the Marilith that killed his father at her own game(multiple weapons) wasn't as important as seeing an elf slice an apple into six pieces while it was midair. :/

Each missile deals damage separately, so you add your paladin level to each one just like you would if you were a Longbow using Paladin. Or since you're only using one bow(like using one spell, mentioned above. Just an example) do you only get the damage on the first arrow? One sword attack?

That's how it sounds like it should work since the source of damage is one thing. I know plenty of DMs would rejoice at such a huge nerf...

Shiney could use the Crossblooded Archetype to mix Destined and Celestial together and, if Shiney can be a Strix, trade wings for something else. Destined is a pretty awesome bloodline on its own as well.

Knew it was a good idea not to get excited about my favorite monsters. Oh well, at least I can get my Dragonrider/Dragomancer classes and, you know, use real dragons instead of drakes. :p

Scaled Fist sounds cool though, and so does the options for Sorcerer and Bloodrager bloodlines.

Are rays a fighter weapon group? Besides that, no, it wouldn't. Enervation doesn't deal damage.

Wish I'd known about this. I had an archetype I would've asked about submitting for it. I'll be sure to check this out.

EDIT: The firearms and holy water bomb feats are awesome.

Unless third party content is allowed(and honestly, tons of it is great and well-balanced despite the stigma) and we can use Spell Finesse. Then it's any bloodline. :)

A dip is fine. Blood Havoc: "This ability replaces the sorcerer's 1st-level bloodline power or the bloodrager's 4th-level bloodline power."

EDIT: Nevermind, someone already stopped this combo. "Once this choice is made, it cannot be changed, and a bloodrager or sorcerer cannot swap a bloodline power that she has altered or replaced with an archetype for a bloodline mutation."

Crossblooded does not work with Blood Havoc. Someone didn't like blasters. :(

I'm not surprised Urf got in at all.

You could, and get the damage bump, but ammunition is destroyed after it hits so no bouncing. :/

And yet the continue to waste word count or, in this case, make options too weak to build for(like Halfling Kineticist). How strangely positive.

Maybe paizo would start listening to its community as much as it used to again then.

It could be an intelligent weapon that shocks the shambling mound it's taken over.

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You can't use Pearls of Power because you don't expend prepared spells when casting.

It's pretty much a different Blockbuster wizard, so I don't see an issue.

Spell Specialization, Spell Perfection, and Admixture Subschool, and traits like Wayang Spellhunter to name a few.

Some of the MCAs are on d20pfsrd, so the rest could be moved there as well, yes?

This is amazing. I love it.

Mystic Past Life only picks spells from one spell list, not several. Have you considered a Psychic Bloodline Sorcerer instead? You could get all the main Necromancy and Illusion spells that way.

Which would be useful if Half-Dragons got their breath weapon more than once a day.

Too bad this makes things like the Halflings Kineticist favored class bonus never a good choice, and others, like anything involving a class feature you don't get right away, less useful than more HP or skill points.

Higher Constitution means you can go deeper into the negatives with Ferocity. Being able to fight longer means a higher chance of winning the fights. Dexterity is at 13 since you can grab Dodge with it and still go around in Full Plate.

Here's how I'd make his stats then. In order 20, 13, 16, 5, 12, 5.

As a very dangerous option, instead use 20, 14, 18, 5, 5, 5. I say dangerous because Will saves with negative modifiers are never good to have on a player character.

Both sets are 20 point buy.

Something to break the tension and suspense.

Well, Orc fighters have a nice favored class bonus. +2 Con for determining what negative they can be at before dying(and just that. No bonus hit points or higher Fortitude saves).

Example. Will the Weakest Orc has a Constitution score of 10. He has five fighter levels and has put every favored class bonus into them. He now dies when his HP reaches -20. He survives to level twenty, still with a 10 Constituion. He now dies when his HP reaches -50.

Combined with Orc Ferocity you can just keep going and going.

It would need some tweaking. He has no wings/claws/fangs or SLAs. He doesn't look like a demon either.

N. Jolly made the Dragon Pact Kineticist and Elemetal Eater utility taken that makes a perfect Natsy.

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