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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

4,475 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Monk with Pummeling Style. Maybe Jabbing Style too if using MoMs

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"Guys? I used detect good and that lich is lighting up like a Christmas tree..."

Memories fade with time. Just go with the usual checks or give the character Breadth of Knowledge as a bonus feat. Hand similar feats out to other characters though, so it's fair.

I prefer to think my character, should I ever make one, was simply easing their suffering. ;)

On the plus side, since it's still a two-handed weapon by those rulings, you can get more damage out of Power Attack with it.

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An archtype for Andriod Kineticist would be cool. Technology based abilities, running from the Tehnic League... yeah, I'd like that idea to see the light of day for sure.

Paizo doesn't like Dex-to-damage, so yeah, it'll likely happen when/if Dervish Dance gets reprinted. They want cookie-cutter-characters, don't you know? That's why Slashing/Fencing Grace got nerfed.

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Variant Multiclassing isn't legal in PFS, so no, he's not. :p

Time to follow my own advice and leave Wise Old Man be.

Wise Old Man wrote:
My PFS GM looked at this thread and allowed it.

No way to confirm, and he's wrong anyway. Table Variance until this takes up an important FAQ spot.

Guys, he's set in his way on this. Leave him to allow it if he runs a game, or complain if a GM agrees with us.

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Mostly because they'd quickly get FAQ'd and errata'd into trash becaus they aren't core. Minor lay because any archetypes they made for the classes would be terrible(looking at you, Drake-based archetypes...).

Again, I don't think Paizo should get their hands on any of the 3rd party classes.

Actually, that part of spell study is likely because of that FAQ. It's a once a day ability you're trying to cheese more uses out of for cure spells, but Spell Study has that line because otherwise you couldn't use the ability unless the spell was also a wizard spell.

No, because it's not on your list until you use the ability. That's my opinion.

"Dragonfly" wrote:

If you choose the "Mostly Human" alternate racial trait you count as Human for "all purposes".

That should qualify you for the Human Favored Class Bonus of +1/6 Wild Talent.

The Racial Heritage feat should let you pick other races too. "Mostly Human and a bit of Elf" XD

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Because it can go up to a bonus of 6? Or less than 6 and have a lot of other useful things?

Because you aren't proficient just because it's light armor, per Paizo's ruling on the matter.

HeroLab isn't a good rules source, and Paizo has said a few times FAQs only apply to what they are about, nothing more.

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kyrt-ryder wrote:
Níðhöggr wrote:
DungeonmasterCal wrote:

3. Make offers to buy the rights to certain classes from different 3PP publishers. There's some darn good work out there.
Such as? I've never used 3pp classes.
Such as about 90% of the Volume of Work from Dreamscarred Press and Super/Rogue Genius Games.

I would never, ever trust Paizo with those classes. They're more likely to ruin them than leave them alone.

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Could you be so kind as to point out those products?

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Azten wrote:

Would you consider Kineticists that gain abilities from other planes of existence, such as Mechanus, The First World, or the Maelstrom? A Kineticist that channels the Eye of Abendago?

A think a Kineticist with ties to the Boneyard or First World would be quite interesting.

Theoretically, these could work! First World energies and Eye of Abendego in particular have some content in the PComp and CS lines.

Upcoming content...?

Matrix Dragon wrote:

Let's see, things that I would remove...

1. The Big Six magical items (replaced with a feat-like system that imitates item bonuses)
3. Touch Attack Guns

1) If you have to take the feats then this is even worse than the Big 6.

3) Didn't guns punch through armor though?

I believe he could use the rules for retraining to get Fey Foundling.

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James Sutter wrote:
And also, lest that answer seem too cold and corporate... you can't imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth around here as we came to that conclusion. We *really* wanted to do a full public playtest, and overturned every rock in our search to make it feasible. But in the end it was a trade-off we had to make. :\

Remembering the Core alpha and beta playtests I find this understandable. But, whatever you do, please don't make 1st level abilities(like Claws from Sorcerer bloodlines) anything but at will in this one!

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Since it's a PFS character, besides the issue of the Buckler with the Paladin ability, does he worship Irori? Iroran Paladin is called Enlightened on d20pfsrd because they can't use setting specific stuff on the site.

That does remind me of my first character and the weapons he carried. A warhammer, shortsword, and a glaive. Didn't want to get too close? Glaive. Got too close? Shortsword. Got too close but the thing had a shell or armor? Warhammer.*

*I didn't know what damage reduction was, but figured it made more sense to break the shell of the GIANT BEETLES than it did to trying cutting or stabbing them.

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"Come on, man, all the cool monks are doing it!"

And by keeping it closed, there's less backlash from not listening to the public playtesters.

Not sure I can remake the background in time, so I'll drop out. This looks really cool though. Maybe next time.

Might just work on my Vudra martial artist then. I have the progression for a normal game, and changing him to SoP won't be hard at all.

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Unchained Eidolons. They are a terrible, lazy way to 'fix' something and tear a lot of flavor from the original Summoner.

The SLAs FAQ that took away using them to qualify for stuff because someone didn't want people to get into their precious Evangelist prestige class early.

Barbarian alignment restrictions.

Looking at Life. Do I get all the abilities(Invigorate, Cure, and Restore)? That's crazy good.

If you could point out the rule that that you don't round down in this case I'd much appreciate it, as would my friend currently running Carrion Crown and remaking some of the enemies. :)

Why must you make such a tempting game?!

Though it would be only 4 hit points per hit dice, as unless specified otherwise Pathfinder is a game were you round down.

You'd still take the penalty to Armor Class and get to use Rage Powers. There is a feat(with the step cost of Cha 13) that let's you benefit from Moral bonuses but removes some immunities.

I will not be submitting something for this after all. Good luck everyone.

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That I can agree with.

If some FAQs weren't simply terrible and actually Errata(and the Errata didn't have terrible parts when published as well)... >.>

That's about thirty percent a joke, by the way.

No Void Wysp yet.

I've had a brief idea about a Grippli Hydrokineticist that fancies himself a... let's say stealth specialist... that might be cool for this.

Modificationist would be cool for Androids too. Nicely done.

I have to say that's pretty interesting. Is the Deliberate blast supposed to act like a Morningstar, or would something with DR 5/Bludgeoning hit with a bludgeoning and piercing Deliberate blast still reduce the damage by five?

Wrywood: An Alchemist or Gunslinger that goes off clockwork(alchemist) or makes literal firearms/legs/chest/whatever(gunslinger).

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Xazil wrote:
It is determined that the life shaman's goat familiar shall be the tank...

...because it is the only thing wearing any armor.

How about instead of replacing what few class features a lv9 caster has.. you make a racial archetype that lowers them to lv6 spells and give them class features?

I could see that for something like Orc Wizards that carve spells into their flesh/weapons instead of using a spell book, or Troll clerics that share their regeneration through stigmata and letting others drink it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Leadership grants an NPC. Those characters are played and created by the GM, not the player that took the feat. Problem solved.

I really like the Eldritch Scoundrel rogue from Arcane Anthology. Wanna be a spellcasting ninja? This is the archetype for it.

"In your possession" isn't "that you wield." I'd allow it.

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Belltrap wrote:
Azten wrote:

Would you consider Kineticists that gain abilities from other planes of existence, such as Mechanus, The First World, or the Maelstrom? A Kineticist that channels the Eye of Abendago?

A think a Kineticist with ties to the Boneyard or First World would be quite interesting.

I'm pretty sure Phytokineticists from Occult Origins are pretty close to what you're looking for in terms of a kineticist with ties to First World.

Thanks for the answer, Mark!

While that's true, there's no Fey flavor or abilities in the elements options at all. It might as well be a Druid archetype.

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