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Cayden Cailean

Azten's page

3,530 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.


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Not so sure about 6 things from it, but Adept gets spells like Scorching Ray and Lightning Bolt.

I could see reasoning for it to be a part of the feat chain though. A sort of evolution from Cleaving one or two foes to everyone.

That's because instead of burn an Overwhelming Soul takes negative levels. It's actually worse.

I hope he doesn't count Domains as part of the cleric class list. Otherwise Holy Sword(Glory 7) will be out despite not being on the cleric list.

It's a sad archetype that might have been a lot better as a feat. Because people don't like the burn mechanic, Paizo probably(I can't be sure, of course) made the archetype to appease everyone. Sadly, they failed to make it a decent archetype.

Paladin still has some goodies. As a cleric you could cast Holy Sword at 7th level. Then there is most of the Litany line of spells, with Litany of Vengeance being especially nasty because it's permanent because of the Instantaneous duration.

Instantaneous wrote:

The spell energy comes and goes the instant the spell is cast, though the consequences might be long-lasting.

It cannot be dispelled and does not go away in an Antimagic Field.

I don't see a problem with boosting fighters.

Earthbreaker seems to be the iconic Shoan-ti weapon.

I wouldn't have added anything from the race builder or the young character creation rules as part of a guide, as both are likely disallowed.

I'll look over the rest later instead of skimming like I did just now.

One thing I did in a play-by-post I started running was if you took a combat feat, then you automatically got to pick a "chain" that required the feat you got all the feats you qualified for. Only melee combat feats though, because ranged combat is already has an advantage.

Power Attack on the Cleave chain gave you Cleave as a bonus feat, and when you qualified you'd get Great Cleave, etc.

Okay, I decided on the Samsaran, though it changed up a little from my initial thoughts.

Partially done, needed only a little more backstory(there is some in the traits spoiler) and equipment, I believe. Link to my character.

Is there still time for this? I have so many ideas lately it's difficult to use them IRL.

Edit: saw the deadline. Forming two ides now.

1) Gruun Ironfist, a Mesmerist/Swashbuckler that talks softly, politely, and then slams a spike in your face if you get on his bad side.

2) Ellara, Eldritch Font(Psychic) Arcanist/Pyschic(Rebirth Discipline). Psychic power leaking like a ship full of holes due to a flawed reincarnation cycle. Samsaran to pick up healing spells.

Low-Light Vision is amazing. All the light examples you gave are doubled by LLV, not darkvision. As far as i can tell, if you have darkvision 60ft and are in the middle of a 60ft lighted area, you can't see something 120ft away in the darkness.

186) Traditionally melee only monster abilities, like level drain, being delivered through ranged attacks.

I did this with a wight once and one of the players freaked because it wasn't how wights worked. That's what she gets for metagaming with her years of experience.

Of course, if I hadn't done that it would've been wiped out in less than a file round before it could be even that mildly inconvenient...

The Noble Wild is the best I've seen for "awakened" animals.

Still amazing. The flavor in their ability scores is way off though, since they are quite literally twice as good as humans.

Aasimar have a trait they can take(the one kind you can get from the Additional Traits feat) that lets them be Neutral Monks.

Variant Multiclassing has no alignment restrictions for barbarian, so you can be a Monk that way too. Don't play a Barbarian and variant multiclass monk. The Monk VMC is terrible.

You're durable enough as a dwarven kinitecist that the d12s from barbarian are just gravy.

Do you want a lot of natural attacks? A Skinwalker Ranger can get 5 by level two, and then Kinetic Fist adds extra damage to that. If you still want rage powers a ranger archetypes trades out favored enemy and combat style for them, letting you take the Beast Totem line for Claws, Natural Armor, and Pounce.

Use Experimental Caster to grab the summoning Words of Power(Servitor) every level or so. They're standard action, but poor at flooding the field.

I agree that it's a bit much. Now, a +2 to Constitution and then another +2 and maybe a -2 based on fur color could be interesting. I'd suggest taking a look at the Skinwalker race Paizo made for examples of one race having really different subtypes.

Cyrad wrote:
There's no such thing as the "canine subtype."

Before a new race is introduced, it's subtype doesn't exist. There was no "strix" subtype before the Strix, for example.

I would change it to humanoid(garou) though.

I'd imagine Ecology and Groups could be taken out. But if you know what kind of encounter it's going to be, you can cut out everything but exactly what you need.

How about a Razimiran Sorcerer? Fake it 'till you make it!

Unless you start casting polymorph spells on your summoned creatures.

Might want to add sometime that boiling water/liquid does not deal fire damage, but scalding damage. That can be important, especially when you drop someone in boiling acid.

You could just turn into a melee creature. Pretty sure the ranged aspect could easily just be backup.

I'm not sure if the Eidolon of a Synthesist keeps it's type though. I'd have to look into it to see if a hat of disguise would even work at that point.

Here's hoping the jungle drake is a familiar option. Looks small, but the picture could be misleading.

Either way it's most likely evil.

Why wouldn't they qualify for feats that needs skills? They get class skills from their hit dice.

Eidolons can take any feat they qualify for. When it comes to Monstrous Feats you need to ask your GM.

Spellcraft is for spells as they are being cast. Knowledge(Arcana) is for active spell effects.

I agree with alexd1976.

Turin the Mad wrote:

The design challenge if nothing else makes things interesting.

What about an Urban Barbarian? Rage-n-cast. ;)

Only if you use Moment of Clarity or the metamagic feat Furious Spell. Controlled Rage still prevents spell casting.

Spiked Chain is nowhere near as worth a feat as it used to be as well. Thematically, it is pretty cool though.

Anything that gives dodge bonuses will also do well, because what's the point of seeing an attack coming if you can't get out of the way? For this reason Dodge and even Mobility are decent ideas.

Black Blood from a Black Heart just sounded Thematic, and BB Oracle is just a nice, nasty surprise sometimes.

To elaborate, Black Blood Spray can be easily reflavored to be a retaliatory breath weapon. Two levels gives a feat, and that can be taken for Extra Revelation.

Dark Tapestry: Cloak of Darkness.
Bones: Bleeding Wounds and Death's Touch, if you don't take BB Spray, is pretty good for a hit and run tactic.

Because Paizo likes cool options to stop being cool? Probably not true. Probably.

This works amazingly well as a goblin that duels a target one on one.

Black blood Oracle could do the trick.

graystone wrote:
Azten wrote:
Mark Hoover wrote:
No, you'll never be finessing with the melee part of the Slingstaff so your accuracy in melee may suffer but when you take Focus or Specialization feats they'll tack on bonuses to either Ranged or Melee with the weapon so that's nice.
For 2,500gp you can.
"When wrapped around the grip of a one-handed piercing or slashing melee weapon". Slingstaff is bludgeoning damage.

Drat, missed that part. Kinda dumb there's so few bludgeoning finesse options...

Whittle it into a slingspear?

Mark Hoover wrote:
No, you'll never be finessing with the melee part of the Slingstaff so your accuracy in melee may suffer but when you take Focus or Specialization feats they'll tack on bonuses to either Ranged or Melee with the weapon so that's nice.

For 2,500gp you can.

Quintain wrote:
Are there any instances of an animal contracting lycanthropy and becomeing a were-creature vs a humanoid doing the same?

Not exactly. There's Therianthropes though.

Where do you find the weird, amazing artwork???

That is amazing. Definitely looking into this now. That has a lot of potential for something fun.

I ran a bit of Emerald Spire with an Arcanist in the party and let me tell you at low levels the Flame Arc exploit was actually quite a powerful option. Those poor bandits...

Arcane Healer gives up Versatile Performance and Loremaster for Channel Energy and the ability to turn bardic performance rounds into Cure spells.

Bard has an archetype that gets channel energy.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Erik Mona wrote:
Azten wrote:
Kinda sad we might find out what happened to Aroden now. Where will the fun be, the conspiracy theories?


I just wrote thousands of words on Aroden for Pathfinder #100.

"What happened to Aroden" is exactly none of them. ;)

I feared for a minute the 100th(!!!!) Pathfinder would explain what happened to him because, you know, 100 is an awesome milestone! Congrats to all of Paizo.

The d20pfsrd page has an explanation in parenthesis. The full text reads as follows.

Humans Gain +1/2 a divine trait rank. (One additional divine trait rank for every two times you select this option.)

Expanded Preparation has a minor, not really worth it use: getting more prepared cantrip slots.

Intent does seem clear if you look at the last part of the feat though.

False Focus wrote:
Normal: A divine focus has no effect when used as a component in arcane spells.

So you should probably as your GM before trying it. :/

It's possible Orc Bloodline was not out when the guide was created, and Brewer hasn't been heard from in a while.

Dip an arcane class?

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