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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

2,755 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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My only real question is if Álmos can be a Samsaran so I can use Mystic Past Life to add Cure spells from the witch list to his class list, giving him a more priestly feel to match what God Callers were like in Sarkosis.

And thank you. ^_^

Here's the backstory for a Spirit Caller Summoner of either Samsaran or Human origin, coming from the now destroyed land of Sarkosis, following his heritage as a god caller.

The Serpent, The Professor, and the Temple:
Álmos dreamed of one day joining the God Callers of his Sarkosis heritage even as his homeland's destruction made the young boy and his family move further and further away from his homeland and, because of the temples and priests of the lands they traveled through, his own beliefs.

It was the brief stint through Sargava that inadvertently revived Álmos' memories and his passion for what he knew to be his destiny. The caravan his father was helping guard was attacked by a vicious group of jungle orcs. While they were eventually ran off, Álmos had grown too scared to just hide and ran off into the jungle to escape. While he bears the shame to this day, if he hadn't he never would've met Professor Lorrimor.

He'd fallen down into a strange pit that lead to a temple that, in all honesty, scared him to death. Effigies of reptilian deities long gone filled the crumbling halls, and Álmos feared every breeze for they sounded like the statues themselves were hissing at him. So he started running, terrified, and eventually crashed into the -then much younger- professor.. Once the older man managed to calm the boy down, Álmos explained how he'd gotten into the temple as they walked.

Then Álmos heard a much louder hissing sound, and once again hid. From behind an effigy he watched a rotted hydra sneaking up on the Professor. Deciding he was tired of running, he climbed up and began pushing the statue over with all his might, just barely managing to crush the undead creature under the stone before it struck the professor. The hissing grew louder in Álmos' mind, and he blacked out.

When he woke up he was back with his parents and believed it all to be a strange dream until he saw the note of thanks from Lorrimor. He fell asleep again smiling, knowing the shame of running away had eased some... and found his mind taking him back to the temple.

Only this time it looked different. It looked... beautiful. Whole. There were no cracks or gouges, no vines if roots tearing away at the spaces between the stone. Even the statues were clean and looked as if freshly carved. Without knowing why, Álmos walked back into the temple where he met an old deity he'd saved as surely as he had Professor Lorrimor....

I'll have to look at the player's guide again, but I've got a character idea right out if Golorian. :)

Where are you seeing it's just an arcane caster? It prepares both types of spells.

The PFS problem with Crane Style seemed to be the low level, single Attack humanoids used as villians. At least when Crane Style got nerfed anyway.

Would this FAQ happen to be useful?

Michael Brock wrote:
Finally, the rules and design teams are discussing the fixes to make with MoMS. Until that time, we will not make any changes to it for PFS.

Any chance this might mean we can have the old Crane Style feat chain back then? Because the problem with the old Crane Style feat chain was MoMS being able to skip prerequisites and getting feats way too early.

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A Halfling Destined Bloodrager with the Adaptable Luck racial feature gets all the luck. :p

Instead, he becomes practically immune to Polymorph, damage reduction monsters don't often have a means to overcome, the scent special ability, and possibly better senses.

But this is being compared to a animal companion thats level-3. It's strong, but it's not as strong as that pouncing tiger or tripping wolf.

I thought her sacred animal was the wasp?

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With the right rouge talent(archetype?) you don't even need the PCs to set the first trap off.

A necromancer. But not a normal one, oh no. This one wears full plate made from what looks like bones(reflavored Dragonhide). What's with that giant constrictor snake? Wait, what do you mean he's casting Greater Magic Fang?! He just cast Shield.. and Shield of faith...

The truth: it's a Nagaji Druid(Naga Aspirant archetype) with the Shade of Uskwood feat.

It says to treat your DR as zero. Meaning the DR vs Nonlethal damage has no effect on the fast healing.

The PRD has it. it's a martial two-handed Eastern weapon.

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I suggest the Spelleater archetype, just to heal a little easier.

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17) A hag is searching for her changeling child, and kidnapping to do it. Unfortunately, she's hiding her true nature and using the cook people hex to hide her crimes... by giving the cookies and cakes out to her next targets.

And if it has a mind blank aura, which blocks all divination?

Effect words are only part of a World Spell, so I'd rule that they can't be picked for things like Spell Perfection.

11) A heretical druid circle has learned the blasphemy of necromancy and unlocked the gates of ebirth.

Except that familiars use their master's hit dice as their own.

Secret Wizard wrote:

Also duergars.

Also: impact enhancement.

Shillelagh only works on non-magical oak clubs/staffs.

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Scythia wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Larkspire wrote:

The boots seem to take up the leg's Mojo ,then the belt slot deals with the waist. The Junk is ignored.

I'm currently forging the "Codpiece of Lordly Might".
Modeled after this, of course.
...why did I click that link... *shudder*

Hey, look, rust monster fishing!

Leads Blades and Shillelagh don't stack, because the actual size of the club or Quarterstaff stays the same. They would stack with Enlarge Person though.

That is correct, because you need 3 levels to meet the skill requirements.

Mystic Past Life doesn't add to spells known. If you meant asking if it could do that, feel free to ignore this post.

Mystic Theurge guide.

Half-Orc Expert, going into Ninja. More to follow.

rorek55 wrote:
Open roles- guard captian, militiamen, um... Will add a few more

Apprentice could allow for a character using the Young Character rules, and I'd be eager to do that myself.

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Whitney's Miltank

Oh, you probably meant pathfinder stuff. ;)

Banning classes really gets me disinterested, even if I've never played the class or plan too, and giving no reason for banning it.

Or having a recruitment title something along the lines of "anything goes" and then saying no 3rd party.

Last I checked the core Rulebook, it says ponies are already suitable mounts of dwarves.

Mythic Smite is saying that after you regain a daily use, for one round after you regain it(not use) your weapon Attacks bypass the damage reduction of evil creatures. Normally you have to use smite evil to do that.

Traveling merc, please. :)

Summon them in the square of the enemy. ;)

I helped take out a T-Rex that way not too long ago. Only summoned two, but that's enough!

Stirges don't grapple, they attach. All the rules for that are in the Stirge stat block. :)

Multiple Stirges deal multiple Con damage on they're turn.

I saw Town Drunk and immediately started reflavoring Bloatmage in my head.

That's interesting, and makes me eager to get the book. Will some/any changes be revealed?

As long as Burn doesn't end up being a "kill yourself" option and Kinitecists get utility and iterative Attacks, I think I'm okay with one one round of playtesting.

Not really. You just have to pick your niche very carefully, and remember you can still use those higher level slots to cast lower level spells, either normal or with Heighten Spell. Words of Power sorcerers are even better at this as early as 6th level.

Any word of the Heart Biconstruct Modification ?

Let's change then jest ion a bit. Okay, a lot.

Let's say a ground of Orcs attacked a group of marauding Humans! They cut down the Chieften and his wife, and the. Find their three toddlers. The orc kills them.

Is it evil? Why?

Darth Grall wrote:

Crane Wing

I've voiced my problems with the changes on the forums before, but recently at my local game shop, a newbie had an old printing of UC and was super excited when he found that feat line... You can only imagine the disappointment when he found out it was changed. I think that qualifies.

Very, very, very much this.

Angry Wiggles wrote:
Azten wrote:
Combined Spells wrote:
"Spontaneous spellcasters can only select spells that they have prepared that day using non-spontaneous classes for this ability, even if the spells have already been cast."
The Dual Spontaneous casting entry(like Sorcerer/Oracle) is actually worth being red because they can't use Combined spells at all.
While I agree that it's not ideal in most circumstances, I left this as orange as this faq specifies that we can still use combined spells with dually spontaneous theurges. This will be made more clear in the next update.

I hadn't seen that one. Nice!

Combined Spells wrote:
"Spontaneous spellcasters can only select spells that they have prepared that day using non-spontaneous classes for this ability, even if the spells have already been cast."

The Dual Spontaneous casting entry(like Sorcerer/Oracle) is actually worth being red because they can't use Combined spells at all.

The +1 means it's magical, the trip attempts use the weapons stats (+14 for the first attempt, +9 for the second in a full Attack), the +10 is damage dealt in addition to the d10. Finally, the /x3 represents the damage dealt on a critical hit(1d10+10 is rolled three times in this case).

There isn't one attack being made though. If there was, only one attack roll would be rolled.

I immediately checked for it, actually, and misremembering isn't fun. It was a lance + pounce FAQ, and it removed the ability to get extra damage on all your attacks.

Still, not unreasonable to apply that to attack tools too. Creatures with pounce are jumping onto their target. Characters are running over and(in this case) making "one" punch. That punch may have a ton if Attack rolls behind it, but you're still stopping to make it.

It was ruled you only get the +2 Attack bonus from charging in the first attack from Pounce, so I'd say just the first one.

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Aren't the blasts and stuff spell-like abilities? They shouldn't be able to be cut off from their abilities anymore than other casters are(an antimagic field).

Doombringer the DM wrote:

I've always wanted to put something along the lines of this inside a dungeon...

This page is perfectly fine and SFW, just note that the rest of the webcomic is pretty raunchy and DEFINITELY NSFW. In fact... to be safe, just stay on that page.

The first page confirms this and gives a very disturbing golem idea...

You can't unsee, so be careful.

I really, realy, really hope there is.

icehawk333 wrote:


have a large room that is genuinely, 100% pointless.

Ah, so they're in the World's Largest Dungeon? You're encouraged fill the empty rooms though when you GM it.

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